The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Let Us Return to the Origin

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 21, 1989
Translated by Col. Han
Unofficial Notes from 6:00 am Speech

Often in life we mean to go forward but we usually come back to the same point, not advancing very much. We also revolve. East yearns for west, above for below, front for back, so they can turn together. What is it to be ideal? In the United States it is ideal for those who are above to have give and take with those below. They will do well to do this. This kind of rich give and take can be called ideal.

Have you ever stopped to think that one is meant to walk straight, but eventually make a big circle and come back to the same point? How do men and women walk in harmony with each other? As they walk the way of life would men descend down to meet women or would women ascend up to meet man? Would their pace be the same? It isn't likely.

If you divide a person's body in half with a horizontal line, in men the shoulders are heavier, in women the lower part is heavier. Man is master of above, women is master of below.

There is quite a difference between east and west. Have you ever noticed eastern people are almost never left handed? In the west it is not so clear. Some people are left handed, some are right handed and some are ambidextrous. In the east women sit on the left of a man so the man has to help her with his right hand. In the west, what side does the women sit on? It doesn't really matter so much does it? There is confusion.

All things must harmonize, above and below, left and right, up and down to eventually make a circle. [Father draws a diagram of a spiral leading into the center of a circle and then coming back out of the spiral. The spiral is drawn on top of intersecting vertical and horizontal lines.] If you are confused you may be able to go into the circle but not get back out. It means you cannot continue. The real starting point is the center point. You must come out and then go back in.

A man's life's starting point is his parents. He goes out to life and a career and always comes back to the native place, where he wishes to find his parents. When we find the parents and they see something lacking in us, they will try to make up for that. If something is lacking in the parents the children want to fill it up. This is making a vertical balance.

What is the ideal man? He is welcomed no matter where he is on the circle. He is a representative of the right vertical and the right horizontal lines.

[Father draws a variety of shapes that look like different sized pieces of pie. One is a quarter of the pie with two straight lines and a round edge.] Which shape represents the best man? The more complete shape is better. If you do not like a curving line you are denying a part of your existence. [Father points to very narrow pie shape.] Some say "I specialize." They are in real trouble, there is no room for anything. The ideal angle is ninety degrees not any of these others. Why? Because once you have a right angle, it always fits. Even if it is smaller, or larger or upside down a ninety degree angle will always fit together. It will fit in every place, in the east or the west. If you invert it, it still fits too and harmonizes every where.

When we say east and west will unite how will we do it? What is the ideal form of uniting? Is it to take one piece too big and one too small and bang them until they fit together? No, they should slide together and fit naturally.

Father said he is a very orderly man. That is an everyday saying in the orient. It means that everything within that person is in a straight line.

[Father draws the Chinese character for the word 'right'. It has a horizontal line on top representing heaven, two parallel lines representing man and woman and a horizontal line on the bottom representing earth. There is a small horizontal line extending from the right side vertical line, which represents the branch or child.] The branch comes from the father. Where do you women come from, your mother or father? I know the American women are saying "mother", but the answer is father. Women need to harmonize with love and become one with man.

Imagine a man with two eyes in a vertical position. It would be extremely confusing. We have the idea that heaven and earth will harmonize. In laughing there is a standard of vertical and horizontal. If a woman has a protruding mouth, she always talks more than necessary. Your body has unmistakable signs of your personality.

You need to have strong vertical and horizontal lines, even facially. You are always balanced then. Where does laughter start from? Your laugh should begin from your eyes. They eyes represent God. The thumb also represents God. It holds over all four fingers. Twelve months symbolize the universe. God protects all seasons.

The person who walks looking down does not walk a long path of life. He who leans to the left always walks turning to the left. The man who is straight and looks ahead lives a long time. Look where a person's eyes are focusing. The one who is focusing far ahead will live a long time. In a man who is following principle, the ears should dissect his face exactly in half. Politician's ears sag down, they are more interested in 'below' type of things. A religious man's ears tend to be higher.

There should always be a standard so measurement can be made based on it. Some people open their mouths when sleeping. An orderly man sleeps with his eyes and mouth closed. The person who has a lot to say but no chance to say it sleeps with his mouth open.

