The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

True Parents and the Realm of Liberation

Sun Myung Moon
April 6, 1989
Parents' Day
World Mission Center

Father and Mother cut the holiday cake on Parents' Day, April 6, 1989

The base of the Unification Church is the True Parents. When you say "parents," that automatically involves children. The parents and children are related by blood lineage. That is a special, fundamental relationship. When you say True Parents, the word "true" denotes that there is another type of parents -- false parents. The basic consequence of the fall of man is that it prevented God's lineage from coming directly from God to the first parents, Adam and Eve, and then to all of humanity. Because of this, Satan's lineage started, making salvation and restoration necessary.

Christianity has several descriptions of Satan: Satan is the false lord or father of mankind; he is the master of humanity; he governs the world. All of these descriptions in the Bible are based in truth.

All beings of the universe, from the most minute creations to the supreme creation of human beings, exist in a pair system. That means there is a subject/object relationship on every level. The whole creation is made to participate in the love of God. They want to unite with that love and have it continue throughout posterity. But God's lineage was disrupted by the fall.

God is almighty and omnipresent. But what is the one thing that is essential to almighty God? God needs a love relationship with the creation in order to feel joy and stimulation. No matter how almighty He is, God cannot feel joy by Himself. In order to accomplish that goal, He created all things.

God created men and women as His direct objects with whom He can have give and take of love. Each man and woman aspires to be number one. This is the God-given nature of man, as God intended men and women to compete in acquiring the love of God.

The power of love is amazing. Once a love relationship is established, you immediately enjoy equality of participation, equality of dignity, and the right of inheritance.

Human ambition is not without limit. Many people think that ambition has no end. But actually human ambition has an ultimate goal to acquire God's love to the fullest extent, so that you can participate equally at God's level in His joy and all that He possesses. Once you acquire the love of God, you can go no further. Once you establish this love relationship with God, no power under the sun can separate you from His love. We will be resonant beings of the love of God, vibrating together on the wavelength of the love of God, and echoing and acting according to His love. Our ultimate purpose is to have our mind and body totally united with the love of God.

If you are a good member of the Unification Church, you know God is the vertical parent centered upon true love. Also we have horizontal, or physical parents, centered upon true love, who are supposed to be the ancestors of all mankind.

The Christian world today commonly describes God as sacred, high, and holy, while creation is low, filthy, unholy, and secular. Yet people call God "Father"; it is a contradiction. For the most high, holy being to Ix called Father by the lowliest secular being doesn't make sense unless there is some special relationship between God and people. A handkerchief is probably worth less than one dollar; but it has a special meaning if given to you by your lover -- it becomes a precious treasure. Unless there is a blood lineage connecting parents and children, there is no real meaning to that relationship.

Love has certain characteristics: for instance, it always travels the shortest distance at the fastest possible speed because it wants to find fulfillment very quickly. Since God is above us in heaven, the shortest possible distance for His love to travel to us on earth is by a vertical line.

When God's love comes down in a vertical line, and crosses with true horizontal love, that juncture should be at a 90 degree angle. It must be 90 degree s. Men represent east and women represent west, therefore, they must meet in the center.

Realization of Love

Babies are born with no cognizance -- their only interest is the milk bottle. However, as they grow up, they discover their immediate environment, mom and dad, their family and their home. As children grow up, they see insects, birds, and little animals, and soon discover that there are males and females. Next, they learn that male and female are there to love each other, and that through the love among animals multiplication occurs. God created nature as the textbook of love for men and women. As they become teenagers, men suddenly realize they are supposed to have a subject-object relationship with women. Women also realize, "The most priceless thing under the sun is men." Up until that point, parents and brothers and sisters are the most important, but then men and women come to the realization that they were born for the sake of each other. The time from birth to maturity as men and women is called the growth period. It was during this growth period of the original man and woman that the tragedy of the fall of man occurred.

