The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

The Age of Indemnity and Our Era

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA
March 2, 1989
Unofficial Notes

The topic of Father's talk today is "The Age of Indemnity and Our Era." This is a gigantic subject! We need a long time for this topic, but Father is able to make a long story short!

The Unification Church is one of many religious organizations. What do religious organizations do? The Unification Church is unique and extraordinary from all other religions. Other churches only work for their own salvation but we are different. We work for the liberation of God. The liberation of God cannot be accomplished overnight though. It is a long process. We have to follow through all the stages from the individual level on. First we have to liberate the individual from sin, then we can liberate the family, then the tribe, nation, world, cosmos and finally we can liberate God. We can do this because we have the truth. We know the way. Indemnity is a new word, religions never spoke it before. Father brought this dispensation. Other churches have no way to know it's meaning and to understand why indemnity is necessary.

If there was only God and man, just these two elements, no indemnity would be necessary. But the necessity came into being because of the existence of Satan. When there was no Satan, only beautiful things could happen between God and man. Only good things. When Satan became an integral part of humanity, it made indemnity necessary.

For example, why is a hospital needed? Because there are patients who are ill and need treatment. A hospital can liberate a patient, but the patient has the responsibility of going to the hospital to receive treatment. Each hospital has its form that they follow and whether you like the medicine or shots or not, they give it to you. Even if you have a high rank or position you get the same treatment. Can you tell the doctor, "I am an important person and I do not want that shot, so you cannot give it to me"? Even President Bush gets the same treatment.

After Satan came into existence, it is like we have become prisoners in Satan's hospital. Do you understand this clearly? Anyone who is in Satan's hospital says "I do not need treatment or indemnity". Can they be liberated? What about young Americans? Do you like indemnity? No, I know you don't. No one does. That is the problem, no one wants to go through the process of indemnity. Those who think that they can bypass indemnity, raise your hands.

Here are a man and woman [Father points to one brother and one sister]. They are historical fruits, born at this time. What will we see if we open their brain and their whole body and we look inside? Inside we will find historical garbage, all kinds of accumulated entanglements of garbage. She has a grandfather, a great great grandfather, all the way back ten generations and even one hundred generations. None of those generations went through a straight line, but faced all kinds of problems, disasters and happiness, all mingled together. That has crystallized in her being. America is a land of mixed blood, a "human salad bowl." There is no pure blood here, everything is mixed together. Oriental, black, Indian, Caucasian, and Hispanic blood is mixed. America is the most wonderful country in this respect. Father can pull one American and following behind that person is Indian, German, Italian, even Viking blood, everything! What is America's pride? Americans are very proud of the pilgrim fathers. What are they? Just a little segment of history. Behind them lie all the same mixtures and all the same problems.

People think, "Why worry about the past? It is just today and tomorrow." But there is an age of indemnity. The past cannot simply be wiped out by your denial of it. In history there is an age of indemnity. In order to get on the path and road of restoration, you need to get a ticket of indemnity. Can you come to the United States or go to Korea today just because of your own will? No, you need a special ticket-- a visa.

History is made up of wires of sin and circumstances that have been tangled up and compacted into your body. You have to sort it out, organize it and cleanse it. There is no way to disregard it. When you treat diseases there are different treatments and medicines. You will not know which one is necessary until the problem is discovered.

If in the past your conscience has bothered you, raise your hand. [Everyone raised their hand]. Everyone has experienced that. You can say "Conscience quiet down, do not bother me!" Does that work? You can try to chase your conscience away and tell it not to bother you, but even if you call out the army against your conscience, it is impossible to chase it away. The power of the conscience is absolute. How can we cleanse it then? Don't you want to buy that kind of ticket? You would be jubilant to discover how.

American people have pride, thinking that they have everything, all kinds of power. Does that attitude clean up the country? No. What should we do? We have to find a way that is universally acceptable, for high people, low people, everyone. Where can we find such a way? Do you want Father to tell you?

