The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Unification of the Cosmos

Sun Myung Moon
July 30, 1989
Translator: Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is Chunju Tongil. Tongil means unification and chunju is our own church terminology. The universe and cosmos are something we can see, but chunju includes the world which we cannot see, namely the spirit world. This means there is an outer world as well as an inner world. God wants to unify these worlds into one chunju. People may think of us as dreamers chasing an imaginary goal because just the world we can see -- the earth, solar system and cosmos -- is so immense and unlimited.

Physical bodies move, like a finely-tuned engine, not in accordance with their own laws but in accordance with one universal law. Imagine if the chunju needed repairs similar to man made machines. But this huge universe which God created just operates perpetually. We can only imagine how large the universe is. Compared with that, this tiny earth has a population of five billion of which we are a part. How big and how small!

Is there anything that challenges the bigness of the universe and says, "Yes, I will conquer it"? If someone determines to do that, how great is his undertaking. That person's mind must be huge. Yet would not such a huge mind be big enough and heavy enough to crush him? Of course not, because a huge thought is actually something invisible. We know that gravity produces a strong pulling power. This human thought has to be a hundred times stronger than gravity, otherwise the universe will not follow this man because it would like to follow someone who has a bigger thought than its own! Which entity thinks about these huge things, ideals and directions? It is only mankind.

Man is the only animal that has thought. Thought is that motivation which propels us to reach for an idea, for more value, even for eternity. There are plenty of examples. We have 400 people here and each one wants to find the most valuable things in the universe. Women are searching for the best men and men for the best women.

Let's say a woman narrows her choice down to two candidates, and then compares these two: who has more sensitivity, who has more knowledge, who is more faithful? Humans are the only beings with this kind of comparative thinking process. For example, I notice that no two women here wear the exact same type of earrings while all women strive to become the most beautiful.

I have noticed that today's value system has changed from 10 or 20 years ago. Now women look everywhere for a great man but, failing to find one, settle for a man who is the richest or most influential.

Men are like that too, for they want the best and nothing less. That is an unmistakable characteristic of man. Does man come from monkeys? Monkeys resemble man a lot, but do they have this thought system or value system? No! Have you seen any monkey who tried to put on an ornament like earrings? No. Did you ever see two monkeys compare themselves to see whose position was greater? No. And yet some men think those animals are our ancestors. Mankind is really in a spiritual darkness.

Master of the Universe

Why is it that all animals crawl on all fours, while only man walks upright on two feet? Standing tall is a manifestation of man seeking greater and higher goals. A man who walks straight with a direct gaze is not hiding anything, whereas the man who averts his gaze downward as he walks can have a deceptive attitude. We should look forward and up, not short and down. Which did mankind aspire to do first -- to dig and create underground tunnels or to fly in the air? Today we have satellites and space shuttles. We've gone to the moon. Now man has started the race toward the farthest points of the universe. Only man among all the animals is prepared to be the master of the whole universe. Do you agree with me on this point? (Yes!)

What about Unification Church members: How do we compare with other people? We have come into unification, but did we get here by ourselves or by following someone else? We united because we centered on True Parents. Then where is the eternal resting place "unificationally"? What is that root of unification? True Parents! That point is important because the root is very powerful. There are five different races or colors, but all are uniting with me.

So let's examine unification. When you think of unification, you think immediately of the Unification Church. Then the first thing you notice is Rev. Moon. I am the founder and the center of the Unification Church. Also there is the Divine Principle teaching, which is actually God's universal teaching. We know the Divine Principle has the power of attraction. Is that because it has great power or because it is the most logical explanation? Of course not. No matter how great the logic may be, unless it has elements which connect to life, then it's distant from us.

What kind of man would you like to be pulled and attracted to -- a man of reason or a man of power? Which would you choose to attract you: reason, power, or life? Most men are now searching for power, material wealth, or knowledge. Why are people attracted by something lower than life -- power, money, or knowledge? There is something here that doesn't stand to reason. Your lifetime is really quite short. So would you knowingly exchange your life for material, knowledge or power? Never. The value of life stands way above that of wealth, power or knowledge. If I said your life comes under some other power like wealth or knowledge, you would feel insulted wouldn't you?