What is more precious, power or love? Would you want to swap true love for money, power, or knowledge? Why do you like true love so much? It is the only thing that can bring harmony between mind and body, men and women. The five senses of man are focused on only one thing -- detecting true love. True love alone can excite every cell in your body. All other powers just leave your cells dormant. The power of true love unifies spiritual body cells and physical body cells. Every creature strives toward the attainment of true love.

Which is more precious, God or true love? Will true love chase after God or will God chase after true love? Absolute value is a lonely place; happiness and peace come when you have a partner.

Suppose there are a grandfather and a grandchild. The young child is not very conscious of the grandfather, but the grandfather wants to touch the child's face and lets the child play with his nose and ears. It seems that he loses his dignity. The grandfather doesn't ask the child to bow down to him. When the grandchild gets a little bigger, he becomes a rascal and climbs over the back of the grandfather, pulling his ears and biting his nose. Do you think the grandfather should say, "You, Satan, get behind me"? On the contrary, when the little child is climbing up the back of the grandfather, the grandfather would support his legs so that the grandchild can climb all the way up to the top of his head, because the grandfather enjoys it. It is the same with God who is truly the greatest grandfather. In terms of love, he doesn't care about his dignity or his position.

In one way, true love is very confusing for it seems to have no discipline or order. Yet, there really is order and joy. True love has unifying power.

True Parents partake of a specially prepared meal from the Parents' Day offering table.

Why are We Blessed?

Is your search for true love or for God? Ask God the same question: "God, are you looking for God or are you looking for true love?" God would say, "I want to find true love, of course." After you have obtained true love, you feel that is everything. True love has harmonizing power, perfection power, every power. Therefore, God without true love could not be God. You might hit God once, and that could be forgiven; but for those who violate true love, there is no forgiveness.

Why do men and women get together and love each other?

Many of you have been blessed, and there are also those who are candidates to be blessed. Why do you want to have the Blessing? The Blessing entitles you to receive and consummate true love, which is the purpose of life. God has within Himself dual essentialities, so the creation manifests God in the two separate entities of plus and minus. Men and women are separate beings, but each represents one aspect of God. Men and women are the supreme creation, and all other things of creation are in the exact image of men and women. Men need women and women need men because God deliberately divided Himself into two parts so that the power of love has the chance to act. God created this universe to become one by the power of love.

Only true love can make a 90 degree angle because it is perfectly pure, God-centered love. True love brings the entire universe into one. When men and women unite in true love, God becomes a super plus, and men and women together are a super minus. Then they unite and become one. Marriage brings the divided universe into one by the power of love. It is a horizontal oneness which becomes a total object to God.

Let us say that true love is hiding behind a bush and God is looking for it, searching desperately. When God finds that true love, He will say, "True love, you are a pain in the neck!" God would lose His dignity for true love.

We marry so that the entire universe becomes one with us. Today we are living in a world of false love. This worldly love has nothing to do with true love. In the Unification Church we use the word "true": True Parents, True Children, true husband, true wife. Those entities are united by true love glue.

Men and women meet at the center point, approaching from both sides at the same speed. When they get very near, they see God's true love right there. As men and women approach the center, God is also approaching from the top. The moment they hit, God's love hits. It is like thunder and lightning exploding. Why does the explosion have to occur? Because without an explosion, the two would never separate again. Some power has to separate them so that they will come back together again.

When you are in love you are sweating. Life is germinated in water. The universe symbolically represents this phenomenon through rain during thunderstorms, which makes land fertile.

True love has four distinct seasons: the love of spring is very warm, embracing, and blossoming; the love of summer is hot, intensive, passionate; the love of autumn, a little bit cool with each other, but still in love; in winter, still in love but a little severe; then spring comes again. God expressed a beautiful sense of humor in his creation. When the husband is treated a little bit cool by his wife, he says "Uh oh, winter love is coming." When winter love comes, don't be too pessimistic, because spring is coming. When the husband is approaching like a tiger, then passionate, summer love is coming.

