The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

The Age of Heavenly Parentism

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 3, 1989

My topic this morning is "Chun bo Juestay" or "The Age of Heavenly Parentism". I am creating a new terminology--"Heavenly Parentism." The satanic world has been talking about democracy and communism, which is not heavenly terminology. Those two viewpoints are just stepping stones to reach the ultimate destination. Heavenly history has not started yet. In God's view, history starts from True Parentism, then later moves to the children or "Peopleism", not the other way around.

Most people don't understand God's viewpoint of "Parentism"--history beginning from True Parents. Particularly the democratic American culture and her people must understand that God's culture is centered not on the people nor the individual, but on the parents. Freedom must be centered on God and the heavenly parents. God is the root which widens to the Parents. From the parents' trunk come many horizontal branches, which are the children. Democracy is "childrenism". But the reality of the original world is centered on God and the original parents who unite, creating children. If you do not know this point clearly, you may make a mistake in the future.

Materialism sees reality as originating in the external, material world. From the time of the Fall, the world has been divided into two sides, culminating in the Free World and Communism. In the restoration course, the one purpose is to recreate true brotherhood. Why did mankind have to take this course of conflict throughout history? Because they didn't have True Parents. History is simple. Restoration has occurred through religious wars, with the purpose being to restore the elder brother's birthright. The firstborn son belonged to Satan's side, while the second son was on God's side. Before the fall, the elder son and second son were both God's sons. That was the original point. During the Fall, man united with Satan creating two blood lineages. The problem religious history has faced is how to separate and distance mankind from Satan's blood lineage and establish a stable, pure blood lineage for God. No one understood how to do that. Only God, Satan and True Parents knew this point. What is the Unification Church? The Unification Church is the beginning point of centering on God and True Parents. Then what is the purpose of the Unification Church? To create a new standard on the earth, to control Satan's world and to make a foundation for Parentship and Godship.

The Age of Godism and Parentism has started on the earth. You can see the democratic and communistic worlds diminishing and perishing. Who can solve their dilemma? They need to be together in one embrace for the democratic world has no system and the communist world is only a material world. Therefore there is no hope of brotherhood and neither one could ever control the world or the cosmos. Only by centering on God and True Parents can brotherhood begin. From there a true family is created, then the tribe, nation, world and cosmos. This is the true multiplication and expansion of humankind. You have to know this point clearly.

Democracy cannot control the world, especially since the United States leads the Free World. Who can trust America today? People throughout the world are scornful toward the U.S. for it has become morally sick. Inside the United States there is the rotten scent of death worse than Sodom and Gomorrah or the Roman Empire. This is the golden age of satanic civilization; an age where naked men and women approach each other anywhere, having all kinds of perverted sex. The present situation is even worse than fallen Adam and Eve. At least Adam and Eve felt shame, hiding themselves with leaves. However, today's America doesn't even feel shame which means it is beyond the realization of sin. Since the ability to feel shame is lost, the peril of America is at hand. If Heavenly Father chased Adam and Eve out of the garden even though they felt shame for what they had done, what would God do to America that feels no shame even in the sight of God? He would do far more than just kicking them out of Eden; He would want America to completely decline. In other words, America will perish and that time is at the door.

But God wants to cleanse America of its corruptness and moral decadence. That is the reason why God sent Reverend Moon to America. But the American people rebelled against Father and persecuted him. This country has done nothing it can show the world with pride. Even though the United States may have a lot of power, no one else in the world can respect them. So Father launched a crusade through The Washington Times and The World and I to cleanse the moral climate of America. Now The Washington Times uses every headline to attack America's immorality.

On August 20th of this year, the celebration of my Danbury victory, I declared the "Love Providential Age." This is the age of the restoration of the true children. "True children" means the restoration of Cain and Abel, especially Cain, the eldest son position. Unless Cain and Abel are restored, especially the eldest son, there is no foundation for the emergence of the true mother.

Historically, Eve gave birth to two children with the eldest son belonging to the satanic realm and the second son belonging to the heavenly realm. Human history started within one mother's womb, with one side as satanic history and the other as God's history. These histories have to be restored and united.

In the ideal world, Adam and Eve came from God. They were to unite and as parents create children who were with God. Their children could be divided into elder son and second son. The eldest son was to be the master of the house, automatically united with the parents and the second son was united with his older brother. When you put the parents on the heavenly realm, their children belong to the earthly realm. Therefore, for them, without children there is no earth. By the same token, without Parents, there can be no heaven. For children, the existence of parents is absolute.

However, democratic America today has lost its parents which means only brothers and horizontal things can exist. Therefore, there is always a struggle, with one brother trying to eliminate or prevail over the other. Only in such a way can they receive the inheritance. So heart can never be first, but always the material, honor, or power of man--all earthly things--will come first. They fight until one gains the victory. Essentially, they are just buying, selling, bribing or giving in order to win their position.

History should have started from the individual who would have then been surrounded by his family, clan, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. That is the direct line from which history should have originated. The center of this history was to have been Adam and Eve who represented not only themselves, but their family, clan, tribe, nation and world. Adam and Eve were to have ultimately been the center of the world. This was the first Adam's mission. Adam centering on God, feeling true love, would have created this kind of world and inherited God's spirit.

But Adam didn't inherit God's personal dignity and love. Why? Because Adam fell and lost God and His love. Instead of an ideal world, Satan's worst love controlled human kind through the satanic blood lineage. So no matter how famous or well-intentioned people were throughout history, they were fallen people connected to the satanic blood lineage. This problem made the restoration course difficult for God. Otherwise, why couldn't the absolute power of God control this world? God had to remove Satan's blood lineage and from that point He could control the foundation of the world. The original ideal world didn't have a stained, satanic blood lineage. So when this blood lineage is cleaned up, God will control the world foundation. This is the viewpoint of the Principle of Creation.

