The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

The Pride Of The Unification Church

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 10, 1989
Translated by Col. Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is Tongil Kyohe Jarang. Jarang means "pride;" "The Pride of the Unification Church." Americans feel a lot of pride about being Americans and being in America. We have the pride of America and the pride of the Unification Church. How do the two compare? Each and every one is proud of something that they belong to or that they own. One may be proud of being a member of a democratic regime or nation; someone else who is an ardent communist would be proud of that. Does the pride of the Unification Church include pride in America or does pride of America override pride in the Unification Church? Which includes the other? (The pride of the Unification Church.) How does that work?

We can see that many countries have horizontal standards, but no vertical standards. If someone is proud of a certain school and of being a student there, we always look into the history of the school and how it developed its standards, its height and its depth. We focus on the vertical achievements of the school.

Each part of a man's body is proud of itself: the hand is proud of being a hand; the eyes, the ears, and feet are proud of being what they are and claim that they are more important than the others! Yet which part of the body deserves to have the most pride? Something which is hidden behind what we can see with our eyes is more important than what we see. That connects to deeper and more important internal things. The eyes would like to be in the deepest, most hidden place where precious things are apt to be kept. The eyes want to see things by connecting with the most hidden, deep place. They do not just want to see shallowly. What is in the deepest realm of the mind?

What is true of the individual human body is also true of a nation. A nation too wants to be proud of something which is deeper, not easy to see, but very much present. The world is also like this. This is very clearly centered upon God.

What would God be the most proud of? What is His pride? It is the same thing. We resemble God and God resembles us, so God is proud of the deepest thing. If you look into it carefully, a person is proud of something which everyone else has in common, but which he at that time represents to everyone. That something is unchanging: it was there years ago, it is there now, it will be there forever more. Everyone sees it and loves it. This would be the source of pride. Wouldn't that be true?

If something heavy is more valuable, then people would want to have the heaviest of all. If beauty is a standard of pride, then everyone wants to have the most beautiful one. If, facing God, man wants to show God something which he can be proud of, what would that be? Here is a man and here is a woman; a husband and wife. They want to show each other something that they can be proud of. What would the man's pride be? What would the woman's pride be? When we come to think more and more deeply about it, what is the real crux of pride? What makes pride?

The Unification Church has a lot to be proud of. Their lifestyle is different; the aim of their life is completely different than anyone we have ever seen; they work very hard and are very dedicated. These are all nice qualities, but anyone could do that if they really wanted to. What should our pride be?

Father wants to ask the American sisters here: Are you proud of being born a woman? (Yes.) What about the men? Are you proud of being men? (Yes!) Who is more proud? In a simple example, the one who can walk a few steps further than the other is proud of that fact. If they both climb up a high hill and exhaust themselves, the one who climbs up a few more inches feels more proud. Those few more inches make a lot of difference!

It is obvious that everyone wants to be proud of something, but what is the real center or point of which to be proud? Everyone walks, but if someone flies as well, he certainly deserves to be proud! What is that real essence of which a man can be proud and which everyone can accept? Wouldn't that be something that everything and everyone is included in-something that everyone wants very much to be a part of? If it is a big sphere, one wants to be in it, not outside of it. Contained in that something is a country, all men, and even God and the flow of history. Wouldn't the essence of pride be found there?

Can we describe or narrow down what it is in the world that has such conditions? Can it be money? (No.) Money can certainly buy a lot, but everything can't be inside of it. The money would say, "Oh, I'm so powerful and valuable, everybody wants to come within me. I include everyone, even and especially the great big Americans! How wonderful I am! " That would be the money's pride.

What about someone who has deep knowledge in a specialized area and receives the Nobel Prize? Does everyone want to be in that knowledge? (No.)

What about power? Is power a good candidate for this? Not only Americans, but Russians and everyone wants to be a part of power so that they can be proud of and exercise that power. Americans also love to be successful in their careers and to be popular in the world. Isn't that true? (Yes.) Imagine you were the most powerful person in the world. No one is more powerful than you are and you want to live for thousands and thousands of years. Is there nothing more that you would want?

Is America a good country or a bad country? Why do you laugh? Why don't you say clearly yes or no? All right then. Is the Unification Church a good church or a bad church? (Good!) Why? How can we say that without hesitation? How about God? Is He good or is He bad? Why do you say He is good? What is it that even money, even power, even man, and even knowledge will crown as the greatest thing? God will put a crown on this too. If someone puts a crown on this, God will approve. What is it that each person, even God, can be eternally proud of having, needing no more than that? That would be true love. Even God is proud of true love.

The power of love is such that if it continues for millions of billions of years without changing, all by itself, people will still love it and want to be more and more a part of it. Some people may not respect knowledge, may even despise it, but if this crown is on top of the head of knowledge, then everyone wants knowledge. That is love.

Money is sometimes questionable, but if money has true love on top of it, that money will have unchanging value for millions and billions of years. Everyone will want to possess it.

Americans shout out for "Freedom, freedom!" Freedom with love is a fantastic thing and that is what we want. Yet imagine freedom without love. Then it is not that great.