I have emphasized that most important of all is the 90 degrees intersection, so that love is always the same everywhere you go -- east, west, north, and south. This encompasses 360 degrees. The most ideal place for true love to meet is in a circle, centered on a 90 degrees angle. Every circle has a core. Every energy line, in order to travel, has to go through the very center of the circle.

Crossing Juncture of True Love

Humanity started out from this crossing juncture of true love. This is where new life begins. True lineage should have multiplied from that point. When you expand that lineage vertically, it becomes man's eternal spirit.

Within you there are two selves: the mind is your vertical self and the body is your horizontal self. Those two are supposed to be united in true love to create one whole, eternal being. However, in order to bring unity between mind and body, they must cross at a perfect 90 degree angle for only at this 90 degree angle do subject and object resonate with the same vibration. This is the status of original man.

God's lineage comes through your bloodstream. The first thing is love, the second is life, and the third is lineage. Out of the unity and love of father and mother, life is germinated, and from this life, a lineage is begun.

When God created the whole universe, He invested every ounce of His energy, sparing nothing. Because of this tradition, all of creation must live for each other. As much as God invested every ounce for the sake of creation, we must live for the sake of each other as a true family.

God does not want to have love for His own happiness. God wants to give love so He can feel joy. This is the essential principle behind the true love theory. Unification cannot be made centering on ourselves -- we must live for the sake of others. God made this concept because He knew how complicated society would be in the future. Working for the sake of others brings harmony and unity. What is the difference between God and Satan? Satan is always self-centered. God centers upon His object; therefore, God is sacrificial and unselfish.

The Secret of Success

Today, American young people are greatly confused about the truth. They are trying to take more and more things for themselves; but it will all be lost. If you try to exploit people, they will run away and you will be alone. But when you constantly serve people, without them knowing, you will be supported by people and never left alone. That is the difference.

If you live for the sake of others you will become a central figure. People will follow you because they will be confident that you will protect them; they will want to come under your dominion. Jesus' central teaching was to "Love your enemy." If you practice this particular principle in an enemy realm, you will become their central figure. It may take time, but it will happen. Jesus, by practicing this principle, eventually subjugated his enemy, the Roman Empire. I am teaching you my simple secret.

When I came to America, I was persecuted and criticized. Why do I not only survive, but also prosper? Because I practice this principle. I do not live even one day in America for my own sake, but always for the sake America. America, on the other hand, is only trying to look after her own interests, so she will decline. By following God's principle, I will always prosper.

In modern history there have been three world wars. In the First and Second World Wars the attackers lost in the end. In the Third World War, the Soviet Union and the communist world are the ideological aggressors so they will lose. Compared with Judaism and Christianity, the Unification Church is the youngest brother. The older brothers are trying to persecute the youngest brother. Those who have power and establishment are declining while the Unification Church, which is always attacked, is prospering. Persecution is the greatest blessing that God has given to us. By this strategy we can deprive Satan of his blessings -- they must be transferred to God's side.

Throughout history major religions have always prospered under persecution. The founders of the major religions of the world, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, were all persecuted. All who were persecuted for goodness' sake prospered. I am the only one who was persecuted by the entire world. This must mean that God has a strategy to turn over all of Satan's blessings to God's side.

America persecuted me to the ultimate degree, even putting me in prison. Normally people who are pushed into prison would like revenge. Instead, I loved this country even more, creating The Washington Times during the trial, with Insight and the World and I created while I was in prison. I created ICC to save America. I have absolute confidence that this principle works everywhere.

At the tenth World Media Conference in Washington, DC, journalists from the Soviet Union and Red China were invited. Now they are becoming my ardent defenders. Those people from the Soviet Union asked the same question everywhere: how did Rev. Moon become so successful under such persecution?

