The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Founding Anniversary And Final Liberation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1989
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Today we celebrate the 35th anniversary of the founding of the Unification Church, so this is the 36th actual celebration of this day. What is our situation today? Is the name of the Unification Church better known around the world, or is the name of Reverend Sun Myung Moon more famous? Why is Reverend Moon's name famous? Am I famous in a good sense, or am I infamous? Some say, "Reverend Moon is the greatest person". Others say, "No, he is a very bad person.. We might say it is half and half now. From now on, which aide is going to increase? Yes, it will be those who have a positive view of Reverend Moon. More and more people will begin to study what I am teaching and what I have done. Once they look at the truth, they will want to support what I am doing.

Looking toward the future, we can see that more and more of those people who will come to know me for the first time will be leaders and people with experience in world affairs. More influential people are going to pay attention to Reverend Moon. Before the Unification Church existed, there was a concept upon which it was founded, as well as a purpose for founding it. In the future, people will want to know all about the history of this church.

You have been following in my footsteps, but who or what will guide you when I go to spirit world? This is the 36th year of the Unification Church, but how many years will it continue? Have you ever thought about that? What will the world become in another thousand years? Where will you be? What if we should continue successfully for a thousand years, but then all of a sudden, we get stopped. We would once more have to seek a path. Then our direction would have to be changed, and confusion would reign.

We can look at Christianity for an illustration of this point. Christianity started two thousand years ago, and it grew to become a very strong force in the world. But at this time, we are seeing a decline in the power and spirit of Christianity. People are no longer able to believe as they did in the past, and they are becoming confused. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ask ourselves: How long is the Unification Church going to continue in the future?

Every major religion, for that matter, began with great strength and was able to influence many people. But after many years, the spirit declined and people became confused. It is only reasonable to think about the Unification Church in this light. Our church is very strong in faith and understanding at this time, 80 surely we will spread to every corner of the world. Yet, how long will we remain strong?

When a religion is centered on a particular person, that religion will grow and develop as long as that person prospers. But when the founder dies, his movement can easily lose power. But if God Himself is the origin of a religion, then that religion will develop and it will have to finalize with God, one way or the other. When God is the origin of a religion, then that religion will be vitally important not only to God Himself but also to all those people who are seeking to live in accordance with God. Therefore, such a God-founded church must go on, transcending history and all changing situations, being able to digest everything and to prosper. It must reach its conclusion along with God at the end times.

We can see that the natural world has been continuing since the beginning according to one law or principle. What is the law which has allowed nature to perpetuate and never to end? Simply put, it i8 the give and take of male and female, masculine and feminine, which has dominated the natural world. By following this law, the natural world has continued. One generation might perish but another one always rises up. Life continues in this way.

Thus love is the rule for the world. Although the level of love is different-human love is on a higher plane than the love which is experienced by a plant-there is one common denominator for all things, and that we call simply "love.. Through this love, all things continue and prosper, year after year, without fail.

Can man be an exception to this law of nature? No, man, too, must be centered on love and multiply offspring to leave behind when he goes to spirit world. Although many things can be changed or revolutionized, this law is not one. It is constant.

The animal kingdom has followed the law of love without deviation. For instance, a nest of birds has only one set of parents. But in the human world, there is breakdown and confusion. In one family, there can be two, three, four or even more parents. Divorce and remarriage have become common. This is confusing to children. God wants to see the traditional family, based on the original pattern which God installed.

What about God Himself? What does God want? The only thing God wants is love. What God wants and what human beings want cannot be two different things. It has to be one and the same. The animal kingdom and nature have a horizontal type of love which has endured for millions of years. But mankind, with a love reaching up to the vertical plane, must become consistent with God's ideal and His original purpose for creating us. Only by following that love will mankind truly prosper.

This central vertical concept, that human beings are unique in the creation because we are the children of God, has to be well-established. There must be no deviation from it. On God's level, this is clearly understood. But on the level of humankind, the millions and billions of God' offspring, the question remains: Will man support and follow the same concept and understanding that God has? That is the question which must be answered.

Have any man and woman in the past ever loved one another with the understanding of the necessity of perfect horizontal and vertical love? It has never happened in the past. Yet the law is that man and woman must have that perfect horizontal love. Nobody has known this because nobody has understood the concept of the perfect vertical connection. The horizontal relationship requires a vertical relationship as well. Now that we know about the vertical existence and relationship, the perfect horizontal relationship has become possible for the first time. By the same token, only when the right side exists can the left side also exist, and vice-versa.

