The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

God's Heavenly Successful Realm Which Will Be Given To Us

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA
April 30, 1989
Translated by Col. Han
Unofficial Notes from 6:00 am Speech

The title of this morning's speech is so concrete, but there is no precise equivalent in English. Through this example we can feel the difficulty of our difference in languages.

Father's lips are swollen today. He has been pushing himself, going fishing in order to make conditions to open up a way for us. Aside from the subject of the speech for a moment, in the Bible we read about the flood judgement. Which part of the creation was not judged? What was not affected? Fish! It was a fish's world during the flood! They were the only beings which could climb up a mountain during the rains. You can imagine how happy fish were at that time. Father feels that God has specially reserved fish for the providence.

All men like to live long, healthy lives. There are different kinds of food and crops, but fish has the highest protein. Look at Japanese people. They have the highest longevity because they eat fish. Fish multiply so quickly! Recently at East Garden the carp have been hatching. Father never tires of thinking how fish reproduce by the thousands and millions. Their numbers grow so fast. And all from one male and one female!

If the theory of evolution was true, how could the male and female of each species develop to such perfection? The physiology may change and they may think that is evolution. But the fact that man and woman love and reproduce will never change. It is very stable. It will never, ever change. When you think of that evolution has no place in this matter.

The bones of all four legged animals are particular. All the animals basically have what man has--eyes, ears, nose and a mouth. There is male and female. Man is a microcosm of all creation. The environment may change but the true crux of its meaning never changes.

The heavenly realm is to be inherited. This includes all of the physical and spiritual worlds. This includes the spiritual traditions which have been built. We can even inherit them.

If we travel we can see green grass all over the world. It may be a little different in type but green grass is consistent all over the face of the earth. There is only one earth. There are many unique beings here, both animals and plants. Everything is a unique representation of human beings.

Man should think that the universe is centered on him. He should feel that everything was made for him. How holy and lofty that thought is! How old is the earth? How many tens of billions of years old it is, but it is still very much alive. The four seasons will continue on and on. There is no indication that it is going to change. Just imagine how fantastic this is! How did this come to happen? Who made it?

God is the creator of this universe. God made rocks and trees and all things of creation billions and billions of years ago. He has exhibited them in the natural museum of creation! Whenever He sees nature God thinks back on the time He created it. This is what He wants us to inherit.

Could man duplicate the original earth that God created? Can we buy that ability, even for a high price? Even trading all the property in the United States we could not own even a handful of dirt that God created with so much love.

Think of the billions of years it took for mountains to come to exist creating beautiful, harmonizing scenery. When God sees it He recalls those long years it took to create them. You should look at even a pebble with that perspective. Put it in your pocket and feel that connection to all creation. Feel that the original universe is in your pocket. When you touch it you can say "Good morning" to all the universe. What a treasure this one rock is when we realize the heart of God behind it.

We easily see the value of a great painting. You can look at a painting of a forest scene and see a deer there. It looks beautiful and robust. But how much better it is in nature, there is sound and movement! In nature there is so much more. The animals are communicating and creating harmony. It is so marvelous and amazing compared to a painting on paper!

God created all this as a natural museum. Have we ever praised this as much as we have praised a great painting? Have you ever plucked a handful of grass and praised it? The grass welcomes man's touch! The birds fly like they have been flying for millions of years and fish have been swimming for generations, but they would much rather be flying and swimming with a master.

In deep and remote Alaska, big fish like dolphins are not afraid of man. They say "Let's play!" They come around Father's boat when he is out fishing. They are really coquettish, going faster than the boat. They look back at you and make a motion with their tail. Then they come back and say "I am faster than you!"

When you sit down in the mountains have you considered how many types of grass you are sitting on? You are the visitor to this great museum of God's creation. You sit on many of the displayed items, grass, insects, soil. Would the universe criticize you for sitting there? No, it would welcome you.

Vegetables are also a part of God's precious display. If man eats without appreciation or love the vegetables will feel preyed upon. But if we eat with appreciation realizing their value, they will be appreciative. We come to think any being without a master is miserable. Why do they need a master? Why are they happy to find one? Women need a master too. Is that right? Men also need one. Is it good to see two masters fighting together like in a bullfight? Does it make children happy to see their parents fight that way? No. The two masters should be in harmony and in love. That way they can produce more products to be displayed in this wondrous museum!

Father had the chance to observe a large carp. It was huge with eggs. The other fish hit it. How painful it must have been. The big carp tried to evade the other fish, but they kept hitting it, then it began to lay eggs. The fish was experiencing the same thing as women who endure painful labor.

The way that fish live is different from animals on land. Father wondered what kind of enjoyment fish have because they do not touch each other. Maybe they have some kind of electronic wave lengths. The incredible ability of fish to multiply quickly gave Father insight. What if they were like land animals that come together once to give birth to one offspring? Fish must multiply by the millions so they can feed many people. When the earth's population gets larger, land animals and vegetables will not be enough to feed everyone. We should all watch creation for these kinds of insights. Nature will welcome and support a person who studies creation and has these realizations.

