The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Foundation for a the Nation

Sun Myung Moon
June 5, 1989
Leaders Conference
World Mission Center
Translator: San Kil Han

We have all been concentrating on making the dispensation of restoration worldwide. The HSA president in Africa may be American. Why? To connect the flow of culture and make it supranational. If we don't do that, Americans, for example, would just keep their American culture creating a great hindrance to world unity. Isn't that easy to understand? We must always think we are one tribe. No matter where we live or what color we are, we are one love race with the same cultural background. So a conference like this is always part of a systematic training which we will need to conduct our worldwide dispensation. Although we are living here in America and working for the sake of America, we always have to keep our international goal in mind.

The kind of activity we have been doing will be a thing of the past. Why have we done things in such an inefficient, crude way that is sometimes without results and without a clear idea of progress? Its sole purpose as to let people know that the Unification Church exists and what the Unification Church represents. Until now, we have been spread out too widely so that we could cover the entire territory. We lost man-hours by thinly spreading our energies. From now on, we will concentrate in one area, invest in it, and be consistent about everything to bring results in that area.

Just think, if we advertised for 40 days through NBC and CBS about what we are doing, how effective would it be? We couldn't create that result if we worked for 400 years the way we are doing now. Until now, we had no choice. When Father worked the way he did here in America, his goal was always never to sacrifice even one life, not to have one martyr. So we spread out to let the public know about us. Compare this to Jesus' time. If, after the crucifixion, a foundation had been established so the people could at least know Jesus was not bad, then Christianity could have been saved thousands of martyrs. This is what Father had to think in the beginning. So I came here and had to fight against the Fraser attack just to win over that area. That opposition was overcome. Now all over the United States, they at least know the Unification Church is not bad. This will save us from having to pay the price of martyrdom on the worldwide level. That's what I wanted.

Peak of Worldwide Persecution

So 1976 was the peak of the persecution -- not only here in America, but all around the world. I grasped that opportunity and in 1975 sent out missionaries to all 120 countries that drew the persecution towards us all at one time. So Rev. Moon was put in jail in America like a bandit. What kind of legal standard is America making for the future? In the end, it gave the image to all the world that America lost to Rev. Moon and that Rev. Moon actually won over the administration's persecution. That's a most historical event. That was my strategy, to overcome all the persecution all in one time; after that, none of it bothered us.

We must understand what was done here in America to make the worldwide foundation on which we are standing. We had to fight against unjust persecution by the American government, which was like the Roman Senate. We must have that kind of heart and courage. Once we understand how much it took for Father to fight against them and win, we have to inherit that 100% so we will be absolutely confident that whatever persecution comes in the future is peanuts when compared with the foundation we are standing on.

Even if you don't help me, but only follow and attend me, no matter how difficult the persecution is, then it is no problem. I am the center; the center works all night, never minding the season, never taking a vacation.

You must be the kind of leader that has strong and stable roots. From there God can help you. The spirit world can help if you have that kind of winning attitude. That kind of help from the spirit world always and forever brings result for one purpose.

Satan, through the power of communism, wants to pull out those roots. No matter how great communism's power is, it cannot deny or pull out our situation. You have to live life strongly for God. Otherwise, the spirit world cannot help you. Spirit world is always helping Father. Why? I took one direction and didn't quit. Once I stood in that place, I was steadfast, allowing no weak link. No matter how much I wanted to weaken my standard, I could not. Even if I wanted to push out that strong foundation, I could not shake it. Stand in one place steadfastly so that the spirit world can stay close to us.

Gaining the Assistance of Spirit World

How can the spirit world help you? You assess point 1, looking at point 1, hearing point 1, talking about point 1, testing, smelling, touching, feeling point 1 -- always one! You say, "I am a God's son, I am the center!" No matter which way it is pulled, the Unification root cannot be taken up.

Not just in America, we have to make a new reformation from this point -- a revolution. We are not an American movement; we are a worldwide movement. Many kinds of cultural backgrounds are in our movement. We have the background of the spirit world. The many generations of your ancestors are following one way. No matter what, your ancestors are here. From throughout human history, many famous people are here. They cannot say, "I want to work only this way." There is only the way of the Principle; that is the only foundation, the only pattern, and everyone must follow it.

What kind of pride do we have? The only pride we can have is making this way our very own.

From now you have to change both your mind and your body, appearance, everything -- even your atmosphere. Otherwise, the American movement will not become prosperous, but suffer miserably. From now, what kind of attitude will the leaders have toward me? You must reform and revolutionize yourself. Up until now it has been the nighttime. Now it is noontime. At noontime you can see everything and everyone. Do you know that the modern American situation needs strong one-direction leaders? Otherwise, you cannot save this country. There are maybe 700 thousand students in the universities here, but all the intelligence of the university professors cannot save the youth. It takes more than the American educational system. Even famous organizations cannot save the present American situation.

