The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Leaders' Meeting - November 28, 1989

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
East Garden Conference Center
November 28, 1989
Translator - Col. Sang Kil Han

Please be seated. (The Soviet newspaper clipping from translation is read. Several leaders make comments about their reactions to this.)

In one word, we have come into the era of parenthood and the love dispensation, as Father has proclaimed. Because of this age that we are in, that particular response was elicited. On the 30th of August and in September there was the proclamation of Heavenly Fatherism. These are all unmistakable signs of the transition of an age. Of course, there is no way for us to know. Father knows, however. Spirit world heeds Father's proclamations very acutely and then goes in certain directions. This is a manifestation of that. Father knows, based on the law of indemnity, that these things will come about. Father had a definite idea that they would.

One example of this is when Father was in Danbury. Father told Dr. Kaplan to proclaim the decline of the Soviet empire in a formal meeting. Dr. Kaplan, as a scared American, came to Father and said, "How can you say that? It may happen-" but Father said, "No, it will happen. This is true. Do this." Reverend Kwak came by and said, "He is not listening." Father said, "What do you mean he is not listening? This is true! Tell him to do this!" A second time Dr. Kaplan came by and Father explained this, and then, half-scared, he agreed. "Okay, yes, I'll do it. I believe in you." Then he proclaimed it. Today he is so proud! No one else did it! He was like a prophet.

He said "Maybe, maybe" but Father said strongly "It will be." Five years later, look at what is happening to the Soviet Empire. No one foresaw that but Father. Father knew the exact time that empire would perish. God knows everything. That is Father's prophecy from spirit world. When Father speaks, not only spirit world but the physical world as well take the direction. Spirit world reinforces it. Whatever Father does, it is not only man's undertaking. Unification Church members must know that. Whatever we hear Father saying, it is not just a human voice saying it. It is the voice of God and the contents are from God.

How can we make a unified world? Who knows how to do that? The American government wants to lead and have everything centered on the American viewpoint. The Soviets are the same way. They have been fighting each other and there has been much trouble in the world. In the future, how can we solve this problem and create world peace? Father thinks about that. He worked to bring the media world into oneness and to make a strong foundation with them, so that they can develop a world viewpoint about humankind. The media world covers every summit meeting. Father wanted to make that foundation, so Father had many high-level people from the media world and professors come together into oneness.

In the Washington area, we have a big media organization. Its purpose is to connect the world. We want the world of the media and the world of professors combined into one. Professors are not political people; they are righteous men. Combined with the media world, they can have a great influence. Politicians are a problem. They are often too business-oriented. They think about how can they make a world-sized business and are a bad influence on the media world. So we have professors leading those media people. After that, the media world will lead social education. From there, we can save and unify the concepts of the world.

We have media companies in Washington, Korea, and Japan. We are meeting all the high-level media people in many countries, including the Soviet Union. Our purpose is so that they will write in a righteous way to influence people. We are doing this to benefit the whole world.

God's many purposes cross at one point. What point is that? World peace. World peace is the point of human history and God's historical providence: How can we make world peace? No matter how strong America is, it is the media world who can truly influence world peace. This is Father's perspective on the one unified world of peace.

Father is now doing the same thing for the Soviet media world that he has done for the media of the free world. Father has held a fact-finding tour for several years. They always toured the Soviet Union on their trip. People from six continents went there. From South America, Africa, Europe, North America, and Asia, Father sent many famous world media leaders to the Soviet Union and all over the world to do precise research on the real situation and to reveal the things the Soviets were hiding. Before that, the media's influence on the world was bad.

The Soviet Embassy even protested and said that Reverend Moon was trying to establish a dictatorship in the media world! Finally, they said, "Please don't that," and tried to hold back on visas. Now things have changed and opened up and now the high-level media people of the free world are welcomed there as a world delegation.

This opened the gate. The only person who ever did a successful project like this was Reverend Moon.

Father proposed to the Soviet media world, "Why don't you come to America? You will understand American culture and how the American people live. I will invite you." At last, April 23, we had a media conference for them and twelve of them came here. They suggested to Father, "We will participate in a media conference in the United States sponsored by Reverend Moon." We guided them everywhere. They went to the New York Times, the Washington Post, everywhere. They met many important people through our connections. They thought, "Oh, Reverend Moon is a powerful influence!" No matter how much they used their ambassadors, they could not connect with the important people we could connect them to. Reverend Moon, during just a few days, could connect them with no problem. They understood that. They said, "Oh, maybe Reverend Moon is the power behind Bush!" Every day, curious people were asking about Reverend Moon. Even the Americans were impressed and started repenting for not understanding how influential Father is, and how brave in opening up these barriers.

