The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Living in the Time of the Highest Point in History

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York, NY USA
April 9, 1989
Translated by Dr. Bo Hi Pak
Unofficial Notes from 6:00 am Speech

It is raining this morning. Do you feel good? Spring rain is magic. Every day nature becomes markedly different. Did you hear the birds singing? That means the rain will stop. If the weather is good but the birds stop singing it is an omen that rain is coming. Many people hate the rain but it is necessary for the soil to be enriched. When you say something is good or bad the criteria is based upon yourself as the center. Good or bad is from your own point of view.

History is a record of human events. Suppose that history has eyes and its own mind. Which age would history like to live in? What moment can history really rejoice over? What kind of age would God and spirit world really like to see unfolding? What about humanity? What segment of history do they want to live in? Which would be that dramatic moment in which God, all of spirit world, nature and humanity would be joyful? We know that because of the fall we have a fallen history. What if there was no fall, which time would have been most joyful?

Originally in the beginning there was only God and angels. Then there were only two people. Adam and Eve walked the earth surrounded by beautiful nature. Would all of them have been separated looking for their own joy? Or would there be some truly ecstatic, dramatic moment that God and all humanity could rejoice together? How can God and man and nature and spirit world come together? Is there any formula for the entire world and cosmos to come together?

Does God or nature feel apathy when they see a man and woman dancing around and happy together? Do they ask "What are those people doing?" There must be a moment when man and woman use their entire energy to express their joy. Such a moment must exist when God and all creation join in. How big is God? God is giant. Your two arms would never be enough to embrace God. Nothing is bigger than God. But sometimes we wish we could make this gigantic God compact enough to hold in my hand and arms. Men are usually bigger than women. Is there a moment though when a man can be small and a woman can be big moving back and forth freely? There is a time when God and nature can come together and be so excited that they even hold their breath. These are all fantastic experiences that Father has been describing. What is that magic power that will bring God and man into one? [True love!]

True Mother really enjoys her grandchildren. While she holds them they are perfectly happy and content and will slowly close their eyes. The little child feels totally satisfied. Nothing else is needed. He wants to stay at his grandmother's bosom for all of history. The power of love makes everything so confident and serene that you just want to go to sleep. If there were two big, powerful animals called man and woman could there still be some power to bring them together? Man and woman are two entirely different creatures. The woman is small and the man is tall. If those two embrace do you think they fit together in height and size? So would you like to have two men or two women embracing each other? [No!] Why are men and women attracted to each other with special feeling?

Suppose you are a chunk of dough. When men and women embrace with the power of love their shape would become like an hourglass. Would you be unhappy? No, you would ask to get squeezed even more even to the point of getting squeezed into two pieces! That way your top half could go sit on top of the man's head. He would fall over, but his hurt would be a sweet hurt. You would demand more and never say that you had enough or that it hurts. All these things happen centered on true love. Would you rejoice in it or criticize it? [Rejoice!] Centering upon this craziness of true love, this could even happen to a grandma and grandpa. Who do men and women take after? We resemble God. So all this craziness originates in God. Suppose that Father's finger is the object of love. We will follow it as it moves. Even God would follow that object and chase after it. So when true love goes somewhere, whether it is the bottom of hell or the top of heaven, God follows trying to grab it. Even almighty God cannot help but follow love. It is an amazing thing!

What about miners? Men who work underground. A coal digging husband has black lips. His wife works in the mine and has black lips too. When they love do they say, "Wash your lips first"? No, they will just kiss and their love will overcome it! In love there is no white, yellow, black or green man distinction. It is the same all over the universe.

White people have all different color hair. What about white men? To win your wife's love would you bite the hair and follow her ten miles? Would you do it? Men have smelly toes. Would you women lick them for true love? Especially American women would you so it? [Yes!] I don't know!

