The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Questions and Answers at the Leaders Conference

Sun Myung Moon
March 21, 1988
East Garden
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

Dr. Pak: This is a good opportunity for anyone who has ever said, "Well, I always wanted to meet Father privately somewhere and ask this one particular question"; go ahead, ask that question now.

Question: Does the geography in the spirit world correspond to the geography in the physical world?

Father: What you have here as geography you will see in the spirit world. However, the spirit world is of a finer dimension and is the place where you can realize any ideal harbored in your heart. In this physical world, you may have certain ideals, but you never expect that they can be realized.

Another big difference is that the make-up of the spirit world is love. Those who have experienced the highest possible level of love here on earth have no restriction in the spirit world. Absolute freedom, creativity, enjoyment, and beauty -- everything belongs to you! But for those who do not understand love and have not developed an ability to love, the spirit world is like a prison; it is what we call hell. People who cannot love cannot make things happen according to their own wishes because in the spirit world only beings with the quality of love have freedom.

I like people who sit in the front rows. Does any person in the front have a question?

Question: I can't understand how you can keep all of the things that you are doing organized without a secretary, or a notebook. I would really like to know your secret of organization!

Father: I have a special custom-made computer in my brain!

Actually, when you are completely selfless and your conscience is alive and clear, then you don't have to worry about what to do and how to do it because you are always in harmony with the rest of the universe; its vibration is always communicating with you. Therefore you are never a stranger in any circumstance, and immediate decisions are possible. A conscientious person harmonizes horizontally, vertically, and rectangularly -- every way possible.

Would you like to have such organizational skill for yourself? You have to become totally selfless and God-centered, only concerned about the well-being of Heavenly Father, with an absolutely clear conscience. Then you will be a most organized person. Your closest teacher is not even God. It is your mind, or your conscience. Therefore you must love your mind. This sounds strange, but it's true. If you love your mind, your mind will love your body and harmony will be created; the universe will love you. When you and the universe, plus and minus, are totally united and harmonious, then automatically God will come in. You become a center for God.

That's why when I walk into a situation, the vibration tells me before you even open your mouth what you are going to say or what kind of state of mind you are in. Thus I know what to say to you because I am aware of and in harmony with the circumstances of the universe surrounding you. However, I do not want to be absolutely judgmental -- "All right, you belong in hell," or "You belong in heaven" -- because then you would be very fearful of me. So I try to be very casual, but in that casual conversation, there is always deep meaning that a clever person can catch.

Also I know certain things can or cannot be accomplished; in other words, I can forecast the outcome. This is why I am concerned that you listen and obey with an absolute standard.

Then success will come. The problem is I instruct you, but then everybody wants to interpret my words their own way. In many cases, I do not even want to talk to anybody; I do it myself.

God works exactly like you. He is mind and body, sung sang and hyung sang, pursuing love in the direction of goodness, and always trying to communicate that message to His body. When His hyung sang questions His mind, His sung sang of true, pure, selfless love answers, so it is the right direction. Your original mind also is always following the road of love directed to goodness, like a compass. Before you are talking to God, you are talking to your mind. When you ask your mind a certain question casually, the mind may not respond. Depending upon how much you desire the direction of goodness, your mind responds. Sometimes your mind is totally numb, doing nothing. But when you very seriously ask your mind what to do, the mind will answer you. That is prayer. Actually in prayer, your body is absolutely subjugated by your mind.

Many times the mind may try to communicate with your body, but the body may say, "No, I don't want to go in that direction." That's the problem. Therefore, prayer alone is not enough. Do good things and in the meantime, pray. Good action combined with good prayer should be your daily discipline. For those who pray and both nurture and center upon the original mind, the first impression in a situation is most important because even before reasoning, the original mind catches or feels something that can provide accurate guidance. It is not 'easy, but it can be done.

So the best way to be restored is to follow your own original mind or conscience. Becoming a good man has nothing to do with going to school or getting a university degree. Follow your original mind; follow your conscience.

Question: I'm originally from Poland, and I am wondering what is going to happen there.