Reverend Moon opened up the Soviet closed system of press. All twelve of them came up with the same conclusions. They are very high level people in the Soviet Union. They have much information now. One of them is one of the world's top photographers. They are researching. They made a videotape and wrote many articles. Father did not tell them what to write-Father told them just to write out their own opinions and they thought about it a lot. This is making history, do you understand?

America is so powerful, and they wanted to know all about American life, but they could see that American young people are becoming very corrupt. America cannot solve its own problems, let alone the problems of humanity. The only person who can do that, making a clear foundation, is Reverend Moon. They could see that if they follow in America's footsteps, ultimately they will have those kinds of problems in the Soviet Union too. They are thinking about those kinds of things. The only protection against that is Reverend Moon's thought. Do you understand?

They were really open to us. They understood Unification Thought and Divine Principle theory-everything was quite clear to them. They concluded that it was difficult to understand, however. We said we would translate it into Russian and they said they could make millions of copies to spread to all the Soviet people at one time and multiply it. That is very hopeful. They are talking about teaching it. For three hours Father talked to them. They received a strong push of spiritual power to teach this clearly in their own land. Now they are making some kind of beautiful videotape of their activities to send back to me in the near future. These are history-making events.

The world is in a complicated situation. England, France, and Italy do not want an independent, unified Germany. Why? Because it can become the strong, powerful, center of Europe again. Next month, Bush and Gorbachev are having a meeting (the summit at sea, off Malta). At that time, Bush should proclaim that America will help the Eastern bloc economically. From our viewpoint, a million dollars is not a problem. One billion is no problem. Even ten billion-if we gave that kind of money to help the world, they would all praise the American people. No matter how difficult the situation, we should help out the Eastern bloc. This is the destiny of the free world. If America combined with a unified Germany, it would automatically defeat Soviet influence.

There is only one way. Otherwise, the situation will be too difficult. The free world must be protected and that can only be done through unity and through uprooting Soviet power in Europe. Therefore, The Washington Times suggested to the American government certain courses of action, how they can secure the future. There were strong recommendations in it for Bush. If the Bush Administration listens, then they can completely vanquish the communist world from now on.

Now that East Germany has become like that, Czechoslovakia, Albania, Hungary, and Bulgaria will follow. If America will just give them a lot of economic aid and win their hearts, the future will be much better. When these countries tie up economically with trading rights with the Western bloc, then there will be a huge market. These satellite countries are trying to make independent economic systems. Then Russia would really have a difficult time to continue to connect with them. America should help that to happen. America should help them. All these countries will go along with the trend and it will be a strong current of its own for a new economic system. Russia will actually have no place to lean on. The Russian structure will be finished. This is what The Washington Times is strongly recommending.

This is really the time for great changes. There is no doubt in Father's eyes that Gorbachev's intention to open up is genuine. Americans are taking time to make absolutely sure, but time is wasting. We don't have that kind of time. We have to just go for it. Father feels that Gorbachev is doing things right for the first time in a long time in the Soviet Union.

When Father visited Europe recently, Father felt that he had to turn the tide around decisively. America does not know enough so they don't do what they should. No living human being on earth, in the political world or wherever, is thinking and acting like this. Father knows and is very confident.

Of course, Father has many, many avenues, many approaches that he can take. Through many people, he can talk to whoever is running a country. We have many famous professors in Europe and in other countries. We can connect them and have influence, for the sake of God's providence.

We've learned a little bit of what Father has been doing. Now, Father says, that's enough. We don't have to know in detail. Detail is irrelevant. We already have our hands full. If Father speaks beyond that and then someone asks you a question, you might have to explain everything. Now all you have to say is, "Father said so." How's that?

We must have an awareness of how splendid a work The Washington Times is. It is a unique newspaper in the whole of the United States. It reveals the facts and is not self-interested. The goal is to publicize and record the facts. When the satellite countries try to go against the Soviet system, they have no way to gather enough material. The newspapers here in America are liberal and rather procommunist. They hardly even print anything against communism. However, The Washington Times, paying no attention to what other newspapers said, audaciously reported the facts. The satellite countries took that information as precious material with which to oppose Russia.

These satellite-based media gathered all their material through The Washington Times because without it, they have no source of correct information. 100% of the material that Radio Free Europe uses came from The Washington Times. In this respect, The Washington Times has really, truly played a great role in making today's satellite countries what they are.

