The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

The End of the World and Our Age -- Part I

Sun Myung Moon
March 19, 1989
World Mission Center
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

"The End of the World and Our Age" is the title of my sermon this morning. Nowadays there is a lot of talk about the end of the world, and many interpretations of how it will occur. On the individual level, one is born, lives and then the moment of physical death comes. The same thing occurs in a nation; a nation emerges, goes through its course and then its destiny comes to an end. Also, throughout history, different kinds of worlds (such as the communist world) have emerged and eventually will come to an end.

People have their own views about the end of the world, but what about God's viewpoint? All true men and women have desired and hoped to have a relationship with an eternal God. If there truly is an everlasting, unchanging, absolute God in the universe, then the men and women who support His providence shall not perish but become key figures in history.

Historically, there have been many cultures and each one had its own view of world history. Religion engendered these civilizations, so religious history becomes of paramount importance. Ultimately, there will be one true religion that will prosper forever -- the religion which relates to the one almighty God. All others come and go, but in order to make an everlasting impact on human society, religion must have a relationship to almighty God.

Great philosophers also appear and fade. Philosophy and religion are different; philosophy is theory and profuse talk, writing and books. Because philosophy searches for the cause of the universe, it can guide us in our search for God. When philosophy finds God, it should develop into a religion in order to make an impact on human lives, because religion promotes both word and deed, or the actual encounter with our Heavenly Father. That is the difference: through religion, we can experience God.

There have been many great religions in the Orient and in the West: Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. At the center of each of these religions is a sagacious savior or prophet. From such men and women chosen by God, the great religions emerged. We come to the conclusion that, ultimately, mankind must encounter God. God must be in the center, surrounded by east, west, north and south.

Right and Left Civilizations

Let's examine Christianity. There are eastern, western, northern and southern religions; they each have certain particular characteristics and a different emphasis. Where does Christianity fit in? It is not just a coincidence that several impactful religions emerged in the areas surrounding Israel a few hundred years prior to the coming of Christ. For example, new civilizations emerged in Mesopotamia, Egypt, China and India; all these major civilizations surrounded the Mediterranean area. Israel was the center. It must have been providential that all these civilizations emerged surrounding Israel, the area where God ultimately sent His central religious figure, Jesus. Also, Christianity became prosperous over the past 2,000 years. This is not a coincidence; this was all in the plan of God.

At Christ's time, when you stood in the position of Israel and faced north, on the right hand side were the civilizations of China and India, and on the left hand side was the very hedonistic Roman civilization; in between were the Greek and Egyptian civilizations. To the left and right of Israel several civilizations emerged and prospered. These events occurred so that there could be an ideal encounter between God and men. At the time of Christ, God's providential will was thrusting human history toward that goal.

In our modern era, civilizations have become consolidated into four major spheres. Today, Christianity is in the central position, and similar to the time of Jesus, there are civilizations to the left and right. A consolidation occurred and four major civilizations based upon four major religions have remained. Why has this further consolidated into two major conflicting worlds? If you considered the Roman Empire to be in the central position 2,000 years ago, there were also left and right civilizations: the Greek and Egyptian civilizations. The Roman Empire represented the world in those days. A situation that occurred during the Roman Empire is happening again in the 20th Century. We have four major civilizations still remaining, yet actually the world has been polarized into two extreme conflicting ideologies.

Christianity belonged to which direction? I believe that Christianity should have gone to the East. That is why Christianity became centered not in Great Britain, but in the United States. Therefore the United States symbolizes Christian civilization. Centering on this civilization, the right and left sides are now confronting each other. When we look at the satanic or communist world, they also have left and right within themselves. Communism has to deal with religion within its own world. For example, China became a communist country; but for a long time it was under the Confucianist influence. Also, there is Hinduism in India, and the Moslem religion in Iran and Iraq. There are also many Moslems within the Soviet empire. Ultimately, the communists are trying to bring these elements together and confront Christianity.

Destination of History

Where is history moving toward? Asia is its destination, because it is one full circle of the world's civilizations. Civilization started out from Asia Minor, migrated all the way to Europe, then across the Atlantic and all the way across the Pacific to finally come full circle in Asia. God's unified world shall blossom centering upon Asia; that is the destiny of human history. During the time of Jesus Christ, if Judaism had totally united with Christ, supporting and accepting him, then soon after they would have embraced the other religious cultures surrounding them. Christianity would not have had to move toward the Roman Empire. Instead, it would have united with the Greek, Egyptian and Asian civilizations. Instead of going westward, Christianity would have started going east.

