The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

True Parents and the Realm of Liberation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
World Mission Center, New York, NY USA
Parent's Day, April 6, 1989
Translated by Dr. Bo Hi Pak
Unofficial Notes from 9:00 am Speech

Father says thank you to the choir for the beautiful singing. You are the most beautiful choir under the sun!

Why did you come today? What is the celebration? Today is Parents Day. Today the most important thing to realize is that the Unification Church could be born because True Parents exist. It is the beginning point of the Unification Church. The base of the Unification Church is True Parents. This is the most fundamental and basic foundation of the church. When you use the word "parents" it automatically involves children connected through a blood relationship. This is a fundamentally important connection. When you use the word "true" parents it signifies there is also another kind false parents. There are two types.

What is the basic consequence of the fall? The first parents of all humanity were supposed to have only one God-centered self. This did not happen. Satan's lineage was begun instead so now we talk of salvation being necessary. In Christianity there are several descriptions of Satan enjoying the principle of heir, false parent, master of humanity and ruler of the world. All have been his descendants because of the loss of truth.

Throughout creation everything in the universe exists in a pair system. There is subject and object relationship on every level. All creation was made to deal with that kind of relationship centered on the love of God and passing it down through posterity. This has been interrupted because of the fall. God is almighty and omnipotent, but what is essentially necessary to God? What does He need? God needs a love relationship with creation. This is the purpose of creation. This is what God has been seeking. God alone cannot feel the stimulation of joy. This is a very important truth that we need to understand. Almighty God needs someone to have give and take with so He can feel joy. In order to accomplish this, God created all things with man and woman as the superior creation, as the direct object to with whom He could enjoy love. Every individual man and woman has aspirations and ambitions to become number one, the best. In a way this is a God-given characteristic within man. God had intended man and woman to compete in acquiring the love of God.

The power of love is the most amazing thing. In love, you can immediately enjoy the power of equality, meaning an equal level of living or an equal level of dignity. Love also implies the power of inheritance and the power of participation. Love brings these three precious powers.

Human ambition is not without limit. People think that ambition has no end, but it has an ultimate goal. That is to receive God's love, to participate in God's joy and to inherit all that God possesses. Once you establish a love relationship with God, no power under the sun can separate you. We are supposed to be beings of the love of God in order to vibrate together with God. We should act according to the love of God. Once man's mind and body is totally united under the love of God no separation can take place. If you are a good Unification Church member you know who God is. He is none other than the vertical parent centered on true love. Unification Church members also know we have horizontal or physical parents centered on true love who are the ancestors of all mankind. In the Christian world today they say that God is Holy, very high, sacred and clean while all creation is dirty, fallen, low and secular. But they all still call God "Father". This is a contradiction. How can dirty fallen people call God "Father"? We need a way to gain that level of relationship.

This handkerchief has the value of less then one dollar, but if it is given to you by your lover it gains precious value. Unless parents and children have a blood lineage connection between them there is no real meaning and no real connection there. Love has the characteristic of travelling the shortest distance. It does not wander. Love is always trying to meet and fulfill quickly at the fastest speed. God is above us in the highest place. When He comes to earth He will travel the shortest distance. His is a vertical line crossing a horizontal love line making a ninety degree angle. It has to be ninety degrees. Men represent east and women represent west. They come to the center to meet creating the horizontal line.

When men and women are babies they have no realization or idea. Their only interest is the milk bottle. As they are growing they learn. As teenagers they come to realize that there is some special feeling between men and women. Between birth and maturity we go through the growth period. The fall took place during the growth period. Something went wrong in this area between the first ancestors.

What is nature? It is a textbook of love for man and woman. Children see insects, birds and flowers and that everything is male or female. They learn that man and woman are to love each other and that through them multiplication comes. Children are to learn these things. As teenagers all of a sudden they realize a certain electricity between them attracting men and women eyeball to eyeball. All of a sudden men and women come to realize that the most precious thing under the sun is the other. This feeling is priceless. You cannot buy it with all the money in the world. Fun can no longer be found just between the boys being together or the girls being together, but fun is over there with the opposite sex. When you are a child your parents and brothers and sisters are important. But at this certain level only your partner and lover becomes most important. A man or woman will realize that, "I was born for the sake of this man/woman. To consummate love is the purpose of my life."