Within America, each different government department must understand what stance the media is taking. They have to make an analysis and a brief for each department and distribute this to all the different departments. They take material from the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times-but The Washington Times provided by far the most crucial information. 65-75% of their quotations are from The Washington Times. Do you see what an important role The Washington Times played in providing the necessary information? This is used all throughout the U.S. embassy-not just in the American government, but everywhere in the world. We made a great foundation. Use it as your armament. Is that a good feeling or not? (Yes.)

Father made a cake; a feast; now all you have to do is sit up straight at it. You can't even do that, Father says. The banquet table is all set. You should at least sit straight. Be courteous; have manners. At least you should know how to use a knife and fork! The only way you can be excused is if your mind is saturated with the idea of recovering a country for God-then maybe, you don't have to be a gentleman. That is a gentleman. If you are like that, you don't need a knife and fork. You are so busy working with your hands, you have to just eat with your mouth! God won't mind your bad manners then because He knows your heart. Then in the future, He can give some important job to you.

Father can spend hour after hour, but he still cannot tell all. Father only shared a little bit with us. But to make a long story short, Father made that foundation and you'd better believe in it. To save time, Father summarizes:

The American Staff Meeting Instructions, November 28, 1989

I. The Changing Era for the New Dispensation; the New Era.

1. From 1990 to the Year 2000. What we should do in this last decade.

First, solve the Korean question.

The Japanese question.

America's problems

Germany's problems.

When we do right in God's eyes, then there will be one country which God sees as adequate to be His own country and this country will emerge. The basis for that was when Father gave the international matching right after the 1988 Olympics and proclaimed the new era. Sequentially, the 3rd of October was the opening of a new heaven (literal translation from the Korean). That is the time of transition from the elder to the second one. The second one is now becoming the elder. At the end of that month, the 30th of October, was the international marriage between Japan and Korea, Eve and Adam took place. Satan could never have brought together the young people of those two nations. That is the Principled viewpoint. Father did that. That kind of foundation was based on the Korean Olympics.

The world leader position, which is Bush's position, should settle the German problem of East and West Germany, how they can unify. Yet he cannot. Who can connect these two? Father. Those four countries combined will reveal our vertical foundation nation. This is the transition or changing to the new era.

II. The Second Generation Era and the College Campuses

The meaning of this is how to defend our second generation and the college campuses from the evils of drugs, free sex, alcohol abuse, etc.

America is in Cain's position and its social problems are Cain's, but the college campuses are Abel, the second generation. The rest of society is in the Cain position.

1. The Professor bodies (Faculties) and the student bodies.

Now in all countries, professors and students are clearly divided. As far as professors are concerned, they have no direction at all, whereas the young people, the students, are heavily influenced by communistic thought. Father took a long, long time in bringing Korean professors and students into one arena and into unity. Father is still educating them very elaborately. Now we see many guests visiting America to be influenced. How to bring unity between professors and college students is our project.

We are capable of providing them with the educational and religious basis and even political thought: this is the way to go. We know we can do that. We have that basis. This is a strong point of our church-our thought. So we have to bring this force up quietly and before everyone knows about it, form a student activity, like they are doing in a negative way. We will do positive, constructive activity to make the campuses more peaceful. The satanic side will educate young people and use them to demonstrate against and destroy the existing order, whereas we, the heavenly side, after educating them through conferences and get-togethers, will reconfirm unity and harmony.

All college campus activity should be under our auspices; we should provide the agenda; the direction. The new movement, the new attitude and direction, will emerge within the Unification Church and be carried onto the college campuses where it will be upgraded-taking an elevated form, being more mobile, more efficient.

If we do this in one decade from 1990 to the year 2000, then everything will fall into place. America's direction, not only on the college campuses, but the social direction, will be clearly shown to people. Do you understand? When they turn from all the drugs and free sex and leftist politics and turn to go in the other direction-who will be there in the Abel direction, helping Cain? Abel will be there and Abel will become the first and Cain will become the last.

Up until now, society influenced the college campuses. In our era, this new era of the next decade to come, the college campuses should lead society. We can do that.

How is it that American society cannot do it properly, but college campuses can do it? Ordinary society does not have a traditional base. When they turn around, that's the end of it; the end of what they have been doing. The colleges, the Abel has plenty of new traditions. This is why they can go on; not only can they go on but they can pull and influence society.

Even church organizations-our church too-should be forming churches in the college tradition. The church represents society. We must make a new tradition combined with the college tradition.

We will be the center or the master in the sense that we will lead the whole world through the college campuses. Not just one country, but the entire world.