The relationship of man and woman is the same. Whenever we speak about man," we must have in mind woman as well. We cannot speak of one without the other. They simply do not exist by themselves. Everyone wants to enjoy a good life and a perfect husband and wife relationship, but no one yet has understood how to line up perfectly on the horizontal plane. They may have something close to that and enjoy a harmonious relationship with one another, yet their vertical angle may only be around 30 degrees. Or perhaps another couple will be perfectly lined up with one another but have a 10 degree discrepancy on the vertical line. What about you blessed couples? What is your position as a couple? Assuming that you are in a straight line with one another, what is your angle with the vertical?

Where do we want to belong? Do we have a vision of what we want to be? Just as the concept of the horizontal cannot exist without the vertical, you cannot enjoy the ideal husband and wife relationship without being dedicated to having a perfect vertical relationship with God. The ideal and God exist together. So each man and woman has to think first about establishing 0a perfect vertical relationship, and then he or she can think about the perfect horizontal relationship. Do you understand?

On this 36th anniversary of the Unification Church, we can see that many things have happened since the beginning of our church. We all know about the changes in the world. I could have spoken today about the highlights of our past 35 years of history, but I decided against it. I know that Unificationism has to continue forever, and in order to do that, we must firmly establish certain fundamental points of the Principle now. Those things can never be emphasized enough. Therefore, I decided to speak today about the basic question: What does God want U8 to be? What is God's ideal? We must be able to follow that ideal in order to continue for eternity. Once this point is strongly founded here among us in a horizontal relationship, then as long as God exists, humankind will also exist in harmony with Him. Because of the importance of this point, I decided to speak about it today.

Within one man, there are both masculine and feminine aspects. The same is true for a woman. By the same token, there is the mind and the flesh of each person, dual natures within each of us. Whenever we speak about the ideal man or woman, what is the central point of that ideal? It is the mind, which is the subject of the body. When our body objectively follows our mind, we know that we are living according to the ideal.

All men want to maintain harmonious relationship with the nation and the world and ultimately with the universe so that they can elevate their position within the world and universe. There have been billions of people born in this world, but there are only two basic kinds of people: man and woman. There is never a third kind. Who is the model or prototype? True love is the inspiration and True Parents came into being upon that ideal. Which came first, True Parents or true love? God first or true love first?

When we speak of the ideal, immediately we have to have an object. The object and the ideal cannot exist separately. By the same token, God and His ideal also require an object. Even God, who has everything. needs love. Is there anything which even God can admire or worship? Is there something which God respects? Is such an idea even possible? This is not just conceptual. Let's take an example. Man wants to respect something which is loftier than he, right? We want to adore, idolize, and idealize; there is always this desire to go higher and higher. We naturally admire and respect someone who is higher than we. Where does that mind come from? There is nothing in man which is started by itself; it has to have an origin. We can say that God, too, must have that desire to reach upward. What is it that God, too, wants to admire? The answer is true love.

This is an important point. So far, the shortcoming of religion was that it stopped at the point of concept or ideas. There was always a chasm between reality and religious ideals. But here within the Unification Church, we know that the ideal must become reality and vice-versa. The root of a concept or ideal is in reality. By the same token, the root of reality is within the ideal. The most important human endeavor is to solve this problem, to close this gap between the ideal and the real. For God, too, this must be solved. Mankind must clearly understand this concept. This is a historic time. Up till now, nobody knew enough to even try to achieve this. But now we are at the crossing point.

Once a person joins the Unification Church and puts down his root here, he can't find happiness anywhere else. Even if he leaves the church and tries to make his way elsewhere, he will not feel at home. He cannot forget the place where his root is laid. It is not because this is the Unification Church but because this is where the root is laid.

Is there anything which Almighty God can admire and respect? Yes, there is. Even God has unlimited respect for His true love object. God must smile and even laugh to hear us speaking about this. You should ask God directly. Some people feel, "I respect God and I envy Him so much. I wish I were God. There is nobody in the universe with more power, knowledge and ability" Many of you have felt that way about God. That has been the limit of your understanding. Now, I demand you to answer me: Do you envy God? In other words, suppose God said, "Okay, you come and switch places with Me. Be here all by yourself for millions of years, without any object of love. Have all the diamonds and gold in the universe. Have all the power to destroy or promote anybody in the world." Would you go and take God's place? No, you wouldn't, because you know how lonely God is What is it that He lacks? He lacks a true love object.

