The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

The End of the World and Our Age

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
World Mission Center, New York, NY USA
March 19, 1989
Translated by Dr. Bo Hi Pak
Unofficial Notes from 6:00 am Speech

As you know nowadays there is much talk about the end of the world. The talk is that the end is here. Where individual life is concerned, the moment of physical death is the end of that person. Furthermore, one nation will emerge and live out it's destiny, then it comes to an end. Throughout history a certain type of world will emerge, for example the communist world, eventually that world will come to an end also. We know that all descriptions of "the end of the world" depend on man's view and which man's view is at the center of that description. What about bringing God into the picture? People in history have talked about many Gods. They come, live their life and then they are out of the picture.

All true men and women desire a lasting, permanent, eternal God and that kind of everlasting relationship with Him. That is our hope. If there is an everlasting, unchangeable, absolute God, then whichever men and women engage in His business, those people will go on and remain forever.

There is a history of many different cultures. From the civilization of the world, cultures come and go, centered on different religions. We cannot deny that. Therefore the history of religion is important--dealing with the individual, family, society, nation and world. Eventually one religion will remain forever. In order for that to happen that religion has to be related to the one almighty God. We believe and know there is an eternal, almighty God. Any religion having give and take with Him will be almighty and will remain forever, having lasting impact.

The great philosophies come and go. Philosophy and religion are different. In philosophy there is a lot of talk, thinking and books guiding people to God. But religion consists of deeds, action and an actual encounter with God. That is the difference. All great philosophers relate to religion searching for the cause of the universe, an understanding of death, etc. When they find God or a true religion they have to relate to Him and make some impact with their lives. Hinduism, Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity are all based on prophets chosen by God. We come to the conclusion that ultimately man must encounter God. We have to put God at the center.

This morning I want to talk about Christianity. What is Christianity? Certain religions resemble the east, some the west, north or south because of certain entities they have. Where does Christianity fit? It is very interesting (and no coincidence) to find that surrounding Israel, other religions emerged ages before in Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, etc. All were around, with Israel at the center. There must have been a providential will to have these civilizations surrounding Israel where God eventually sent His central religion and His son. This is no coincidence. This is the plan of God.

When you stand in Israel and look north, to the right is China and India. On the left is the hedonistic Roman civilization. In the middle is Hindu. In the center of this, Christianity should have prospered. All these cultures in the providential point of view were centered on one purpose the ideal encounter between God and man. That is the ideal, providential goal.

Right now the number of civilizations have been consolidated into four major spheres. It is further consolidating centered on Christianity, to the left and right into two major spheres today. Consolidation took place into four, but why now into two conflicting worlds? When you place yourself in Rome, you see two civilizations. One is Greek, the other is Egyptian culture. Rome was the world at the time. God's side is the same. A similar thing is occurring today. Four cultural spheres still remain, but the world is being pulled in two extreme ways. Christianity belongs to the east. Christianity centered upon, not Britain, but the United States which from Europe's point of view is the east. America is the symbol of Christian civilization. Within America, right and left are confronting each other. That situation exists.

If we look at the communist world, they have left and right as well. The communist world has to deal with religion. For example, China was under Confucianism for a long time and there are many Muslims within the Soviet empire. They have to deal with it. They cannot avoid a conflict with Christianity.

History is moving toward Asia. Why? Because Asia represents the completion of a full circle of the world's situation. History started in Asia, moved across Europe, then across to America and is now returning back to Asia. God will prosper in Asia. That is history's destiny. During the times of Jesus, if the people would have united, they would have absorbed the Muslims, India and China cultures, without having to wait another two thousand years. Christianity would not have moved to Rome, but would have united with the Greek civilization and Egyptian and Asian civilizations. It would have moved west then instead of east.

Among all religions, Christianity is the ultimate. God engendered Christianity with the ultimate ideal encounter between man and God. This ideal encounter would have been accomplished in the days of Christ. However the crucifixion of Jesus brought entirely opposite circumstances. Christianity moved west waging incredible battle with the most hedonistic empire---Rome. For four hundred years there was severe sacrificial confrontation with the Roman empire. On that foundation Roman Catholicism was built. Judaism's failure caused war, conflict and turmoil for four hundred years for Christians. Satan governed for that four hundred years. He was rampant and victorious after Jesus' death.