1990 will be a really great transition time. The world will become a different one during the next ten years, up to the year 2000. Father will be 80 years of age. The year 2001 is the beginning of the 3rd millennium. That will be a new era.

Let us give up that elderly position we have been taking, without regret. Let us give that up and start anew. Do you follow?

"I am a state leader"-we've been saying, thinking, and acting like that-but now the state leader does not exist. Don't take a privileged position. The young people are ahead of us now on the college campuses-they are the pacesetters. We have to pace ourselves through that.

It is very impressive to Father to observe the changes on the Korean campuses. The campuses have been full of unrest and uprising, but they have gotten very quiet since October and are going along in a very orderly way. Father is impressed. This Principle is really working.

In essence, Father turned around the student uprising in Korea. He is the one who held it in. Father did not lay on a hand, but Father spoke and gave a command and we did it. Father knows President Roh cannot do that. The campuses changed through spiritual power.

So, the second generation and the campus question-the solution to the problem is that we should lead both professors and college students with our ideas. We have to lead them.

We must make CARP activity into church activity. There are two heads. Of the two-the church head and the CARP head-who would be the real head? CARP or the church? CARP. The CARP leader will be the central leader over the church leader. How do you feel? Not so good?

These are not just Father's words. We must make a new tradition. We must have a new style of leadership, a new tradition. It is time for it. Do you understand?

2. CARP activity and Church activity.

There is CARP and HARP (high school). In high school and college activities, HARP and CARP, if all the sons and daughters of presidents, ministers, professors, what have you, are in it, initiating and leading, the first generation has to listen.

Those who have younger brothers and sisters, raise your hands. You have to make them go the right way! What right do they have to oppose us? What is wrong with you and with Reverend Moon whom you are following? Forget about your father and mother. You can make a strong alliance with your brothers and sisters and then your mother and father will say, "Let me in too!" They'll say, "We'll listen to you." Soon, it will come to be like that. It will be that simple.

All you have to do is to bring them in for one serious Divine Principle seven or ten day seminar. That's all you need. A week or ten days will change your brother or sister's life. Congressman and state senators are changing after three or four day workshops.

From now on, Father will nag you; he will really clobber you if you have a younger brother or sister and are not making effort to bring them into the Unification Church. We've got to save them. Are you confident in doing that? Those who say, "Yes, Father, I'm determined, I will do that," raise your hands. Then Father feels we already have too many Unification Church members. Membership is really no problem. Go to your younger relatives and bring them to life.

At least we will increase tenfold in number if you connect one relative through another relative and so on-it will cover the entire nation. So be strong with your brothers and sisters, if you love them. Father strongly urges you to do that.

3. Entering into Jericho.

The German wall is coming down like the walls of Jericho. We must prepare a strong tradition. Don't be drawn by any part of the communistic activity. Only follow God's activity and God's tradition in preparing for entry into Jericho. Once we enter into Jericho, what shall we do? This is what it means. We should not be influenced by communistic ideas; we should instead influence them with our ideas.

Do you know roughly what this means? It means the second generation should have no part in the existing thought that has been under the influence of communism. This is you. Secular humanism is very much Satan's thought. Materialism is Satanism. One thing is for certain: it is not God's way of thinking.

4. Victory or Corruption

In other words, we have to make a choice whether we are to be victorious or whether we are to become corrupt. If we guide the second generation correctly, we will become victorious. If we don't do that, then we will become corrupt. Do you follow?

5. Re-education and self-control.

We must become self-repentant, self-perfecting, and self-dependent. We do not become perfect depending on someone else; we must depend on ourselves. Nobody does it for you. It is time we did it ourselves. We have no one to depend on. We cannot depend on Father because it is not Father's role to do that. It is we who have to do that. Society will not help us because they are busy with their own problems. We have no one to depend on except ourselves. Self-sufficiency, self-accomplishment-don't lean on anyone. Don't even think about it.

III. Headwing Thought and the Establishment of Tradition for the Third Millennium

The Third Millennium tradition must be established firmly within these next ten years, the last decade of the second millennium. Up, middle, and below-that means we have to go up and we have to come down, up and down, the beginning of circular movements. Those who have been staying higher up must come down; those who have been going down should go up. That is circular motion. Those who have headwing thought must be able to do this. They should easily go down and those who are down should go up. We should be able to do that at will, establishing circular movement.

This is what Father has disciplined himself in all along: once you come to a certain position, a high leader's position-don't ever think that you will stay there for the rest of your life. Always be prepared to step down, if that is for the benefit of everybody.

