The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

The End of the World and Our Age -- Part II

Sun Myung Moon
March 19, 1989
World Mission Center

Father addresses the Korean Family Clan Chairmen's Association, creating a warm, family atmosphere at the dinner hosted by True Parents at East Garden on April 25, 1989.

World War II was the worldwide level confrontation between God's side and Satan's side. Christianity was on God's side, with Great Britain, an island, in the mother's position. A continent represents a masculine aspect and an island nation represents a feminine aspect. The island feels separated and is always longing for the continent. The heavenly lineup was Great Britain as the mother, United States as the eldest son, given birth to by Great Britain, and France as the second son.

Japan was in the mother's position on the satanic side. She had to travel all the way to another hemisphere to find a continent. The satanic lineup had Japan in the mother's position, Germany in the eldest son's position, and Italy in the second son's position.

The Japanese worshipped a female god, Amaterasuohmikami. Japan therefore represented the mother on the satanic side. Japan had already been looking toward the Western culture, and imitated Great Britain most of all because it represented the mother on the heavenly side. Japan has been known as the great imitator; she imitated all of the good points of Great Britain's culture, as well as the militaristic system from West Germany, and the legal system from France. Japan, as an Eve nation, was also looking for an Adam nation, which led her to dominate and occupy Korea.

Japan is an island nation, and in order to join a continent she must have a bridge. That bridge was the Korean peninsula. Since the time of Jesus, Christianity traveled to the Roman peninsula, then to the island nation of Great Britain, then to the continent of the United States. On the satanic side, the formula was the same. Japan, an island nation, had to use the bridge of the Korean peninsula in order to get to the continent.

Historically, civilization began on a continent -- Asia Minor. Jesus Christ was born there but then after the crucifixion Christian civilization moved west to the Roman Empire. The heavenly kingdom should have become a reality at that time, but since that was not done, Christian civilization then moved to an island nation of England, and then to continental United States. Now, the center of civilization is returning from the continent of the United States to the island nation of Japan, then to the Korean peninsula, and ultimately to the original continent. Korea is therefore comparable to the Italian peninsula at the time of the Roman Empire. A division occurred then; but Korea, the peninsula nation, will now unite with Japan, the island nation, and ultimately return to the Asian continent. This is why the Korean situation is globally-related.

What about God's providence in Asia? Korea was chosen as the Adam nation, Japan as the Eve nation, and China as the archangel nation. Satan knew this, and therefore wanted to destroy Adam; this is why Korea was invaded by Japan and China. Korea was occupied from 1905 to 1945. During World War II, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in December and began a war against America. Imperialistic Japan was so powerful at the beginning of World War II. They conquered Indochina, Malaysia, Singapore, and all the surrounding countries, creating an Asian sphere with Japan as the center.

Germany had already attacked Great Britain. But when Hitler looked at little Japan doing such a big job, he must have thought, "German people should be superior to Japan. We need a little elbow room, too," so Germany occupied France. Hitler was the aggressor in Europe and Japan the aggressor in Asia.

Asia is the ultimate destination of providential history. This is God's plan and Satan knows it. Rome, which was a peninsula, was supposed to be the Abel, central point of the Christian dispensation. There is one peninsula in Asia -- Korea. Satan knew it was the future Adam nation, reserved for the coming of the third Adam. That is why it suffered under Japanese occupation for 40 years. History is consummated during the last days, which is why the Messiah must reappear in Korea.

What did World War II contribute to God's providence? Great Britain, the United States, and France won World War II and liberated the Adam nation, Korea.

The four providential positions are Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel must unite with Eve, the mother, then together restore Adam, the father. The dwelling of God with man becomes a reality when this formula is accomplished on earth. Everything that was lost because of the fall of man must be restored before establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.

Members of the Korean Family Clan Chairmen's Association pose for a group picture in the Grand Ballroom of the World Mission Center.

Christianity's Golden Opportunity

An unprecedented, extraordinary event occurred after World War II -- the victorious nations gave independence to the occupied territories. Why? Because the appearance of the True Parent on earth was near and all men should relate as brothers to restore the position of the 12 disciples as well as the 72 and 120 apostles of Jesus Christ.

