The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Holy Weddings at the World Mission Center

Sun Myung Moon
April 7, 1989

True Parents congratulate the newly blessed couples.

Holy Wine Ceremony Speech
Sun Myung Moon

The value of this Blessing is so precious and so eternal; therefore, in order to qualify for this Blessing you must purify yourselves. The history of God has been the history of divine providence. "Divine providence" can be described as the history of restoration through paying indemnity. In order to pay enough indemnity to stand before the True Parents is not easy. You have to pay a lot of debts from the past, not only for yourself, but for your ancestors as well. This is such a precious and serious commitment.

In order to be eligible to come before True Parents to receive the Blessing, you have to separate from the concept of being married. Even though you were married in the secular world, you have to go back to the original brother/sister position: Adam and Eve's original position. You must stand purely in front of True Parents, as though you were never married. That is God's original standard for eligibility.

I would like you to understand why you have to come before True Parents to be married again. You are, and all of us in the world today are, the offspring of the satanic lineage because of the fall of man. Before you can go to heaven you have to change your lineage from the satanic side to the heavenly side. True Parents are the only ones authorized by God to do so; your lineage will be transferred to that of the True Parents and by doing so you come into God's lineage.

This transfer of lineage is the most crucial thing in our lives but this cannot be done until the installation of the True Parents on earth. In order to have this Blessing, so many saints and innocent Christians were sacrificed. Upon that foundation True Parents came and gave this Blessing. In order to have True Parents appear on the face of the earth, how much God has worked behind the scenes! If you just come here and feel you are ready for the Blessing, this is not the right attitude.

In the Bible, Rev. 21 it says that the hope of man is to become a tree of life. In order to become trees of life each person must absolutely cleanse himself and become as a virgin.

Because of the fall of man everything was lost all at once. Restoration, however, must be done stage by stage. Each stage might take thousands of years, but the ultimate goal is to restore the parents' position. It took 6,000 biblical years. In order to restore that position, so much sacrifice had to paid throughout the Old, New, and Completed Testament eras.

Unless you are able to restore the foundation of all things and the foundation of children, you yourself will have to be sacrificed. That is exactly what happened at Jesus' time.

Why was the son of God, who was sent as the Messiah, crucified? He needed 12, 72, and 120 disciples as a foundation on which to stand, but that was not accomplished.

Because of the opposition from established Christianity, I also initially lost everything. I had to restore all things, then restore children. Upon that foundation true parenthood was established.

That is why when you join the Unification Church, for the first three-and-a-half years you restore yourself by making the condition of restoring the creation. Next, you witness for three-and-a-half years. When you win spiritual children you can claim yourself as God's child. You must have at least a minimum of three spiritual children, which is equivalent to the three archangels in heaven before the fall of man. Once you have that seven-year foundation then your position will be that of Adam and Eve before the fall.

Then you are free from the accusation of Satan. That is why I am so serious about this. This is how I struggled. But my struggle is far deeper than any of you would go through in seven years. I had to struggle my entire life so that your seven-year condition could be accepted, and that you could be blessed.

The first stage is claiming all things of creation. The second stage is to claim yourself. Now you stand ready before God but you are still not your own. You cannot claim your own self until you are approved and accepted by God. Until then you have no ownership. There is no such thing as "my house," "my son or daughter"; even "my body" is not mine. God must have the first ownership. The fall established satanic ownership so we must establish God's ownership. Marriage can be possible only after that condition is set.

God will eventually have one sovereignty. Then you will be free from the accusation of Satan. We are now in the wilderness and ready to cross the Jordan River into Canaan. We still have this battle in front of us. As you stand here today, you must be ready to go out, win this battle and claim the world for God.

Because of the failure of established Christianity in the United States, I paid 43 years of indemnity by myself and now another occasion has been presented, which is from 1985-1992. This is a most important seven-year period. I have forgiven America's sin and have asked God's forgiveness for this nation. But America will decline unless she unites with me. America is helpless in the face of communism, declining Christianity, and immorality. I am working to remedy these situations.