More than all the other major religions of the world, through Christianity the ideal encounter between God and men shall be accomplished. That is God's plan, and it could have been accomplished in Christ's time, rather than waiting for another opportunity 2000 years later. However, the crucifixion of Jesus brought about entirely opposite consequences. Instead of the Christian civilization moving toward the east, it moved west toward the Roman Empire. Christianity had to undergo the most incredible confrontation with the extremely hedonistic culture of the Roman Empire. There were 400 years of tragic persecution until the Roman. Empire was conquered by the Christian religion. Upon that foundation, Roman Catholicism was born.

What happened because of Israel's failure to accept Jesus? For the following 400 years, Israel's history became very fragile; it encountered only war, confrontation and suffering. How can we now unite all the diverse religions into one body? Is there some wonderful way to accomplish this? At the crucifixion, Jesus' body was lost, paying the price for humanity; only Jesus' spirit remained. So Christianity became a spiritual crusade. Because Jesus' body was lost in Asia Minor; Christianity had to move to the satanic center, the Roman Empire, in an attempt to win back that empire. In the meantime, Christianity was also dealing with the Greek and Egyptian cultures.

It has been an uphill battle for Christianity. The first Christian victory came in Rome, which is on a peninsula. Ever since that first victory, peninsulas have been meeting grounds for all the different cultural elements. In the case of Rome's peninsula, it represented the masculine subject nature and the Mediterranean Sea represented the feminine object nature.

Through give and take, this area became the birthplace of human culture. Between Israel and the Roman Empire, there was an east/west relationship, and between Greece and Egypt there was a north/south relationship. Together, these four cultures represented the four directions.

God intended His will to be fulfilled centered on the Roman Empire. After the 400 years of persecution and eventual Christian victory won on that peninsula, God's plan was to embrace all the surrounding civilizations and try to bring about the fulfillment of the Christian ideal. In other words, after these 400 years, there was yet another opportunity for the Christian ideal to be substantially fulfilled, centering upon the Roman peninsula, through unity with the Asian culture. However, because of another failure, the Christian movement has been moving westward toward Great Britain and the Atlantic. So human civilization took a course starting from the Roman Empire, a peninsula nation, moved toward the island nation of Great Britain, then across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States, a great continental culture, then over the Pacific to the East. So, Asia has been the ultimate destination. Asia is a gigantic continent with vast numbers of people; for example, there are 1.3 billion people in China, and Asia has a 3.2 billion population. Any world view which fails to include China or Asia will not succeed.

True Family listens attentively to Father's sermon.

The End of the World

The time of Jesus Christ's coming was when God wanted to bring about the reunification of humanity with Himself.

Events occurred according to God's providential timetable. But since that did not happen, we had to wait another 2,000 years to make a complete cycle around the entire world. Once again, centered upon Christianity, we are now presented with the opportunity to create one world centered on God. Currently there are two worlds, but one world culture is feasible because this is the time when the Lord must return.

Another world phenomenon presents evidence that the end of the world prophesied in Christianity is at hand. Western culture has become weakened and is hoping to unite with Eastern culture. Also, when the Cain and Abel struggle comes to the point of worldwide-level conflict, when they have to unite into one or both be destroyed, that's the moment Christ will reappear and consummate that unity. Today, the United States represents the Christian world.

We must include Asia in order to secure the ultimate victory, though, because that is where the body of Christ was lost. Through the Divine Principle we know that before the truth appears, satanic or false things will manifest themselves first. Satan always tries to imitate the truth first.

The representative nation of Christianity today is the United States of America, and this nation must move toward the east, toward Asia. However, America cannot just simply take off in an airplane and land in Asia. You have all of your historical background: the Roman Empire, Great Britain, the European cultures and America. It is not easy to return to the original ideal until you pay back every debt in history -- everything must be indemnified. By doing so you will be qualified to return to this ideal. You have to indemnify all of the past failures of Europe, and then you will be ready to move forward. History is reaped as it was sown.