The minorities in this country, such as the Blacks, Hispanics, and Orientals, often feel persecuted and mistreated. They shouldn't worry about the Anglo-Saxons. Whoever practices this principle shall become the central figure of America.

I knew this principle when I came to the United States 15 years ago. I made good result without complaint in a very difficult atmosphere. Now you know the secret of how to become successful. There is an example to follow. Any one of you can say, "Yes, Father, I am going to beat you. I will be persecuted, but I will work harder for the sake of others." Those who will make the determination to follow Father's pattern successfully, raise your hands!

Where Does God Dwell?

My message today is very important. Because of the fall, we cannot detect the vertical line of God's love. The horizontal line was also invaded by Satan. If Adam and Eve could have reached perfection, there could have been no fall.

The conscience is supposed to be the dwelling place of God, the temple where God can dwell. But this was invaded by Satan. We struggle with our body because we have two minds. One is the original, God-given mind and the other is our Satan-given mind. The vertical line always belongs to God, so Satan invaded the horizontal line.

Why can't God multiply Himself? He is vertical, and multiplication always comes through horizontal parents. God's children were supposed to multiply and fill the earth. If Adam and Eve did not fall, perfected Adam and Eve would be like the physical body of God. When you pray really hard, "Where are you, God?", He answers internally, "I am here inside of you. You are my temple." The throne of God is in the deepest part of your mind.

This visible, substantial world has fallen into the hands of Satan. An original, perfected Adam and Eve would have created a true olive tree orchard, but instead we find only wild olive trees. In the satanic world there has been a Cain and Abel struggle. Cain has been growing through the eight different levels. Abel also is trying to go through eight stages of development in order to occupy half of the satanic world. Abel has become the right wing, and Cain has become the left wing. Evil, which has occupied the dominant portion, is declining steadily while goodness is moving up. After the point of their crossing juncture, Abel will prosper and Cain will decline rapidly.

I already described the strategy for how Abel must win Cain -- not by attacking, but by being persecuted and then winning. More and more, the Abel realm has been expanding. Cain is God-denying materialism, and Abel is God-accepting theism. Satan's world is centered upon a false parenthood, wanting to prosper under that principle. The Abel world has always recognized the existence of God. Materialism prospered together with humanism, which also claims that humans are just material beings.

The theistic Christian culture is becoming a worldwide culture. Satan started the claim that there is no God, so anyone who definitely accepts this statement will be on Satan's side. This can also be classified as the struggle between the democratic world and communist world. The communist world became very powerful, occupying up to even 75 percent of the entire world's area and population. However, God will never allow Satan to get 100 percent of the world. The Soviet Union and Red China have reached a peak without conquering the entire world; they are now declining.

Satan knows very well that the time of the Lord of the Second Advent is approaching. The Christian culture is the central culture of the free world, and its main hope is the return of Christ. The first Messiah should have been the original Adam and Eve, but that didn't happen because of the fall. That ideal was supposed to happen at the time of Jesus, but it did not. This time the second coming of the Messiah is fulfilling this ideal that was lost in the Garden of Eden. God has made three attempts to restore the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, centering upon true love. So the third Adam is what we are talking about when we say the return of Christ.

The Christian world today knows about the words "Messiah," and "Second Coming." But they don't know about the most important term "True Parents." Adam and Eve were supposed to be the True Parents of mankind. Then, Jesus was to become the True Parent, but that was not done. So the third Adam must install the True Parents' position.

You heard in my March 19 speech that the worldwide dispensation must be fulfilled on the national level; there are three nations representing Cain, Abel, and Eve, and then the Adam nation can be installed. A satanic and a heavenly lineup must compete with each other. At the conclusion of that speech, I elevated each one of you to the tribal messiahship position.