What is that true love object for God? It is natural to respect one's ancestors. If your ancestors are gorillas and monkeys, as the evolutionists believe, then to get married with the same kind as our ancestors should be a great honor. Why don't you want to marry a gorilla? You may say, "Man is so disgusting, perhaps a gorilla would be an improvement..

The current theory of evolution is a concept destined to perish very soon. Can you imagine a man eventually evolving to become a woman, or a woman evolving to a man? Do all animals with four feet have the same origin? No, they are different and have different origins. Perhaps the lion and tiger, who look similar and have similar attributes, are basically the same, with the same origin. What is the cross-breed between lion and tiger? We have never heard of such a thing, even though scientists surely have attempted to create such a breed. If you dissected the dead body of a tiger and a lion, they would look very similar. But can such species interact sexually? No, they cannot.

The fact that there are two distinct sexes throughout creation, male and female, cannot be changed. It will not evolve. The mechanisms of love cannot be altered. We cannot give birth from the mouth or from any other opening. There is only one birth canal in the female body, in spite of the fact that there is another bodily opening next to it which is very similar-looking. God intended only one place for birth to occur.

The conclusion now is that even God has something which He desires, admires and wants to live with forever and ever, all the time. Although many people believe that God wants for nothing, that is not true. God wants His object of true love: true man and woman. That object also needs certain accessories, certain ornaments, and those are all the things of creation, including animals, plants, and minerals. God's true love object happens to have a lot of desires. You have a lot of ambition, don't you? You want to be rich, beautiful, and famous, don't you? The smaller woman usually wishes she was larger. God intended us to be ambitious.

God wanted His true love object to propose love to Him. Before he can do that, God's love object has to gain a lot of belongings. So he has to hunt a lot of animals, gather a lot of crops, acquire a lot of diamonds and precious stones, then bring them to God and say, "I dedicate these to You.. In that way, he will establish a relationship of love with God. Thus man is motivated to acquire material things not necessarily by greed but by love, as well. God intended all these accessories to be possessed by His beloved objects. He says, "You love all things just as I do, and you dedicated them to Me. I am pleased." The position God intended for all beings was that they love each other.

This is the only solution to the entire universe. Your mind says, "Yes, you are 80 right. Now at last someone understands the truth!" This is a truly exciting concept of salvation. Other religions say, "Forget the things of the world. Your desires for those things are bad, so get rid of them." But we do have desires and they are very real. You haven't known which way to go. Now I am telling you, "Your desires are good and you are justified. But have the relationship with God as your goal. That is how it was intended.. For the first time, the Unification Church has liberated all that mistaken thinking about ambition.

Our concept is a great one. Our concept is centered upon love. We must love our parents, our children, our friends, neighbors and mankind. Beyond that, we must love the animal kingdom and plants and minerals. Bringing them all together, we want to go to God. That is very simple and consistent. This is the way God intended men to be. Then God says, "You are bringing all these things for Me, aren't you?" Then God will laugh and say, ~I want you to have all those things..

Do you believe that God wants to laugh, just as you do? Certainly, God would want to laugh. Do you think God has a mouth, nose and so forth? When God speaks, He wants to speak with love and to speak well. The traditional Christian churches actually want to keep God in His lonely position. They teach, "Don't even think about going to God's position; He is too great. He must come here and save us." But we are teaching, "Become the perfect object to God. Make Him happy. Dedicate your love to Him because just as much as we need love, He must also need it. Let's all rejoice together. This is the purpose of our life and creation..

Billy Graham has preached to millions of people. Many weep and convert because of his preaching. Do you think God feels, "Billy Graham is the greatest teacher-7 Or do you think God prefers this simple, clear teaching about Him so that people can understand the reality of His loneliness? Well, I am thinking that I want to be the matchmaker for God so He can find His own true love object. You are very happy when you are about to be matched, aren't you? How about God, then? When you eagerly accept your mate, whom are you taking after? God must have a similar feeling and desire, don't you think?

Once we are connected with God in this relation ship of love, we want it to last forever and never stop. Some force must propel that feeling. Where does it come from? Perhaps it doesn't come from God alone and certainly it doesn't come from man. This must be the power of true love itself. True love is 80 powerful, it binds God and man forever. If true love says, "Okay, I am going to come to you, but only if you will give up your life,. wouldn't you be willing to do that to receive true love? The same is true of God. He will say yes to true love, over every other alternative.