How can we then bring all diverse religions into unification? Is there a wonderful way to do it?

At the time of the crucifixion Jesus' body was given away. The world was still there, but Jesus only has a spirit remaining. Jesus' body was lost in Asia Minor. His spirit moved to the Satanic center, the Roman empire to struggle and win it back, also dealing with the Greek and India cultures. It was an uphill battle for Christians all the way through.

Christianity's first victory was in Rome. It was a peninsular victory. Peninsulas have since become the meeting ground of different elements of cultures. Lets say the body represents the globe. There are land and water portions. These elements also occur within the human body. Considering the body as the world, the peninsula represents the male sex organ. All universal phenomena is a symbolic expression of the human body and behavior. For example, the Roman city is on a peninsula representing the male sex organ. The Mediterranean Sea represents the female sex organ. Through the intercourse of these two meeting, human civilization began. It could be born in this area.

Look at Israel and the Roman empire as representing east and west and Rome and Egypt representing north and south. All four directions were covered. Gods will was intended to be fulfilled on a peninsula. God's plan was to embrace all the surrounding cultures to bring the realization of the Christian ideal. There was also another opportunity. After four hundred years, if the Christians truly fulfilled God's will, they could have united with the Indian cultures, but instead the providence moved toward Britain. Culture moved toward the island culture, then to a new continent, the United States, then over the Pacific towards the east. Asia is the ultimate destination, the terminating point of God's movement. Asia signifies a vast ocean of people and huge land masses. China alone has 1.3 billion people. All countries including America have failed to digest China. For that reason America could never be a world power.

2000 years ago was the time for unification which would have allowed the Messiah to unite all cultures centered on God. We have had to wait 2000 years going an entire circle around the world for this chance to come again. Now again there is the possibility of one world, it is feasible now. It is the time for the Lords return.

There is another way of measuring the end of the world. When we see western culture weakening and looking forward to making harmony with eastern culture, you know the end of the world is at hand. The coming of Christ is the time of the ultimate Cain-Abel struggle. They ultimately have to unite and come to an end. Christ has to appear and consummate that unity.

Christian culture is centered on the United States today. In order to secure that fulfillment we must go to Asia. Because the body of Christ was lost there, we have to return to restore that. You also know through Divine Principle that before truth comes, Satan will imitate truth first with a facade of truth. Which is representative of such a nation? America represents Christianity. This nation must move toward the east--Asia. So can we just jump on a plane and fly to China to begin our work? No. It is not easy to return until every single debt is paid off. We have to look back at history, at Europe. We have to indemnify all the past failures in Europe, then we can be ready to move forward. Otherwise you are not qualified to return. Here is a broad stroke of human history. You reap as you have sown. The harvest time is coming.

How was human history sown? Find out exactly. In the very beginning the intention of God was not fulfilled. What happened? Some accident occurred that caused the separation of God and man. How could it happen? Once one person reaches perfection, it is all you need. No power can separate them. Find a common element to bring God and man together. After birth each man and woman is looking for some destination. Are they looking for power or authority? No, they are looking for true love. The ultimate goal is to accomplish and fulfill true love. Since man has fallen, love has become dirty.

The opposite of true love is bad love. In simplest terms, bad love interacts with Satan while true love has God at the center. This is the simplest definition of the difference. Only because we are a fallen generation do we have anxiety and longing for true love. If we were pure, true love would be automatic. There would only be that one kind. There is only one God. What kind of feeling does He have? Loneliness. What does God really want? You answer true love, but God has always had true love within Himself. He needed an object to have give and take with in order to express that love. Only with an object can the power of love be manifested. God is a giant plus. Man and woman come together and create a giant minus. Together they all meet to create and experience true love. This is the eternal common denominator between God, man and woman. God had a glorious plan. Satan looked at this enviously, thinking, "Can I steal it? Can I infiltrate it?" Satan had greed and selfish ambition. Satan had time while God was waiting for His children to grow and mature. Satan wanted to take over and make this love his. Satan successfully plundered God's plan stealing man and woman. They should have been centered on love, but man and woman have become victims of satanic love.