You know it in your heart! Only the Unification Church can help. There must be a 180 degree change -- otherwise we cannot have hope for the United States. It is a miserable situation. America itself is crumbling. This is not America's problem alone -- all over the world this problem exists. That kind of evil spreads out all over the third world infecting the new generation of youth. They know clearly "This is bad." But they cannot cut off or separate from it. This is the agony of American youth. When I was in jail, I saw that type of youth many times. By their appearance and talking, you would think "He is a smart, handsome guy." They said to me while I was there, "I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't cut away from it by myself." Who can solve this? Only the Unification Church can do it -- otherwise there is no hope forever in America! Now I am worrying about this point. Spiritual world exists more than the physical reality. High level purpose, whole purpose -- I can create that enlightenment. That means you must have that kind of spiritual enlightenment to open the spirit world gate. Do you have that kind of power? Spiritual power is vertical power.

In your life of faith as a member of the Unification Church, you have to ask yourself, "How much have I taken care of the youth? Really, am I a center leader or Satan's leader?" You know that answer very well. Can you clearly visualize God's viewpoint of the position of state leader? Compare yourself with that vision. Clearly understand yourself: Am I really the representative of God, the spiritual leader, the high level Unification leader of this state in America in place of Rev. Moon? Compare yourself and realize how much more you have to grow.

Look at the churches in America. They are losing membership and have little hope. If you see a huge church building, open the door and go inside. As you close the door observe who is sitting in the chairs. Their few participating members are mostly senior citizens. Can God look down and feel, "You are my church's owner"? How can churches regain their honor? No matter where you look, you see that kind of situation in the churches.

How old are all of you? In your thirties and forties. Your youth is gone and soon you will be in the same situation. This is a very serious situation if no one helps you.

One World Language

So we'll decide how we should deal with this kind of circumstance. I already proclaimed that beginning in 1990, I will not use an interpreter, but will speak only in Korean. Do you remember? Should or shouldn't I do that? I always do what I promise.

How can we participate in the providence with Father? Can we learn Korean in just another six months? You may think, "What kind of irrationality is that?" You might think such a statement is pure tyranny. Did you forget that I learned a foreign language in a short time? How difficult it was for me to learn English! Are we going to complain or are we going to say, "Father, no matter how impossible this is, that is the way it must be." Or you might say, "Father, since you speak English, why don't you continue to teach in English?"

I know that might be more convenient, but the Divine Principle says that we should teach using only the True Parents' language. There is no question if that is the way it should be or could be; it must be that way eventually. We will learn that it is unprincipled to wait until we go to spirit world to learn Korean there. They will demand that we should have learned the True Parents' language while we were on earth as Father told us. Our ancestors will really accuse us for our failure, because we were the ones who had a chance to do it, not they.

How can you avoid that judgment? Think how miserable you are if you are standing in that position. You are younger than Father who is now 70 years old. Seventy is the grandpa age. I had no time to study English because guests were constantly visiting East Garden, often until midnight. I was always waiting for them, seated in one place.

After they finally left, I would study English. I could not speak in English, nor could I understand the words at the meetings. English idioms are the most difficult concept; I memorized them all, because I couldn't understand them.

To do that took a lot of time out of my schedule. Late evening was the only time I had to memorize. In my mind I made the decision to do that. Later as I would get into bed, I'd think, "Last time I memorized those words. What were those words?" I would completely forget and would have to memorize them again. I repeated one idiom over 20 times.

Sometimes I would forget names. I knew the face, but not the name. So I would study that name 20 more times. Now that I'm getting old, I have to refresh my memory more frequently. Please realize that is the kind of serious situation I studied in endlessly. Compare yourself with me. You are 10 to 20 years younger than me.

I came to the Western world standing in the parent's position to Western children. The children were talking but I couldn't understand them. I thought, "I need to learn English" So I started to study it. In summation, I always took the responsibility to understand. So you cannot complain about having to learn Korean in front of me. I did it and have complete confidence in you who have an easier way than I did.

The primary reason you have to absolutely learn Korean is the spirit world. Another reason is that Father's words are published in 200 full volumes. These are a priceless treasure nothing on earth can equal. Are we going to study Father's words by translation or in their original form? That's why we have to learn Korean.

The Korean language can meet any challenge in phonics, composition, pronunciation and spelling; its pronunciation is very versatile and comprehensive.

Significance of the Korean Language

The other day on a boat, I spoke to one professor. He was asking me if we shouldn't form an association for the Korean language. I thought it was very appropriate and something that church members should have suggested, not a nonmember. The professor had been drawing references from Father's words, whereas church members didn't even know where we could find that point in Father's words. Scholars are very quick in this respect and one of them began to feel the need to learn and promulgate Korean by forming a study group. They understood that Father had already proclaimed we should learn Korean. This particular scholar thought he would be the first to learn Korean in Europe.

