The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

This Is The Time Of Change

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 1, 1989
Translator - Peter H. Y. Kim

Do you see any difference in the world now and when I went back to Korea last time? What changes do you see?

We are not aware of the exact turning point between one season into another. No one can discern the precise moment when spring changes into summer, for instance. Within a single day, unless we are looking at a watch, we don't notice the one second's difference between morning and afternoon. By the same token, people are not aware of the change of the dispensational time period, but we are living in a different time now.

The most highly developed religions of the past usually were centered on men, and women were more or less left out. Women were not responsible to run any religious organizations. Why was that the case? It is because history has been looking for the central person, the Messiah, from the individual level to the family, tribal, society, national, and worldwide level. The Messiah should come as a man.

Because of the fall of man, Satan has been the owner of this world. History could never find the perfected man. In other words, no man could ever reach the original plus position. That means man couldn't take rightful dominion over this world. The world is divided into the plus and minus sides. All creatures exist within the pair system, including the mineral, plant, and animal worlds. When Adam and Eve fell, the pair system was broken in the human world. That means the proper plus and minus relationship was destroyed. God's providence became that of re-creation, and it was centered upon restoring Adam. God was starting over to make the true plus person for the first time.

The fallen world has never had a person who represents the true plus. Such a person is necessary for the restoration and salvation of the world. We call that true plus person the Messiah. What is the mission of the Messiah? He has to create the condition for a true minus to come into being. All the fallen men and women living in this world right now are the result of a failure. Does that include the president of the United States? No matter how famous or successful any kings or presidents may be, they are all results of a failure.

As history progressed, God raised up various types of plus persons within different cultures and religious backgrounds. That is why we have seen lots of different religions in the world. When people followed low-level religions such as shamanism, they believed in horizontal spirits, or gods. They didn't have any vertical relationship with the one, true God. That's why those religions didn't have a straight moral standard. In other words, they didn't have any connection to the vertical standard of God, so they were controlled by Satan. From that, we can see clearly how important the true vertical standard is. Without it, there is no true concept of man and woman, plus and minus. That is why people could live like animals and experience so much confusion. We see so much moral confusion now at the last days: free sex, the "gay rights" movement, and so forth. All these activities are being led by Satan and evil spirits.

In the animal world, certain types of male animals will fight fiercely to win the best females. The females don't fight among themselves because the male is subject. But in the world of human beings, you don't find any true champion of man. That true champion should be the Messiah.

As you know from the Bible, woman was created from Adam's rib. That means woman was copied from man, so to speak. Many American women try to control their husbands and sons, but that is not the vertical way. The husband or father represents the vertical connection. The elder son represents the right side, and the mother's place is the left side. That means she cannot control the vertical and she cannot control the elder son. These are not my words, this is the original Principle viewpoint. You American women need to know this point.

According to Oriental tradition, if a woman isn't able to produce children, she may be kicked out of the family. The first priority for a married woman is to bear children. Woman is like a field to receive the seed. That's why you are biologically different from man. Are those differences for your own sake, or for your children? Women's physical characteristics allow her to bear and nurse children.

By raising children, a woman is able to understand God. When a woman understands the significance and value of her husband and then they have a child, their relationship establishes the vertical relationship. On the other hand, a man is supposed to love his wife and daughters, just as he loves God and his own father. In that way the power of love can be circulated in your family.

Because women themselves do not have seeds, they have to receive them from the man. When a wife receives the seed from her husband, a miracle takes place there: either a son or a daughter. The mother provides the flesh of a child, and the father provides the bones. Each person's basic shape is determined by his bone structure, which is from the father.

As females grow up, they start thinking about having children. On the other hand, when males grow up, they tend to think about the world and the universe. This is because man represents God, who is seen as our father, while the earth is represented as a mother. Women have a tendency to desire material goods; they yearn for beautiful and colorful things. Instead of looking upward toward God, they tend to look down to the earth. A man, on the other hand, has the tendency to look up for something bigger and greater.

When you look at something, do your eyes work together or do they go in separate directions? Why don't they move separately? It is because they are internally united. The eyes represent God. Therefore, when you look into somebody's eyes, you can see whether he has a good conscience or not. You need your ears, nose, and mouth, but your eyes are the center point of the face. The mouth, with its horizontal opening, represents earth. The nose represents Adam and Eve, who connect heaven and earth. That's why as a child grows, his nose is the last thing to develop on the face. This is more obvious on the face of young Orientals because their face is more flat.