If there had been no fall, man and woman would have grown in purity and love and would have dwelt completely as God's temple with God in the center. [Father drew a diagram with a vertical line representing Gods love intersecting a horizontal line representing man on the left and woman on the right.] There is only one absolute vertical line. It travels the shortest distance. Love travels the shortest, most direct distance to quickly reach its destination. Anything other than a vertical line is longer and not true.

Man and woman are born as babies, knowing nothing. They grow to be teenagers and begin to mature. They find that they need each other. They want to go the shortest distance. Where do they rendezvous? In the meantime God already knew that man and woman cannot stay away from each other, so He was already coming down. Just as man and woman come together, God comes down between them. They form a core. Adam and Eve, left and right, come together. God is the heart, Adam and Eve as the body, together all form the core of love.

When true man and woman come together it is a heavenly collision. Cars crash, but men and women do not crash, rather they are eternally circling each other. In conclusion when we speak of true love, God's position is that of man's mind, while Adam and Eve are in the body's position. Only true love can unify everything.

All creation wants to reach true love. This is the core of the universe. The core has been lost. Man and woman have been wandering in this world. All universal bodies are turning on an unmovable, unchanging axis. What about man, the most important creation of God, do we have an axis? Even in the fallen world, the mind is our axis. However there is a conflict between our mind and body because there has been no absolute vertical discipline or subject. There should be no compromise with that. Therefore the body has to be united with the mind.

The mind is the core, the axis of man and woman. The mind and body must meet in a vertical line. The problem today is that there is no vertical line, not even a horizontal line, only all kinds of confusion. The body is the prey of Satan. God governs the mind and Satan governs the body. There are two pluses where there should be plus and minus. That is why throughout history religion has been trying to knock the body down through fasting, long prayer conditions and sacrifice. All to push the body down to become a minus. A minus, not as a servant, but as a recipient. The mind is in control and the body obeys. This is the entire purpose of religion. Today's Christianity lacks truth, people are ignorant. They worship God, but they do not know the purpose of creation. When we say, "God is my Father, I am His son", it means you are His direct descendant, inheriting His blood. If we tell someone that they are a child of God, it is the most important statement. Christians do not understand how God is their Father.

God is the creator, the vertical, true love parent. Who are Adam and Eve? They are horizontal, true love parents. How do vertical and horizontal parents relate? [Father draws the same diagram again.] This represents the perfect relationship between God and man. This is the shortest distance, a straight line. What about man and woman? Is your love meandering? You should travel the shortest distance too. When two lines meet, this angle has to be ninety degrees. Man and woman meet God at absolutely ninety degrees. You say, "Give me a break, meet me at 89.999 degrees." God will not be there. No deviation is allowed. Otherwise you will feel uncertain and anxiety will set in.

From this meeting point, the fruits of love emerge. Your children must not just be receiving the love of the physical mother and the physical father, but they must be born under God's blood lineage. God's lineage does not come in a material sense, but in a heartistic, spiritual sense. With the parents' body and God's mind, then God is truly your Father. Your mind is from God, your body is from your parents-- that is complete unity. The problem today and all through history is that none were born under these circumstances. Possibly some were born at 89.999, but that is still no good.

How do we know that we have not accomplished? We know within ourselves of the struggle going on between our minds and bodies. Anything other than a vertical line is a satanic line with bad influence. Many people do not even realize that they have a mind. Your vertical self is your mind. That mind must come from God. Your body is your horizontal self. Unite the two. Make yourself. This is conscience. The conscience is yours, but it is not working for you. It belongs to God, so it is trying to lead you on the right way.

The Messiah is coming to heal this situation, bringing true love as his weapon. The messiah's goal is to bring this ninety degree crossing which will create healing and salvation. People today resemble an orchard of wild olive trees. The messiah comes as the true olive tree. From one branch we can convert all to becoming true olive trees. The branch from the true olive tree has a tiny bud on it. This tiny bud contains all the proper ingredients of a ninety degree direction. This branch will grow into a true love relationship. Once you are engrafted, you will become a true olive tree, there is no question about it.

