The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

The End of the World and Our Age

Sun Myung Moon
March 19, 1989

Father picks UTS graduates and center leaders as community leaders.

The motto for 1989 is the unification of Korea. By listening to my sermon this morning, you must have come to the conclusion that there have been well-laid conditions for the unification of Korea. I am now connecting this victory to the United States.

My direct instruction to you this morning is the restoration of the Cain and Abel relationship through the work of tribal messiahship. It will be expanded to all 50 states. All of the blessed couples are now tribal messiahs -- this is the time to expand to the tribal level. When your tribe accepts and respects you then they will respect Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. Satan is in trouble -- he has been trying to block us and destroy our reputation but that will be finished when we fulfill as tribal messiahs. I have laid the worldwide foundation under all kinds of opposition and even welcomed the persecution. What about you? There are now many favorable conditions out there; can you say it's impossible to restore your tribe? Today I am anointing you as tribal messiah -- you can go to your hometown, fulfill your role as tribal messiah, and bring your tribe to our True Parents.

In these last days it will be the blessed members of the Unification Church who will march forward and bring the ultimate victory. There are many blessed couples in the United States, so you can be hopeful. But are you going to sit still in a rocking chair or are you going out to fight and work?

Most opposition usually comes from your own physical family, so if you take care of them there will be no more opposition. Win their hearts through your loving example! Satan never stops working so you must work doubly hard for God's side. Your position is so valuable.

Now, all the blessed couples will be organized to not only talk about tribal messiahship but to act. Each sector of New York City will have 20 blessed couples. UTS graduates have been educated for the purpose of saving America. When you truly become a tribal messiah and do God's will, America will be resurrected. When I first came to America and warned of America's decline, everyone just laughed. Now, the truth has become self-evident. I came to America to save it, and now you American citizens must do more than I have done in terms of shedding blood, sweat and tears. 

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