The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Notes on Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Midnight God's Day Speech 1989

The following is a compilation of Col. Sang Il Han's translation of Peter Kim's notes in Korean and of Bernard Quant's translation while Father was speaking in Korea. We present them with Col. Han's guidance:
Since these are excerpts there is some discontinuity in the flow of thought, but please try to read the heart between the lines. Father prayed and then spoke for five hours starting at midnight, Jan. 1, l989. Five hours is summarized in 10 pages.

Father's prayer: Our Loving God, now we are ending the year of l988 and are about to receive the new year of l989. We look back at the restoration of the family, tribal and national levels during the last 43 years. Since Korean Christianity did not fulfill its mission, God had lost all the internal as well as external foundation which He had built through Christianity over the last 2000 years. As a result, for 43 years many people had to endure a bloodstained, difficult way. We had to indemnify the course of the fall in the last 43 years. During this tremendously suffering time the Unification Church has gone the route of the wilderness.

Now we have won the victorious result. We are truly grateful to God who has helped us to achieve this goal. Until this time, I have worked to establish the foundation for the restoration of the world centering on the United States. Now I am bringing that foundation right back to Korea, and this is the beginning of the time to restore the world on the horizontal plane. In going about this mission, each and every Unification member has to be brave and bold and have confidence in the fact that he can accomplish his responsibility. Our direct mission from God is to establish His sovereignty on the face of earth which He intended at the beginning of the creation.

[Col. Han interjects: Father's motto this year is the Unification of Korea. Last year's motto was the Unification of the Fatherland. In thinking this over Rev. Pak and I thought that last year's motto was more general, conceptual, and this year it is more precise and concrete.]

Excerpts of notes from Father's speech: Because of the fall, we became unable to inherit God's direct lineage, so restoration from the individual to the world level has been necessary. Only after the Unification Church emerged on the face of the earth has mankind been introduced to the full reality of God. Until that time we had no complete understanding of God or of the fact that we had inherited a blood lineage centered on Satan.

God's ideal is a world that reflects and is completely united with His personality. God's original plan was to establish a family with true parents who would resemble Him, and through these true parents, He would establish the ideal world. But as the Principle explains, the environment we face now comes from relationship with evil ancestors and is dominated by Satan.

The world of God cannot exist with the world of evil. In the world that God wants, from the beginning to the end, all human beings would be linked and harmonized through the true love of God; no one would be left out. The world should be like one big tree; the life of the tree is analogous to love in human society. In the tree, the root, trunk, leaves, twig -- all parts have to be directly connected to the source of life and each part is vital for the life entity itself. If just one cell of the tree is taken away, then that tree tries to restore the cell with other parts of the tree. In our body, though each individual has billions of cells, those cells are not independent and separate but are united as one. In exactly the same way, a world centered on true love is a world where all parts are protected and restored by the whole. All mankind should be connected from east to west, north to south, front to rear, in all conceivable directions; there are millions of people, but essentially they should be linked as one.

We should unite together centering on God's love. God did not create mankind out of His whim, but rather as an unavoidable necessity. He had to create human beings. His love was so great that He could not help but to create sons and daughters. There is not anything which the omnipotent God does not own, but though God can have anything else if He really wants to, even God cannot have love without having an object of love. Alone, He cannot have love, therefore He created his sons and daughters for the give and take of love and beauty and the relationship of true love. As a son needs a father in order to exist, a father needs a son in order to be a father.

The most tragic experience in human life is to lose one's child. The moment a man loses his child is the saddest, most painful time of his life. When our children die then we experience the depth of our love through the grief we feel. There are as many kinds of grief as there are kinds of love.

Even though there are many external changes throughout history, the fundamental contents of that history should not change. No matter how many millions of years may pass, still man's life has to follow the pattern that God has established. The true love relationship between the husband and wife should be unchanging. Who are true children?

The children who have inherited the true nature of their parents are the true children -- ones who take after their parents exactly; as adults they will become completely united in heart with their parents. Without parents there is no life and no love, but also there are no parents without love. Therefore, we are a product of history, coming not only from our parents' love, but from the deepest eternal root of their love, which comes from God throughout history. Think about who were the parents of Adam and Eve.

Have you ever seen or heard of anyone in history who said he didn't need love? Look at the life of human beings. When you become old and look back at your life, can you make any meaning out of your life without love? Love occupies the most important portion of our life. Ultimately, all men and women strive to receive love. Now there are many demonstrations in Korea, but historically we have never heard of anyone who demonstrated against love, or said "I don't need love, love go away."