Putting True Love First

Then what is the most valuable thing in the chunju? (True love!) You said love, but you also said true. There are many kinds of love other than true love, aren't there? I know you like love, but what kind of love is what worries me. Some people say, "Father, I was born here in America, so I only like Western love." The Orientals may feel that way about Oriental love, but while I believe that Oriental love is deeper, both are still only partial love.

What about, "I like central love, neither East nor West"? Central love is best because it represents all parts of humanity and everyone can participate in it. What is central love? Central love always includes the vertical concept. Central love means it must be situated at all the same angles and be the same distance from every point.

Let's take the example of America. Which is the central city in America, Washington, DC or New York? Where does the President live and work? In Washington, DC, and the central point of Washington, DC is the White House. Is the house the center or is the President the center? The President is the center.

Clearly it's not the house that matters, but the central person who lives in that house. America has wealth and resources, but everything comes under one man or body of men. The one who loves America and the American heritage more than anyone else is the subject of America. The man who thinks about America's future the most is the center.

If the president has so much power that he could create a dictatorship, people would fear him and not want to follow him. Or if he has great ideas that can make everyone's life comfortable, people wouldn't want to follow that either because they would lose their sense of dignity and responsibility. What we want is not a president who puts intelligence, power or wealth as a first priority, but a president who puts true love in front of everything else.

What kind of father would you prefer: a great, almighty, millionaire father or an unconditionally loving father? You don't love me because of my power or because I have such an amiable character. You love me because I give you the kind of love and respect you need.

In a marriage, we all want a spouse who loves us beyond all conditions of education, money, or power. Even if the husband has a Harvard degree, when he is with his wife he simply wants to touch and love her. Simply as wife and husband, they just really love each other. Which would you prefer: the simple unconditional way or the conditional way?

If the husband has a big degree, does he think, "This hand belongs to a person who just graduated from Harvard. What a holy hand. Now I'm going to touch my beloved wife with my holy hand"? Is that genuine love? True love is when we forget our position and genuinely love. For the President of America to forget he is the President and just embrace his wife is not easy; but if he could do that, isn't that a great love?

Pursuing Central Love

It's your choice: Are you going to pursue big wealth, big power, big knowledge or big thought? Of these four, which is more valuable to you? (Thought!) What if we added one more choice to the list -- life -- which would you choose? (Life.) What if love were added, which would you choose? (True love!)

True love is none other than central, equal love. You have to be able to explain what true love is to others: "It's the central love which comes above money, power and even thought." Now we have some standard of comparison. With this choice of five things -- love, life, thought, power, money and knowledge -- everyone agrees that love is what we all want.

Then you might ask, "Well, where is that central love?" Does that central love come from your father and mother in your home? No. It may be that family's love, but it is not the central love of the chunju. Is it in New York or Washington, DC? The President has love for the country, but it cannot be central love if it doesn't encompass the chunju. Central love is not only the center of the family but the center of the clan, nation, world, cosmos and chunju. If we know this central love exists, would we say "No, I don't want that central love"? Everything wants to be a part of this central love.

Are you American citizens? Do you have America in you or do you belong to America? You must be able to say, "Yes, America is in me." But before you can say that, you need to have love toward America. Then you can say, "America is mine." Even America, the biggest country on the whole earth, wants to belong to somebody who truly loves America. This person doesn't have to be handsome, powerful and strong. Maybe he's a simple man possessing no special characteristics except his genuine love for America.

A loving person is the center of everything. If you were America, would you be happy to find that kind of person? Yes, you would feel comforted and even saved by knowing that person. Now we expand that Principle into a little larger category -- not only love for one country, but the world and the chunju. There have been people throughout history who have said, "Oh, I love the world and the universe." But is there any one person who actually loved the world through his actions? If there were indeed such a person, then every individual, family and country would want to belong under him, knowing he is the one who loves the most. Everyone wants to come under the king of love rather than to just belong to their own small country. Isn't that true?

Even the sun, which has been burning and shining for millions of years, has always been trying to find the one person who loves the universe so much. Someone will ask, "Now sun, since you have found the person who loves the universe, aren't you also happy?" He has to answer yes.

If a man says, "Universe, I'm madly in love with you and want to love you so much," how would the universe respond? What about a man with incredible power who conquered the whole universe? Which do you think the universe will come and embrace? The crazy lover, of course!

