The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

The Sovereignty of God

Sun Myung Moon
November 17, 1989
European Leaders Conference
Camberg, West Germany
Translator: Dong Moon Joo
Transcriber: Han Woo Lee

European leaders welcome True Parents to Europe for the first time in nine years.

True Parents visited Europe for ten days in the autumn of 1989, from November 17-26, travelling first to Germany and then to Greece and France. The last time True Parents were in Europe before this was in June 1981 when they performed the European matching in Camberg, West Germany.

There are many different countries here. What kind of language shall we use? That is a problem. Did you learn Korean? I said that in 1990 I won't use an interpreter! I am happy to see you. From President Kim I heard that members from Eastern Europe have come here and see me for the first time in their life. I am especially happy about that. To make this possible, especially that the Eastern European members could be here, spirit world has been working tremendously hard behind the scenes. This is a special event because people from so many countries have come together here in Europe. But we also have the problem of which language to use! Have you learned Korean?

In the original world there was to be no separation between the physical and the spiritual realms. The division happened through the fall. But now in the age of restoration, the two worlds are gradually approaching each other again. The purpose of both the spiritual and physical worlds is the same: unification of the individual, family, tribe, nation, world, and the unification of the universe. The time has come when the spiritual world will automatically bring about the unification of the divided aspects, starting with mind and body, if you have a definite and determined purpose.

The original world would also have no national distinctions, such as German, English, French, Japanese, or Korean -- there was to be only one worldwide nationality, and everyone would consider the whole world as "my country."

No one has ever known this concept of a one-world culture and nation. Now the Unification Church has the mission of deeply understanding, proclaiming, and demonstrating this ideal of a unified world with a common culture based on a common language.

The existence of many languages in the world today is an enormous barrier to the creation of a unified world. Originally one true world culture should have grown based on the one language of Adam and Eve, but the fall blocked this development. Still the world needs the first ancestors of the world language that can bring the world culture.

Many religions have come into existence, including Christianity, with this purpose to bring about one united world. In Christianity the first ancestor of a perfected language for all mankind is called the Messiah; we say True Parents. Jesus came for that purpose but because the people did not unite with him the Messiah has to come again. Thus at the time of the Second Advent it is very dear that we have to unite the language!

Do Germany or ancient cultures like China or India have the kind of language that can be the basis for the tradition of a true culture? Actually, nobody does, so starting now we have to create a tradition centered on God with one common language to be the basis for the world culture. The sovereignty of God must be the central vertical axis for a "cosmic heavenly kingdom." This will be the "palace of God."

Have you ever heard this terminology before? These expressions were used for the first time on September 1, 1989, when I created the term "Heavenly Parentism". There have been many other ideologies and "isms," but this is "Heavenly Parentism" -- the ideology that brings the tradition of heaven to mankind, the tradition of true love starting from the family and eventually embracing the whole world. Heavenly Parentism means that the whole world will become one through parental love.

But who can fulfill this mission? Unificationists! You are the heavenly soldiers for the liberation of the Kingdom of God! Our battleground is the entire universe. We have to liberate the hell in both the physical and spiritual worlds so that a universal unified world becomes possible. Then you will become members of a heavenly dynasty, a new heavenly race. We must acquire a new nationality centered on the Kingdom of Heaven. You can apply for this citizenship when the opposition forces to the establishment of God's will on the worldwide level disappear, and all powers work together in one direction.

The Necessity of Unification

The population of East and West Germany combined is 75 million; North and South Korea together total 60 million. No other countries really want to see either Germany or Korea reunited, not even the United States, and especially not Japan. But unification is absolutely necessary.

Is world unification easy or difficult? Who will have to do it? We do, centered on the system of thought that is most powerful because it reveals the will, personality, and love of God, and the purpose of God's creation. Because I have established this philosophy the unification of the world is not a big problem anymore, just as when a tree has a good root and a straight trunk, then naturally the branches will expand and other branches can be engrafted and benefit from it.

Would this chrysanthemum say: "Because I am born in Germany I am German"? No, it would say: "I am a citizen of the original country." The original country is that which should have been founded by the family of Adam and Eve with God in the center and with all the creation rejoicing in the presence of God's children. Because this country does not yet exist, "the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God" (Rom. 8:19), and man also is longing for a pure new world.