Which should we grab love or a Ph.D.? [Love!] Would you like to grab a chunk of gold or love? [Love!] But how wonderful gold is! [No!] Sometimes a man is smelly though, why do you want such an awkward creature? What about power, or money, it is more important right? [No!]

People live their lives trying to gain money, power and knowledge. Would you want to swap true love for one of these things? [No!] Which one would you take? Compared to true love all of these other things are like a little peanut. Why do you like true love so much? Because no matter how much money, power or knowledge you have, it has nothing to do with bringing harmony and unity between your mind and body and ultimately between man and woman. The five senses of man only focus on one thing to detect true love! That is the only thing! All five senses are connected with this focus point. How exciting and stimulating! True love has super power. True love alone can make every cell in your body jump with joy. True love power unifies all your cells. All creation has the purpose and direction to strive toward the achievement of true love.

Outside people say that money is number one and that authority is number one. Inside Unification Church members are crazy. All they want is true love! Here is the hardest question. Between God and true love which would you choose? To make it easier think about this. Does God chase true love or does true love chase God? God absolutely wants to have true love. God is in absolutely the loneliest place. It is not a happy or peaceful place. So do you like God or true love more? Which one?

Let's say there is a grandfather and a little child. The grandchild has no consciousness of the grandfather because he is not old enough to regard age. But the grandfather cannot stand still. He has to touch the little child's face and play with his nose. Why does the grandfather have to do this? The grandfather loses all his dignity playing with the little child. It is the same with God. In terms of love He does not care about His own holy and dignified position. When the grandchild gets older he becomes a real rascal. He climbs up on his grandfathers back and bites his ear and plays tricks. Normally would the grandfather say, "You Satan, get behind me!"? On the contrary the grandfather would be the one who helps the grandchild climb up even on his head because the grandfather enjoys it. In one way there seems to be confusion and no order in true love. But there is order. True love can unify a complicated place.

So actually, are you chasing after God or true love? [True love!] What if you ask God? He will say, "I want to find true love of course!" Before anything else, even God, once you have attained true love you have got everything under the sun you could possibly have. Would you like to have the power of God's mighty judgement or the power of true love? [True love!] True love is a harmonious power and all other power comes under it. Therefore God without true love is not God. You might attack God and hit Him and it might be forgiven. But for those who violate true love there is no forgiveness.

Why do men and women come together to make love? Many of you have been given the blessing. Why do you want to receive it? To be in the position to receive and consummate true love. That is the purpose.

Man and woman are separate beings each representing one aspect of God. Man and woman are the ultimate creation, with all the universe created in their image in a pair system. Why do men need women and women need men? God purposely divided His image into two parts. He did this deliberately so that the power of true love has the chance to act. God wants the universe to become one through the power of love. Only that can bring all pairs together. True love alone, perfect, pure love can cross only at ninety degrees.

Because of love we are fishing and trying to hook the universe. True love is the bait. Father uses that comparison. In fishing you use bait. True love is the bait that can bring the entire universe. When man and woman unite in true love God becomes a super plus and man and woman together are a super minus. Together all three become one. This is the purpose. Unification by the power of true love. Giant T.L. brings man, woman and God together into one.

Marriage is bringing the universe into one. Through marriage we become the total object of God. Horizontally and vertically united. That is the purpose and meaning of marriage. Actually true love is the bait to occupy and conquer the universe God created. You cannot claim it or buy it. You can only create the power of true love with God.

Let's say that true love is hiding behind a bush. Is God searching for it? Yes, He is always looking for it. What if true love jumps out and tries to run away? God goes chasing after true love and tries to grab it. God will say, "True love you rascal, you give me a pain in the neck!" True love will say to God, "Why do you always chase me and bother me so much?" There is no dignity. God will lose all protocol, pretense and dignity in front of true love. What if true love had a finger that it could put into the mouth of God? Will He spit it out or suck it? God will suck it like a little baby! The greatest old grandfather will act like a little child and even need a diaper sometime! He will cast off all facade of dignity. Father said that is the greatest kind of art. Is that great or not? [Great!] Why do we marry? In order to fish the universe. To posses the entire universe. God made the universe for us to have. We have to go ahead and claim it and to do that you have to marry. Once true love unites man and woman even God cannot separate them.

But today we live in a hellish world. God does not live here. When Father and Unification Church members use the words "true family", "true children", "true parent" they are speaking of entities united with true love as the glue.

