The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Adam and Eve's Blessing Day should have been God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1989
God's Day Morning Speech
Headquarters Church
Seoul, Korea
Translation: Sang Kil Han and Bernhard Quandt
Notes: Peter Kim

True Family in the Homeland -- After the traditional Korean wedding celebration at Hannam-dong for Kook Jin Nim and Soon Ju Nim, True Family pose for a family portrait. Back row: (left to right) Hoon Sook Nim, Jun Sook Nim, Hyun Jin Nim, Kook Jin Nim, Soon Ju Nim, Un Jin Nim, Jin Hun Nim. Front row: Hyung Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim, Kwon Jin Nim, Nan Sook Nim with Shin Young Nim, Hyo Jin Nim with Shin Jeung Nim, Father, Mother, Ye Jin Nim with Shin Goon Nim, Jin Whi Nim with Shin Bok Nim, In Jun Nim with Jeung Jin Nim, Jin Sung Nim, Sun Jin Nim, Yeon Jin Nim.

Col. Han: Father's midnight sermon lasted from midnight until 5 o'clock in the morning and then at 5:20 a.m., Father held a worship ceremony, after which he cut the cake. Then he commenced the God's Day morning speech:

Today is the 21st anniversary of God's Day, which was established on January 1, 1968. The Unification Church's four main holidays are the Day of All Things, Children's Day, Parents' Day and God's Day. Their significance is based on God's three blessings -- the perfection of the individual, couple, parents, children and ownership. Which day is most important? Actually, all four holy days are one, each a part of the four position foundation. If Adam and Eve had reached perfection, the joyful day they would have received God's Blessing in matrimony would have been God's Day, as well as Parents' Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things. The original God's Day would be the day we celebrate God's creation. In all of creation the depth of God's investment of love is very visible. In restoration, however, the four days had to be established one by one ending with God's Day. The human fall came in the perfection level of the growth stage. Therefore the seven-year suffering course Mother and I went through together after 1960 was the period to cross from the growth stage into the perfection stage. It was during this period that I installed Parents' Day, Children's Day, and the Day of All Things.

God's providence has been to restore a country centered on God, where the person that God raises is in the subject position. The constitution would be heavenly law, centered on God. However, because individuals have been centered on Satan, then the family, tribe, and nation have also been centered on Satan. Since the national level has belonged to Satan, all the religious leaders raised by God have been opposed by authorities of the state. Jesus was crucified by the courts of the nation.

Father and Mother pray at the headquarters church in Seoul, Korea.

Create a Right Angle

The stage for the fight with Satan is on the individual level; the unity between body and mind. The mind represents the vertical, the body represents the horizontal direction. If a complete right angle is formed, a spherical, harmonious shape is created. But if we slant even one degree, we become Satan's arena. Many times the body doesn't act according to the mind's direction, and that is when the problem begins in the individual, and can be passed on to become a serious problem of lineage.

If God represents the absolute vertical, then who will represent the absolute horizontal of mankind? True Parents. In the physical world, we see that the orbit of the planets, day and night, and the seasons, although changing, are in an unchanging p -t tern. In the spiritual world there also must be a center around which an unchanging orbit can be described. Then on what basis can the vertical direction from God and horizontal direction from True Parents be united? When we are constructing a building, it is most important that the vertical lines are exactly vertical. Then the building is strong. Therefore, only when the vertical axis is completely centered on God, with our body intersecting our mind at right angles, will Satan have no place in that individual.

When man and woman meet each other, should the husband run toward the wife or vice versa? They should meet in the center. Power, money, knowledge or false love may tempt either away and then the vertical line is bent. But acting with true love means they will never leave the vertical direction coming from God.

God is without substance and form, and the same is true for love. Have you ever touched love? Love, even though it is not tangible nor part of the physical world, completely permeates both the physical and spiritual worlds and is something we cannot live without. Love connects and unites the vertical and horizontal. It is a constant, eternal thing because it's give and take forms a spherical action. This power of love becomes like a cement which unites the spiritual and physical worlds and bonds the spiritual world with God. Love is the source of power, so especially if we want to do something that requires much energy, then we need much love.

Love travels extremely fast, and has such impact that one individual can whisper love to another and the other will experience it as thunder so loud that it shakes the entire earth, and lightning so powerful that it makes everything fearful. There are many kinds of love: love for friends, between couples, and between parents and children.

Father writes the motto for 1989: "The Unification of Korea"

Make God Laugh and Cry

The reason why people all over the world are crying out to God is that God is living for the sake of mankind. If we want to catch and hold on to God, we must live in the same way as Him, living for the sake of others. Which is more attractive: someone who can make God laugh, or who can make God laugh and cry? How wonderful to be able to move someone to laughter and to tears. The family where the husband and wife have not loved each other to the degree that they make each other cry with overflowing happiness, is an unhappy family. Do you think God would like to live in our families? When you go to America, they have senior citizen homes. These people are very miserable, because they would much rather be with their grandchildren than living a life of comfort.

