The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Unite, The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 5, 1989
Chong Padong Church
Seoul, Korea

(Please note: this is an unofficial and incomplete translation).

Our life in the Unification Church is a life of indemnity to purify that which was wrong. The mistakes that have to be cleared up through indemnity are not only in the physical world but also in the spiritual world. We know there is an ideal world and a fallen world. We have to become people who can be liberated from the suffering world into the perfect world. We need liberation as an individual, as a family, nation and even up to the level of God. Even though there may be moments of happiness we can say that from the historical perspective our life now is not one of happiness. Looking at our life from the historical aspect of present, past and future, it is not happy. We are looking for a life where happiness is connected to past, present and future and to the spiritual world. Without achieving such happiness and liberation, we cannot become a partner to God and participate in God's happiness.

How can we achieve this happiness? Jesus said that those who want to live will die and vice versa. The process of religion is one of completely turning things upside down in order to restore the original situation. Dying in order to live is an example. The history of the providence was a history of struggle and turning things upside down. Today we have a worldwide struggle and conflict on the individual and family levels. There is conflict between mind and body, parents and children and so on today. In the final confrontation of history who should be the subject of the heavenly side who can represent man and lead this revolution? There has to be one person who has revolutionized all these levels in himself and then, as a representative of mankind, stands on the worldwide level and fights the representative of evil.

Religions always aim to change the evil world into the good world. Thus religions always oppose the existing world. Religious people live a life opposite to the secular world.

History is the fight between good and evil. When will this fight end? It will be at the point when the savior comes, the person who can do away with the evil world and connect mankind to the world of God. Who is the savior? He is the person who stands as the representative of God on the individual level and brings about a change on all the other levels.

What kind of parents were Adam and Eve? Their unity should have been the unity of the male and female aspects in God. They should have become

the vertical ancestors of mankind through their unity passing on the love of God. But because of the fall they united centered on the evil one. They and their descendants were dominated by Satan. If Adam and Eve had not fallen and had lived and united centered on the love of God, the vertical connection would have been made. Also their horizontal difference as man and woman would have combined into one united whole. On that basis the family, nation and world would have been automatically related to that vertical line. However much mankind would have expanded, man would have remained united.

The purpose of the providence is to establish one man as the messiah who as the representative of the individual, family, nation and world who can stand in this vertical position, recognized by God and Satan.

This person has to wrestle with God as well as Satan. Jacob at the ford of Jabbok had to wrestle with the angel. If you want to be a sport's champion you have to defeat the previous champions. The Messiah has to be the one who can wrestle the blessing from God so that even Satan can agree that this person deserves the blessing. If you are to be released you must get the approval of your accuser. God is the same. In order for us to receive liberation we have to have Satan's signature of approval.

If you go the way of religion, you are opposed by the masters of this world. Why? Who is the master of this world and the spiritual world? The master of this world is not God. Because of the fall God cannot be the master of this world. Beginning from the individual level, the master is Satan. If we want to establish God as the master, we naturally experience opposition from the existing master of this world.

How can God achieve His ideal of creation if Satan is the master? As long as Satan dominates the body of man, God cannot strike Satan. If He were to strike Satan, He would be striking man. The only way is through a process of recreation. God has to invest the dedication and love He gave to the original creation. He is recreating Adam and Eve. At the moment when this recreated Adam and Eve become one with God, Satan can be subjugated. It is the process of natural subjugation, through love.

To achieve liberation from Satan, religion has to receive persecution through all the levels. Religions which do not receive persecution are automatically on the side of Satan as long as Satan is the master of this world. any established churches which live comfortably are by virtue of this fact on the side of Satan. A religion has to appear which fights with the false master of the individual level and the family and national levels and which can turn the situation upside down on the worldwide level.

In order for the dominion of Satan to be destroyed, the dominion of God has to be established on all levels in the physical and spiritual worlds. Centered on the person who established that dominion, that is the Messiah, unification can be achieved. Unification becomes the weapon to drive out Satan from the different levels.

God was preparing for the Messiah to come through His outpouring of love. The messiah has to unite the various levels and on that foundation can turn the world around.

Jesus was in the position to turn the world around and achieve the dominion of God. But because unification was not achieved on the different levels at that time, the messiah has to return. Unification means unification through love of enemies. The enemy has to be subjugated by love and then unification can be achieved. God needs the messiah as a person who can take responsibility to overcome the enemy by true love and thereby achieve unification. Do you see now why our church is the Unification Church?

The core of unification is the unification of husband and wife. From that unity, horizontal unification can expand. Should the unity be centered on the husband or the wife? Love is the central thing. Even God cannot do without love.

Love is the reason why God exists, creates and does everything. People who do not know this about God have no real idea who God is. To establish God as the master of the world, the messiah has to fight. Father has been fighting all his life but what is the nature of that fight? I have fought by first taking a beating and then taking the blessing. That has always been the principle of Father's fighting-take the beating and then take the victory.