God is up in a high place. He is coming down the shortest possible distance in a vertical line to meet man. What is the horizontal line? It is man and woman. Where do they meet? [Father drew many different pictures representing man and woman and how they fit together. For example a man has broad shoulders and a woman has broad hips. If you draw those shapes and then put them together the square figure it creates is very stable. Man or woman alone is unstable.] Man is like the mountain and woman is like the valley. This is the law of nature.

Today's topic is "True Parents and the Realm of Liberation". Father has not even scratched the surface of the message yet. He has just been warming up. Father is teaching us this way so we do not forget.

The center point is where man and woman meet. Man and woman approach from both sides and meet at the vertical line. They approach at the same speed, but all of a sudden they see the object of their love right in front of them so they want to jump and get it. No fight should be there. Only harmony. Right before they meet, the vertical love of God comes right down between them. As man and woman approach the center, at the moment they meet the vertical love of God comes down and hits like lightening. It is like electricity exploding. Why does there have to be an explosion? If there is no explosion man and woman will never want to separate. Some power has to separate them so that they will be able to come together again. In nature we see lightening and all types of phenomena that are the same thing plus and minus coming together and exploding in a thunder burst. When you look at the sky and see a dark cloud coming you can hear the sky say, "Oh, my husband is coming!" Soon there will be a clash with thunder and lightening. It is creative not destructive. Light is made and rain is coming. When you are in love you are swelling. Water which is liquid is very important to life. It is a universal symbol representing this love phenomenon.

True love has four distinct seasons. Spring is warm. Summer is hot and passionate. Fall is cool and winter is a little cold, but still love. When you are feeling a little coolness from your wife you can think, "Uh-oh winter is coming". When your husband is coming at you like a tiger you can think, "Oh, summer love is here." When your wife is cool it means spring is coming so do not get too pessimistic! Warm love will be coming.

Father emphasizes that the most important thing of all is ninety degree love. No matter where you go, east and west, north or south, even upside down, it should always be ninety degrees. Every way you look at it all four ninety degree angles that are created by this intersection of horizontal and vertical add up to 360 degrees. This creates a circle. The ideal circle is centered upon a ninety degree crossing. Every center has a core. Every line has to go through the core, the center of the circle. If the intersection resulted in ninety degree angles, the four pieces that were created out of the circle can be arranged any way and still fit. This is true love and only true love alone can do this. Therefore true love is welcome everywhere. There is no way it is not embraced. When you look at a globe cut into these four sections by a ninety degree intersection, there will be twelve surfaces. They will be exactly identical. The twelve different surfaces will be able to fit everywhere.

This is where Father reminds you that love can stay together and bring equality, inheritance and participation. Do you understand? From one generation to the other all humanity started from this one crossing or junction of true love. All life, the true lineage started at that point and multiplied. Moving upward it can expand to ancestors. The same principle applies whether moving upwards or downwards.

Within yourself you have two selves, one is vertical and one is horizontal. Your vertical self is your mind. This is the first time this has been made so clear. Your mind is the vertical self and your body is the horizontal self. The whole purpose is for these two things to unite together. They must meet at a perfect ninety degree angle. The most incredible power of creation can only be generated at the ninety degree crossing. This is the only love God can accept, nothing else. Only the ninety degree crossing can resonate together equaling the status of original man. You need to have this concept clearly in your mind. In this way you are becoming a true child of God and True Parents. Through this God's lineage comes through your bloodstream.

We seek to gain three points love, life and lineage. Which one is first? Love is the initiator, bringing the unity between husband and wife. From your life your lineage is going on. Why did God create? For the power of love. The result of that is life and life is preserved through lineage. Therefore you are proof of the principal of creation. Out of that principle you came into being and your life will go on.

When God created the universe and man and woman, He invested all of His energy. He did not spare even a drop of energy.

What is True Parents, true husband, true wife and true children? The definition is simple. They are imitating God and going after His creation. True people live for the sake of each other. This is where true love distinguishes itself from other types of love. The concept of competition comes from this. True Adam and true Eve want to obtain true love quickly for the sake of the other. God does not want to obtain love for Himself but for the sake of giving true joy. Centering on Himself He cannot find that. The only way to find true love is by loving for the sake of others. Harmonize and unify from that point and things can grow fast and prosperity will come. If your attitude is that you will catch true love for the sake of your husband and partner then your partner will welcome you.

What is the difference between God and Satan? Satan is always selfish putting himself at the center. God is the opposite with His object at the center not Himself. God is unselfish. That is the basic difference.