Everyone wants praise and success. Would you rather receive praise from the president of a country or from an eternal being? Everyone would like to get compliments from God! How wonderful if God would say to you, "You are an attractive man or woman!"

Love desires to expand to embrace the largest things and also to concentrate and reach in to touch the smallest things. Love is like magic. In love you can act any way you want to, and it's still okay. Have you ever seen children wanting to walk into their parents' room but first checking whether it is proper or not? They just go right in and connect directly in love. Would a mother chase away a child who comes running for love? She would embrace the child no matter how ugly he or she may be. If a husband is tired and upset, and his wife tries to embrace and comfort him, would he reject her? If there is a spring rain of true love, then all children of the world would want to go out in that rain and open up all their pores to be drenched to the skin.

No matter how noble a holy man's teaching may be, unless true love is included in it, it will not create an eternal ideal. Things like money, power, or knowledge cannot show how to make a true person or an ideal world. However, false love that is centered only on the self is the most destructive force. Without true order, love gets out of hand and becomes the greatest obstacle to an ideal world. If we make a mistake in the expression of love, it is not only that generation, but also the hundreds of thousands of generations after that which are going to suffer. The fruit does not bear itself, but comes on the branch of the tree. I will have to harvest the fruit that I sowed through you. For the second generation, and the younger generations in general, maintaining their chastity is crucial in determining their future. We have to make a world where the third generation is completely free from evil and there is only one sexual love relationship--that between husband and wife. Restoration can never be possible or fulfilled unless a man can withstand the temptation of a naked woman in the same bed with him. Before you love your wife, love yourself so that your mind and body are united and ready to give and receive love with your wife. When the mind and body are immersed in the love of God, then you become an entity that can resonate or vibrate in the same way as God vibrates. Resonance occurs when a certain noise vibration causes another object to vibrate in the same way. Love has the quality of resonance; in other words, if someone embodies love, the other person feels the love right away. For Unification Church members to be God's race, we must be able to resonate with God's love and bring the world toward God.

Which do you think travels faster, nerve stimuli or love stimuli? Love. The yearning of a man toward a woman and the yearning of a woman toward a man should be equal. In other words they should not be unbalanced. If the man loves the woman more than the woman loves the man, that is not good.

Many scholars in the world call Rev. Moon the minister who teaches the philosophy of love. I am causing trouble by slapping the world with true love. The world is in confusion because all the love is horizontal. It needs to be centered in a vertical direction.

Many Oriental women may love a person very much yet they may never say "I love you" or express their feelings as long as they live. That is considered an Oriental beauty or virtue. By contrast, western women are very expressive and tend to immediately say anything they feel.

Do you think God loves love? By looking at the order and phenomena of nature, we can understand that God too must like love. If we talk about love very dearly and very seriously, then all the cells of our body start laughing. When I talk about love, I could speak for 20 hours! The only power that can stop the fight between mind and body is the power of true love. True love can only be achieved when a true subject finds an object which truly responds to that subject. You should live like that. A true strong united love is so powerful that it is the only thing that can tell God what to do or not to do. Even God has to submit to it. Love is eternal. We have to direct our mind to crave eternity. If it doesn't, then love has to urge it to look for eternity.

Women are like a field of soil and men are like a seed. The seed determines what plant grows while the field affects how well it grows.

Even if you have a degree, don't be proud of it. We have to give everything to achieve oneness with God. I've lived with that determination and attitude. Those who oppose me will fail.

Now there is the so-called "theology of the masses." But how can you make a theology of the masses if you don't understand the central need of the masses? How can those theologians preach liberation when they have not even achieved their own liberation?

If you want to become the object of the love of God then you have to be like God, who is one. Only if we are one within ourselves do we have the qualification to be the true object of God. I've cried billions and billions of tears and gone through worldwide persecution. Why? For God. Because I know God needs an object of love. How many tears have you shed for God? I have cried so much that when I woke up in the morning I could not look at the sun because my eyes were so swollen. When that happened the grass, trees, and rocks all joined to comfort me and wipe the tears off my eyes. I have lived this kind of life for so many years.