One doesn't necessarily want the most beautiful hands. If a hand is ugly but it works with love, then everyone will welcome it and want to touch it. Love should be connected with everything. Even the eyes want to see with love so that everything looks beautiful and so that the eyes themselves can be connected deeper with love. A limping person will be beautiful if he walks with love. Even the limping will be attractive. Is that true? (Yes.)

Love is not something that only men love and women do not care about. Both men and women care about love. If there is a fisherman who fishes with love on top of his head, there is no fish that does not want to come near and be hooked! Every fish wants to be a part of him. There is no human being who would not want to be a part of him either. If man is like a fish, swimming around everywhere and doesn't want to stay where he is supposed to, God has to fish him! If God has a pole to fish man with, what would the bait be that man would never fail to jump at? Love bait, yes.

Once you are hooked on the love hook with the love bait, you don't even bite-you snatch at it! Freedom may be very important, so you might want to get away, but once you taste the love bait, you want to continue eating it.

With a child of a young age, the parents have to have a good way to lead or train that child. The only thing you can do as a parent is to love. Otherwise, the child will not follow willingly. (Father laughs.) The other day Mother was going out and Shin Hwa Nim, who is a one year old baby, was looking up at and smiling at Mother and kissing Mother's hands so amiably!

There are 240 million people in America. If you poured love into each one of them until they were full up to the brim with love, what would the country be like? (Great.) We can all imagine. America has many, many things, but from the viewpoint of love, does America have a lot of love? In that respect, is America a desert or a green area? It is like a desert.

How about just one American? Does she or he have a lot of love in him-forever love-the kind that does not change? Now we come very close to the point. Americans want to be proud, but they cannot have a lot of confidence about it because they do not have lots of love. If they had love, they would not hesitate to be proud.

Imagine someone who is very small, but who is full of love. Then imagine someone who is big, even a giant, and very impressive, but who has very little or no love. Which would you choose? (The small one.) A strange thing happens! This big one wants to be contained in this small one! The small one does not want to be in the big one! The small one is not even beckoning, but this huge one wants to get inside it and live. The entity which has that kind of drawing power is love.

What about God? Each entity will beckon God to come live within us. Where would God want to go? Into the small one with love or into the big one who doesn't have love? Whom do you resemble? Yes, God. So what we want to do, God probably wants to do too.

Freedom is not that valuable without love. Freedom is undoubtedly important and everyone wants to have it-yet without love, it is not great. Why is it so? That is because without love, its power cannot continue forever. It is limited, in other words. Without love, freedom will not last. It will change into something else. It may be good when you first get it, but after a while, you get tired of it. You don't want to be in it anymore. It is not eternal and unchanging. Power without love, money without love, anything without love is not that great-even freedom.

Say you are about to enter into a business or trade. What kind of business is good, where you can make a lot of profits? There are many businesses, but what is your choice? Father doesn't know what business to go into! The love business? The love business is very advantageous! Unlike any other business, if you work hard in the love business and make lots of it, no one can take it away from you. Money can be stolen, but not love. It will belong to us forever. There is no chance that it will be stolen or slip away. A wise business person would work and make a lot and save it and stack it up until it grows bigger and bigger. That is the love business.

Here we sit on a cold concrete floor, not even on chairs, early in the morning when it is very cold. Why? What are we seeking? The seats on which we are sitting are love seats-it is a love floor. Maybe something is underneath you-a pebble or a thorn-and it bothers you, but you still don't want to leave! It's a rather good sensation!

Well, you always discover the greatest things, every Sunday morning. What is the title of Father's sermon this morning? "The Pride of the Unification Church." There are many reasons to be proud of the Unification Church. Father is called a millionaire and is rumored to have a lot of money. Are you proud of that? (No.) That money is different from ordinary money, however. That money centers on love. Are you proud of that money? (Yes.) The word yokshim means desire or ambition in a good sense. Father is the most yokshim person in the whole world. Father has the biggest ambition, the biggest desire-in other words, Father wants to achieve the most. Love is his prime desire. Father is greedy about love! Would you be proud of Father because of that? (Yes.)

Look at the streets. Thousands of people are busily walking around-but are they walking with love? If someone is walking with love, then he is the greatest and everyone wants to go along with him to see where he goes. If he is dancing with love you may think, "Oh, I've seen better dancers than that-" but still, nothing is more beautiful.

Thousands of women wear scarves, yet we can be proud of the scarf which is colored with love. Love is eternal.

Father is still waiting to draw the conclusion. Father never jumps to conclusions and he wants to be careful: is it true that love is that almighty? Father thinks there might be two different kinds of love: love centering on oneself and love centering on others. Maybe both can be called love, but if we look closely, they are very, very different. Father wants to be sure-what is love then? Are all loves acceptable or what kind of love is best? (True love.) What is the definition of true love, then? (For the sake of others.) For the sake of everyone. Then do you not have a good feeling? Do you think, "What about me? Am I left out?" (No.)

Therefore, when we decide a bad man from a good man, what is our criterion? The one who centers on himself is the bad person. The one who centers on everything and everyone else is a good person. Both may have love.