Today American young people are confused about the truth. Live for the sake of others? They think it is foolish. But they do not know the truth that through greed and following the self all will be lost. For example if you have ten people who follow you and you exploit them you will end up alone. But if you support ten people they will never leave you and you will never be alone. Those who love others become a center and will occupy a center position. By living for the sake of others, you

1. become a person who is protected

2. gain dominion

3. subsequently become the center (others will follow you).

When you become a person of true love these things occur. People will follow you.

At the time of Jesus the most important teaching he gave was to love your enemy. If you can become the center then even amongst your enemies you will become their protected leader. By practicing this principle Jesus even became the center of the Roman Empire. The only question will be the time and place but you know it will occur. This is Reverend Moon's secret but he is teaching it to us. Father came to the United States and was persecuted. He not only survived but flourished. Father never lived even one day in the United States for himself. He lived always for the sake of America. The United States on the other hand was only looking out for itself. Father is following God's principle. He looks persecuted but he is going forward all the time. God's principle works! Therefore in recent history, in WWI, WWII and WWIII (the confrontation between Democratic and Communist world), the attackers lost in the end.

Look at Christianity. From their point of view the Unification Church is the youngest brother. The oldest brother has been persecuting the youngest brother. Christians have the power and establishment to attack, but they are declining. The Unification Church is small and is being attacked, but it grows and prospers. Persecution is the greatest blessing. Through this we can inherit and gain Satan's property to God's side. Now we know why the entire history of religion has been running under this persecution. Confucius, Buddha and Mohammed were all persecuted for the sake of goodness and those religions prospered. In history Father has been the man most persecuted by the entire world. No one, not even Jesus paralleled Father. This means that God had this strategy to turn over the entire content of Satan's property to Father.

The United States persecuted Father to the ultimate degree even to the point of putting Father in prison. Normal people put in prison like that would have revenge against this country but Father used that time to create The Washington Times, ICC and many other publications and organizations to save America. This is the principle that Father has left. Father had absolute confidence that this principle always works, anywhere! This is Father's conviction and commitment. You can make this kind of victory anywhere. You can become a victor like me!

Father presided over the tenth World Media Conference in Washington, D.C. People from the USSR and China accepted Father's invitation and came to the United States. Father sent them on a tour of the United States and they gave testimonies to Father everywhere in the news.

No one respects those who are defeated. An amazing history is now unfolding. Those Soviets asked how Reverend Moon is becoming successful under persecution. Russia, China and the United States are all around Father. All three are trying to pull Father to their side now. The minorities, blacks, Hispanics and Orientals are sometimes persecuted. Do not worry about it. Whoever practices this principle will become the center of America. If you practice it more than Anglo-Saxons or white people you will become the center of this country.

Since Father came to America fifteen years have passed. No matter how difficult it was I never complained. Father got kicked again and again but he kept going. Satan had to bow down. I found this truth. I did it. You have to remember this. I am a successful man.

So now you know Father's secret how he became a winner. Anyone of you can now say, "Father, I am going to beat you by working harder in your principle." We can become even greater than Father by using this secret. Anyone who pledges to do this raise their hands. Amen!

The subject that Father chose today is an important one.

Because of the fall we see half the reality of the world God created. The other side is invisible. We have not seen it yet because we have Satanic lineage. God's vertical love line and the horizontal love line were both invaded by Satan. If Adam and Eve had reached the perfection point they would not have fallen, but the fall came before perfection.

The conscience should be the dwelling place of God. But Satan came out as the master. Struggle came between our mind and body. We have two minds--our original mind and our Satan-given mind are conflicting within one body. That is why you all have struggle.

The vertical line always belongs to God. Satan cannot invade the true love line so he has to draw another line that is parallel but false. God cannot multiply by Himself. Multiplication comes through horizontal parents. God's children were supposed to be true and fill the earth. With no fall. Adam and Eve would have become the personification, the actual body of God. God would have been not only spirit but He would have had a body on earth. If you pray really hard and ask, "Where are You God?" a voice will answer internally saying, "I am here inside of you." He will answer like that. The deepest part of your mind is the place of God. God is looking for the best possible object who will match His ideal.

The world is a Satanic world. This is an orchard of fallen olive trees. True Adam and Eve would have created a true orchard. In the Satanic world there is a struggle between Cain and Abel. The upper part belongs to Cain and the lower part is Abel's. Evil occupies the Cain side. There will be a point, a juncture, and from there Abel will go up. This is the history of Cain and Abel. The method that Abel uses to win is not by attacking, but by being persecuted and winning. Get persecuted and claim, persecuted and claim. This is God's way. Step by step the Satanic realm is being occupied by "Abel-power."

