The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

The Tribal Messiah

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Chongpadong Church, Seoul, Korea
February 5, 1989
Unofficial Notes

Today we will talk about the tribal messiah. We know that because of the fall of man we are ignorant of God and His will. Instead of the good deity, God, an evil deity, Satan, has been established. Mankind was born for the will of God, but has gone completely away from that will. Because we are His creation, the only way for us to go, is the way of the will of God. Going the way of the will means going towards the fulfillment of an ideal world.

What is this will of God based on? It is based on love. The unity of husband and wife is not centered on the husband or the wife, but on love. In the same way, the unity between parents and children is centered not on the parents or the children, but on love. If unity between husband and wife centered on love is possible, so is the unity between parent and child and likewise the unity between man and God.

What God wants is not material. He wants an ideal family that is united on the basis of love. Love is what God really needs. If mankind lives according to the will of God, there is no need for religion and prayer. If man lives according to the will one hundred percent then God will be with man. Religion would then be unnecessary. It is only because we are separated from God that we need salvation and it is only because we need salvation that we need a savior.

Man's basic problem is that he does not know the purpose of his existence as it is willed by God. The most basic problem of mankind is not one of knowledge, however. It has to do with the center of love. This love cannot be bought with money or power, but still God needs this love. What kind of love is this? True love. What is true love? True love is love that does not start from the individual. In Korea the leader who is able to love the entire population of forty million people more than himself would be the true leader of the country.

We know the universe moves according to the purpose of God. What is the purpose of the universe? If we look at the way the universe is organized we can see that the central principle is that the individual unit lives for the sake of the whole. The destiny of the individual is to live for the family, the family for the tribe, the tribe for the nation and the nation for the world. If the nation lives according to that destiny it is qualified to receive the blessing of the whole world. The world should live according to heavenly destiny. How can we live according to heavenly destiny? This is only possible if we become one with God. The final destination of our lives is to become one with God.

If we live according to heavenly destiny we are qualified to receive complete protection from God. What then is the core element of this protection? Is it God's knowledge? It is centered on love. If we live for the greater unit we receive it's protection. If we live for our family we are bound to receive the protection of our family; if we live for the country, we receive the protection of the country; if we live for the world, we receive the protection of the world; if we live for God, we receive the protection of God.

Only if our love is based on true love can it create real happiness. If the love between husband and wife is not rooted in true love it is on shaky ground and is bound to create unhappiness. Only if true love is the root of our love can happiness be produced, even for God. In history love has not been rooted in true love so true happiness has never been achieved.

Only when the relationship between God and man has entered into a true relationship where there is an absolutely vertical connection will there be a love which is impossible to separate. On that foundation the horizontal axis of love will be matched with a perfect ninety degree angle. Only then can true love start to spread.

There can be only one parent in that absolute vertical position. That is the true Adam. He becomes the vertical parent of all mankind. In front of that vertical parent, horizontal parents will be connected. Why is there a need for horizontal parents? God is our vertical Father who has created us centered on true love. When God made us he created the vertical direction in our mind and the horizontal direction in our body. The vertical direction itself already contains the concept of horizontal, just as the idea of right is inherent in the idea of left and front in back.

God created the mind as the vertical. Thus implicitly, there must be a horizontal -- that is our body. To find a clearly defined direction you need two axes. God created a vertical parent, true Adam. Around the vertical parent, the horizontal parents are grouped and achieve the clan, national and world wide levels.

The horizontal level is the level of multiplication. On the horizontal level we can achieve the four directions of north, south, east and west and make a complete circle.

When the vertical position is set up by the inseparable relationship between God and True Parents, then the plane of love on the horizontal level can be established.

When God is in our relationships He calls us to come to the center. If He is in our marriage relationship, love calls us to the center even though the husband is in the east and the wife in the west. Love is not something that is in us but it is in the center of all our relationships.