Father met the Kirov Ballet troop chief, whose face and countenance is really shrunken because of so much hardship in his lifetime. Since he had suffered so much, he understood Father's heart and came up closely to Father and said, "Reverend Moon, you must have suffered so greatly in your lifetime." Father said, "In a way, yes, but my idea is that I am already a successful person any way people look at it; both ideologically and in reality. But what I am looking at is that if I come down and make the Unification Church and myself suffer even more from this point on, then the future of the Unification Church will be absolutely guaranteed of success. The day is approaching very quickly when the Unification Church will be welcomed and respected and hoped for by everyone. I don't want to sow the seeds from that position. I want to sow the seeds from a lower position." Father studies how we can suffer even more after we are welcomed by everyone. If Father does that, then the growth of the Unification Church and the offspring of Father will be absolutely guaranteed by God.

This really impressed the man. So Father said, "I am 70 years of age yet I do not give up because I have further to go." This is a surprise even to secular people. This does not only work in the godly way; this way affects the secular world too.

Look at the Roman Empire. They were very successful; very strong. They tried to fly instead of trying to dig into the trench. If they had done that, the Roman Empire would have continued on and become even more successful. America today is the same way. America has come a long way to be a highly qualified nation. After World War II, especially, they took the attitude, "There is no country above the U.S." That is why the U.S. is declining so quickly. If they had lowered themselves and been willing to suffer more, America would not be on the verge of perishing as it is today.

The country which follows Father's way will become greater and great enough to engulf anything in the whole world. If we go out, then we have to prepare ourselves to come down even more so that we can go up again. This second time around, we will make a bigger circle and then even bigger circles. So coming down is very important. This point is Unification Church's secret.

The Israelites in Canaan did not know that. The Unification Church members did not know how to survive forever either. Father has now taught us. It stands to reason, doesn't it? When Father is seriously asked to meet with someone who respects him, Father wants to evade him a bit. He says, "Let us meet at the lowest place, not the highest place."

If we meet at a low place and then start up again, we can make a bigger circle.

IV. The Establishment of the Realm of the Chosen People and the Establishment of the Realm of Unification. (In other words, the Establishment of the Kingdom.)

The sense of being the chosen people means we are absolute. The one above or behind me is absolute-namely God and the Parents-so I have to be absolute. That is our idea. "In pursuit of gaining God's own country, I will go no matter what. This absolute being will march forward no matter what happens." That is the implication of this.

It is not exactly the realm-it is the chosen people's right: the Right of the Chosen People or "Chosen Peopleship!" You can come up with a better word than that. Once we do that, then the establishment of the kingdomship, sovereignty, and right should come.

V. The Establishment of Ownership-that means the right to own something.

God has had three dispensational eras-the Old, New, and Completed Testaments. In the Old Testament era, Heavenly Father tried to establish ownership by collecting or gaining materials. Through indemnification through the material world, He was to gain His son. Then he sacrificed His son in order to gain parenthood. He sacrificed parenthood in order to establish the service of God and ownership. This is how God has been working. This has been the whole purpose. We are getting to that point now. God must stand on the face of the earth before ownership can begin; then the children can start owning things.

When we reach the center point, establish the vertical "me," we have restored the parents, the children, and material things. This is ownership. This accomplishes perfection. That is the Principled view. That means Satan cannot participate in anything. Satan will respect the material, the child, the parents, and God. Do you understand? We have to attain that original ideal position. This is the whole meaning of the restoration. This is the sense in which we speak of establishing ownership.

From the Old Testament sacrifices to gain the son, to the sacrifice of the son to gain the parents, to the sacrifice of the parents, then God will be ushered in and we all will serve God. Then the parents will join in and the lost individual will join them and after connecting all that which has been recovered, then for the first time, legitimate ownership begins. Only after God lands safely here on earth will everything be formed and ownership properly begin. Until that time, no one owns anything. True Parents will combine all of humankind, centering on God. Then God will take ownership.

Without our coming into that relationship and beginning true ownership, then the day of Unification will not begin. We have to begin ownership. That means God has to start owning. Then we too come to own. Then the Unification day will begin.

That is where we are going now; we are marching toward that goal now.

VI. The Whole Family in the Indemnity Era.

In other words, there will be a time when the individual has to dedicate our whole family, including all the things I own, centering on God. That means, simply put, that there will be a time when we have to deny everything in front of God. After going through that process, then we will be recognized by God.