Have you ever heard of a leader who doesn't have a command of the original language? It is miserable that scholars can act on the need to learn Korean but church leaders cannot. Doesn't it stand to reason when I pointed out, "Don't you think we need to learn Korean?" that I was speaking as a result of what I did so intensely all of my life? Now I am going to give it to you through the Korean language. How can you not want to understand or receive this by reading or listening to my words directly in Korean? If we go to spirit world after listening and learning Father's teaching from an English translation, then how can we raise up our heads and proudly say, "I have heard Father's words"? Certainly, I would not be happy: "After all I have done, you didn't even learn Korean." All spirit world is looking down at you learning my words through translation. Your mind will be in agony in spirit world, for you accepted the translation way after I said so many times to learn Korean. When you go into spirit world, how can you meet me if you speak only English? I knew that it would take a long time and how difficult it would be.

Should or shouldn't I use an interpreter in 1990? You said "no", Father shouldn't use an interpreter. That means you are about to become dumb, having ears but unable to hear. Dispensationally, this is the time to learn Korean. During the seven year period of 1985-1992, everything must be completely done. Tribal messiahs must all speak Korean.

Already our second generation is learning Korean in the Little Angels' School in Korea. The numbers of children are rapidly increasing, so I am thinking we need more middle schools and high schools in Korea to accommodate them in their efforts to learn Korean.

Expanding God's Lineage

Why is it so necessary? What is the first verse of pledge five? "We are proud of the one sovereignty, proud of the one people, proud of the one land, proud of the one language... " Father's main project has been to restore one nation. Everyone wants to lead their own culture into the highest level that is humanity's highest desire and purpose. The next part is: "We are proud of the one language and culture centered upon God, proud of becoming the child of the one True Parent, proud of the family who is to inherit one tradition." We are proud of belonging to the blood lineage inheriting Father's tradition. But God's linage cannot just appear. I had to establish a place for the relationship of parent to exist. The most important task and highest purpose of the Principle is to get rid of Satan's blood lineage. How about you? What kind of blood runs in your veins? Vertically, God the Creator and horizontally, True Parents, are combined to eliminate the wrong blood lineage and to create a new blood lineage which will be the salvation of man from Satan's world. It will be completely separated from Satan who can never touch it again, for we have a new root. One is the root of the true olive tree and the other of a wild olive tree. All the wild olive branches must be cut away to receive the grafting of the true love branch, making that tree's fruit the same as that of the true olive tree. Otherwise, there could be no salvation and no one could enter heaven. This is the Principle. I have been living my life guided by this perspective.

The seventh part of the pledge is to work to create the world of one heart. That means one brotherhood, all around the globe and even in the spirit world. The base of world peace is parents. The word "parents" then means "the root of all peace." Accept the True Parents and from there everything can be solved. The fallen world wants parents, so parents are the highest point of purpose and that is why tribal messiahship means parentship.

Messiahship's true mission is parentship, so tribal messiahship is the highest gift you could receive from Father. You don't realize that yet, but you should pray to understand, "What is salvation?"

Which would you prefer: to use the same language in the spirit world you are using here or to learn a different language all over again when you go to the spirit world? Before you answer, please think about this concept from the viewpoint of the Principle. There can be only one language spoken because this world and the spirit world are united with the same central love. So, by 1990, there will be no translating.

Realization of God's Words

Also, by that time, I won't be in America as much as I am now. At that time, we should not complain, "Oh Father, you used to come and talk to s. Why do you not come to us and teach us anymore?" There will be a lot of things we cannot even imagine that will happen during these next 10 years.

Forty years ago, when I gave a talk, no one, not even those who wanted to, could believe it would happen. But as the 40 years went by, they saw that it not only happened, but that I was actually making it happen. Now at this juncture, I am saying the same thing again. The chances of my words becoming a reality are better than 40 years ago. In 1983 when I said there would be no interpreting as of 1990, you might have thought: "How could that happen?" But now we're at the threshold of 1990 and that event is about to happen. Should we or shouldn't we actually carry out this plan? That means unless you learn Korean, you are not going to be able to come to conferences. At any rate, we better start learning Korean seriously.

Japanese members thought they might be an exception because Father speaks fluent Japanese. But that is not so. It should be easier for them to learn Korean.

This is a public statement because we must have a tradition. Not only does it apply to this year but a thousand years from now. We should begin sometime and now is the time. If you don't speak Korean, then you should send a representative who does speak Korean. Since this is a big decision for both myself and all of you, if you have any objections you have to voice them now. Later, you can never say, "Oh, impossible, impractical." If you have some reason to oppose, please say it now. What about non-members? This will be up to Father to decide. In those circumstances, I may speak English, Japanese, or use an interpreter. But as far as our family members are concerned, there will be no translations. I will only speak Korean. Those who say, "Yes Father, we must do it" raise your hands. I realize the grave importance of this situation. On the other hand, what advantages can you see? A book could be written without needing to be translated into 100 different languages, eliminating the waste of time and materials in such repetition and interpretation. How convenient it will be to need only one book that everyone can understand. Our offspring would have an easier time. It takes a great ancestor to make this accomplishment a reality. Who is that great ancestor? All of us.