It is so simple that even a child can do it. Why should I, as an adult, grown-up person, have to struggle with it? It is so simple, but so true. Father has tried it many times and observed it many times. It always works and never fails. If all throughout the night we work very hard, thinking about everyone and loving everyone-then everyone will watch over us and welcome us for that. We may not even fulfill very well-still, they want to help us do it right.

If in loving everyone else, one goes hungry, somehow food will appear. Somehow people will want to give food. "Here, eat," they'll say. The one himself might not have thought about eating, but everyone around him came and said, "Go ahead, eat. You must be hungry!" When he loses sleep, working harder and harder, people would come and say, "Please sleep! Don't go out! Sleep! Sleep!" Everyone is trying to protect that center person. Is that true? (Yes.)

If love has that kind of contents, how wonderful it is! Should one live centering on himself or centered on others? Others, yes. Love is most valuable centering on others. That kind of love lasts forever. It is a strange and mysterious power.

If a loving mother goes after her son with the swat of love, trying to set him straight-is that boy fortunate or unfortunate? What if his loving mother bites him once a day-"Oh! I love you! What if she bites him in one section one day, then another section the next? Is that a happy or an unhappy baby?

What is the Unification Church? The Unification Church is great. They are all like this loving mother. They go after everyone-Germans, Americans, Japanese. They wake people up and chase after them and bombard them and somehow they don't hate you! Somehow they feel some warmth in you and say, "Do more, do more." The taste is quite good, as a matter of fact! That nice aftertaste never goes away. It lingers forever.

All men want a really loving wife-but what if that wife bit you because she loved you so much? Would you be annoyed? "Stop that-I'm working!" No, he would say, "Bite me more!" Is that kind of a man happy or unhappy? Is the woman happy or unhappy? She loves him so much she cannot help but bite him.

There are many different contests in the world. If there were a biting contest in the spirit world and someone received a big prize in the biting section-who would win the prize? The wife who bit her husband the most times while in the physical world would win! That would be her source of pride! God would say, "Yes, you're the champion!"

Since she is so famous, everyone would want to see her, wouldn't they? If a champion was coming to your neighborhood, wouldn't you go out of your way to see her? She doesn't have to go around and show herself-everyone will come around to see her. They will line up and she'll be elevated higher and higher. After a while, she even becomes arrogant! Still, no one will mind. "Oh, a champion deserves to be arrogant!" they will say.

Is there anyone who does not want to be the number one champion in life? All want to excel over other people in some area, right? Biting is just one example. What about living for the sake of other people? What about dying for the sake of other people? Dying for the sake of other people must be even better. The champion in this field will be the one who does not want to die for others just one time but repeatedly-thousands of times.

Actually, he lives again and again. After a while, you don't want him to die anymore. You just let him be. He commands freedom from death. In freedom from death, death is done away with. This is the only way to gain freedom. Otherwise, if we are there for ourselves, everyone will dump on you more and more. Do you understand?

What can be the pride of the Unification Church? We know we can be very proud of being Unification Church members, but for what? We founded a very influential newspaper, The Washington Times, Insight Magazine, and the World and I monthly magazine. Father created all of this in Danbury, not under normal circumstances. The Washington Times didn't start in Danbury but during the court battle, before Danbury. Father signed the final go-ahead on The Washington Times in the courtroom. Is that wonderful or not? Why? America was trying to hurt Reverend Moon-trying to do evil to him, trying to make him perish. Under this tremendous pressure, Father still loved.

Without The Washington Times, America could not have lived. Which power can embrace and overcome the other-the power of hate or the power of love? Love can embrace hatred. That is a natural course of events.

After a long time, everything will come to light. Who will respect whom? Will those who hated Reverend Moon come to respect him? (Yes.) Where are peace and liberty, true freedom and victory? Watch carefully where these things are. Are they in America or are they in Reverend Moon's world? Yet who is the majority? Of course, he is one person and there are millions against him, but who follows whom? 240 million people go where Reverend Moon goes, even though he is only one person. Why? We already saw why. He may be small, but because he has true love, no matter how big they are, everyone else wants to come into the small one.

What if this small place is already fully occupied and there is only a small opening here and God came at the very last? There is not enough space for God to come in-there is only enough room for Him to stick His finger in! He will stick His finger into it. Do you mind if your loving husband's finger comes and taps you on the head? No. The whole body feels a sensation then. Do we have that kind of mind, heart, and characteristic? Do you have it? Are you the same as me? (Yes.)

Then we are in a contest, a competition, centering on love. We can compete with each other-who loves the most. Who loves the country the most? Who is a good person and who is a bad person in the Unification Church? One has a Ph.D. and says, "I am Dr. So-and-so," but does nothing. Over here is someone who does not even remember what qualifications he or she has, but always runs around working hard, making a lot of heavenly problems everywhere, always on the move, always doing something for the sake of others. Which is better? The second one, yes. (Father teases the members:) I vote for the first one! (No, the second!)

