The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Parallel Messiahship

Sun Myung Moon
April 8, 1989
Leaders Conference
Translator: Bo Hi Pak

True Parents enjoy a relaxed moment during the Tenth World Media Conference.

What is the greatest of all problems in the Western world today? An understanding of Satan as an entity doesn't exist in the Western mind. Therefore people do not know they have been a liege under Satan, born of his lineage. This ignorance primarily results from lack of deep prayer. Praying five or ten minutes is just giving lip service. Truly deep prayer lasts 10 hours, 15 hours 17 hours. I used to pray this long every day.

Most important in religious experiences is that your mind and body become melted together in deep, tearful soul-searching -- crying out with all your sadness, exploding with all your emotions. Such an experience cannot be reached through a 15-minute sermon; but in many Western Christian services the sermon cannot go beyond 15 minutes, nor the whole service beyond one hour at the most. A hastily written sermon expresses only man's intellectual knowledge, not soul or heart. Spirit world will not be moved by that kind of shallow knowledge and effort.

You may think you are delivering the sermon for the sake of the congregation. True, the audience must be benefited, but the first person listening to that sermon is you, yourself. Since you know yourself the best, you are most able to measure yourself by the Principle. Then, the primary target of your sermon is yourself, to help you attack, treat, and heal your own weaknesses.

When people say "Unification Church," what comes to your mind first? Reverend Moon. Reverend Moon is the living theology, living Principle. The Principle, or the Unification Theology, is the record of my growth: how I have developed myself and become what I am today.

The Fruit of My Victories

I discovered the Principle through constant self-reflection and self-evaluation. I discovered the secrets of Adam's family by looking at myself and my own struggles and thus could unlock the Fall of Man. For Noah's family, Abraham's family, the life of Jesus -- everything -- I projected myself into their circumstances and broke through the barriers confronting them to uncover what should have happened and thus to reveal the Principle. Moses' course, Jesus' course and all their challenges are in the historical background of my life. It is a shadow of how I have chosen to live, of what I have built up in my lifetime. So biblical history is not just written literature but the actual background behind the birth of the Unification Church. I projected myself into this history and discovered the ultimate underlying truth. In the history of men, has anybody ever gone to that depth? How about you? Have you ever thought that the Principle is the vivid history of Rev. Moon -- my struggles and victories? This is the fruit of the victories of my life.

Therefore, when you teach or read about Adam's family, put yourself into that particular backdrop of history and put me on the center stage. I had to battle to find my way through those labyrinths of hidden truths. "Indirect dominion and direct dominion of God, indemnity, human responsibility" -- these are the key words of the Principle. Do you think I picked the words out of the dictionary? No! Do you think that God gave me the Principle saying, "This is it"? No, God does not give that type of revelation directly. When we read about the indirect dominion of God and how the fall interrupted our growth to the direct dominion, we truly feel this is incredible logic; it is not fiction. It is absolute history that was so deeply locked up that no man had discovered it. And until it was discovered and understood, the battle between God and Satan could not be resolved for it is the battle of truth. Once I discovered that ultimate truth and it was confirmed to me by God, then I could completely judge Satan and he had to surrender. If on your own you try to find the understanding embodied by the words "indirect dominion" and "direct dominion," you will discover how profoundly I had to search.

Concluding Stage of History

Adam's personal responsibility was to grow in purity and unite with God in true love. Otherwise, Adam's perfection would not be attained. In a way, denial of Principle is equal to denial of God and of Father. When you deal with the Principle, you must understand this.

Why am I saying this to you? We have come to the ultimate, conclusive stage of providential history: the global stage. You and history have to be completely harmonized and the ultimate culmination has to be achieved. When you read the Principle, it is important to know that it is my history of struggle and record of victory. You cannot unite with me until you experience and accept the entire Principle as your own: your own struggle, your own fight, your own victory; then you can understand my heart and truly unite.