Religion has so many rules. In our church we say we have to fulfill our responsibility on all levels and even take responsibility for the liberation of God. Why is it so complicated? It is because we have to restore love at all levels. Peace without love has no meaning just as unity without love has no meaning. Freedom without love has no meaning. True freedom is only possible with love. Our own body and mind are only free if they are united and that unity is only possible through love.

All the ideologues and activists who are working for the liberation of the world are not free themselves as long as their mind and body is fighting. While there is conflict between mind and body all talk about liberating the nation or the world is in vain.

True freedom can only exist where there is unity and harmony. Nowadays people talk about free nations and free societies, but they all neglect that point. Is America really the land of the free? America began as a nation under God, centered on Christian values. Look at it today. In some cities a woman cannot walk on the streets alone after dark. Is that freedom?

There is a natural order. Look at the four directions. How do they come into place? Only by the east, west and south taking their proper places does north come into being. There is a natural order. The Unification Church stands for the unification of religions but does it really unify religions? Can you unite all the religions? Is your mind and body united? First body and mind must be united for the individual to be able to devote himself to something bigger.

What place is closer to God? The pocket of the father who spends all his money for the mission or your own pocket which spends all the money for yourself? The place closer to true goodness is the one that represents all directions not just one. By using money for the nation Father establishes all four directions, not just one. How can the Unification Church unite religions and the world? It can if it is centered on one focal point, the vertical relationship with God. All the levels are related to this point. What is the subject of my speech today? The tribal messiah. What is the messiah? The messiah is the savior of love, the person who brings man back from the fallen way that is opposed to the purpose of God. Because man has fallen, the wrong center and wrong relationships have been established and the restoration is complicated. How can we bring man back to the true relationship with God? The Unification Church can only bring the world back into a true relationship with God by cutting the relationship with the wrong direction and connecting to the true center.

In the Unification Church we have to connect ourselves to the vertical God and the vertical parents and become ourselves the horizontal parents who achieve a perfect ninety degree angle to that axis.

The messiah is the person who can become the vertical true parent. From there the true liberation of the individual can begin. Liberation can only start from the point of the establishment of the true vertical parent. The liberation of the self can only be based on the unity of my body and mind centered on true love. We talk about the liberation of North Korea, but the liberation of the nation is the fifth or sixth level after the liberation of the individual, family, tribe and so on.

Liberation is only possible through unity. The individual can achieve liberation through unity of body and mind. The family can be liberated by the unity of the family members. True liberation can be achieved by unity focused on a greater unit.

The Unification Church members in Korea say they are too busy working to support their families to work for the unification of Korea. I say they should sacrifice for the sake of the nation. But they want to work for the unity of their family first. If I sacrifice my own family for the sake of the nation and sacrifice all Koreans, including all the Moon family and relatives, will I succeed or fail?

The course which will have lasting success is the one which sets the tradition. The individual who can set the tradition for the course of the family or the nation or world will be the one that will prosper. The true tradition of individual level love is one centered on the family. The true tradition of the family is one that is centered on love for the tribe, the greater group. The true tradition of the nation would be a love centered not on the nation but on the world.

If you want to be a successful leader of a nation, you have to be ready to pay the necessary indemnity to set the course. Do you think Chun Doo-Hwan [former South Korean President] failed because he wanted to? He certainly wanted to do well, but he failed. He did not find the way. President Park Chung Hee before him was also unable to establish a true tradition. What about Father? Has he prospered or has he failed? The political parties and governments in Korea have opposed Father until now, but they have failed and the Unification Church has not. The established churches have opposed the Unification Church, but they will not prosper.

The reason that Father has not failed is because he knows God's principle which is, if you are opposed, do not fight. Then you will rise and they will decline. There are many examples in God's creation of how He uses opposition to bring progress. For example, in winter the ground in the northern hemisphere freezes. When water freezes it expands and breaks open the ground. The seeds can thereby penetrate the ground and come out in the spring. You can see how God planned it all out so beautifully. Likewise, Father never fought the opposition. He let the opposition break the surface so he could prosper through the openings it created.

Man has to love the earth. He has to love creation, man and God. But can we love God? We cannot really love God with original love because of our fallen state. We need a messiah who can restore our love to the place of original love.