You may think that Rev. Moon achieved a worldwide foundation and now is heading to North Korea and we will ride on his back. Do you think you can receive God's love by going the easy way? Only if you put your life on the line and go the way of death can you receive God's love -- only if you are willing in your heart to die. God needs an absolute object for his love. If we cannot become the true object of God we cannot enter into God. Jesus said love God and love your neighbor. So loving God is first. We should love God absolutely and then love our neighbor. If you love absolutely then you can pass the exam and become an object for God. If you just listen and do not take my words seriously, you cannot reach the world of love. How much do you think God is suffering, longing to find His absolute object?

Can you imagine what the 43 years of suffering in my course have been like? How miserable my course was? How there was no one to help me? I am very serious when I speak like this. If you want to inherit the foundation, you must deeply understand the course of True Parents -- the insults, the persecution, the hardships they experienced. You don't know the tribulation God has gone through to find an object of true love. God created the world by investing Himself totally, not holding Himself back. In this world where there is so much evil and so many disturbances, think about the great energy and perseverance that was needed to connect with God.

How great is the happiness when God finally finds His object and the electric current of love can flow? Who has been able to console Him in tears? Rev. Moon has lived his life to comfort God for His thousands of years of suffering, tears and pain.

The Unification Church has to inherit this foundation. This is so serious. How many times have we stumbled and fallen and had to get up again and continue on the way? Whenever I was down, I told God, don't worry about me. I understand that the persecution and hatred I have received is because fallen man lost the connection with God. I told God not to worry.

Do you really love God? Do you want to make God your own personal God? God is not the God of Rev. Moon or some minister or church. You should feel: He is my God. I must love God more than anyone else. God has to become the God of ourselves. We have to start by making God our own God before we make Him our family, society nation or world God. We cannot enable Him to be a world God unless He is first a personal God.

Now we are in Satan's possession and lineage -- even our hands are under his possession. The world today with all its realities has to be taken away from Satan. This world is a museum of evil. Do you want to make God's display? There is no other way but to become an absolute object to God with an absolute vertical relationship.

I have fulfilled my responsibility. If I just speak and do not fulfill then I have to be ashamed. When I was young I bought my clothes from the used clothes store. I didn't wear new suits like you wear today. Until members are 30 years old they must establish this tradition. They need not live in a comfortable environment. Unification Church members have to go the way of sacrifice, giving up their personal comforts. Father has been never able to sleep even one night with his arms and feet relaxed all throughout his life. You have to know the strategy of God. The more we are hit the more we can grow and advance. The person in world history who has received more persecution than anyone is Rev. Moon, not Hitler or Mussolini.

I know the things that are going on in the church. I ignore many things, but I know. I am a man who is taking responsibility for all mankind, for all nations. I lost my parents, my son. I've lost so many things to Satan. But the things Satan took are not because of my failure, but because people around me failed.

The unification of Korea is not achieved by itself, automatically. America, Japan, the Soviet Union, and China must be in a certain agreement before the unification of Korea can be achieved. Without the unification of Korea, providentially the USA and USSR cannot survive. Korea should not feel that it is running out of time to accomplish this unification. Just as bearing fruit takes a certain natural amount of time, the same is true for the unification of Korea: we should not be impatient. We should be confident, patient, hard-working, and very serious.

If Koreans will not accomplish the task of the unification of Korea, then foreigners will accomplish its unification. This is a warning to the Korean people. Even though the Japanese people are still going strong, if they don't help Korea, they are going to decline. Knowing this, Father asked several thousand Korean-Japanese couples to work for the sake of Korea as a condition so that Japan will continue to prosper and not perish. When a person or country receives some benefit or favor from somebody, that person or country must seriously remember that and try to pay back or return it to the benefactor.

Thousands of intelligent Japanese were not only willing to be matched with a Korean woman or man whose face they had not even seen, but also were so grateful that they shed tears. If any Unification Church member does not feel profoundly stirred deep in his heart when he realizes what happened at the October 30, l988 Blessing, then he is not a Unification Church member at all. When the sun rises, even the insects, even the groundhog who lives under the ground, will direct their eyes into the sun. How much more should you realize what blood and tears True Parents gave to enable this historical Blessing to occur. Mother as well as myself has established the foundation through a bloody trail of indemnity, putting her life on the line. But the war has not ended yet. If you want to win, you have to make God your own God. We can do this by living like True Parents. We should even transcend the love which True Parents have for God.