The birth of the United Nations was very meaningful. The United States should have become a central figure of the United Nations, but failed to play a major role. The United States was in the Abel position -- in the restored elder son position. It should have loved the brother, France, united with the mother, Great Britain, and together installed the father. But America could not do it. This was the only opportunity for the entire Christian world and all other civilizations to unite under God. Mankind could have received True Parents. This was the golden opportunity when God's ideal could have been manifested.

The good consequence of World War II was the independence of Korea from Japan, but then the dispensation of the United Nations centered on the United States failed. One option might still remain for the future. Since the United States is a microcosm of the world, the U.S. Senate could become a new UN by inviting all 120 countries to send a representative, creating a worldwide forum. There are 100 senatorial seats. Why not add another 120 for representatives from 120 countries? My goal is to help the United States to fulfill its position of representing the world. You should not only be concerned with the well-being of this country, but with the well-being of the entire world.

Humanity's purpose is to unite with its father; but first, in order for this to happen, a mother must emerge. That mother nation was Great Britain, with the United States as the restored son, and France in the archangel position. United they could have installed the father's position; this would have been the most victorious homecoming event in history. Ultimately, all humanity has to go to its hometown, which is the fatherland. Your hometown is not where your mother is born, but where your father is born. Humanity has to go back to its fatherland, which is Korea.

Satan knew which land was to be the homeland of humanity, and was very reluctant to release it too quickly. This is why the Korean nation suffered throughout history, being occupied by one major power after another: China, the Soviet Union, Japan. Even the United States was hoping to occupy Korea. Finally, Korea was divided. Korea must suffer until the third Adam comes, but then emerge as the central figure of all these major powers.

After World War II, if the Christian nations had performed their duty perfectly, there would have been no emergence of the communist world. Instead, Stalin became almost like the messiah of the communist world. Because the Christian world could not unite, Satan, through Stalin, could claim that the world was his. Communism prospered and humanity paid an incredible price. As long as Korea suffers, there will be no world peace. Now, however, the Adam nation has emerged.

Japan enjoyed a golden age of prosperity for 120 years- 1868-1988. This 120 year period is parallel to the 120 year period in the Old Testament of Kings Saul, David, and Solomon, but on the satanic side. Japan prospered because of three emperors: Meiji, Taisho, and the recently deceased emperor, Showa. In the first part of January, 1989, the emperor Showa died. That signaled the end of three eras. Prior to Showa's death, I brought harmony between the two nations of Japan and Korea.

The Rise of Communism

According to the Principle, if a person or nation has failed, God will not use that person or nation again. The United States, Great Britain, France, and Japan all failed. What will happen because of all these failures after World War II, the time when God had given such an incredible opportunity to create Christendom on earth? It was almost like a second fall of man occurred on earth. God's side failed, leaving only one power flourishing -- communism, which proclaims that God is dead.

This failure was the reason that Satan could claim half of the Adam nation. The United States was not strong enough to keep communism from taking half of the Korean peninsula. Then, in 1950 the communists invaded South Korea and tried to take the entire Adam nation. Korea was virtually lost. Finally, the United States understood this could not happen. General McArthur and the United Nations forces landed at Inchon and pushed the enemy to the north. God's expectation was that the United States would reunify Korea at that time, all the way up to the Yalu River. However, the United States forces stopped short and left Korea divided at the 38th parallel. Truman, which means "failed again" in Korean, fired McArthur. Eisenhower, the next president, brought the armistice to Korea. Ever since that armistice, the United States has been on the defensive to the Soviet Union.

North Korea is the model of the satanic kingdom. Its king is Kim Il Sung. Satan is always trying to imitate God's kingdom first.

World Christianity has opposed Rev. Moon, and in doing so has declined drastically. God and Rev. Moon are all alone because the allies God nurtured throughout history -- the United States, the Western World, established Christianity -- are nowhere in sight. The entire world has become the communist stage. This is the consummation of the failure of World War II. Korea, the Adam nation, was lost. The United States, Great Britain, and France were all lost into the hands of Satan and communism emerged. This was very disappointing for God. For the past 40 years, the free world has been a wilderness, in an emergency situation.