Korea's Special History

What about the quality or degree of excellence of the Korean language for this type of worldwide usage? Is it going to be an inferior language? No! The Korean language is a language that can meet any challenge. Theoretically, you can learn the 24 characters in 30 minutes. So in 30 minutes you can master the basic building blocks of the Korean language. After that, you should be able to spell it at will. The pronunciation of the Korean language is very versatile and comprehensive. Everyone can understand Korean because its pronunciation is very accurate. There is no sound the Koreans cannot make. So the Korean language is the highest level in all areas: phonics, composition, pronunciation and spelling. It's no accident that a person such as Father would be born in such a culture. How could I have been born in an underdeveloped country with a primitive or very poor language? It would have caused so much pain and difficulty to the rest of the world. This is not the case with the Korean language.

Do you know what is being talked about in the scholastic world? They are proving that the origin of the Chinese language and culture is Korea. It is not a Korean, but several Chinese scholars who are saying that. Other Chinese scholars really don't like this information. The Japanese people have already solved the problem for they have no way of denying that Korea is their ancestral root.

Korea is the birthplace of an ancient civilization that started thousands of years ago. The longest history of civilization belongs to Korea. So it is no accident that I was born in Korea. Historically Korea was invaded by other countries more than 930 times. But not once was the Korean sovereignty lost; somehow it managed to keep its lineage. There were times when Korea volunteered to belong to China, seeking protection from a big country. With the exception of those times, Korea was never ruled over or annihilated. Prior to Korea's history, no one knows. We have reason to believe the Koreans were scattered about, living in what is now Manchuria and northern China. The Great Wall was built to protect China from the Korean race. So Koreans were very near at that time and were a very courageous and righteous people. Even Confucius, who represented a standard of ethics to millions of people, said Korea was the most ethical country in the East. Throughout history the Russians fought against the Oriental peoples. When an Oriental person died, they could search the body to identify it: a Japanese person would always carry a dagger or some weapon, as did also the Chinese; but Koreans never carried a weapon. The only thing a Korean carried was a flint to make a fire.

On the Chinese Siberian border, sometimes a stranger would wander in the wilderness and knock on the door for help. The Chinese homeowner would ask, "Who is it?" If the answer would come, "I am a Korean," then they would open the door. When Koreans were given lodging they would never steal. That's why the Chinese opened their doors very easily. But if the answer would be, "I am Chinese or Japanese" then they would not open the door.

The second generation of 2,500 Korean-Japanese couples opened a national foundation that Satan cannot invade.

Bringing Unity to Korea

Although it has been invaded over 930 times, Korea has never retaliated or attacked another nation. Genghis Khan was a legendary figure who occupied all the European countries. History says that he was invincible. But that is not true, for he was very badly defeated when he tried to invade Korea.

Koreans are very courageous people but never wage war against another country. How did the Koreans defend themselves? Once the Koreans realized there was an impending danger they forged a great unity. That's how they survived.

Never in Korean history has anyone brought more unity to Korea than Father. How could Korean people get married in mass ceremonies like that without unity? Conventionally, only poor people married 2-10 couples at a time; well-to-do and respected people do not get married in numbers of two or three thousand couples. We are the first ones to do that. What better way can unity be proven?

To marry even one Korean with a Japanese would be difficult. But Father made 2,500 couples like that overnight! There were not just couples with a Japanese husband and Korean wife, but the more difficult couples of Korean husbands with Japanese wives. Many people wondered what historical resentment was going to surface in these couples. But when the Korean people knew that Father was behind it, they knew there would be good results. They didn't worry about it because they know that Father loves Korea and would never do anything detrimental to the Korean people. Japan also knows how much Father loves the Japanese people. The same is true here in America. Now, when American people comment on our weddings, they say, "Rev. Moon wisely matched and married them!"

In the Cultural Olympics, Father is planning to bless hundreds of thousands of couples at one time. The prerequisite will be 40-day training. If you are a serious person, then you would know how difficult it is to get married nowadays to the right mate. You are lucky you didn't have to go through that!

That's actually the number one recognition about Father around the world, isn't it? He is the world's biggest, safest, most guaranteed matchmaker. That's Father's first title. We are not proud enough of our Blessing. There will be a day very soon where we will proclaim ourselves to the whole world saying, "We are a couple blessed by Rev. Moon."