You should have good-looking eyes, mouth and nose. When you look at somebody's face, you should be able to draw a good, solid triangle between the two eyes and the mouth. The nose needs to be proportioned properly to create good balance on the face. Suppose your nose was wider at the bridge than at the bottom. What a funny, unbalanced face that would be! Even with all this balance, suppose you had hair in the wrong places, covering a portion of the forehead.

Particularly for a woman, having a big mouth and thin lips is a problem. She tends to be a troublemaker who talks fast, like a machine gun. Your face shape usually represents your character. If you didn't have a nose, your eyes would look down at your mouth every time you spoke. In order to prevent the eyes from being constantly distracted by the mouth, God placed the nose in between as a buffer, high enough to block the view. Even if your eyes try to look down at the shape of the mouth, all they can see is the tip of the nose. Think about it. How busy your eyes would be if you didn't have a nose! It's no accident. God's scientific calculations were behind the way all things were created.

You should have nicely-shaped ears. If a child has large earlobes, which signify his relationship to the physical world, it shows that his childhood and his life will be pretty smooth. In the animal world, the weaker creatures usually have big ears because they need to be able to listen well and avoid their predators. People with big ears are often involved in the arts, such as music, and they may be able to run fast. Deer and rabbits can run fast. They have big ears and long legs. Their body structure is balanced for their purpose of life.

When you look at black people, usually they have wider and shorter noses because of the hot weather their ancestors lived in. When hot air comes in, there is no need for a long nostril to warm it up. On the other hand, white people have narrower and longer nostrils for the opposite reason. Their ancestors were living in the colder climates, and they needed to heat up the air as it came into their nose. Therefore, nobody should have racist attitudes because of such bodily distinctions. They are all because of natural law.

When you look at animals, you don't find very many snow white ones. Most animals have a brownish color. That is because the color of the earth is brown. In order to protect themselves, the animals blend in with the earth by taking on a brown coloration. Do you think brown is closer to white or black? Certainly it is closer to black. That's why, in order to adjust to nature, animals and all those people who lived in the hot climates have a tendency to be darker colored. They had more sunshine. Is lots of sunshine good for you? Sunshine is healthy. White people didn't receive as much sunshine as the black people.

In terms of health differences, who are stronger and generally healthier? If black people and white people live together in the same conditions for a long time, blacks will be stronger than whites. Just look at the top athletes in this country.

Look at the distribution of life on the planet earth. Do you find more animals at the North Pole or in the tropical areas? More dwell in the tropical areas because there are no restrictions. Animals can move around there for 24 hours of the day. The animals who are constantly moving around can run faster than others. Black people have hips shaped a certain way, which is different from white people and Orientals. Many black people are able to run faster than other people because of this aspect of their body shape. That is because their ancestors used to run a lot and needed a body shaped that way. The black people in the tropics used to take the fruit from the trees, just as the monkeys and other animals do.

White people originated from the North Pole, so white people have the tendency to kill and eat animals. The white cultures have killed a lot of people. What about the black cultures? Black people who lived in the tropical areas used mostly fruits as their food.

White people generally eat a lot of meat, seeds and nuts. When you crack open a nut, it has a white color. This is due to the great amount of oil and fat within. One of the reasons Caucasians have pale skin is that they eat a lot of oily, whitish foods such as nuts. In the tropics, there is an abundance of fruit, but you don't see many nuts growing there. The black people usually eat the entire tropical fruit-the skin and every part of it.

Oriental people mostly eat grains and vegetables. That is why they are built differently from Western people. Westerners tend to have broad, well-developed upper bodies and narrow lower bodies, while Orientals are built more like a straight tree trunk. They have rather short legs in proportion to the rest of their body.

Nowadays people are able to dwell in virtually any kind of climate or weather, thanks to technological advancements. Even so, people generally do not dwell in the coldest or hottest climates. Most people are concentrated in the temperate zones of the earth, which represent the spring or autumn-type areas. Spring and autumn share many similarities-mild temperatures, windy days, and so forth-but the fact is that they are opposite from one another. Why do people prefer spring or autumn? In spring you see everything in bloom; in autumn you harvest.