The wild olive tree is giant. In appearance it looks the same as the true olive tree. But inside the wild olive tree there is no vertical crossing, no ninety degree angle. The Bible talks about engrafting. We have to cut the big root of the wild olive tree and graft a tiny little bud from the true olive tree onto it. This will bring incredible commotion. "Such a big, productive tree and you want to cut it down and graft on that tiny little thing? I do not want it." This cutting of the wild olive tree represents denial. Denial of all existence, especially the self. It is new birth. All major religions start from self denial. This is what the Unification Church is up to. We are igniting a revolution of man. Not a violent revolution, but one of self denial, so that man can be engrafted to God.

We are now in a time where evil which has been prevalent is going down and good which has been behind is going up. We are at that crossing point of love. From this point on, God will gain the upper hand. All cultures and religions teach that you should love your parents, love your fellow man, etc. This has all been preparation for this time.

Satan is always saying "Do not worry about it. Go ahead, take for yourself. You love me." The world is full of people stepping on others, but put yourself in a sacrificial position. Father's teaching is to put others first. How many of us here are real Unification Church members? [ No one raised their hand.] There is a big crowd here, how many are real members? Are your mind and body united into one? Satan is the king at the center of everything in all eight stages. He thinks, "Everything is for my benefit, it all exists for me." To challenge this is not an easy battle, nothing short of revolution can accomplish it. Jesus said, "Those who seek to save their life will lose it, but those who seek to lose their life for my sake shall find it." What about doing things for honor, money or respect? Is it proper? No. The first commandment of Christ is to love God with your mind, heart and soul. What is Father's version of that? Father says to stick your neck out and be willing to die for the love of God.

Satan is clever, he sees through our mind clearly. Satan will retreat when he sees someone so desperate to do God's will, sticking his neck out and ready to die. As for the other person who says, "Let me take care of my family first, then I will love God", Satan will never leave them alone.

Please welcome the ministers in the back. [Members all applauded for them. Then Father spoke briefly in English to them.] Are you true ministers? This is a very serious question. You have to ask, "Reverend Moon, how did you find the truth?" This is serious. You have to know that! On every level there is a battle, on each of the eight stages that Satan controls at this time. When you give yourself up to love the world, Satan has to surrender. When you return to the center it is a glorious day. Even Satan will bow down, lining your path with palm branches along the way. When you become victorious, becoming one with God and the true lineage, Satan has no claim over you. This is ultimately what God asks you to do. By having faith what did Christians get? They did not know anything. You cannot become perfect with ignorance. Know this clearly.

Inside myself I make a ninety degree angle. Look at this room and this building. All the angles are ninety degrees. If any corner is violated the building will fall. Every angle must be ninety degrees. A ninety degree angle lasts and is permanent. This is another way of teaching the cross. Jesus' crucifixion was ninety degrees. This is fundamentally what Father's teaching is all about.

As Father said, we reap what we sow. If you sow the see of bad love, it has to be rectified. Bad love phenomenon has become rampant in our world today and most rampant in the United States. The so called "free world" and "advanced nations" have become the tools of Satan. They are like hell, covered by illicit love. Externally, they are abundant and rich. Internally, they are spiritually poor. The young people do not like their parents. They chase after illusion and carnal pleasure seeking comfort in drugs. Today it is apparent that illicit love is prospering in the United States. This is also a sign that the end of the world is here.

When Jesus was crucified there were two thieves. That is what the world is reaping, we see the same circumstance today. There is a big cross, on the left are communists who say "God is dead." The thief on the right supported Jesus and defended him. Where are the Christian churches today? In America? The right side has no advocate today. It is the world's tragedy. This is the work that Reverend Moon is doing, teaching "God is alive! He is our Father!" Furthermore, Father teaches about bad love and that it must be replaced with good love. Freedom is not given to follow carnal desire, but to restore what is God's. The Unification Church is working to symbolize God and True Parents and to bring about true families. This is what the mass weddings are all about. Wherever you go there is always opposition. Cain and Abel still need to be united, this is a simple fact. Reverend Moon came with nothing, just his own empty hands. He has defended Christ and defended God and has gone over the global level. All opposition comes against him, all kinds of persecution. Now even that is dissipating. Even the enemies have raised their hands. No matter what happens, Reverend Moon is determined to cover eight stages as fast as possible. No one understands, not even his own family. They always ask "Why does Father run so fast? Father, why can't you sleep more than just two or three hours a day?" He is so busy, he has no time. Father is most anxious to reach the heavenly dominion. Father wants to wave the victorious banner and torch in the name of God and true love.