God's Solution

No one is even close to the solution, for without God there is no solution. Only one man understands the solution -- Rev. Moon. The last 43 years represent the 4,300 years of the Old Testament and New Testament. My life has indemnified the wrongdoing of these 4,300 years. The emergence of the fatherland, and ultimately the appearance of the True Parents, is the solution. I have explained about the elder and second son's position and the restoration of the birthright. Next, the mother's position must be restored and finally the father's position can be installed -- this is the solution. But all of this was lost 43 years ago when the central nations failed to protect the fatherland. Who can restore all these things? This time Adam has to pull Eve, the elder son, and the second son back to God.

In order to install Korea as the fatherland, we must have a situation where the mother, the elder son, and the second son's position are all united. In the new heavenly lineup the Eve nation is Japan, with the United States in the elder son's position and Germany in the second son's position. Actually these four countries had been enemies during World War II so unity needs to be made among them.

Great Britain and France are out of the heavenly lineup, but the United States is still there. Why has the United States been especially favored by God? It is because it represents the second Israel. Korea is the third Israel. If the United States is removed, there is no foundation for the third Israel to emerge.

Still, somebody had to pay the price for the United States. I paid that price by giving my heart, tears, sweat and blood for the sake of America, even accepting a prison term. That is why America could still remain in the dispensational will of God. Members from all countries have helped lift America up so that she will fulfill her responsibility from this time on. Enemies have become brothers.

After World War II, the five countries of England, France, Japan, Germany, and Korea were lost. By all the enemy nations working together in America, centered on God, the United States will be revived as the second Israel, and also these five nations will be revived. Now that we have united and restored four countries, I can declare the unification of Korea.

Why does America persecute me and the Unification Church members? Korea and Japan represent the Adam and Eve countries. The children should be embraced by the parents and the children should become united with the father and mother's spirit and tradition.

At the time of Jesus Christ, there were four major religious spheres Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity, the central religion. All religions' innate, foremost desire is to meet the Messiah.

Father has done tremendous things to revive and save the American mission. Seven thousand American clergy have gone to Korea on a pilgrimage to learn about my life and about our teaching of Unificationism. Although this nation persecuted me, I returned true love, giving everything to create projects to save the country that put me in jail.

In the past, Korea has been opposed, accused and attacked. Now Japan, China, the Soviet Union, and the United States all need Korea, not in terms of colonizing Korea, but in terms of getting spiritual food from Korea. Korea is the Adam nation; Japan is Eve, and the other three are archangel nations. This can be called the heavenly lineup.

Now there are four males and one female. The one female, Japan, is very attractive. The US, USSR, China, even Korea are all trying to get her attention. Japan must choose one husband. China, the USSR, and the United States are all big, rich nations, so what will happen?

At the time of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, it was Eve who proposed and led Adam in the wrong direction. This time Adam proposed and took the first action to save Japan. The first missionary to Japan traveled there on a merchant boat under very difficult circumstances. About 2500 second generation Japanese were blessed with Korean spouses on October 30, 1988, so Satan could not accuse the second generation.

All Debts Have Been Paid

Communism has prospered since World War II, but I have been initiating many indemnity conditions to restore America's position. I am looking forward to the next four years when this entire situation will be rectified. I predict the unification of Korea shall be a reality within a few more years.

Through unifying the Korean peninsula the three archangels will voluntarily dedicate themselves in service to Adam and Eve. Although almost no one has believed that North Korea and South Korea can be united, I am working to accomplish that end.

Homecoming is our present agenda. All the debts of human history have been paid. All the colors of humanity will march for- ward into that Kingdom of Heaven. That is why I have been preparing the World Peace Highway plan.

Human history has been pitch dark. I have pioneered the whole eight stage path to the realm of liberation. The rays of sunlight shall shine through to everyone. You have found the truth now -- you were in a wilderness and needed a modern-day Moses, and you found one. Although all of the historical debts have been paid, the reality is that humanity denied the first Adam, second Adam, and third Adam. For children to attack their own parents is unforgivable, so what should you do? Your job is simple. Since I indemnified all of history, all you have to do is indemnify my 43-years suffering course by uniting with me. This will also pay the debt for the time of Jesus. These are serious words that you need to hear to enter heaven.

