The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Eight Points to Be Conveyed to Unification Church Members

Sun Myung Moon
November 28, 1989
Leaders Conference
East Garden
Translator San Kil Han

Portrait of True Parents, December 17, 1989, at East Garden

1. The Changing Era for the New Dispensation; the New Era

What we should do in this last decade from 1990 to the year 2000 is first, solve the Korean question, the Japanese question, America's problems and Germany's problems.

When we do right in God's eyes, then one country which God sees as adequate to be His own country will emerge. The foundation for that happened when I gave the international matching right after the 1988 Olympics and proclaimed the new era. Sequentially, the 3rd of October was "the opening of a new heaven" (literal translation from the Korean) -- the time of transition from the elder to the second son. I he second son is now becoming the elder son. At the end of that month, on October 30, the international marriage between Japan and Korea, the Eve and Adam nations, took place. Satan could never have brought together the young people of those two nations, but I did that. That is the principled viewpoint. That foundation was also based on the Korean Olympics.

America, as the world leader, should help solve the issue of the unification of East and West Germany, yet it has not. The unity of these four providential countries will create the vertical foundation for God's nation. This is the time of transition to the new era.

2. The Second Generation Era and the College Campuses

How can we defend our second generation and the college campuses from the evils of drugs, free sex, alcohol abuse, and so on?

American society with its problems is in Cain's position, but the college campuses, which are the second generation, are in Abel's position.

A. The Faculty and Student Bodies:

Now in all countries, professors and students are clearly divided. The professors have no direction at all, whereas the students are heavily influenced by communist thought. We invested a lot to bring Korean professors and students to our conferences so they could unite. I am still educating them through the Korean conferences in America.

So, how to bring unity between professors and college students is our project. We are able to provide the educational and religious foundation they need to pursue the right direction. This is a strong point of our church -- our thought or ideology. So we should form positive, constructive student activities that will make the campuses more peaceful. The satanic side tries to educate young people and use them to demonstrate against and destroy the existing order; but we, as the heavenly side, will educate them through conferences that reconfirm unity and harmony.

We should provide the direction. This new movement and new attitude will emerge within the Unification Church and be carried onto the college campuses where it will be taken to an even more elevated, mobile and efficient form.

If we do this in the decade of 1990 to the year 2000, then everything will fall into place. A new direction for America will be clearly shown to people not only on the college campuses, but also in society. When they turn from all the drugs, free sex and so on, who will be there in the Abel position to help them? We will be there.

Up until now, society's problems have influenced the college campuses. In this new era of the next decade, the college campuses should lead society. We can help them do that.

Church organizations -- our church included -- should be forming churches in the college tradition. The church represents society. Therefore, we must make a new tradition united with the college tradition.

The year 1990 will be a great transition time. The world will become very different during the next ten years. Father will be 80 years of age in the year 2000. The year 2001 is the beginning of the 3rd millennium. That will be a new era.

Let us give up the elderly Cain position we have been taking, without regret and start anew. Do you understand? "I am a state leader" -- we've been saying, thinking, and acting like that -- but now the state leader no longer exists. The young people are ahead of us now on the college campuses -- they are the pacesetters. We have to pace ourselves through them.

I am so impressed to see the changes on the Korean campuses. The campuses were full of unrest and uprising, but they have gotten very quiet since October and are going along in a very orderly way. The Principle is really working. In essence, I turned around the student uprisings in Korea. The campuses changed through spiritual power.

So, the solution to the second generation and campus question is that we should guide and lead both professors and college students with our ideas.

B. CARP Activity and Church Activity:

If all the sons and daughters of presidents, ministers and professors are involved in CARP and HARP (High School Association for the Research of Principles) activities, initiating and leading, the first generation has to listen.

Please witness to your brothers and sisters. If you bring them to a serious seven-day Divine Principle seminar, a week or ten days will change your brother or sister's life.