VII. The Era for the Unity of the Spirit and Body and the Era for Promoting or Multiplying Goodness

The unity of the spirit world and the physical world and the era for promoting goodness are the same thing. This is not that difficult to understand, at least conceptually. When our spirit man and our physical man really come to resonate with each other, centering on God, then we cannot help but promote goodness. There is no evil in us then. We don't have to worry about or watch out for evil. When such a man and such a woman get together and give birth to children, those children cannot help but be good. They are good; you don't have to worry about them. That is reality.

VIII. The Mission the Unification Church Must Undertake For America

1. We must open a gate for saving and leading American youth. We have to open up a way or a door, so that we can start ushering them in. That is the Unification Church's mission in America. All American young people are our brothers and sisters. Some brothers and sisters are victimized by drugs and free sex. We must not say, "I am clean, so I don't care about that." No, that is my brother, my sister; therefore, we have to care for them. No one can do that except the Unification Church members. The government cannot do that. The media cannot do that. If they could, they would, but they cannot. And we know that much, don't we? Do you really know that we can do it and no one else? (Yes.) Conduct yourself, appoint yourself as a doctor.

2. How to provide a sense of sovereignty, or subjectivity for the American second generation. In other words, we have to make the American second generation feel that they are the center and leaders of all the young people of the world. We must plant that sense of responsibility strongly in American young peoples' minds. First, in order to do that, we have to develop that sense of responsibility within ourselves and form the realm of sovereignty, then usher in and connect all the young people into that. All the campuses and the second generation will become part of that. In turn, they will feel strongly that they are the center for the whole rest of the world, the leaders of the rest of the youth of the world.

By doing that, we should create a nationwide campus boom. Do you think this is necessary on today's American campuses? (Yes.) Looking back over the last few decades, it is not so hard to see. In the '60s, they failed to extend this dream onto the world level, where it was destined to go to. Everyone was disappointed and became addicted to drugs. Worldism was where they were to go to, but they got lost and so became hippies and wandered around in search of new thought. The communists moved in and took advantage of that, so all the smart young people became communized and influenced by drugs and free sex. Dialectical materialism came in. This was all planned by the communist ideology. Now the more Abelistic way is coming, the influence of the new religions. "To realize my dreams of justice, world peace-where can I go?" When we present ourselves, the young people will jump into it just like they jumped into communism a long time ago. This is the era. That is why we have to create a boom on the college campuses.

1. We can use the facilities of civilized society: the media and modern technology. We've really got to win over television and the mass media. Father is working on this already-a huge, most comprehensive and powerful media center in Washington, D.C. is nearing completion now. With satellites, we can connect everywhere. We can educate people with 40 days content simultaneously. No problem! How can individuals connect with us one by one and be liberated? It is difficult. We must have that kind of vertical, global thinking.

2. The mass media.

3. An Offensive of Positive Public Relations

4. The Mobilisation of All to Accomplish this Goal. In other words, in order to influence college campuses and to create a boom, everyone in the family will participate.

5. The Age of Mobilisation of All People, mobilizing professors, etc., to create this boom on college campuses in America.

The main topic is the college campuses and the second generation. Now Father will designate the personnel.

(Campus ministers are asked to rise and count off.)

You should really present yourself as an example, an exemplary person in coming to work, in being able to give lectures, etc. In effect, you will become an interdenominational minister. First, you have to makes friends with other campus ministers. There is no secret about it, there is no other way-whoever buys the most lunches for the others and whoever is nicer to them and greets them first-those are the tokens of friendship. If you buy yourself a small notebook, buy another at the same time and give one to another minister. Always think about them. Feed them as much as you can! Tell them, "I'm going to a party with my relatives-why don't you come along? You're welcome to come." Good food can give a good feeling. Pay attention to this: entertain them. Give them lunch and dinner, and make it nice. Treat them like we do the Koreans who visit here. Make a system to bring your minister colleagues to visit New York. Tell them they can stay free at your relatives in New York and do nice things together there. Tell them, "I have many contacts in the New York area," and talk to them on the way there. That is an education in itself. We don't have to give them lectures. Through communication, we can do a lot. Ask them to give you five hours and you can give them a comprehensive briefing about all aspects of our religion.

If you really understand Divine Principle, you don't have to start with Chapter One, Chapter Two, using all our own terminology. You can say the same thing in your own way with terms with which they feel more comfortable! If they are sufficiently interested, then we can invite them over and give them a more formal presentation. There is always a way if there is a will. If we have the will to educate them, there are always many ways to explain to them what Divine Principle is.