The Unification Church has gone over the hill of persecution. When I shouted from the top of my lungs that l988 was the year when we would overcome worldwide persecution, how many people believed it? Now, as much as we sow in terms of hard work and activities, we will harvest. Even if we may be wounded, we cannot afford to die. That is what a Unification Church member is like.

Seven thousand members will be mobilized to begin a holy fight on the utmost front line in Korea. If John the Baptist, centering on Jesus, had gathered together 7,000 people and educated them, then Jesus would not have had to die on the cross. But he couldn't gather even 70. In America 7,000 civic and political leaders have been trained in the Principle. This is like the external foundation of 7,000. But those coming to Korea will be an internal army. In order to establish the external foundation I had to go to America, a land which was like the wilderness.

The foundation has been established so that the unity between America and Korea can achieved after four more years. If the unity between established Christianity and the Unification Church had been achieved 40 years ago, we could have reached the world level in seven years. But instead, I had to go through the 40 years all alone. You have to know your value, the value of being in the Unification Church and the value of having Rev. Moon as your leader.

If you want to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven you have to adjust yourselves, just as when you go to another country you have to adjust to their ways of living. From now on we have to prepare ourselves and family. We have to become descendants who can worship God and follow the heavenly tradition. Without that foundation you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You want to make God your God, but how can you do that -- with money? No, only with true love. True love is love that is existing completely for others -- for mankind, the world, and God.

Many people who are waiting for the Second Advent are completely dedicated to a religious life, but they are mistakenly looking towards the clouds. How much they will envy you! Since you are fortunate enough to know about the Second Advent, if you don't fulfill your responsibility, how much accusation will you receive from your descendants?

This next four-year period is of the utmost importance. If American leaders and administrators do not keep their promise to heaven and do not go according to the heavenly way, America will perish. There cannot be a Korean Unification member who denies the world tradition. Everyone must follow.

From now on, all Unification Church members must exemplify our tradition to your own relatives, so that they come not only to respect you, but adore you. The family in which the individuals are ready to give everything for each other is the very textbook where you learn how to love while you are on earth: this is the kind of love we need for the whole world. When I was a student, I made every effort to understand the suffering of people in all walks of life: laborers, farmers, fishermen, miners. I did not go home during my first school vacation. I wanted very much to see my hometown, but didn't. I stayed in my rented room in Seoul and shared the suffering of the people around me. I still cannot forget that in my early 20's, when I was going to school, with a student cap, I visited a prostitution house and talked to the prostitutes about what human life is and what they should be doing. I do not forget that serious time when I tried to teach even prostitutes the true way of life. Love does not wander around; it travels the shortest distance and then jumps right into things. I believe there cannot be true liberation until we can sit with God, comfort Him, and cry real tears of joy together. I teach you to go the difficult way and to sacrifice, so that you can receive this liberation.

All Unification Church members must repent for and break from their past life during which they lived according to their own idea and will and make a new beginning centering on God and His idea. Become an individual who can be the advocate, the spokesman for God, His representative. What kind of God is God? God is the vertical parent based on true love. But with only the vertical axis He cannot move around, He needs a horizontal axis -- True Parents -- to move horizontally. Jesus was the person who came to establish the vertical center of true love. But this was lost at the crucifixion. When Jesus was crucified, there were criminals on both the right and left. Therefore, the Lord of the Second Advent must become one with both the left and right.

Before the position of true parents can be restored, the position of Able has to be restored. In the beginning of my course, America and Korea were in the position to establish this foundation. But the failure of the American and English missionaries, Korean Christians and national leaders to unite with Father meant this foundation was lost. Therefore Japan took England's place as the Eve country.

This is the reason communism gained tremendous influence. Only now has it begun to decline. Do you think I know the way politics will go in the future? I also know the future economics and theologies. We are now making a world Bible. We have to establish a cultural institution that makes the patterns for a new culture, and we will make a new encyclopedia of the world. Now I am being respected by economists and scholars. I have fulfilled my responsibility to raise you; now you have to raise the young people, the new generation.

The task of l989 is to gather 7,000 members from around the world to love and to serve the Korean race so that they will follow God's will. Even if our own children are hungry, still we must support these 7,000 brothers and sisters so that they can serve the Korean nation. In the future we should be able to feed North Koreans. When unification of North and South Korea is achieved, then the unification of East and West Germany can be achieved in three years, and on that foundation the unification of the world also becomes possible. Without educating the people of China we cannot decisively benefit the world. Soon several thousand elite Unification Church members should serve in China. The unification of Korea must be achieved in four years, starting in l989. At this beginning of l989 make your resolutions. Will you become a filial child or be a burden? We can achieve harmony and go to the Kingdom of Heaven only if we make God our personal God.