Our path is to search after families, a nation, and ultimately a world united with God. So far the Unification Church's emphasis has been given to the individual and family levels. Now I have declared the tribal messiahships some time ago and we are undertaking this dispensation. I am sure that you are listening to this idea for the first time in your entire life. You have to know and practice this truth first and then you can come to the Blessing. Actually, you are not yet completely worthy to receive this Blessing.

Those individuals who are above 60 years of age now have a chance to be given the Single Blessing. You have a great hope. You will be singly blessed until you are elevated to the spirit world. In the spirit world, there are great numbers of people who are spiritually living for eternity. Since you are blessed by True Parents here on earth you will have special privileges -- I may match you in the spirit world to the finest person in history.

The Holy Wine Ceremony will now begin. This is the ceremony in which your blood lineage will be transferred to God's lineage. Your lineage was lost through the sequence of the archangel, Eve, and Adam. Therefore restoration comes through the archangel to the mother, father, and then to the bride and bridegroom.

God originally created man first and then woman, but in restoration this is reversed. I am in the Adam's position, and the women receive the Holy Wine from me. By doing this you set the condition of uniting with me and restoring yourselves, becoming the extension of Mother. The wife is in the mother's position, and then the husband will be reborn so that he becomes a restored Adam.

By this ceremony you will be authorized to become tribal messiahs. True Parents are the universal messiah. You will eventually have a national messiah when God's sovereignty is restored. Now, all blessed couples have the right to go out to claim your tribe and restore them into heaven. With this power you can go and win the world.

Eternal Blessings
Mary Trifault

Ceremony for the 138 Couples Blessing and the 57 Members Single Blessing.

Near the end of a week of whirlwind activity, three very special Blessings were held in New York in the Grand Ballroom of the World Mission Center on April 7,1989. These Blessings were unique and significant because they included three categories of blessing candidates: matched couples, previously married couples, and individuals. The 42 Couples Blessing consisted of matched couples, connected to the 1,275 Couples Blessing in Korea. The 138 Couples Blessing and 57 Members Single Blessing were composed, respectively, of previously married couples and individual members over 60 years old. Especially many of the married couples and elder single brothers and sisters have been waiting a long time for this Blessing. It was very moving to see couples from all around the world coming to be blessed by True Parents; for some it was their first chance to see True Parents in person. There were 37 nations represented, and the oldest Single Blessing candidate was an 87 year old sister from France.

That morning, Father spoke at length to the couples and individuals and then proceeded to the Holy Wine Ceremony.

In the afternoon, following a brief rehearsal, True Parents entered the Grand Ballroom to commence the 42 Couples Blessing ceremony. Dr. Bo Hi Pak was the Master of Ceremonies. There was such an intimate and beautiful feeling as the 42 matched couples proceeded up to the stage, received the Holy Water, and then took their places facing True Parents. Father then led the recitation of the marriage vows in Korean and prayed over the couples. Dr. Durst gave a moving congratulatory address, acknowledging the incredible tearful foundation laid by our True Parents in order to receive this most precious Blessing. The ceremony ended with bows from the couples and mansei cheers.

The joint ceremony for the Blessing of the 138 previously married couples and 57 individuals began at 2 p.m.. After the recitation of vows and the exchange of rings, President James Baughman expressed in his address to the couples that all of our suffering is for this ultimate blessing, and how True Parents' have been constantly motivated by God's own suffering heart. He reminded the couples of their responsibilities as tribal messiahs and urged them to become second selves of our True Parents. After bows to True Parents and the audience and mansei cheers, the participants left the room in a joyful recessional march.

In the evening the blessed couples were hosted at a special dinner and entertainment at the Manhattan Center. Heavenly love was in the air. The entertainment was such a beautiful harmony of participation from many nations. It started with members of the Washington, DC Performing Arts Department singing several Western and Korean songs. They have been performing in Washington, DC to groups of visiting Korean professors, generals, ministers and religious leaders, and their Korean songs were presented with much feeling.