Father always went around stirring America up, making a lot of noise, creating so many issues, never leaving people alone, always on the love offensive-was Father wrong in that? (No.) Here is an English-style gentleman, a well-clad America man who says, "What is he doing? He makes no sense to me! Why doesn't he just stay put!" That is one thing Father won't do! He won't stay put. They are dying-how can he leave them alone? With love, we have to act as much as our life and power permits us. There's no mistake about it? Are you sure? Is this the lifestyle we have to embark upon? (Yes.)

The more Unification Church members look at Father, the more tears we feel inside. When we possess something, we want to share it with him. Even though he has a lot, we want to give him more so that he can use it for the world. All the Unification Church members are like that. Every time we see Father, we pity and love him more. Why? Because that is how love works. When we are in love, when we do the works of love, that is how love operates.

Love is an art. It is God's art. This is where God's brand-new love civilization will begin. It is in the making. "I want to be a part of it-a part of creating that new civilization here on earth." Do we all want that? (Yes.)

Father understood all this, of course, but he was newly impressed when he went to Korea this time. He felt, "Oh, it is really amazing how love works." The fact is that the Korean situation was very difficult and no one had any solution. Father said, "Okay, I'll give them a solution." Father called up the chief police commissioner, the head of all the police forces. He had to come because he is seeking a solution. Father told him, "Do this and that." The commissioner was spellbound by it. Father talked to him with intense love and he could not help but receive it. The police chief followed Father's advice completely and was successful. The problem is now beautifully solved.

Father saw that the universal power is directing everyone in the same direction. Father felt that the power of love is really great.

In a positive way, Father always haunts us, doesn't he? We cannot forget him. If we don't want to do something, we think, "What would Father say about that?" and then we push ourselves. We think, "Father would do this; Father would think this." Father is always behind us in Korea, in Russia, and everywhere in the world.

Tomorrow is historical. The top six media people in Russia are coming directly here to visit Father. This has never happened before. No matter what state of mind they come in, Father knows that he is not going to use them. Father genuinely loves them and is thinking about Russia. No matter how much they understand or do not understand of what Father is saying, still, by the time they leave, their minds will be working in a certain way. In spite of themselves, they will start going in a certain inevitable direction. Father knows that because that is the only way that love can go.

When Father gives something, he gives something better than what he gives to his own wife or children. That kind of giving will never go to waste. The person will understand and will want to bring even more back to Father. If there is a deep root of love there, no matter how much the other person struggles against it and wants to free himself, it is to no avail. He cannot. This kind of love is the strongest armament.

Americans are no exception to this. Father gave a lot to America. They were not aware that they accepted it, but after a while, all of a sudden they woke up and found that they had been influenced by Reverend Moon. That is the only way they can go, so how can they deny it? When Father visited Europe three weeks ago, it was the first time in ten years. He spoke to them 24 hours a day to make up for lost time. Father told them, "Unite all the European countries under God." Father knew that that root was very much present and would be growing in deeper and deeper as he spoke. Father told them, "Now, if you anchor yourself and really connect deeply to the root, all of Europe will go the way you wish. There is no other choice."

We must know that when God created the world, He created it with true love. When Father goes the same way, talking to people, they too will be recreated with this true love. The same process of creation is taking place now. No matter how distant or far away we are, that is the action we are taking. We are creating that love power and making a new creation, even from afar. Do you understand?

If you want to call it so, love is a formidable power or weapon against non-love. We can occupy everything with it and create happiness. Then what is the pride of the Unification Church?

When we witness, we give everything we have, all our love, for the sake of that person or group. Do we love New York? (Yes.) We can sit and say we love New York, or we can say nothing about it, but around the clock go to all different areas of New York and talk to them and pray for them and act on their behalf. Who loves New York more in that case? There is no comparison. This is the more meaningful kind of love.

If you say you love New York, which section of New York do you mean? Have you really threaded through the New York streets on foot, going everywhere to visit in order to express your love? Going out for fun or sightseeing or shopping doesn't count. Going to save the people is what counts.

We should shed tears. We cannot help but shed tears looking at the miserable people, young and old. There are so many miserable people in the streets of New York. Whatever the cause, we have to save them. We have to make a foundation to resurrect New York City.

Do you really love America? We may say, "Oh, I love America-how wonderful it is!" but we don't need the kind of love that just enjoys America. Nobody welcomes us, perhaps, but we go anyway because we know they need us. We go there whether they like it or not. We talk to them and shed tears for them and we don't stop. We don't stay away. This is what we are destined to do.

When Father first set foot in America, right off the plane, he declared to God and everyone, "Here, I am, Reverend Moon. I am here. I will love this country more than George Washington did two hundred years ago. I will love this country more than any patriot, white or black. " Then Father started going around the country on a tour. Father visited every state, day and night at a very fast speed. Father covered the entire continental United States in 40 days. Father kept the busiest schedule in the history of the highway! No one traveled the highway with a more intense heart than Father. Father was saying, "Wherever I go, there should be life. They all need it. Wherever I go, my life is needed there." Father felt he was visiting these places in God's stead; in God's capacity.

Father had two strong American brothers with him who drove night and day. They took shifts. Everyone slept in the car. The young American brother did not understand. He said, "Father, here's a hotel." He thought to himself, "Why doesn't he stop and rest there? We can start anew tomorrow." There were many restaurants and this brother kept thinking, "Oh, Father, why don't we go there and eat? It will only take a few minutes." But Father always traveled on, with a sack of bread and some sausage and pickles.