Father's benediction:

I am now taking my first step forward in this new moment of the new year, toward the restoration of the Fatherland. No matter how high the standard of people in the satanic world, our standard has to be higher in yearning for God, in loving God, and in serving God. We have to have a higher dedication than anyone else in the world. God is calling the Unification Church to establish the heavenly tradition of love and to direct our life and yearning toward the heavenly country, or heaven on earth. The course which God has given to Unification Church members is to be the missionaries for peace, the people who work for peace all over the world.

Korea must become a beacon of light that can illuminate neighboring countries as well as itself. Let us be the people worthy of this heavenly mission and style of life. Also, help Unification Church members to become worthy of the name of heavenly citizen. With all of our energy let us serve True Parents and serve God. Let all Unification Church members become like that. We want to offer the 365 future days of l989 to you. Father, allow us to do that. Allow us to liberate this earth and heaven centering on love. Bring all countries into unity and let us dedicate them to our Parents. God, bless us in these four years to come during which time we will race towards the goal of achieving the unification of Korea.

Col. Han: Father's sermon lasted from midnight until 5 o'clock in the morning and then at 5:20 Father did a worship ceremony, after which he cut the cake. Then he commenced the God's Day morning speech:

This is the 21st anniversary of God's Day, which was established on January 1, l968. The Unification Church's four main holidays are the Day of All Things, Children's Day, Parents' Day and God's Day, whose significance are based on God's three blessings -- the perfection of the individual, couple, parents, children and ownership. The principle which governs these four celebration days is the same -- if Adam and Eve had reached perfection, the joyful day they would have received God's Blessing in matrimony would have been God's Day; as well it would have combined Parent's Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things. In restoration, however, the four days had to be established one by one ending with God's Day. The human fall came in the perfection level of the growth stage. Therefore the seven years Mother and I went through together after l960 was the period to cross the growth stage to perfection stage. It was during this period that I installed Parents Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things.

We say our goal is the individual level, family level, race level, but these are not our goal. Our goal is at least the national level. Therefore, how to go to this national level has been the focal point of God's restoration history. In each individual the mind is a vertical extension of the parent's love. It should be like a bone, which does not change, and it has a conscience which is also constant and eternal. The body is the horizontal extension of the parents' love, external -- like the flesh which can change. It can be big or small, firm or soft. When our body intersects our mind at right angles, 90 degrees, like principle, then Satan has no place in that individual. But if you slant even one degree, it becomes Satan's arena, Satan can dance on it. Many times the body doesn't act according to the mind's direction, and that is when the problem begins in the individual. If it is passed on, then it becomes a serious problem of lineage.

God is the invisible subject of our parents' lineage, our lineage. We talk about the unity of God and men -- becoming one with God -- but what does that mean? God has no body. We have only a body, but where do we connect with God? Does God become happy and allow us to become one with Him because we have lots of money and dedicate that money or because we know so much? The invisible or spirit world is the world beyond time and space, and it is immense, unlimited. It is a spherical world so eternity becomes possible. True love, which is invisible but still very much there, is the only power that can create eternity. The word love also is conceptual, it does not have a form. We cannot see it or touch it or do anything with it, but nevertheless it is a real entity so indispensable that we cannot do without it in real life. Love is the source of power, so if we want to do something that requires much energy, then we need love.

Love is not something which just pops out suddenly and fades suddenly. It began millenniums ago, and it will continue for millenniums from now. Love is a constant, eternal thing. It is eternal because it forms a spherical action. This very power of love becomes like cement, a bonding agent, which bonds the spiritual and physical worlds. It is invisible, yet it is more real than anything else. Love itself is formless, but it can express itself in many forms. Also, it travels extremely fast. Which is faster, the speed of light or the speed of love? Naturally, love is faster. Love has such impact that an individual can whisper love to another and the other will experience it as if it is thunder so loud that it shakes the entire earth, and lightning so powerful that it makes everything fearful. Which do you think is more powerful, lightning or love?

