The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

The Founding Anniversary and Final Liberation

Given by Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA
May 1, 1989
Translated by Col. Han
Unofficial Notes from 9:00 am Speech

Today we greet the thirty fifth anniversary of the founding of the Unification Church. What is the situation of the Unification Church today? Is the Unification Church or Reverend Moon more widely known and famous? [Reverend Moon!] Why is it so? Is he famous in a good sense or bad? Today it is mixed. Some say he is the greatest, others say he is bad. From now on, which group will increase? Those with the understanding that he is good. Those who see a positive view will increase quickly from now. We can consider that the more people get interested in what Father has done, the more they will begin to study. The more they study, the more they will come to understand what he has accomplished.

In the future the people who come will be more important leader types who have high positions in the world. What about Unification Church members who have been heartistically supporting Father (without any social position)? There will be a time to see how it balances and which side will be larger and more.

Foundation Day relates to the founding of the church. Before the founding there was a will and a purpose. People will have to see that. People will have to look back and follow the history of the Unification Church.

We have been following Father. What happens when Father goes to spirit world? What will guide us? Where do we look for guidance? How many years will the Unification Church continue on, how many more anniversaries will there be? Have you ever stopped to think about that? Now we are dedicated and following but in 1000 years what will the world have become? If we are going to continue on 1000 years, then we should stop and look at where we should go.

Take the clear example of Christianity. For 2000 years it was strong. Now they are confused. Christians have lost their faith. If we look at the Unification Church thousands of years from now, what kind of standard will there be?

All religions started out with a founding spirit and strong influence. But thousands of years later when the spirit is down the founding person will find that he has become powerless. It is only reasonable to wonder how long the Unification Church which is so strong and only prosperous, will go on this strongly. It is reasonable to think about the future now.

When something is centered on a person and that person loses power, his followers will too. But if a religion is founded on God it will develop and finish its work when God has too. When something begins from God, it is necessary to God Himself and everyone. Therefore this church must also go on transcending history, digesting change, and finally creating a foundation with God at the end. What is it that God has wanted for all eternity, for thousands and billions of years?

Look at nature. It has been perpetual under one law. The existence of male and female aspects is a concrete law. This law dominates the nature from any of the three kingdoms. Generations will perish, but new ones will begin. We have seen this through history. All things are male and female, even within mankind. Many things can be improved upon but this phenomena cannot be revolutionized, it is constant.

In the animal kingdom there is one set of parents. But humans have institutionalized life. The order is confused. In one family there can be two or three even four different parents because of divorce. It is confusing to a child. What God wants is to propagate a traditional family. He loves that.

What about God Himself? He wants nothing but love. What God wants and what man wants cannot be two different things. In nature for example, the animal kingdom has horizontal love. It came and has continued for millions of years. Man and his love exist in the vertical dimension. It must become consistent with God's desire and ideal. We should never go against that. It is the only way for us to prosper. This is the central concept. A child of God has to have this vertical concept. The vertical connection must be well founded and not deviated from.

Up on God's level there is no question, it is very clear that the vertical tradition is necessary. But what of man's offspring? They will be the ones at the grassroots of this effort, but will they support God's concept? This is the question.

Has any man and woman ever lived with the concept of living a perfected horizontal idea? This is what love is but nobody has known about it because no one has had any idea about the vertical concept. If we know the vertical concept we know we need a horizontal concept as well. Like right requires left, front calls for back, and so on. When we say men we automatically have women in mind. One does not exist without the other.

Everyone wants to live a good life. Even if a man and woman do live in perfect alignment with each other there is still a big discrepancy in their relation to the vertical line. Maybe their horizontal line intersects the vertical line at only ten or thirty degrees. What about a blessed couple? What degree are you? Do you have a goal or a vision? Just like the horizontal ideal exists with the vertical in mind, if you want the ideal husband/wife relationship you need to have an ideal relationship with God in mind first. Man or woman has to think about a perfect vertical relationship first, then he or she will think about a perfect horizontal relationship. Do you follow?

This horizontal concept is an obvious and necessary conclusion. We always talk about subject and object roles and how they must become one, but before that we must maintain a perfect vertical relationship first.

This is the thirty fifth anniversary of our church. So many changes have come about. Father had a choice, he could talk about the highlights of this history, yet he thought, we have to continue on forever. What then becomes important? What we need to understand more deeply is that as long as we understand principle we can continue on with God forever. That is why Father has brought up this subject today.