The conclusion is obvious: man has a certain characteristic even before he is born, which no one has to teach him. This is the ability to embrace greater things, even God and the chunju. The only way we can do that is through love. That's my conclusion. Is there anyone who will disagree with that, saying, "Father you're wrong. I have a better answer than that"?

Changing the World's Destiny

You love to hear about love from me. But who actually wants to exercise that love? Do you say, "Oh, I'll be content with this much love" or do you strive for more and more? You might say, "Oh, Father, you talk about love every Sunday morning -- I've heard that before. I already know everything now." If you think that, then you are not worthy of that love.

You may have heard the word "love" thousands of times, but do you know love? Do you have the taste of the kind of love I am talking about? Yes or no? If you haven't tasted it, what good will it do for you to hear the word "love" even a million times?

What I am trying to do is to bring everyone to the bucket of love so they can taste it. Once you taste it, you can never do without it. So all Americans, please try it, for if you don't follow this love, you will perish in the future.

Unless you taste this love and act on it, your destiny is miserable. If you hear it a thousand times and still cannot feel it, then you must entreat, "Father, tell me again about love," instead of complaining about having to listen to it again. You still don't understand the true love center concept -- you don't take it seriously. I was so serious about this in my past. You have to be dead serious about this way, not just analyzing everything trying to find an easy way out.

Your ears and eyes are ashamed of you, because you are hearing and receiving so much love, and yet are not aware of it. The world and the universe are calling you to give them love -- it's your responsibility. They want to be embraced by that true love.

I am giving you the warning that misery awaits you unless you take this reality seriously. Do we want to be with the one we love or an enemy? Our nose wants to smell the true love smell for eternity. Our hands want to touch our loved ones, not the enemy. So if you know someone who says, "Father, you're talking about love again?" then shake him up and protest to him strongly, "Do you know that love?" Only a truthful son of filial piety can respond to the truth. Satan will never come to love the truth.

Making True Love a Reality

Good parents start educating a young child from grammar school: "You have to study more." And then when he goes to middle school, the parent says, "Yes, this time you should become a better student." The parent does the same thing when the child goes to high school. And when he goes to college, the father and mother tell him the same thing: to study well. Even if he earns his Ph.D., his father and mother tell him to study better. That's the parents' heart to improve their children. And while the child is young, he keeps their advice seriously. But when he becomes a college graduate and his parents tell him to study more, will he say, "I am a college student now; don't tell me what to do"? That kind of person will never earn a Ph.D. Every Sunday morning I am trying to say the same thing about love from a different angle. So the person who asks me to talk about something else will never understand love.

There are degrees in love. You can have true love within your family, or you can have a higher level true love degree, until you reach a Ph.D. Now, people who haven't even heard Divine Principle are saying the one who professes and teaches true love is Reverend Moon! In the future, famous professors will ask you, "What is the true love concept? I am only doing research. You have listened to Rev. Moon explain it. Why can't you teach it to us?" How are you going to answer them? Will you be in a proud or shameful position?

Satan is waiting to infiltrate this greatest truth through the smallest opening. We know this by experience and by the Principle, don't we? So what little we know we must practice doing. I practiced everything and am now teaching you. If there is a Ph.D. degree that can be granted to any person about true love, I am the only person who qualifies for that. You are gradually learning from me. Until you reach that highest position, you must continue to exercise true love. Unless you do that, even though you may want to follow me, you will not be able to come.

A Time to Gain Life

You don't even know what I have been doing these last weeks and months. You don't know how serious I am, nor how physically hard I am laboring. Also you don't know how famous my name and the, Unification Church are becoming in the world. So this time with me is your time to gain life. Other people are all ears as to what I am saying and teaching my followers; therefore, we must be at least that serious.

Right before Danbury, Americans thought I was a sham. But now, many Americans have completely turned around and believe me to be a patriot who loves this country. Their feelings are even stronger than those that Unification Church members feel about me.

In a way it's good that you never changed, for you loved rather from the beginning. But you never realized how much other people in the world have changed. In our Church, do we really ask, "Father, please say something precious to us, just one more time?" Look at the rest of the world -- they want to see me just once. Do you know how serious these world leaders are? They ask me so seriously, "Rev. Moon what do you think about this?" Now I talk to you so freely for many hours every Sunday, but are you trying to inherit my tradition?