If you are ever going to study China, Korea, Japan or any Far Eastern country, you cannot learn through the limitations of the English language. But through the Korean language, you can learn everything anywhere. If you learn Korean, you can learn Japanese and Chinese very quickly after that. If you learn Chinese characters, you can communicate with half the people in the Orient through writing. It's very complicated and a lot of headache too, but think about the bright side of it: Without the Oriental language and Oriental race, Father would never have emerged and the problems of the world would never have been solved. How could you summarize what the universe, God, and the history mankind are all about within an hour as Father has done? We can do it now because Father has taught us.

Is there any encyclopedia or literature that we can find in the library for such solutions? Divine Principle is the king of all knowledge. Without it, knowledge could never be organized, because we don't understand God. Sin confuses everything. There's no clear theory about God or the purpose of man.

Beginning of Recognition

Maybe you didn't go to an Ivy League college, but were in the Unification Church instead for 10 years. In those 10 years, you learned 100 times more than those scholars. For example: One person who was educated at an Ivy League school began to work at The World and I. In the beginning he thought he was the center, because he is intelligent; but he was quickly awestruck. He thought the Unification Church and The World and I were nothing. At first, he didn't recognize the value of our members and looked at them as having no credentials with little, if any, educational background. Soon he found that all of the members are very learned people because of the Principle.

The scholars of the world thought Rev. Moon was someone lower than they, but they were caught by surprise. Do you understand who we are? We are a very capable church, with a very capable leader. No one understands Father. If established Christianity in America and Korea had recognized and embraced Father, what could have happened? Father would have been known all around the world and the world's problems would have been solved years ago. In that sense, how much the world has lost! How much damage has been done to the world for not recognizing my value? But the world waited until things could not get any worse before they embraced Rev. Moon. Fifty years have been wasted! If I did not know God's Will I would never have had anything to do with America and surely America would have perished. But I selected America as the archangel country. Then I did everything I could for this country. The result of my efforts is why we are blossoming today. Now that I have spoken about this in detail, we American members can begin to understand who we are.

I know that America, Germany and Japan are historical enemies. After what the Japanese did to Korea, how could Father select them as the Eve country? "Love your enemy" is perhaps the only explanation that can be offered. Imagine if people in the Christian nations fifty years ago had understood this as God's Will and embraced Father? America, France and England would have formed the major dispensational nations. How much faster the world would have been restored with no opposition or sacrifice! I came to America to save and educate this country, but they opposed me. The French and English did the same thing. Why? Because of satanic influence.

Uniting Historical Enemies

The Japanese are historical enemies to Koreans, but Father claimed Japan, which is of much value to Satan. I made Japan even more valuable by putting it in the Eve country's position. Following this, Japan had to be perfected. Most of the core elder members of Japanese church came from deeply religious backgrounds. Mr. Kamiyama's father is a Christian minister, which is very rare in Japan. Mr. Oyamada was trying to be a minister. Many of you have not heard Mr. Kuboki's testimony of how he came to join the church in the beginning so many years ago. Heaven intervened directly and told him, "Give up your membership in your present church." He was about to be made an heir to that church's leadership. He obeyed and came to the Unification Church. Mr. Furuta also came from a big, prestigious religious organization. He was their hope, but he was told by God to come to the Unification Church. Spirit world went into full swing to bring all these people to the church.

When Father sent out the world missionaries in 1975, he made trinities of missionaries from three countries -- Japan, Germany and America -- to indemnify the loss of America, England and France after World War II. It would have been ideal if these countries had inherited God's Will. Japan represented Eve, America represented Abel, and Germany represented Cain. Those three combined indemnified the various positions that had been lost. Father brought the three major dispensational countries that had been lost to Satan's side back to the heavenly side.

The following is human history in a nutshell. Because of the Fall, Adam and Eve gave birth to Cain and Abel; they are symbols of the fall. This created a pattern that expanded throughout history. At the onset of World War II, England was in Eve's position, France was in Cain's position, America was in Abel's position. Opposing them was Japan in the Eve position, Germany in the Cain position, with Italy completing the trinity. When the Allies won over the satanic side, they should have come to Adam's nation, God's nation. As a result of the Fall, both Adam and God's position were lost. How can we find the original Adam who was lost? Prepared nations on God's side should have connected with Adam, making unity of the four nations. As a result, the whole earth could have united into one. The establishment of God's nation would have followed. This was the grand plan for restoration.

Crucial Point in History

History went through this course. The year 1945 was so crucial after the victory of World War II; these Eve, Cain and Abel nations should have searched for the Adam nation. Japan had occupied Korea for 40 years as an indemnity condition. Satan knew God had been preparing this project for so many years so he wanted to destroy the Adam country. If these two countries had united, that would have been the end of restoration. But this did not happen, so Father selected Japan as Eve's nation, America as Abel's nation and Germany as Cain's nation. My 40-year indemnity course consisted of selecting these enemy countries and embracing them. They continued to rebel. Overcoming them with love took 40 years of Father's time.

