The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

The Completion of the Dispensation of Salvation and the Providential Age of Love

Sun Myung Moon
August 20, 1989
The Fourth Anniversary of the Day of Total Victory
Translator: Sang Kil Han

We must always remind ourselves of the three most important things: love, life, and blood lineage. The purpose of God's dispensation is to establish these three things substantially on earth. There are only two kinds of people: men and women. The purpose of God's dispensation is to save both men and women. To complete the salvation dispensation and establish the love dispensation, men and women must harmonize.

The dispensation can be so complicated, but at the same time quite simple. Fortunately, we now know the simple explanation. God's dispensation was to recreate Adam, and then recreate Eve, and harmonize them. More important than the fact that Adam and Eve lost love was that God lost love. So God needs to recreate love and centering on this love, harmonize Adam and Eve. In order for this dispensation to have any meaning, it must include both a man and a woman. Adam represents the unified heaven and earth and all historical individuals, families, clans, nations, and the world. Likewise, Eve represents unified heaven and earth and all of these levels. When this perfected man and woman unite, then the whole world will come into unity centering on love. After the fall, man and woman's mind and flesh became separated; therefore, east, west, north and south became separated from God. It was Satan who made the widespread separation of mankind, not God. You have to be clear on this point.

How can we unify these realms? Man lost all ownership at the time of the fall. Woman, too, was separated from her property. Satan separated owner and property and promoted war between all people of the world. How can Abel help elevate that fallen world to a point where Satan can no longer cause separation? There are many worlds to contend with: the woman's world, the man's world, cultural traditions and backgrounds. These must be restored through man and woman cooperation. How can man's course and woman's course be united? This is the major problem. Men and women must always pursue love, life, and lineage.

The restored Adam and Eve, centering on true love, will come into complete harmony. Because of this love, they will give birth to new lives, and those new lives will form a new blood lineage. The world populated with that lineage would belong completely to God; there would be no other element in it. What about our blood stream? What is its origin? That blood comes from the life of the parents; the mother's and father's life connect into one new life.

Love, Life, and Blood Lineage

Men and women are very different in nature. What can make them ignite into one exciting burst of light? Only true love can ignite the fire! Do you have that true love? True Parents have absolute and eternal love. But we inherited the wrong root of love through the fall. Here in the Western world, many deny that the fall occurred: "Who has fallen? What has anyone in my lineage done wrong?" But love, in the beginning of mankind, started in the wrong direction. Without recognizing this, then salvation and a religious life become meaningless. What is the final purpose of salvation?

Mankind, represented by a tree, has multiplied fallen nature throughout the world. Restoration of love, life, and blood lineage must occur in the reverse order. Religion is the process to solve these three problems. To fulfill these purposes, God established the Jewish religion, which now represents the Old Testament Age. After that, there was the New Testament Age, and then the Completed Testament Age. Each age was different. In the Old Testament Age the main condition was the act of making an offering. What was the real purpose of the offering in regards to these three goals? Its purpose was to cleanse the blood. Without draining away the stained blood, we cannot find life under God's domain. In Jesus' time, people needed to become one with him in order to find life. Jesus represented the life center for all mankind. The purpose of completely loving and uniting with Jesus was to restore true love. Do you now understand the meaning of these ages?

The concept of offering appears quite early in the Old Testament Age. Offering all things was connected to the blood lineage. If we were to ask a religious man or high priest today, "What is the meaning of offering and sacrifices throughout history?" Could they give a clear answer? We know the reason is to cleanse the blood and gain life and love after that.

In the New Testament Age the purpose was to restore life, which also was connected to the lineage. The Completed Testament Age is the age of love. In the Old Testament Age, man had to bear the cross of all things; in the New Testament Age, man had to bear the cross of life; in the Completed Testament Age we are now bearing the cross of love. After that, we will belong to God. That is what the messiah has been doing on the face of this earth. He has been bearing the cross of love. Because of his sacrifice, the world of love will be liberated.


The Three Testament Ages

The purpose of the Old Testament was to restore all things through sacrificing them. By sacrificing Jesus, God's son, the parents could be restored. By sacrificing the parents, God can be installed. If everything happened as God intended and established Christianity had followed God's prescribed course, then the Messiah wouldn't have suffered so much here on earth; he would inherit that foundation and go directly into the age of love. This was the whole purpose of salvation throughout history. Today we have reached the final age: the love dispensation age which is directly administered by God.