You should respect me more than a primary school teacher. Primary school students believe that the teacher knows everything. Inadvertently, you have taken me so casually. Did you ever keep your promises? You said, "Yes, Father" many times, but did you act on these promises and bring accomplishments? I am teaching while I am still doing. You are being taught and yet often never do anything with this teaching. Especially blessed couples must think about this. You must be humble, and ask to be taught about life and love.

Heart of the Vertical Parent

So my sermon is about the unification of the chunju. We don't know much about the spirit world, do we? But in order to understand the spirit world we have to understand love, otherwise the spirit world won't open up. Then what is the center of the chunju? The conclusion is almost deceptively simple. The center of the chunju is love; because of love, the chunju was created, and because of love, the chunju rejoices. Therefore, unless we understand love, we cannot connect with the chunju. So the question is, "Can the Unification Church contribute to the unification of the chunju?"

All four directions of north, south, east and west must be determined according to a standard. Unless the standard is very accurate, then these directions can never be accurate either. Where is the center? It is always at a 90 degree angle. When we see a well-constructed house, all the horizontal and vertical angles are 90 degrees. One of the first things we learn at school is how to use a 90 degree ruler. The principle of right angles applies not only to mathematics and engineering but to politics, social science, and all human relationships. But no one seems to know that. In America there are so many lawyers making use of the existing complicated laws. We could be liberated from fettering laws if we lived selflessly. The law actually originated from the human spirit. If we all become very humble and dedicate ourselves to living for the sake of other people, we can be liberated. The Unification Church teaching is the only way that man can be liberated for our motto is to live like a servant with the heart of a parent. Our work and deeds must be like that of a servant. We must not only serve but live with true love, touch with true love, judge with true love. We must serve horizontally with a strictly vertical parent's heart.

What is the meaning of filial sons and daughters? The filial son or daughter serves other brothers, sisters, father, mother, and all the relatives more than anyone else. It doesn't matter if you were born first, second or third. It is the one who serves the most over the longest period-10, 20, even 30 years. Eventually, everyone will follow this filial son or daughter. This person loves his brothers and sisters as deeply as the father and mother love the children. His position is both horizontal and vertical. This horizontal and vertical position becomes a standard around which everything rotates. This is the beauty and magic of true love. Once this is established, there is no longer low or high. No one will oppose this person for all will welcome that pattern of love. From this center position came the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 12, and 24. That is an ideal position. There are 12 months in a year, and 24 seasons in the lunar calendar. In the Bible, the 12 pearly gates of Heaven are mentioned. So God doesn't set the world up in a haphazard way. This is an important part of Principle. A very orderly system potentially exists, and only through true love is the order kept.

The True Love Angle

Why does true love have to stand at the 90 degree right angle to everything? Because love takes the shortest distance between two points. When we meet loved ones, we go straight to them and embrace them, don't we? Nobody wants slow love, but rather intense and explosive love.

Between heaven and earth, also in love, there is only one shortest distance -- the vertical line. Does love need one or two? (Two!) In order to pull love down from God, you have to widen it by expressing it horizontally to others. In order for love to come to u. fully, not just as a trickle, we have to deploy it. For example, waves move slowly up to a pinnacle, then come down with momentum and back up again. You have to pull love down. If you just let love come down at its own speed, it will waver. The earth has gravity which pulls straight down, right? That is a 90 degree right angle. So horizontal can never exist alone, but only in relation to vertical.

What about your eyes? They are horizontal, aren't they? They are next to the nose, which is vertical. When you say right hand it means a left hand exists. You never thought like this, did you? When you mention the word man, you automatically think about woman. Without this system, you cannot position yourself or anything else. You cannot measure the degree of height or depth without a standard. So this physical, visible world implies an invisible world. Vertical love doesn't exist alone, but must have horizontal love.

Where should we go if we expect to receive love from Heaven? We should travel the shortest distance, which is the horizontal line. By the same reasoning, if you desire to receive America's greatest love then you have to visit the White House where the President resides -- that is the short cut. The same principle exists on every level -- world, country, state, county, even the village and home -- all have this relationship with the center. When you go home, you want to connect directly with your father and report everything to him. The son wants to discuss everything with the father. Brothers and sisters often fight but when they can't resolve their fight, they come to their parents wanting them to judge the situation. Why don't they go to someone else, like an uncle or aunt? Because they want to be judged by love and the direct source of love in the family is the parents. Everyone wants to be judged by love -- in the family, in the society, country, and chunju as well. It is like a court system, where you can go to a higher and higher court to be judged, until you reach the Supreme Court. When the Supreme Court rules, that is the final decision. The other rules don't matter. Everybody wants to go to the highest place to be judged. Therefore, this heavenly judgment surpasses all the other judgments.