Today there is conflict everywhere between people, races and nationalities. But here in our church whites and blacks, yellows and whites, blacks and yellows marry, Orientals and Westerners.

Did Father make you marry interracially by threatening you with a gun or a knife? No, just by love. Isn't Father a great and impressive man? Who do you think is more impressive, Father or Chun Doo-Hwan (disgraced ex-dictator of South Korea)? Chun opposed the Unification Church but Father was still trying to support him. Was Father trying to save the person or the country? The country. Even though a person opposes Father and takes away his house, Father would invest the money that was stolen to save that person. Chun Doo-Hwan opposed the Unification Church but who was it that collapsed, the Church or the Chun regime? Father's principle is that his revenge is to try to save the person who opposes and tries to kill him. The opponent's children will come and apologize. That is heavenly revenge. If I tell you to marry your enemy, would you try to do it? If I tell you to go ahead and unite would you do it? Why?

If the Unification Church worldwide on all levels is ordered by Father to turn upside down would you do it? If I tell you from the South of Korea to turn around and go to the North would you do it?

Now there's a strange phenomenon, the Japanese are following Father, a Korean, like chicks are following the mother hen. People are running after Father. In Korea even the Buddhists are looking to Father for guidance. In Christianity there is so much confusion with liberation theology and so on. That's just communism. They've lost direction. Even if I said don't follow me people are still clinging to me. Did the Unification Church turn Christianity upside down? I'm guaranteeing that it will. Is there any other religious leader in Korea or history who has achieved what I have achieved? Did Jesus achieve what I have achieved? Why do you follow me around? Because you have tasted the honey.

The person who is most hated and persecuted on all levels is in the same position as God because God is persecuted and hated on all the levels.

What is our topic-"Unite, the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand." Why don't I say, "Repent" or "Be Careful- the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand." If the five races of mankind do not unite, the kingdom of heaven cannot come. What if I tell you to gather it all up. If you had the determination to follow me, even if I told you to eat excrement, we could bring the kingdom.

Father has spent more than anyone else in Korean history to give banquets and parties for Koreans. All Korean leaders on the local levels have eaten at banquets given by Father and they are beginning to understand. Who will bow down, to one who has eaten or the one who has given the feast? The time will come when those who oppose Father will be opposed by other Korean people without Father doing anything. (Father drinks a cup of water.) If I drink one cup of water it means I have sweated one cup. You have to pay for that. Will you pay the price of Father's sweat? I have married you. Do you like it or hate it?

People think the members of the Unification Church are really extraordinary people and that Father must be smart to have attracted them. Are they good because they were like that or because Father educated them? Look at Pak Bo-hi and Kwak Chung-Hwan, they are getting bigger than Father himself but they are just ordinary people. Many have made a career and become famous under Father's sponsorship.

Why do you think I have-gone the way of tears? Why did I go to prison when I did not have to? It's not for my own benefit but because I want to liberate God. I want to save all my enemies. I want to save even Kim Il-sung. I want to save Russia. Now in China Father is becoming famous. Mao Tsetung and Kim Il-sung ruled for 40 years but they have taken from and robbed the people. Rev. Moon is not taking, he is giving, so people in China are beginning to appreciate him.

Nowadays when Father comes to America, guards stand to attention and salute him. How does an Asian man feel when westerners show such respect? Actually, I hate it because I am more used to living like a beggar. I do not like these external things. I do not even like to wear a suit. I would rather wear cheap and miserable clothes and live simply.

You have to understand that in order for the liberation of God to be achieved you must unite. Father has paved the way for this liberation of God to take place. Even the unification of Korea can only be achieved on the basis of unity. Through your unification all the powers of North Korea will vanish. If through the power of unification the world is turned upside down, the original world will appear. Man can return to his original home and live a life of filial piety with his parents. In the original world we will not need religion. A man can live a life of filial piety to his parents. That's all the religion we'll need in the original world. Unification is the key to the coming of the kingdom. It must be a tightly knit and unbreakable unity centered on the True Parents, the True Family and the Unification Church. Without this we cannot bring the kingdom of heaven. We must fight Satan until this unity i8 achieved.

Father prays: Heavenly Father, on this 5th of March, 1989, we have met together with your children. Now the time has come to break the dominion of Satan and establish your mastery. We can see our true home, the place where we can live together with True Parents, brothers and sisters. To get there the people here must go courses of indemnity of different levels. Father, you have helped me and supported me through my whole course of indemnity and I could endure 43 years of terrible indemnity. When I think now the time for liberation is near I am so grateful. I pray for the sons and daughters here who have pledged to unite. Please be with them and give them your blessings. Father, I pray for this poor country which has suffered so much through its history. We have to unite with all our power. We will show your providence to the world. Please allow that these sons and daughters become your proud representatives. Please be with them when they fulfill their historical missions. I pray all this in the name of True Parents.


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