If the enemy countries of Japan, Germany and America were not selected, then I would not have received such opposition. They why did I do it this way? Because God lost this foundation, then I had to restore it back to God as a condition to recreate what was lost. America is where God lost everything, so Father wanted to gain everything back for Him through this country. According to God's direction, Father brought it all together in this particular pattern to restore the Christian foundation. Father did that through the Unification Church. We brought 7,000 Christian ministers to Korea to restore and revive Christianity. Some 40,000 members were educated in America to replace its lost foundation. Because Satan interfered with restoration history and didn't allow events to happen as they should, Father created what was needed with his own hands. Only through the dispensation can American people begin to understand what Rev. Moon did.

If no one was able to determine if Rev. Moon and the Unification Church were good or not, why do so many people oppose him? Because Satan took everything, Father was alone. There was no one who took God's side like Rev. Moon.

The Korean people opposed Rev. Moon because the Korean ministers listened to American ministers in their denominations who told them Father was a heretic. Then Father had to come to this country to restore everything that God had lost. After much pain, Father finally restored this foundation and brought it to Korea and Asia. America and Asia are now connected, and we're getting close to the establishment of God's nation.

Recent Dispensational Victories

The 1988 Korean Olympic Games were so meaningful. From the external point of view, so many young people who participated represented Satan's champions of the second generation. They were healthy physically; but Father brought them spiritual health as well. The missionaries of 120 countries represented God's second generation. God and Satan chose one place where 120 nations were present at the same time; God's second generation carried gifts to them and connected them with the Unification Church by helping and embracing their nation's champions wherever they could in Korea. Only one leader emerged above all others: Rev. Moon. Even the Soviet Union listened to me and returned their thanks to me by giving me a medal. All those things make a condition of indemnity. Now you understand that my coming to the United States made many conditions for victory over Satan's side.

The second generation of more than 2,500 couples on God's side completely opened the national foundation. The Korean/Japanese couples, centering on God and True Parents, will produce a new blood lineage based upon their country's foundation. With the creation of that kind of foundation, Satan cannot invade any national foundation we make. In other words, Father restored the foundation for God's nation through this Adam country/Eve country marriage foundation. Satan cannot accuse that kind of foundation; he will have to bow down. With that kind of foundation made in Korea, Satan's world of communism will have to bow down. This is the Principle. No matter how Satan's communist world sends its power, it cannot invade, kidnap or infiltrate those representing God's side.

You have to know in this time of accomplishment that Satan's accusation is gone. Why? Because I made this national level Adam and Eve marriage foundation. With that kind of foundation established, Satan automatically must follow the foundation for the original world. At that point, Adam and Eve together with Abel and Cain will combine into one. Through that, America will live.

Rev. Moon represented God's side and helped the spiritual fortune of the United States. This foundation will provide the way of salvation for the United States. This is the Principle, not Father's words. This is the formula course. The way of indemnity is a universal iron law. When the English tried to control the Chinese, they introduced them to opium. This intentional act of creating drug addiction is the root of the indemnity of widespread drug addiction in the Western world today. So, no matter what wrong action has been committed in the past, unless indemnity is paid, there can be no peace anywhere in the world.

Father had to reindemnify the lost worldwide foundation.

Father Reindemnified Everything

Father selected Japan, America and Germany as primary nations, yet all of them came against Father. What about France and England who were also to serve as God's foundation? They too opposed me. Seven countries came against me so I had to reindemnify. God knew the foundations he wanted by winning World War II, but all of them were lost. The 40 years of indemnity that Father had to endure was due primarily to the failure of America, Japan, England and France. When Father chose Japan to be in Eve's position on God's side, how blessed was that country? When Germany was chosen for God's side, how blessed was it? Then Father chose America. From the perspective of the providential viewpoint, at any time in history has God chosen a man or country a second time? No, but Father set up a Cain/Abel salvation situation where he could save these countries twice if it was needed. When Father chose America, he took responsibility to restore this nation to God's original point. Left alone, you Americans didn't understand enough to save your nation.

You have a unique position that is completely separated from Satan's claim. You have to know this in the future in your position as leaders. How can you take on the future? The most important mission at this time is America's providential mission. How carefully have you lived your life on this earth? How often did you receive painful persecution for God's sake? How well do you know that path? Are you forgetting it?

During this important time, Father has been fighting a most serious war on the front line. But the question God will ask you is, "How much did you help Father?" It was agonizing because you didn't even know my situation. Every area was blocked and I had to find out how to open each door. I found the way to turn the whole thing around.

There was one previous time in history that this kind of foundation was made. It was in Moses' time! How will you react when you receive incredible persecution? Salvation was disappearing in this world until Father took responsibility for the past. Jesus took the way of the cross in order to guarantee a point of salvation for mankind. You as a leader must take responsibility in the same kind of serious way as did Moses, Jesus and Father.