Our problem is to get an exact diagnosis of human history at its point of origin. God never planned all of the tragic ordeals of history; God's purpose of creation was to bring the ideal unity between God and man right away. But what happened? In modern terms we could simply say some unexpected accident occurred, which we call the fall of man. But we must dig deeper. What was the cause of this accident that created the separation between God and man? This is the most crucial question. Once men reach perfection and meet God, no power under the sun can separate them. The common element that brings God and man together is not money, power, or knowledge, but true love. Because men and women fell, love has been completely stained. For that reason, I always describe this original love as true love. The opposite is illicit, or bad love. Illicit love interacts with its central figure, Satan. But in true love, God is the central figure. Do you want true love or false love?

God Is Looking for His Object

Are there two Gods or one God? There is one entity who is alone by Himself. When you are alone you want fellowship, don't you? God wants true love; this is the reason even God is looking for an object. Only through give and take can the power of love produce joy. God is a giant plus, and men and women together create a giant minus. God, of course, wants to fulfill true love, and, naturally, all people want love, too. But Satan is looking on very enviously and thinking, "How can I infiltrate that love?" Satan's greed and ambition were first manifest, d at the time of the fall.

Satan knew all of God's beautiful, glorious plans for the creation. And he knew there was still time because God was waiting for men and women to grow into perfection. So before that maturity, Satan thought: "I'll just chase God away and take men and women for myself." So, men and women, who were supposed to be perfected in the love of God, became the victims of satanic love. If there had been no fall, humans would grow up in a state of purity and love, becoming God's temples.

Let's draw a diagram. God's love comes through the vertical line, while men and women create a perfect horizontal line. The vertical line and horizontal line should meet at a 90 degree angle. God's love comes through a vertical line because that is the shortest distance to reach its destination most quickly; it's similar to an electron beam. Anything other than a vertical line creates a longer distance, and love will absolutely not travel that longer distance.

Adam and Eve were born as babies, knowing nothing about life, grew into teenagers and finally matured into men and women. At that point, they automatically discovered that they needed each other. In the meantime, God already knew that men and women would not be able to stay away from each other. So He started coming down toward them; the timing was perfect. A beautiful situation should have occurred. Ideally, just as men and women are about to meet each other, all of a sudden a third party comes down from above. God wants to be with us. Love belongs to God first, so as men and women get closer and closer, God is right there, too.

Father draws diagram of the crossing line of good and evil.

True Love Axis

This was the original plan of creation. God's vertical love line would be the core, representing the heart; then Adam and Eve would come together to surround the core, representing the body. They would turn around and around in unity for eternity. Men and women would come dashing toward each other, create a heavenly collision, and twirl forever in circular motion.

God is in the mind's position with Adam and Eve in the body's position; they become one entity. Only true love can unify everything because the purpose of creation is true love. If you experience true love one time, it is because you are standing in a vertical position, like a pillar. Unfortunately, men and women have usually just been wandering around all over the world.

Even the universal bodies -- the sun earth and moon, are turning around a central axis. The universe is disciplined. What about humanity, the most important creation of God? Do we have an axis? Even in the fallen world, the mind is the axis. Between that mind and the body, however, there is a conflict. There should be absolute discipline where vertical true love is concerned, there can be no compromise there. The body must not rebel against the mind. The mind is the axis we turn around. The problem today is that the vertical line has been shaken, so all kinds of horizontal lines just meet each other randomly and confusion occurs. The body has become the prey of Satan. There are two pluses, the mind and the body, instead of a plus and a minus. This is the fallen situation.

Throughout history religion has tried to subjugate Satan's plus, which is the body, through fasting, 120-day mountaintop prayer conditions, Il Jeong prayer, 5:00 pledge service, you name it. Through these we push the body down into the minus position. The mind must be the only plus. To be minus doesn't mean to be a servant, but to be a recipient of true love!

How Do We Meet God?

The problem with today's Christianity is its lack of clarity; there is worship of God, but no one really knows who God is and what is His purpose of creation. We call God "Father," but why is God our Father? As God's sons and daughters we are in His direct lineage. It's a serious problem when we say: "God is my Father in Heaven" and still we do not even know why He is my Father! God is the Creator, the vertical true love parent. He gave me birth centering upon true love. Who were Adam and Eve? They should have become horizontal true love parents and united with the vertical true love parent. True love must travel the shortest distance, the vertical line, and the horizontal line must meet it at an exact 90 degree angle. That is perfection. Therefore, the horizontal line is also the shortest distance between the two points. Men and women meet God exactly at the 90 degree angle. From this point of perfection, the fruits of love, which are children, come abundantly. So your children receive not only the blood lineage of their own physical father and mother, but also God's.