The archangel with the fall is in the upper area. They are God denying materialists. They are centered on a false parenthood. The archangel without the fall (those who have been separated) is below. They are God centered. Who started to claim that there is no God? Satan. He is completely trying to conquer and occupy the world. Satan is clever. Satan is also spirit, but if there is no God that means there is no spirit. Satan even denies himself. But anybody who denies God immediately comes to Satan's side. This is his final strategy. The time has come for Satan's final day. He is using the last strategy to even deny himself.

All this is represented in the conflict between democracy and communism. Seventy five percent of the world is under communism, but God will never allow Satan to claim the entire world. No way. The USSR and China reached a peak then found they could not conquer the world and are now going down. Satan knows that the time of the second coming is near. Christian culture is at the center of the free world. The most hopeful theme is the return of the Lord. Why is it necessary?

All false olive trees will meet the true olive tree and will create a new orchard. The first and second Adam could not fulfill. The third Adam (second Messiah) comes to restore the Garden (orchard). God has three attempts to create/restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Adam failed and Jesus was hampered. We are talking about the third Adam. All the Christian world knows these words but they do not recognize the words "True Parents" and they are the most important. Jesus was to become the True Parent but it could not be done. Now the second coming must accomplish this.

The last time Father spoke to us here [3-19-89], he talked about the three nations on God's side and the three nations on Satan's side. He concluded by saying that each of you would be elevated to the role of tribal messiahship. If there was no crucifixion at the time of Jesus then Rome would have served Jesus within his lifetime. Culture would have moved to the east into Asia. It would have become the golden age of Christ.

But Jesus lost his body and all culture needed to move to the west making an entire circle back to Asia. The logical conclusion is the Roman Empire was Jesus' target but since that could not be done the situation has to be recreated. We see now that the entire world is looking toward Asia. During WWII the possibility for Christianity was there. It was an opportunity for the Christian world to receive the Messiah. This had to be done centered on the United States, a Christian nation.

After WWII the United Nations came into being. The concept is excellent and God centered but the ideal of it was not fulfilled. Satan plundered it. If at that time Christianity had accepted Father there would have been no rise of communism and no drug culture started (people would not need an artificial high if they had the true high).

History will always reap what it has sown. Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel were sown on two sides. One was Satan's and the other was heaven's. They will conflict on the national level. That was WWII. The seed sown on the individual level was grown and harvested on the national and world wide level. God's side included England, America and France. Satan's side was represented by Japan, Germany and Italy. The Allies were victorious and the Axis powers were destroyed.

Japan started out worshipping a female God. Germany believed in their superiority as a Godly race. Mussolini from Italy also intended to conquer the world. These three countries represented Satanic greed in WWII.

Eve (England) was to embrace the two sons (America and France) and return to the Adam nation. Satan knew which country would become Adam so he let the Satanic Eve (Japan) go to the Adam nation and conquer and occupy it for forty years. Japan was aggressive trying to conquer the world. For that reason it attacked Pearl Harbor.

Ultimately history must repeat itself. Therefore Adam ultimately has to be a peninsular nation. Because earlier Christianity was centered on the Roman Empire on the Italian peninsula. Jesus' body must be found in Asia, specifically in a peninsular land in Asia. Christian culture went from Rome (peninsula) to an island (UK) to a continent (America). Now it must move from the continent back to the island (Japan) and then to the peninsula (Korea) coming back full circle.

If after the victory of WWII the Allied countries centered on England moved on to the Adam nation they would have united by accepting Father and the work would have all been done. But what happened? The United States as a Christian nation and Christianity failed to accept the coming of the Messiah, so all history had to be indemnified. All 4300 years in 43 years. Actually 430 years was needed to accomplish this but it is not possible for that to be done in one man's lifetime. For that reason God allowed Father to accomplish this indemnity in 43 years one lifetime. Because of America's failure that occurred Korea, America, England and France were all lost and communism emerged.

What is communism? It is the Satanic version of messiahship. Through the principle we know the false version appears first. Communism came to claim a false paradise. When these four nations were lost Satan's way became rampant all around the world. The United States must play a key role in restoring this.