This world can only be created through love that transcends nationality and race, through marriages across national and racial barriers. Blessed couples don't know the incredible indemnity necessary to make the foundation for their Blessing. When somebody buys a house he gets the title in which all the previous owners are recorded, beginning with the person who first built the house. Whoever has this title, even if he is totally inept, has exactly the same right of ownership as the most outstanding person recorded in that document. That deed qualifies him fully as the rightful owner. The blessed families might be ignorant about what went into the Blessing historically and how hard it was to lay the foundation for their Blessing against the opposition of the satanic forces, but according to heavenly law they are nevertheless entitled to the benefits of ownership. What is the central content of this ownership? That you are the absolute owners of the love of God and True Parents. Would you exchange this ownership for the whole of England? Germany? Did you say no because you mean it or because I told you so? The Blessing is the most important event in human history. From the time of creation God has been waiting for this moment when the true history of man can begin. Are you going to use this ownership I've given you for the world and for God?

In a world without the fall do you think translators would have been needed? Imagine if you lived around True Parents and could not understand what they were saying without a translator? You would feel like a deaf-mute. To learn from True Parents through interpretation is really appalling. That's why I have said that from 1990 I will no longer use an interpreter, and I will not allow anyone to attend international conferences who doesn't speak Korean. That time has come when no nation can stand in the way of the Unification Church anymore. My coming here to Germany is a testimony to that.

The first thing I declared when I arrived was "Let's unite the language." Unification of language cannot be achieved by the government, not even by the most powerful dictatorship, because they don't have a theory for unification. But we have a perfect theory that is practical and based on realistic values. The language barriers came from the false parents of mankind. When the True Parents appear, their restoration indemnity will tear down all the language barriers, and mankind can learn one common language.

It is a fact that air is all around us. In the same way, what I am saying is truth. Just as you cannot survive without breathing the air, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without adjusting yourself to this truth. Originally God, Adam, Eve and their children were supposed to use the same language. If we do not have one common language with True Parents we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

True Father visits the sculptures of Otto Waldner in Camberg.

Confronting All Evil

So the nation that already speaks the parents' language is really blessed. The Korean language has been spoken for 5,000 years by a people who have endured the most tremendous suffering. Do you understand this background? I come from this Korean-speaking culture and through my course of confronting all evil, I broke down the barriers Satan created in the spiritual and physical worlds and prepared the way for the world to become one. Satan cannot erect any barriers or walls again, because Satan's position is that of servant and True Parents' position is that of master. Satan's evil forces are weakening and declining -- thus the Berlin Wall could come down and the communist world is opening up. Now is the time of a huge historical turning point.

In Eastern Europe and even in China the people are demanding to go in the direction of the free world. In Korea the young people want to go toward socialism. If the Unificationists demonstrate, they would want to go not left or right, but straight toward God. The satanic forces in the communist and free worlds know that if the Unificationists start demonstrating, their power will totally collapse.

How famous am I? I have been the most notorious man in many countries but now they are changing their minds. England, Italy, France, Japan, Russia and China were out to destroy the Unification Church. But they have seen that was impossible and have changed their attitude. Why am I so famous? I don't rule a country and am empty-handed. (Because of true love)

Though members of the Unification Church sometimes look very humble and have no special qualification, still any one of you can take on a thousand people and be victorious, because you are like me. In turn, I victoriously overcame all kinds of opposition from the billions of people in the world by being like Heavenly Father and by absolutely inheriting His tradition.

The Power of Godism

I am promoting Godism, the "Headwing" movement that goes beyond both the right wing movement and communism or socialism. The right, like the right hand, is more powerful than the left. That is why the communist world is coming toward the democratic world. For right and left to become one it is obvious that there needs to be a center. The Unification Church represents the center -- God -- so this ideology is "centrism." We have to connect to the origin, to the first root. Even now, the world is wondering why Reverend Moon and the Unification Church continue to grow in spite of all the persecution. If they study this in depth they will discover that it is because I have the ideology of Godism. The only power that can shake the world as both the communist and free world ideologies are degenerating is the Unification Movement. It will never fail because Godism is concerned with the well-being and prosperity of all mankind.

Until now in the satanic world all ideology was centered on how the individual could obtain a better condition for himself. But Godism is fundamentally different; it is directed toward others. If the Soviet Union was genuinely concerned with improving the situation of other countries rather than expanding their own power base, they would become more and more liked. If there were a movement that is completely embracing all others in love, would the world change?