The essence of being ideal is to center on one vertical line and for a horizontal line to intersect it at an exact ninety degree angle. All individuals with this as a base have good relationships. The longer vertical line is better. It is more stable.

When you look at a tree your eye is drawn to the trunk first. It is the center. Your eyes focus there and then follow out to the branches and leaves.

Think of uniting east and west, or above and below. Reduce it down to this basic shape. [Father draws quarter pie shape again.] With this basic shape we have elements of the ideal. What constitutes these two intersecting lines?

Man and woman can harmonize but what is the center? It is love. People cannot harmonize through money or power. Only love can make and shape the deepest harmony. Where do man and woman connect? At the center point. The connecting point cannot be weak, but must be very strong. Even though a woman's eyes and ears may wander they will always come back to the center to rest.

Why do women want to wear such bright colors and nice clothes? The man is the nucleus of a couple, he is not visible. The woman is surrounding him all around. She wants to be very colorful and visible.

The woman who is over decorated is deviated and a little disturbed. She wants to be noticed. What about a stable woman? She is happy to wear the same dress over and over as long as she has a token of her husband's love. No matter what the covering is though, what is precious is the contents.

Why is Father elaborating this point? In the west men and women do not have a standard. Individuality is the standard. Even a democratic style of dressing would not be as good as the standard according to principle.

What is the most colorful thing? That which started from love. Love is more colorful than anything. If you offer true love to a hungry black man he eats it right up. If you offer it to a pig, he eats it too, a white person will also eat it. There are no cultural differences, everyone wants true love. A house built centered on love is the most ideal building. Women want to change things all the time, even the furniture. Mother likes to rearrange the furniture at East Garden. It makes Father dizzy. His pace of change is slower than Mother's.

When you go from east to west or west to east you want to go together with your husband. You want to be together forever. Sometimes it is very annoying to be with someone else all the time, but if love is there you never mind.

Men are perpetual and always flowing. They are stable and do not change or react so much. Women come and love, go away and then come back. Women are like reeds. In the morning the wind blows them in one direction and at night they are blowing in a different direction. They are very busy responding to everything.

We need to create a strong shaft as an axis to rotate on. True love is the only essence this shaft can be made of. There may be a woman so sensitive that you cannot even touch her, but eventually even she will have to be stuck with this true love stick. After that this woman should say, "All I have is yours, I don't care how you treat me."

Man is unchanging, even wearing the same suit for all four seasons. Women want to cling to men, to make them look better. A woman wants to fold herself around her man.

When a woman is happy she says so, but a man just smiles. It is better to be a quiet man than one who expresses love like a woman. Men and women are so extremely different that the only way to harmonize is through love.

Let's say there is a ninety eight year old man and woman. Their hands are nothing but skin and bone. But the wife will still hold her husbands hand with the deepest caress of love. This is much more than what young people have. Father was fishing in Florida recently and saw a young man who looked like a hippie. He was kissing a girl for over forty five minutes! But no one was even noticing them. Only Father seemed to be observing them. What if this ninety eight year old couple sat in public kissing for forty five minutes? Do you think people would notice? A whole crowd would gather around them to watch. It would be very special. Their love is much deeper.

Only love can settle differences and harmonize. Father has been talking one hour already without getting to his topic. Do you mind? [No!] We are crazy centering on universal love. We are the happiest crazy people.

We are born because of love, because our parents came together and loved each other. We do not mind hearing that. Women must seek, find and follow a man. When we understand why we do not mind. It is so you can find your love. When you live for the sake of love, there is more hope there. If you die for the sake of love, it has a beautiful quality and sound to it. If someone dies for the sake of money or authority it sounds bad, but love is completely different.

Nothing else is closer to the ideal than love. What is the framework or basic structure of forming a family? If love is the frame, then everything will be alright in that family. The home which is made up of love is an ideal home. The same structure works with a nation even though it is much larger than a family. We eventually need to build a cosmic frame of love. There cannot be anything else besides love no matter how big the area we want to cover. A country needs a person who loves that country more than anything else, like the cosmos and the family need the same. The one who loves the cosmos more than anything else is called a holy son. The one who loves the world is a saint, the one who loves the country is a patriot and the one who loves the family is a filial son. They all have love in common. Loving even beyond their life.