The 'Old Testament' in Korean means 'old promise', while New Testament' in Korean means 'new promise'; likewise, the 'Completed Testament' is 'completed promise'.

Our present purpose is clear. We have to follow the way that I pioneered. All of the vertical history is now occurring horizontally centering on us.

If we draw a circle, the Old Testament Age is the periphery, the New Testament Age is inside that, and the Completed Testament Age is the innermost circle, with the center being God. For example, in the Old Testament there were all things, individuals, and couples. What would have been vertical indemnity of the Old Testament Age is now being expressed horizontally, which makes it easier and more practical to restore because we cannot physically go back to the Old Testament Age. So today we must restore all things, the children's position, and the couple relationship.

Let us make an analogy. Clothing belongs to the creation so it represents the Old Testament Age. The body represents the New Testament Era. The mind represents original man's position. Together, they represent the completion of all three ages.

Let's look at ourselves. Does what we wear, representing all things, belong to me because it has been clearly restored? Although they exist as real objects, they may not have anything to do with God. They are not original because they are not connected to God's lineage.

For the original "me" to emerge, I must originate in God's love, God's life, and God's lineage. It did not happen, therefore we are still trying to connect. We have to connect to these three things or the dispensation of salvation has nothing to do with us. Do you understand?

Mother catches a salmon on the banks of the Eldes River in Kodiak, Alaska.

Become Spiritually Reborn

When the fall took place, everything happened at one time, not separately. Just one act of the fall brought forth this whole fallen tree. Since we lost these three all at one time, in restoration we have to deny the whole tree all at the same time. Otherwise, we cannot bring ourselves back to God. We may love and respect our ancestors, but after knowing this, we want to deny them because we now know from whose lineage we come. This is why all major religions have been teaching us to deny our family, our belongings, our nations and spiritual atmosphere, and even ourselves. We must go back to zero. From there we can start anew, like God when He first created in His own image.

In restoring all of these three elements it is very necessary to have the father/son relationship. Fallen man exists only as a shell. Inside he has nothing; it's just like a scarecrow with a form but nothing else. He must receive love and become one with the parents. Before finding new life, there has to be love. In our case, we have life, but since there was no true love, our originating point was not God. Religion has taught people to deny everyone and everything that has anything to do with you. Religion has been teaching people to even deny their own lives. Jesus said, "Those who want to lose their lives will gain them." Why? Because everything belongs to Satan's side, that which belongs to earth belongs to hell and has nothing to do with God. So if we stay the way we are and go to spirit world, we cannot go to heaven.

Most Christianity emphasizes Jesus' blood. Why is the blood so meaningful? Most don't know clearly. But we know that Jesus' blood means the parents' blood before the fall: true blood.

Can Father alone, by himself, inherit these three things? Not without Mother! This is why the goal in the Old Testament was to have the Marriage of the Lamb.

Where do fallen men belong? They are born and become fully mature physically, but in essence they have not been truly born. It is written in the Bible, "Unless you are born again, you cannot be saved," which means exactly that. They have to spiritually go back into their mother's womb and even before that -- back into the father's bone marrow. That means his blood lineage is mine, his love is my love, his life is my life.

That's what restoration means: we have to go back to that original position. Then the father will marry the mother and through the mother's womb we are born again spiritually. The mother has to be willing to shed blood and even sacrifice her life to give birth to children. The parents' sacrifice establishes the order of love; upon that foundation, children can be born.

Basically all that we have to know is that Father embodies the new LOVE, LIFE, and BLOOD LINEAGE. Unless you connect with all three, you cannot connect with God.

If we tramp on the satanic old blood lineage, in God's eyes is it a crime to do that or not? In the Orient, parents strictly discipline the children to educate them to follow the straight way. Although it is hard on the children, that way Satan must leave them. Here in the Western world, discipline is very lax so education is ineffective. Oriental people always want to stand up straight, whereas Western people are always sitting down for they cannot stand up for long periods of time.