What about the north and south poles? They are the points of axis. Great variations of temperature and a moderate climate do not exist there. While civilizations and cultures have expanded in the east-west direction, the south and north areas have not prospered as much. The tropical areas of the southern hemisphere and the north, represented by Russia, are becoming poorer and poorer, while east and west are becoming richer. The ideal situation would be for the distance between north and south, east and west to be about the same. Both should enjoy circular give and take. But now there is a big, fat east and west, and a small, weak north and south. This disparity in wealth and development is a major world problem.

Between east and west, where is the original point? The east represents the giving culture, while the west is the receiving culture. Although the east has been providing spiritual food to the west, the materialistic west has dominated the east. The wealth-centered, materialistic culture has used deductive reasoning to understand its causes-going from result back to cause. But the Eastern culture is opposite, with its inductive reasoning: it starts from the origin and expands from there.

When do you think east and west can become one? Western culture has come to the point of virtually denying the existence of God. That's why they only see the physical bodies of man and woman, and they don't see the ideal for human beings. Western culture can't come up with the ideal character through its deductive reasoning, but with the inductive method, you have to acknowledge God as the origin.

How do you think man should live? Should we be centered on material things or spiritual values? What is the next step? Is spiritual value enough? The spirit represents the center, like the bones of the body which determine your shape. Our hands have their particular shape because of their bone structure. Why do we have lines in our palms? It is because of the movement of the hands, which is determined by our bones. If you lose some of your skin or flesh, it can grow back, but once a bone is lost, it is lost. That's why spirit alone is not complete. Bones need the flesh to cover them.

God divided this world between east and west, representing bones and flesh. The west said, "Let's just keep our flesh," while the east said, "Our bones are sufficient." Now a God-centered religion has emerged out of the eastern, spiritual culture and is trying to dominate the western world which is centered on the flesh and ruled by Satan. As we attack and push Satan aside, we develop and increase the power of religion.

Traditionally, the highest religions have called upon their most devout followers to abandon material wealth in favor of a spiritual life. Eastern culture has tended to neglect material wealth in favor of spiritual values. But the western religion, Christianity, has been accumulating material wealth and now they are living more comfortably. The message of Jesus Christ grew and prospered first in the European area, then it traveled to the American continent and the Pacific Ocean, eventually coming to the Far East. So Christianity received the entire wealth of the world and has been carrying it to the East.

God's desire is for man to unite mind and body into one. The Unification Church is the only religion in history to advocate bringing together material wealth and spiritual values; we value and emphasize both, not abandoning one for the other. In reality, America, centered on Christianity, should have been able to bring together material wealth and also the Eastern spiritual culture and values. However, Christianity in America failed to do that. That is why Reverend Moon came here with the Unification Church and introduced Unification theology, which teaches the value of both the material and the spiritual. I have been working to recreate this country.

The world should unite into one harmonious family. In order to do that, we form interracial, international marriages centered on the love of God. That's why we see in the Unification Church that western people have a tendency to prefer eastern spouses, and vice-versa. The trend in the rest of the world is for western people to go to the east.

You can see that the functions and characteristics of bone and flesh are very different. Therefore, western people who represent material wealth, or the flesh, should start to focus on a life of faith, whereas eastern people who represent the bone, or the spiritual life, should appreciate the material world more. East and west are meeting now. West should provide material to the east, while the east brings spiritual value to the west.

The Unification Church in Korea has been suffering both materially and spiritually. Western wealth should come and help Korea now. Eastern and western culture are both in the harvesting time.

Only those people who can deal with 12 distinctive characters and personalities will be able to join the True Parents' family as in-laws. Jesus Christ tried to deal with 12 different characters and types of people through his disciples. He was constantly serving them. At the Last Supper, Jesus knelt and washed the feet of his disciples. Twelve disciples times six equals 72 disciples. As a Unification Church member, you should be able to harmonize with all twelve of the distinct kinds of characters. At the same time, each member should gain twelve spiritual children by going back to our hometown. Six represents the number of Satan. Since we lost that number, we have to restore it in order to make 72. And 12 times six equals 72. Twelve plus 72 equals 84. We have to restore this number.

To be qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you should be welcomed by at least 84 blessed couples, no matter what circumstances you may be in. Only then can you go where Jesus Christ dwells now. Do you follow? Another way to derive 84 is to multiply the 12 months of a year by the 7 years' course.

All the numbers from one to ten must belong to God and no longer to Satan. We must restore number seven by offering ourselves entirely to God through this missionary work. No complaints, no personal opinions should be injected. The Israelites lost their country in 700 AD, representing the loss of the number seven. Once we restore number seven, it expands to the level of 70, 700, and 7,000, representing all of human history. Do you follow?