The love that brings two young people together to hold hands, or two old people, is the same attractive kind of love. Think about the love which is felt and expressed between a grandfather and grandmother who are 100 years old, as they hold each other's hands and are concerned about each other. Such a love is even deeper and stronger than the explosive love between young men and women.

Love is not the power to compare, but rather is the power to unify and integrate. When we achieve the level of true love, then we've gone beyond race and nationality and enter the fourth dimension. No matter what background a person has, no one can do without love; it is indispensable. God's love cannot be exchanged even with God Himself. God is precious but God's love is more precious than God Himself. Who says so?! God says so!

What can move the Korean or any race to become crazy with enthusiasm to love their country? A tremendous amount of knowledge? An incredible sum of money? Only the power of love can motivate the Korean people to become patriotic towards their own country.

The Unification Church Blessing is now only on the church level. Since the world is still within the realm of Satan, in the future we must also go through the national and world levels of approval. Until True Parents can see a united mankind, the world-level blessing will not be fulfilled. After that, we go into spirit world, are accepted as blessed members and belong to one of the twelve tribes. Together with Father the blessed couples can settle down. Those who live indebted become servants, those who help other people are given the master's position.

Follow My Pattern

The kind of heart which I have qualifies me to be what I am. You must understand the background of my life and follow that pattern. I never buy clothes for myself -- I always want to give what I have to beggars I see on the street. In America, while traveling thousands of miles, I ate at McDonald's rather than at more expensive oriental restaurants. Everyone is watching from the spirit world. You cannot just take things for your own selfish use. In my life of faith I went through so much suffering that I heard God cry with me. Through this I learned the heart that can love billions of people. We have to win our enemy so that he will voluntarily acknowledge he was saved by us. We cannot get into heaven until we get that recognition from our enemy. If you don't follow the tradition I've set, we cannot succeed.

When you are in a harmonious environment, everything is beautiful and joyful. But even in prison I never become depressed, because I have always trained myself to overcome the obstacles in front of me. God's strategy is to be struck first by Satan and then to take ownership. Historically this formula is repeated numerous times. We must become the kind of person who could sit in a prison looking at the water coming out of the rainspout and wish he could heat that rainwater up in a bathtub and give God a relaxing bath rather than worrying about his own misery. When we have that kind of a heart towards God, we will be intimate with Him. Then God's Day will become your day, my day, our day.

Once we experience God's heart then we become accustomed to experiencing His love. As we truly experience it one time, two times, ten times, we don't have to try anymore. A life of God's heart and love means love you live and experience, empirical love, not love you only think about or discuss. A vertical relationship with God is even stronger than a mother-child relationship. I am a person who always communicates with God. I can feel what God feels, so we are literally the same in that way, like resonant bodies. When God hears something, it will sound the same way in my mind and heart. I have been living as such an object to God all of my life. I could persevere through suffering the deepest hell on earth only because I know how much God needs me. Only through us can He regain His lost children. We must be more serious than God about His dispensation or else we cannot make God laugh or cry.

Mother and I always feel we wish we could do more for our members; we feel sorry when they suffer. I am very sympathetic, but I am never indebted to our members. I pray for those Unification Church brothers and sisters who are waiting in a communist jail to be tortured or executed. My prayer is not an ordinary prayer -- it is from a heart that incarnates misery.

Brothers and sisters give a mansei cheer to True Parents at God's Day evening entertainment, in the Little Angels auditorium.

Winning Our Homeland

In the history of restoration, we can see how much Abel has suffered at the hands of Cain. How much frustration must have accumulated in the heart of Abel, but Abel should never let it force him to forget that only by love can Cain and Abel be united. Only by forgetting the pain and afflictions can we unite, and only by loving our enemy can we be true sons and daughters of God. We can receive salvation only as we endure through suffering with no bitterness or lasting resentment.

When you see many houses while riding in an automobile through the city or in the countryside, you should yearn to go into each house and talk freely to them about God, His love and suffering. With such a serious mind, your deepest joy would be to teach them and experience their understanding and acceptance.

Anyone who does not have his Fatherland centered upon God is really a miserable, pitiful person. There is not much suffering for us Unification Church members to go through from this time on. I will ask church leaders to go to their hometown neighborhoods, or t'ongban, and bring all of their relatives and neighbors to revival meetings there. In Korea, a province is comparable to a state, kun is comparable to county, myein is village, and the smallest unit is a t'ongban. We want to work at the most grassroots level -- to go to any house and give the message of God there. We will make them aware of the need for the unification of Korea. Such a movement is now going on in Korea.

You have to fulfill your mission so that your ancestors will be proud of you. Don't forget that I asked you to march forward with me. Let us pray. 

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