This man and woman are like a puppet company with all the stock already distributed. Many different owners hold all the stocks. All kinds of historical wounds and wrongdoing have been stored up in those companies. The entire history has been watching you as an individual. There is an undeniable history behind you. If they look at you and hear you saying, "I do not care about the past, I am just going forward" what will they think about that?

There are two different ways to go. One is to say, "I surrender. I will pay the mistakes of history. Take my eyes, chop off my arms and limbs. Do your will on me history." The other way is to say, "Get out of here, leave me alone. I do not care about history." In which attitude does the ticket lie? In the first one. The only way that historical wrong doings can be stamped out is to totally give yourself. The person who gives himself, gets stamped on and then gets up and goes on is the person who will have the opportunity to clear the past. You have to endure this three times. If you endure total surrender three times, then there is a chance.

In Korea the number three is very important. Americans have no concept about numbers. In order to get rid of historical sin there is an historical formula. Only two know it, God and Satan. Let us use the hospital as an analogy. When you go to the hospital, there are two that know your position well. One is the germ, that is Satan's position. The germ is saying "I want to kill you." The other is the doctor, that is God. He wants to heal. Can you be a partner with the germ (Satan)? No, but you can be a partner with the doctor (God). You have to do what the doctor says. You must absolutely obey, that is the only way. What if we tell the doctor that we know better? Then you have to pay the price.

What if someone says, "I am not going to pay, take my life instead." Are there any of those foolish people here? This exact analogy is comparable to religion. We need a religion-hospital. Among all religions, what kind of religion-hospital do we need? We need a cure-all hospital the Unification hospital!

What is the Unification Church? The Unification hospital. Many other hospitals are out there, but each has certain diseases that they cannot treat. They should come here to the cure-all hospital. The Unification Church hospital is combined with everything inside of it. All five billion of the world's population can go into it. Satan knows that once the patient goes in, he has lost them forever. So he stands outside and makes all kinds of noise to keep the people out.

Father is the general director of the Unification Church hospital--Dr. Moon. The tall, white people who come in and search for the director are surprised to see he is Korean. They have suspicions and doubts about that. Everybody goes through that stage. Another thing, Dr. Moon never says you need a rest, or that you are overworked. The treatment, the discipline is incredibly stiff. You are always being pushed. You have to take medicine every day.

Please give up trying to leave the hospital. You will only suffer more. This has to become our way of life until we die. Wise patients will say, "Instead of the ten year treatment, how about compressing it into a one year program?" That is the accelerated program.

How much is indemnity necessary? It is as valuable as your life. They have equal value. Without indemnity life is not worth going through. Can you buy that indemnity ticket with money? No. Only with life. Therefore the Unification Church is not a game, but a serious place.

Do you think Father has gone through an easy, whimsical way? Before Father came, the earth was pitch dark. Nobody knew about the purpose of life, the spiritual world, or any of these hidden truths. We are no longer in darkness but in broad daylight. The world is in turmoil and confusion, but now we can have control. We can understand phenomenon and what is happening. We can evaluate our surroundings.

A lot of Americans spread propaganda against Father, but their sugar coated medicine only makes the problems worse. Father has a small, black, oriental smelling pill, but we need it. Is indemnity worth more or less than a mountain of gold? Who is the owner of indemnity? Father issues the ticket of indemnity.

We are talking about the age of indemnity. There are eight stages. Is it an easy slope or a steep one? We need a ladder. Do you think you can enjoy both worlds while going the indemnity way? No, the two cannot mix. We have to make or buy a ladder. It is very expensive. It takes 4/5ths of the United States to pay for the ladder.

Every day American youth is going down. They are asleep and using drugs. But we have a solution now. We can tell them, "You need a hospital." We have a place to push the people to. Americans are slow to understand. Years ago at Yankee stadium Father claimed that he was the doctor, but still people do not understand. Americans think that they are okay. They think that they do not need a doctor or a fire fighter. The United States said, "Reverend Moon go home." Father did not listen to criticism. He only focused on the patients because the worst ones are in this country. If he can cure the patients here, he can save the world. So he stayed experimenting and researching.