Shin Gil Nim sits on Father's lap at a birthday celebration.

True Love Is Our Destiny

So filial sons, patriots, and holy men all have something in common, though they differ in degree. The filial son may belong to one family, but the patriot belongs to a country, while the holy man holds the highest degree. The point they hold in common is that they all are centered on love. As for us, true love is our destiny anyway. But where are we going to belong? Will we be just a filial son, holy man or one of the five degrees in between? Of course we would want to be the holy man. His qualification is that he loves God and the chunju the most: God vertically, and humanity horizontally.

All aspects of vertical, horizontal, internal and external will be united into one true love concept. When you really understand my teaching, then if you go to some new environment, you can comprehend everything in just a minute or two. This formula is the base of everything in the chunju. How do you know God exists? The fact that there is an intense horizontal love between man and woman proves that there should be a corresponding vertical love. So although you can't see God, you can understand His existence logically. In conclusion, God is the master of their vertical love, and man and woman are the masters of their horizontal love.

Now, at the end of the world, our ideology is worldism. Actually, religious people think even bigger than that, to include the invisible world which is "cosmicism." So I created just the right word for this: chunju. The chunju resembles man. The world is revolving constantly, but if I were to revolve like this all by myself, people would say I am crazy. Similarly if the chunju revolved with no purpose, it would be crazy. There must always be a subject and object relationship. Today, the scientists agree that the cosmos has power but they don't know where the power comes from. Power only comes from the interaction of a subject and an object.

If we realize there is a subject and object relationship, then there must be a common ideal or goal. The most ideal common goal is true love. The realization of a common ideal must emit light. What about the thunder and lightning on a rainy day? What about electricity? When it sparks it gives out light. That is an expression of a common ideal between subject and object. The ideal is a reciprocal action. When there is a man, there must be a woman. And when they are in love and acting according to a common ideal, no matter how many powerful people try to separate them, they cannot. That is why everything is created with a male and female element. We came into being with a specific, concrete purpose in mind: God's will. Man is born for the sake of woman, and vice-verse. The balance of nature keeps the numbers of men and women almost the same.

Where do a man and a woman meet? If a woman has to go all the way over to the man's side, she would call it unfair. It is the same for a man. So they meet in between, united in love. The woman may be humble and modest, and the man will be forthright and astute, like God himself. They should not be exactly like each other. A man represents all men, and a woman represents all women. They are born for the sake of love. It is a simple but important conclusion. Does anybody have a complaint or disagreement about this?

Occupying God's Love

Is ideal horizontal love existing in America? Many people are ignoring the most basic principle of why men and women are born. There is one horizontal line in God's ideal, not many. Free sex just doesn't fit in. Love is great because perfection of horizontal love is how we can occupy God's vertical love.

Which one should come first and which second? Until now we reversed the true sequence. But we have to experience vertical love first. After that, a man and woman should experience horizontal love. Marriage is such a happy and serious occasion because man has fulfilled his manhood and is about to occupy the woman's world and afterwards the universe. Then this man will be welcomed by every level of society up through the cosmic level. A woman gets married so that she will be able to love the whole universe, rather than being confined to just womanhood.

When you are ideally in love, standing where the horizontal and vertical lines meet, then you are welcomed everywhere. You are the master of the universe. A true man and a true woman are so magnificent, representing the entire universe. And we must understand that married life is to realize the ideal world. Instead, what is being practiced by the fallen world, due to ignorance, is like Satan's dance floor with the love relationships following no principle. In the Unification Church men and women have been rather strictly disciplined, until the right time. Women, before they know a man's love, must know God's vertical love. The origin of vertical love is God, and the origin of horizontal love is parents. God and True Parents are connected by true love, thus True Parents inherited God's blood lineage. Our mind represents this vertical relationship, and our body represents the horizontal relationship. Since you now have both sets of parents, God and the horizontal Parents, we have inherited God's blood lineage for the first time. This was the original ideal of creation. If mankind's ancestors didn't fall, everyone born after their wedding would have been connected to the vertical God and the horizontal parents.