God's lineage does not manifest itself in the material sense, but through your heartistic or spiritual mind. Originally, children were to inherit God's mind and their parents' body. The problem is that all throughout human history no one was born under these circumstances; no one has been a 90 degree person. Perhaps some people have been 89.9 degrees, but that is not good enough. You can say, "Well, please give me a little break. I will meet you at 89.9999 degrees," but God doesn't dwell there. If you deviate even slightly you begin to feel uncertain, empty and anxious. There is no perfection or joy. We know we have not yet accomplished enough to become a child of God because the struggle between the mind and body continues with the mind representing God and the body representing Satan. Everyone in this room was born under those circumstances. Anything at a different angle than the vertical line is a satanic line.

Many people don't admit the existence of the mind. The mind is our vertical self and the body is our horizontal self. Together their give and take creates the conscience. If we try to do something wrong, the mind says "don't do it"; it rebels against us because it doesn't belong to us; it belongs to God. But when the body obeys that vertical mind 100%, then a heavenly mind develops. Otherwise you have a satanic mind. Today the problem is that no one has this 90 degree angle between the vertical self and the physical self; so all of humanity's situation can be compared to that of a patient in a hospital. The messiah is coming for the purpose of healing humanity, and his weapon is true love. His goal is to restore this 90 degree intersection.

Graft onto the True Olive Tree

Today the world resembles an orchard of wild olive trees. The messiah is coming as a true olive tree and from his branch will convert all the wild olive trees into true olive trees. Satan built a stone wall to safeguard his wild olive tree orchard. The messiah's mission is to smash through that wall and to graft all the wild olive tree buds onto the true olive tree branch. These little bud branches have all the correct ingredients needed to create true love relationships; so when you are grafted onto the true olive tree, you can reach the 90 degree angle without any doubt! The wild olive tree is gigantic; Father is drawing a big tree now. People are usually deceived because in appearance the wild olive tree is no different from the true olive tree. But the important thing is this: there is no vertical, 90 degree crossing inside the wild olive tree. Only after the grafting process does new life begin to flourish from the bud, but the process itself is distasteful to people. They will ask: "Why did you cut all my branches off?" Cutting off the branches of the wild olive tree symbolizes the self-denial of all existence -- the denial of the world, nation, clan, family, and ultimately self-denial. All the major religions emphasize self-denial. The Unification Church is igniting an internal, fundamental revolution of man; through self-denial we can be grafted onto the true olive tree, from which new life will germinate.

After the fall of man, evil took the upper hand and good has been suppressed; the lines of good and evil throughout history have been getting closer to the crossing junction. From this point on, good will take control, and evil will decline.

The guiding light of history is true love. Throughout history religions have taught the love of parents, of country, and of fellow man. That was done to help us to cross this junction. Contrary to this, Satan always teaches: "Don't worry about anybody else but yourself. Take everything that is good for you -- you are the most important and are entitled to have it all." Satan is always saying, "Since you love me, therefore you come under my control." Goodness always puts itself in the sacrificial position of living for the sake of others. I have always taught you to give to others first. We have a roomful of Unification Church members here. How many of us are real Unification Church members with minds and bodies fully united?

Satan has been the king. To challenge this situation will not be an easy battle. Nothing short of a revolution will defeat Satan. This is why Jesus said: "Those who lose their life for my sake will find it. Those who seek their life for their own sake will lose it."

What if you do certain things just to get a salary or some recognition? Is that the correct motivation? The first commandment of Christ was to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. Giving your heart, mind, and soul means that you are ready to stick your neck out, even ready to die for the love of God. Are you doing that?

Joyful Korean-Japanese blessed couples listen to Father.

Make Satan Surrender

Satan is clever and sees your thoughts very quickly. Satan only retreats when he sees that you are determined to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul, even risking your life. But when someone says; "I have a difficult situation. I have my kids to worry about, I have to earn some money to buy a little house somewhere and send them to school. Then I will love God," then Satan knows that God is secondary in their life, and will say, "I am not going to retreat -- you are now my servant."

