The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Ten Points -- Guidance for Leaders

Sun Myung Moon
June 5, 1989
Leaders Conference
World Mission Center
Translator: San Kil Han

At East Garden on In Jin Nim's birthday and Shin Kwon Nim's first public appearance, August 19, 1989. Left to right: Father, In Jin Nim and Mother holding Shin Kwon Nim. (Photo: Ken Owens / New Future Photo)

During the Leader Conference, Father gave ten special points to the leadership to be conveyed to all Unification Church members.

Each individual should make a 40-day prayer condition, skipping one meal a day. For 40 days pray to completely change yourself and our church!

We have all gone together with Father through an indemnity course, for the sake of other people. When it comes to tribal messiahship, however, it is directly for yourself rather than for anyone else. Previously whatever you gained was like a war trophy, but now your results are about to go into direct ownership. You will be able to accomplish this based upon the tradition of parents' love. The parental love which you exercise will gain results for not only your family, but for your tribe. Together we are going to Heaven.

During these 40 days, you should pray to understand everything Father has said. We must remember all that Father has taught us recently. Do not be conceptual about it, but make it realistically and practically your own. You should pray and study with absolute focus. You can learn so much at this time about living your life to nourish your tribal members as their messiah. "Messiah" is a savior. Father suggests you pray like this: "I am completely new at standing in the center of this savior situation. Help me to make this foundation."

During this 40-day period and the 7 days after it, you can solve every problem. After that, your tribe will be thankful for their tribal messiah.

This is much the same situation as when Jesus ascended into heaven 40 days after he resurrected. During these 40 days we must pray hard to come back to the original position with a prepared foundation.

1. Reassessing or Checking Leaders

Until now anybody could be put into a leadership position. But at this time the leaders must have qualifications. It has been a wartime situation in the past and during wartime anything can happen. But now we need a peacetime system. So we should reassess our leaders to see if they are qualified.

2. 40-day Training

Everyone, including the leaders, must go through 40- day training. Those who did not go to 40-day training under Rev. Ahn should schedule yourself to go through that course, the sooner the better. After receiving 40-day training, you will be able to teach people back in your own hometown. My purpose in doing this is to make you great messiahs.

3. Selecting a Qualified Lecturer

That means you have to listen to the members giving a lecture to determine whether they are a good lecturer or not. If they are good, then they are selected.

4, How to Train and Give Good Influence to Members through Sermons

We have to give many instructive lectures to positively influence members. The best reference material for that is Father's words. You can pick any topic from the vast numbers of pages of Father's words.

Father is a religious leader and has given a sermon literally every Sunday and Holy Day. I had so many things to teach you. I want to speak as much as possible, covering as many topics as possible, so in the future you won't say, "Father why didn't you leave that behind?" A short sermon would be easier, but three hours is much better for us to remember than 30 minutes. My sermons paraphrase and amplify the Principle, for only then do we begin to understand the Divine Principle. We cannot fully understand the Divine Principle just by reading it.

The secret of a good sermon is to pray for more than three times the length of your speaking time. The more we pray, the more influence and impact that lecture carries. People will be moved to tears, depending on how much we pray.

5. Attending Morning Service and Making Your Life and Extension of it

We often attend morning service, pray, listen to a sermon, and then go back to our "normal" life. This is incorrect because our normal life should be an extension of morning service. We should be no different in what we say and the way we live.

We should be able to give the sermon like a conversation or natural speech. We don't have to be formal when our sermon and our life are consistent with each other.

6. Strengthening Economic Activities

The leader's duty is to not only lead his tribe in daily life, but to be responsible for economic matters. We can start many things with only our imagination as our limit. Fundraising is the state leader's responsibility.

Many ministers in the established Christian churches don't know how to make money so they are at the mercy of the congregation. No matter how great a religious leader you may be, if you lack the ability to make money, then you won't have power or authority. You have to really go out of your way to earn money, because it is not easy.

One way is fishing. Fishing can change all of your old concepts, including the way you think. Father has ridden in his boat for 9 or 10 years catching tuna. You were always encouraged to participate in Father's sea-going adventures. Your future generations will be very proud of you when they see a picture of you catching tuna with Father. How precious that picture will be!

The United Nations represents the four global directions, but they are not linked in one direction. If a man's mind can unite with a high level path in the spiritual world, it would have one direction. An example of this is Jesus, who is no longer alive but still works in everyone's heart. That is the most effective way.

While I was fishing, I was also cultivating a formula that can work everywhere. Use your valuable time wisely. When you visit the mayor or the state governor, don't assume a prideful position to them. Instead treat them as if their position was similar to yours, like an elder brother. Using your creative imagination, you can find a way out of any difficulty.

When I am fishing, I am also thinking, beginning in Korea, and then moving to the Itinerary Workers in 40 countries. I think about past history, of what was good or what was bad. Sometimes I calculate all the right things that could have happened. I can remember the first time I visited a certain place, how many members were there, and what has happened to them since then.

What is our present situation -- are we going up or down? Check yourself clearly. Think about how difficult Father's life has been, but how young I look. My mind is always leading the providence through the spiritual world. Following that, my spirit says, "Act more, with greater strength and agility." When I am riding the boat, I am often sitting for 12-15 hours at a time. I don't take a nap, but tirelessly watch the sea for that special fish.

7. Create a Social Leadership system.

Our life of faith work should not stop at the individual, family or church level. We should exert influence to lead the society into a life of faith by creating a social leadership system. We should develop the church into a system through which we can easily lead society into God's desired direction. Our church should function as an efficient system to achieve our goal of leading the world back to God.

8. Tribal Messiahship and the Tradition of True Parents.

After Moonie and Sunnie, where will we move? "Kingie." "Kingie" is messiahship. I am working very hard to make that kind of messiahship or kingship.

9. National Central Figures

What is our ultimate goal by becoming a tribal messiah? Our ultimate goal lies in the nation that we have to save. We need national-level central figures. First such a leader must be trained; then after the training, an organization must be built centering on them. By making that kind of foundation we will automatically connect with the national purpose.

10. Training for a World Coalition

Father will apply a similar activity from America to the whole world, even behind the Iron Curtain and Bamboo Curtain. Why must we work in this way? It is the only way to save and liberate God. Some members who were working underground in communist countries have passed into the spirit world. Some are waiting there for Father's coming. I have never reported these sad situations so openly to you before.

Why are we making such an expanding organization and working with top-level leaders? We have to save the whole world.

I trained well in very difficult circumstances. There is no situation that I have not imagined and no training that I didn't go through. There is no tall tree in my neighborhood that I didn't climb. Even though I was a rather heavy child I would go climbing. My mother spent her life worrying about me every day.

Father makes good strategies because he trained well everywhere and can do anything. We need to go through many kinds of training before we can feel the same as Father. 

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