Young Oon Kim was the quartermaster, the supplier, so her stomach was the standard! If she was hungry, then everyone was hungry. If she was full, then everyone was full. She used to give just two sandwiches each. Father wanted more, but she would say, "That's enough!" One day Father thought, "Oh, they must be hungry" So he offered everyone more sandwiches at three o'clock one morning. Everyone shouted, "Yes, yes!"

He sowed seeds of true love all throughout the land, praying in one area, giving words in another; "Now, soil, receive my seed well and grow it well," he always prayed. That is how Father started here.

Father visited all the valleys, all the mountainous areas, the small cities, the larger cities, Washington and New York, and then he exploded towards the whole world. Up until this minute, America never welcomed Father, yet America is now coming around in the direction Father wanted them to. "That's strange! We are going the same direction Reverend Moon is going in!" Even though many offered to pay for some of the expenses, Father never let them. He did not sleep. He worked harder and encouraged the Japanese brothers and sisters to work harder and gained all the funds to put into the world's activity. This was done by Father's own hand.

Some Americans came to understand this. The retired American generals' association got together last time and said, "Oh, Reverend Moon, we want to help. Whatever donation we can give, we want to." Father said, "No. Wait. Do not just give individually, but wait until all 240 million Americans want to donate as much as you do. Until that time, I will do it out of my own pocket." Father knows that at that time, America will spring up and live again. Until that time, Father decided to push forward himself.

This is what Reverend Moon has been doing. America needs to be saved. No one can save them except Father. All this is true. Everything will literally go in the direction Father desires. In the early Reagan days, the transition days, everyone knew that America was going in a liberal direction and that it might take years before they could turn around. But Father, with his own spiritual might, turned this trend around. From 1976 to 1988, Father exerted all of his power, energy, and love for America and caused America to turn around and change. Lo and behold, the American people have been going in the direction God desires.

In 1977, Father proclaimed that he would go to Moscow in the future. Next year will be exactly twelve years from that time. In April of 1990, we will have a media conference in Moscow. The schedule is set; it is only four months away. All the preliminary arrangements are being made by this group of six highly established media people from Russia.

The world has turned around so much-this is how! (Applause and cheering .)

At that time, no one knew what was going on except Reverend Moon himself. Father knew no one else knew. Do you understand? (Yes.) How wonderful it is. How grateful we should be. Do you understand? Father has been using that formula all along-that inside power. This is the real reality, do you understand? This is the most valuable thing.

The really serious trouble in this country is pragmatism. They set their own goal and make it work. They are continually doing that and ignoring the really important things. Who would want to uproot or pull out Reverend Moon's thought? Would America do that or would they protect it so that it can grow stronger? If it dies, America dies too. That is why they would want to protect it and let it grow.

People high and low will come to recognize that Reverend Moon is the number one patriot in America and a good man. They will say, "Don't leave, Reverend Moon! Don't go back home!" People everywhere will come to embrace him instead of fighting him so much. Which is more hopeful? America's way or Father's way? (Father's way .)

There are many religions here on the face of the earth and each has a founder or master. How do you compare the other religious founders with the founder of the Unification Church? How can you say Father is better than they are? You already know very clearly that Unification Church is very different from all the other religions. Look at Judaism. Judaism was centered within and tried to bring everyone under them. Christianity tried to do the same thing. Buddhism also tried to do that, asserting that Buddhism is the only and best religion. They too became self-centered. Father is different. Instead of trying to draw everyone under him, Father is willing to carry them on his back. There are no boundaries in the Unification Church. Unification Church extends everywhere.

Father loves Korea so very much, yet Father did not stay in Korea and just work there. He came to try to save America, a hostile environment to boot. America is a Cain place. Yet Father came here first, before trying to save Korea. His concept is completely different from other religious founders.

Here we can see a very simple but very powerful principle at work. All the rest of the religions centered on themselves, but Father, centering on others, worked a miracle because that is where God worked. God's re-creative power is there. Do you believe and understand it or do you know it? (We know it.)

Look at the visible world now. There is no master or owner, or one who is responsible. Those who love this country the most and work for its cause the most will eventually become the center or master in America and in the world. This is true everywhere. Russia and China are no exceptions. The one who loves China the most, no matter what color skin he has, eventually will be in the center or master position.

Is this only conceptually true or is it true in reality? So far in human history, there have been evil masters. Now there are no masters.

Centering on the Unification Church and the foundation that it has, should Americans, Japanese, or Koreans go around the world and take this position in this capacity? Americans are very difficult people! Their individualism is so deep-rooted, how can we erase it? How can we pull it out? How can an American deny himself? That question relates to Americans more than to any other people. When you compare all three, the Koreans, the Japanese, and the Americans, who has the strongest individualism? (Americans.) What about between the Japanese and the Koreans? Who is the more individualistic? (The Koreans. Laughter.)

The Koreans have the characteristic that everyone is a center of his own. Throughout history, however, when a crisis came and the nation was at stake or in peril, everyone came into unity and saved the country.