God's providence is such that through establishing the vertical parent, He sets up the religion which can guide the nation. God's providence was for Judaism to take that role centered on the true parent. The plan was for the nation to unite with that religion. Rome was supposed to unite with Judaism. The providence was for the messiah in the center to unite Cain and Abel horizontally. The unification of mankind is only possible with the vertical in the center. Christianity has lost the vision of the vertical parent. Modern theologies like liberation theology neglect the fact that the vertical relationship is necessary. Liberation of the individual, classes and nations are only possible based on the unity of the individual and classes and so on. True liberation is only possible centered on the messiah. We have to become messiahs who can bring liberation by connecting ourselves completely to the vertical center and then establishing the horizontal in a ninety degree angle.

If a man by himself comes into the position of this vertical point and achieves the qualification to be the messiah, does he need a wife? If a man is in the position of a true father he can only become a father through his wife. He cannot be a father by himself. He needs a wife who also establishes the absolute vertical direction in herself. Only through their unity do they finally achieve the positions of mother and father. True unity is only possible by establishing a true center where left and right can meet and unite. The philosophy of our Unification movement is not left wing or right wing, but headwing. Only if there is a head can the left and right unite. The head is God.

The philosophy of Reverend Moon is for the individual to find this vertical relationship with God and on that basis to establish a perfect horizontal angle. Since Satan has occupied the horizontal level from the individual to the world, indemnity had to be paid on all levels so that the horizontal direction could be restored. That is the reason Reverend Moon has gone the world wide course of indemnity for forty years.

Father had to go to the very edge of the horizontal axis and receive persecution to bring all levels back to God. Whenever Father came out of prison the Unification Church was lifted to a higher level. Through the indemnity of prison Father received the persecution of that level. In Danbury he received the persecution of the American nation. He went through it and when he came out the whole movement went onto a higher level.

Now in America even Christian churches are realizing they will have to follow Father's direction to succeed. Just the fact that 7000 ministers from America, the most developed country, came to a backward country like Korea to study the thought of Reverend Moon is amazing. How can you explain it?

Father is directing enemy nations to love each other. There is much animosity between Japan and Korea. Father is ordering the Japanese members to love Korea more than their own country.

When the Israelites came into Canaan they were not very cultured. They envied the people living there. The second generation of Jews thought that rather than marry their own they would marry Canaanites who were wealthy and sophisticated. That is what started their problem.

Father is now matching Koreans and Japanese. Japan cannot complain and say that Reverend Moon is making Japanese members give up their traditions and adopt Korean ways because we are living in a time of freedom when people can marry who they want. The nations cannot complain anymore when I do this. The time is coming when national government will have to send congratulatory telegrams. The time will come when Father matches 20,000 or 30,000 couples at a time. In Korea men in some parts of the countryside have difficulty finding brides. There was a story in the newspapers of a man who committed suicide because he could not find a bride. There were 500 young men in the village who could not find brides. There is an easy solution. In Japan there are 800 Japanese sisters awaiting matching. If the young Koreans want to solve their problem, they should join the Unification Church and get the blessing.

Father has started the new method of picture matching. If Father matches Koreans and Japanese they cannot communicate easily to discuss whether they accept the matching. With pictures Father can match 3600 couples in one day. They do not waste time discussing. They just say "yes" to a picture so it saves time and speeds up the process.

Nobody can really oppose Father matching people as he wants because he is disconnecting them from the Satanic line and connection them to the bloodline of True Parents. Nobody can oppose that. Father is the one man in history who has fought with Satan on all levels and has been victorious. There is no one in America who can now oppose Father.

I have suffered and established the course of indemnity throughout my life. Am I attractive or not? My wife has to suffer more than any wife. Mother is so small yet she has worked so hard and suffered because of me. Who has suffered the most in history to find just one true woman? Why do you think I am paying so much indemnity just to match men and women together to become Unification couples? All of the problems of the sins committed by men and women have to be solved. Such a huge amount of complicated problems have to be solved.