6,000 years ago humanity lost true parents. When Reverend Moon goes all the way to the heavenly dominion and comes back, he has paid the debt of all historical evil. The end of the world has become the beginning of the new world.

Adam and Eve were to become the first true parents. Because of their failure Jesus came to fulfill that position but he was hampered by the crucifixion. The messiah is the third Adam, returning in the position of the true parent. Adam means True Parent. Reverend Moon is the one totally commissioned to wipe out Satan from top to bottom and clean up everything. Satan sowed evil seeds and Reverend Moon is uprooting them all. This one man versus the world (it is a Satanic world). He is the target of the entire world. Reverend Moon is the turning point of the new era. Father is winning the battle on every level. The lines of evil and good are crossing at the junction where Reverend Moon stands. His mission is to bring harmony and unification between left and right and up and down. That means creating the headwing. Father is not just a religious leader, he is at the eye of the hurricane, involved in everything because all those things belong to God.

At the time of the fall things went upside down, now Father is bringing everything right side up. Things seem confused and there is a lot of scrambling going on, but the movement is back to normal. Reverend Moon is mobilizing the individual power, family power and tribal power to move forward. True love is at the center of all this activity. One man's wrongdoing brought the entire downfall.

Restoration does not come on the individual level alone, so now the Adam nation and Eve nation come together in a Holy Wedding to turn the world around. On October 30th, 1988, Korea and Japan, who have hated each other created one family. Father uses the second generation. This is incredible restoration. This blessing signifies Adam and Eve on the national level united and restored. These are enemies that have come together, creating harmonious, God centered families. Is there anything harder to do? If this is possible, anything is possible. It is more testimony that the end of the world is near. All the bad seeds sown in history are being restored on the global level. Reverend Moon's solution is global, it applies to all of us. What is the future? The end of the world is also the beginning of a new world, the headwing, centered on Godism. The Kingdom of God on earth will become a reality. The foundation has been built by God through the world's religions. History has made a lot of contribution and preparation. All we have to do is replace satanic love with God's love. Once this tradition is set it will continue on, never breaking. There is an Abel world tradition engendering love as the highest value. At the same time the satanic world has been trying to destroy everything. Christians say, "If you don't believe in Jesus, you will end up in hell." This is not true. There are many saints and righteous men who shed blood for God. They were not always Christians, but they still exist in a good spirit world. It is not heaven, but it is a good place.

The end of the world is not a time for despair, but a time for hope. The final question is how can we bring unification? It is a simple question. We need the unification of Cain and Abel, external and internal.

Mind and body have been separated on the individual, family, national and every other level. All must be unified and come together in harmony. Division is a satanic weapon. Unity is God's tool. We need to embrace the communist world, that is why the headwing is important. Even if communists love their country, if you demonstrate more love, they will follow you. On both the right and the left side there is upper and lower echelons. Within the communist world there is also Cain and Abel. The satanic Abel is the worst because they are Abel to Satan! They are the worst communists. Satanic Abel is always on the offensive and attacks others. On God's side, Abel is an absolute servant to God. Abel is always being attacked and conquered.

Abel must naturally subjugate Cain on each level and then move on. There should be a repetition of this formula on each stage. Abel has to subjugate naturally, by love. Along the way Abel has to win the birthright from the elder son. At the final level, the elder son must save himself. Abel has to save himself and save Cain. Together then they restore the mother. These three come together and ultimately restore the father's position.