Look closely at the Koreans now. Four political parties are competing very fiercely with each other. Yet the people know that all four of them are fake, so they do not follow them. Each person is thinking, "Oh, my thinking is better than Kim Dae Jung's." Roh Tae Woo is the incumbent president, but any older Korean thinks of him as a young boy! The people do want to unite. That is not individuality. However, they are very conscientious. They say, "I can do as good as anyone else. I can even do as well as Reverend Moon." Yet as far as love goes, they know they cannot do as well as he can and will follow him wherever he goes. The Korean people are saying, "Reverend Moon, that's enough about America. What about Korea? We need you." This is precisely the time for that.

What do we think? Should Father do that? That means that America does not need Father to invest in it as he has in the past. Now we can be more self-sufficient. The Korean people are actually protesting to Father, "Father, that is the country that was very hostile to you. Why do you have to stay there? Whatever they can do, we can do too. Why do you stay there forever and ever? Think of your own country."

Externally, is America still a greater country than Korea or not? Definitely, yes. It is still very strong. From the outside, nothing appears to have changed, even though it has. It is still a very great country. If Americans feel that their country is indebted to Reverend Moon, this is the time that they should want to help Reverend Moon accomplish his next task.

Up until the 1980s, Father's work has been to make God's love foundation here in the Western world. From 1990 until the year 2000-the next ten years-Father will have to do the same thing in Korea. After that, from 2000 into the third millennium, at the age of 80, where should Father go? Where did Moses go?

What is the Unification Church? It is actually the unification of religion. Chunggyo means "religion." Kyo means teaching; chung means the center or the heaviest supporting part, like the center beam of a building or house. The prime or center teaching is chunggyo. Kyohe is the teaching place, or church. The Unification Church is the prime teaching center where they teach about the unified nation. They teach how to unify the separated mind and body, separated couples, separated families, separated tribes and nations and the separated universe.

What is the real teaching concept? The answer is simple. It is the true love concept. How can the separated mind and body come into oneness? They can do so by centering on the mind and fulfilling the subject-object relationship. This makes them into one. Man and woman can be unified through this also. Who is the center? How can you women answer "Man?" Because man is the subject, right? They are more heavy. They are more wide. They are more active. Women are more soft and receiving. (Laughter.)

Why do you marry? You want to receive love. Women are like that: "I want to receive love!" Man is the center or subject and woman is the object. Women must center upon or follow their husbands. As the subject and object relationship is solved, it will extend all the way to the nation and to the world. It is the same concept.

How can we combine the United States and Korea, for instance? Who is the subject? Why is Korea the subject? The American people think too proudly of themselves for that! They don't think they need to even talk to the other side, but sooner or later, they will be surrounded by the other side. Korea will take the subject position by working to save America. The American people will surrender to that love. When that kind of atmosphere prevails, Korea will be the center or subject. From that, we will be able to connect all of the world.

Up, down, east, and west will all be changed around and the ideal, accurate center point will be set. Going down, going up, going left and right will be determined by the accurate center point. It will be combined into one; a unifying action will take place on the globe. If you come close to me, I will open my home or room. Only true love can do that. True love is welcome everywhere. Subject and object unity is the key. Do you understand? (Yes.) Otherwise, there is no value.

Wherever you go, be absolutely confident that you are connected with the center. Then you can go anywhere, even to a dancing place, with confidence. You go there not to take from them but to give to them. If you do that, even if you dance disco, it's all right!

If we do things centered on ourselves, we are assaulted by temptation and that is bad, but if we do it with true love, we can do anything. We are free.

What about the women? Being born women, should we give our love to many husbands? (Laughter.) That we certainly cannot do. Why? There is only one path of true love. We cannot love two men, let alone many men. Is the American type of love wrong or right? (Wrong!) It is wrong.

Now you know clearly why-not just because someone said so, not even because Father said so, but because there is only one line that can go through the center. Your partner is your partner forever; there is no place for another person.

What man needs absolutely is love, life, and lineage. They are all one; they are not separate. When love visits us, does the blood get excited and boil or not? Does the face become flushed or pale? (Flushed.) It shows the color of blood. You are full of power when love comes. Everything is excited and moving; life is moving. The sexual organs of men and women-are they excited all the time or are they calm most of the time and excited only at special times? That's where the life is. Love is there and the blood is there-all are one. Because of this love, life will come together and children will be born. If a big plus comes, then a minus will immediately come into being and they will enter into give and take, forever in motion, enlarging and enlarging.

When the love, life, and blood are mixed and move intensely, it resembles the universe. Therefore, it produces a son or daughter, who are the same shape as the universe. We are shocked when we see blood. We are shocked when we see death, the end of life. We are shocked when there is despair-when there is no love, only disappointment. These three things-lineage (blood), life, and love are so important that we are shocked in their absence.

Because of love, life can come into being. Because of life, we can continue on into eternal life. The three are the same, not separated. That is why people feel they are so important. One's life is important. One's next generation is important; "I must pass on my blood forever." It is always centered on love. Love has that kind of power. The three are one and are centered in one place. We should always remember and think about this. It is all one path, not separate paths.