Everyone knows I am the leader of the Unification Church, but who in your opinion sacrifices more for the church: the members or myself? Well, why don't the Unification Church members demonstrate to take over my position? Because those in the horizontal position know that a strong vertical center is absolutely necessary. If the horizontal denies the existence of the vertical, it actually denies itself. These two directions exist for each other. In the same way, the True Parents and their children, the members of the Unification Church, exist for each other. Can you argue away the existence of your physical parents? There is no power that can deny the parent/children relationship. If this is true in the fallen world then how much more is it true in the world of God? The spirit world knows this very well and therefore supports it. Your power depends upon how certain you are that you are the children of True Parents.

Among ten friends, the leader will be the one who is most concerned for the others and does the most for them. Having a Ph.D. or being a good speaker does not automatically qualify someone to be the leader. If these ten use their individual freedom in a self-centered way, the unity of the group will be destroyed. Individual freedom has to serve the whole, otherwise there can be no harmony. Individualism today creates many problems, and ultimately the self-centered person ends up very lonely.

People don't understand the real meaning of freedom and liberation. When husband and wife truly live for each other, then they have true liberation. Parents feel free because they are giving and living completely for their children. Only if they are self-centered do they feel oppressed.

Living for the sake of others is the qualification to be the leader of the world. If we can become totally dedicated to this way of life we can lead mankind into a new world centered on true love.

Keep True Love Growing

Then what is true love? It means to give and love and care and lay everything on the line for others -- and then forget that you ever did it. True love is such that the more you practice it the stronger it grows. In the fallen world the input is always stronger than the output, so the content becomes smaller and smaller. But with true love, the output is stronger than the input and keeps increasing.

What do you prefer: giving or receiving? (Giving) I don't know if I believe you. But if so, why do you believe that giving is better? It is because this is the way of God and you are made in His image. God is a true father and a true father has true love that gives and forgets. Forgetting that you gave makes room for new giving and then this love keeps growing.

I have worked all of my life according to this law. Have I become smaller or have I grown? Whenever I came out of prison did my foundation become weaker or stronger? (Stronger) Yes, whatever amount of true love you invest is bound to multiply.

I think this point of living for others is the most difficult concept for Western people to accept. "Why do I have to live for others?" But unless you live by this principle you will have no place in the Kingdom of God in the spiritual world. This is the Divine Principle.

Now, what is God like? If God self-centeredly put Himself in the top position with everything else far below, He would have no object to relate to. Does God want to be like a dictator, sitting on His high throne and from a distance laughing at the world? Do you think His omniscience and omnipotence or unlimited wealth will make Him happy? What then would make Him happy? You say love, but what kind of love? Love needs a partner. In true love the positions of subject and object constantly alternate, each wanting to lift the other partner higher than oneself. Even God desires to have an object that can also be His subject. Before the creation of the world God had this principle of wanting to love others more than Himself. God is absolute but He must obey the even more absolute principle of love, and true love is the most absolute aspect of God, the absolute root of God. If you can acquire this kind of love, you can occupy everything. However, self-serving, self-centered love does not lead anywhere, nor does it help unify. Unity won't happen if either the subject or the object wants the other to live for him or her.

Become a Saint

To whom are you looking for absolute love? Many people say that to be a child of filial piety is the greatest thing. Such a child lives centered on love eternally for the sake of his parents and brothers and sisters. Thus he can go to them anytime he wants and they will love it. He can put them into his pocket and they will love it. A greedy person might have a very large pocket, but they will still feel more comfortable in the small pocket of this son of filial piety.

Other people may say they want to follow in the path of a great patriot. A true patriot loves all the men, women, and children of his country as he would his own father and mother, brothers and sisters, no matter what their position may be. He loves his country more than his own family. A true patriot cannot sleep when he sees even one of the citizens of his country suffer. He will want to share that suffering. That is why everyone respects a true patriot and wants to come live with him. People with this kind of patriotism are necessary in order to build an eternal country. But that is only possible with true love.

Then, what is a saint? A saint sees no national boundaries. He loves all mankind like himself, and he gives again and again for the whole world and immediately forgets that he ever gave. People from all different nations and cultures would want to come and live with a person like that.