As Unification Church members we have found our true master. In America's best museums things always look the same. If you visit them ten years later they will be the same. But in the universe there are a million more things to admire. Who does this nature belong to? Yes, it is God's.

All Unification Church members know that these things have come into being centered on love. Everything wants to be created and touched by love. The vegetable and animal kingdom and even the mineral kingdom has male and female elements. How and why did they come to be like that? We hold the original rope of love. We pull it and let it go, pull and let go. All loves are connected to that. The origin of man's and creation's existence is love and all are connected to this rope. That means that all God has to do is take this rope along with Him and all the universe will follow behind Him. If He makes a big turn all the universe will experience this big turn. Everything should hold onto that rope tightly otherwise when God turns quickly we might come loose! No matter how God maneuvers hold on tightly!

The rope is incredibly flexible. No matter how you manipulate it everything will exist harmoniously bending and moving together. With that love you can jump to incredible heights. No matter how God jumps around you can go with Him. It is very exciting! You will never get sick even though it might be faster than the biggest roller coaster. In order to jump high God has to exert great power. Would the earth complain about that? No. It would prepare more. What if someone pinches you? With love it is okay. Even if they pinched your face so hard it tore the skin off, it would be alright. American women can say, "I want my husband to love me strongly." Maybe he will bend her little finger backward until it breaks, but even that shape would look beautiful to you! All people who look at that finger would like it and want that small finger to touch them. Even insects will want to sit on that finger!

Without love this is not possible. Anything which is the result of love can be cherished by everybody. If you think, "I am a representative of the whole universe", you can receive love directly from God. But a person who does not realize this will gain no meaning or value from the things they do.

When you say, "I am the real focus of God's universal love!" and then live like that, the whole universe will come behind you and follow you. If a man of love urinates on the plants they would say "Give me more showers! Nobody loved me so much as to urinate directly on me. This is my day! How nutritious this is. I wish I had this occasion more often!"

What greater poet or writer is there than the person who realizes his value and the value of nature. There is none better. When God looks at people who realize His intent and love He will say, "I can bestow my treasure on them."

How old is the human eye? The history of the eye is billions of years old. How precious is that eyelash and eyebrow, located at just the right spot, that has been given to you. How about the nose? How old is the nose's tradition?

Lips are so fantastic. They are so elastic that even after a long life they still last! Even the best rubber would break down after ten years! Everyone wants the mouth to praise them and to bring them good news, but its best purpose is for love--kissing!

Western people have such high noses they have to turn to kiss, almost to ninety degrees! It is the one time they give up their dignity. Have you ever thought why we kiss with our mouths touching? Because the mouth has the most to do with life. We take in food for life with our mouth. Culture and civilization started with the mouth, poetry and literature comes through the mouth. We express ourselves through our mouths. The mouth has that importance. Women's lips are thin and men's are a little thicker. Women have to speak a lot and fast to give direction to children. Men do not have to speak so much.

God made women short so they can do many things. It is easier for them to bend over and reach for things. If women were tall like a man it would be painful to be bent over all the time.

Why do animals walk on four feet? So they can find food. Man walks upright because he has to protect himself, but animals do not worry about that. They cannot be distracted, they must find food. If animals had hands and feet like man it would not be convenient.

Animals too are seeking love and multiplication. If you realize this you will feel so close to creation.

Our eyes represent God, the nose which is made up of two parts represents man and woman and the mouth represents earth. Our ears represent the four directions or four corners of the world. In the morning we wake up and wash our face and clean our teeth. Our teeth represent all things. We have thirty two of them. Four (representing earth) multiplied by eight (meaning restart) equals thirty two.

Why is man the center of the universe? The ocean and the sky appear blue, yet they have no color themselves. The color of dirt is the color of land. Animals have protective coloration. It is always in perfect harmony with the earth. Man is master of all the universe--the land, the sea and spirit world too. There is no existence which in some way does not resemble the human body. The lungs have a function similar to that of the vegetable kingdom. The heart is a symbol of the animal kingdom. The stomach is like the earth, it can digest anything. All things resemble human beings.

No animals want to gather in a remote mountain area where there are no humans. They want to dwell around the village where people are. Birds will come and nest there too.

We have all experienced children who give us a hard time, right? They cry and scream so loud sometimes. Just think that this is the child's means of signaling "I am a man who lives here", so all creation knows where to find him. How can you confidently explain that? He is a master of love, so all things are waiting for his signal.

A bird's song serves three purposes. To call his mate, call to children and for seeking food. Birds and animals migrate to seek food and to find areas that are good and safe for reproducing. All are symbolic of finding love. In this great arena of love, who is the center?

Poets and writers praise man comparing him to the things of creation. We express all things by relating with nature. Beyond any poets description man is truly the center of love in this beautiful creation.

When a man is walking in search of love all his "gates" are open in expectation. His eyes, ears and nose are all open. In love everything is open, excited and waiting.