There are many religions, but the true religion should stress the importance of the blood, the life, and of love. Christianity alone emphasizes blood: Jesus' blood on the cross. It is taught that he himself was life. We understand that until we drink his blood and eat his flesh, there is no life. Christians believe that, don't they? They say that unless we have love, we are dead; we have no life. Although we are alive, we are dead without love. Thus we can see that Christianity is a true religion.

One alone cannot realize the ideal. Man and woman have to be together. Where love, life, and the blood connect together is the original ideal or root point. That is the clear teaching of Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. We can connect those original three. God originated center love, center life, and the center blood lineage. If we do not have blood, then we cannot leave offspring behind. Man's and woman's life mingle in the blood and then they bear a child, new life. This is love and life acting together. This is the unified subject and object, the parents, centering on love, connecting to the child. This is the force of life. This is the origin. We see here cause and result. Do you understand? They connect as one system.

"I am of a pure lineage; I have pure life; pure love" Think that way all the time.

Life should travel, love should travel, even the blood should travel this path. There is only one spouse and only one path. If a woman came into contact with three different men and a child was conceived, would you know whose child it was? That is not possible. If another man touches her, that causes confusion, bad results. If you touch a woman's bosom, that should be the last and only woman you ever touch in your whole life. The universe does not permit adultery. Why? Because of this principle. Life, love, and blood are connected and are one and there is only one path. If we call sexual "freedom" being free, that is the wrong idea. That kind of freedom has no center.

Those Blessed couples who were engaged by Father but who broke up their marriage-what are you going to do? What are you going to become? When you deny your husband or wife, your ancestors will come and kick you. You are not worthy; this is not where you belong. They will really blame you for not doing right, whether you know it or not. Father's main mission is to put an end to complicated love relationships. This is what Father is destined to do. The members of the Unification Church should be in the position to help Father set the lineage straight, not waver around.

Father asks you a question: do you want one parent or several? Would you like to have two or three mothers? If you think you would have more enjoyment out of more men, it is the same thing. If you had more than one mother or more than one father, would you then get more love? Is it like money-the more you have the better? No. You cannot replace your own flesh and blood. If we deny our parents or our spouse, we cannot move freely. Those are absolute, definite relationships. They cannot change. Those things are related to the center and the center cannot change. Otherwise, there is no ideal .

Whenever they go to different countries, American men seduce women and think nothing of it. They think this is the way men are meant to be. This brings great harm. That is the worst thing you can do. If American young people were acting the right way, we wouldn't hear the cry, "Yankee, go home!" so often. If you violate these kinds of eternal, ideal formulas, naturally, everywhere you go, people turn against you. The most righteous way is to honor and center upon this point: respecting the grandparents, the parents, the man and the woman, the children, the siblings. Everyone should respect the center position. Humankind cannot deny this ideal center point.

To restore that ideal center position is the Unification Church's purpose. That is the pride of the Unification Church. Satan doesn't like that at all. From that center point, our humanity can be completed.

Let's look for what else is important. Let's take power as an example. If we have true love, would anyone want to trade that for power? No, nor would they want to trade it for money. Whether you have money or not doesn't matter. We have to be absolutely confident about what is needed most. You must have absolute confidence and go forward toward your messiahship.

Messiahship is the parents' love, the love of husband and wife, and family love. "I have True Parents here. I have a true husband here. I have true children here. I have everything." That is the highest point for a man to achieve. Then you have everything. How proud of that we can be! Both man and woman can occupy this position, the center of true love. Woman is one hemisphere and man is another. If they make that center of true love together, how much happiness that is.

With these contents, should we be proud of the Unification Church? (Yes.) Is not Unification thought and belief different from other churches? How can other churches save people? How wonderful this concept is! Can any outside religion compare to this? Is this a hopeful, fulfilling concept or is it empty? It contains everything. We can be proud of that kind of a concept. It will surpass all others. Sooner or later, understanding this, humanity will not be able to deny Reverend Moon; neither the Americans nor the Soviets nor the established churches. At that time, we will have a unified globe. It is a lifestyle, not a style of worship.

Do you like worshipping time? How about sitting on a hard floor? I knew Americans didn't like that! Why do you do it? In the future we have to occupy the Eastern world. I teach that for your own sake. You don't understand that. It may be difficult now, but compared to the future benefit you will receive, it is well worth it.

Those who have international marriages, raise your hands. Almost all of you. What would the average white person think, looking at so many white people raising their hands and looking so happy about it? Would they think that Reverend Moon had done well or would they think that he had messed things up by not preserving white blood? Horizontally, they might say it is bad, but vertically, we know that it is good and will prosper. The American white people do not know, but Reverend Moon knows how valuable the vertical is.

Where do you go to seek the most important purpose? You go to the true love center. There is no other place. Father began this way of life all by himself and taught it to many people. Now we have come along. Father is about to go over the hill of the age of 70.

Surprisingly, all the world is going in the direction Father desires. Now the world is coming into the Unification Church era. For the next ten years to come, Father will proudly proclaim and boast to the world how good the Unification Church is. Until now, the Unification Church has had a sort of crushed posture. Now it is different. Be proud of it. Sit up. Stand up and follow. Wherever we go, on the subways, on the trains, be proud of the Unification Church. In all the villages and towns and cities, we will put up the flag on the tallest flagpole.