Happiness, peace, and the freedom of the Kingdom of God can result only on the foundation of the heavenly principle of love, of living for others. Being a saint, a holy son who is living for the sake of the world, is the ultimate development from a son of filial piety, a patriot, and a saint. Therefore all filial sons, or patriots, or even saints, however great they were, should come and learn from this saint. A holy son, or heavenly son in the position of parent, is the master of love for others and the hero of love for the world.

Without love and the concept of living for others there can be no child of filial piety, no man really loyal to his country, and no saint. What is Jesus? Jesus is called "Song Ja." To be a holy son he has to know and strictly obey the laws of heaven; he has to have the absolute ability to distinguish between good and evil and have the authority to judge the satanic world in the place of God. Our standard of judgment is very simple: How much have I loved the world like my own family, and how much have I loved and lived for others and forgotten it? If people really love each other they give their life for their love. Saints before were not able to say: Love your enemy. But Jesus said: Love your enemy like yourself, even love the offspring of your enemy like your own children! That was the greatest love.

Do you think you have lived your life loving your enemy? This is not limited to just one person -- it means loving your enemy country and the enemy world of Satan. If someone only loved his own children, what would happen to his descendants? If one loves only his family, he will collide with the universal law.

High technology, then, is not just for one nation but should serve the world. Unification Thought should not serve me; it should serve the world and God. That is why God protects and likes me. I want to give technology to those developing countries who will receive it in the right way. If we help to bring the standard of living of one billion Chinese up to the level of Germany or Japan or even higher, then the world will be much more prosperous. A world where the nations help each other as best they can will be a prosperous world, but if the nations are self-centered only, the living standard of the world will become more and more miserable. Whenever God gives a blessing to mankind, Satan is jealous and through satanic individualism moves people to try to keep that blessing for selfish purposes. Since God intended it for the whole, it will lead to ruin if it is used selfishly.

The Secret of Being One

How then can the world become united? God is the central figure of history and the center of all love for others, the one who has been loving the world and giving Himself completely for the world again and again. Then what about Adam and Eve? How do husband and wife become one? If the husband says: "Move over, you are smaller than me and inferior, God wants to love me!" or then the wife says: "What good are men for? God loves women much more, so you get out of the way," what will God feel? God loves the one who is living and caring for others and loves others more than himself. If we understand how the two become one in that situation we can understand the basic theory of all unification. If each one only thinks of him or herself they can never become one. To become one is very simple: Adam says, "Look, Eve, I am only trying to capture God's love first so that I can give it to you," and Eve then says, "Me, too; I want to get God's love first so I can love you more." Then both of them will say to each other, "Go ahead, hurry up and get it first!" A couple like that one will go to the Kingdom of Heaven and God will say, "I welcome you." Here we see the principle of how Heaven and earth and how all people and the whole universe can become one. Through this we can understand how God and man can unify. See the way a lily reaches out and projects its fragrance as a symbol of the giving of love for others, which is the only force that can unite man and woman, Heaven and earth, and God and man.

Then together with whom are you going to live? With God, the sovereign of the Kingdom to come in the spirit world, and True Parents in the physical world. We can only enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a member of the royal family. We have to understand that entering the Kingdom of Heaven can only be done with the unselfish loving and caring that will unite the world. Only after mastering this kind of love will we become members of the heavenly royal family.

When will you become "heavenly royal family"? I am holding mass weddings so that eventually my descendants and yours will be joined in the Blessing. Don't you want to be the first to capture my sons and daughters and marry them? I have married Kook Jin Nim with a 430 couple's daughter, so soon it will be the turn of the 777 and 1800 couples. But before thinking about being joined to my family, you have to be centered on my thought. The first people to be joined to my family will be those who have the most love for the world. You should have the firm conviction, "I will live like Father and love the world like him" -- and then do it.

Through this process of all of you becoming members of the heavenly royal family which will expand and eventually include all of mankind, all the world will unite and the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world and the physical world will become completely established. The indemnity condition required is to continuously live a life for the sake of others.

Now blessed couples should concentrate on how they can connect to my family lineage. Otherwise, you cannot return to the original world. You have to learn Korean. I am teaching about the heavenly culture, not Korean culture. Those who will learn Korean and follow me, please raise your hands. Let us pray. 

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