Reverend Moon is the indemnity owner, the indemnity ticket seller. Dr. Moon is writing the prescription every day so that I can be liberated. He writes another ticket for the family, another for the tribe, nation, etc. He found the cure.

Because Satan came into being, there is struggle. God and Satan have to negotiate, like the United States and the Soviet Union. Satan has to be satisfied so that man can be liberated. Father is God's champion in this pursuit. God and Satan are always 180 degrees opposite. God would like to make you turn 180 degrees, while Satan wants you to stay. So God asks you to do something that Satan absolutely hates. It is a loophole that God can use, a way that God has to push us. God is always searching for how He can get us released. A man without the fall is 1000% under the control of God and 1000% obedient to God. God knows Satan cannot claim ownership over that man and this is how God wants to make each one of us.

The quality of God and the quality of Satan is absolutely different. It is absolutely black and white. What God likes, Satan hates and the reverse is true also. So what is God's strategy? Do exactly what Satan hates the most. Satan will separate from you then, he wants nothing to do with that. The two paths are exact opposites. You have to make a choice. There is no in-between or middle ground. This world is Satanic, so deny anything to do with Satan. When you go the opposite way, separating yourself from Satan, you do not have to invite God in. He is automatically there.

Satan owns all countries, all things and all riches. On the other side, on God's side, there is nothing, there is no food and no good houses. We need to deny satanic things, satanic properties and satanic riches. We have to walk to the other end where there is materially nothing there. Things in Satan's world become popular and famous, many seek to share them. The other way is the loneliest place. Who is the loneliest in history? God. Not only is His place lonely, but there is a lot of killing and persecution. Satan is trying to get you all along the way.

Another incredible thing is that you cannot hate the satanic world. You have to love it. Even as it comes against you, you have to say, "I will be back to save you." This is why so many religious leaders have been killed and sacrificed, giving their own blood.

Where is Satan based? In your body, then your family, your society and nation. This is Satan's dwelling place. What about God? He dwells in your mind. Is there a route to unite mind and body? Should we take it? [Yes!] Who is going to liberate me from bondage? You have to love the enemy of God on every level, individual, family, nation, all the way up to the universal level. On each level love God's enemy, otherwise you cannot pass them. Love has to have a standard higher than even the most beautiful love under the satanic side.

Why does God take a "weak path"? Isn't He almighty and powerful? What is the root of communism? Christianity. Not God, but Christians who did not do their Christian duty. All those people representing God failed.

Communists will say, "You love your enemy? What kind of rule is that? You have to kill your enemy."

Love unites. When your mind is at the center, there is a love energy surrounding. When mind and body totally become one, Satan cannot come in at all. There is no room for Satan. They key is knowing what caused mind and body to separate. Before we could become one with God, Satan came into being and invaded.

Where mind and body are totally united, man comes under God's dominion. True love is the only power that can overcome satanic forces. Before the fall, the mind was supposed to embrace the body so they could remain inseparable. Because of the fall, Satan claimed the body, struggle occurred and mind and body became opposites. The mind cannot accept the body since it belongs to Satan, but since the body is the microcosm of the entire universe, your mind also has to deny the material world, the world of creation. All because Satan claimed it. God has never changed. God still has hope and embraces the satanic world.

God did not choose the route of destruction, destroying the material world. Instead He chose the way of indemnity, moving slowly in the dispensation to a world where even Satan would fizzle out. This is the road of salvation.

Man and woman and mind and body are the most basic elements Father has been dealing with. God is trying to filter out satanic elements and restore, not just destroy the body. Once the mind and body are united, man and woman must unite. So, the first step is that the individual problem has to be resolved through mind and body unity. Second, on the family level, man and woman must be completely united in true love. That is God's direct dominion.

Man was supposed to love the archangel. Even though the archangel has fallen, God is demanding that this man and woman still love the archangel, like in the original way. Love Satan. That is the worst problem. This has been a secret from the religious world. It is very simple, but this has been hidden.