I did not go through such a drama on the stage. This was a very real battle. I was not merely an actor; I was as the original Adam, confronting the same struggles as Adam's family. Actually, Adam did not know anything about the Principle. He became fallen without even knowing clearly what was right and wrong. Originally, only God and Satan understood what happened in the Garden of Eden, but they alone could not untangle this matter. Some man had to discover the truth of the indirect and direct dominions and how Adam was to fulfill this way of life. Adam should have understood all the secrets of God first; for example, the realization to call God "Father" should have come to Adam and Eve, then they could have been Lucifer's teachers, with proper dominion over him. But before Adam knew the truth, Satan discovered and used this truth as a secret weapon to completely demolish the humanity of man.

Through deep soul-searching prayer you can bring your spirit close to the truth, and then the whole spiritual reality opens up to you. When you enter that realm, Satan becomes very real to your life, you know what Adam's responsibility was, and you can know exactly what you should do.

In tears, Adam was expelled from the Garden of Eden and lost everything; he did not know what was happening. So also in tears, we can rediscover the truth and regain our rightful position -- this is restoration. Since the first human ancestors were crying, their posterity must cry as well. Human history began with tears, so you have to shed tears to go back. Your heart, mind, and body must be completely melted in tears -- otherwise you will not succeed. How many of you have such deep soul-searching prayer in tears? You have no idea how much I desperately struggled and wept -- my whole mind and body crying out with soul-searching tears to enter and understand that realm.

Do You Know Soul-Searching Prayer?

Do you know the heart of God? The heart of True Parents? As soon as I think about God, my first reaction is always to profoundly weep. Once I feel God's heart, I cannot help but cry. When you think of True Parents, you should also feel like crying. If you don't, that means there is no heartistic connection. You cannot talk about spirit world because your heart is so dry that spirit world has nothing to do with you. You must realize how far you are from the truth; how faithless you are in a way. Satan looks at you and laughs: "You think you belong to God and True Parents? Ha!" Ask yourself in your mind: "Am I really True Parents' child? Am I really God's child?" If not, this is the problem.

As God's child, when He feels sad, you feel His vibration of sadness. When God feels joy, you feel joy. When True Parents feel sadness, you feel sad. While I have been struggling to bring God's heart to this land, against the most insidious enemy out there in the satanic world, how much have you been united with me in heart? How much have you really been praying, "Let True Parents' burden become mine; let me bear the cross"? America's good spirit world wants to come down and help you, but your spiritual eyes are closed and your ears are blocked. Spirit world cannot communicate.

You should feel there is no one else but you to liberate Adam's family, Noah's family, Abraham's family, Moses, Jesus, God, and True Parents, too. This is how I felt. You should be able to say, "Yes, I passed through Adam's family experience, Noah's, Abraham's, Moses', and each step of the way I felt I was truly going through and reliving Father's life." You should experience Adam's battleground, Noah's battleground, Abraham's battleground -- those were my battlegrounds. You must feel these things to the bone: "Now I'm inheriting it. Now I see how much Father's struggle was an impossible fight, which still he won. Now I want to be taking over Father's suffering myself. I want to become a protective barrier for Father, surrounding him. That is my supreme duty. From me, others can learn True Parents way."

Once you know my struggle and victory, you can inherit it; then you can always be one step ahead of me. "I want to be a good archangel for Father; and I want to be a good true child to Father." To be a good archangel, you have to protect my work from the fallen archangel. After that, you can become my child by going through the road of indemnity. If you avoid it, you cannot reach the goal.

You have not realized how painfully naive you were: You have not understood the most vital part of the Principle. Even though you have been in the Unification Church so many years, you have not experienced these depths of feeling. Even if this Principle was just freely given out by spirit world, that alone is a fantastic event. However, it was not just given by the spirit world; no one read this Principle to me. I fought every step of the way to discover the secret. I cannot leave the Principle: I am the personification of it!

If you only try to intellectually learn the Principle, and only give lip service to living it, then there is no root, there is no life, and you will be blown away by the wind. The most important thing is actually grafting to the root -- True Parents. Have you?

Do you realize that when somebody pinches you, both God and I feel your pain because all are one and connected? Think about a big tree. If a small branch is chopped down, the whole tree aches because that branch is part of the big tree. But instead of contributing to this oneness, many of you are trying to use the Unification Church for your selfish benefit. Are you principled men? No one knows better than you who you are. It's almost like you've been trying to win the battle with an empty gun. Maybe you have the sound of a gun, but you have no bullet so you cannot actually make a hole in the target. Are you a principled man with real bullets? When you fire will you make a hole? Evaluate according to the Principle what percent of you is a true person.