Each of the eight stages is a battleground, from the individual level, to the family, tribal, national, worldwide, and cosmic levels, because Satan controls all of them at this time. In order to penetrate and bring true love you must win each stage all the way to the top; then you are free to come back to the center. Satan cannot follow you there, and will surrender to you at this point because you sacrificed yourself and loved the world, which Satan could not do. This is the turning point. There will be a glorious homecoming, and it will be Satan who will open up the way with olive branches, palm fronds and welcoming applause. You will be victorious against the satanic power because you won with true love. This is the task that God is asking you to do.

Every building is made with 90 degree corners. If this 90 degree rule is violated, the building will collapse. Every window has one common element: 90 degree corners. A building can last for many decades when it has 90 degree intersections -- it is stable and permanent.

Man reaps as he has sown. Since we sowed the seed of illicit love, that has to be rectified at the end of the world. The phenomenon of illicit love has become rampant in our world today, especially in America. This advanced nation of the free world has become a tool of Satan. Advanced nations today are like a hell infested by illicit, ungodly love; they are abundantly rich externally, but desperately poor internally.

Many citizens of the United States don't care about their parents or their family. They seek after carnal pleasures and excitement. They use drugs in their efforts to fulfill some fantastic illusion. Illicit love is rampant and prospering in America and the free world; this is another sign that the end of the world is here.

When Jesus was crucified, there were two thieves on each side of the cross. One attended Christ while the other rebelled against him. The thief to the right side of Jesus was dying, but with his last ounce of energy, he fought back for the sake of Jesus, saying to the other thief, "You criminal, you deserve death. But Christ, the Lord, has not sinned. He doesn't deserve this kind of treatment."

Our world is now reaping what was sowed; today we see the same situation as with Christ on the cross 2,000 years ago. On the left there is communism saying that God is dead. But where is the Christian church performing the role of the right-hand thief? Is America telling communism that God is not dead -- the living God is right here? The worst tragedy of all is that there is no such advocate today. Reverend Moon alone is saying: "God is alive! Not only that, He is our father."

The restoration of true love is Rev. Moon's crusade. Freedom was not given to you to satisfy carnal desires but to allow you to restore the God-given rights of true love. This is what the Unification Church is restoring. Through our mass weddings we will bring God back into our families, restoring true parents and true children. Wherever you go you will encounter obstacles on two sides, Cain and Abel. I came to this world barehanded and restored the power of the right-hand thief who had defended Jesus and God. I expanded that power all the way to the national level and finally on to the global level. While doing this there was constant persecution and criticism, but now that has dissipated. Now even our enemies have to recognize that Rev. Moon is determined to penetrate these eight stages and win as quickly as possible.

Paying the Debt of Historical Evil

It is difficult for anyone, including my own family, to comprehend fully what I am doing and why we need to run this fast. No one understands why I don't sleep more than two or three hours a day. These hellish eight stages are governed by Satan and I want to move through each one as quickly as possible. At the center there is true liberation because that is under God's direct dominion. I want to raise the victorious torch in the name of God's true love and hold a homecoming party in a world where Satan cannot follow anymore.

Six thousand years ago, humanity lost their true parents and became orphans. I can go all the way to the heavenly domain and come back again because I paid the debt of all historical evil. This signals the end of the old world and the beginning of the new world.

I am commissioned to wipe out the satanic lineage and cleanse everything. The most apparent proof that this is being fulfilled today is that I am the one man opposed by the entire satanic world: Satan doesn't want me to be victorious.

Let's examine another proof. Think of all the religious periods in history, including even that of Jesus Christ. He was persecuted and crucified, but most of the world did not know about his coming. Did they know Buddha, Confucius, or Muhammad? Were they persecuted as much as Rev. Moon? Today, I am the target of the entire world; this is the turning point of the new era.

I am one man in the center waging the battle on the individual, family, tribe, national, worldwide, and cosmic levels. Simultaneously, evil is declining and good is increasing; the whole history of mankind has been turned right side up in an historical whirlwind. The right is moving to the left, and the left is moving to the right. This is what we call the Headwing ideology: bringing harmony and unification of the left and right. All world affairs are God's business.