This same is true in essence both in the east and west, but to different degrees. That is the problem. Where did the difference come from? Nobody wanted any kind of deviation, not the filial son, holy man or patriot, so why did it happen? They successfully formed a right angle, but the problem is that the vertical line has never been properly discovered and treated straight.

Who will be the first one in the history of this country to achieve this right vertical and right horizontal connection? Will it be your parents or grandparents or you?

The size of the circle does not matter. As long as the right angle is there everything will fit properly.

Always check yourself, "Am I straight in conforming to the vertical line?" You have to check yourself by the vertical tradition and horizontal law. The system was made by law.

A woman's tradition is her monthly cycle. It should be very regular. You should always try hard to maintain a ninety degree tradition with your husband.

No matter how small, a right angle is the standard form. Your eyes and facial features, your daily life, your entire career, everything has to maintain this ninety degree angle. Everything in the universe wants to harmonize with this basic form, in spirit world too.

In love, marriage is the ideal form. There the love will start growing. Men and women can never become one until they come into love. They are so different there is no other way to harmonize.

If you say to the President that you want to see him for the sake of loving the country more, he cannot deny you. You can even say to God, "I want to see You for the sake of loving the world more." He cannot deny you.

No matter how small, we need this ideal form. What is an honest man? He is centered on love and treats the vertical and horizontal relationships right. No matter where he goes or what his position is, he is welcome. Such a man is free. He lives beyond the law of the land. If you ask God to show you His original form and you look at yours, do you think they will be different? No, they are both made up of ninety degree angles and are exactly the same.

Through the vertical tradition we can meet any ancestor we want to. Since we live horizontally there is no brother or sister we cannot see. Since we lack this concept though, we cannot yet be free of racial divisions. The ones who will be able to dominate this situation will be those of mixed blood. Those who have parents of both races. Father predicts that in the future a genius will be born between black and white parents.

Why do birds migrate? They travel far even when there is sufficient food where they are. Any parent wants to give their children the best. They go to a place with the best food and the best possible circumstances for mating and child rearing. Tropical birds go to cold weather places. Fish too go from the ocean to fresh water to spawn like striped bass and salmon. Some types of crabs move from fresh water to salt water to reproduce. Man is always out for conquest. They want to hunt animals and catch big fish. Women do not even think about it. They just want to make things more beautiful.

Great learning and great teaching will take place between east and west. Young Americans will give up their great educated professors and go to the east to look for a great teacher. Americans have been so busy collecting material things so that they could have the best life possible. Now they have everything [externally] but realize there is still something missing, so they are looking to the east. The eastern man thinks that he knows everything internally but is now looking to the west to see how he can make his life more complete.

Father will be the best teacher for young American people to follow. Once we live like this and then try to go back to our old way of life we find that there is no excitement and no fun there. Americans even want to follow little Japanese, it looks like a deer following a rabbit. A sure sign of the end of days!

Our movement will continue on as always eventually becoming the permanent pattern.

Becoming vertical means we have to give up everything. Now the west is seeking the vertical. The east thinks they have found it so they come to the west in search of the horizontal.

This teaching of the ninety degree standard is the first and last teaching. We missed the first chance. If you can grab that one point, you will find that everything else is connected to it.

There is one center. God is at the center and Father's mind dwells there. Knowing this way you have something special to give to this world. People are waiting to meet you. Don't stay at home. The whole world is waiting for you the same as they are asking me to come. Every leader calls me up saying "Father, we are waiting for you. We make everything special for you. Please come see us."

What is the topic today? Return to the origin. What is the origin? God is the origin. What are we? The result.

Anglo Saxons made the opium war. That started the whole problem of young American people taking drugs. This is cause and result. What is sown shall be reaped. Father came here to plant good things.

The fallen world was made by women and now indemnity can be paid by them. Especially now American women teenagers are waiting for Father. The American woman has become a queen with her man following around behind her. This has happened in order to help God's providence.

In the future American people will raise up the Unification flag. I am telling you now. Do you believe me?

From now your mission is to stir up America in a good way. This is always what I have been doing. Now you can take the parents position.

Who is happier, you or Father? You have everything. You have God, you have True Parents. I don't have anything. You are the happiest people. That is good. You can use that happiness for the sake of America and God's will.

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