How Real is the Principle to You?

When you read about Adam's family you should feel, "I'm Adam because I inherited True Parents' position; therefore Satan surrender to me now." This applies to the other central figures as well. "I'm walking Moses' course as the real Moses because Father walked this path and I'm inheriting it; it's mine now; I'm winning." Without this attitude and feeling, do you think Satan would surrender? My course must become yours.

You have to carry your record of achievement. When are you going to create yours? When have you set a new record on the individual level? How about the family, tribal, or national level? Each step of the way you have to try to go beyond the actual existing record. The Principle itself is a vivid record of my struggle and victory. "Divine" means "God", so "Divine Principle" means "God's Principle," and one cannot change it -- only follow it. Like a train: no matter how fast the train wants to go, it can only travel on the tracks to reach its destination.

Have you ever thought about how I have lived my life thus far, how many million times I have truly cried out? Have you ever even imagined how much agony I felt in my heart? But to feel sadness and agony is not my purpose. It is to break through the agony, resolve it, and bring the liberation to God. You can imagine this is the toughest assignment. Satan knows, more than anyone else, my record of struggle and victory, but he has no power to even come near me.

So is the Principle yours? The problem is not Japanese, Korean, black or white. The problem is with you. If you clearly understand the Principle viewpoint you can solve everything. Since I realized this, my credo has been to achieve dominion over myself; then I can have dominion over the universe.

For the last fifteen years you may have been thinking, "I am following Father." But how much have the American people been saved by members of the Unification Church? For fifteen or twenty years, America has been declining. Look at the ruin and corruption in America. Whose responsibility is it? When you first heard the Principle and understood that America would get better with the Principle viewpoint, you should have proclaimed our activity from every corner. You must repent, soul-search, and with tears cry out for forgiveness and recommitment. Your attitude has to be to unite with me and not let me down anymore.

Father and Mother pray before the Leaders Conference.

One Purpose in Life

From this standpoint, have you been a master or a servant of the Principle? Servant! I am the embodiment of the Principle; therefore, I cannot give attention to anything else. I am so focused, so serious, so dedicated to my own duty that I have no time to think about anything else. Sometimes I forget what time of day it is because in my mind there is no night and day. I may sometimes have thought, "This is the evening -- I'm eating dinner," when I was actually eating breakfast. From my point of view there is no such thing as rest and relaxation or thinking I can have some fun here, or somebody likes me and I would like to respond to them. My entire life I have focused on only one purpose.

From my first day in America I knew I had come to America to make an impact on this nation. Initially the members felt I didn't know anything about America. I was persecuted by them more than by the outside world.

In a way everyone was laughing at me: "What Father is trying to do is a good idea but impossible." I always felt alone, but without any support I launched a lonely crusade in the giant United States of America.

As the state leader you should feel yourself to be a central figure of history and form relationships with the civic and other central figures of your city and state. The background of your spiritual ancestors becomes yours; they are all behind you because you belong to True Parents. Believe that every good ancestor can follow you because you represent them, and, with that kind of support, you can make any situation victorious.

The tears of God are needed, not a college degree. Shed True Parents' tears in your area -- that's what it needs. This is why Jesus proclaimed, "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Jesus was the first one to be king of repentance for the sake of all humanity. The people and nation of Jesus' time should have understood him, and through him the heart of God. If they had really cried out, repenting in tears, surrounding and protecting Jesus, then Jesus would not have been crucified and they would not have been conquered the Roman Empire. In the place of true repentance, there was only arrogance and selfishness. Since the people of that time didn't fulfill their responsibility to repent, Jesus had to repent for them. Similarly, you must cry out for America. Ask God to put the burden upon your shoulder: "God, I can bear Your burden; let me bear the True Parents' burden now." But in order to overcome the burden and liberate True Parents, you must know and use the truth of Adam's family, Noah's family, Abraham's, Moses', and Jesus'. Absorb this truth and make it yours; feel it to your bone then go out and proclaim it.