Man or woman alone could not find this path. The Lord of the Second Advent has to be a couple. A true, original couple. In order to be true parents they have to love everything. Adam and Eve were originally to love everything. For this purpose Jesus came. He knew his path was to become a True Parent, but he was killed. Before he died he still proclaimed and demonstrated the same principle of "love your enemy". We are the ones who truly understand that Jesus is the lord. We do not deny it. Do Christians and the Roman Catholics really understand Jesus? Are they living his words? No. If they had, this world would have been saved already with no birth of communism.

People today are ignorant therefore perfection is not possible. But we know the truth, therefore our perfection and liberation is possible. Do each one of you have confidence to enter heaven? You are not sure you have the ticket. Maybe you looked for it in your purse, but you only found a subway token!

What you need is sacrifice. Mind united with body, then body giving out to the satanic world for the sake of winning. Satan will be delighted to swap it. He will take your body and give you the ticket. If you think of yourself there is no improvement. The most important truth in this time is to have sacrifice on every level going all the way to the top and back down. Until then, there is no settlement. We need sacrificial indemnity to win the family, sacrificial indemnity to win the nation, etc. Why is that? Sacrifice is the best way to show love. Parental love is sacrificing yourself for the well being of your children. The mind is always centered upon true love. The mind is already demanding sacrifice. We have to fight the battle on every level by paying sacrificial indemnity. Then the original mind will come back to center and we can celebrate the true homecoming.

This road has been arduous and steep, taking millions of years. Father is the first one to penetrate the truth. We can get a bird's eye view for the first time in history.

So with this principle do you think God would have some kind of wild, unclear Mafia-type plan? He has the principle pushing all mankind, step by step through restoration. The tool God uses to raise man up is religion. Religion is the rope that God has been pulling. It has been Christianity in the western world, but also Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam. All are tools of God to awaken and uplift man.

Communism was Satan's proclamation to wipe out religion saying "There is no God". That would wipe out religion, God's valuable tool. Satan created the idea of evolution too. Darwinism denies the mind and focuses on the body, a physical evolution. It denies God completely. Darwinism (evolution) plus communism (material world), come together to completely deny God.

Communism says that things grow through struggle. There is always a hostile atmosphere with this thinking. Marxism explains the father-son relationship as part of the bourgeoisie system. They try to knock out the family because it is counter revolutionary. The bourgeoisie is God's side. The dialectical is based on hatred. It is 180 degrees different from God. Satan will destroy through hatred. The satanic side always attacks first. It is vigilant and is the aggressor. World War II was the world wide repetition of Cain and Abel. [Father also made some comment here that the communist purges were a parallel to the third world war.] Finally Reverend Moon came and declared two things. One, God is the creator, and two, that God is at the center of all things. There is no atheism.

In 1960 Reverend Moon anointed the True Parents. He set the condition to love the entire enemy world. When that condition is completely set, Satan will begin to crumble. That is why Father is here in America, to love the enemy. The United States represents the ultimate enemy against God. Attack has come against Father from all areas of America. During all this time Father was only giving out love. Fathers attitude has been, "I will love them more than they have hated me." Once that prevails the entire United States will turn around and accept Father. Every element of the world has opposed Father and all those things can be found in the United States. When Father is opposed by the United States it is the same as being opposed by all things (the entire world, including Koreans and all Orientals, minorities, etc.)

All vertical history is a mess. God and Father together have cut down every level and restored it horizontally. Everything that took place in history Father went through and lived, restoring it in his lifetime. Even to the point of where there is some element that has been trying to take Father's life.

From the lowest to the highest, from the lowest man on the street to Kings and Queens, True Parents want to be parents to all people. Each one of us represents a certain segment of the history of crime. By accepting Father as representatives we can heal the past. The drug spirit world can be liberated through a drug addict who has accepted True Parents. Satan uses the same arrows against us that he used to shoot down my grandfather and my father ten generations back.