Don't be afraid. Intellectually, you have no reason to be afraid. Believe that. Father has been doing that all over the world, for politicians, religious people, and professors. You can handle college campus ministers. Do you think you can do that? Within three or four years, they will be at your mercy!

Please continue this right away, as soon as you go back to your home college. Father will create a real IOWC now. We have many, many vans and mobile homes. Fifteen people can sit in one and listen to a lecture, all at once. We have to recover all eleven videotape machines assigned to each mobile van. We have to recover them and use them all over again to create the boom on the college campuses.

Do you follow? Are you confident? (Yes.) Don't go around looking as if you were 60 or 70 years of age. You are very young, bright, and hopeful. Be absolutely confident, like an eagle or hawk ready to strike. Father would like to see that kind of eagerness on your face.

Looking back at the bitter experiences of history, women have been exploited by the archangel. Now try to retaliate! Guide the archangel in the right way. You have to pray a lot and if you really pray constantly, Father knows that Heavenly Father will give you an answer right away. "Do this," He will say. "All you have to do is this."

Father feels that even if these 24 schools become highly successful, that should pretty much be it. Father doesn't see that there is that much more necessary, if you really do it right. Father's goal or vision is that we do this first on the college campuses, we win the victory and get very much involved on the campuses, and then Father would like to switch you into Army chaplains. You can go to the army and do the same thing for a few years. That's where the sharp men and women go now. Then you can save good young people.

We can sue any school where they resist you being a campus minister. Be strong and bold! Otherwise, you cannot save Israel. It is the same thing. We have enemies, but God will protect us, so we must be strong and bold. We have the same commandment from God. Do you understand?

We have a foundation like a mountain. Father already did everything. Do you understand? (Yes.) I believe you. Sit down.


Father is newly appointing you. Dr. Seuk already appointed you on behalf of Father, but Father now is making it official and an appointment paper will be sent to you. Father's name may not appear on the document, but know in yourself that Father has personally sent this to you. They are being prepared to be sent to you. Do not only confine yourself to being a campus minister. If you do, you cannot lead the college students. You have to embrace more than that and be more versatile than that. You have to be able to lead any church outside the college campus as well. Go to the regular churches on Saturdays and Sundays and lead them as well as leading the college students during the weekdays. Conduct a church comprised of the parents of students. Father emphasizes that because when Cain and Abel get together and form an alliance, the work will go much more quickly.

Father really envies the position of a campus minister. It is an ideal spot from which to influence people. There are 40,000 brilliant young men and women out there who are going straight to hell. You alone are the savior there. What have you got to lose? Why hesitate? America's life and future is at stake here. Day in and day out, impress them. There may be many chaplains and ministers on a big campus, but a Unification Church minister is really something else. You have to be that.

Make full use of chapel facilities. Don't do it once a week-do it once a day. We will propose to them that we can have combined worship services and revivals. We will do a revival even if there is only one person there. Do that with a lot of heart, very earnestly, and when you give a strong prayer, they will follow you. If your heart is willing, then you can give a prayer so long that you give them a lecture in your prayer! (Father gives a short imitation of a very strong, loud prayer about defeating Satan on the individual to the cosmic levels. Laughter.) They will be raised up as long as you continue praying. This is a kind of teaching prayer. How wonderful! Pray Chapter One out loud, then go on to Chapter Two. Make that kind of an atmosphere, connecting them more and more deeply.

Once we combine all denominations into one, the universe is no problem. The established Christian churches do not have the ideology to do that. Campus minister means "can pass the minister!" (Laughter and applause.) That's true!

(Dr. Seuk and Father speak together in Korean. Then Dr. Seuk asks all the state leaders, including CARP state leaders, and the regional coordinators to stand up. Father directs the CARP leaders and Church leaders to switch sides of the room.)

Please sit down. In American universities, there are many professors who know Reverend Moon very well, such as those who regularly attend the Science Conferences, etc. Do we have a complete roster of those participants in all conferences held under our auspices? Everyone without exception should have that full list; not only for his own school but for schools in the vicinity and everywhere. At least you have to have the roster for your own school. With that you can work on forming a support group for your activities.

If we can reach the young people of America, then we can assure America's hope for the future. The young people on the campuses are America's hope for the future. We need to make that combination of professors and students working together. One name on that list might yield many results in supporting and spreading our activities.

We have to create the atmosphere. Father created that atmosphere in America-nothing takes shape just automatically. Sometimes you might annoy them-so what! At worst, they will strike you one time and then you can become good friends with them afterwards.

Father is warning you: don't ever copy, don't ever learn from the attitude of the church state leaders. You create your own tradition. Don't inherit from them.