Who is God? God is the biggest parent -- that's all. True Parents are the second biggest parents. The third biggest parent is you! Messiahship means Parentship -- having true love between parents and children. You must return to your parents and return to God. Then when God cries, you will cry; when True Parents cry, you will cry. You will experience the same vibration, a resonance of heartistic feeling. Why is God the greatest parent of all? Because in history no one has ever shed more tears than God or been more broken-hearted. On the physical plane, no one has shed more tears for the sake of humanity than True Parents. In order to inherit God's and True Parents' kingship, you should feel: "I must shed tears like God and Father did." The stages of Parentship progress according to the number of tears that you shed for the sake of parents, children, and posterity. If there had been no fall, there would be only glory, with God the first and greatest of all to enjoy the glory, then True Parents, then you. But because of the fall of man, it was reversed -- joy was not there.

Tribal Messiahship Means Parentship

Tribal messiahship has been declared. What is it? If there had been no fall of man, a tribal messiah wouldn't be necessary because all we would need is True Parents' family. You are the extension of the True Parents' family -- which is the seed of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Because of the fall, the Cain world came into being. So you have to become a tribal messiah, going out to try to save that world. It's as if there was one mother and two fathers, because two blood streams have been mixing in humanity. Therefore, God has not been the greatest, most glorious parent. He has been a God with a broken heart, full of tears. This is why I cannot pray to God asking His blessing or requesting some help. My attitude is always, "I want to go out, fight, win the victory, and bring it to God. I want to make an offering to God." Therefore I concentrate on action and then report about it. That's how I laid the worldwide foundation in the shortest possible time. If I said, "Well God, if You help me I will do it" each time, do you think I would have laid this much foundation here on earth? No!

True Parents' dispensation has already gone through the three stages that were symbolically expressed years ago when I blessed the 36 Blessed Couples. Normally 12 couples would have been enough; but I wanted to include all humanity so there were three groups of 12, enabling the 36 Couples to encompass all humanity. All Blessings since then represent an expansion of the 36 Couples.

I have to connect all humanity into the same blood lineage with my own family. This is the reason that I adopted daughters-in-law and sons-in-law from different groups. Among the 36 Blessed Couples there are three different groups. Bo Hi Pak, for example, is one of tie 12 previously married couples. By engrafting him into True Parents' family, the world of married couples is engrafted to True Parents. Rev. Hong and Rev. Kwak are from groups I matched. I even chose a daughter-in-law from the 430 Blessed Couples. By doing so, I set the condition to save all humanity, not just certain segments. If I would say, "Well, this couple matched by me is one thing and this previously married couple is something else, then ultimately a divided world would remain. But we will make one world.

True Parents' Family

By the time of the third level or grandchildren's level, I will connect True Parents' family with all races and cultures. These international marriages will happen in the True Family in three generations' time. Although I have been persecuted because of international marriages, I have pioneered this way because it is the exact, precise will of God. Any kind of racial prejudice will be absolutely non-existent in our new world.

So from Hyo Jin Nim's son and grandchildren, the connection with all races of the world will explode. At that time, the number one condition to be blessed into True Parents' family is to know the Korean language. The true home nation is Korea; the true home town is Korea; True Parents' home is Korea; the mother tongue is Korean; the father tongue is Korean. For that reason, anyone who is truly longing to return home should their children to be fluent in Korean.

Western culture is individual-centered, but Oriental culture is collective-centered. Korean people never say "my house or country." Rather, they say "our house or country" because it belongs to you and me; we join together and make it. The Korean language is really Principle-centered. I announced many years ago that in 1990 I will no longer use an interpreter. Already Westerners are coming to Korea to learn the Korean language. I am trying to give the best possible gift to you and your family, but you are reluctant to accept it.

My great-grandchildren shall be married internationally. If your children haven't learned the Korean language or been properly educated in church traditions, then all your ancestors will accuse you. There is competition to become marriage partners for True Parents' family members because there is only a limited number. As in a marathon, you all begin at the same starting line, but your fourth generations may be at very different levels depending on what you do now. Unless you are prepared for the future in advance, you shall decline.

There are two types of Unificationists: those who absolutely, faithfully follow my instructions at face value and others who say, "One year I'll listen to Father, and next year I'll listen to the world, get a good job and house. I'll still be a member and child of True Parents." You'll see which one is going to win.