Unity of Korea and Japan

The fall of man turned everything upside down with righteousness always being oppressed, but this at time I am rectifying all injustice by mobilizing all individual, family, tribe, nation, worldwide, and cosmic powers. Adam and Eve brought the world's downfall. Restoration does not come on the individual level alone, but it comes on the worldwide level. The Adam nation and the Eve nation must come together. This is what Father did last year on October 30th, blessing members of the Japanese and the Korean family together. Korea and Japan have been fighting each other for the last half-century, creating intense hatred and resentment. Through the blessing they have been brought back together as one family.

Korea is the Adam nation. The first Korean generation failed. I am now dealing with the second generation of young Abels, in a Cain and Abel situation. The Korean and Japanese have been brought together in marriage representing Adam and Eve, on a national level, being united under the banner of true love. This is again proof that the end of the world is here. I am restoring, on a global level, all the bad seeds that have been sown throughout history. There are worldwide moral, family, and ideological problems that can only be solved through teaching the Principle.

What is the future? The end of the world, in my definition, is a new and different world, centered on God. It will be the creation of the kingdom of God on the face of the earth. Even within satanic history, however, there has been an Abel tradition which has nurtured love and virtue. Virtues such as the love of parents, love of country, love of the neighbors, and so forth, have contributed to the foundation for this day of restoration. Without this foundation, true love could not prevail. Therefore, history has made great contributions. All we have to do is replace satanic love with true love.

Likewise, there has been a Cain tradition which has been trying to destroy all goodness. Christianity has said if you don't believe in Jesus Christ you will end up in hell. However, there have been many good sages, prophets, and righteous men who shed their blood to uphold the heavenly tradition. Those people, whether they were Christians or not, have merited a place in the good spirit world, though not in heaven.

Once the unity of the Adam and Eve nations and the rest of the world is completed, the world will never go wrong again, but will continue as God's kingdom. This beautiful, harmonious world of joy was supposed to start from Adam and Eve, the beginning point of human history. That was not done. However, when the restoration is done, the original ideal of God's creation will blossom. With enemies coming together and creating the most harmonious God-centered families, is anything impossible?

Parents will see this standard and insist that their children follow Rev. Moon's couples. This kind of phenomena is not far away. From this point on, the end of the world is at hand; it is not a time of despair, but of hope.

Natural Subjugation Through Love

How can we bring unification of Cain and Abel? How can we unite the mind and body? When we look at God, the right side is internal, or Abel, and the left side is external, or Cain. The Abel side may be a small seed, but it will grow from the individual, to the family, tribe, national, and worldwide level. The same is true for the Cain side. All levels on both sides must be united. God is working to bring unity between the right and left: we have to embrace the communist world. This is why Headwing ideology is important.

What is the secret to winning the communist world? They love their party and their country, but if you demonstrate a more powerful love than theirs, in the name of God, then you will win them.

There are Cain and Abel factions within the communist world. Satanic Abels are the worst because they are Abel to Satan. These are the communists who want to conquer the world. On the heavenly side, Abel is the one who is the absolute servant to God. His tactic is 180 degrees opposite from Satan's. God's Abel is always being attacked and persecuted but Satan's Abel is always attacking and conquering.

Let's think about the heavenly side. Throughout history, God inspired the birth of many religions in an effort to harness the goodness of man, and Christianity was the central religion of them all. There have been struggles between Cain and Abel on each level. But Abel's task is always to naturally subjugate Cain through love; only through that way can the victory truly be won. Then, moving on to the next stage, this formula must be repeated.

Historically, Abel is always the second son, who has to restore the elder son's birthright at each stage of restoration. Abel must save himself and save Cain, and then through their unity they can restore the true mother's position. With these three elements totally united, the father's position can finally be restored. Since history was sown this way, restoration must occur using the same formula.

Eve gave birth to two sons, Cain and Abel. Both were supposed to be God's children. Instead, an incredible struggle has transpired between Cain and Abel all throughout history. From the level of world wars all the way down to the family level, brothers have been against brothers, children against parents, fathers against mothers. The end of the world is evidenced by these struggles emerging on a worldwide level.

Love is always the key factor in the battle of restoration. According to this historical pattern, a God's side mother, with a God's side elder son and second son, will emerge at the end of the world. These two sons must completely obey their mother. This is the way history was sown, and therefore this Eve phenomena will be appearing on a worldwide scale in the last days.

On the satanic side, there is an evil mother with evil elder and second sons. There has to be a confrontation between these two teams. This is the way it was sown back in history on the individual level, and this has been reaped on a worldwide level through World War II.