The Vertical Love Center

So the most important unification is with God and True Parents. God is the vertical true love center parent. The other churches don't know that; they call him Heavenly Father, the Creator, but they don't really know the inner contents of God. Unificationists know that the Creator is true love center vertical parents. What is the definition of vertical? It has to do with love and lineage. Once this vertical relationship is established, we can travel back and forth through it. How do you know that this line is vertical? Vertical means that it is the shortest distance between two points of love. Love never detours; it travels straight, taking the shortest possible distance. I suffered so much to discover this truth about the vertical line.

Let's say a husband has been out at war and had many narrow escapes and comes back on a ship. At the port, when his wife comes to greet him, does she run straight to him or go zigzagging over the pier? She will not only go the shortest distance, but travel in the shortest time. Love has the fastest the speed in the universe. The speed of love is even faster than the speed of thought.

What kind of king can occupy this very straight vertical line? Only the true love king is qualified to do that. When you see a tree standing in the distance, you can immediately tell whether it is straight or not. Your eyes are horizontal, so how can they measure vertical things? It's because our mind is straight. Because God's vertical true love center is connected with me, my mind automatically resembles that vertical love. My mind is my vertical self. Humanity still doesn't understand that point, but when you came to the Unification Church you understood this for the first time. Your mind is not just "thinking"; it is your vertical self.

What is my body? We inherited it from our horizontal parents. Where do the dual characteristics of an individual meet? At the true love center. The reason you need to connect with this center is because together you form a complete circle. We have to intersect right at the center to make a perfect circle. We cannot intersect just any place and still achieve this.

So the father/son relationship is vertical and the husband/ wife relationship is horizontal. The vertical relationship existed even before birth, but the ultimate conclusion of the purpose of life is this horizontal marriage relationship. A person will say, "I have grown up for 20 years and have now graduated from college and have a good job. But now, my purpose in life is to find the right woman; nothing matters except this."

Proper Order of Love

Those women who would prefer to have ten Ph.D. degrees and give up marriage, raise your hands. What about the men? God created your strong sexual drive, so that you would be very sad if you stay single. There is no remedy for that except having a marriage partner. This is the most important of all truths. That is why we call this our holy place. Shouldn't God have a holy place in the body that He created? It is the originating place of love, life, and blood lineage. Therefore, these organs have the three most important keys. These three elements are the foundation for true ownership. But fallen man hasn't known how to use those keys.

This precious connecting place between man and woman is so important. You must become completely aligned with your spouse, forming a straight line. Love is in such disorder in this society. Promiscuous, homosexual, and even incestuous relationships are rampant; these have no place in God! Many families have such terrible situations. When we lose all orderliness of love our destination is hell. Do we have a history of love which is consistent with this law of love? If we don't, then we have to really repent, so much that we are willing to even cut off a part of our body. Are you sons of God or sons of Satan? T. be God's son you must be absolutely pure. Now we understand Jesus' paradoxical teaching: "Those who would lose their life, will gain it." No one has understood this clearly until Rev. Moon came to the world. We have to repent, not just with words but with our eyes, our nose, and each different part of our body. We stand in the position to repent a thousand times over in order to restore history.

I can bring you love, life, and blood lineage. What is mine can be yours. Jesus said, "Let the dead bury the dead!" This means let the spiritually dead bury the physically dead. But you must connect with life! I have searched so long for solutions to the mysteries in the Bible. I will never be satisfied with only a vague idea -- I need a straight answer. Do not ever say, "Oh Father, you take too many hours in giving the sermon." I am trying so hard. I can give this conclusion in 15 minutes, but can you understand it in 15 minutes? These things have to do directly with your eternal life. So unless you know how serious I am day in and day out, you cannot criticize me.

True Parents hold new grandson Shin Kwon Nim.

Era of the Dispensation of Love

So now, after accomplishing all this we are entering into the fantastic new era of the dispensation of love. That is the conclusion of my sermon. Unless we understand this point clearly, we won't be able to comprehend what I will do from now on. The wild olive tree must connect with the true olive tree. It has to be grafted to it strongly so that it will never disconnect again. In grafting, where do you have to cut? Would you like to graft from the feet or from the neck? Father once saw a 2,000-year-old wild olive tree in Israel -- it was huge. Let's say that huge tree is about to be grafted into a true olive tree. It will have to give up all its big branches and be connected to a rather small part of the true olive tree. Bystanders who see that comment, "He must be crazy! He is giving up everything in order to gain something he doesn't understand." That 2,000-year-old tree that was just grafted has nothing -- no parents, no family, no country -- just its body, not even branches! All the other wild olive trees are laughing at this big olive tree who is grafted onto a new bud.