Seasonal birds fly in formation with the oldest bird leading the way and the youngest birds following at the end. Maybe the youngest bird has more energy and thinks, "I can fly faster; why should I have to be in formation? I'll take over." But actually they don't, because they respect the elders who are going in the right direction. The Unification Church is like the seasonal birds. We are flying in formation across the Pacific Ocean. What if some little bird said, "I'm going to be a little wiser; I know what to do"? Are you going to follow True Parents or do it your way?

The Bible is such a wise book; in the end the foolish- looking ones receive the blessing because they are wiser people; others who rely on and follow their own intellectual thinking are often mistaken.

All this time, you may have been thinking, "Divine Principle is Rev. Moon's principle. Unification Church is Father's church. Korea is Father's country." But you are wrong. It's your Principle; this is your mission, your church, and your country.

A key preference for Westerners is privacy: "This is a private matter" or, "I want to have a little privacy." Everything is private. But extreme privacy is connected with hell. If you try to make some private cubbyhole, only Satan can communicate, and it becomes Satan's fortress. God is public, always open.

The Jamestown settlement in America began about 350 or 400 years ago, and your independence came a little over 200 years ago. You built up this country during that time. After the ravages of war in 1950 virtually all of Korea was devastated. But now when you look at Korea, it became very similar to the United States in just 30 years. The Korean people don't want to be indebted or a burden to anyone. This is why in the United States, Korean people never receive welfare. They want to be independent and to learn. I came out of that tradition and instead of being indebted to anyone, humanity is indebted to me. If you want to learn something from the Oriental tradition, learn the habit of working hard and of making the best use of everything you have.

Be Strong and Bold

After the fall, God chased Adam and Eve as a family out of the Garden of Eden. True Parents came and restored the family. Now I am asking you to claim the land and make it into your Garden of Eden. This is what the tribal messiahship is all about. Those who do not live up to this instruction will get far behind the pace of True Parents' dispensation.

Saying "I want to follow Father" does not mean going behind me. I said to accept the mission and become a tribal messiah! That's the way to follow me! In other words, you will become a true parent. True Parents and God have already given you all the necessary ingredients and supplies. All you have to do is apply them in your life and win the battles. Then you will become the third greatest true parent. Like Moses, be bold and strong. Fear not! Get out and solve the problems. If you don't take this job very seriously, you may become the prey of Satan.

Our positions are parallel messiahships. I am the global, universal Messiah starting from the national foundation and reaching for global messiahship. My position is to unify the world centered on the nation. As an individual going from your family level to reach for tribal messiahship, you are exactly like me going from the national to the world level. Centering on your family, you have to restore Adam's family. To restore Jesus' place, the second Adam, you will make a tribe. The purpose of tribal messiahship is to unify your tribe, Cain and Abel, centering on your family. The third Adam's place is the national level at which you will immediately connect with me. You will have covered the family and tribal levels, while I will have covered the national and universal levels. When we restore one nation under God's sovereignty, the entire world will change very quickly. Once the situation between North and South Korea is solved, all world problems can be resolved as well.

True Parents are like the root and trunk of a tree; the tree needs branches, represented by the people united with True Parents. The tree grows as more buds and branches blossom out, or as the first disciples reach out to their relatives, hometown citizens, and other people.

All three Adam dispensations are consummated in my work. I have completed the root and trunk, so all we have to do to complete the tree is graft on branches and leaves. You are going out as second Adams to the world; the grafting process is the most crucial thing. You are little messiah buds because you have grafted onto the main tree with me. You get life from the same root that I brought, so you can begin to help the entire world become engrafted to form one tree. As part of the perfected Adam, you will be outside the realm of accusation from Satan. When this original Principle of Creation is fulfilled, I can declare the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven to be a reality.

You are to be the pride of the messiahship era in your hometown and home church areas. My pushing you out to those areas expresses my love for you. The land and territory is a gift to you from God and True Parents.