God is giving you the great privilege that, instead of spending 70 years to fulfill your conditions, you can do it in seven years. If you had to go through all 70 years living the restricted life which is the standard of the Unification Church, you couldn't even marry. How could we ever produce children? In the past, the highest religions practiced celibacy, such as Buddhist monks and Catholic priests, but this is the time when True Parents have come with the Blessing. Just by going through the seven years' course, we can indemnify 70, 700 and the entire 7,000 years.

Do you understand why this seven years' course was given to you? Without fulfilling it, when you go to the spirit world, you will be told, "You did not succeed!" You leaders here, do you understand the meaning of the seven years' course? What do we have to do in the seven years? We have to restore the material which was lost to Satan. You should devote the first 3 1/2 years to the restoration of the material world. You also have to restore yourself spiritually, pulling yourself out of Satan's dominion, so that you can belong to God. That's the meaning of the second half of the course. You have to focus on witnessing for 3 1/2 years in order to restore yourself. To begin with, you need three spiritual children and then 12. The three represent the archangels, and the 12 represent Jacob's children, the twelve tribes. Jesus had three main disciples out of the twelve.

Do you understand the meaning of the seven years' course? Have you overcome Satan? Are your mind and body united and centered upon God now? In order to deny Satan, you must deny yourself

100%. The best way is by enduring hardship willingly. Start from the servant of servants' level and then go up. There are eight different divisions both horizontally and vertically. From the servant of servants, to servant, then adopted son, stepson, son, mother, father. Eight levels all the way up to God. Horizontally, it is individual, family, tribe, and BO on. We must go through that and overcome it. That's the Principle way.

No matter how famous or successful you may be, you still have to go through this course. That is the only way you can be admitted into Heaven. Do you understand? Have you been in the position of servant of servants, like a beggar on the street? You go out to the street and raise funds while enduring persecution and mistreatment, and then you must return that money to the church. You can get back what you need from the church, but you shouldn't keep it for yourself.

This message is given for the first time to mankind. You can't find it in any library in the world. Who can explain the relationship between east and west in such a way? God and True Parents and also Satan know this truth. Are you Western brothers and sisters willing to sell your own house and car and marry some poor Oriental and live together in harmony? What about you people with Ph.D.s? Are you men willing to marry a poor, uneducated Oriental woman and live with her happily? No matter the circumstances, the west must follow the east. If you deny this trend, your life will become miserable. Wait and see. Instead of a seven years' course, your descendants may have to spend 700 years.

There is a cultural gap between east and west, as well as a great material gap between north and south. Because of that, I am embracing all twelve different human characters. At East Garden, the staff consists of more than twelve different nationalities. I never criticize or scold any individuals at East Garden. I could spend 24 hours a day pointing out things and explaining to the staff how they could improve, but I never say anything. I feel that if they stick with me for three years, copying what I am doing and trying to reach my standard, they will eventually be revived. I ask you East Garden staff members here, was anyone called personally by me and scolded? Even though I could criticize, I don't. In that way, I am the most likable person in the world but, at the same time, the most feared.

I do not lead and teach people primarily by speaking to them but rather by showing them the way. This has been true throughout my life and I will continue this way. Think about it. The people at East Garden are rather constricted in their lifestyle. They don't dance, sing, or do lots of things they might like. Your life is the same.

Within three generations, your descendants should be married to all three races. That is why, when I selected a spouse for Kook Jin Nim, it wasn't from the 36 blessed couples, 72, or 120, but rather from the 436 couples. As you know, at the last Blessing, thousands of Koreans and Japanese were matched to one another. Soon you will see that many thousands of Orientals and Westerners in the secular world will be marrying.

Since the chief enemies of America during World War II were Germany and Japan, perhaps Americans should only marry Germans and Japanese now. Wouldn't that be logical in order to secure an east/west relationship centered on God? In the future, within three generations 12 different nationalities and tribes will be living together. What language will your family use? Suppose the grandfather speaks English, the father speaks German, and the child Japanese. How could they all communicate? That would be a problem. How complicated it might be!

You might solve the problem by having 12 different language libraries. Is that ideal? How can we combine into one language? Who can do this, the British grandfather or the German father? Nobody can do this but the True Parents because they are the original ancestors. That's why you must study Korean. If you don't do that now, your descendants will have to pay the price. If each generation gives birth to ten or twelve children, after ten generations, the descendants would number one billion! Then what will be the model for your descendants? Which is more traditional? It is the central root and branch. So you've got to be centered on the main, central branch and root. That is the original ancestors and their direct descendants. Isn't that true? The central branch is True Parents' straight lineage. That's the way your families and life will develop.