What can move the Korean (or any) race to become crazy with enthusiasm to love their country? A tremendous amount of knowledge? An incredible sum of money? Only the power of love can motivate the Korean people to become patriotic towards their own country. And only love can bring the spirit world together and unite them.

Love is not a power to compare, but it is the power to unify, to integrate. No matter what background a person has, no one can do without love; it is indispensable. If there is something that can make God either cry or laugh, what would that be? It could only be love. And that love can decide which direction it will go in. Without it the emotions would run away undirected. Think about the love which is felt and expressed between a grandfather and grandmother who are 100 years old, as they hold each others hands and are concerned about each other. Grandmother is concerned about the grandfather's well-being and he about hers. Such a love is deeper and stronger than the explosive love between young men and women. So love knows no time difference, no space difference, no age difference.

The only way to grab God and keep Him someplace is to bind him up with the power of love, not with rope. God's love cannot be exchanged even with God himself. God is precious but God's love is more precious than God Himself. Who says so?! God says so! A wife who has never been able to make her husband cry because of love is not a successful lover.

The Unification Church blessing is on the church level. In the future we must also go through the national and world levels of approval. Then we go into spirit world, are accepted as a blessed member and belong to one of the twelve tribes. Then together with Father the blessed couples can settle down; we have a position to occupy. Those who live indebted become servants, those who help other people are given the master's position.

God's strategy is to be struck first and then to take ownership. Satan strikes first and then gives up territory. Historically this formula is repeated numerous times. There are many parents who treat True Parents as their enemy, but their own children are dedicating themselves to this enemy with their life. What a wonderful vindication this is!

We must become the kind of person who could sit in a prison looking at the water coming out of the rain spout and wish he could heat that rainwater up in a bathtub and give God a relaxing bath rather than worrying about his own misery. Unless we have that kind of a heart towards God, Unification Church members will not have anything to do with Him. At that time, God's Day will become your day, my day, our day. So, we have a goal to strive to celebrate God's Day.

Would God want to live with us in the human world? Love has the ability to expand or to shrink. It can make any form, it's very free, it can go straight or it can go in spherical motion. Love can do anything, anytime. Once we experience God's heart then we become accustomed to experiencing God's love. Once we experience it one time, two times, we don't have to try. The life we live is God's heart and love. That is empirical love, love not in concept or discussion but the love you live and experience. When you have that empirical love, then you can live in God's love literally by resonating it. Father is a person who always communicates with God. Always Father can feel what God feels, so they are literally the same in that way, they are like resonant bodies. When God hears something, it will sound the same way in Father's mind, in Father's heart. Father has been living as such an object to God all his life.

Our True Parents always feel pity towards our members." I wish I could do more for our members; I feel sorry I make them suffer so much." Father always feels sorry in that way towards our own members. But Father is never indebted to our members. He is very sorry to make us suffer and sympathetic, but that is not because Father owes us anything. Father prays for those Unification Church brothers and sisters who are waiting in jail in the communist world for the day to be executed for treason or whatever. That prayer is not an ordinary prayer -- it is a prayer of the incarnation of misery. God has certain dispensational work to accomplish and we must be more serious than God about that dispensation or else we cannot make God laugh or cry. We have to win our enemy so that he will voluntarily acknowledge he was saved by us. We cannot get into heaven until we get that recognition from our enemy.

Someone who does not have the Fatherland centered upon God is really a miserable, pitiful person. There is not much suffering for us Unification Church members to go through from this time on. While riding in an automobile, through the city or in the countryside, you see many houses. Then you wish if I could only go in and talk to them about God and about God's love and God's suffering freely, if only I could teach and share with them, they would nod and accept us! How wonderful if they accept us! Don't you want to become such a missionary -- with a mind so serious that you feel if only I could go into every house and talk about God, how wonderful that would be.

From this time on, Father will ask church leaders to go to their hometown area and bring all of their relatives and neighbors and do revival meetings there, in that town or village -- or tongpan. Tongpan refers to the smallest administrational unit. In Korea, province is comparable to state, kun is comparable to county, myun is village, and under myun is tongpan, which means neighborhood. One pan maybe composed of 20 or 30 homes, and ten more would make it a tong. We want to work at the most grassroots level -- to literally go to any house and give the message of God there. Such a movement going on in Korea and we have home church in Korea too. They will integrate together, and eventually reach all Koreans to introduce them to God's heart. Based on that, we will make them aware of their immediate need for the unification of Korea.

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