Even within a man there is an aspect of woman. Each half goes around and around. Within each of us we have a man of flesh and a man of mind. We have these dual characteristics. The mind is subject and the body is object. When the two are harmonious we will be ideal. Within one man there is the need to combine the horizontal and vertical relationship. Create a center in yourself by combining the two. That is the perfect relationship.

All men want to become one with their nation, the world and ultimately with the universe so that they can rise up in their position. There is such a large population on the earth and so many who have already gone to spirit world, but there are still only two types of human beings, man and woman. Only two! Who is the established model and prototype? True love. True Parents were modeled after that. Which came first true love or True Parents? [True love.] Between God and true love, which came first?

When we talk about the ideal there needs to be an object for that ideal to exist. When God began the ideal He had an object which was love. Even God had that in mind. He has everything, but He wants nothing but love. Is there anything that God can worship? Something that He respects? This is very practical. Every man wants to respect something lofty. We want to adore and relate to something higher. That mind comes from God He must have that too. It is true love. This is an important point.

The shortcomings of religion have been that they dealt with conceptual things and stop there. In the Unification Church we see the ideal concept is rooted in reality. It must come to exist in reality. This is historic and important for humans to solve.

In His relationship with man, God needs to solve this concept and make sure that it is correct. No one has known this before. Once a man or woman joins the Unification Church, they graft onto the truth and have a small root. There is then no other place for this person to live. If they leave and go elsewhere they still remember their root is here. Is there anything God can admire and respect? True love. Even God has unlimited respect for a true love object. Not just any object, but a true love object. God must be smiling down on us as we have this conversation. Ask Him directly, "Is it true?"

Do you envy God? What if God asks you to switch positions? He'll say "You can sit in my place all by yourself with mountains of gold and diamonds. You can have all the power. You can kill somebody if you want or love anybody". Would you want to switch? [No.] Is God happy or lonely? [Lonely.] He is devoid of a true love object. He has many objects, but no true love object. Think for a minute what is a true love object? Maybe a gorilla? Would you want to marry a gorilla? Evolutionists say they are your ancestors! Evolution has no place. It is a concept which will perish very soon. Do you think man could evolve into a woman and a woman into a man? Do you think that all animals with four feet could become the same kind of animal? No, they all have different origins. Can you cross a lion and a tiger? Scientists might have tried it but we've never heard of any result. If you dissect the dead body of a lion and tiger you will notice that there are many similarities but they could never be crossed together.

There are two different sexes, this cannot be changed. Women will never be able to give birth through their mouths or any other organ, only the one made for it. The concept is the question. Reality follows it.

Our conclusion is that even God admires, wants to hold, wants to live twenty four hours a day with, a true love object. People think that God wants nothing, but this is not true.

God and His object need lots of accessories. That is all things plants, animals and minerals. This object of God wants to have lots of things. The smaller a woman is the larger her desire to have things. But this is not bad, it is the way it was designed to be. God wants an object and the object has to propose love to God. Before he does that though he has to gather a big offering--hunt animals, grow crops, mine diamonds, etc. then bring those things to God and give them to Him. Man does not look for these things only out of greed but out of love too. God created all things for us to use to love each other. At last someone understands this truth! This is truly an exciting and life saving concept.

Buddhists say that all desire is bad. They try to deny all desire. But we do have desire. Father says since you have these desires use them in this true way.

We must love our parents, children and all the population of the world. Beyond that we must love all animals, plants and the mineral kingdom. Gather them together and bring them to God. How precious this concept is. Do you believe God wants to laugh too? When He speaks He wants to speak only loving words. It is so lonely for Christian churches to teach that God is so high, man should leave Him alone. They say that He does not need us. How much better is Father's teaching that we need God, God needs us and that we can all come together and rejoice.

Billy Graham can speak in big halls and convert many people to God but would God prefer to be with us? He wants to be where people understand that He is a lonely God. Father wants to solve that. Father even wants to become a match maker for God! Do you think that is good or bad?

We want an intense and lasting relationship with God. Some force must pull that. Where does it come from? Not from God or man alone, but the power of love is itself so powerful. When true love says, "Here I am, go out and do something important (maybe even die!) and I will come to you." Would you even be willing to die? You have not even met the reality of true love and still you say yes. This same thing would apply to God.

We must understand that this is not just one of Father's many sermons this morning. This moment is only possible at this culmination of human history. Reverend Moon came, found it and established this truth on the face of the earth. No one greater will ever come after. This man, Reverend Moon is super historical. Father is here saying these things now. In 10,000 years the best that any man can do is confirm what Father said May 1st, 1989. They will not be able to say anything more than what Father has already given us. This is the first and only time in all 6000 years of history that these truths can be spoken. This is the revealing of God. Even before the creation of the universe this concept was already here.