The mind never sleeps, just like God. God is meant to be so close to us. Your mind wants to be just and righteous, but your body is not, therefore mind and body fight each other. The mind is not even perfect, so we experience lots of problems. Your mind, your vertical self, should be the perfect reflection of God through which you inherit God's blood lineage. If you don't have that lineage, then love and life are not possible. Instead, you have Satan's blood lineage. Satan is God's love enemy. If the fall hadn't taken place, I wouldn't have to teach you anything for we would inherit everything from our vertical and horizontal parents at our birth.

God's Legitimate Child

Do you love yourself? You love yourself, but is it from a true perspective? A man should truly love himself before he loves a woman. He has to become absolutely confident that he can represent entire manhood, and then he is qualified to love a woman. You have to understand God first, and representing God, be ready to love your spouse and the entire universe with the confidence you have to love yourself. But before you are legitimate you have to inherit God's love. If you don't know God, and just blindly love yourself, what value does that have? Love gives us the right to inherit everything as God's child. Also, love gives the right to be equal with your spouse and even with God.

Another attribute of love is the desire for ownership. So a victorious man and woman have a happy life on earth with lots of children, and then, when they get old, they want to go sightseeing around the world. They want to go hand in hand not by themselves, but also with their loving sons and daughters. This is perfectly legitimate. But before you love your own smaller family, you have to love the universe. Few people really understand my life. I loved everything, except I did not show my love for my own children and family. But after loving everything and everyone, then I can come back and start loving my family. So if you see me start to love my own family, what will you say? Will you say, "Father, what about us, the members?" or "Yes, Father, you have been away from your family for so long, please spend time with them"? After seeing how much I loved other people first, wouldn't you allow me to love the family realm?

From now on, I may say, "Go out and save America before you come and visit me." Then, when I receive you, you will be representing the world, and not just an individual. That individual time is long gone.

I spoke often enough to create 200 volumes of published books. Every word that I spoke is a standard. Only those who meet those standards will pass. And if I were asked to condense all 200 volumes of teaching, I would say that I condensed it all here, in this morning's sermon. So this true love concept is the root of the cosmos.

Teaching: Our Crucial Responsibility

The Unification Church has three different generations, representing the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages. A blessed children's 21-day training session just ended recently, so now they should be able to realize how wrong a direction the world is going in and what is the right way.

Until you ask me for concrete guidance as to how to live righteously and fulfill the responsibility of leading other people, you will continue to be tied to the satanic world. I have already predicted that America will perish unless Unification Church members work very hard. Because only you can teach them in time, it is your responsibility to teach America the correct way of living just as you have been taught. The communist world as well will perish without you teaching them what you have learned. An interesting thing in Korea is many people are saying, "Yes, indeed, Korea is in trouble. But we trust you, Rev. Moon, and the Unification Church, so we don't really worry about it."

It is our blessed couples' responsibility to raise the new third generation. The criteria of judgment in the future will be how you have been teaching your family members. Education happens not only at school. Parents should educate their children and represent God in that family.

How can we realize the ideal chunju? Man must have the correct love for God, parents, and the whole universe first, then he can love the smaller levels, including himself. Such is the nuclei (new clay) of the element for the unification of the whole cosmos, including spirit world. He will become an eternal friend of the cosmos, eternally free, happy and secure. Love wants to be everlasting and unchanging. What does God do every day? Is He proud because He has a lot of power, material and knowledge? No! God too wants to be in love, like we want to be in love in the family. God lost all his objects of love to Satan. This is why God is so agonized, and why I said, "Let us liberate God from His misery." The only way to do that is to return to God and then liberate God. American young people have never seen true love parents, true teachers, or true leaders.

Savior of Love

So we need a savior of love. Now in the free world many people want to get guidance from Rev. Moon. The communist world and the religious world have tried everything, but reached a deadlock. Now they look to Rev. Moon for solutions. Even God wants to hold onto Rev. Moon and say, "My son, you must do something, otherwise the whole world will never be liberated from Satan." How about the Unification Church members? Do you really want to cling onto me, minute by minute, every season of the year, feeling that only through me there is hope and solutions to your problems?

