The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Day of All Things and Ownership

Sun Myung Moon
June 4, 1989
World Mission Center
Translator: San Kil Han

Through history, religious understanding has expanded and developed until now there are four major religious groups. Powerful countries also exist, such as the United States, Russia, China, and Japan, which should harmonize with the four great religious blocks. The question facing mankind now is: What guidance and direction will enable these large countries and major religious groups to interact harmoniously? God has helped guide history to this point, and if God exists, this question will be just as much a problem to Him as to the rest of mankind.

History has now come to this point. Leaders in those large countries are working very hard to discover how to relate with each other and which direction to take. Some group has to rise up to provide guidance. How do we recognize them? Such a group would be stirring up a lot of controversy; it would be so big and influential that people could not dismiss it without notice. Large countries, like the Soviet Union and America, and other religious groups may feel threatened and afraid and say, "Oh, that group has become too influential, too powerful. We should not let them grow further." At best, however, they should feel, "If there is a group with such influence, we simply cannot ignore or continue opposing them. We should pay great attention and be seriously concerned because this group might be of positive influence to history."

What is that group that is religious and so good and so influential that people might be afraid? [The Unification Church!] The Unification Church is a strange and unique group. This is one group that professors around the world seem to like, and may even fall it I love with. Not only that, other religious leaders, especially those who have been seriously seeking God's will, instantly come to like the Unification Church. Many politicians and statesman also fall in love with the Unification Church, knowing that this is one church that is different from the past and seems to have solutions.

More and more, if a country or a big organization has a serious problem that they have not been able to solve, they do not consult their own consulting firm or group, but may instead come to Rev. Moon, to the Unification Church, and say, "We have this problem. What shall we do?" They know that we will provide them with some very useful advice.

New Historical Trend

A couple of days ago, a major political leader came to me and said, "Rev. Moon, you have made a much- needed ideological revolution in the United States." The leaders of some countries are recognizing that wherever I reach, good is being done. Our members are working continuously to be effective and bring constructive results.

Religious leaders have been denouncing me, but as time goes on, they see that actually I can provide a solution. "Without him, all of our religious groups must decline, so before that happens, we must come and learn from him." This is the trend now.

For example, in Japan, the chairman of the largest religious group -- with four million members -- is getting very old. He is about to die, but he gathered all of his congregation and said, "Mr. Kuboki, who used to be our member, went to the Unification Church. We denounced that, but now we see it was very necessary. So please embrace Mr. Kuboki. Do not treat him as an enemy but as a friend." Why did he leave that request? Usually when people are opposed and persecuted, they retaliate or they at least express some complaints, but we did not. The more they persecuted us, the more I tried to embrace them and do good for them, pray for them. Finally they saw that, after all, the Unification Church is not a bad entity and Rev. Moon is not a bad person, but an incredibly good person. So they turned around.

It is an iron law that if someone opposes another in every way he can, but still does not overcome him, then he will be overcome by the person who is persecuted. If you embrace and embrace, eventually the other will surrender to you.

Victorious Danbury Testimony

One lawyer visited Danbury after I left. He asked the prisoners, "What did Rev. Moon do during his stay in Danbury?" They told him that while I was there people thought more about good actions and attitudes. Everyone respected me. But when I left, immediately the atmosphere changed. There was fighting everywhere.

Many prisoners complained to me about our government. But I said, "Complaining is not the religious way or the way of a real man." Sometimes at lunchtime, the prisoners would come to talk to me, one by one, and share about their life, asking me to keep it secret. They wanted to confess the painful things in their minds and hearts, and knew I would not use it against them. I always kept a constant attitude, an unchanging heart. Now, when those who were in jail with me get out and meet someone who is against us, they say, "I lived with Rev. Moon more than one year. He is a righteous man. I haven't found his kind of noble thinking and acting in any other person in the United States." They testify for me more than you do.

They call Mr. Kamiyama: "I want to meet Rev. Moon; I miss him so much." So even the Danbury people know about what I did in prison better than you. Shouldn't you do better than they in understanding me? We should do more for the sake of America than the Danbury people. Bill Shepherd said that all the inmates there had been waiting for Rev. Moon to find out whether I was really bad. If I was, Bill was determined to persecute me. It's so easy within prison to hurt another person, and even kill nim. But Bill found out the American government was wrong; he changed his mind completely and became my disciple.