So the world has been laughing at me: "He is called the Lord of the Second Advent, yet now he is in Danbury." Do you think we have been right or wrong in being persecuted by our own family, even kidnapped by our own parents, but staying in the church?

This is the reason why, if you had a love relationship with someone before you joined the family, he is your enemy. Never have a lingering memory of that person who ruined your first love. Have you ever stopped to think seriously about your past? How can you restore your first love to heaven? It is so difficult because your original mind was spoiled. So your first love was worse than Satan. God cannot stand your background, because the original owner of love is God. But your ancestor was Satan. Satan promoted this world of free sex. He was watching the providential time for the coming of the Second Advent. Satan knew that the messiah's purpose was to restore purity on the earth, so he corrupted this world, creating the most impure atmosphere in all of human history. Who can save this diseased world? You have to save people. You have to become a salvation doctor who can give an injection of true love.

How proud are we of our mission? You cannot compare any other time with this time in history. There are signs everywhere of the decline of this society, so we must cling to this new life. With your impure history, do you expect that your original spouse can just appear in front of you and love you? You must make a standard of truth, centering on the true love tradition, for your future generations. You still have Satan's blood, Satan's life, Satan's love. If you abuse your position, future generations will accuse you of being worse than Adam and Eve.

Purity Is of Utmost Importance

Can you understand Satan and overcome him by yourself? No! I came to give you eternal truths but you didn't welcome me. You cannot change your blood lineage if you are impure. Even through you may hide things on earth, everything becomes clear in the spirit world. That is why I am so serious with you now.

Did you cry out so much in repentance that the whole world heard you? You must do this so that history won't judge you. My whole life was filled with tears, shame, and persecution from Satan. I was like a rock, always being stepped upon and kicked. You have things so easy! Through being beaten I was resurrecting this world. That is why I was so serious, living this way year in and year out.

Now, we must make the vertical 90 degrees line, not 45 degrees. You stand in the position of all of history, representing the Old, New, and Completed Testaments. Your blessed couple is representing True Parents. In fulfilling your tribal messiahship your position will become like that of Jesus Christ. But you have to rededicate yourselves to God. God still doesn't have ownership of people. He was originally the owner of thought, of people, of all activities, but because of the fall everything was lost. Who can restore ownership to God? This is the messiah's mission -- the True Parents' mission. Both parents must appear in the fallen world and start restoration through a course of recreation. We must be absolutely centered on God and the vertical True Parents. On a globe, every surface point can send a vertical axis to the center point. When the vertical center moves everyone moves in the same way. I want to create a system throughout the earth where everyone is standing on a vertical axis.

I am true vertical love's representative, because my mind represents vertical true love and is completely connected to the center point. We are the horizontal true love parents. So we represent vertical true love, true life, and true blood lineage, and horizontal true love, true life, and true lineage. God bequeathed His vertical true love to me at the time of my birth. We are now one in love, life, and blood lineage: we are true love partners. Then I made the horizontal 90 degrees connection, which can be multiplied to many levels.

When man fell, he lost these three points. He lost his purpose. I found this purpose and am completely connected to God's love, life, and lineage. Now I have clearly educated you.

So now we have the original vertical parents, connected to God's center place and expanding their vertical axis to the child. That is why the children cannot separate from the parents. Spouses can separate because they were already 20 or more years old when they first met. But children connect right from the beginning to the parents' love. So children can never cast out their parents; instead, they must follow them. We need to absolutely trust True Parents, for they have the original love, life, and blood lineage. If you lose that, you cannot stand in front of God.

This is the moment where the salvation dispensation is coming to an end; it is connecting directly into the love dispensation era. This never came about automatically. I had to dedicate my whole life for this purpose, and now it is being fulfilled.

We need to be a tribal messiah, but before we are a tribal messiah, we have to know the cosmic messiah's background. Now we know why we had to restore the Old, New, and Completed Testaments, going the sacrificial way of the cross. This was to gain true love, true life, and true blood lineage. To inherit those three, you have to meet the vertical Creator Parents and the horizontal original parents. Centering on purity you can connect and become a true son.