For this reason the Messiah is necessary to cut off mankind's illicit relationship with Satan and bring them back to God. Who is the Messiah? The messiah, centering on God and True Love, comes as the parent and father of mankind. The messiah's purpose is to judge Satan and exterminate his power. Furthermore, the worst satanic love must be cleansed. After that, the brother relationship can turn to the parent-child relationship.

In summation, what are the three missions of the Messiah? First, to liquidate Satan; second, to restore True Love; third, to create true brotherhood by centering on the parent-child relationship. Only by doing so, can true brothers emerge. These are the reasons for the Messiah to come as the parent and father of mankind. This is the only way that Satan's sovereignty, which had extended over the whole cosmos, can be controlled.

Do you have God's blood lineage? Blood lineage includes life and love. Everyone should have been born into God's true love and blood lineage. You must always know the cosmic perspective. No matter how victorious people have lived their lives throughout history, no one taught them how to ultimately understand everything.

From the time I first stepped on this earth, I never belonged to Satan. I absolutely didn't belong to Satan. Are you in that kind of situation? No! So you absolutely need the Messiah. All of humanity needs the messiahship of True Parents! Humanity lost their parents and didn't know where to find them. God wants to show them where they lost their parents in history. He promised mankind that He would send the Messiah, educating man through the religious world.

In the Bible, wild olive trees have to become true olive trees. The messiah has to cut down the wild olive trees that are lop-sided. Only when the "eye" branch from the true olive tree is grafted onto the wild olive tree can true fruit be produced and harvested. This means that every fallen concept must be cut away or cleaned up. Humanity today when researching the roots of society, cannot find the point of our original beginning because the hints for finding out have been lost. This is a serious age. I am talking about this for the sake of example. No, this is reality. You have to make your foundation strong following (the messiah's) way. God does not permit a selfish person to remain with the messiah. You must forcefully follow the messiah, offering your youth in service to God's great cause.

Satan enters your blood in this flesh body; Satan's nature lies in your flesh body. How can you defeat him, cut down his wild olive tree? This is the course of religious purpose. If you can defeat Satan in this way, you can control everything of Satan's. For that reason, religion is the battle against oneself. Religion is not a battle against the world. Liberation theology, which is expounded around the world today, says, "We come to save the society by changing the social system." They are socialistically oriented. That's not a true religion; a true religion is to battle against oneself.

The first time Satan was loved, he invaded the blood lineage. If man decides, "I clean up, I am the victim. The problem is I haven't been helping God. I have been repeating the same mistake while under Satan's control. I am a victim." This is the personal formula or purpose for everyone. You have to separate from Satan's foundation. Even Jesus did a 40 day fast. Afterwards, God allowed Satan to visit Jesus and test him: "You have flesh ambition inside yourself." Immediately, Satan tried to connect to that: "You are my anchor under the sky. You cannot save mankind."

How can flesh and blood stimulate power? Is your love centered in God or Satan? When you like being kissed, does that kiss open God's love foundation or Satan's foundation? Are you closer to God or to Satan? When I kick you hard, you ask, "What are you doing to me?" You immediately rebel against it. Satan is always kicking you day and night but you give him no resistance. When I kick you, I am trying to kick Satan out of you. That's the purpose.

When you rebel against me, you put yourself in a position to be abandoned by God. If that happens, you will be finished. But God always forgives you, giving you one more chance. You have no idea of the cruel treatment I have received. When half the United States persecuted me, I was always patient and never angry. Because I came to save America, I cannot show my emotion to this country until I have fulfilled this mission. I always felt that America was not my enemy. Regardless of how they treat me, I will always be a teacher and prophet to the political and religious people and to Americans as a whole. America knows that it is indebted to me.

I know the American people well and when they hear this kind of statement, they don't like it and might even be angry. I may not be making the American people happy, but America today is a cancerous country and that cancer has to be eliminated. The problem is made more difficult because America doesn't know that it has cancer.

In 1976, during the Washington Monument Rally, I declared that America was on fire and needed a firefighter. Now America is sick and needs a physician. Rev. Moon has come as the firefighter and the physician. I told the American people to leave it to me and I would teach their children. American were completely flabbergasted. They laughed at the statement and scornfully treated me. They determined to get rid of me and finally sent me to Danbury jail. But if I didn't exist on this earth, who could save the United States?

As soon as my name is resurrected, then America will be saved. So the resurrection of my name is the yardstick for the salvation of America. How can I say these things? America is dying. Democracy is not saving this country. That is apparent. Therefore, as an alternative, I must declare "God and True Parentism". God's parentism is the new concept which can save America. Rev. Moon has brought that prescription and is applying it for this country's salvation.

On August 31st and September 1st, 1989, I was in Alaska. These two days are most historical days. I would like to explain what I did and why I went to Alaska to do it. When you hear the word "Alaska" what comes to your mind? Grizzly bears, deer, snow, mountains, fish! Those of you who like the smell of fish raise your hands. American people don't like the fish smell, I know that. Tell me the truth. Americans hate to go where the smell of fish is strong. What if you had to cut the belly of the fish and gut it out? How many would like to go to Alaska to do that kind of job?

I knew that American women would never like to do that, so I asked Japanese women members, blessed to American brothers, to come to Alaska. Some of them are highly educated sisters. Since they are wives of Americans, they could represent the American people as an offering. Alaska is in a most strategic position and unless you defend it, you will be very vulnerable to Soviet attack. If Alaska still belonged to Russia today, America would be helpless to defend itself. Who made Russia sell Alaska to America before communism appeared? God did! In the same way, America is abandoning Alaska bit by bit and selling it to me. I'm not buying Alaska by paying millions of dollars to the United States Government, but by loving Alaska's nature, ocean and mountains with true love. I go to the ocean for fishing and to the mountains for hunting and loving nature. By doing so, Alaska becomes my domain.