That means that there is nowhere that love cannot go. Love is omnipresent. Is that true? Even almighty, giant God feels that love and wants to be touched by it. Then He feels contentment. Does God sleep? [No.] Never in all eternity? What kind of power would make God sleep? A love blanket would. If God were totally covered a blanket of love then He could sleep--even snoring loudly! How would true love see God? Even if God would look like a child sleeping and snoring with no dignity, true love would really be happy about that.

What is the most precious thing you can buy? [True love.] What can you pay for it? What would you pay for the price of true love? True love is the most precious thing so you would have to pay the most precious thing. That is your life. For the sake of true love I can pay my eyes, nose, ears, arms and legs. You would become like a radish chunk. All five senses would be gone. Your arms and legs would be gone. You would be like an egg. Because of that true love will stay with you. So are you a happy egg person? Yes, as long as true love stays.

Is there such a moment you want to pay your life for love? In a competition of love buying will you pay your entire resource, every drop of your life and love? Are you ready? American women too? American women do not want to give up even one little finger for the sake of their husband. American women pay everything with lip service, only talk.

True Love is observing American women and shaking its head asking how many pennies they are worth. Is free sex love? It is perverted, rotten love. Stale and smelly. From True Love's point of view it has no right to even come near. When you dress up with an expensive dress, lipstick and a manicure, trying to walk wonderfully and nobly will you find true love? True Love knows that person is a wicked witch type of person. They do not know true love. When True Love travels seeing such women assembled, does true love want to touch them? No, it will skip right over them.

You desire true love don't you? You feel the desire so you must prepare. You must qualify to be able to receive true love. An entire remaking job must be done. You must wash your eyes and your nose. You have to remake yourself. Do you think you are qualified to receive true love? If you fervently invite true love saying, "Please come to me. I am ready", True Love will spit you out. This is an important thing. Everybody wants true love. God is the root of true love. So you must be pure, clean, noble and as sacred as God to receive true love. Are you already a pure woman? Why don't you answer? When your situation is not so favorable you shut your mouth and stop talking. You look like a bulldog. This is the problem. We have to resolve it today. The greatness of the Unification Church is that we know about the fall of man. We know that all of mankind is born with a satanic lineage. Can anyone be boastful or arrogant before the truth? Are you on God's side or Satan's side? Are you like God? Are you perfect? Go ahead shouting, "True love, true love". Ask around for the true love king but you will not meet him. There is a great distance between A and B, God's side and Satan's side.

Who has more problems, blacks or whites? Rich or poor? Black people have an advantage. To look good, white people try to make themselves colorful. Black people already have color! They have it much easier. Who has more potential to come close to true love? Blacks or whites? Number one is black. The Bible says it is harder for a rich person to go to heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle. That means it is almost impossible. Let's say the same spiritual effort is exerted by a white person and black suffering people. The same service is given by both. The amount of true love service is the same but the black group would be valued more. They are poor and suffering. Why are you blacks answering? You should not answer. Father wants to hear the white people answer. You are here so you can have hope.

Can only kings and leaders go to heaven? [No!] You have to go to the bottom of hell to reach heaven. You need to really serve black people like kings, truthfully and honestly. Unless you do that do not even talk about heaven. The hairier a peach is the sweeter it is. White people do not want to eat a really hairy peach. The universe is fair. White people do not want to eat a hairy peach but black people are poor. They will eat it. Which one would the peach like more? The white person who tries to get rid of the hair or the black person who just bites into it and enjoys it?

If you truly love your lover you would want to bite him. In fact you would want to eat him up and swallow him. What about all the dirty things he has inside him, his urine and stool and smelly saliva? Those things would not matter. You would not care. What is Father leading into? The topic!