There has been so much work for restoration up until now, but from now is the time for result. God can laugh and go forward with Father. God finally has an object of love! You can pray in private and double check this! Our offspring and all people need to know this. Do your eyes smile by themselves? No, they only smile in harmony with the rest of your laughing face. By the same token, if man laughs God can laugh too.

In conclusion, we have the definition of an ideal man. He might be harmonized within himself and with his wife, but he must become harmonious with the vertical relationship and seek a higher ideal. Then he is an ideal man.

Who is the ideal, original man? Original man means creator. Would God feel bad if you called Him the original man? No.

So the original man is the one who keeps a vertical relationship--only one line never two lines--only one line with God. Ninety degrees from that is the position for the original couple. Ideal man is the one who is consistent with the original ideal. What is that ideal? True love. Ideal man and woman are those who become perfectly harmonized with their spouse and focus on God's desire. Only love can take a couple to this kind of high position.

God's love includes individual love, family love, tribe love, country love, etc. From the highest point of reaching God's love, combine all these levels into one and make love relate to the world. From there we find liberation for all people and things. Everywhere we go we are free. This is the only place to be truly free. Everything up to this point is in the indirect dominion.

The ideal couple is made of those men and women who try to resemble God on the individual level. When that is done they go on and try to follow the way God would exist on the family level. On and on they go to each higher level. You cannot do this individually but only by couple.

Why is the family so important? Because when they come into unity and attain these levels, it is still vertical. This vertical attitude always exists within the family, it does not change.

If you have true love, all things come connected to it.

[Father draws a diagram showing how the shapes of men and women can overlap to form a perfect rectangular shape.] When man and woman are perfectly overlapped it creates four corners. When man and woman are in perfect union they can drown in perfect love. This same concept exists with man and God too, not just man and woman. God also has dual characteristics. If you could somehow stand back to get a view of the universe, you would see it has the shape of man and woman overlapped. When viewed from the right the universe looks like a man, from the left it looks like a woman. From the top, a man and from the bottom, a woman. All the universe is made up of plus and minus. What is it destined to be? To become one. All things exist for the sake of love. When plus and minus come together they explode, then return to nothing, come together and explode again.

There was never a teaching or religion that could educate people with this consistent, original explanation.

How should we look at men and women? First notice the eyes, are they in a straight horizontal line? The nose should be straight and vertical and the mouth should be straight and balanced. Nothing should be lopsided. A person should walk straight. Even the nipples should be in a straight line. With all this in mind you can walk harmonized. Father sees that this is a healthy person. They are spiritually healthy too, their conscience is straight. Women seek to do shopping, she is supposed to. Women take care of all the details. If the men went shopping they would be thinking, "We don't need this". Man is thinking of the ideal, the future of the offspring, he does not care about shopping. Father realizes we need both. Which is subject though? [The ideal.] Women have to bow down to men because of this.

There is even a correct order in the way we say some words. Sometimes English is mixed up, but these things seem to be correct in English too. We say "heaven and earth", not "earth and heaven". It should be "father and mother", "son and daughter" instead of the other way around.

Look at the shoes you use for walking. The heel of the shoe is a good indicator of conscience. If you walk straight your conscience is straight. Father notices and uses all these secret things during the time of matching.

So on to Father's main topic now. In thirty five years the Unification Church has risen from nothing to where we are today with influence in all different areas. The first house we had was so small, but it had a huge sign board announcing the name HSA-UWC. People coming to visit did not know what to make of it. The sign announced something so glorious, but when they looked at the tiny house there seemed to be a contradiction.

God saw this and said the house was too small, so then he gave us Belvedere. So now, Father thinks even the New Yorker is not big enough. Maybe the White House might be big enough for this sign board to be hung on it. Father's remaining task is to find the largest building with the largest billboard in the universe!

One day Father will build a huge house with a sign that announces HSA-UWC. All cultures and religions will take part in building this huge sign.

Who is greater, Reverend Moon or President Bush? [Reverend Moon!] Why? Reverend Moon is not replaceable, no one can take his place. The president changes every four years so he cannot be that great.

Senators and Congressmen have had meetings recently. They say that no one has done more for America than Reverend Moon. They say that he is a true patriot for America. Father says "No, I am not American, I am a foreigner." Foreigner sounds like "forever runner"--he will not stay here. But still they ask him to stay here. Now they are saying these things. They are asking him to please lead the American people.