History is Reaped as it Was Sown

If there had been no crucifixion at the time of Jesus, the Roman Empire would have followed and served Jesus in his lifetime. Christianity would have moved, not to the West, but to the East to the Asian continent. The Asian continent would have become the center of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Jesus lost his body in Asia leaving only spiritual salvation accomplished. For that reason, history and Christian culture moved to the West, completing one circle around the globe, trying to return to Asia. Jesus was to win the Roman Empire in his lifetime and thereby move very easily to the worldwide level. Asia would have been the center, with Rome included. This was not accomplished, so such a time must be recreated. Now the golden age of history is heading toward Asia. After World War II, there was an opportunity for worldwide Christianity to be united and receive the Messiah centered upon the United States as the chosen Christian nation. After World War II, the United Nations came into being for the purpose of creating one world nation. This concept was God-centered but the United Nations never fulfilled this ideal because it was invaded by Satan.

If the Christian world had accepted Father at that time, we wouldn't have had to worry about the rise of communism, nor the drug culture. People who now take drugs for an artificial high, could have been truly high with the love of God.

The World War II lineup was England, America, and France, against Japan, Germany, and Italy. History always reaps what was sown. History was sown as Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel. Because of the fall, there are two sets of these four; one is the Abel-type, heavenly set and the other is the Cain- type, satanic set. These must eventually confront each other on a national level, as in World War II. The seed that was sown individually was harvested on a national and worldwide level.

England was in Eve's position, America in Abel's position, and France in Cain's position. On the satanic side, Japan was in Eve's position, Germany in Abel's position, and Italy in the Cain position. When these two teams fought in World War II the Axis powers lost. Hitler's and Mussolini's ambitions were to conquer the world. Japan was also very aggressive, trying to conquer the world. Those powers represented satanic greed and were destroyed during the war.

The mother power, which was England, should have united with France and America as her sons, and then together searched after the Adam nation. Satan knew which country would become the Adam nation. Therefore, Satan let Japan, as the satanic mother, conquer the Adam nation of Korea, occupying it for 40 years.

Movement of Civilizations

Ultimately, we must reap the historical harvest as it was sown. The Adam nation must be a peninsula nation because Christendom became centered on the Roman Empire, a peninsula nation. Jesus lost his body in Asia so his body must now be found in a peninsula nation in Asia. The Allied powers should have searched after the peninsula Adam nation in Asia. Christendom moved from the peninsula nation of the Roman Empire to the island nation of England, then to the continent of the United States. From that point, history has been repeated. Culture then moved across the Pacific and found an island nation, which is Japan. From that island nation, it had to move on to a peninsula, comparable to the Italian peninsula, so that it could come back full circle.

After the victory of World War II, England, the United States, and France should have looked to Asia to find the Adam nation, which was the Korean peninsula. If established Christianity had united with m and the Principle, then there would have been nothing more to do.

However, the United States, as a Christian nation, failed its mission to accept the second coming of the Messiah. So all of God's foundation had to be reindemnified -- 4,300 years had to be indemnified in 43 years. Actually, 430 years is needed to indemnify 4,300 years of history, but you cannot fit 430 years into one man's lifetime, so God allowed it to be indemnified in 43 years.

Because of the failure of the United States at the end of World War II, four major elements were lost: Korea, the United States, England, and France. Communism, the satanic version of messiahship, emerged. Through the principle you learn that falsehood always appears first, trying to imitate God's side. Communism proclaimed the proletariat's Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Stalin represented the personification of Satan's messiah. Because of the failure of established Christianity, the nations of England, the United States, and France became prey to aggressive communism. The United States played a key role in this failure.

According to the Principle, once a person or nation fails a mission, God never uses that nation or that person again. This time God is continuing to use this nation because the United States is in the son's position. Before the installment of True Parents, the sons, Cain and Abel, and the mother, have to create the foundation.

After the failure of the United States and established Christianity, the lineup changed. Instead of England, Japan became the Eve nation. Instead of Italy, Father chose Germany as the archangel nation. Satan took the very best part of the heavenly side, so I wanted to claim the very best part of Satan's side.