The first time you heard Father's words, you couldn't understand much. Missionaries from Japan, America and Germany, representing the second generation, united for God's side, and made the condition for the future salvation of the world. How blessed is that activity. That was the deepest purpose of Father choosing representatives from three enemy countries to send out as missionaries. At the time, people thought I was wrong. Think about it: three enemy nations who cannot unite, how can that save America, France, England, the Free World or anything? Now they understand Father's words. You are in the same situation as Father was. People may hit their bosom and cry out, "How foolish I was for not listening!" They will realize, "There is no solution." Only Father's forgiveness will give salvation.

Gift of Tribal Messiahship

It is at this point in time that I have given the tribal messiahship Father has known the way for a long time when you didn't have any idea of this concept. How much blessing is tribal messiahship? During Jesus' time, John the Baptist was a tribal messiah, as was Zachariah. Together they represented the unity of Joshua's tribe which would have opened the way for Jesus. But they couldn't accomplish a united tribe.

By sending out three nations centering on Father, there was a four position foundation sent to every country in the world. No nation can accuse or persecute us. I was taking Adam's position, but mankind decided that it was a mistake to follow me. So Father repeated the process. Who else could take this mission? Only God and True Parents. Children in the fallen world have Satan's blood. Individualism can't remove it. You must realize your position. Everything has been cleared up and given to you in your tribal messiah mission. Tribal messiahship means true parentship. True Parents did it just like that and their lives will bear witness in their children. When Father sent out 21,000 blessed couples as tribal messiahs all over the world, they had to overcome the attitude, "Father I cannot be sent out."

You have to all be brothers united centering on True Parents. You must be strong about that. In the beginning, Unification members said to me, "Father, you are the parent; why don't you do it?" So pitiful for Father! Even the 36 Couples didn't know that. I made a wide victorious foundation. In the future, people will feel so much happiness. I wanted to completely pay the necessary indemnity. Now, Unification members can go anywhere and not be accused. Please show some guts in whatever you are doing and always ask God. By standing in that central position your opposition will immediately crumble and heaven will open up. This is a powerful philosophy.

Korea opposed Reverend Moon, but in the actual showdown, who won? I won over every nation that came against me. Rev. Moon is gaining influence all over the world. Looking back, the providential viewpoint is so clear. God and Rev. Moon saw that.

Create More Activity

After what I have done, where do you stand in comparison? During this time, it is your turn. How can we win when you don't have the result or even the effort. So I'm telling you now that you have a short time to make more tangible results. To do that, you have to create more activity. Otherwise, it will be a miserable situation. Originally, I took the same position to God's foundation in the four corners of the world. From now until 1992, you have to make good result. Can you do that?

Now, no one opposes us seriously. This is why Father proclaimed the Cultural Olympics. Cultural unity is so important for world unity to be fulfilled. Imagine so many people from different countries coming together to get married at the same time! Those who come from a certain village and marry in Seoul at the World Cultural Olympics will go back and report to their village what they experienced. How excited the people will be.

Do you understand what Father is saying? If people had recognized Father earlier and then you were sent out as tribal messiah, your position would have been quickly recognized. However, God's foundation is coming into place now. On that foundation, you are now working as a tribal messiah. At the time of World War II, God's nation lost that foundation which we are now restoring centering on Father. It was Father who received the focus of all the persecution.

For 40 years, Father has made the conditions to restore these nations to God's sovereignty. He has singlehandedly fulfilled the responsibility for this task in place of the national leaders of these countries. That is God's principled viewpoint of messiahship.

America didn't know that at the time, only God, Rev. Moon and Satan knew. Why did the democratic world come against the Unification Church without researching our doctrine? They completely denied us. That was Satan's work again.

No matter how strong a net Rev. Moon tried to make, Satan would cause people to fall out. Rev. Moon made a net of double strength, but Satan tore it down, not only in this world but in the spiritual world, too. Now, good ancestral spirit men can come down at any time. They represent the archangel's side.

The archangelic world saw the first Fall caused by the worst archangel. Now good archangels are on this earth helping Adam's family, tribe, nation, and world. That is the archangelic world's mission. Satan cannot accuse if all your good ancestors come down to stand behind you -- behind YOU! I am holding the gate open to the only clear way of following the Principle. You have to take your training course on the track that Father made.

Restored Archangelic Realm

The spirit world is ready and eager to help you. Just like when Adam spoke, everything was carried out just as he said. We should have that kind of feeling now. Adam spoke and spirit world carried out his directions. We must have the same confidence as the original Adam.

The time of Cain and Abel struggle is gone; brothers won't fight each other now, for they are looking for parents. The tribal messiah's role is to connect them to the parents. During the brothers' time there is war and conflict; but during the parents' time there is only peace. Even if there is scattered conflict, it doesn't affect your work.