When I returned to Korea last year I worked day in and day out to prevent satanic infiltration. During the Olympics some of the finest young people in the world came to Korea, even from communist countries. They discovered Korea for the first time in history. I embraced everybody, giving them gifts.

Those from the Soviet Union were surprised to receive a gift from Rev. Moon. They were taught in their country that I am the archenemy of communism. But in Korea they saw that I was like a parent, giving them food, beautiful entertainment, and gifts. In appreciation they presented me with a special medal. This was an indemnity condition for the USSR.

Before the 24th Olympics closed in Korea, I announced another "heavenly Olympics," called the World Festival of Culture. The finest youth of the world shall come and eventually be blessed by the True Parents. There are three levels of blessing: first, the married couples Blessing; next, the second generation Blessing to which most of you belong; and the third level is the blessed children's Blessing. Those three levels are like formation, growth, and perfection.

In 1990, I would like to do all of those in one gigantic ceremony. By doing so, I can declare to the world, "I have now restored all the children and they are dispersed into every corner of the earth." The entire globe will be converted into the heavenly kingdom.

Change of Blood Lineage

Are you connected with my lineage? You can say yes because of the Holy Wine Ceremony. You are the branches connected with the trunk. The most beautiful part of the Blessing from True Parents is receiving the Holy Wine, which will change your blood lineage from the satanic side to the True Parents' lineage. Your children will become children of God, in His direct blood lineage. The Blessing shall entitle you to enter the kingdom of heaven.

However, you have a job. Since your family is an Abel family, that means you need a Cain family surrounding you.

You must serve and witness to them. When you have united your Abel and Cain families, then the mother and father can be connected to them. True Parents are coming to your family now and you are one with them. Now all you have to do is restore your tribe, or Cain families. This is why I announced that you are to become tribal messiahs. The homecoming has begun. Jesus wanted an Abel family, and the Lord of the Second Advent wants restoration of Cain families. Both shall be accomplished by you so that you can become one with True Parents. This is such an incredible opportunity.

Each blessed family is standing in the Abel position and must save the Cain families, which means our relatives. Father has pioneered the victorious path and now you can be connected. This will create a unified world. True Parents are the global Messiah. If you unite with this condition, you shall become tribal messiahs, and eventually national messiahs.

That is what I have done in Korea, and now I have begun this ministry in the United States. After the worldwide foundation was laid, I returned to Seoul, Korea. The Adam nation was lost after World War II to the communist world; but now that Korea is becoming free and independent, I have become the central figure and communism is crumbling.

Mainland China is wooing my attention, as well as the Soviet Union. They were hostile to us, but the communist world is now trying to get help from me.

All we have to do to destroy communism is give them true love and liberation, and show them that the theory of dialectical materialism does not work. It is not class struggle that brings development and value, but harmony and cooperation. This is God- centered give and take. Communism has just to bring God into the center.

The problem of the free world today is individualism and self-centeredness. The free world can be saved if it learns that living for the sake of others also brings about each individual's well-being. When everyone understands that this is the best way to live, then the world will change. You might ask, "How many more years, how many more conditions, Father?" We must march on until we achieve the unification of the world.

Father speaks to the blessed children.

Tribal Messiahship

In conclusion, I have diagnosed the disease correctly, and now it is time for the prescription. You shall all become tribal messiahs and restore all Cain and Abel relationships. Our goal is to eliminate all conditions for Satan's accusation, so that the individual, family, tribal, national, and worldwide levels cannot accuse you. You will be completely free from Satan's accusation.

The same mind and body formula works on the cosmic level. When mind and body are united harmoniously into one, Satan has no way to accuse you. You cannot create heaven by yourself. One step at a time you have to establish true love objects on the individual, family, and tribal levels, all the way up to the liberation of God Himself.

What is the formula for multiplication? The Blessing is the most precious thing you can earn, and from there all you have to do is move one step forward to become tribal messiahs.

There are tribal revivals now going on in Korea. Korea is a very family-oriented and homogeneous society. There are about 270 Korean names, each with their own tribal organization, that come together in a national convention. Recently all the tribal leaders came together and elected Father to be president of the entire 270 Korean tribes. Who else but Rev. Moon is entitled to be in that position? This is like an internal president's position. I accepted on one condition: that the tribal leaders learn the Divine Principle.