Why has America been chosen? Actually you must be very grateful to hear this, because America has been rechosen as the archangel's position. Without Christianity as the foundation, the third Israel could not be born. Therefore, I have chosen America as the second Israel and have come to America to restore its position as a chosen nation.

A moving farewell after Parents' Day evening entertainment.

Unity of Enemy Nations

The former lineup of England, America, and France was demolished after the failure of World War II. During the 43 year indemnity period, I regained a heavenly lineup: the father country, which is Korea; the Eve country, Japan; the Abel country, America; and the Cain country, Germany. These four countries must unite into one and return to God.

Citizens from these four enemy nations have worked for God's dispensation in America. Now enemies are brothers. They have worked together for the sake of America more than they worked for their own countries. After the fulfillment of this mission, these brothers and sisters should work in the Adam nation.

During this 43-year indemnity period, I underwent incredible persecution. Japan did not even give a visa to Father. Germany did not want to give a visa to me, and in England, the Anglican Church and the Roman Catholic Church united together against me. But after 43 years, which ended in 1988, I was victorious. These four enemy nations became brothers, united under the True Parents. Now, all these people can come to one final destination: God and the Adam nation.

I can concentrate on Asia now because I set the condition of loving my enemies, instead of seeking revenge. I loved America more than I loved Korea. Japanese people came to love America more than they love Japan. The same with Germans. American Moonies, even though you are persecuted, you love American Christianity more than you love your own family. Through these conditions I can now work in my homeland. This is the reason I had a beautiful and glorious homecoming in Korea.

However, there is one condition remaining to be fulfilled in America. When America sent me to prison, it was equivalent to the crucifixion of Jesus. Therefore, this nation must repent and indemnify this in order to ultimately receive God's blessing.

When we sent missionaries to 120 nations in 1975, teams were selected with three members, one each from Japan, the United States, and Germany. These three countries had been enemies, so by uniting they could set the highest possible example. There was so much persecution to the missionaries that they had to unite in order to survive. Plus, there was often only one room, so they had to eat meals together, sleep together, do everything together.

Through these missionaries, the seed of these four providential nations was planted all over the globe. Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel planted the seed which multiplied into fallen humanity. We planted a new seed and it is growing up.

When I went to jail at Danbury, Satan said, "We won! We kicked Rev. Moon out of the Western world!" But without Moonies, the Western world cannot be saved.

Because of America's failure, communism came into being. When I had my homecoming in South Korea during the 1988 Olympics, the second generation of the world came to Korea, including young people from communist countries. The Olympics helped bring about a most incredible victory for heaven and True Parents. The best young people from both Cain and Abel sides came to Korea and united under one common parent. It was just like Jacob meeting Esau, his elder brother, and embracing him in love. When these young communist athletes came to Korea, our missionaries gave them tons of McCol to drink every day, as well as other gifts and the most incredible care. They felt completely embraced by True Parents.

Unification of the Fatherland

God's ideal was lost on a peninsula, therefore, it will be restored on a new peninsula. This is the time for the consummation. When the Korean peninsula was divided, communism appeared. This time, when the Korean peninsula stands as a winner, communism will diminish automatically.

Kim Il Sung and Rev. Moon are now confronting each other in an amazing showdown. Korea is a divided nation. North Korea is the most brutal communist country. South Korea is becoming more and more democratic. Rev. Moon is called "Father" and Kim Il Sung is also called "Father." But one is true and one is false. However, my message is always the natural subjugation of Satan, never by violent confrontation. Since my victorious homecoming, the communist world is declining every day. The natural subjugation of Kim Il Sung is just a matter of time.

Today is the 30th anniversary of Parents' Day. This is such an important Parents' Day, but in the year 2,000 we are going to celebrate the 40th Parents' Day. Thank God, by then the Kingdom of God shall be on earth.