Many of the men I found in prison were courageous, intelligent people. I felt that if the American government would entrust all the correction facilities to me, through education I could make a formidable group out of these people. It is not money which can solve problems, only proper education.

Here in this country and in the world, many whites don't like blacks, and many blacks don't like whites. The Spanish people don't necessarily like blacks nor whites and vice versa. But what about the Unification Church? Is there anybody we don't like? When you join the Unification Church, all of your sense of skin color fades away. Thus the problem of racial prejudice is completely solved. Isn't that true? If you can overcome any obstacle, then unification is no problem. It's revolutionary that all people -- white, black, yellow -- who did not like me many years ago, are now coming to like me. This is not a simple happening. I could have retaliated against the people who persecuted me, but I didn't simply because it is not me; our teaching is quite different.

Unification of Races and Religions

For many years, America, Germany, and Japan have been opposing me, but gradually they are changing. Nobody did anything to make that happen except that I constantly and steadfastly loved them. Now they say, "Maybe we need Rev. Moon. We definitely want Rev. Moon to help us." Though these countries are always changing, I have been consistently pursuing the path of eternal goodness, so gradually they are coming to understand and like me.

In the media world, people are also understanding more about me than ever before. Scholars are following me and what I stand for. Now if I want to see any important person, he will come. If I say, "I would like to meet you," that person says, "Yes, I would like to meet you, too." The situation and environment have changed that much.'

Look at all of you here. You have many different backgrounds: Jewish, Catholic, Presbyterian, Muslim, and so forth, yet you all say, "Yeeeees, I like Rev. Moon." People might say, "Oh, the Unification Church must be the place where people who change their religion all go." Will you change again, or will you never change from this point on? What can enable you to say you will never change from this point on?

Father and children are related by blood lineage. It takes a complete change of blood lineage before we can say, "I am your son and you are my father." You have to go through a lot before you can seriously and sincerely say that. Can you confidently say you have that kind of deepest relationship with me through your blood lineage? I don't know, so how can you know it? I am the teacher; I who am in the father's place don't know that. How can you know? How can we be sure about this serious point? Making the sound "yes" is easy but actually doing it not so easy.

This is the 27th Day of All Things. All things are now coming to me because I have the route to God. All things will find the way to restore their ownership to God. Now God can begin to own things as He should. All things know that they are automatically connected to me -- how much greater they are than you!

If white people, black people, all the rest of the people of different countries like Rev. Moon, then what about all the things of these countries? If things happened to have a higher intelligence than human beings, and all men are loving and following Rev. Moon, then all things would push to be the first to follow him -- even before man.

Restoring God's Ownership

Now all things are silently demonstrating, asking to return to the original owner. All things have protested to God: "Why did You create us and make us suffer as the slaves of unrighteous owners?" Historically so many people exploited all things, using them to do evil, which they did not want to do. All things will continue to protest to God until this situation is rectified. Only one person in this tremendous universe understands what has been going on between all things and mankind. Now all things are hailing me, thankful that I understood their situation and included the Day of All Things as equal in importance to God's Day, Parents' Day, and Children's Day. All things will say thank you to Unification Church members for understanding them and treating them correctly.

Other people make money and build up a bank account; they focus on the future of their children, retirement, and so on, but I am always spending for the sake of the world. I never have any penny in my pocket for me -- all is dedicated to God's ownership, all money and property. So obviously all things and money like and follow me, although I am not trying to make money. Though I don't want to be rich, all things want to be mine because I help them fulfill their purpose. Money knows its purpose and power is for saving humanity, for serving God. Money follows me better than the Unification Church members do!

All things want to belong to God. From the fallen world all things are going back to God. You have to know that. It is no use to talk to a cloud or stream and say, "Don't move in that direction. I want you to flow in the other direction." Both move according to natural law. So also we cannot say, "Money, flow in my direction," because the money will flow where it is supposed to, to where it will be spent with more effectiveness for the sake of others. Money prefers to be spent in that way, not in a selfish way. Money, like water, knows where to flow.