The world today is evil, dirty and filthy. People who are pursuing true love are more likely to be rejected by this kind of society. When rejection is coming are you finished or can you get joy knowing you have the potential to receive true love? When you receive persecution you can know you are doing something right. You can have a lot of hope and see the dawn of a historical age. I have the ability to jump over and reach out for true love. Jump over difficult circumstances. You cannot be a coward but you must have courage to stand up for true love. God is looking down for a man of courage. God will support him and give him help in his search for true love. Is there such a courageous man? Reverend Moon. His entire life he was persecuted and ridiculed. Do you like Reverend Moon? For me that is a good answer, but not for you.

Can you trust yourself? Do you love and trust yourself? We want to search completely investing ourselves after our true love object. Are you that kind of person? This is a very serious point. How much do you love yourself? The problem is "me". The bad foundation is only "me". You cannot blame anything in the universe or outside. If you do only Satan will dwell in you forever. "Yourself" is the problem. No Satan, no God, only you.

The time has come to clean up this kind of world. It cannot continue. That time is coming. True love is always in the highest place and deepest corner. It goes deep and high. Today American society is under the shadow of a tree. What do you see men and women doing in broad daylight in Central Park? If love is the highest treasure you have to hide it. If a husband and wife are truly in love they want to cover their loving action to keep it between God and themselves.

If an unmarried single man reaches fifty does he still have interest in women? Ambition and desire in a man get deeper and greater as he ages. Say that he meets a woman with deeper interest in those things. They want to truly love each other in a genuine love. Would they go to a public place or to a private, secluded place? Is true love looking for a noisy, open, public place? [No] True love always says, "We keep this only to ourselves. No one is between us, no one can part us. Only you and me." They do not want to be in public. Do parents want to be seen loving in front of their own children? Why not? Children are the fruit of their love so why don't they want to be seen? Love is the root of all life. The root must be underground. If the root is exposed the tree is dying. Life is not the root. Love is the root of life. Can the entire humanity see God in love? God is in love, but if love is the root He does not want to be seen by everybody. This is why God created the spiritual and physical world. The animal world and people cannot see the spiritual world. God is vertical love. God wants love to be seen only by the lovers and God Himself. Love should be most secret. The most private thing is the love matter. Between western and eastern, the eastern expression of love is closer to true expression.

History is always determined by the behavior of love in that age. If it is clear and moral that age will prosper. If it is corrupted and dirty it will decline. The Roman Empire was corrupt. Fallen love was everywhere. Today in America love is exposed in the streets. There is no shame to have love in front of all people. This is an omen and a sign of decline. You do not even have to touch hands in public. Go to the secret, clean, highest, holiest place to exchange love.

Even a promiscuous American woman would say that she does not want her husband to commit the same crime. A double standard is no good. Animal love and human love is entirely different. Human love goes deeper. It is secret, holy and eternal. That is the difference.

For those who have lost love their greatest concern is losing it again. For that kind of person even the brightest day will seem like pitch dark.

The entire world is now secular practicing sexual freedom, etc. But one group of people goes the extreme opposite way and that is the Moonies. Those Moonies are funny, weird people. They do not hold hands. The women never expose their bodies and they even make themselves unattractive! Outside people embrace very easily. A strange man may hold your hand then pull you in to embrace you. Moonie women can hit him in the nose. She can kick him too, three actions all at once. You must be proud of that. Moonie women are fierce. There are two extreme ways that we are talking about here. Which one will survive? [Father's!] Not Father's way! Our way. That is western people's problem. Always "me", "mine", "my house", "I." The Korean concept is "our house" always plural.

Reverend Moon has been criticized his entire life. Why? Is he ugly or uneducated? Why is he a target then? Because he is going against things people like. He says no to cigarettes, liquor, drugs, free sex, etc. The outside world is making billions of dollars through drugs and these other things. Reverend Moon brings in clean cut people who stop all these things. So others begin to worry they will go out of business. They have the power to use the government to kick Father out. Furthermore, Father sends young people out fund raising. They are volunteers to save their country and the world. Satan says, "No. If you are successful we are finished." One after another those who oppose Reverend Moon are declining. But Reverend Moon who has been persecuted is climbing up the ladder.