Now you must understand that this is not just another religious sermon. This one sermon at this moment is possible because we are at the culmination of human history. Reverend Moon has come and discovered these truths and established a foundation. Upon that foundation, I am speaking these words, which make so much sense to you. It is not simply that Reverend Moon is a great person who came to the earth at a particular time in history and taught certain things. Is it possible that at some later date a greater teacher will come and give a different teaching? Even though this Principle and teaching was discovered during my 60 years of active ministry, it is beyond history. In other words, there will be no other person coming to stand here and speak any greater truth.

That means ten thousand years from now, someone great may come, but he will only be able to proclaim what has already been said. This teaching is super-historical. It transcends all of history. This kind of understanding has never even been imagined or spoken before. Everything is being revealed. Even before God created the universe, this concept was there. That is what I am revealing now. At the last days, we are returning to the same concept which God had before He created the universe. We are talking about millions of years in between.

God made His creation, and then the creation was damaged. Finally the creation is being restored. So much work has been necessary up until now, but from this time on, God will be able to return to His original domain. God can rejoice now. He can laugh. Now the True Parents are coming to that original fulfillment of the creation and God i8 80 happy. He finally has an object of love.

Perhaps you will go and privately pray to God, "Father told me something and I believe it, but I just want to double-check Is what he said on the first day of May really true?" God will probably say, "What are you talking about, you small thing? Of course it's true. Reverend Moon knows a lot more than you do, 80 why don't you just follow him and shut your mouth?.

What do you think, is it necessary that we and everybody in this world know this truth? What about our offspring, do they need it? You answer yes very easily, but I cannot trust your answer. Perhaps I cleverly led you up to this logical point, and you have just been tricked into agreeing with me. Do you think that is the case?

What is the ideal man? Here is the definition: he is harmonized with his spouse and horizontal surroundings and also with the vertical realm. Not only that, he must continue seeking the higher and higher ideal, becoming more and more perfected. Then he is the ideal man.

Who is the ideal original man? What if we said to God, "You are the original man.. Would He feel good or bad to hear that?

The original couple are the same. The ideal man and woman are the ones who are consistent with God's original ideal. What is that original ideal? Ideal man and woman are the ones who become perfectly harmonious with each other, and their goal is always to focus on God's purpose of creation. This forms the ideal family. Only true love, and nothing else, can bring a couple into that high position.

The family is centered on man and woman. What is the country? It is actually the higher level of family. True man and woman are the standard for the nation, reaching toward the same ideal as their goal. The individual is centered on true love, the couple is centered on true love, the family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos are all centered on true love. God Himself is centered on true love. That is how all these levels return to God.

We speak of God's love, but there are many levels: individual, family, tribe, nation, world, cosmos, and finally God. Combining all these into one can make a world centered on a love relationship. At that point, everybody is free, every level is liberated Each individual will be welcomed every where. The same is true on the family level national level, world, cosmos, and spirit world. Here for the first time we experience complete freedom. That is the goal for which everybody is crying out, but there is only one way to achieve it. How' Each level of love has to yield to the higher level of love. Each individual's love has to yield to the love of the family, and so on.

What is the ideal couple? The ideal couple are the man and woman who try to resemble God as individuals. After that is achieved, they go on to the family level to resemble God in that position, and so forth. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have continued in that direction by the power of true love. Why is the family so important? When man and woman come into unity and attain the highest position, still the crux of that position is the family. No matter where he dwells, each individual lives within a family.

Every other family is meant to parallel this true standard. All occupy their own position, but essentially the pattern is the same. We are also talking about the animal kingdom here. Even though the animals do not have a human level of awareness, they also conform to this pattern of love. Their pat" tern of caring for their offspring is parallel to the human pattern. They dwell on a different level, but their organizational system is the same. That's why, once you get hold of a true love line and pull on it, the whole universe will follow. There is nothing that isn't attached to that true love line. We can conclude that this is how all things can be dominated through true love. Dominion has to be centered on true love, and then everything is connected to God.

Where is the woman's primary sexual organ? It is right at the center line of the body, in the middle of the abdomen. The opening is at another place, but the central organ for reproduction is right there at the center of the body. This is consistent. The woman will give birth to offspring which resemble her. The same is true for a man. His sexual organ is on the mid-line of his body. On that center line the plus and minus exist, and only true love can bring perfect unity, total overlapping of plus and minus.