Eight Stages of Restoration

Now I am going to explain what I had to do to cleanse the blood lineage. In cleansing the blood lineage, I started from the servant of servant's position, and went through the servant's, adopted son's, step-son's, and true son's position. When you become a true son you can connect to the Holy Spirit, which is the mother's spirit. At that time you will be able to connect to the husband. That is the father's place. Finally, the eighth stage is to return to God.

Father had to do this in order to cleanse all the historical blood lineages of different stages. After that, the connection into life was made. This was originally established Christianity's role.

You have to pass all these levels to make complete salvation. This is for you, your family, your tribe, your country, and YOUR WORLD! I dedicated my whole lifetime for this salvation course to save you, not myself. I never took one rest. I was born as the king of kings, but I never experienced a king's palace or sovereignty. I stayed in the lowest place. The whole historical foundation was lost and I had to build it up. You must now spread my love foundation horizontally.

I always prayed to God, "I am going to be Your true soldier." It was such a lonely course of persecution. I didn't make one sound of complaint to God. This is what I am proud of. Compare that with you during your few years in the Unification Church.

So remember, this is for you! God is not far away. God is in me. True love, life, and blood lineage are all here. It was so difficult for God to create a providential launching pad on the earth for the savior. Then, after I was born, my course was so miserable.

Religious people, saints and martyrs had been building this foundation up step by step, and sometimes they failed and had to painfully start all over again. I take my course so seriously because that is what all religious people have been working for throughout history. If established Christianity fulfilled its original mission as intended by God, and connected its foundation with me, I would have arranged God's world already, without suffering, bloodshed, or sacrifice. But as it is, I worked all of my life for this purpose. If established Christianity then had understood the historical providence and united with me, the Unification Church wouldn't even have been necessary.

Father gazes at the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Kodiak.

Miserable Path of Re-Indemnification

So I had to re-indemnify these 4,000 years of history. I could not do it in 400 years because I wouldn't live that long, so I had to do that in 40 years. Knowing the full meaning of the dispensation, I couldn't even bear to live without reaching this goal. So I asked the world to persecute me. In 40 years, Father had to solve over 4,000 years of God's regret. My original position was very high but instead I had to go down to (servant's) the bottom to start it all over again. "In the servant's shoes with the heart of the parent," is exactly how Father lived. Mankind had an incredible debt to pay, but I stepped up and said, "Heavenly Father, I will be responsible for all of this." The only path I sought was how to die, over and over again. I always prayed, "I can perish, but Your love should be abundant on the face of this earth. Your love alone is important to me." So God said, "My son, Rev. Moon, has planted My true love tradition in the world, so I will excuse the world." Now God stands on this substantial territory instead of just in the realm of mind. That was my whole life's purpose. I had no worldly successes. Instead, I spent my life repaying humanity's debt. Because the first parents fell, at the time of the Second Coming, True Parents inherited the mission to clean up everything in the world, including the spiritual world and future generations. Unification Church members really have to know that our church's history is completely different from established Christianity's 2,000 year history. I made our Unification history over an incredibly tedious 40 years. Now you come here and inherit that so easily.

Now, the brother's age is cleaned up. If established Christianity had fulfilled its mission, cleaning up the world foundation wouldn't have taken all this time. I took responsibility for doing it. When you go through this course, you will earn True Parents' respect. We have so far been in the indirect dominion age; we have just recently entered the direct dominion age. So to cleanse the satanic blood you must inherit the heart of the parents in the shoes of the servant. Can you inherit Father's way just by knowing it? No! You must kill your pride and experience the agony of the restoration course in order to meet me. I was so busy all of my life to save you. To become a true child you must inherit the parents' situation by saving others. You cannot take this lightly but give your whole life's effort. Then you can bear true olive fruit. How much have you participated in the worldwide battlefield? Father has been on this battlefield, indemnifying every situation in America. Since Father came here 15 years ago, he has served this continent completely and connected it to the whole free world. No one else took up this position of responsibility.

Please Understand My Course

When I went to Danbury, you were crying out, "Father, don't go to jail. I don't like that." But had anybody paid the indemnity for this nation? Out of all the Unification Church members, no one understood that. I was the only one standing in that position. At the time Jesus was on the cross, many Jewish women were shedding tears and Jesus told them, "Do not weep for me, but for yourselves and for your children." It was the same concept at the time of Danbury.