President Baughman invited up several of the newly blessed members to perform. For many from other countries, this must have been their first taste of an entertainment with True Parents.

The first couple, from Ireland, represented Europe and sang an Irish folksong. Loyce Brown from Texas represented America and the Single Blessing group. Her original three piano pieces and two poems were especially poignant because she had been a devoted Christian all her life and had dedicated these pieces to True Parents. President Baughman remarked in his evening speech that the most enthusiastic and childlike participants were the Single Blessing candidates.

Professor Kyoshi Nasu and Mrs. Nasu represented Japan. Professor Nasu has written three well-known books testifying to Father and the Second Coming; he and his wife expressed their gratitude by bowing and testifying to True Parents. Mrs. Nasu then sang two beautiful Japanese songs -- a heartistic offering from Japan to Korea.

Hyo Jin Nim spoke to the couples, pledging his support to them and asking them to bring victory in their home church areas.

As the grand finale, Father and Mother came to the stage. It was so touching to see their true give and take as they sang four songs and joyfully danced, inviting everyone to join in. It was such a heavenly atmosphere -- I felt Father's tremendous love and desire to give the newly blessed members a substantial taste of heaven, something that they could carry throughout their blessed lives and through any of the challenges they may experience.

Our Commitment
Jeddie King

Jeddie and Carol King

On behalf of my wife Carol and myself, I would like to share a short testimony about our life before we met the church, and our life in the church leading up to our recent Blessing.

In the summer of 1975, my wife met our spiritual father Andrei Smith. His mission was pioneering, and my wife saw him one day while he was street preaching:. She was so inspired by what he was saying that she asked if he would go to a coffee shop with her to answer some questions. So he did. Carol was so inspired during this short time that she asked him not to say anymore and invited him to her home to speak to her husband. He agreed and came the following day. Andrei introduced himself to me and said he was from the Unification Church. He asked if I had ever heard of the Unification Church before. I honestly couldn't recall ever having heard anything about it.

When Carol told me she had met this brother speaking about God, I was very happy for her. At the time, we had a lot of problems that had brought our marriage almost to the brink of destruction. When she told me about this churchgoing person, I thought it was a good opportunity to get her connected with a church so she would be less problems for me! I didn't know that I was a large part of our problems.

Andrei came over night after night for almost three weeks. Shortly after his first visit, he noticed that I wasn't saying so much during the course of study and discussions. Carol was the one raising all the questions while I was very reserved, not offering any input into the sessions. I had to admit what he said moved me very deeply, but I didn't express myself which bothered Andrei. Carol was so excited that she asked many questions which Andrei explained point by point. Andrei then asked, "Jeddie, what do you think about these principles?" I replied, "I think it's okay." He persisted, "What do you think about the questions that were raised by Carol? Are you moved? Does it inspire you? Did you learn anything or hear anything that you didn't know before?" I answered, "Of course, I learned a lot and I heard many things I have never heard. I'm very moved so far." He didn't push me to say much after that.

We were invited to go to workshop on October 18, 1975. We went and that was the weekend I made my commitment to the Unification Church. After the workshop, our spiritual father wondered what to do with us. At that time there were hardly any previously married people in the church. Most who joined were single, while my wife and I had one son. It wasn't at all clear how we were to fit into the church. At a meeting with the headquarters staff, Carol and I were instructed to remain living outside in our home, connecting with and supporting the church in any way that we could. We did that for a while.

After a few months, I was still confused about the level of my commitment. I asked my central figure if I should move into the church. Again we were told to remain as we were, supporting the church. Controversy started to surround the church, so I assumed they didn't want us to break up our family and move into the church center. From the time of our commitment, we've always served the church in the capacity of home members.