No matter what your nationality is, as long as you own true love, that is what America wishes for. Father shed more tears, sweat, and blood for the sake of America than anyone else.

When a person educated in the Orient comes to America, they are really perplexed. They feel they cannot trust Americans. Americans have no roots, so they drift. It is very disconcerting. The Oriental members here are trying to help Americans put down roots in their own soil. Americans may have thought, "Why did Father bring the Korean and Japanese members here? Without them, we could do better. They are in the way." Many thought like this at one time or another.

Some have complained, "I am an American; so why am I not the head or the center-at the forefront? I represent America; I'm an American. Why do the Japanese or Koreans get to be the leaders?" It is because Father had reservations about the Americans. When they became what they want to become, they might drift away. They have no root. Father knew this. Father is not dumb. Father could work much more easily, even becoming popular, if American members were the center of the American activities, but because Father loved America, because Americans could not do it themselves, Father did what he did.

Wherever God goes now, the world will go in His wake. What is your guess? Do you think God will stay in the Orient or will He stay in the Western world? Where will God's dwelling place be? The coming of the Pacific Era has already been forecast, hasn't it? Before this, it has been the era of the West. Everyone is now reaching that conclusion.

Father came here to lay a bridge so that all Western people, not only the members, could travel to the Orient in the right way. He made a highway. The Orient is the center, not the West. There is a higher population in the Orient. In the Orient, there are over 3 billion people. In the West, there are 800 million predominantly white people and 6.5 million black people. The human race is about at the five billion mark and the majority of them live in the Orient. Where should God go? (Laughter.) If Father's goal is to save the world, he too has to go to the Orient. The object has to find the subject and come to him.

There is no thought here in the Western world comparable to Eastern thought. Western people are like big branches and leaves; they don't care so much about the trunk, let alone the root. This is a really serious situation for a branch. This individualism has been very successful and they forgot about everything, thinking that they did not need roots, parents, or anything except themselves. I want to ask the Western people, are you becoming a real live branch? Do American people like leaves or branches? In the autumn time, all the leaves fall down from the branch. Leaves are like grasshoppers-they come and go.

Winter is coming to hit America. Then spring is coming. Who is making preparation for spring? Only Reverend Moon has the leaves, branches, trunk, and root. This is the mission of the Messiah. What will the Messiah bring on the earth? He will bring the spring world culture.

We are the branches. We must survive the winter. Look at the American, Western world. Until now, the winter cultural background, the communist one, has been dominating the media world. The Western world is autumn. The Eastern world is the summer cultural sphere. When we pass through the winter, there will be the springtime. After that, there will be a new culture which Reverend Moon is now cultivating. We will bear fruit.

The Western world has no direction, no valuable foundation. Everything was lost, therefore Reverend Moon came to connect them to that bridge to the East, to Korea. This bridge is their hope.

Moonies are a big sheet which you wrap things in! Father will give a big sheet to members in which they can wrap things up, like an Oriental bag, and bring in the spring cultural world.

Now we know a lot of things. Now you don't need to be taught anymore; you can be a teacher on your own. When you do eventually cross that bridge and come to Korea, Father has to prepare to receive you-housing, land, blooming flowers-there are many things Father has to do in Korea! Should Father go to Korea and do that or should Father stay here with us forever and ever? (Korea! ) "Korea" sounds like "career"-your lifetime work is Korea! Korea equals career.

Those who welcome that, raise your hands. That means that since you don't need Father anymore, you will take up the responsibility here in America instead of Father. We have grown up, so we can do this now; no problem. We haven't tried it yet.

Be proud of the Unification teaching, which is true love. You can be proud of the fruits of Unificationism. What do you need the fruit for? You need it for planting seeds. The fruit is not for eating; it is to sow seeds with. The next generation will have more fruit. If we eat it now, they will have none.

Do you like apples or do you like the seeds? You need the apple seeds. A visitor wants the flesh of the fruit, but the owner wants the seed so that he can have more fruit in the future. Are you a visitor or an owner? Wherever you plant the seed, the same fruit will grow. Anyone can plant that seed which Father has, which we already have as a result of Father. Americans can sow the seeds as well as anyone else, but we can do even better because we are going to give fertilizer and water. Americans can do that and grow fruits here in America, without Father's help. If you are a successful Tribal Messiah and seed and harvest many, Father will come here to America and bring you over to Korea! (Applause.)

American soil is not that fertile. Maybe Father will take the seed and plant it on the tundra in Russia, in the very cold place of Siberia. The white Russian people look like you. You are brothers; Cain and Abel. Father has to make peace and harmony between you. This is the providential, true way. Abel must sacrifice in order to save Cain. America must take that position. That is the Principled viewpoint. Then new fruits and flowers will blossom.

Those who say, "Yes, Father, we welcome that," raise your hands. (Father jokes:) Let's see who doesn't raise his hand! (Laughter and thunderous applause as Father goes offstage.)

Let us pray.

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