How many strings of love are there? There is man's mind, man's body, woman's mind, and woman's body-that equals four love lines. When the man and woman are in the perfect union of love, they are encompassed, surrounded, drowned in love, 80 to speak. This i8 the concept of the ideal relationship between God and man. Just as man and woman experience love, God and human beings, too, can experience that love. God has the same duality of internal and external. If somebody could rise high enough to see it, the entire universe must have the shape of man and woman overlapped. Looking from the right side, the universe looks like a man. From the left side, it looks like a woman. From the top, it looks like a man, and from the bottom, it looks like a woman.

All existence is divided between plus and minus. What are plus and minus destined to be? They are destined to become one. The plus and minus charges accumulate and then crash together, creating lightning and thunder. Then they dissipate, only to gather energy again and crash together again. All things exist for the sake of love. When love is consummated, it returns to nothing, then forms again and consummates again. That is the way of the ideal being.

There is no other religion or teaching on the earth which has explained the universe in this consistent, organized manner. How should we look at a man and a woman? When I look at a man, I first notice his eyes. They move primarily on the horizontal plane. Then there is the nose, which has both vertical and horizontal dimensions. Then there is the mouth, which is horizontal. The rest of the body can be drawn according to vertical or horizontal lines. A man should walk straight and upright. When a person has everything clear and harmonious in his mind, he will walk with the different parts of his body at appropriate right angles. Such a person is a healthy person.

When a man laughs, he tends to lift his head upward, while a woman tends to lower her head. Another difference is that when people go out shopping, the woman will say, "We need all these things, and those, and this and that." But if the man is with her, he will say, "Now, we don't need all of that." It is natural for the woman to care more about physical needs of the family, while the man is more interested in the ideal. He thinks more about the future of the family, and so forth, and couldn't care less about shopping. Obviously, we need both of those qualities and concerns, but which should take the subject position? Which should we pay attention to first? The ideal. Therefore, the conclusion is that the woman has to submit to man because of this. How do you like that? Man is the one who transmits God's plus characteristics.

You know, "chunjee". means heaven and earth. We don't normally say "earth and heaven". do we? Usually English is backwards, but that phrase is in the right order. Just as you tend to say "father and mother". or "son and daughter". in that order. No matter how wonderful woman is, she cannot stand everywhere. Your attitude toward your husband should be one of respect. Do you women understand?

I didn't mention ears yet, but they are very important. A person's ears should be straight, along a vertical line. That indicates someone with a healthy, straight conscience. When a person's heels hit directly on the ground when he walks, it's a good indicator of a straight conscience. With such fine points of perception, I have been able to match people. There are so many indications by which I can read people. When I see a person laugh and it begins with the eyes, that is very different from the laugh which begins with the mouth. I can discern character traits from such small indications.

Getting back to our topic today, we are speaking about the founding anniversary and our final liberation. Even though you may do well now, what is your destination? That is more important than anything else. In 35 years, our movement has risen to its present position, having started from nothing. We have influence in many different areas. This is a typical grass-roofed Korean hut I am drawing. It is a picture of our first church. It was a small house, but it had a huge sign in front, which proclaimed "UNIFICATION CHURCH.. People would come and be impressed by the sign, but the house behind it was somewhat less impressive.

God was with us, however, and decided to make our dwelling match the ambition of our sign. He brought us Belvedere, and then the New Yorker hotel. But even the New Yorker is not big enough. My one remaining task would be to find the building with the largest billboard in the universe. What if I built a huge house with the hugest sign in the world saying, "HOLY SPIRIT ASSOCIATION FOR THE UNIFICATION OF WORLD CHRISTIANITY." How about that?

Imagine me trying to write all of that English across a sign It is too hard to keep straight, but writing in Korean is much simpler. When the Korean symbols are written for our church's name, it even looks like a house.

Who is greater, President Bush or Reverend Sun Myung Moon? Why do you say Reverend Moon? My nose is wider, my eyes are smaller, and I am shorter than Mr. Bush. Also, Mr. Bush is white and I am a colored man.. The United States is an advanced country while Korea is still developing. Reverend Moon's background is not so great and his support is not so powerful, while President Bush has the support of the whole country. But, strangely enough, many people in the world are saying, "Reverend Moon is greater than Mr. Bush." Why is that? It is because nobody else can take the place of Reverend Moon. Mr. Bush will be replaced by the next president, perhaps after just four years.