No one opposes us today, especially when they understand what Rev. Moon is doing. What will happen now? All will seek God's nation and we will guide them to that with Satan playing the role of a witness to you. With brotherism, Satan can oppose because he has so much claim on them. But not when it comes to parentism.

There is only one way leading to victory. All you need to do is to inherit my tradition. I put all of my heart into this mission, absolutely confident that it would work. Likewise, we have to do that.

Now you look back and are in a good position to understand me, although when I initially spoke about these things, you couldn't understand me.

I had the determination 40 years ago to make all enemy countries become peaceful brothers. Now it has been achieved. Do you think Father speaks and just hopes that somehow it will happen? No! I am a realistic person and worked towards this end. Please go back and read Father's words: everything is there. The discrepancy is only that we listened and then forgot.

Are we proud of all that Father has done without any help? Yes! So we should not dishonor Father's achievements. Preserve your own dignity by upholding Father's victorious foundation. How about our situation? It is a blessing we didn't expect. We don't deserve it, but we have it. We are saved, but we have to deserve that salvation. Even if we don't do anything, Father may save us. But how miserable such a situation will be when we reach the spirit world.

So what is the surest way to be sure to deserve our blessings? Be victorious in tribal messiahship. We are in a better position than Jesus. It is as if Zachariah's and Joseph's family were in peace at Jesus' time. We got blessed and can now achieve all aspects of the dispensation. That's the foundation we are given to stand on through the tribal messiahship.

The dispensational time has really changed. The Cain and Abel relationship was repeated time and time again in history. But after the Parents have emerged that pattern will never repeat itself. All we must do is have faith and carry on. If we really become serious with absolute confidence in this historical foundation, and do the tribal messiahship, the world will come into one.

This is the last command that God can concretely give to mankind. If you do this, you will achieve the goal. After that, God will not have to issue another commandment.

Vertical and Horizontal Parents

I am quietly a parent to everything. Parentship means not complaining, no matter what is going on. This is my teaching. Follow that absolutely righteous way.

Where the vertical and horizontal connect is the central point of God and True Parents' dwelling place. Father has emphasized this many times. The vertical parent is God and the horizontal parent is True Parents. This is parentship! God and True Parents' desires are the same. Following this way leads to prosperity. Following the way of parentship will create the embodiment of all levels of love: individual, family, tribal love. Following the way of parentship is the only way of building that concept of love into a system of perfection. No matter how hard you search, this is the truth. The principled way is the foundation that you must stand on. There are no exceptions. Father followed that same path; he invested his whole life to this way. You have to follow Father's steps. You cannot take a different way, for this is a marching time and you must follow me. You have to know that.

Step on that path and stay on it forever. Educate your children about the Principle -- you haven't been doing that. A thousand generations of your ancestors must go the same way and a thousand generations of your descendants, too.

There is only one Principled viewpoint. You cannot arrive at this viewpoint by simply talking with each other. Father received all the persecution, in place of God. Even God is walking the same path.

That is what the tribal messiah is all about. Father has gone through that same position and made it successful. On that foundation Father is trying to bequeath it to you. Your original mind will help so that you automatically feel like parents to your tribe. You will be able to take care of them with a parent's heart and mind. But you don't have to wait for your original mind to wake up -- it may take a long time. Father is trying to tell us everything -- our position, what we can expect, and how to do it. Father is teaching us everything and placing us in a victorious position. How amazing that the situation has changed even from the last time Father spoke of tribal messiahship. Until now, we had to pray to God and get the answer. Sometimes it is very difficult to get an answer. But now all we have to do is live the principled life and report.

You have to become a true man. What is it that Father needs to teach you? You lost your parents and now you've found them; you found your brothers and sisters and even found your true tribe. Father taught us everything, yet still in the corner of our mind something is lacking. That feeling has no place. Father gave you a spouse, and the best one at that. What else are we waiting for? We have everything.

I am giving this priceless gift to you free with only the condition to not dishonor my tradition. I am talking about the universal True Parents' tradition. Don't dishonor it by committing a wrong action. If you have questions you can ask them to Father during a question and answer period.

According to how many tribal members we have, registration will take place. We have to belong to one of the twelve tribes and which one will be determined at that time. The world will be divided into 12 tribes, which are the same as spirit world's 12 pearly gates. This is a pre-registration time; we are qualifying now. We should qualify while Father is alive on earth. You must have strong guts. You must know you are standing on the True Parents' firm foundation and not even wobble.

When I left Korea for America, I told all Korean members that Korea will undergo a lot of complications, but Unification Church members shouldn't worry about it, because our position is firm. That's what's happening now and our members are so confident. We should be confident here, too. Whatever happens in the world or America, we should not even vibrate. 

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