Some Unification Church members think they will use psychiatric treatment. You should say "Get behind me Satan!" You have the best medicine and treatment here in the Unification Church hospital with Dr. Moon and you want to go to a psychiatrist? Because of the fall, the mind (which is plus) and the body (which is minus) were separated, so a vacuum exists there. Psychiatrists try to replace that plus with something artificial. It is only creating something false for your body to react with. What they create is like an egg without an embryo. It makes a good breakfast, but it will not make a chicken! Psychiatrists are like magicians. They have good tricks, but there is no substance created.

When Father was searching after the truth, do you know how hard he worked? He prayed seventeen hours every day, sometimes more, kneeling down on the floor. His arms and knees were encrusted from leaning on them for so long. You do not like to pray because you are looking for a free handout. Divine Principle will accuse you if you have that attitude. It does not teach us to do that. Those in the spirit world with knowledge of Divine Principle will accuse us. Father has given us the most precious food but we never created the container to hold it and nurture it.

The entire western world, the "advanced world" today looks like a field of skeletons. In history the Anglo-Saxons tried to dominate the orient through opium. Did you hear about the opium wars? Now we are reaping the result. The oriental world is influencing western society through drugs. This is a natural result from the past. The west does not need opponents, we are self destructive. Whites came to America and killed off the natives that lived here. They were Asians, cousins of Reverend Moon. It is the same today western people want to kill off Reverend Moon.

Reverend Moon has accomplished all he has said. It is not a vendetta, not revenge, but practicing love as a True Parent.

The Washington Times is making a difference in the western world. At the time of its creation the American courts were taking Father to court. During the courtroom intermissions Father went to meeting rooms where he was approving the budget for the paper's foundation. He was loving this country, even as it came against him. Insight and The World and I were created while Father was in Danbury. The formation of CAUSA Int'l. and many other organizations, as well as educational tapes sent to ministers were all accomplished while Father was in Danbury.

Father has made the greatest homecoming to Korea. After meeting the entire world's persecution, he created the world foundation and returned to Korea where forty million applauded him. Satan or God will ask Reverend Moon, "Have you satisfied Satan's need?" Satan will be the one who bows down and says, "Yes." Even Satan will sign off the paper saying that, "Reverend Moon loved the world, humanity, even me, Satan. He set the standard of True Parents. His power of true love prevails." It will be signed by Satan. "Reverend Moon, from now on there will be no barriers. No desires of yours will go unheeded ."

The most precious blessing is to be related to the True Parents. We can now become the true children. Father is proclaiming this victory. We have a secret weapon now. Father has given us true love. It is a binding glue between us. Once we are bound with true love, nothing under the sun can separate us. This is the hope, the joy, the victory you can claim from now. With this proclamation come three privileges: the first is that we can dwell at the same level with the True Parents. We can reach the true family level enjoying the same level of dignity. Second, we can receive the inheritance from True Parents. Third, we can dwell together in the same place.

Once you are elevated to this true children's position you will receive kingship. The white people can go north and become polar bear kings. Black people can go to the hot places and become the kings of that area. Yellow people are an in between color, so they can take over everything in-between! That is why God created so many yellow people, they have to cover a lot of territory! There are 1.3 billion people in China. Altogether about 3.3 billion oriental people in the world.

Can you Americans handle China? Americans say everything, they have no secrets. The Chinese are silent. They are 5,000 years old and deep. They are patient, enduring and surviving. The United States is only 200 years deep.

China has been suffering in the hands of others. Many times other countries have tried to conquer them, but after a while they were all defeated. Father has great hope in China. Only Father can handle them. Everyone who has tried to deal with them has failed, so the only option is Reverend Moon.

Father looks like he has no power. He is empty handed, he has no sovereignty and no army, but he has the power of the vertical world! America can survive only if it follows Father and America will follow Father! Reverend Moon can bring revival to black people and white people. Yellow people follow Father faster because they are wiser.

So our world has hope. Father says spring has come. Not just the season of spring, but the cosmic spring. What do you do in the springtime? We need to sow good seeds to bring a new heaven. Satan planted only one family, fallen Adam and Eve. We are making a new family system. So become heavenly farmers and plant the good seeds now.

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