From now on, I will nag you if you have a younger brother or sister and are not making effort to bring them into the Unification Church. We've got to save them. Are you confident in doing that? Those who say, "Yes, Father, I'm determined, I will do that," raise your hands. Go to your younger relatives and bring them to life.

At least we will increase tenfold in number if you connect one relative through another relative and so on -- it will cover the entire nation. So be strong with your brothers and sisters, if you love them. I strongly urge you to do that.

C. Entering Jericho:

The Berlin Wall is coming down like the walls of Jericho. We must prepare a strong tradition. Don't be attracted by any part of the communistic activity. Only follow God's activity and God's tradition in preparing for our entry into Jericho. Once we enter Jericho, we should not be influenced by communistic ideas; we should instead influence them with our ideas.

Do you know what this means? It means the second generation should have no part in the existing thought that has been under the influence of communism. Secular humanism is very much Satan's thought, as is materialism.

D. Victory or Corruption:

We have to make a choice whether we are to be victorious or whether we will become corrupt. If we guide the second generation correctly, we will become victorious. If we don't do that, then we will become corrupt.

E. Re-Education and Self-Control:

We must become self-repentant, self-perfecting, and self-dependent. We cannot become perfect depending on someone else; we must depend on ourselves. Nobody can do it for you. It is not my role to do that. It is we who have to do that. The rest of society will not help us because they are busy with their own problems. We have no one to depend on except ourselves. Promote self-sufficiency and self-accomplishment.

3. Headwing Thought and the Establishment of Tradition for the Third Millennium

The Third Millennium tradition must be established firmly within the next ten years, the last decade of the second millennium. We have to travel in circular movements. Those who have been up high must come down; those who have been humble should go up. That is circular motion. Those who lead the Headwing thought movement must be able to do this, easily. We should be able to do that at will, establishing circular movement.

This is what Father has disciplined himself in all along: Once you come to a certain position, a high leader's position, don't ever think that you will stay there for the rest of your life. Always be prepared to step down, if that is for the benefit of everyone.

I recently met a Soviet leader, whose countenance really shows the hardship he has experienced in his lifetime. Since he had suffered so much, he understood my heart and said to me, "Reverend Moon, you must have suffered so greatly in your lifetime." I said, "In a way, yes, but my idea is that I am already a successful person, both ideologically and in reality. But I feel that if I come down and make the Unification Church and myself suffer even more from this point on, then the future success of the Unification Church will be absolutely guaranteed. The day is approaching very quickly when the Unification Church will be welcomed and respected by everyone. I don't want to sow seeds from that position. I want to sow seeds from a lower position. I am 70 years of age yet I do not give up because I have further to go." I study how we can suffer even more after we are welcomed by everyone. If we do that, then the growth of the Unification Church and my offspring will be absolutely guaranteed by God.

Look at the Roman Empire. They were very successful and strong. They tried to fly instead of digging into a trench. If they had dug into a trench, the Roman Empire would have continued on and become even more successful. America today is in the same position. America has come to be a highly qualified nation. After World War II, especially, they took the attitude, "There is no country above the U.S." That is why the U.S. is declining so quickly. If they had lowered themselves and been willing to suffer more, America would not be on the verge of perishing as it is today.

The country which follows my way will become great enough to accomplish anything in the whole world. We have to prepare ourselves to go down even more so that we can go up again. This second time around, we will make a bigger circle and then even bigger circles. This point is the Unification Church's secret.

The Israelites in Canaan did not know that. The Unification Church members do not know how to survive forever either. I am now teaching you.

4. The Establishment of the Realm of the Chosen People, the Realm of Unification and the Establishment of God's Kingdom

Being the chosen people means we must be absolute. The one above us is absolute -- namely God and the Parents -- so we have to be absolute. That is our idea. To gain God's own country, I will persevere no matter what. This absolute being will march forward no matter what happens.

We must establish the realm of "Chosen Peopleship!" Once we do that, then the establishment of the kingdom should come.