There are lots of fish in Alaska which the American people have virtually abandoned. So I have always thought, "The Alaskan fish belong to me; I'm going to catch them and feed the world." That is my vision and my ambition. All this time, I have been building boats to send to Alaska for catching fish. I have caught most kinds of fish except one: the king salmon. "Salmon" means salvation fish; salmon has that kind of contents "salvation Moonie fish". Why? It is the true love fish.

Did you know that this salmon, only six months after they hatch, swim to the ocean to begin a 6000 mile journey. Salmon are truly a mysterious fish. They return to their native spawning grounds after 4 years. Can you believe how much smarter than humanity is the salmon? They first start out from their original hometown to go around the whole world making an historical foundation. Upon returning home, they swim upstream to spawn many offspring and in dying, they give the flesh of their bodies to their children as food to sustain their offspring who begin their own journey. How wonderfully the salmon procreate! It is almost a religious life cycle. That's why I call them "Salvation Moonie Fish".

Salmon are truly mysterious, sacrificial fish. They live for the sake of their children. If the salmon are living in such a way, then what about their owner? What should the parents of the salmon do? Who shall be deserving to be the owner of the salmon, such a sacrificial, Godly fish?

America is not a pure, homogeneous race of people. Americans come in a rainbow of colors: black, white, yellow--all kinds of mixed blood. America has been a melting pot for races, but Father's age has come. The Unification Church has made more intentional integration. This has happened according to the dispensational purpose. The international blessings were not by chance. I have been doing this for the sacred purpose of creating an ideal world.

I admire and respect the salmon's way of life because it so closely resembles the Moonies' way of life. Those who share an international blessing should be living a salmon-like ways of life for the sake of future generations. You should give your everything for posterity. For the sake of the children, you may even die. This is the lesson we have to learn from the salmon and why I think the salmon is the "salvation Moonie fish".

Rev. Moon is the center of the unification world, like a king, and is always looking forward to fellowship with the "King Salmon". I was fishing for king salmon in Alaska. It is the most incredible excitement, even the sound of the wire as you throw out the fishing line with the bait. Tuna fishing doesn't begin to compare with salmon fishing; salmon fishing is far more courageous, exciting, enthusiastic, and breathtaking.

The Japanese women members blessed with American brothers have been working tirelessly in Alaska for 8 years! They have gutted all the salmon while inhaling the smell of fish every day. When I went to Alaska this time, I worked harder than they did so they could be comforted. I want to show the members that "Not only you, but I am working harder than you and love the fish more than you. You touch the fish every day to cut the fish's belly. After I catch the fish, I embrace it and dance with it. I enjoy that kind of love for the fish, more than you. You have to follow me for you are inheriting my fish. I have made that foundation, hoping that your will automatically follow this tradition. You have great power to be masters, leaders and owners of this great fish. The highest level of ownership is parentship: I belong to your children. Monsei!" Making that kind of foundation to be inherited is not easy. But if I hadn't made that foundation, I couldn't scold or eat. In Alaska, there is still daylight at midnight, I love that. I was there 10 times a year and every time I would go out to the ocean for fishing in the early morning and come back past midnight. Some who worked there wondered: "Why is it when Father visits here, he is in such a hurry to go to the ocean? Father loves the sea and fishing more than me." From now on, you must follow my tradition of restoration: more hard work on the ship, cutting the fish and so forth. To make that kind of foundation, you must give everything.

On August 31st, Father caught a king salmon. To comfort the hard working members, I gave them a gigantic banquet inviting all the Unification Church members. At this banquet, I declared the Ceremony of "Piljan". This is an historical declaration in Kodiak, Alaska.

This particular age of providential restoration is the restoration of the brotherhood realm, to restore the eldest son to his rightful position with his birthright. Throughout fallen history, the elder son and the second son had reversed birthrights. Through the restoration of brotherhood, the elder son has come into the original elder son's position to inherit God's kingdom and blessing.

God, Adam and Eve, together with the three archangels are the basic units God created in a heavenly relationship on the very first day. Because of the Fall, this particular pattern has been converted to Satan holding God's position with Adam and Eve in servitude to Satan. In accordance with God's providential will, this cannot remain in such a manner. In the providential course, this situation has to be restored by going through certain cross lines.

(Father draws on the blackboard) From here to this far is a new beginning or new era through which the restoration of God, Adam and Eve would start a new history from this point. Above this point is something that God doesn't want to remember so it has to be wiped out. This particular point is the origin of human history. If there had been no Fall, the most natural history would have progressed from this point to the individual level, family level, tribal level, national level and finally the worldwide level. That would have been the original pattern.

But the Fall of Man reversed the pattern of history with the beginning of fallen history. To change this, the "crossover" must occur at the national level because history has always centered on one nation. In God's providential will, the nation is truly the focal building block. For that reason, the nation is the unit where the new history will begin. After WWII, the victorious United States gave the defeated nations independence, aid and prosperity. On the national level, the era of brotherhood has come and so for that reason the United States has to give brotherhood to the nations of the world, instead of making them servants.

In the course of human history, there is one grand opportunity give to the world by God to establish a Christian world in God's second son position, to restore the elder son's nation position, and unite the entire world. That one time possibility happened right after WWII. On that particular crossing juncture, represented by this line, the United States is represented by the right side with the left side being the communist world. The satanic world and the God-centered world, primarily the Christian world, come together at the crossing juncture, uniting into a new history. Therefore, after WWII, a new order on the national level could have been established. A new nation would have been born: one nation, representing the Adam nation, another representing the Eve nation, another representing the Cain nation, and finally another representing the Abel nation. Together, they would have formed a family system.