Father: Poland's destiny will be determined by the fate of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is weakening. Gorbachev has a problem: His new peace offensive, known as glasnost, meaning openness or open society, was technically successful and was very good in terms of winning popularity in the free world. But now everybody in the Eastern bloc wants openness, too. Gorbachev does not have a plan to deal with such a situation.

But it's not just the Soviet Union and Red China that are in trouble; the United States is in trouble, too, because it is basically under humanistic and atheistic humanism, secularism, and has forgotten the basic values centered upon God. Americans are more interested in carnal pleasure. Therefore America's difficulty is not any less than that of the Soviet Union.

In China the most important problem is hunger. When you are hungry, nothing else matters. But what about the American people? In America, one thousand people have one thousand different desires. But generally speaking, the American mind is seeking fun. "Where can I have a fun time?" Some may prefer the disco, or drinking, or taking drugs, many different directions, but basically all are pursuing fun. Thus God sees 1.2 billion people in China whose most important goal in life is to put something into their stomach, and then He sees 240 million people in the United States who have ample food, and are thinking about nothing except fun. Where does more of God's attention go? God wants to help the Chinese put something into their stomachs. The Chinese people have been suffering from hunger for a long time; therefore they have developed a character of absolute patience. They know how to endure. Even the most powerful armies and nations who conquered the Chinese temporarily never digested China. The Chinese people said to them, "I want to see how long you last! We will swallow you -- not you swallow us." That's the Chinese character.

Those who are seeking after carnal desires and fun lack such endurance. They just move around randomly looking for a good time. Every responsibility becomes a burden -- their family, wife, children -- they don't want to care. The Chinese way of life is like the roots of the tree way down deep, hidden, and secure. But the American way of life is like the branches and leaves, shaky all the time. Leaves have absolutely no understanding about roots.

The technological advancement of the United States isn't worth a dime by itself. You have all sorts of appliances, exercise machines, scientifically designed diets, and so forth. You want convenience -- to do everything by just pushing a button. The American way of life makes everything so convenient. But actually in the long run, those people who can endure suffering and hardship live longer than people who have all kinds of conveniences. When the suffering, backward Chinese people come to America, the very next day they can use a refrigerator and all the electric gadgets no problem. They catch up to your standard instantly. But American people who go to China can't deal with the Chinese way of life. They may even run away saying, "I couldn't stand China!" So they are defeated. The long-enduring racer wins.

If America were to control the entire world, and the Chinese said, "Let's go to America and live according to America's standard," then they would come and take over America. America would be shaken in a couple of months, but if a country like China controls the world, it'll last hundreds of years. China doesn't really care whether the rest of the world would live well or not -- they would stay powerful.

To strike the balance, people with a highly developed standard of living should learn to endure a more primitive way of life. At the same time, people with a less developed way of life can be elevated at least to enjoy a certain level of cultural advantage. Common sense tells us that if one comes down a little bit and the other comes up, none are really losers.

So who shall control the world? It is those flexible, disciplined people who can live on the highest level but also are capable of going down to the lowest level. People can be trained to have this kind of discipline. But today the world does not offer such training. Everybody only wants to move forward to something better. Yet in the future, there will be incredible contradiction; people accustomed to a highly technological society will become completely sick and tired of it and want to go down to a more primitive level, while the poorer people desperately want to go up.

Instead of distinguishing one area as China and another as the United States, let's just think this is one family of man; both Americans and Chinese are members of one family. The parents of this family would say, "You brothers, don't fight, don't be egotistical and selfish! Share with each other and be harmonious."

Harmony and cooperation as one family of man are the beautiful virtues necessary in this case. Everybody is saying, "God, come to our home and dwell with us." But God cannot go to the American home or to the Chinese home. He will say, "I'm going somewhere in the middle in order to be fair to both."

In the last days God knows what each country needs. China needs physical food, America needs spiritual food, and God wants to provide both. Americans should share food with the Chinese. Then what can the Chinese share with the Americans? Their spiritual traditions. The Chinese have a particular sense of dignity and moral value, even if their stomach is empty, but American people don't care to receive these things: "I don't need them. I'm happy. I'm wealthy." Because of this attitude, America is spiritually poverty-stricken even though it is so rich materially.