Why did the True Parents come from Korea? As you heard in my speech last time, the fallen Eve country dominated the Adam country for 40 years. In regard to the vertical relationship, that of father and son, Korea is the only country which is divided between north and south. On the other hand, you can see that Germany is divided between east and west, representing the horizontal, side-by-side relationship. If these two countries-Germany and Korea-become united, then the entire world will become unified.

West Germany, the democratic society, represents Adam who belongs to God. East Germany represents Soviet Russia, Satan's side. They should unite and become one nation. Adam on Heaven's side is represented by the country of Korea, whereas Adam on Satan's side is represented by Germany. The satanic Adam country is divided into east and west, while the heavenly Adam country is divided vertically between north and south. The heavenly Adam country has the responsibility to help the satanic Adam country become unified. Therefore, South Korea should be connected to West Germany and North Korea to East Germany. Then the entire world will be divided between north and south, east and west. Eventually the world will be unified.

The key is the reunification of north and south Korea. You can see the similarities. In North Korea, there is one person, Kim Il Sung, who is considered the "father" of the people. Kim Il Sung recently tried to pass on his position to his son, instead of following communist laws and having an election. This is a reflection of Satan's side trying to mimic the heavenly way in advance of God's side.

This is the time of great change in the world. You have to understand what is happening. At any given time in the past, one central figure was solely responsible, but now it is a different time. This is the time that the family as a unit is responsible. The returning Messiah has to establish a family and expand it to the tribal, national and worldwide levels. By the same token, this is the time that each individual must work within the family unit and expand it to the nation and world. The family foundation was lost at Jesus' time because of opposition and persecution, but now you are not facing that sort of difficulty. Now we can restore the family foundation. In order to do that as a family unit, we go back to teach our relatives and in-laws, eventually claiming the tribal level messiahship.

That's why you have gone out as a family to fulfill the mission of tribal messiah. You are not working as individual leaders but as fathers and mothers with families. Twelve people will belong to your family. You will be restoring 20 years of Adam and Eve through the formation, growth and perfection years. When you gain 40 members, 20 men and 20 women, that will represent ten couples. Number 10 is the perfection level. When your membership increases to 40, then divide. Four represents the four directions. Those who fulfill this tribal messiahship by expanding numbers like that will be the ones who will become the leaders of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

The world will turn around quickly now. People equipped with Unification ideology will certainly become the leaders of the coming world. The concept of nationality-American, Japanese, and so forth-doesn't count anymore. Those concepts only exist before you are married and engrafted. Once you are engrafted, you all live on the same root, the same tree. After you are blessed, you must learn the language of your in-laws. If you don't, you will go through hardship.

Now, again, this is the turning point from the traditional time period. I have already established the foundation by paying a tremendous amount of indemnity on my own for your sake. Now you have to fulfill your own responsibility.

On the ideological level, Unification Thought is number one. No other ideology will be able to compete. Once our own nation is restored, no other nation will be able to compete with us. Our tribes will be the best. Korean people are outstanding. That's why they are always making trouble, in a good sense, for people elsewhere. Until 10 or 15 years ago, there were not many Koreans in other countries; only about 130,000 lived in the United States. But now there are over 300,000 Koreans in the New York area alone. Some sections along Broadway and Fifth Avenue, and parts of Flushing, Queens, have been virtually taken over by Koreans. Korean billboards and store signs are everywhere. This kind of thing is happening even in South America. Koreans have become a problem!

Koreans are troublemakers, but not for evil; they make trouble for a good purpose. Koreans are causing problems in an external way in this country, while internally and spiritually, Reverend Moon has become a huge controversy. Yet I look back and see that more and more people are following me every day. It's a strange thing! Who made that happen? I didn't do it. God did it.

In this time of restoration, interracial and international marriage is very important. When your children and grandchildren are black, white and yellow, how could you ever criticize anyone on the basis of their race? God wants to see that time

come, so I am working to make that happen. Without such mixing, there is no way to unify the entire world. Regardless of your skin color, do you prefer to choose your own spouse, or do you want me to choose? That means the unified world will be created if you will just be patient for a couple of generations. You are young now, but once you are 70 or so, you may see that happening.