Implant God's Tradition

This time one of the major differences from previous providences is that husband and wife go together. This is parallel to the time when the Israelites crossed the Jordan River and the land was distributed to the twelve tribes. The tribes went into Canaan and saw the rich houses, beautiful cattle, sheep, and plantations. Tragically, instead of implanting God's tradition, they were absorbed by the Canaanites and all the tribes collapsed. You must be different this time. Now the entire globe is Canaan. When you go into the land of Canaan, you will not be opposed but welcomed. Because of my foundation, people will respect you. The entire society is tired of dealing with drugs and crime. A clean-cut fellow like yourself trying to save the township will be embraced. God made this situation so you will be welcomed!

The blessed couples are those who have been transferred to True Parents' lineage and will be the recipients of the blessing and the land. We have all the modern day weapons: videotapes, cassette tapes, books and publications. You are being given the most precious and important gospel. This is God's and True Parents' final plan. All the religions will blossom culminating in this final providence. So is tribal messiahship impossible? No, it can be done!

In Korea I declared tongban kukbok. Tongban is comparable to village; ban means a smaller segment of the village. Kukbok means breakthrough. Korean members have been assigned to tongbans all over Korea as tribal messiahs. Here you also kukbok or breakthrough in your towns and village.

As tribal Messiahs, you must follow my path. After 14 years in America I have made an important impact on this nation and 01, destiny of this nation has been changed. Work like me. In the morning you be the rooster who wakes people up. You clean up the graffiti off the wall and start a campaign to clean up the road, the slums, the entrance to the town. You can start campaigns to take care of the children, to stop abuse, divorce, and drugs. You should become involved with all kinds of organizations and clubs; mingle and always be in the Abel or serving position. There are many noted university professors, clergy and other leaders who respect our movement whom you can invite to speak at special rallies. People who stand by and watch will never become central figures. Those who actually roll up their sleeves and get down to work will be the leaders.

When you go to your hometown, you are going as ancestors. No matter what the people say, you will be welcomed and you will be the elders. Spiritually speaking, no one is higher than you in your home state simply because you belong to the kingship of our True Parents. You have to pay attention to the second generation. If you can turn the young generation around, the parents will automatically be moved to follow.

Divide the city or state into 50 state names so that you always feel you are representing the whole United States of America, not just one state. So there's the actual state of Alabama; and in every state there is also a little Alabama. One day I will say, "I am going to have an Alabama conference, so all the leaders from the state down to all the tribes which have been given the name Alabama will come." Thus if you just bring Alabama alone, the entire country is represented.

A big place represents a small place, and a small place represents a big place so there is harmony between bigger and smaller representation.

Regional coordinators will go around the region to all the cities to help hold revival meetings. I set the goal of 1-1-1: one month one person brings one spiritual child. That has never been fulfilled because there was so much opposition. However, that era is over. With the new system, plus Father's previous instruction to lecture eight hours, you can fulfill this goal.

The Formula Course

When new members joined they were always trained first. Now, too, within six months' time, they should go through the 70 day training period -- beginning with a 3-day workshop, 7-day, 21-day, up to 40 days. Then fundraising for three years followed by three years of witnessing. That's the principled method of becoming a true member of the Unification Church.

After the fall of man, everything was lost, so each person has to start from scratch to acquire the material to restore himself. First of all he has to restore all things of creation. Therefore, fundraising is the first step in the re-creation of oneself. Every penny received is for the sake of the mission. Upon that foundation of three years, the person has to remake his soul by winning spiritual children. Witnessing is necessary not simply to gain new members but also for the re-creation of oneself. He can go out as a pioneer to win disciples to unite with and help him as the three archangels should have supported Adam. That period will be more fun and easier. He can teach young people. Sunday he can invite them to church or give them lectures himself. With such experience fundraising and witnessing, he will become a genius, able to deal with all kinds of people without hesitation, including the leaders of society.

Since there's less opposition now, in seven years' time he can have 84 spiritual children, which becomes one tribe. Then he is ready for the Blessing. He has already formed a tribe and been anointed as a tribal messiah. He has become a true parent and can graft the world onto his victorious foundation.

You are re-doing this since you have not yet actually done it. This is the formula course that everyone must walk. In seven years' time, tribal messiahs will walk everywhere.