Father is looking at Moonies. They do not have such good clothes and they do not wear makeup but they are beautiful with bright and shining faces. Outside young people wake up moving slow and think, "What should I do today?" But Moonies wake up at 5:00 am and rush to go to home church, fund raising and on Sunday, you come to Belvedere! You have lots of places to go don't you?

Outside people keep predicting Reverend Moon will not last another six months, but the whole time they say this they are declining and Reverend Moon is going up. Even we can see it. The USSR is surrendering. Already they know that Marxism does not work. Glasnost is surrender. Only we are prospering. Some members might have thought," Uh oh this is the wrong place for me", but year after year we see only we are prospering. If you do not see this you are a real dumb Moonie!

The highest peak of history will come with the polarization of two extreme groups. Extreme evil and righteous people. God is looking down at the two. He will vote for Reverend Moon's side. Is God's hand just beginning to come into the picture or rather has He come all the way down trying to boost us up? The highest peak of history is here. God is ready to pick up Father's hip and boost him up. This is an incredible age where God is serving like a servant. God says, "Are you tired? I will carry you. You can sit on my shoulder and I will be your automobile." Reverend Moon's secret is to push us out and give us more suffering like a servant. God will then come closer to help you out. This principle works with all of you especially the missionaries. When you are here living an un-emergency life God will be far away. [Father spoke in English] I know this. When I had the greatest difficulty God was the closest to me. This is my golden age time with God. So I became a teacher. What kind of teacher? A serious, true teacher.

In Korea forty three years ago, the entire population including all the churches and government were against him. His heart was never defeated. God became his cheerleader. On the outside Father seemed miserable. God would come to Father. If at that time Father had said, "God I am so glad to see you, please help me", he would have been finished right there. But he would say, "Thank you God, but I do not need your help." Father already committed himself. He has absolute confidence. God knows Father's character very well. God sometimes tests him. When the indictment from the United States government came against Father he was in Korea. All the big shot American lawyers said that he shouldn't come back to America because he could not get a fair trial. God asked Father, "What will you do? Will you go back to America?" When God looked at Reverend Moon he said not to go. But Father packed his bags, took Mother and went back. Do you think God was discouraged with His son? Instead God mobilized the American spirit world to righteousness. Father is the ultimate final victor. God is excited. The indictment read "The United States of America versus Reverend Moon". An entire nation coming against one man! Very exciting! It was a difficult time no question, but at the same time it was the highest point of Father's life.

Would Father be humble and bow down to Reagan? Actually he is indebted to Father. He allowed Father to go to Danbury. History will look down on him.

The KGB is afraid of their competition, the CIA. But Reverend Moon does not fear the CIA. The CIA and KGB are both afraid of Reverend Moon. He is growing powerfully, but actually Reverend Moon is trying to save them with loving hands. How many American young people has he already saved? Drug users, hippies, etc. American Moonies have one virtue. No matter what any powerful man says to you, you would rather follow and listen to Father!

What about the New Yorker? By April tenth you have to vacate. Go out to your country. Father expected the American members to demonstrate against him with picket signs! Father is going to the New Yorker tomorrow to look for demonstrators. It seems like he is inhumane and impossible, sending families out into the streets, but American people are ready to do it to follow Father's words.

Father has so much to say to you today. Our pride is that we are living in the same time as True Parents, serving and attending our True Parents. We are learning true love so we can practice, remake and create a brand new history. We are at the highest historical point, living with True Parents. Is that true? [Yes!] This is the drama of the life of Moonies. We share the same time as True Parents, the dwelling place of God. All of spirit world and all of creation is mobilized and watching.

This is the greatest honor history can bestow upon us. This time will never come again. It is only happening now. We can attend three generations of the heavenly family. All Christians have been waiting for this time. Think about it. You are serving three generations of True Parents family so everything you do, all that you wear will become historical. Sack it up and save it so it can go in a big museum. They will be kept 1000 years and then auctioned.