At the time of the fall, all these positions, father, mother, and children became enemies. The end of the world is evidenced by this occurring on a worldwide level, not as a struggle, but as restoration. Throughout history the mother played the primary role. She nurtured the son in order to raise a man of filial piety and patriotism. This role of mother has been crucial. The father's position has been irrelevant, while the mother's position was key. When the mother is righteous for God, Satan utilizes the father's side. This is a classic formula in history. Love is always the key problem. Ultimately at the end of the world there is a God's side mother, God's side elder and younger son. These two sons must come completely under control of the mother. This has to be in evidence at the time of the end of the world.

On the satanic side there will be an evil mother and evil first and second son. There will be confrontation between these two teams. This was sown in history on an individual level. Now it will be repeated on the worldwide level. This was present in World War II. On God's side Great Britain was in Eve's position, the United States was in the elder son's position and France was in the second son's position. On the satanic side Japan was in Eve's position, Italy was in the elder son's position and Germany was in the second son's position.

History began on a continent. Jesus' body was lost in Asia Minor. Christianity began in Rome which is on a peninsula. Civilization moved toward an island culture which was Great Britain, then to another continent, the United States. Now it is moving from the United States back to the island, Japan, then returning to the peninsula, Korea and ultimately returning to the continent Asia. Korea is parallel to Italy where the Roman empire was dominant. The peninsula acts like a bridge to the continent. This is why the Korean situation is a global situation.

This was actually all a battle between Christian nations and non -Christian nations. Korea was reserved for the sake of the second coming. This is the dispensational view. What was the contribution of World War II? It restored and liberated the Adam nation, Korea.

The two sons, Cain and Abel must unite together, then by joining together in unity with the mother, they can install the father to the right position. All together, everyone goes to God. Until all this is restored there is absolutely no way to return to the Kingdom of God. After World War II, many things happened that had never happened before. The victors gave independence to occupied countries. That was because the appearance of the True Parents was near. All men had to be united. The position of brotherhood had to be restored. The formation of the United Nations was so important at this point. The United States should have fulfilled the central, Abel role in the United Nations. There was only one opportunity for all these things to take place. After World War II, the entire world could have been united under Christianity.

All of humanity is desiring and hoping for True Parents. Ultimately all humanity has to go to the hometown, the fatherland, not the motherland. All three countries want to return to the Adam nation. That fatherland is Korea. The United States/United Nations dispensation did not work. In the future one option might remain for restoration of this. For example, the Senate can bring representatives from all other nations to America. There are 100 Senatorial seats, an additional 120 representative seats could be provided for other countries. The United States represents God's country and the entire world.

Satan did not want to let the Adam country go, that is why Korea has a long history of many nations occupying it. Japan, China, the USSR and the United States all want to occupy Korea. Now the nation is divided. Korea will suffer until Adam comes.

If Christianity had fulfilled, communism would never have been born. The failure of the United States brought a blossoming of communism. Stalin was the most evil of all people.

As long as Korea is not in peace, you know the entire world is still suffering.

From 1868 until 1988, Japan has enjoyed a golden age. Three emperors reigned during the period of the last 120 years. It is a parallel, symbolizing the time of King Saul, David and Solomon, on the satanic side. The death of the emperor in the end of January 1988 was the end of this period for Japan.

Who is Adam? The lord of the second advent. No nation has any idea of their position. Only Father knows the entire historical world view. People think that he created this to justify himself, but it would be impossible to create all these dates and parallels so exactly.

The United States failed, Great Britain, France and Japan all failed. What can we do then? The failure of these countries created a situation almost parallel to a second fall. Only communism is flourishing. Satan said, "Let me have just a part of the Adam nation." The United States was not strong enough. The Allied power did not do enough to keep Korea united. In 1950, they invaded trying to claim the entire Korean nation. Finally the United States decided not to let that happen. McArthur landed at Inchon and pushed communism back, but again the United States stopped short and drew the line at the 38th parallel. Truman in Korean means "failed again". Eisenhower brought armistice. Eisenhower in Korean is similar to the sound meaning a powerful lamentation or regret, "Why didn't you push harder?"