All things that are being foolishly used will return back to God so He can use them to save mankind and even Himself. The desire of all things is to be released from the archangel's hand and be returned through Eve's hand to Adam, to Parents, and God. If Adam and Eve had matured to embody true love, then all things would come to be owned by them. To be restored, things must go the reverse way. Until now America (the archangel nation) has been leading the financial world. Now Japan is assuming greater leadership and after that, Korea will rise up.

Why is America the archangelic country? I selected it because after World War II, America was about to be washed away down the drain. That is why I am doing so much to help this country to accomplish its mission and connect with Japan and Korea properly. Forty years ago, I selected Japan to be the Eve country. To bless many America men with Japanese women is opposite to Satan's taking Eve in the beginning. Satan sees this and chokes, almost dying.

All things will eventually return to God's ownership and be owned by those whom God loves. All things want to go the way that fulfills their eternal purpose.

Foundation of Heaven and Earth

Satan took ownership of this world, but our mission now is to cultivate new ownership for God. Upon God's ownership can come ownership for the church, the family, and each individual. God is the rightful owner of the universe, but He lost everything. We have to claim everything back for God.

Until now, we needed to be ashamed of owning something when we were not eligible or qualified to own anything. Do you own something? Do you have something in your possession? What do you have? You have a father and mother and brothers and sisters and your country. But your world and your heaven you do not have yet. We only start owning on the foundation representing heaven and earth -- not until then.

Why do you use money? For saving humanity, for serving God? Those who need money, raise your hands. One thing I know: No Unification Church member will go without food. No matter where you go you will never starve because you know how to fundraise.

You have learned how to overcome limitations of time and money. With this power you can do even more than I have. Go out and stir up good controversy. You can become God's famous true child, winning His pride forever. How wonderful your future time can be!

Compare the Korean political situation with that of the United States. Which is more serious? In this time the most serious problems financially and politically are in Korea. Korea is going the way to make the formula to solve the world's problems. Only by following me is there a solution -- to make God's world with love.

I have disregarded my own country in order to work to save America. Korea cannot save all the world, but America is a world leader, so I worked to save America first. Then am I the only person who has to do this work? What about you? You have a much more advantageous position to work for America than I. You have the same language, culture, and lifestyle. In the future you have to go to Korea and teach true ownership. Of course from there everything will spread out to all four corners of the world. The Korean language will be spoken everywhere. In the ideal world, there will be a unified culture and a common language.

Having so many different languages is a result of the fall -- a way Satan has divided and confused us. Only religious power centering on God's love can end the confusion and unite everyone. Compared with how difficult it was for me to learn English, it should be no problem for you to learn Korean. I am nearly 70 years old and a grandpa, but still I learned English. Why? In order to help my Western world children better connect spiritually with my words. But I actually don't feel good speaking English because I cannot express what I feel. Now I have proclaimed that after 1990 I will not use an interpreter. I dislike interpreters.

Sometimes I think I must be a bad leader because you only half follow. This life is difficult -- nobody likes a severe situation. I'm sorry. But think about me. Who has really helped me? I learned how to fulfill every responsibility, no matter how difficult. Being willing to endure a severe situation is good. Many times I met with members till midnight, and then after that is my study time. Last night I slept two and a half hours. How could I stand this lifestyle for more than 40 years? With spiritual power -- not flesh power!

Yeon Jin Nim, Jeung Jin Nim, Shin Jeung Nim and several blessed children enchant the audience with Korean songs.

Resources for the World

I have proclaimed the equalization of technology. Until now, the so-called advanced nations have been exploiting the advancing countries by selling them technology for high prices. But I have said, "I will not charge anything. I will give the technology to everybody else, free." All the people in the world see that my dealing with technology is the most righteous. I am now in the process of providing the highest level of technology to advancing countries.

The Chinese people saw how I was treated here in America and how I never became angry or revengeful. Instead I kept on loving and acting for the sake of America. They know who I am. That is why the Chinese are now saying, "America we cannot trust, but Rev. Moon we can trust." China is bound to modernize, no question about it. If China did it by herself without my help, perhaps it would take 50 years to achieve a certain level. With my help they can achieve this level within 20 years, saving 30 great, valuable years.