Before we met the church, I had a dream that my wife and I were paying for a wedding. I never understood the dream's meaning until I had studied the principle in depth, received more internal guidance, and raised more questions. Then the dream had very clear and deep significance. I knew it was a revelation of what we were to receive sometime later in our life of faith. Harmony came into our home and our relationship. All the friction that we had experienced before we met the church dissipated. There was such a sweet spirit in our home -- every visitor felt so good. We had a clean home and set very high standards. We cut ties with our friends to the extent that we didn't entertain anymore. Basically our home was a place where God's spirit dwelt. We used it for Bible study and to teach the Principle. We invited people over once a week for meetings. There was so much activity for God going on in our home that it dissipated any negative atmosphere there had been prior to our membership in the church.

At every opportunity I could only thank God for the peace, harmony and stability that He had brought into the lives of Carol and myself. It was during this period that I had a brief insight into what a beautiful relationship between husband and wife will ultimately be if we keep working towards it, keep reshaping ourselves to really reflect God's image. Carol started to look so beautiful to me; it was like I never knew her before. We were becoming one person. We started picking up each other's thoughts. One day I had a strong craving for milk and cookies. I hardly ever drink milk. When I came home, Carol was lying in bed. I went into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and poured a glass of milk. We didn't have any cookies, but there was a piece of pound cake. I cut the cake and brought it to Carol. Her face lit up and she said, "How did you know? I was just laying here wanting this, but was just too lazy to get up and get it. I told her, "I had such a strong craving for it, I knew it wasn't for me, so it had to be for you."

I felt a closeness with Carol that I had never felt before. I think it was God showing us how good things could be: we were on our way up. Things were only going to get better as we continued our life of faith. But we had to come back down to earth from our spiritual high to start dealing with the reality all around us.

The more we studied the Principle, the more we challenged each other: Who's practicing the Principle? Who understands this and that? That thinking brought a little friction between us. Things went on that way from time to time until we were blessed.

Two years before we were blessed, our relationship had become so strained -- every little thing was a big issue. For the life of me I couldn't understand why we suddenly had so much difficulty. We were seriously considering getting a divorce. But when I looked at our overall situation, I couldn't find anything that called for such a drastic decision. Often I would say to her, "Honey, I know that our problem is only spiritual. For some reason or another, something doesn't want us to continue this course." We both understood that we were pioneering a way for other couples in similar situations to come to True Parents. The test was so strong, we almost didn't make it. Even up to the time we were called down for the blessing, we were having some problems. Satan gave us such a struggle to make it through the gates into the family of our True Parents.

After the Blessing, it was almost like taking an antidote that subsided a raging storm. The sun had come out in our lives again, restoring harmony. With it came new commitment: not only commitment to persevering for God, but new commitments to one another. From the time we were blessed, I feel I've been born again. My wife has reached a new level in her spiritual relationship with God and our True Parents.

There's just one other thing I'd like to say about my brothers and sisters who have served to inspire me over the years. From the time I met the church, I was always so impressed by the dedication of everyone; members truly giving up their lives to walk this thorny path of righteousness and service to God and our True Parents. As a home member, I felt ashamed because I wasn't making such a commitment. Their example gave me staying power and a stronger sense of commitment. I saw how hard other people were working and I was just moved to do the best I could. Their efforts called my inner self to a deeper commitment to do God's Will.

I said this to a sister one day. It's strange that we seldom realize how important we are to one another, for this sister shared how much I had inspired her. She explained, "We're living in the center so we always have an opportunity to receive inspiration from one another. But I'm inspired to see how much you are connected and committed to serving God and True Parents without having this type of nurturing system around you." When I thought about it, I realized Carol and I had seen some pretty turbulent times. I thank God for the sacrifice of our True Parents and for the commitment of my wife.

Without her determination I don't know if I could have made it. I hope my commitment served to support her. I just want to say thank you for your prayers and inspiration over the years. I hope we all can grow together and truly accomplish all the things that Heavenly Father expects of us.

My Blessing
Beverly Freed

Evening dinner and entertainment for the newly blessed couples

When I was asked to write about my experience at the Single Blessing, I remarked to a dear friend, "But I can't. It's too personal." She answered, "That in itself is a remarkable statement." In reflection, I realize, for the first time, the true meaning of this gift of grace.