So the period following WWII, was crucial providentially. At the time of the Fall, Adam and Eve consummated and had two sons Cain and Abel. Therefore, in the Last Days, this pattern has to be reversed and restored to its original state. So the post war period can be likened to a harvest time. At that time, the lineup was Great Britain, France and the United States. Great Britain is an island country; "island" means always seeking the mainland, just as a woman always seeking after her husband. Thus an island represents a woman's standpoint. Great Britain gave birth to the new nation of the United States, which places Great Britain in the mother's position to her son, the United States. The United States cannot abandon Great Britain, they must maintain a close relationship. Why? Because of the mother-son relationship.

However, in the battle over the Falkland Islands that occurred between Great Britain and Argentina, the United States unconditionally sided with Great Britain. I have been adamant in criticizing the United States for her position at that time. Great Britain had failed in this situation, so the son nation must not follow that route.

France, after WWII, was in the elder son position. In a way the United States was in the second son position, with France, in the elder son position. When it is restored, the second son is in the elder son's position, which would mean France would be in the position to follow the United States.

The satanic lineup was directly parallel: Japan is in the mother nation position, Germany in the second son's position, and Italy in the elder son's position. Japan, the mother nation on the satanic side, is a great imitator, learning and absorbing everything from other cultures. God knew the day would come when the providential will eventually moved toward Asia. Someone had to be ready in Asia to receive that age. That nation is Japan. Even though Japan was in a satanic realm, God was preparing that nation as an Asian power. Similarly, God prepared one peninsula nation, the Republic of Korea.

History started out on the European continent to create a continental culture. Then there was a move to the Italian peninsula, the Roman Empire and the Vatican were located there. From there it moved to Great Britain which is an island nation. In order to restore that pattern, the island nation was represented by Japan, the peninsula nation was represented by Korea and the continent was represented by Asia.

Inheriting everything that was occurring culturally in the Western world, Asia is taking over. originally the Christian culture was supposed to be prospering on the Asian continent. Jesus Christ came to Asia Minor and began a movement that was originally supposed to move westward to the Asia continent instead of westward toward Europe. The original direction was reversed because of the crucifixion. Instead of going eastward to Asia, the movement went to the west to get to Asia, ultimately making a complete circle of the world. This is the historical background.

For that reason, Great Britain, the United States and France must be looking to unite with the Adam nation. In the New Age, England was to be in the mother's position, the United States would be in the restored Abel position and France would be in the restored Cain position. In order for this restoration to occur on the national level, there had to be a new national level lineup. For this to happen, in a way, Father launched WWII, the greatest event in human history. In order to oppose this heavenly move, Satan's nations united: Japan, Germany and Italy. Japan, with its satanic imperialism, engulfed entire Asia including Indonesia. While Japan expanded her power to all of Asia, Hitler saw Great Britain and France as helpless and powerless. Hitler thought if he united with Japan, then they could conquer not only Europe, but Asia and the world. That was Hitler's ambition.

Satan knew that God's providence would be working in an extraordinary manner on the Korean peninsula, so he used the Japanese imperialism to occupy the Korean peninsula for 40 years, inflicting a period of suffering and indemnity before the actual restoration of that peninsula could occur.

God didn't let the three satanic nations conquer the world; they were defeated. The victorious Allied nations centering on Great Britain, United States and France were to fulfill their ultimate destiny by searching after the Adam nation of Korea. But the Allied nations failed to receive the messiah. For that reason, God used the defeated satanic nations to create a new lineup on the heavenly side. So Japan was adopted in the place of Great Britain because they are both island nations.

In other words, because of the Allied nations' failure in the dispensation, God restored Japan, Germany and Italy to God's side. If this new lineup had accepted Adam at this time, 40 years ago, communism would never have prospered because communism could never accept the coming of Adam.

The Korean peninsula can be likened to the Italian peninsula where Christendom was located with the Vatican at its center. By the same token, the Korean peninsula has been chosen as the New Age Vatican nation.

From history we see that the Roman Empire moved and conquered an entire continent. Now the Adam nation of Korea and the Eve nation of Japan are moving together toward the Asian continent. Mainland China represents the archangel country. These three combined into one can expand all over the world--no problem. If the western world had combined with that concept in mind, the Christian world would have resulted.

The original lineup for God's side for the sake of WWII was not fulfilled because of their rejection of Adam. The new lineup consisted of a new mother nation of Japan, new elder son nation of the United States and second son nation of Germany. Satan loved Japan and Germany because they were satanic nations. God picked them up to restore them. Satan hated the United States. So all these nations were enemies of each other. Who shall make this decision since God cannot do it? The Adam nation will be the decision maker.

The American people might say, "Why has the United States become only the archangel nation?" Actually, the United States should have been treated very harshly because the postwar failure was primarily the fault of the U.S. So the elder son position in the restoration of the Cain and Abel, the United States failed and actually destroyed the one opportunity that God had given to the world. So actually, the United States belonged to hell. But Father is the one who forgave America, instead of sending America to hell, I came to the United States and restored this nation, giving it a new position and a new heavenly pride. I came to guide the American people and give to direction to Christianity in the United States. By now, everyone has come to realize that without Reverend Moon there is no hope, no direction, no place to go.

Father has suffered a great deal at the hands of this nation. But Father has won the victory and now the clergy, politicians and professors of this nation are studying Father's ideology. They all know that only Rev. Moon's ideology can save this nation, and that Father is the hope of this nation!

All the major countries of the world--Great Britain, United States, France, Japan, Germany and Italy--took adversary positions to Rev. Moon who represents the Adam nation. None of these countries welcomed him. Because of their failures, communism became rampant everywhere. The era of communism divided all nations including Korea. Satan knows that ultimately Korea is the Adam nation and birthplace of the Father who will come to save all of humanity. So in order to finally resist that kind of occurrence, Satan divided the Korean peninsula into two parts, creating a false Adam nation with a satanic father in North Korea. Kim Il Sung was the satanic father in North Korea, with True Parents coming out of South Korea. The confrontation is continuing, they have not yet surrendered.