Do you want to be a love general or just a love soldier? A general leads many different types of soldiers. Is that easy or difficult? Father has thousands of soldiers. How can he fill all those eyes, ears and mouths? Only true love can do that. It will spread out like falling rain and the soldiers can drink it in. The strongest existence is love.

So today's topic, what is it? "God's heavenly successful realm which will be given to us". No matter how great anything is it cannot be greater than the heavenly realm of God's love. Through it east and west can be united. Opposite cultures will seek each other out to harmonize. Like a Unification Church marriage, extremes can come together and harmonize, no problem!

How precious this love is! We did not know it before. Because love is fallen it has only been in Satan's sovereignty. We want to break out of that. Only true love can unify the separated characteristics within ourselves. Only true love can break down that wall. It is the only thing--just true love. Ask your mind if that is true. It will say, "Of course!" If you become a true love general how wonderful it will be! Everyplace you go you will be welcomed. No matter what kind of atmosphere you encounter, you can dominate it. Know this way clearly, inside and outside. Know it, take action and make it your property.

Why is man the center of the universe? Man used to live in the ocean. Yes, that's true, in his mother's womb. Did you know the baby is praying in the mother's womb? Buddhists try to follow that kind of style praying with their hands together.

Later in life, man is surrounded by land and takes in the elements of the earth through his food. We have three great parents. Our physical parents, the earth and the third parent is Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father's love is our nutrition. Spirit world nutrition is that of the Father. We live in three different atmospheres during our lives. Water before we are born, air while we live on earth and love in the spirit world. In spirit world all cells breath in love. In spirit world you want to see and experience more true love. Your eyes, nose and ears will be full of excitement trying to do more and more. There will be no time for sleep there.

God is the center of love and he does not want to sleep, but rather He wants to enjoy more and more love. God has given so much stimulating love to us that He cannot sleep. How much I have been excited by living will decide my value in the spirit world.

Babies need to receive good pre-natal education. If a man and woman are living harmoniously with intense love the baby learns this concept even before it is born. 100% of its cells will be activated in this activity. When a woman is pregnant she should not have any enemy, but only love.

This morning at pledge Father had twenty eight family members with him. The babies were all very active. They all want attention. Not money power, but only the power of love can draw attention.

We live and grow in three lives. Before birth we live in the mother's womb. Then for seventy to a hundred years we live on earth experiencing all different types of things. In the spirit world we continue to grow too. Life here on earth is not for money or power but for love. Until twenty years of age, you are under the love of parents, then you experience a husband's and wife's love and later in life you receive love from children and grandchildren.

We live for the sake of love. Without parents, a child's ability to love cannot become perfect. This is one reason why the American youth problem is so big. Free sex makes a person look like they have many wounds and holes in them. It is never pretty and should never have existed. While we are on earth we must experience the three types of love. We cannot divorce our children or our parents. East and west are supposed to combine in just one horizontal way. There cannot be an east-north combination. Americans are always trying to jump from east to north, but they cannot find happiness there. Are there many ways of being happy? There is absolutely only one way.

Our realm of love has to grow and become connected on every level. Americans only make it to the first level, thinking of their family, but never the nation.

We receive three types of education. [Father used three Korean words to name them]. The first is a pre-natal education. The second translates to "living education" meaning a post-natal education that we receive while on the face of the earth. This is preparation for the spirit world. The third type is the eternal education that we receive in spirit world. All of these are true love concepts. Who is the teacher? We learn from God's true love. Our textbook is God's love and these three other types of love.

In the spirit world we feel connected in love to everything we see. We will see something God made and we will love it. The meaning of our life is that we have lots of love preparing to go back to where we came from---the spirit world. What is it that is to be inherited and passed along? It is true love. When we inherit true love we should be able to bestow it on all others.

Father has been fishing for striped bass. It is the most beautiful fish! Father appreciates this fish and gives love to God in thanks for its beauty, bone structure, etc. When you do that kind of thing with love, all creatures will welcome you. When I eat that fish I can reach a higher level. The fish will not mind because it becomes a part of man's body which is closer to God.

People who live like that can inherit the true love blood and true love body, the whole thing. Spirit world and God look down at Father excitedly and ask "What is he doing today?" Lately Father has been fishing, but does he love only fish? No, he has relationship with all animals and creation. More than any other man.

From now on Father will love and begin to pay attention to the mineral kingdom. All the Jews have been monopolizing this but when Father comes all the minerals will come to Father and follow him.

God told Father, "Yes, you are master, do everything for the world." So Father is so busy having to travel and do many things. That is why we have to live long, so we can accomplish many things for our mission. There is a proscribed time that each one should go to spirit world. But if you are busy working and you are twenty years late, would God scold you? No, He would be proud of your efforts and busy lifestyle.

Today is the last day of April. Now all the flowers are blooming. In May they wither away. We must move quickly to keep pace with spring before it goes away. That is why Father chose to speak these things to you today.

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