According to principle once a person or nation fails God cannot use them again. But there must be some reason that God used the United States again. What was it? It was because America was in the sons position and not the parents position. Before the installment of True Parents, the mother has to set the stage straight. The lineup of nations changed after WWII. Father made this decision as God's representative. America remained chosen. Japan became the Eve nation on God's side and instead of Italy, Father took Germany claiming the "best" of Satan's side. Why was America chosen? It was given one more chance as the archangel position. Be grateful to hear this. It was inevitable because the United States is symbolic of the Christian world. Without choosing a Christian nation as a foundation, the third Israel could not be born. Father had to come to the United States to directly save this nation and lift it up as a saved nation. Otherwise Father cannot fulfill and stand as the Messiah. Father is now the center of four nations Korea, Japan, America and Germany.

In WWII God's nations were invaded. After 43 years (representing 4300 years payment) Father chose a new lineup. These four countries must unite into one and return to God. They are formerly enemy nations. Father brought these four nation's citizens to America to join his crusade here making enemies into brothers and working for the sake of America. After the victory here Father will take all the troops to the Adam nation-Korea.

During this 43 years Father went through incredible persecution. All these countries rebelled against Father. They refused him visas, etc. After this 43 year period which ended in 1988 Father consummated the victory. Father has come a long way to have the kind of influence he has gained in this country.

All four enemy nations became brothers united under God. The one final destination is to go to God and the Adam nation. Why can Father return to Korea (Asia) now? Because he came to the enemy ground and set the condition of loving his own enemy. Father loved America more than Korea. Father brought Japanese and Germans to this country to love it more than their own. American Moonies, even though persecuted, have loved American Christians more than their own families. Based on this Father can return home. The worst part is over. Father confronted the worst enemy. Instead of meeting with revenge Father met them with love.

Father had an absolutely beautiful homecoming at his return to Korea. It was necessary and it was carried out in all glory.

However one condition remains in the United States. When the United States persecuted Father to the degree of sending him to prison it was the equivalent of the crucifixion. As a nation the United States must repent and indemnify this to ultimately receive God's blessing. Another important thing we must remember. In order to help the enemy nations love each other Father sent out three missionaries from Japan, Germany and America to pioneer in 120 nations. Father sent out these important teams so that they could unite in their mission countries. So much persecution came to them that they had to unite thank God! Otherwise, if they had had an easy time they would never have united.

In 120 missionary countries Father planted these four providential nations through the missionaries and his presence with them. He planted new seeds of Korea, Japan, America and Germany. Everything came against them. "Chase out the Moonies", was Satan's noise all over the world. Satan was working as the enemy. Finally Father had to go to jail and they yelled "We won! Mansei! Moon is gone!" From then Father won the second generation of America. Unless you are a Moonie you cannot save the western world.

On the foundation of winning these four countries we can go to Korea, the original hometown. In 1988 Father's homecoming and victory took place during the Olympics. The entire world's second generation came to heaven and True Parents. All the Abel and Cain types from the second generation of all nations united under one Father. This was exactly like Jacob meeting Esau. Jacob brought precious gifts to his brother. Through the missionaries Father gave tons of McCol drinks, clothes and gifts to the athletes. Even to those from communist countries.

In the old peninsula, Italy, God was lost but in the new peninsula, Korea, a victory will be won. We are making a winner. Do you understand? That is the principle.

Kim Il Sung lives in North Korea. It is the worst communist dictatorship in the world. Kim Il Sung is called "father". In South Korea which is becoming more democratic our Father, Reverend Moon is there. There is an amazing confrontation and showdown between these two. Father is not advocating a violent confrontation but rather the natural subjugation of Satan. Since Father succeeded in his homecoming the communist world has been declining every day. In forty years of time Father has consummated a victorious foundation in the United States and through his homecoming the communist world is going down. The subjugation of Kim Il Sung is only a matter of time.

Today is the thirtieth anniversary of Parents Day! This is the most incredible Parents Day. In the year 2000 Father will celebrate the fortieth Parents Day. By that time the Kingdom of Heaven shall be on the earth!

Father has given us his entire secret today. You have to inherit it now.

[Father writes on the board "Restoration by the Course of Indemnity"] The first Adam failed and the second Adam failed. Now is the time for the third Adam to restore everything. Is restoration done yet? In terms of conditions all indemnity conditions have been laid. Father now has completely paid the indemnity for the failure of Jesus and the faithlessness of the chosen people. All the failures of American Christians have been paid and all the failures of communism are taken care of too. What about the five billion people of the world's population united with Heavenly Father? How long does it take to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth? If we were going to sell a big building, even as big as the New Yorker the sale would go very fast. You do not sell one room or one table at a time. You just sign a paper and the whole building is sold. It takes only ten minutes.