Father has been struggling alone for 40 years starting from nothing and building one block after another to create a new national level structure. Korea, Japan, United States and Germany, the four major providential nations, have successfully completed this new lineup for restoration. I have already said that the purpose of this dispensation was the restoration of brotherhood. But with consummation of brotherhood, we are going to a new realm of "True Parents". The "True Parents' Realm" is an elevated heavenly realm that is the direct dominion era.

Until right after WWII, Satan had been king. He had been the master and controller of the world. However, when the True Parents' realm is restored, the new order will create the new True Parents' kingship with the parents controlling the world. The destiny of the world is upon their shoulders. All of these historical consummations will occur on the Korean peninsula.

Father's ideology can be described in many ways: "Moonism", "Unificationism", "Godism" or "Headwing Ideology." Today, I have found a newer terminology: "True Parentism."

I am drawing a map of Korea. This is the 38th parallel that divides the country. Actually, the vertical line and horizontal line must cross at 90 degrees but that has not been done--which is the problem. This failure has created an east and west separation, as well as a north and south separation. There are great differences in cultural traditions between the East and West. Who can bring these different cultures together?

With the dawning of the Age of Asia and the Pacific era, America would become helpless because of this strong cultural gap. Many people might think that Japan might play a major role in the Pacific era for it is the richest nation. Even though they have lots of money, they cannot solve this situation.

The Korean peninsula, similar to the Vatican, is where the Asia era shall be governed. This is where the ideology of the New Age centering on Adam shall be born. Korea is the birthplace of the new unified culture. Japan, chosen by God to be the Eve nation is fulfilling the mother's position of taking care of the family's finances and allowances. For that reason, Japan is taking all the wealth away from the world.

America was a rich nation, the richest nation. But it would get money and spend it all. Today, America is the most indebted nation. But the mother saves the money for the sake of the children. America doesn't have that concept for their next generation. Therefore, America represents the heavenly archangel who must bring all that earth, space and property back to the mother and father's home country. This is the heavenly archangel's mission. Why? The original archangel standpoint was lost to Satan. How can the archangel position be restored? By the American Christians in this country uniting with the mother and father countries. Only by America uniting and supporting Japan, Korea and Asia can it survive. That is a principled perspective. The cosmic current is flowing to Asia and its headquarters. Humanity numbers at 5 billion; 3.2 billion of these people live in Asia. How could God cast out Asia? Never. The Last Days mean preserving the terminal point of Asia to finally connect with every country in the Asian area including China and then the countries surrounding China. How can we digest Mainland China? If we don't have the foundation of Mainland China, then we won't be able to control the future world. American and Soviet ideologies are ready defeated. The only remaining one is Rev. Moon's! With America and Japan united with me, and the Soviet Union following closely behind, how can China resist?

An east and west division usually results from a cultural gap, while a north and south division occurs over a difference in wealth. Can the United States solve such conflicts? Can Gorbachev or the Japanese Prime Minister resolve these problems? No! Therefore, people have come to regard Rev. Moon as the only possible solution for harmony between the east and west, as well as the north and south.

The United States of America declared against Reverend Moon. The battle has been fought. The U.S. was defeated, I won! The most historical crusade occurred when I brought the Japanese, Koreans and Germans to the United States for the salvation of this nation. All of them had been enemy countries during WWII. Who united them into one? Reverend Moon. This is the reality, not theory or theology.

Look at the American situation. The American youth followed Rev. Moon, while their parents opposed him, throwing all the power of their sovereignty against him: "Don't follow Rev. Moon, my children, don't go!" No matter how seriously they tried to teach this point, their children continued to absolutely follow Rev. Moon. They used their power to make higher levels in this country angry. They tried greater and greater force, including kidnapping. Have you every before read in history of parents kidnapping their own children? No! Who did this? Satan's doing. Why do the parents hate Rev. Moon so much? Rev. Moon is doing good projects. The parents didn't research what their children were seeking; instead, they told their children, "Rev. Moon is the worst guy." How could they kidnap their own children? Who made that condition? The communist and Christian worlds. America, Germany and Japan did it. The year 1976 was the most fearful and incredible fighting time. Father made all the nations in the world come against me including the Adam's country and the undeveloped nations. Many religions were included in the opposition: Christianity, Buddhism and Confucianism. Every religion on the earth united against me.

But when I attacked, they all fell down completely. This is Rev. Moon's foundation. Who protected me? God! No matter how strongly they came against me, they could not move the horizontal standing position away from the vertical standing point. No matter what comes against me, I cannot bend from this vertical point.

At last, the American opposition fell down along with the other five major nations. All the religions fell down. During this time, I was always working to save America and saving the religious path. During the darkest time, I was making plans for the future. When everyone looks at the rising sun, the darkness disappears and they see everything clearly. World opposition caused a spiritual hell with darkness completely covering Rev. Moon's appearance. When that darkness disappeared, there was Rev. Moon standing alone and radiating a powerful shining light.

The reason is Rev. Moon's power is No. 1! The democratic world and the communist world have to follow it. Now they are fighting each other, so who is the best one to unite them? Do you know the communist hierarchical system is very simple: push one button and everything is finished. America complicates things with too many buttons. Private ownership makes America a very difficult place. You know this very well. How can we unite these two into one?

Who can solve the differences between the whites and blacks in this country? Reverend Moon. How can Western and Eastern people be united into one? Who can solve the problems of cultural and economical separations, uniting these different spheres into one? There are many famous people who have lived and died on this earth unable to do that.