During all these years no one understood why our members worked so hard, visiting every town, city, state, and remote countryside, working in every corner of America. I have been spending to help save humanity. God expected me to make an effective foundation so that the United States can fulfill its historical destiny -- to serve the world.

All things knew that the members who were fundraising should go to middle and lower income people who are relatively more free of Satan than are the rich. Sure enough, all of our members experienced that without exception when they went to low income people, they gave. So all things have been realizing that when this trend goes up from low income to middle income, now upper income people will start giving, and surely the Last Days are very near. Our fundraising was part of the preparation for the future. Now one Unification Church member can be more effective in helping to save America than ten people who have not had such experience.

Raise your hands. Who should be the owner of those hands? They should be True Parents' hands, and God's hands, returning back to God. With God in the center, on the right is the Parents' place and on the left is the children's place, connecting horizontally and vertically with love. My hand connects with my Parents' hands, which connect with God's hand, and then again to Parents' hands and my hand.

Think of your hand, "This is not my hand; it is my Parents' hand, God's hand." Until now, how much was your hand used for evil purposes? How about your mouth? How bad has your ownership of your body been? In the future, only a real man after restoration deserves ownership. We lost God, True Parents, True Family, True Children. Now we must restore ownership and go the most loving and valuable way.

The Bible says that your family can be your fearful enemy. But from now I am sending you out as tribal messiahs to embrace your tribe and take true ownership. From these a new nation can grow. Centering on Korea, all nations will come to follow the way of God and True Parents. Even now we see totalitarian nations heading toward a more democratic way.

In the Soviet Union's hierarchical system, if one high level person united with me, immediately all 270 million people could be educated with the Principle. With its single party system, it is possible to change the Soviet Union in one night. But America is different; everybody goes his individualistic way, so how difficult it is to make one nation.

Safeguard Your Purity

The younger second generation really should take precautions and do not even think about sex. In the Garden of Eden, did Adam and Eve kiss each other? While they were growing, they certainly noticed their physical differences because they were naked. But that was all. They didn't know why. They just wondered, but that was the extent of it. When they kissed, that was a serious action.

We don't understand enough how serious the man and woman relationship is. The place of sex is meant to be holy, but Satan invaded it. The husband's sexual organ is owned by his wife, and the wife's is owned by her husband. God is clever and wise. If something is not yours, you oughtn't misuse it.

Clearly woman was born for man and man for woman. Both are looking all around for the other. The first time one sees the other naked, all kinds of feelings are stirred up. You cannot sleep or stay in one place. In love, neither man nor woman can control himself or herself. You must be so careful not to be too close to anyone except your spouse. You cannot undo a mistake of this kind. This is a very serious point.

Now do we know more about ownership? Everything should be owned by Parents and God through the help of the spirit world, which is the angelic world. We must return everything to God; even we dedicate ourselves to God. My day is not my day at all -- it belongs to God. Just as I have been living all my life for God, so should you live your days for Him. I have always been finding out how to forget that I am tired and go on forever, if necessary, until the mission is fulfilled. Even if everybody else drops away on the left and right, still I know that somebody is going this way without giving up.

At last ownership will be restored to True Parents and God. Without restoring ownership you cannot get into heaven. This is the Divine Principle. "Divine" means it cannot change. No matter how difficult our life is, we have to return to the original ideal. This is the desire of God, True Parents, and all the saints. If you are working to follow True Parents' purpose and way, then you will reach heaven -- no problem. For example, if you want to study, what is your purpose? It should be for God, humanity, and for our tradition centering on True Parents. I spend long hours talking. Why do I talk so long? For God and humanity.

Do you want to liberate all things still owned by unrighteous people and return them to God? If so, please pledge yourselves to be the instruments to do that. You have to memorize this point. No more thinking: "I don't like that; I don't want to do that." You must stop pursuing things which have no value and instead go in a noble direction. Everything, including your blood lineage, must change ownership. Otherwise you cannot be an original ancestor of the ideal way. Those who pledge to do this, raise your hands. 

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