The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Rev. Moon's Prayer

Chung-Pyung Lake, South Korea
Unknown date Circa August, 1989

Heavenly Father, I understand that a day of sorrow occurred to Your mind, which wished that Noah be better than Abel, and again a sorrowful incident approached Abraham's family whom You had chosen hoping that they be better than Noah. I also understand that You have established the victorious foundation through the journey of battles, longing for better offspring centering on Jacob.

We understand that upon such a foundation, Moses bearing the responsibility of national leadership was to be more absolute than Jacob. That is why he left Egypt and spent eighty years in Midian, in the barren wilderness. We understand that John the Baptist should have had even more devotion and made more effort than Moses. We feel and behold through our own eyes that the Israelites became the people with thousands of years of sorrow because John the Baptist was not able to fulfill the worldwide mission.

Heavenly Father, thinking that Christianity should have invested more devotion than the Israelites, and that the Unification Church should invest more devotion than Christianity as the third Israel set apart to fulfill God's will, this son standing in this place understands clearly that I have to invest more devotion than anybody in all of history.

You understand very well about the situation of this son who feels deeply ashamed when I think about how inadequate I am, how many imperfections I have in front of Your dispensational will which longs for absolute perfection, as time passes by, as I relate to You with a sense of mission.

I have not sought the recognition by others, nor started with the expectation of recognition by anybody; however, I know very well the fact that You sympathize with me, going ahead of me and clearing my path. Not one person but numerous spiritualists and many people whom I have encountered testify that this person is the most miserable person in the whole world, however I am not the miserable person. You know my mind, which wants to perceive that I was an unfilial son who did not yet realize that You are more miserable than I am.

The Unification Church was able to remain until this day not because of anyone's accomplishment or merit. I understand that it is only because You functioned as an invisible root and became the driving force which eliminated every obstacle, this Unification Church was able to remain at this place today.

I understand well that when the question is raised concerning who is in the important position to be responsible for navigating the fate of the Unification Church, it is not the insignificant church leaders who are here today, but a person who cannot even speak "Heavenly" of the Heavenly Father and wail and speak "Father" and again cannot close his mouth for his mind is so aroused by Your piercing heart; I know that You are looking for such a person.

Father, please let this period be a time to reflect back at the most shameful past, to shed the ignorant self that promised results of insignificant value, and to pledge oneself to Your solemn teaching.

We now understand that I am my own enemy. Where I am victorious over myself, You are there. We must understand that You who drive us to be victorious over ourselves have already been victorious to Yourself. When we think of how great Your suffering endurance had to be and how much Your grief had flowed into You, especially as You are omnipotent and omniscient, until You stand over all those things, we can only dare to understand and fathom it. Please look down with mercy upon us who are lamenting for we are unable to reach Your situation from this place.

Father, here at Chung-Pyung at this time your young children have gathered not to find something. They came looking for a place where they can again be drenched in Your deep heart and again experience Your heart. Facing difficulties is not a problem. We came here with our earnest desire to find the place where the relationship with You will never be shaken eternally and eternally, and where the bond be never unbound.

We understand that we must win over this world. We must win over Satan. When we observe this, we realize that the destined course of the Unification Church is a course overcoming misery after misery. Father, You know very well about the heartache that we feel, knowing that the nation is in a difficult position yet we are unable to stand in front of this place. Because You know about the heartbreak that You feel when You know the difficulty of this world yet You are unable to stand in front of the world, You easily know our heartbroken situation.

We should be proud to have Heavenly Father who has persevered through so much suffering in order to prepare the way for us before this time has come. Before being proud of anything of our own, we should be proud of Father. Before we venerate anything of our own we should venerate Father. Before looking forward to be recognized with all our value, we must feel indignant about Father being unable to be recognized. I know through my own experience that when the children, who can really live for You, perceive Your miserable situation, not knowing how to properly respond to You, feeling empathy toward You and cry out in tears "Why must Heavenly Father walk this miserable path? When will we bring about the day of liberation for You?" then You can be liberated from that miserable situation.