The only one who was persecuted for trying to do this was Rev. Moon. Our present work is resolving the problem bases resulting from the existence of vast differences of culture and wealth in the world. The Unification Church is going forward.

You have to know this more clearly than I do. Why? I am almost 70 years old. For the entire 70 years of my life, God and I have been standing on the front line, pulling the Unification Church. Unification Church members must help as well to the point of influencing Father. This is the mission for your age and your time. You must know this is the point where you are standing. Is this clearly one in your mind and body? No! This is the problem. How can you cast away your past in just a few years? Many American people don't want such hard training. No matter how much you didn't want it, I realized that without such training you cannot reach Father's purpose which is the hope for the future world.

Who has the solution to Eastern and Western cultural differences? No one except Rev. Moon. Why? Rev. Moon can united them completely centering on true love. Eastern and western people marry together. Colored and non-colored people can mix together in marriage with no problem. Father can do that everywhere. Rev. Moon is an artist in such work with people. He can create a masterpiece.

When I went to Kodiak, Alaska, there were many colors of couples with many babies being born. I thought, "We have created a new breed. How will their world be as they grow up--dark or hopeful? You are the light in a hopeful world. The background behind you is not dark for God will protect you. He will make a bright shining light for your path. I know that you are the proof that my 70 years of work have become a reality. You are the fruit and victorious result." I was enjoying these thoughts in my mind. Who else could make this kind of phenomenon? This is our reality, not a phenomenon. In past history, phenomena have come and gone. But what I have created has broken all concepts and become the standard of future actions. This is the center of existence not just a hopeful thought. I am proud of the Unification Church's nest blessed generation.

A completely pearl white, western woman's bosom being taken into an absolutely black tiny hand while sucking his mother's milk. That is very beautiful! That combination of white and black is great. The world will say, "Making black and white couples opened the way; but using that kind of color combining, you can make a masterpiece of human life style."

We are creating the recipe to make ideal colors. It can be done not by separating colors into only white or only dark, but by mixing the colors. In artist language, this is called using a deeper background, this means the background appears to not exist. The artist cannot create a masterpiece without understanding how to use the shades of dark. The use of dark colors can change the picture, but using only dark colors is not good. Rather, you must mix all the colors to make the background. Using that idea, the vertical and horizontal concept appears and the past historical background disappears. Father wants to make that kind of masterpiece with humankind.

While visiting in America, I made oneness with everyone, western and eastern people, centering only on true love. What kind of true love? Centering on true love marriage system they became completely one. Now we no longer have divisive cultural backgrounds.

Until now, Satan has been proudly standing on his foundation of power derived from the suffering of all righteous people who, wanting to return to God, were defeated. They didn't know this way. I am well aware of the historical way Satan created. I didn't follow it. I was protecting this position of righteousness.

From this center position, I stirred up the whole world. Rev. Moon was one man standing against an atmosphere of oppression. Strong societies of mankind from all over the world came against me. I didn't have a government, military power, or money. But I knew God and God's love center well. After I had stirred up the world, I knew I could help God use the second generation. The first generation Americans lost their chance. This is similar to the first generation of Israelites forced to wander in the wilderness and becoming eagles' prey. But I wanted to save the second generation--this was my mission.

The second generation hadn't heard the bad rumors about Rev. Moon, so they belonged to me. I knew they would be the generation of couples blessed by me to unite into one world. Seeing this future, I was steadfast and stirred up this world, to make a victorious foundation by fighting all of Satan's power. You must never forget how I gained this position. After God, I was named the victor. Only one man in history has ever defeated all of Satan's world. Now I'm leading world humanity to unity.

Everything I had was poured into this country so that with love, we could restore the creation concepts where God, the first time He made the creation completely invested more than 120% of Himself. That is the beginning creation concept. Many Unification Church members have inherited this way of thinking, "Everywhere I must invest myself more than 100%. Forsaking the past, I can find my true love partnership." That is creation's main purpose.

Everyone who has come against me, even Satan, cannot deny that Rev. Moon has made that kind of foundation a reality on the earth. Of course God is enjoying my victory and He is raising His hand, "My son! Monsei forever! Victor with me. Welcome to My place of Heart. Come!" Someday you will know how Satan's world persecuted me in a variety and quantity of actions that had cause you to fail. Stepping on you, he became the victor. How miserable is that situation? I know how hard a path it is to take. If you had passed by at that time, I had prepared everything a hundred times or more for you. Father was taking hope that day. Now while in a hurry to eliminate Satan's resting place, you have no excuse. You cannot say to me, "Father, why didn't you teach this to me clearly?" You know that I have taught you these contents at the most expensive, valuable price including my own thoughts and concepts. After understanding that, you must take this direction.

Now wherever Rev. Moon goes, there will be no opposition because he has brought unity between East and West, North and South on the individual level, family, tribe, nation, world and cosmic levels. This is why Father can install the tribal messiahship though you. At the time of Jesus, even though he came as the messiah, he was whipped from day one to the end. There was opposition and crucifixion, just the opposite of what should have been. Father received similar persecution. From this day on, Father is installing himself as the victor. We can go forward without any opposition because the world is looking for hope which cannot be found anywhere except with Rev. Moon!

The environment of the world is quickly changing. Professors and academicians who gather together see the true value system installed by Rev. Moon as the only hope of the academic world. Generally, professors are stubborn people who never listen to anyone; but they become little lambs in front of Rev. Moon. Also the American clergy who have so adamantly opposed Father in the past, are now asking, "Can I see Rev. Moon? May I have a special audience with Rev. Moon?" Furthermore, the wealthy people who just ignored Rev. Moon, now want to be in some joint venture with Rev. Moon. But Father won't see them, "I'm not enticed by your money. If you want to see me, you have to go through the workshops like any average Moonie!" In addition, high level people from Korea are coming to the United States for special seminars to study Divine Principle and Rev. Moon's work in America. They are competing with each other to qualify for the seminars in the United States and to see Rev. Moon's glorious victory.