I disclosed too many secrets today -- now you have to inherit them all. God's ideal was not realized at the time of the first and second Adams. Now is the time to restore everything. All debts have been paid, for the faithlessness of the chosen people at Jesus' time and for all the failures of the United States and established Christianity. What if the five billion people in the world united with God's dispensation? How long would it take to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth?

The only thing that needs to happen now is for God, Satan, and Father to sit down together and sign the papers for the transferal of the ownership of humanity. Satan will surrender his claim, and true love will have won. Then one nation after another will unite with True Parents and follow the Principle.

True Parents and true love have won the individual, tribal, national, worldwide, and universal victories. For the first time in history a true love bridge is being made between God and humanity. As long as we are on the bridge, we are safe from Satan's invasion. Furthermore, this bridge will be a 10- lane highway where you can drive at 100 miles per hour.

Even if you don't like this bridge, going in the Parents' steps, it is nevertheless the principled way. You must follow my course, and then my victory will become your victory.

The three nations of the Soviet Union, China, and the United States represent the three archangels. They are the so- called superpowers, but they have to love True Parents: the Adam nation and the Eve nation.

Homecoming and Tribal Messiahship

As the universal Messiah, I have the power to anoint you as tribal messiahs. Therefore, you must inherit my messiahship. How can you do that? All you have to do is rectify the situations of the first and the second Adam by setting indemnity conditions. The failure of the first Adam is that he could not receive the second blessing. You were blessed, so your position is greater than Adam's. I am like the trunk of a big tree. Each one of us must become a part of the tree by grafting ourselves into it. If you are grafted into the tree, then you already paid the indemnity for the failure of the first Adam. Jesus also did not receive the Blessing. By uniting with the third Adam level, you can become a national messiah.

You are walking the path now as the family and tribal level messiah. I am working up from the national messiahship to the worldwide messiahship. You are following my footsteps; Satan can have no accusation toward you. All you have to do is graft into this third Adams' root. Soon all of humanity will have one root.

God's lineage will go on, bequeathing the tradition from one generation to the next. The condition is that you must love True Parents more than anybody else under the sun. Otherwise you will not become one with True Parents. When you go to your hometown or your home church in the tribal messiah's role, there will be no more persecution, because I paid the debt. Follow my footsteps and gather the harvest.

Where is my hometown? North Korea is my ultimate hometown; it is your hometown, too. Now is the time for reorganization. The first, second, and third Adam are all consummated in True Parents. Therefore, I need to have 12 restored disciples, and then 72, 120, and 430 disciples. When you accomplish your homecoming, an organization of 12 tribes shall be made. You will eventually belong to a certain tribe of heaven. Your race, color, and nationality has no meaning. What has meaning is how much you can receive the support of spiritual world and truly create your own spiritual tribe.

Ultimately all of us will create the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. That is our home on earth. The Kingdom of Heaven in spiritual world is our home for eternity. How can we return to those homes, on earth and in heaven? First, through True Parents; second, through citizenship; and third, through homecoming. These are the three most important things for you to acquire.

My topic today is True Parents and the Realm of Liberation. You must have True Parents in your heart. True Parents includes all three Adams' positions. The three Adams' sons are all of humanity, spread out all over the world. So all people must be connected to True Parents' name, as one family of man. You have found the True Parents, right? How about the true citizenship of Heaven? Homecoming remains our final job.

Liberation means to liberate God from His suffering, liberate the True Parents from their suffering, liberate all the ancestors in the spirit world, and liberate our posterity from sin. My responsibility is done, and your responsibility remains. There are 21,000 blessed couples in the world now, and soon there will be more. Those people will carry on the True Parents' mission. They will move around the entire world being noisy, good troublemakers.

We are truly marching forward. My plan is that every city will be divided into 50 state names. Each blessed couple will belong to one section. We must be noisier than anybody else -- noisier than the Mafia, gangsters, drug pushers, and all evildoers. This is how to save the world. Can you do it? This time, let's raise not just two hands but two feet, also. Let us pray. 

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