Creation was accomplished in six days, and the seventh was the Sabbath. In the one extra year (after three years each of fund-raising and witnessing) each person can apply himself for the ultimate homecoming and becoming a tribal messiah to serve the society and nation. For the rest of his life, he can teach people to live for the sake of others. That is the person who will go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

From now, go back to your hometowns and work with your own relatives and school friends. No matter how big Satan's presence is, you can break through it. Is it possible? Yes!

I am going to have a mammoth wedding in the future. This international wedding will be televised throughout the world so young people can become excited about creating healthy, ideal families. They will feel, "I want to be a part of that!"

A new era has arrived. We no longer need to pay indemnity. Both right wing and left wing movements will decline, while the head wing movement ultimately will go up. Once North and South Korea, and East and West Germany, are united the whole world can unite. To help this happen I am working with China, the Soviet Union, the United States, and Japan.

I want to conclude this meeting by saying that you know your mission is to become a tribal messiah. You are just about to enter Canaan, where you'll be organized so that God's Will can be fulfilled everywhere. My first mission is accomplished and now it's your turn. Make the whole world the land of Canaan, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. It can be done with the program I gave you today.

I will visit you and see what a good messiah you are. You can invite me to a victory banquet. Of course I will come. If a tribal messiah invites me, how can I refuse? As you fulfill everywhere, I will have absolute freedom to move in every direction. We will shake the world like an earthquake!

Mobilizing the Spirit World

Who Am I?
1.23.77 Belvedere

The entire spirit world has been liberated and united. They are in jubilant celebration. All the barriers and divisions of the different denominations and religions have been broken down. Spirit world is enthusiastic in welcoming my work. This is why I could proclaim the Day of the Victory of Heaven on October 4, 1976...

A wave of spiritual assault is now crashing onto the physical world. The entire spirit world is descending not only to the free world, but to the communist world as well.

Spirit world is 100% with us. Therefore spirit world cannot leave anyone alone who comes to oppose my cause unrighteously, but will chastise them. You will see. I have a plan and God has a plan to fill the entire environment with spiritual power. Spirits will come in a first wave, second wave, and third wave. I have prepared wave after wave to assault the earth. This means that you are in Adam and Eve's position, with the entire spirit world in the archangelic position. Are you, Adam, and you, Eve, going to fall behind the spirit world? Are you going to be led by the archangel? Are you the one who brought sin to the world, binding God, or are you the one to restore all things to God, bringing liberation to God and to me?

The Age of New Dispensation
5.14.78, London

On February 23, 1977, I declared the beginning of the new age. That was the precise time when Abel's indemnity ended and Cain's indemnity began. If our devotion is greater than the communists' then God will fully work with us...

You must realize that indemnity is transferred now, and that this is not just the time of individual restoration but world restoration, all at once. Until now you sacrificed and lost and gained nothing back, but once the foundation is laid you will never lose anything. Now if you fight more you will reap more.

Before now God could not help you freely because by His doing so you could never win your independence, but now that the foundation has been laid by the True Parents, God can endlessly support you without your losing anything. This is the reason why if you work hard you can get so much help from spirit world. Many impossible things can happen now. You have to really know that before you can have any power.

Home Church is My Kingdom of Heaven
1.1.81, World Mission Center

Amazing things will take place. Your ancestors will come and assist you because they themselves are one with you in your position. Just as Jesus' ancestors worked with him, thousands of yours can work horizontally. Even if they were not very religious, as long as they were good people they can share this privilege. This is because the blessing that has been given to you is extended to the realm all around you, to your ancestral community.

Total Completion of the Ideal
2.28.82, Belvedere

You must deeply realize the importance of doing home church. When you go out to your area, you can command the spirit world, in the name of God and True Parents, to come and help you, and your command will have effect. More and more spiritual phenomena will be occurring in our favor. Soon you will start to hear the crumbling of the walls of that castle of Jericho.

The best foundation for being able to command the spirit world, including all your ancestors, is to follow the directions and example of the True Parents. By doing the things that the parents do, the children become true children in reality as well as in name. The children incorporate the tradition of their parents and then, pass it on to their own children. You should have absolute confidence. You should never try to evade the issue; when someone persecutes you, demand of him some reason for his attitude. 

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