Your children who are gathered here, please don't let them shed tears for their own children. If their children are miserable, let them realize it is because You are miserable and let them pray embracing You. When You look at us tearfully praying "Please Heavenly Father, do not be in such a situation" Your heart aches thousand, ten thousands times more. When realizing this we must comfort You in such a situation and tell the children with prayerful heart that "Although you stand in a lonely, miserable place now, your descendants will not perish, and your future will not be bleak. This I will prove to you. Don't feel resentment because we can't feed and cloth you now." Let them know that such parents are holy parents.

Because I could not cloth and feed my wife like others sometimes I would see her groaning in the sick-bed. At such times, instead of worrying about the difficult situation and environment, I thought of how much misery would Heavenly Father's heart feels when He sees His children go the heavenly way in such a situation. And even if my wife collapses and I fall down, I would pray for Heavenly Father's heart to not be miserable and shed tears, then I would be liberated from such a situation again and again. Father, please let them realize that when they become crazy about loving Heavenly Father, and when they become crazy about caring for Your will, they shall never perish.

Now our bloodline which gushes forth as the blood of artery from the heart and our bosom must be connected with Heavenly Father. Therefore we must reach the place where our blood can be identical with the blood which pours out from Your artery and Your bosom. In order to reach that place, I realize that I must die and You must survive. Heavenly Father, I earnestly pray that You would grant me to walk this path gladly.

Because You love this place, Chung-Pyung, You have made this place as it is. This is the ground that You have sanctified through much dedication. I pray earnestly that this meeting can plant the tradition such that in this place the tears of dedication can be entangled, in this place every occurrence can be related with You more closely, thus all people of all nations can visit this place and long for You through their tears and tears, through their difficulties and sufferings.

Even if we are in the situation of naked, orphaned, persecuted people, the place where You walk together with us is not a miserable place but a happy place, that place is the place where the Kingdom of Heaven will be resurrected, and that place is where the happy settlement of future will spring forth; thinking these things, we must go forth again, straightening our tired body. Stimulating the spirit and vigor in our lifeless eyes, looking over the far away mountain, we must go forth again. Heavenly Father, I desire earnestly that You will allow us to be Your children who struggle to go first on the thorny path that we must walk through, rather than belatedly following the footsteps which You have left.

We have not yet understood our holy Father's heartbroken mind to achieve restoration. We have not understood that in Your victimized inner mind, which endured so far with pledging, bleeding heart, there is a grieving and longing mind which pleads to us that "Oh my son, please become a son of subjugation and victory."

Let us understand clearly that although we have become the children of disappointment and despair living under the pressure of wretchedness, in the midst of this, Heavenly light approaches, and that light becomes the dividing path; the new Kingdom of Heaven is opened here and thus the luminous Heavenly glory begins.

Father, please allow us to pledge, from this time on, the energetic steps of tomorrow. Please let them understand that if they can become the sons who already determine themselves to go like this once they become such a person, to go like this once they receive such a wife, to go like this once they bear such a child, and carry this out in action, and if these sons can go forth in the way of Your will, then Your day of new prosperity can rest in a safe place.

Please allow us to cross over fruitfully this hill, which we must cross in any case, and allow us to not become a small-minded man when we are at the crucial juncture of determining our destiny. I earnestly wish and plead that You would allow them to be bold and courageous, and to become the victorious fighters who can introduce Heavenly Father by petitioning to all people.

I ask Your favor once again that now all the things which we undertake from this first day on can be embraced in Your glorious bosom and I also hope that You will grant that this day be blessed. At this time when August has almost passed away please grant a new start for the Unification Church and allow the binding of hopeful Heavenly fortune to be fulfilled.

We must think that by the one who knows and the one who is unknowing, the person who is ignorant and the person who is enlightened, the heaven and earth will divide. I again ask Your favor to please protect, enlighten, and guide all the children who are gathered here so that they may become the wise people and that they may appear in front of Your blessed presence. I pray all these things in the holy name of True Parents, amen.

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