Many state senators and congressmen have gathered together in conferences. People have declared that Reverend Moon has done more for this country than anyone, that he is a true patriot, the number one contributor to this country. I told them, "I am not an American, I am a foreigner. I will not stay here forever, so how can you call me your number one patriot?" Then they think about it and say, "But you must stay here!" Those people who used to spit at me are now calling me their greatest patriot. They never knew when they were spitting upward toward me that it would fall back down onto them. But now they recognize their mistake and say, "Reverend Moon, we are sorry. Now we understand." Now they are asking me to stay, and pretty soon they will be saying the same thing to each of you: "Please stay with us and lead the American people..

The Soviet Union and China now are actually competing to grasp onto Reverend Moon. I am not the one saying that China needs the guidance of Reverend Moon in order to survive; Chinese leaders are saying that very thing.

The politicians in America have a big job to bring this country around and make something happen. But in Russia, Gorbachev has much greater power to get things done. There is no way for an intelligent person to dismiss the Unification Church. Since the Soviets have had so little religion, they need a solid, worldwide religion. Also they need good leadership. Communism is not working in the Third World. Everybody knows that, but they still need some "ism." They are seeing that Reverend Moon has the solution. The Soviets observed the way Reverend Moon was persecuted by the entire world, but still he held on and stood up strongly. Now Reverend Moon is going up higher in the world. God thinks about that. The only hope in this physical world and in the spiritual world is Reverend Moon. That means God has hope now.

So we are getting closer and closer to God's throne. We are turning the world upside down. It is becoming a different world. Finally God is coming down on the earth to rule. How crazy must we seem to this world? Can you imagine some stranger coming and listening to this talk today? How baffled he would be. Here is a large group of obviously intelligent people, forgetting all about themselves and rejoicing in the words they are hearing. What kind of group are we?

I knew I had to liberate God, who has been sit tiny in the universe all by Himself, lonely and unhappy. Can the world believe this fact? When our great big signboard is built, we must build a home which is appropriate for such a huge sign. When I have actually erected that house, then all things will have been completed. Then the founding anniversary is fulfilled. Now the only thing remaining is the final liberation.

The only power or entity which can liberate God, True Parents and all the Unification Church members is true love. Our goal clearly, then, must be to occupy or own true love, to practice true love. That should be our only concern. Everything else will come as accessory to that accomplishment. Isn't that a great purpose? Why? As a result of that, final liberation will be realized.

Let me ask you a question. Suppose that one day I told a black couple, blessed by the True Parents, that I would like to come and visit their home. Would they say, "Well, ours is a black home. You can't come in"? Would they say, "You have to call us first before you come"? No, they would welcome me. How about the white, Anglo-Saxon people? The same is true. When I go to Japan, I can stay with any of the blessed couples. When I come to America, I can do the same, isn't that true?

What kind of power does Reverend Moon have over people? It is the true love power. When you have true love, you can go anywhere and be welcomed. That is the most precious ownership of true love. It has been many years since I first went to prison, and now I can look back and understand. When I first went to prison, I didn't know clearly why it happened. Now I see clearly and I can forgive and forget the fact that I have been to so many prisons. Liberation is being accomplished now, but my goal is still final liberation.

It is an amazing fact that, after 35 years, I am receiving the welcome which no other religious leader has ever received. During the past 35 years, everybody opposed me, including my own parents my first wife, my children, the Korean people. Even the spirit world, in a way, opposed me. I was opposed not only by words but also by force and violence. But I was undaunted and I went on, digesting everything. Whenever they behaved violently toward me, I responded with love.

Now I have the true family, true tribe, true believers. With this, I am receiving support, and many people are going the same direction. Now, after 35 years, I am in the position to wage one final battle. There are many people who are beginning to understand and support me. The Korean people have not been so sure which position to take, but now they are very sure, "Whatever Reverend Moon does, we have to follow." They know that I have the only way to win over Kim II Sung. In Japan, the people also recognize that I have the only hope. In China, the same is true. Even in America, many senators and congressmen are beginning to see that Reverend Moon has the only way to achieve their goals. Now I am in the position to implement the plans which I have been working on for 35 years. This is a great historical improvement. The only weapon I have is true love.