We have to make one system between CARP and the Church. Those who graduated from the seminary, raise your hands. A similar number between CARP and Church seminary graduates.

Witnessing to young persons, young students, is better than witnessing to more aged, experienced persons. What is your opinion? (Yes.) State leaders and regional directors of CARP, please stand up. Find your counterpart among the church state leaders. If you cannot find your counterpart, go to someone whose state is very close to yours. CARP stand on the right side and his counterpart, the state leader, stand on the left side. Form two lines. CARP leaders and state leaders, stand side by side. State leaders and Tribal Messiahs right now-some of the Tribal Messiahs went back to their own hometowns, correct? Not all, but most.

Father's idea here, the point is that there is no division between CARP and the state organization. Whoever will become a state leader, he will be the state leader of all affairs, not only CARP.

We'll decide it this way. The two counterparts will decide who will be the state leader-spirit world knows which one would be the better person for the job at this time. Paper, scissors, rock! (Laughter. The method is explained by Reverend Baughman and demonstrated vividly.) Now you do it.

The one who won, whoever he may be, he is the overall leader, the CARP and state leader. Those in the second position are second in charge of CARP and second in charge of the state. Do you understand? Dr. Seuk will be the Vice President of HSA and the CARP leader.

So, nothing has changed. All that has changed is that your scope has broadened; that is all. If you are a CARP leader who got second in charge, then you are still working in CARP as a second in charge and with the state as second in charge. By doing this, you can mobilize everybody.

Until now, the CARP leader was just the CARP leader; he had no influence over the state leader, so if the state leader said no to something, that was that, but now, under this arrangement, you cannot do that. You can use everyone in that way.

We have to make the effort to renew our atmosphere in the Unification Church by some of the CARP leaders now becoming state leaders.

Those who were not involved in this but who are seminary graduates, please stand up and come forward. Co-ordinators and everyone.

CARP Regional Directors who were not involved in the toss, please stand up and come this way. Those who were involved in the toss, sit down. Are you all American citizens now? Americans, raise your hands.

Father now has 100 schools positioned. He already had 84 and he counts 16 here. That's one hundred; a basic number to work from. Once we become successful, we will expand from 105 to 110, and so forth. This is pioneering. Father will assign you to a campus. Who here can lecture more than 7 Day content? Father says they have been lecturers, but that is ridiculous. You should be lecturers as well; first-rate lecturers, as well as they.

Here, there is no change. Here, there is only addition. Write down who is the first and the second leader.

So, from this point on, our focus is America's second generation; young people. It is our task to educate them. Make it a rule, each one of you, to witness to one new member on campus. If you did that for seven years, the number would total 84. If Jesus had had 84 disciples, he would not have had to go to the cross. Everyone should be able to get that number. Everyone should be preparing himself as a lecturer. Then Father sees that soon you will be invited from everywhere to give lectures. We have many professors and in the future, they will be calling on us as the school leaders to please give lectures to the students. Why? Because we have the true ideology, the true concept. They will influence the campus and then they will follow us. Good phenomena are coming. Ultimately, we can connect them all. No problem. Do you understand? Now do, do, do. This is the time.

The Korean Regional Directors will still oversee their activity and help them. (The Korean Regional Directors are changed according to a method of numbering Father employs.) Now Father is announcing the Regional Directors. (Applause.)

What day of the month is it today? November 28th. As of December 1st, we will have a new movement. This time when Father goes back to Korea, there will be a real exchange of leadership between Japan and Korea. After that, Father will do that worldwide. Father doesn't have to be present to make these kinds of announcements from now on; thus, Father does not need to come to America anymore, right? "Yes" means "Yes, Father has to come?" This is the time for Asia; the Pacific Era. This is the time of the hometown providence. Father already bridged the East and West. The West should be directed toward the East now. This is the Pacific Era. It is the prime time for Father to go back to the Orient. Imagine if Father stays in one country for just three months-to cover 130 countries, that is 390 months-that means about 30 years to make one circle and come back here again! But think of how long Father stayed in the United States. America cannot complain to Father if he does not come back when they want him to!

America is a rich country. America can act as an envoy and visit many other countries in Father's place and eventually come back, like Father did. Father will come back, though, for short visits to America.

Dinner is being prepared now. We have come to the end of the conference now. Father asks, should we close the meeting with prayer or with nice song? Let's choose three persons to sing songs for us. One song sung by a man, one song sung by a woman, and one song sung by one of the neuter gender! (Laughter.) Who will represent the men now? (Entertainment begins.)

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