Do you see any other religious movement in the world which advocates and emphasizes marriage and family the way we do? The Unification Church is the strongest in that respect. Therefore, we must go out and take responsibility to fulfill and expand the messiahship. Once you restore the tribal messiahship, you will be able to inherit the vertical True Parents' and the horizontal True Parents' accomplishments. Otherwise, there is no way.

You might imagine Jesus Christ living in this time. He would first restore his family and then go out and restore his tribe, the Israelites. That is the responsibility you are given now. You are in that position. Do you understand? You are indemnifying Jesus Christ's inability to stand as the tribal messiah. I have already paid enough indemnity to restore the worldwide level messiahship, so you can automatically inherit that, once you restore the tribal messiahship. In other words, you are now restoring what Jesus Christ couldn't, the tribal messiahship, and at the same time inheriting what the Second Coming has accomplished during the last 40 years. You can inherit that cosmic level.

In order to do that, the persecution and suffering of Jesus have to be indemnified, as well as the past 40 years of persecution. Just as Jacob's path was supposed to be restored by the Israelites, and Jesus' path was supposed to be restored by Christianity, my 40-year course has to be restored by the Unification Church membership. Once you restore the tribal messiahship, I am ready to bequeath everything I have to you. There will be no opposition or blockage to that. Do you understand?

No obstacles lie in your path now. As you put your effort into it, you will naturally be able to establish your family, tribe and so on, prospering all the way to the cosmic level. Once the messiahship is connected with True Parents, there is a natural expansion.

We can see now that the trend in the world is for communism to become more capitalistic and for the free world to become more socialistic. It is a crossing point. For example, the United States is taxing the income of some people by as much as 70 or 80 percent. That is close to socialism. The second generation of both the communist and free world are claiming that they can't trust their elders-the government leaders and their parents. They see the way the elder generation has been living; it is lower than the animal world. They want new leaders.

The crime of incest has become prevalent in this country. Grandparents rape grandchildren, elder brothers molest younger sisters, and so on. All sorts of sexual abuse is taking place, and thus we see social disorders and mental illnesses. The younger generation has come to despise the elder generation. When you can't trust your grandparents, teachers, elder brothers and so forth, where can you turn? You are like a floating leaf with no root. Your mind is seeking some place, someone to trust.

This kind of separation takes place according to God's plan. It is the time when God can replace the parents, teachers, and elder brothers with His own people. That is how God can shorten this restoration time period. Therefore, we should become bright elder brothers and sisters, God-centered parents and grandparents, hopeful teachers for the young people. We have to do this. Do you follow? This is the time.

Again, I am telling you clearly that this is no longer the time for following individual leadership, but rather that of the parents, the family unit. That is why I declared that the blessed couples should return to their home towns and restore them. Unless you go back and restore your tribes and people, you are not eligible to register in the Kingdom of Heaven. The basic unit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven is the family, not the individual.

When we speak of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, the family level is the foundation, and everything expands from there. We lost the Kingdom of Heaven on earth because Adam and Eve lost the family foundation. From that point, they lost the tribe, nation, world and cosmos-everything. In this time, everything is being restored beginning in the family. When we make that kind of foundation, we will be protected by God. Satan can't attack us. Please understand that this is the way we build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Now is not the time for you blessed couples to just enjoy your family life. If you pursue that path, you will be lost. We must focus on restoring Canaan as a family unit. Without having that family and tribal foundation, we can't expand to the national and worldwide level. When the Israelites entered Canaan, they had to face seven enemy races. But now there are no such tribes of enemies because I have already established the foundation here. You will be welcomed wherever you go because you are the center. The time is different.

The right side is now coming to the left, and the left is moving to the right. As we said, the communist world and the free world are changing places in so many ways. Why is this happening? It is because enough indemnity has been paid and the internal foundation has been established to create these external circumstances. The spirit world and the physical world are spinning around the center. I directed 220 different nationalities in the spirit world to come down and work with their own people.

In the future, even those people in the spirit world who were Mafia members will have to come down and bring the current Mafia people into alignment with God's will. That is the only way we can unify the entire world. Even Satan has to serve True Parents now. God is making amazing things happen on the earth. These are changing times.

I am warning you not to neglect gathering together for prayer service on the first day of each month. We have to pray and work hard. Don't just sleep while other people are awake and working. You are supposed to be working harder and praying even more than I. That is the way you can receive great blessing, like Jacob. Thank you.

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