Forty years ago, the failures of Christianity and the Korean government and leaders, brought the dispensational period of 40 years indemnity to Father. During that 40 year period, communism prospered because satanic power prospered. Now that Father has declared a victory, everything is crumbling down. Not just communism, but also the crime-ridden, morally corrupted United States is also collapsing. Where is the hope? Going to Rev. Moon.

Both the Soviet Union and the United States know that global war will not save the world, but they have been helpless to handle their kind of formidable power. The only way that the battle among brothers can be stopped is if they recognize True Parents and listen to their Father and Mother. That is the solution.

This is why I am speaking on "God and Parentism". We are moving from the restoration of the brothers' era to the Parents' Era, so the children must be united with their parents. From that unity, the solution for all the world problems will emerge.

From this point, we will move to the True Family. In the True Family realm, Satan cannot invade or accuse. We have been under the indirect dominion prior to this, but now we are moving into the direct dominion which is True Parentship dominion. This means that True Parents are responsible for world affairs, even those affairs of satanic people. Delegated by God's power, True Parents have the power to forgive, restore and save them. The people of the world have to be humble, repent and accept the Principle that True Parents are installing.

When all the brothers and sisters in the world brotherhood are forgiven, then their worldly parents will be forgiven by the True Parents. There are 3 layers of parents: Adam's time is one layer; Jesus' time is another; and True Parents in our time. Looking at our society, we have one layer of people who get married and form the family; another layer is made up of men and women who are in love, but could not consummate their love; the third layer consists of men and women who are pure and not yet married. The first layer represents Adam's family or Noah's family who are not quite yet in the bosom of God and failed to receive the final blessing. The second layer represents Jesus' time, who led a despairing and tragic life. The third layer of course represents True Parents' time.

The 36 Blessed Couples represent all three of these families or layers of humanity. When Father blessed the 36 Couples it was indicative of his intention to save all mankind. Father didn't want any segment of society left behind.

The Era of Parentism is also the era of forgiveness. In the past, in order to be truly qualified to receive the Blessing, you had to prepare for 7 years. Now, in the era of forgiveness, Father can give the blessing after only 40 days membership and study of the Divine Principle. If the men and women are totally united with True Parents and have preserved the purity of their blood lineage, they can become candidates for the blessing. This means that greater numbers of people can be blessed by True Parents.

With the advent of Parentism, the era of paying indemnity is ending on the horizontal level. Vertically, there is some indemnity still remaining. But for the Unification Church, the persecution era is over. We are now in a position to be welcomed, respected and responsible. Therefore, Father declared the tribal messiah era and sent us back to our own family to restore them. Years ago, we left our family and relatives to dedicate ourselves to the Unification Church mission. Now we have come full circle, returning to our family. That is the remainder of the mission.

The truth is like a dream or fantastic fantasy. Father conceived this dream and to make this dream a reality was far more difficult than the original creation. Repairing something is far more difficult than doing things right initially.

God has been working tirelessly for millions of years, yet was unable to create one Adam until now. That is really incredible! But one man, Father, has restored everything starting from Adam. After the Fall, the world of God was in chaos with no order. Father put order and a certain discipline into the world through the truth of the Divine Principle. He restored Adam and Eve, the Adam nation, Eve nation, Cain nation, Abel nation and the archangel nations. An entire world restored in just one life time by one man is just inconceivable. With the strength of the truth and by following Father, we have prevailed. Our ideology Father has defined as "True Parentship".

If we follow the God/True Parentism, the rest of the world will automatically come because there is no other way. There is no light to guide them through the surrounding darkness except the light in our direction.

Two kinds of Unification Church tribes will emerge: one is , "Father we are tired, no more, don't go any further, we are dying." The other group is, "Rev. Moon I live because of you. Please save me!" A million people will come crying that out. I am proud the sacrifice did not have to be too many people. The sacrifice was only a few and you must be proud that you are the selected few. Did you live with that dedicated feeling of being a sacrifice: "I've been chosen for this most honorable, sacred mission and I'm doing that"?

This is a very serious question. Originally, you did not take that kind of sacrificial position; Father fulfilled it representing you. He alone won the championship. The champion receives the value of the whole nation. You can then follow that champion absolutely. If you dedicate yourself to respectfully following him, as a result you will be trained to inherit the championship of the winner.

On August 31st, 1989 in Alaska I had a special ceremony called "Pal-chong-shi". The second ceremony was to declare God and Parentism. This is the restoration of true kingship. In the heavenly kingdom, no palace has been erected. There can be no palace in heaven until it happens on earth.

Adam and Eve were not only supposed to be the parents of mankind, but "kingship" was to be achieved by them. They were to rule the universe here on earth and then thereafter in Heaven. That was not done, so there was no palace in Heaven. God's palace on earth has to be restored.

God-Parentism is really another way of saying "forgiving all enemies". Under the parents, everyone is in the children's position. Children cannot be enemies to the parents. Then the only duty of the parents is to love the children. Therefore, with the advent of this new era, there are no enemies. True Parents have provided the living example of living without enemies and with hatred toward none. The declaration of no enemies includes Satan. We are in a position to love the archangel who brought the Fall to mankind.

Korea has become the most critical land mass on earth in the dispensational purpose. Besides the restoration of the Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel nations, there are three archangel nations. Looking at the map of Korea, we can see North Korea and South Korea. South Korea is the Adam nation while North Korea is the satanic Adam nation. Japan is the Eve nation. Korea must have all three archangel nations surrounding it: the United States, the Asian archangel nation of China, the communist archangel of the Soviet Union. Satan needs Korea because he is occupying North Korea. All the world's problems will be surrounding Korea. When Korea's problem is resolved then the world's problems will be resolved.