By persecuting Father, Christian nations and churches have come to a cliff, one more step and they will go over the edge. Only God and Reverend Moon are left alone. The world has become the stage of Stalin, the communist empire. You must know the truth, the truth will set you free. Father is absolutely alone. All those supposed allies, the United States, Christian churches, etc. are not even in sight. The consequences of those failures include: the Adam nation lost; the United States, Great Britain and France lost; and the emergence of the USSR

For forty years the world has been a wilderness. All kinds of suffering has resulted from these failures. An emergency has developed. This is an individual, family, social, national, world and cosmic emergency. All the solutions depended on one individual, Reverend Moon.

Christianity is wandering. No one is close to a solution, especially without God. For the last forty three years (representing the 4300 years of Old Testament and New Testament history) Father has been living the life of indemnity and restoration for all history. All 4300 years of entangled sin had to be restored in forty three years--one generation. The ultimate solution is to find the father's country and mother's country. Without that there is no solution to our problem.

The two brothers uniting with the mother to install the father is the only way to indemnify. Who can restore? True Adam will. He is the champion of God. Adam has to pull Eve, the sons and the world to restoration. According to the law of indemnity we need a heavenly Eve nation, that is restored Japan. The elder son is the United States, and the younger son is Germany. This is the dispensational heavenly lineup. During World War II, all these nations fought each other. The lineup is still hostile, but someone has to make unity. Why does the United States represent an archangel nation? The United States represents the second Israel, the chosen Christian nation. But somebody has to pay the price for the earlier failure of the United States. Father has decided he will do that. That is why Father has been fighting and laboring in this country, even accepting a prison term. People from enemy nations come to the United States at Fathers command and then work together to lift up this nation. This has been Fathers work for the last fifteen years. [Father spoke in English about America's situation.] American leaders say we have everything we need, our country is the best. There is no need for Orientals or Europeans, that makes everything too complicated. You have to repent for this. You have to gain some dignity for your country.

The four countries in these providential positions must absolutely and freely unite. The unification of Korea the fatherland, is completely focused on Father. In the past, the four different cultural spheres all had the goal to meet Christ.

At this time the three other countries all need Korea, not for colonization purposes but for spiritual truth. Korea is the Adam nation, Japan is Eve, and China, the United States and the USSR are the three archangel nations. All four of the male nations are looking at Japan, the female nation. Japan needs to make a major decision here, "Which nation will I choose to be my husband?" A rich, handsome, blue eyed nation? What about Korea? It is empty handed and humble looking. In the Garden of Eden Eve proposed and took Adam in the wrong direction. This time Adam acted first sending secret missionaries to Japan. 2500 second generation Japanese went to Korea and accepted marriage to Koreans. Satan could not make any claim against that. Japan can only go to the Adam nation. Even in Korea, there are four political parties fighting. They represent all the different powers of the world. It is a unanimous decision that no one can unite this country. No one but one man, Reverend Moon. In the next four years the entire situation will be rectified. Father predicts and announces to the world that Korea will completely unite under God within the next few years. The three archangel nations will naturally follow when Adam and Eve are completely united.

Four hours have passed since Father began this morning. In just four hours Father has concentrated a bird's eye view of the dispensation for us.

Homecoming is the agenda for the future. There will be a great march of humanity--all five colors will march forward into the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why the Peace Highway is so important.

Human history has been pitch dark. Father has been the struggling pioneer on all eight stages. No one will be left in the dark, the rays of God's light will reach everywhere. We need a modern day Moses and you have found one--Reverend Moon!

Father has already stated that we need to cleanse history. Children denied the parents three times in history, at the times of the first Adam, Jesus and Father. Father has indemnified all history. All you have to do is unite with Father. Indemnify Father's forty three years of history. [Father speaks in English.] You have to follow even serious words. Otherwise you cannot become Canaanites.

During the Olympics, each country sent their best youth. Father embraced them as children, regardless of their country or color. Father embraced even the Soviets, even the KGB who traveled with the athletes! They all received Father's gifts. The Soviets were very surprised to get gifts from Sun Myung Moon. At home they are taught that he is the worst enemy against communism.

Before the XXIV Olympiad closed, Father announced the heavenly Olympics, the World Culture Olympics in 1990. Father set the most incredible condition for the youth of the world during the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Upon this foundation he set conditions of loving the entire youth of the world. Fathers future plan is that all youth of the world will come to Father for blessing. There are three levels of blessing. One, is the married couple blessing, two is the second generation blessing, which is the one that includes most of you and the third is the blessed children's blessing. They represent the formation, growth and completion stages. In 1990 Father would like to conduct one giant ceremony with all three levels at one time. Father will cover the entire globe.