This is God's and my headache. America is in one way very full, but ultimately is so empty. You have no treasure that you can hold onto beyond your physical life. You have nothing about which you can say, "This is more important than my life." In the end the world will be controlled by the people who have that value or treasure they would not trade for anything under the sun. What is that treasure? God? Yes, but God alone is not sufficient. However there is something God has that is unique yet can be shared with everyone and satisfy them all. Its value will always be unchanging. That is God's true love, which is almost more precious than God Himself.

If the love of God was the backbone of American culture, would you swap it for material wealth? No, you'd say, "God and His love are more important! Even if I have to give up my life, I cannot give up God and His love." That is what America is missing.

Who will govern the world? Anybody or any country that holds onto true love will not want anything else. If that kind of treasure is found way down in the bottom of the Chinese culture, then people should go down for it, shouldn't they? We must devise a way American people can have the desire and power to even go down to the very bottom of the Chines(society, obtain the treasure, and come up again. Otherwise, this country will decline. I came to America willing to suffer hardship in order to save it from doom and to teach you to be able to live at the lowest level, to work hard, and to endure suffering. I want you to be able to follow me anywhere, even to the bottom of the Chinese culture, so that America will never be doomed. That's the kind of America I want to leave behind.

When you visit China, would you want everybody to persecute you and kick you out, or would you like to be welcomed? How can you be welcomed? If they feel indebted to you, then they will welcome you and give you their very best.

If I come to visit your home, would you want me to sit down outside your house or in the very center? Because I gave you the most precious things -- the eternal blessing and the true love of God -- you always want me in the center of your home.

When the Chinese come to America, they too want to be welcomed in your house, so they have to give you some service. You need somebody who will feed you spiritual food; that is the best gift anybody can give. But the problem is that the American people don't feel that spiritual hunger.

What is the greatness of Rev. Moon? I am trying to bring enemies together. Forty years ago, Korea and Japan were enemies. Japan and the United States were fighting and killing each other; Germany and the United States were killing each other, too. I am bringing together into harmonious brotherhood all those who were enemies. Korea and Japan have been historical enemies, but the United States is not an enemy of Korea, so which unification with me is actually easier? You must not think that since Koreans and Japanese are both Oriental, they would be closer and unification between myself and the Japanese would be easier. That's not true. Which would be stronger: Rev. Moon united with the German people, Rev. Moon united with the American people, or the Americans and Germans united with each other? You said that even though the Japanese have been the enemy of Koreans, perhaps they can come closer to each other sooner since they are both Oriental; by the same principle, you may think that since both Germans and Americans are Caucasian, they would be closer even though they also once were enemies.

Actually, Americans will bring the Japanese to Korea, and the Japanese will bring the Germans to Korea. From the Principle point of view, the United States must bring the German people, and then follow Japan, which is the Eve country.

You have to go to your enemy country, Germany, and bring the German people and then unite with Japan. You cannot come directly or bypass this requirement. However the Americans so far say, "Oh, we don't need Korean leaders, we don't need Japanese, and we certainly don't need the Germans!" The Korean, Japanese, American, and German people are the four most problematic races in the world.

The Korean people are not easy people; they are tough -- that small peninsular country hung in there without losing its identity for 5,000 years. The Korean people are adventurous; they love risk. If there is an opportunity, they grab it.

I have created an oneness and unity among Japanese, Americans, and Germans, haven't I? I would like to create condominiums that always have four units: one each occupied by a Korean family, a Japanese family, a German family, and an American family. They should live together at least two or three years, training, and then branch out to the world. According to the Principle, the Koreans should be the central figure, followed by the Japanese, Americans, and Germans.

Have you ever thought about whether our ultimate ancestors, Adam and Eve, were Oriental or Caucasian? Palestine in the Middle East is supposed to be the site of the ancient Garden of Eden, but do you think God created Adam and Eve in the desert? I think God created the first men and women in the most beautiful land with mountains and rivers, full of fruits, flowers, and fragrance, as on the Paekdu Mountain on the border between Korea and Manchuria.

The Oriental race is the elder son or "Shem" race; they always stayed nearby the parents. But now Ham, Japheth, and all the younger brothers have to go back to the original home -- Asia. That's why True Parents had to come out of Asia. Restoration has to be conducted in the same place. 

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