If you really feel that, you pass Heaven's test. But do you really deserve 100 percent on the test? Every one of us wants such a high mark, but perhaps only one or two in the whole class can get that percentile. That is why we have to try hard. Those who already have families, even though they are blessed families, have a more difficult time receiving a 100 percentile mark. A single person may be able to achieve that. But do you couples love your Father more deeply than you love your spouse? It is the most serious question.

I passed this test, giving everything -- self, family, resources -- to save the world. Think about how serious I have been throughout my lifetime, constantly sacrificing to move God's providence ahead. When did you indemnify your individual foundation? What about the family, societal, nation, world, and cosmic foundation? Did you pass each level? I chased Satan out of each of these levels. Can you make that kind of foundation in your surrounding environment? Not by trying to occupy a safe or comfortable place, but only by aggressively following Father's way. Otherwise you cannot save your life.

The conclusion becomes evident. Who must achieve the unification of the chunju? I did my portion, so now the blessed couples, united together, must achieve this. Is this an easy or difficult way? I always chose the most difficult way, because that is the only way to central love.

From this time on, we need to reexamine our daily life. Have I really loved my family in the dispensational way? Look at our community areas and ask, "Have I really loved this neighborhood, town and state?"

America's True Patriot

During a part of my 18 years of life here in America, I proclaimed to every region of America, "I love America the most, more than any patriot ever loved this country." I actually lived that way, too, and until this day, I am still doing that. I did a 40-day tour of every state in America, promising to love this country, and I kept that promise, even more than 100 percent. So we too must begin to love America. Is this a peaceful country? No, we cannot have a good night's sleep with what goes on in this country. American young people are destroying themselves with drugs and alcohol. We must experience the savior's heart as we look at the people in the streets. Not knowing God's way, they are slaves of Satan. Seeing that, a savior's heart really aches and cries. The most serious problem is this fast declining and decaying America. To make it live again should be more serious than worrying about my own husband or wife. I pursued the most miserable, heavy course to save you. How can you sleep, eat and go comfortably through life?

God's situation is the same -- He is staying on this sinking ship in order to save humanity. Who can save this universe? Mankind cannot do it, and even God Himself cannot do that. God needs an instrument -- the savior. I knew God's situation, so I invested everything in this mission. I could never show any frustration. Who here has fulfilled in this way?

You should be sure to understand everything I have explained about the original way of life and realize that there is still a lot of work ahead of us. It is very challenging and serious, but so clear what you have to do. Historically this is the one time to build God's ideal, and then it will continue for eternity. I may seem completely crazy to live this way, and maybe you are half crazy, too. But we are proud of this way of life, aren't we? It is an incredible thing to save the whole world.

We have to look at the world with a big perspective. Think, "If I make a lot of results I am freeing Father from this burden." When you become filial sons and daughters, I will be in ecstasy. America is your portion. My area of responsibility is the world. I am not asking you to save the world, but to tend to America. America is your responsibility.

Many people will compete to teach the Principle in the future. Where will our position be? All you will have do at that time is to stand firm on the tradition of blessed couples and live with authority. That is what the Unification Church is preparing us to do. Already, that time is near. When that time comes, everything will be finished. So now is a good time to fulfill as much as possible.

If I invested the same effort in China that I did in America, the Chinese would have accepted me more quickly. I favor the Western world for taking the responsibility to save mankind, but continually the Western world has been persecuting me.

Invest In Your Messiahship

So I am asking you to really invest in your tribal messiahship activity. Until now it has been the providence of brotherhood. From now, it is the providential age of parents. I have sent out 24,000 blessed couples, and the satanic world has no grounds to oppose us anymore. Blessed couples are standing in the same position as Jesus did 2,000 years ago at the threshold of tribal messiahship. A tribal messiah is in the New Testament position. So, your own parents will represent Adam's family position. I am representing the Completed Testament position. So there are three generations. This is a new time where we can organize horizontally what has been already vertically accomplished: Adam, Jesus and the Completed Testament positions.

This world is so complicated and has lost its real purpose. True Parents have been making preparations to save the world, which is the work of the Unification Church. Now, all the people will have to do is follow us, taking the easy way.

So let us fulfill our responsibility and pledge to unite with True Parents. Although the road is rough, let us attend True Parents here on earth and even into the spirit world. Let's follow heavenly tradition and grow into one. Be successful in tribal messiahship, with the same determination that Jesus had. Let us pray. 

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