The thread which connects every moment of my life, from the moment I joined the church until the Blessing, is truly the presence of God.

I am now sixty years of age. A major milestone in my life was the day, ten years ago, when I heard Divine Principle. I could not doubt that the Principle was true. I knew that right down to the marrow of my existence. However, I was unable to relate to True Parents and the idea of mass weddings was an enigma to me. It was as if Jesus, with whom I had a deep spiritual relationship, dropped me at the doorstep of the Unification Church and left. The first years of my church life were excruciatingly painful.

Even though I had several dreams of Father at night, I could feel no relationship to Father when awake, and much to my consternation, Jesus disappeared from my spiritual awareness. I was much older than the general membership of the church, and no one knew quite how to relate to me. I felt as if I had just been delivered from the birth canal, crying, with no one to care for me. At one time, I left the church and went back to my previous prayer group. But I returned shortly thereafter. I couldn't help but make comparisons with regard to the level of prayer and the understanding of God's heart. The difference was as great as kindergarten class to college. Divine Principle, then and now, continues to be the most delicious spiritual food I have ever tasted.

As the years passed, my relationship with Heavenly Father deepened and sustained me. I learned the value of making good conditions and with the support of powerful and persistent spirit persons, I began to experience repentance, gratitude, and moments of exquisite joy. Interestingly, with the advent of Heung Jin Nim I began to experience Jesus again.

Still my prayers up until quite recently were, "Heavenly Father, You must help me experience the heart of True Parents so that I can know them as my own." I can remember the exact moment when I received this realization. It was at an eight-hour speech at Belvedere; I knew that I had reached a new level of heart. From this time, I truly felt like an adopted child of God and True Parents, and as if I were living with them. When I returned to my home at night, I could actually feel their presence.

I knew that I would not realize the four-position foundation within my physical lifetime, but I did think of the Blessing from time to time. More than that, I strongly believed that I should bring a spiritual child to the church who, in turn, could become my husband. There were several men to whom I witnessed, but none were prepared to join the church.

From time to time, whenever the Blessing was being offered, good friends in the church would urge me to make inquiries for myself. However, I did not fit the age category. Just prior to the last Blessing, I read Father's words which confirmed what I already knew. The Blessing was not to be sought but would be given in accordance with God's grace. I repented in prayer for not having the right attitude. I told Heavenly Father with deep conviction, and in tears, that I was happy to be an adopted child, that I felt no less love from Him, and that I felt it an honor to serve True Parents and my beautiful brothers and sisters in any capacity.

Immediately thereafter I received a phone call from headquarters asking if I was interested in receiving the Single Blessing. I did not hesitate to say yes. I knew this was God's desire for me.

Is the Blessing personal? Yes, it is a time when the hand of God reaches down and touches. And, oh yes, my Blessing was surely the best. True Father literally danced at my wedding!

Personal Reflection on the Blessing
Lynda McKenzie

In Jeddie Kings testimony, the sentence "there was so much activity for God going on in our home that it dissipated any negative atmosphere" caught my attention. As large centers are being dispersed throughout various communities, keeping our homes so filled with activities for God that evil has no chance to dwell, is a high standard we all should follow while fulfilling our tribal messiahships.

In reading Beverly Freed's testimony, I though how important it is to have True Parents' presence in our homes and to accept every direction from them as a blessing and truly as a 'gift of grace.'

When Jeddie and Beverly joined there was a lot of pain and loneliness in being a church member living at home. But they overcame all of the trials and hardships to receive the gift of grace from True Parents--the Blessing. Now they are blessed members who have already established themselves in their communities and can now advise us who are just beginning the path they have already paved.

I hope and pray their examples of steadfast faith and perseverance can serve as a pillar of strength and solace to those who weren't able to receive the Blessing at this time, as well as to those spiritual children who will come as the fruits of the tribal messiahships.

All the couples and individuals in these Blessings represent the heart of true pioneers. I feel very grateful for their example. 

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