Who is Father? Our True Father. He gives us eternal connection. How? Through the Holy Wine, it is a change of blood lineage. The blessing is the most precious thing for us. Why? Because our children will truly become the children of God and will be directly connected to God's lineage.

We still have our job to do. If we are Abel families, we are surrounded by Cain. Unite with them, serve them. True Parents are coming to our families now. You are not disconnected. You have to become tribal messiah's and restore Cain's family. The homecoming has occurred, it has begun.

The blessed couples stand in the Abel position to save their relatives. Subjugate them naturally. Father can use this in his work to reach the world. This is the last mission. True Parents are the global messiah. Blessed couples are the tribal messiah. Father already set this condition. If we link ourselves to this condition we will truly link ourselves to the global messiah.

Since Father returned home to Korea, President Roh united with him and the communist world is now beginning to crumble. China is watching Father. Twelve Soviet journalists are attending the media conference this year. The communist world is not just hostile now, but they are trying to get help from Reverend Moon. All we have to do to destroy communism is to give them new life. The free world's problem is individualism. We have to educate people to the fact that the best benefit for the individual well being is to live for the sake of others. We need to dedicate ourselves until we gain the unification of the world. The prescription for that is to become a tribal messiah.

We need to follow the formula for restoration. Unite your mind and body into one, free from satanic accusation. Then you can work step by step on the individual, family, tribe levels, all the way up to the liberation of God Himself. We want to create the true love position on every level up to the cosmos.

There is a formula for multiplication. How can you multiply yourself? If one can become two it is easy to become four. We go through many different things in our lives and finally become a blessed couple. Father has made bridges all the way up to the level of blessed couple. Then we have to go the next step to become tribal messiahs. In Korea there is a new tradition called the tribal revival. Korea has 274 tribes (the Kim tribe, the Park tribe, the Chun tribe, etc.), and 3435 branches within those tribes. All of these tribes are recorded in Korea. The genealogical study is very complete. Father was asked to be the leader of those tribes. This position is like the internal president of Korea. Every political leader in Korea has realized that they have to go through Reverend Moon. Father said it will be possible but only on one condition, that they all learn Divine Principle.

Father is bringing this victorious foundation back to the United States. Would you like to hear Father's direction? [Yes!] What about the American way? Do you want to discuss it and take a vote? [No!] Father's direction is the restoration of Cain and Abel. The work of tribal messiahship should extend across all fifty states. You are all tribal messiahs. All blessed couples, that is the most proud position. Expand it out to your tribe. Your tribe will accept you and respect you. How can anyone oppose you when they see the way you live with your wife and wonderful children? Satan is in trouble, he has declared an emergency. Father laid an incredible foundation under incredible opposition. Can we even move our tribe? It is impossible not to do it. [Father then had all the blessed couples stand up and pledge to take responsibility to become tribal messiahs. He then called up UTS graduates and former state leaders to create fifty tribal messiah leaders.]

Does Father have just one job or a variety of jobs? Father has created over forty companies alone. Americans want just one job and one focus, but we have to become like Father and be able to do many things.

Until now Father's dispensation has focused on the individual. From this day on Father raises the dispensation level to the family.

Would you like to see the New Yorker made into a commercial hotel? Father wants to make a full scale restoration. Then we can support 500 to 700 members working and living here. Only husbands and wives can stay at our hotel. If some man and woman try to come in just to have a good time, we will throw them out the window! We can have special pure virgin discount rates. Do you think that is a good idea? We will be famous around the world for such a thing. We can create a hotel with the most heavenly atmosphere in the middle of Manhattan, can you imagine that? How many members live in the New Yorker. [Many raised their hands.] How many do not want to move out? [No one raised their hand.] So we can do that. You all agreed, is that correct? [Father went on to divide all members present into teams under the fifty leaders. Each team will work in an area of New York representing tribal messiah work in each of the fifty states.]

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