If your clothes are that precious what about your physical body and self? Our eyes become precious because they have perceived the True Parents. Your eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the messiah! My ears heard True Parent's voice directly. Can you imagine what a precious time we are living in? The most miserable things we have like old worn out MFT shoes will become the most precious things.

At the time that Father went to Danbury many members dropped down on their knees and cried. What if someone took a picture of you that day? You would have looked so ugly with your face all swollen and distorted from crying. But that picture would be so precious. Once you live life with Father everything becomes a part of history--your actions, your deeds your thoughts all become part of the tradition and history. There is no question that Father's teaching shall be covering the world.

Father has given us the title of tribal messiah. The messiah is not just a single male anymore but women too! Americans like to say, "It sounds good", but that means you do not really believe it. If you continue on one, two or three years you will realize that you have hit the jackpot. Father knows that you are not stupid. After you join the church you test Father with your eyes and ears. After time you can say with confidence that this is the place of truth.

The most precious title of tribal messiah has been given to you. Do not ever stain it. Keep it holy. Once you dishonor this blessing it is miserable. Not only for you but all of your descendants. This is a fearful thing. [Father spoke at length in English here so text is not complete.] You make the decision so how can you deny it. Every cell has been blessed. No matter how much you receive persecution, it is the easy way. Father did it and when I look back I see victory accumulated. Now famous religious leaders came from Korea to see me. They don't know who I am and yet they want to see me. I think they like me more than you do. They all run up to me so they can take pictures together. You try to run away from me. If you run away you are foolish. What should you do? Be a Tribal messiah. The national cosmic messiah work is already done. Many times you denied me. Receive this precious time. You must make success in the future.

We have to follow Father's footprints exactly then we are free. There is no other way. Are you alone or with your family? So far only one man has been messiah. Now Father is announcing family messiahship. The lone messiah is persecuted, but the family messiah will be welcomed. That is the difference.

Father ordered Reverend Pak and Reverend Baughman to chase everyone out from the New Yorker by April tenth. Moses should go into Canaan and kick everyone out. You need to cross the river Jordan. You think the Jordan is deep like the Hudson and that you need a boat to get across it. But it is very shallow. You can walk across it. You must get to Canaan. Even if you just reach out to Canaan and touch it with your hand while the rest of your body is still in the water it is okay. You can sleep there. You can die there too it is okay. Even foolish American members cannot help but understand Father's message today. We need to push out those who are hanging behind. In Moses' time Canaan was just one small area. In the twentieth century Canaan is the entire globe. Wherever you go you are in Canaan. One global nation under God. We go the way of tribal messiahship for the sake of posterity.

In Moses' time the people became dirtied by outside influence. But now people will welcome you because they know their system is failing and crumbling. Anyone can see it is no good. They see hope in you. It is the opposite from Moses' time. People see hope only in Father's teaching. Instead of you becoming one of them, they will come and become one of us. You should be proud of what you are. You are prosperous people so they will come to you. Moses' people were envious of the Canaanites prosperity. They wanted their wives and felt like beggars next to the Canaanites. Everything looked good to them. It was a big problem. Making that kind of atmosphere created a foundation to perish. Now people look at the Moonies place as the only place of hope.

Be bold and strong as a tribal messiah must be and push forward. The other side will retreat. Your protection is God, the True Parents, the True Family and the power of the Unification Church. We will be like a fortress.

We want to make a resolution today, as serious as the one Father made when he went to prison. "I will make my tribal messiahship."

You are not alone now. Your wife is with you. You cannot follow your own parents or grandparents tradition but you must follow True Parents tradition and it will come to your children. You are moving towards perfection now.

We are now living in the highest point of the historical age. This is what is happening. Can you pledge to go this glorious way with your utmost seriousness and dedication? Raise your hands.

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