5. The Establishment of Ownership and the Right to Own Something

God has had three dispensational eras -- the Old, New, and Completed Testaments. In the Old Testament era, Heavenly Father tried to establish ownership by gaining material. Through indemnification of the material world, He was to gain His son. Then He sacrificed His son in order to gain parenthood. He sacrificed parenthood in order to establish the service of God. This is how God has been working. We are getting to that point now. God must stand on the face of the earth before ownership can be established; then the children can start owning things.

When we reach the center point and establish the vertical "me," we have restored the parents, the children, and material things. This is ownership. This accomplishes perfection. That is the Principled view. That means Satan cannot participate in anything. Satan will have to respect the material, the children, the parents, and God. We have to attain that original ideal position. This is the whole meaning of restoration.

From the Old Testament sacrifices which gained the son, to the sacrifice of the son to gain the parents, to the sacrifice of the parents so that God can be ushered in, now we all will serve God. Then for the first time, legitimate ownership begins. Only after God has a safe foundation here on earth will ownership properly begin. Until that time, no one owns anything. True Parents will unite all of humankind, centering on God. Then God will take ownership.

Without our coming into that relationship and beginning true ownership, the Unification Era will not begin. We have to begin ownership. That means God has to start owning. Then we too can own. Then the Unification Era will begin.

6. The Whole Family in the Indemnity Era

There will be a time when the individual has to dedicate his whole family, including all the things he owns, centering on God. That means that there will be a time when we have to deny everything in front of God. After going through that process, we will be recognized by God.

7. The Era for the Unity of the Spirit and Body and the Era for Promoting and Multiplying Goodness

The unity of the spirit world with the physical world and the era for promoting goodness are the same thing. This is not that difficult to understand, at least conceptually. When our spirit man and our physical man come to resonate with each other, centering on God, then we cannot help but promote goodness. There is no evil in us then. When such a man and such a woman unite and give birth to children, those children cannot help but be good.

8. The Mission the Unification Church Must Undertake for America

A. We must open a gate for saving and leading the American youth. We have to open a way or a door, so that we can start ushering them in. That is the Unification Church's mission in America. All American young people are our brothers and sisters. Some brothers and sisters are victimized by drugs and free sex. We must not say, "I am clean, so I don't care about them." No, that is my brother, my sister; therefore, we have to care for them. No one can do that except the Unification Church members. The government cannot do that. The media cannot do that. If they could, they would, but they cannot. Do you really know that we can do it and no one else? (Yes.) Appoint and conduct yourself as a doctor.

B. How can we provide a sense of sovereignty, or subjectivity, for the American second generation? We have to help the American second generation feel that they are the center and leaders of all the young people of the world. We must plant that sense of responsibility strongly in American young people's minds. In order to do that, we have to develop that sense of responsibility within ourselves and form the realm of sovereignty, then usher in and connect all the young people to that. In turn, they will feel strongly that they are the leaders of the rest of the youth of the world.

Do you think this is necessary on today's American campuses? (Yes.) Looking back over the last few decades, in the 60s students failed to extend their dream onto the world level where it was destined to go. People were disappointed and became addicted to drugs. Worldism was where they were destined to go to, but they got lost and became hippies, wandering around in search of new thought. The communists moved in and took advantage of that, so all the smart young people were influenced by communistic thinking, drugs and free sex. Dialectical materialism moved in. This was all planned by the communists. Now the more Abelistic way is coming -- the influence of the new religions. "Where can I go to realize my dreams of justice and world peace?" When we present ourselves, the young people will jump into Unificationism just like they jumped into communism in the last decades. This is that era. That is why we have to create a boom on the college campuses.

We can use the facilities of civilized society: the media and modern technology. With satellites, we can give 40-days education to people all around the world. No problem! How can individuals connect with us one by one and be liberated? It is difficult. We must have that kind of vertical, global thinking. 

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