From the satanic point of view, the Adam nation is North Korea with the Adam position being held by Kim Il Sung; China was the satanic Eve nation and the Soviet Union was the satanic archangel nation. When Father brings China (I am referring to Mainland China united with Taiwan) to South Korea's side, then North Korea's satanic system will crumble. Satan is coming after China, because he is envious of China. The Soviet Union, who doesn't want to be outdone by China, will follow them to Adam. This is already happening.

Kim Il Sung represents false fatherhood; he is called "My father supreme prime minister Kim Il Sung" by the North Korean people. Nowadays, North Korea has declared home church. Of course, the satanic method is always by force or appealing to fear and so by fear they accomplish. But true Adam is accomplishing through true love, by loving in freedom.

Father feels that when Kim Il Sung's life is over, a turning point will come for all of Korea. That time is coming soon and when it does happen, God-Parentism will move on to restoration of true kingship. In 1948, independence came to Korea and soon after was separated into North and South. This period of separation has been for 40 years as of 1988 and with 4 years added to that, 1992 is a crucial dispensational year. Just wait and see what will happen in 1992, just 3 years from now.

What is "Pal Chong Shi"? Vertically speaking there are 8 phases of movement or dispensational steps. "Pal" means "eight". These steps start from the servant of servants era, servant era, adopted son era, true son era, mother's era, father's era and return to God. Vertically, the reverse order has to be restored. These periods are the periods of the indirect dominion of God. From there, we move up to the new era of the direct dominion of God. This is the vertical view of the History of Restoration.

Horizontally looking at history, we start from the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, world, cosmos and return to God or God's Era. Again there are 8 periods.

"Chong" means "settlement" or firming the foundation. Therefore, "Pal Chong Shi" means that the vertical and horizontal eight steps have been settled, so "Pal Chong Shi" is the ceremony of the settlement of the 8 periods.

Today, Father has testified to the dispensational ceremonies conducted in the name of the victory our True Parents have won. But the parent-child relationship is a love relationship. A love relationship always engenders an inheritance. Therefore, you are in a position to inherit Father's victory as your own victory. This declaration of parentship and restoration of kingship is all yours by accepting Father as your father and communicating your relationship of love.

After this Pal Chong Shi Ceremony, we are going over the period of indemnity. Who paid the indemnity? Father! All the religious history has been a history of failure. All the national histories have been the history of the failure of national restoration. This final day, Father restored them all-religious and national histories. True Parentism has become a way of life--your daily way of life. The fallen realm will no longer be recognized. Now our one remaining job is to unite the world into one. When that is accomplished, we will move on to the restoration of true kingship.

When the kingship is restored, then the liberation of God becomes a reality. God is truly the king of all creation, the king of kings. True Parents are united with God, and exercise the authority given to them by the power of God. Those belonging to the citizenship of the unified Adam nation become the citizens of the kingdom of Heaven. The kingdom of Heaven means that there is a kingdom. The existence of a kingdom means there is a king. If there is a king, there is kingship which would mean the restoration of kingship.

Father chose Alaska as the place of this ceremony, because the members in Alaska have suffered the most. They obeyed Father, suffered and paid the most indemnity. Centering on them, Father held the Pak Chong Shi ceremony. From now, we are entering the God-Parentism era.

Parentism will be over by bringing kingship. When we talk about kingship there might be some opposition. However, the heavenly spiritual environment is already moving toward that direction. Father has always emphasized indemnity: any money we earned we had to pay indemnity and people who wanted to come to Father had to pay indemnity. Now all of this indemnity can be shortened and forgiven.

During the restoration of brotherhood era, we may have felt that we had been doing nothing but suffering. We must remember that as bearers of the truth, our suffering is so precious. Many members thought that Father would pick the brides and bridegrooms of the True Children only from the children of the 36 Couples. But Father chose Kook Jin Nim's bride from the 430 Couples. Upon this foundation Father will open up the entire races of the world to be engaged to True Parents' family in the future. That foundation is coming.

In 1975, Father sent out missionaries to 127 countries. The missionaries were sent out in teams of three: one Japanese, one American and one German. At the time, people didn't understand why Father sent out these three impossible nationalities. But Father was already looking toward the restoration of the world. Father was always going out with them, so four enemy nations went out together to save the world.

From 1975 when Father sent out the missionaries, there was a 12 year period during which time all the persecution of the world had to be cleansed and completely overcome. The 12 years is over now and that has been done. Father laid the foundation for victorious unity and victory over all the opposition only 12 years later.

The 36 Blessed Couples are like an anchor. From that anchor, Father set up a certain system, discipline and heavenly organization. Father laid one level after another, paying one indemnity after another, cleansing all areas until today. Father can declare this his greatest, cleanest and total victory.!

On October 3rd, 1988 (11 months ago) Father declared in Korea the opening of a new heaven, Patchunjel. This is a special foundation day of Korea. At that time, Father declared the foundation day for the Kingdom of Heaven. Father thought that every dispensational meaning and program must be completed within eight months. It is now 10 months later and Father is finally able to declare God's Parentism. Even the restoration of kingship has been declared.

Father has never spoken these words before. Father's words are progressing for he is now speaking about the restoration of kingship. Once this world is spoken, Satan is absolutely powerless to come upon Father's work. Therefore, Father wants you to be bold and strong. That's all you need to do. Anyone who agrees with Father, join in his spirit and march forward to this goal to become an ultimate victor in the history of mankind.

The new era for God and Parentism has been declared. Everyone who trusts Father, knows that this is happening and joins in this great crusade to become one with True Parents. You must be filled with hope, not despairing or discouraged. You must march forward with Father full of hope. Everyone who pledges to do that with Father, raise your hands and say Amen!

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