To create the unity of husband and wife is only possible through God's love. To establish that tradition of God's love requires tremendous indemnity. Father has never withheld his love from anybody. Father has never even wished for something bad to happen to Kim Il Sung. Many Koreans hope he will die soon, but Father is the opposite. Kim Il Sung is the false parent in Korea. Until Koreans give more love to True Parents than the false parents, God does not want Kim Il Sung to die. Father wants Kim Il Sung himself to be subjugated by True Parent's love.

Some people in South Korea complain that Reverend Moon has too many connections in China and too many Chinese leaders under his control. They say they have to invest money to get more influence there. But they do not know what they are talking about. They could not invest what Father has in China even with all the money in the world.

If I condemn someone that is a terrible judgement. Therefore I do not do it. When I condemn someone then God condemns them so I do not do that. I never condemn Mother. I just wait and let things go their course. In Korea I have established the Segye Ilbo [the daily newspaper launched 1st February] and now the major papers, the Chosun Ilbo and Donga Ilbo, are very careful about what they say about the Unification Church. They have been very critical in the past. Even though Father does not condemn them, they are already condemned by themselves.

Are you confident that you can save yourself, your parents and your brothers and sisters? Your nation? The world? Who is the true master of the Unification Church? You are all fake. You are only true if you truly establish the vertical relationship with God and the horizontal relationships with your surroundings, your family and so on. There are people who criticize Father for claiming he is the messiah. Anytime they want to be the messiah and pay the indemnity, it is theirs for the taking. But no one is prepared to receive the inheritance from Father.

Today my topic is the tribal messiah. You know how difficult it is to be the tribal messiah, do you think you can go the way of true love without a leader or a guide? The course you have to follow is for your body and mind to become one, your couple to become one, your family to become one. Then you can unite your tribe. Even if you have a leader or guide you still have to do your five percent responsibility. If you so not fulfill your five percent completely, the leader cannot help you.

Would you like to prepare your family and invite Father to your home? Father will not come because the spiritual world would complain. Father cannot go to an individual now. Father does not pray for a sick person. My cousin, President Moon, asked me to pray for his mother. A medium told him she is angry in the spiritual world because Father did not pray for her. But Father cannot do that. He prays for the nation and world because the providence is on that level. Before God has a nation and world Father cannot pray and ask God to act for the sake of one individual.

The providence of the tribal messiah could only be established after Father had sacrificed the family and tribe for the nation and world. Three years ago, after Father had paid indemnity for forty years, the Moon clan asked Father to be their leader. Since Father became the head of the Moon clan the tribal messiah providence could start. That is the basis for you to become tribal messiahs.

Now is the time for you to go back to your home area to your relatives and family members who you have sacrificed for the sake of the world. You must ask them with tears for forgiveness for not having loved them during this time and in that way restore them.

Father is the worldwide messiah and the nation has to welcome him. Will you yourself welcome Father and give him a great party? Last year Father spent a lot of money [about one million dollars] for members to hold parties in Korea.

Father could order the removal of the opposition but he does not do that. Father wants to go the way of natural subjugation by true love where the opponent just naturally gives up and recognizes Father. True subjugation is only possible through true love.

Without understanding Father's direction none of the policies or efforts for unification can be successful. Father has prepared on all levels, spiritually, economically and technologically. Father is now working for the development of China by bringing technology and know-how from the developed world.

Father already has the master plan for the unification of the world. He is now concentrating on China but he also has plans for India and Russia. Some Koreans think they can go the direct way to open up North Korea, but they have to be very careful. The best way is through China and Russia.

Father wants the Unification Church to be absolutely centered on the vertical direction. That is the only way can we break from Satan. In front of the heavenly principle of the vertical parents we have to establish ourselves in the absolute perpendicular position and, anchored on that central point, we have to go out to the evil world and restore all levels of individual, family, clan and nation and bring all of them back to God.