I was to inherit the highest position in providential history, but Satan spread propaganda that the worst name in history is that of Rev. Moon. Satan said, "I will tear down the love castle that surrounds Rev. Moon; I'll tear down everything and make a flat field." Was God able to visit me? No! I had to go this course alone -- I had no teacher or even friend.

Do you know my course well? I had to build a victorious foundation in America; otherwise, I could not go back to Korea. I always come to America with a purpose. No matter how difficult it is, I never try to escape from my mission. I did everything because of God's providence. I made all the conditions necessary for the worldwide foundation.

When Father blessed a total of 20,000 members, they symbolized the unity of the Israelites and the Roman Empire. The cosmic parents could then be established. I now have connected the worldwide foundation to Korea. These are the formation, growth, and perfection levels. From then, the world parentship will appear. Those parents are God, as the vertical parents, and True Parents, as the horizontal parents. The Divine Principle viewpoint is that you have to follow Father completely and absolutely. Otherwise, you will go astray. You must follow that course, and then cross the bridge and find freedom. This is your eternal position. Did America or the free world take that kind of position? No! So I have been building the world of freedom on my own. I have been paving the way, waiting for this time.

God is the loneliest one, but then we two combined into one and built up the foundation with literal tears, sweat and blood. But now you can connect with this center without tears, sweat or blood. Is that difficult for you? How can you say that? Look at my clothes and body -- there are bloodstains, tear stains, and sweat stains everywhere. All of these stains were for you. What you don't realize here on earth, you will discover with regret in the spirit world. If I meet God in the spirit world, would we embrace with laughter or with great big tears? Tears! I have to maintain a position of dignity, but if I would forget everything, I would jump into God's bosom and cry to my heart's content.

The Lonely Path of Persecution

For 40 years, I did what I had to do. But I am never proud of what I have done; I say, "I could have done better." In Danbury, where all the unfortunate, alienated people end up, I loved them more than anybody else on this earth, even their own families.

God has been desperately trying to save our lives and has been persecuted by tens of millions of people. If you are to save a few lives, can you not tolerate a fraction of what I have endured in my lifetime? When I first heard I was indicted, I never tried to evade it. Instead, I took the first airplane and flew to America lest people should feel that I came back because I had no other choice. I gladly came here, because I knew that going to prison was the shortest path to save this nation. When America thought they had defeated Rev. Moon, Rev. Moon had them by the belt instead. I pledged, "I will never let go of this country no matter what happens."

Centering on this step in the dispensation, I expanded it horizontally. Have we gone the individual indemnity way, family indemnity way, tribe indemnity way, nation and cosmic indemnity way? One way has to be vertical, the other way, horizontal. Who did this or even thought about it? Why did Satan have to retreat? Why did the Communist world have to crumble? None other than because of Father's foundation. Centering on this foundation, Cain and Abel exchanged their positions. Cain had to come down to the second sonship and Abel had to go up to the first sonship. Then Satan had to bow down, and God, who lived at the bottom throughout human history, was elevated.

Now neither the communist nor free world can prevent the salvation of mankind. Since they have no other way to oppose Rev. Moon's salvation to the world, now they instead are trying to welcome me.

Exchanging the Birthright

Abel and Cain have come to represent the right side as the mind and the left side as the body. After the fall, man was separated into God's side and Satan's side. This pattern has been multiplied until, at the present time, it is manifested on the worldwide level. There are two kinds of people now: spiritual people and God-denying people. Satan's side has had the position of strength. I will unite those Cain and Abel philosophies in my headwing ideology. Communism has stood for one century, but Godism and headwingism will stand for ever. Now, intelligent people in the world see that both the free world and the communist world are perishing. Headwing philosophy is already starting to take hold. Until now, Satan has had dominion, but I made a stronger philosophy and a worldwide foundation. To make this foundation, first 30 or 40 countries came against me in 1976. I combined America's persecution directed at me with other countries around the world. Everyone felt, "Oh, we don't like Rev. Moon; we are going to stop him." They wanted to continue this world of hell. But I did not perish; instead, I am still holding my position and proclaiming it to the whole cosmic world. Are you going to take the way of resurrection or the way of destruction? Your confident answer sounds too clever and too clear.