Father will sit down with Satan and God. God will sign the paper. Satan will sign it and say, "Reverend Moon you got it. You won the entire world." Done in ten minutes! Every nation will say, "Yes. I will follow that principle and will follow a God centered way." Restoration will be finished.

This is Father's dispensational course onto every level of victory. Father laid a true love bridge or highway for all people to follow. As long as you walk on this bridge no Satan can invade you. No Satan can walk on this bridge. You can drive 100 miles an hour on it. Step by step you can walk that way. You cannot jump. Father's victory will become your victory. You follow Father's footprints. Father and True Parents are free. They can go anywhere. No Satanic accusation ever comes to True Parents. Gorbachev, Deng Xiao Ping and President Bush representing three national sovereignties are the three archangel nations. They have to love True Parents and Adam and Eve's nations. That is exactly the world's situation.

Do you want to follow the bridge or jump all over the place? Father has a disciplined bridge. That means we must obey Father and follow the universal Messiah.

Therefore we must inherit Father's messiahship. Father represents the global, universal Messiah. We represent the tribal Messiah. All you have to do is to rectify the wrong Adam, is set conditions to indemnify the failures of the first and second Adams. What is the failure of the first Adam? He could not receive the blessing. But you have already received the blessing. Father is like the trunk of a big tree. Each one of us must become a part of the tree by engrafting ourselves. When you become a part of the tree you are already higher than Jesus who could not receive the blessing. We have reached the level to become the tribal messiahs. By uniting with the third Adam we are higher than Jesus because the third Adam has accomplished spiritual and physical salvation on a worldwide, global and universal level. You are walking the path of family and tribal messiahship. Father is the national and global messiah. We are walking in Father's footprints.

Once the mission of the first and second Israel are consummated you can build the third Israel. Father is giving out that kind of mission. Father has covered every front. The family, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. As long as you are covered by Father, Satan has no accusation. He cannot invade you because you are separated from Satan.

Father has a root. All you have to do is engraft onto this root. We and all humanity must have one root. Love comes first. It is the germinator. Life is next, and third, our lineage will go on from generation to generation. You must love True Parents more than anyone under the sun. That is your condition. Since you are united with True Parents and true love you can gain the right to be equal, participate and gain the inheritance (which Satan has no right to invade).

When you return to your hometown for your tribal messiahship there will be no persecution. Where is Father's hometown? North Korea. You have to go there too. Father will lead you and march into North Korea. Would you like to go? [Yes!] This is the time for re-organization. The first, second and third Adam are all consummated within the True Parents. There needs to be twelve disciples, the seventy disciples and then 120. This is the way the re-organization will be done. How can we do more good for the sake of True Parents and our tribe? As you have a homecoming eventually twelve tribes will be made. You will belong to one tribe. Your name will be eternally inscribed in heaven through this one tribe. The name of your race, national heritage or color will have no meaning. The only meaning will be how much you can create your own spiritual tribe. What kind of branch will you become? That is the question. It is the only homework you have. All of us are a homecoming network to the Kingdom of Heaven which will be our home for eternity.

There are three most important things to recover. The first is True Parents. All people will be registered in True Parents name. The family of man. The second thing is citizenship. This is the tribal messiah. Cain and Abel tribes completely united. The third is homecoming. This is one world, one nation, one family and individual absolutely consummated under true love.

Today's topic is "True Parents and the realm of liberation". To create the Kingdom of Heaven this is what we have left to do. First of all we have to liberate God. Second, liberate the True Parents, then third, our entire ancestry. And fourth, liberate our descendants and the entire heaven and earth.

Father's responsibility is done. Your responsibility remains. There are 21,000 blessed couples all over the world now. Tomorrow there will be another one. Our mission is to carry the ball. Be good trouble makers all over the place. Liberate God, liberate True Parents and liberate the world. How wonderful this concept is! That's all!

Father's plan is that every city is divided into fifty areas symbolizing the fifty states. Father is trying to create good tribes.

We must be noisier than the Mafia and the drug pushers. We should only be able to hear the unification sound. If you can do this and join Father in this effort, raise your hands and feet!

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