Mobilizing the Spirit World

The Completion Period for the Dispensation
11/12/78, Belvedere

In November 1978, I completed two very important ceremonies. One was conducted to unite all religions centering upon the central religion, not only here on earth, but most importantly in spirit world. The other ceremony was to unite all races centering upon the central race or representative of God. These two ceremonies were for one purpose -- to create one total unified world in spirit world as well as unity here on earth. The road is open now because the spiritual condition has been set to clear away all racial and religious barriers. When you are flying you can go in any direction, and now in the same way you can go in any direction here on earth and gain the victory. Whether people believe in a certain religion or no religion at all doesn't make any difference now; once they discover the truth they can come directly to the central point because spirit world has already demonstrated that oneness...

When you move deeply and strongly America will feel the impact. In home churches God can have direct control and spirit world can pass freely. In the past spirit world could only descend for a time, but now they can stay and work continuously. There are no barriers to the movement of spirit world on earth now and everywhere is our home. The declaration of this new concept of home churches is in itself great proof of the victory of God's dispensation.

Home Church and the Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven
1/11/79, World Mission Center

This is the final dispensation here in America and when the pattern of what I have achieved here is expanded it will form the cosmic dispensation. Spiritually speaking, every victory you need has been won. There is no other victory left to obtain; the conquest of spirit world has been accomplished, and now all we have to do is translate the spiritual victory into physical victory. Since this cosmic level of condition has been set, you can go anywhere in the world and there will be no barrier you cannot cross. When we are able to work freely all over the world, the same situation will be seen in the spirit world. Now in the spirit world there is complete freedom of movement through all spheres. The time of disputes between denominations and religions is over.

I want you to become a tribal messiah. Does a heavenly king rule by using his fists and power? A true king rules for eternity by love. Kingdom building has both the spiritual and physical aspect. You don't have to worry about the spiritual side because I have secured that kingdom. Now I want you to have the opportunity to participate in the physical kingdom building.

Without winning the spiritual victory, no matter how much you do in the physical world Satan will always claim it. But now that I have won the spiritual victory and anchored the foundation, nothing can shake it. In the spiritual kingdom which I have already built no one is idle. All of spirit word is coming down, making a fence to protect us. All the great saints who died many centuries ago and the founders of the great religions are working to shield you and help you to win the victory. Who is on the front line to resist spiritual infiltration? The saints in spirit world are protecting us like the guards who protect a palace, repelling all the spiritual negativity...

Home church can easily be surrounded and protected by the spiritual victory I have won and there is no way it can fail. The spiritual power we can employ for the home church is many thousand times greater than anything the satanic world can mobilize. All you have to do is unite with True Parents spirit and intent. Make controversy; go ahead and create good trouble. The world is plagued with evil trouble so let us become makers of good trouble.

I came to America to be opposed by the world, and now I want you to go to your home church to be opposed by that mini-world. I have won my home church here in more than 360 homes. Since I came here as a sojourner and have finished by home church, I have the right to go back to my hometown. That's why last year I went to Korea and had a special ceremony on November 2 to break down all the remaining barriers in the spirit world, liberating everyone from the barriers of religion and race.

In that ceremony I eliminated the barriers between my tribe and all other tribes of the world. I also broke down the barriers between the Unification Church and all other religions in spirit world. Because of that ceremony the door is wide open, and whether a person believes in some religion or no religion at all doesn't make any difference. There is absolute freedom now and everyone has the opportunity to hit the jackpot. There are no more barriers in spirit world or on earth. That was done by my succeeding in home church. You can declare to the spirit world, "Because our True Parents set the condition there is no longer any barrier between their tribe and our tribe. There is no longer any barrier between the Unification Church and the religions of the world. All good men of conscience in the entire spirit world and here on earth must come forward to participate in the kingdom building. I am here to enlist your support." You can pray that way.

You can also petition God, "You are my Father and I'm your child. I am going out to do home church as a tribal messiah and as your representative. Please send down one regiment of angels to come with me." God will listen to that prayer. The angelic world exists solely to assist the true children of God. So far the angelic world could not come to help very much because you belonged to the fallen generation. Now by doing home church you can become the true children of God and before all of heaven and earth you can request the help of legions of angels. In home church we set the condition to liberate the world, the condition that we truly loved mankind. By that condition God will forgive the entire world. 

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