Father has invested everything to restore the world back to God. The Unification Church has to go that way. Father has given the Unification Church of Korea an annual budget of $750,000 but he has invested millions for the sake of the established churches. Now the established churches do not have the power to attack the Unification Church. Even the nation does not have the power to overcome the Unification Church.

What is this year's motto? It is the Unification of Korea. What comes after that? The unification of south and north. The unification of Korea means that all of South Korea has to unite with True Parents more than North Korea is united with Kim Il Sung. Based on that, the unification of Korea can take place and on that basis the unification of the world can take place.

The established churches think their power comes from knowing the Bible and singing hymns and praying. Do you think they can defeat the Unification Church? We know the Bible better than they do. Do you have confidence in that? And singing hymns, do you remember when we sang the same hymn hundreds of times over? We have spent many nights in all-night prayer vigils. We win on the prayer front too.

Reverend Moon never loses. Don't you think ninety percent of politicians would follow Father's direction if they attended a twenty one day training? You have to understand the source of Father's power. Father has gone out to the world. He went to America, to the end of the Satanic world to pay indemnity. Now he is coming back and the world must follow him. He has established the condition for America to follow him. Now the world is following Father to Korea.

Until now there were no tribal messiahs. To achieve it you must establish the absolute vertical relationship with True Parents. Then establish the unity as an individual, couple and family. People are now realizing that what Father says comes true. Nothing can stop us now.

Father's plan is really clever. When the ninety degree angle is established at the center then however far you go out on the horizontal axis you can relate to the center.

There is nothing to fear. All who oppose us will be punished by the spiritual world. The spiritual world gives them the disease by making them feel uncomfortable and then shows them the cure which is to follow the Unification movement. The time will come in Korea when everyone will become a member and those who do not will have nowhere to go.

Father has blessed 21,000 couples worldwide. They represent the foundation that Jesus could not establish. Jesus himself could not receive the blessing and establish the family foundation. But now the Unification Church members already have received the blessing and have children. Only by becoming parents can the messiah actually be the root of mankind. Only then can the providence of God multiply. Now the Unification Church has multiplied to 21,000 blessed couples.

In Korean politics there are regional factions, like the Kyongsang province faction centered on Kim Young Sam. But in the Unification Church there are no factions. The Unification Church blessed families represent all mankind. If at the times of Jesus the six prepared couples of his family had united, he would not have had to go his public course. He would have married and based on the unity of his own physical family the Jewish nation could have united with him. Now the unity of the family of Jesus, including the family of John the Baptist is represented worldwide by the 21,000 blessed families.

Now I have ordered tribal revival meetings world wide. We do not have anything to fear. We already have the worldwide foundation. We have to follow the direction of the worldwide tribal revival meetings and the world will fall into our hands.

Father has gone out to the world and returned to South Korea and is sending out the South Korean members to be tribal messiahs. The era of Korea has come. The world Unification Church members want to have blessing with Korean partners because they want to participate in the providence of Korea and share the blessing God is giving to Korea now. All the families Father blesses now are like ancestors of the new royal lineage, so therefore the members do not object if Father matches them across national, racial or cultural boundaries.

Because True Parents have established the focal point of true love, all the horizontal levels of family, tribe and society will automatically come to form around True Parents. Different ideologies and philosophies are losing their strength. As they decline the Unification philosophy is emerging and finally it will be the only one left and the whole world will automatically follow it. When you go out as tribal messiahs you have to follow the course of True Parents, the path of indemnity, the path of tears and sweat. Liberate yourself, your family and your tribe. When you shed your blood, sweat and tears for the sake of the world your course can never fail.

When you go to your home area you have to dedicate everything to your relatives to restore them even if you have to sell your house and belongings to hold a party for them. You must conquer their hearts. In order to establish yourself as a tribal messiah you need to restore three families on the vertical level -- your own family, your parents and grandparents. And you need three families on the horizontal level. You have to love your tribe with the heart of love for the nation. If you are in the center your love has to go out in all directions to the extreme end. As you love the God, you must love the world; to love the world you must love the nation; you must love the nation to love your tribe. This way it is impossible for Satan to take any part away. Your love for your partner and children has to equal your love for the nation, the world and God. If your love for your partner is not connected to God through all the levels then Satan can invade and take away that love.