China and Russia are competing to grasp Reverend Moon first. It's true! We never know what Father is doing. China is already welded to Father. Chinese leaders are saying "Without Reverend Moon, China has no way to continue."

Soon the United States will have a hard time to catch up with Russia. Politicians here have to do so much work to get people to unite while Gorbachev only has to push one button. Russia needs a real religion and true idea. They do not want the kind of religion that they see creating division throughout the rest of the world. They know Reverend Moon is the solution. Russia has witnessed the entire free world coming against Reverend Moon. They see he has been hit everywhere but he never falls down. They see he is only climbing higher and higher. God thinks about that.

One day Father will go up and occupy the throne of God. After all these millions of years God will be able to come down to earth. Do you think that is good? Father will look down at God working and feel so proud and happy and will encourage Him. Father has had this goal for a long time he wants to liberate God stuck in this lonely place.

Once the biggest building is built the "foundation" aspect of Father's work will be complete. The only thing remaining then is liberation. The only entity to liberate God, Father, Mother and Unification Church members is true love. True love can liberate all levels.

Our goal must be clear. We want to occupy, own and practice true love. Everything else will come as an accessory.

If there is a black couple blessed by Father and he wants to visit, would they refuse him? Would he have to call first to ask permission to come? How about a white couple?

We are going to the true love place. We will become true love owners. It is the most precious place.

When Father thinks of this thirty fifth anniversary, he thinks back to when he was thirty five years old and he was in prison. For what purpose was he there? To liberate God. Now thirty five years later, he sees it happening. He can forgive and forget all the times in prison.

Now Father is being welcomed more than any other religious leader. During these thirty five years everyone opposed him, his parents, his own nation, even spirit world sometimes came against him. They not only opposed him but tried to stop him by force. But he was undaunted and with love he digested everything. Now he has True Family, a true tribe, true believers and has support with people going the same way. Father is not alone now. Many powerful people are coming along.

Father will wage a big offensive.

Korea, China, Japan and the United States are all looking towards Father. The only weapon Father has is true love, he has no guns. The only way to subjugate Satan's world is true love. That is the last banner to go up. Then everything is done. It is the only bridge remaining. The tribal messiah has this privilege. You can gain the true love messiahship which Jesus and Adam wanted to fulfill, and which God wants to see happen. Tribal messiahship is the beginning of the last big push.

Adam and Jesus could not get married (Adam was not married in the true sense). How about you, have you been blessed? [Yes!] That is not an easy yes. How much pain and suffering, bought with blood was paid to save your couple.

From the time of the blessing you can gain restoration.

Your ancestors believe in you, love you and want to follow you dedicating everything. The messiah is this absolute center. That is the responsibility of messiahship. The blessed couples I have sent out as Tribal Messiahs stand in Father's place. Father is standing like God's family on the earth. We start now on the horizontal way spreading out to the four corners of the world. 21,000 couples are mobilized.

This is so different from Jesus' time. The world is welcoming you. Messiahship means parentship. Until 1988 we were in the time of brotherhood. 1989 is now the time for parents. You are going up a step to the parent's position which is that of tribal messiahship. Since May 1st we are declaring and welcoming that time.

Think about the honorable position you are in. Think about it. Father has done everything. Everyone will welcome you. Do not be a straggler.

From now on we have parentship. It is so important to understand. People you meet will compare you to their brother, their parents, and they will look at your lifestyle compared to theirs. Taking parentship is the only way to save your country and save the world from Satan. Satan's world has been a world under bad parents. By your becoming parents you can plant new blood in your tribe.

You must know that no matter what kind of difficulty you have you cannot escape this place. Whether it is persecution or a difficult situation. You cannot sleep, cannot play or lose time. We need to create an atmosphere in all four corners of the world so our families can recognize that Father is a great and righteous man.

A few days ago the leaders of the 280 tribes of Korea [not Unification Church members] met with Father. Some of them were very proud. Father let them have it. Even if they are famous, they must know the truth. They humbled themselves and by the time they left they became like children. They are still proud to be Korean, but it is because Father came from that country.

In years past Satan followed me everywhere accusing me. Now that time has passed away.

Your first job is tribal messiahship. Your job at the New Yorker or wherever you work is your second or third job.

If you know the truth then you have to take action. You can tell it to your tribe.

We never asked for this blessing. We never knew about it. No one ever asked Father, "Please let me be a messiah". But he is teaching this to us from now.

Parentship is the last revelation. There is no time for fighting now we are too busy.

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