The only way to subjugate Satan's world is with true love. That is the last banner to go up. Then all over the world, banners will proclaim, "True Love. Mansei!" Everything will be done then. Once we cross that one remaining bridge, heaven and earth will be liberated.

The tribal messiah has that privilege. You have that ownership of true love. True Parents have given it to you. So True Love Messiahship, which Adam wanted to achieve, which Jesus wanted to fulfill, which God wants to see happen, is now becoming a reality through the True Parents. Then the true love tribal messiahs will go forth, shouting, "Amen!" The first Adam couldn't get God's blessing, so his was not a legal marriage. Jesus was also unable to get married. What about you? You have a blessed marriage, centered on God, correct? But when you say "yes," the answer is built upon tremendous historical payment, difficulty, and bloodshed. For saving your couple, so much payment was made in history, including the blood of martyrs. Do you understand? Because of that payment, you have received the Blessing from God. How proud God must be to see our families!

All the creation has longed to see the true family appear on the earth, because true ownership of the earth centered on true love was lost. True Parents are now restoring that true love ownership, and all creation is rejoicing. All the spirit world, as well, including the archangels and your ancestors, are coming down to see you, their most famous off spring. "please, I want to go down on the earth and meet my descendant who is restoring God's ownership.. At this time, many ancestors are coming down and surrounding you and your family. It i8 like an entire religious denomination or tribe centered on you. Your ancestors believe in you! They love you and want to follow you. They want to dedicate everything to you. The tribal messiah is the center person, whom they have to follow absolutely.

Therefore, I sent out many blessed couples as tribal messiahs. That is like taking God's place, standing as True Parents on the earth. Until now, no one could receive true marriage, and God didn't have that place to stand. But now the True Parents' family is like God's family on the earth.

This is the same as if Jesus had been able to mobilize the Israeli tribes in his time and send them out-the Cain tribes and Abel tribes. You blessed couples have such an honored position to be in the parental position as tribal messiah. Think about that. This is the reality. Father has done everything. Now, you are being welcomed by almost everybody.

Until now, the United States government has taken the enemy position, but that is changing. By the same token, the free world is also changing. The communist world used to think, "Our number one enemy is Reverend Moon," but now they have a completely different idea.

Love in the United States is being destroyed, like wilted flowers. Young people cannot find hope in this world. There are 240 million people in this country. Who can save them? Only Reverend Moon and you. How can we save them? By the work of our tribal messiahs. Do you understand? Until now it was restoration course. Now we have gone from the position of brotherhood to the level of parenthood. All you Unification Church blessed people have to understand. Where is true freedom? It is only in true love. The first fall resulted in the loss of true parenthood.

A few days ago, Korean tribal leaders came to New York to visit me. They are very proud guys. Each one used to think, "Who can teach me? I am the teacher and the leader of my tribe. Who are you, Reverend Moon?. But now they feel respect for me. When they got ready to leave, they were like little children, saying, "Reverend Moon, we are proud that you were born in Korea. We are so proud of you!

I have sent you back to your hometowns to fulfill your tribal messiahship. Some of you say, "Oh, I am working in New York and I have to live at the New Yorker." But that job is your second or third job. Your first job is the messiahship. Do you want to lose your parentship? You will if you don't fulfill your responsibility. In the future, your village and neighborhood will accuse you if that happens.

Now Satan has no power against the position of true parents. Satan will have to bow down. That is what God wants to create. Therefore, how wonderful is that messiahship! Now there are many prominent Americans who are asking to meet with me, but I have told them, "First, you have to learn the Divine Principle. You go through the 21-day training course. No excuses."

What a precious situation we have! We must continue to march on. We must take the messiahship proudly all over the world. This is not an easy or cheap way to go. It is expensive, but this is the most precious way. We must have big guts, running forward and then plunging into the victory! Think about my situation. When I first came here 15 years ago, I criticized this country and said that it was going to decline. Many church members and elders complained against me: "Father, you don't understand America's cultural background. America needs to be able to discuss things and come to a democratic decision. Why don't you do that?" But do you think the restoration course is the way of discussion?

I came here alone and set the course-only one man remaking one nation. Mobile teams held rallies in cities all over the country. Then rumors began to fly and the persecution began. People said, "Reverend Moon, go back home. You are making too much noise and trouble." But I continued to work. Finally, I was put into jail. They did everything they could to stop me, but look at the situation now.

Those who will pledge, "I will march on from here with this great blessing and privilege," please stand up. Will you do it? Thank you very much!

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