The mission of the tribal messiah is to set up the foundation for all the world to be adopted into the tribes. Father has paid worldwide indemnity conditions for the worldwide blessing to come into Korea. The establishment of tribal messiahs is to lay the foundation for the whole world to be adopted into these tribes. When you establish the unity of three generations you establish the vertical avenue for God to come into the family. Only through true love can God become your personal God. God must become our personal God on the individual, family and world levels. God must become the God of our family, and nation and world. Centered on true love you have to break down the walls that have prevented tribal unity in history. Even Jesus could not establish the foundation for tribal unity. You must create the foundation to establish yourself as tribal messiah. From now on do not expect me to do the work for you. You have to connect yourself to the indemnity of True Parents and fulfill that responsibility yourself.

Does Father have to pay for the local churches we are building or will you even sell your own house to pay for them? When you build a building where you want to host God will you invest more than you invest into your own house? Father has bought land all over Korea to build churches even though he has no land even for his own house. Who will build the churches on this land? Will you do it or will Father have to do that too?

Can Father make cars? It is not easy, but Father is confident he is going to make cars which are better than Mercedes Benz. Just wait and see. Now Father is buying land all over Korea but the provinces complain if I buy land in another province. Last night I went to Cholla province to look at land in Mokpo [an area on the southwest coast] and returned at midnight. That is Father's lifestyle. Now people in positions of responsibility are realizing the only people they can trust are the Unification Church members. They will have to join the Unification movement. If you do your tribal restoration quickly you can succeed on the world level.

Who here is from Seoul? [Some hands were raised.] Who is from North Korea? [A few hands raised.] You should go to your homes. I do not care if the headquarters church is empty, this should be your priority. Even if you sell your house, you should give it up for the sake of Korea and the world. Father has established the worldwide foundation through preaching the word of God so you should invest and dedicate yourself in preaching the word of God. Father has established a very secure foundation which Satan cannot invade. You must make your own foundation which Satan cannot invade. Do not forget your becoming a parent of your tribe has to be connected to your role as parent of your family and of yourself. So the beginning point is the unity of your mind and your body. Just as Father is now giving more to China, Japan and Russia than to Korea, you have to follow the pattern in your tribal providence. Father has already paved the highway but you have to pave the side road that leads into it. If it is established for the sake of the nation and the world Satan cannot invade. For the next four years until 1992, the tribal foundation has to be perfected and the unification of South Korea has to be achieved on that basis. Then the unification of North Korea and South Korea can be established and the unification of the world can begin so we can go anywhere in the world with God. You must understand that the tribal course is one without persecution. When you go home and love your parents and brothers and sisters there is no persecution for that. You must go back to your native areas and have revival meetings for your tribe and preach you heart out and thereby establish the foundation for the worldwide messiah. Those who will do it, raise your hands. Those who will not do it will fade away.

Father brought Japanese members to Korea because the Eve nation must first support the establishment of tribal messiahship to start. That is why the Japanese members are mobilized to deliver the newspaper and sell McCol. That is the preparation and condition for the providence of the tribal messiah to succeed. Father wants to send 2000 members to China. Reverend Kwak, are you finding out which members can participate in a mobilization to China?

Those whose hometown is outside Seoul, stand up. Those who will not go to their home areas to restore your family will lose the qualification of tribal messiah and will even lose the blessing. Korean church leaders whose hometown is outside of Seoul but whose mission is in Seoul should change their family register to Seoul so that they can establish their tribal messiahship in Seoul. The end of this lunar year is the deadline for you to start your tribal providence. The providence of Israel's entrance into the land of Canaan to establish the twelve tribes is being restored through the tribal messiah providence. Now is the time for the Unification church to establish the heartistic entrance into Canaan. If you fulfill the tribal messiahship, the kingdom of heaven can be realized in Korea. Once again, those who will go, raise your hands. Let us pray.

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