The motto for 1989 is the Unification of Korea. By listening to my sermon this morning, you must have come to the conclusion that there have been well-laid conditions for the unification of Korea. I am now connecting this victory to the United States.

My direct instruction to you this morning is the restoration of the Cain and Abel relationship through the work of tribal messiahship. It will be expanded to all 50 states. All of the blessed couples are now tribal messiahs -- this is the time to expand to the tribal level. When your tribe accepts and respects you then they will respect Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. Satan is in trouble -- he has been trying to block us and destroy our reputation, but that will be finished when we fulfill as tribal messiahs. I have laid the worldwide foundation under all kinds of opposition and even welcomed persecution. What about you? There are now many favorable conditions out there; can you say it's impossible to restore your tribe? Today I am anointing you as tribal messiahs -- you can go to your hometown, fulfill your role as tribal messiah, and bring your tribe to our True Parents.

In these last days it will be the blessed members of the Unification Church who will march forward and bring the ultimate victory. There are many blessed couples in the United States, so you can be hopeful. But are you going to sit still in a rocking chair or are you going out to fight and work?

Most opposition usually comes from your own physical family. Win their hearts through your loving example and there will be no more opposition. Satan never stops working so you must work doubly hard for God's side. Your position is so valuable.

Who Will Save America?

Now, all the blessed couples will be organized to not only talk about tribal messiahship but to act. Each sector of New York City will have 10 blessed couples. When you truly become a tribal messiah and do God's will, America will be resurrected. When I first came to America and warned of America's decline, everyone just laughed. Now, the truth has become self-evident. I came to America to save it, and now you American citizens must do more than I have done in terms of shedding blood, sweat and tears.

You must beat Father's standard, simply because you are born as Americans. Father has created more than 40 kinds of organizations. Americans usually want to follow only one simple way. But if you have only one way, how can you save this country? That's why I created many projects.

You who are UTS graduates have been educated for the purpose of saving America. Studying is one thing, but saving America is even more difficult. Where is this country heading? Is it prospering or declining? If you just walk down 42nd Street, you'll get a picture of America. The UTS graduates' job is to save this tragic spiritual situation. What about the church leaders? Did you hear that I asked all of you to lecture eight hours every day? We need many people to help, otherwise America cannot be saved. I made the foundation to save America, now you must be the ones to educate the rest of the American people. The Asian people need my help. The Unification Church has been making a foundation not for its own sake, but to save this country. Then America must serve the world. It lost its God-given mission, but you can save America and restore its position.

When I first established the UTS, I virtually commuted every day for three years. During those longs hours of driving back and forth I was constantly thinking that the young people studying there would be the future leaders of America. Now I would like to bequeath this heavenly standard to you.

I would now like to select 50 UTS graduates to represent the 50 states in this nation. You will each have 20 members- 10 blessed couples -- working with you. It doesn't matter what missions you have: everyone is now a tribal messiah. Go back to your tribe, your relatives. To give them true love is a difficult way, but I have done it already.

True Parents' Holy Wedding Ceremony was on April 12, 1960. So by April 12 of this year a nationwide network should be completed. We are entering the land of Canaan: You must get out of your houses and cross the Jordan River. I would like to restore this New Yorker Hotel completely, making it into a "hotel church." We will only accept good husbands and wives and high-standard guests; that way we can create a true family atmosphere. It will be such a unique hotel in New York that its reputation will spread all over the world.

So far, the dispensation has been centering on the individual, right? From this date on, I have raised the dispensation to the family level. Who will oppose you when you are living happily and harmoniously as husband, wife, and children? You will be the envy of the world because you are so pure. You may not be living in a luxurious apartment, but people will look at your happy, purposeful faces and be envious.

I would like to see some controversy about Rev. Moon's people. People will see Moonies all over the place. Although they have used the word "Moonies" in a very disrespectful way in the past, it will be different from now on: "Yes, I'm a Moon church man, I'm an Unificationist." Be proud of it. If we can save the population of New York, then we can definitely save America. I will now give a prayer of blessing for this special crusade. 

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