It was not so easy to graduate past Satan. He couldn't imagine that I would decide to follow this course. Satan now has to kneel down before God and Rev. Moon.

The restoration of the elder sonship has been accomplished, so we are now coming to the age of direct dominion. That is the parents' era. Until now, only fighting between brothers occurred. During the course of restoration, the elder son always had authority; every time, the elder brother beat the younger brother. Now that pattern is reversing itself; through inheriting God's blood lineage and indemnifying the worldwide foundation, a crossing junction between eider and younger sonship was automatically created. Their positions have been exchanged; the elder is going down while the younger is coming up.

Both can only unite through the parents. The parents stand in the position to save all of humanity by connecting them to the starting point of the original world. You have to know clearly the historical background to understand the providential ages, vertically and horizontally. I vertically restored the blood lineage, life and love. From this central point of love, a family system is created. This is the way the whole world will be restored. I stood in the position of brother in the past, but now stand in the Second Advent messiah's position. Jesus' position was that of tribal messiah. What about us? Are we going to follow the way of tribal messiahship? This is such a precious time.

Age of Parentship

I am standing in the center position, sending out the position of horizontal messiahship. Satan cannot invade this horizontal parentship path because of the Principle. Who is Father? He is the kingship parent, the cosmic parent. What is a tribal messiah? It is the same concept but a different level. Through horizontal parentship we will serve and spread God's foundation to the world. This new world cannot be invaded by Satan because it will be centered upon Father's words and lineage. Satan will have to leave through the back door. Satan was the original archangel and always advanced himself, but this will never happen again.

People can no longer persecute the parents. What is my philosophy? It is the true love theory. True love means the vertical 90 degree and horizontal 90 degree axis connecting to parentship. All generations must be born from the parents' blood lineage. Through love and life united with God, the new blood lineage emerged when I was born. You must go this way of truth. The Unification Church teaches this way of vertical and horizontal indemnity. I received worldwide persecution for the purpose of restoration; America is the chief archangel country and put me into prison.

I had to use an interpreter to make God's foundation in the Western world. At last, many thousands of people will accept my teaching. The Oriental and Western worlds must unite; this is absolutely necessary. Westerners have complained that I didn't understand Western people. True Parents came to bring spiritual insight to this country. They were most precious guests. But the American government and people persecuted me. American leaders complained because I was Oriental. Without the Oriental leaders you will not be able to inherit the Father's and Mother's position from them. This is God's providential perspective.

God has made the restoration order. Can the providence be centered on white people? Absolutely not. You must be connected with Father; there is no other way. You must have parents! I am the center of that parentship, which is now extending to the tribal messiahship. I am the vertical center and horizontal center, representing the Creator and original True Parentship centering on true love. So what are your vertical and horizontal duties? Inherit the eldership blood lineage by absolutely uniting with Father.

Solving Historical Regrets

There is still more to do. Because Jesus, the second Adam, died on the cross, we have to console his regretful heart. We must help solve Adam's regrets in the same way. Even our True Father, the third Adam, still has some regrets. How can the persecution of the third parents be indemnified? This is our remaining task: to solve the regrets of the three parentships. How can we serve True Parents? Until now, we were exchanging the brothership birthright. Now this has been accomplished. Now, we can pay back our mistakes and comfort True Parents' hearts by fulfilling tribal messiahship.

Look at the how the free world, and even the communist world, are coming to me. Amazing things are happening in the Soviet Union and China. China knows how I was persecuted in America and they see me as righteous. Countries had to retreat in their negotiations with China, but I was able to continue because my purpose is to equalize the world economy.

America thought I was such a foolish man, but now they see my victorious worldwide foundation. We built this foundation by working morning, day, evening, and night. Americans only knew the daylight, saying they didn't need the night, morning or evening. So I claimed ownership of all 24 hours -- this is the natural way of subjugation. Who is smarter, then? Who has ownership? If you unite with me will you go down or up? You will win, because history moves ahead according to natural spiritual laws. I don't use propaganda but have beer, seriously preparing for the future. Why do you stay here? Because you are earning spiritual interest by being here.

True Father and leaders view fresh caught King Salmon

One True Love Culture

Satan separated everything from the beginning of history: cultures, blood lineages, races, brothers, everything! Now I have appeared and my purpose has been to unite all the races, not by force but by true love.

Satan built up many kinds of fortresses, but Rev. Moon has been tearing down barriers of culture and race, based on the true love culture. Yellow, black, and white are combining into one family. How have I been doing this? Not just through brothers but through international couples. True Parents made this original true love tradition which will continue forever. Centered on that standard of love, we will naturally guide the destiny of the entire cosmos.

No matter how much property or economic foundation people have, the crucial issue in the future will be: Did they make unity with all people and all generations? But we are already following the way of unity and natural subjugation. You don't have to worry about the future because you are already a part of that love race of coordinated colors. I am so interested in our future generations. In our church we can see a black baby born to and sucking from a white mother's breast. What a beautiful masterpiece of love! Father is making the foundation for peace from these international couples' love. In the future, Father's grandchildren will intermarry with all other races. Think about how the world will look 10 generations from now! Those descendants will all be part of the same family system.

I have broken down every barrier to love. This is the historical era of kingship. So far, nobody could complete this foundation. But now, the kingship of love will stand forever and multiply. How wonderful that is!

All the indemnity of history is now resolved. The remaining problems are man and woman unity and racial unity. But I have pioneered the solutions. Every kind of love, every kind of person, wants to connect to me because I am the cosmic center. We have reached that point. Now the children must understand that their relationship with the parents is more important than with their spouse or child. Otherwise, you cannot connect to the original center point of love. Have you accomplished that kind of connection with True Parents? Once we do that, all problems will disappear. The resolution to the conflict between the free world and the communist world is imminent. Now, those two worlds are confronting huge racial problems. So far they have completely ignored my advice, and even tried to chase me out of America. They will now say, "We need Rev. Moon here in America." Now, resurrection will occur in a direct way, instead of the 15 degree angle that it had to pursue in the past. It is like noontime, rather than sunrise. There is no shadow: heaven and earth are completely one. Now we are following the vertical track.

Conclusion of God's Providence

I just explained the historical, dispensational, and indemnity conclusions. And we have addressed the human problems of love, life and lineage. We have also been talking about the first, second, and third Adams. Those were all periods of kingship. True kingship includes not just the heavenly world, but also our physical world.

So today in the world there are three types of people living:

1. Couples who got married without Father's approval;

2. Unmarried people who have had a physical relationship; and

3. Those who have preserved their purity in the expectation of meeting the bride and groom.

Virgins belong to the third category. Those in the third category will be able to connect to God first. The others who fell are still in the water, barely maintaining their spiritual life.

How do we liberate all these people is now my question. The cosmic Messiah must appear to save these people. He must bring them up to the position where they didn't fall, by forgiving them and setting a condition so that these people can resurrect to that position. The condition is that you bring your parents and brothers and sisters, as a tribal messiah, out of fallen Adam's position. Parentship! This is tribal messiahship! You are in the parents' position. Parentship means that, centering on purity, you connect people to the center true love parents. Father has forgiven us and brought us up to the parents' position. Likewise, all of your families will be connected to the cosmic messiah; then instantly these three generations will have been liberated -- family messiahship, tribal messiahship, and national messiahship. The tribal messiah's purpose is to lift up the original Adam's parentship and connect the tribal messiahship to it. That is all. Satan cannot infiltrate that new world.

Centering on you, the tribal messiah, your parents and your nation can be connected to the cosmic messiah. God will occupy everything. This is the providential age of love. Do you understand? That is the conclusion. This is a situation for celebration. True Parents have crossed the love persecution. But I am able to forget everything with love. I am saving the generation that persecuted me, and their children. Now you clearly understand God's past and present providence. The salvation providence is past. By working in our tribal messiahship areas we will welcome the fulfillment of all cosmic, historical, and human purposes. Father has been so seriously awaiting this time. Now you know that the Divine Principle can answer all questions. This is the first time we accomplished complete salvation. Are you following absolutely or mediocrely? Do you want to go the same way as God and True Parents, no matter how difficult? Unite with me and let's march on that way! If you will do it, stand and raise both hands. Let us all have three cheers of mansei welcoming the Love Dispensation Era!! Mansei, Mansei, Mansei! 

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