The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Our Whole Life and the Dispensation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA
May 28, 1989
Translated by Col. Han
Unofficial Notes from 6:00 am Speech

The morning is so calm, if we make so much noise [cheering and applauding Father] nature will be surprised!

The title of Father's speech this morning looks more like a picture than words, doesn't it? Translated from the Chinese characters it means "Our Whole Life and the Dispensation" or "Our Life's Career and the Dispensation."

We cannot live without a day. That means we cannot detach from this day. Without this day, or this month, or this year we cannot live. What is the average life span of a person? Maybe seventy five years. What about trees? They live a very long time. The king of creation, man lives less than trees?

There are carp at East Garden that live for 450 years or longer. These fish have been living for four generations of man. Do you want to live a long time? To what age? Your mouth tells Father you want to live long. Even if we live 10,000 years though, there is no notice, nothing remaining to say that you lived that long. It means after living 10,000 years that man would want to start again and live another 10,000 years. Do you think so? There is no end to that desire for life.

We must know each day of our entire life is different. Our 'whole life' means from the day we are born until we go to the grave. Within a lifetime are there more pleasant days or difficult days? Are there more happy days or sad days? This is the question. What about Unification Church members?

Perhaps a good deal of our life we've been scolded and reprimanded by Father! There is such a thing as an individual's 'whole life', but there is also a historical 'whole life'. There is no such concept of this now but we hope there will be soon. We need to recognize the historical rise and fall of a generation. History is the record of the vertical life.

Everyday we hear the news and can read the newspapers. The news is not centered on individuals but on countries, a nation, the President, and so on. The news is compiled based on these types of things. Right now America is in the forty first presidency. During this time, the 41st, 42nd and 43rd presidencies, America's future and fate will be formed.

When we compile a history, listing so and so as President during this time and so and so at another time, we use his name. His wife and cabinet are not mentioned. We can see that world history is compiled of the leaders of the times.

If you asked the leaders of democratic and communist countries which is the most important time in history for their regimes, what would they answer? The communists would say that world history is important centered on the communist revolution. If you ask them what they are proud of in communism, they would answer that they have the formula for historical advancement. The dialectics a theory for advancement through struggle which they say works.

On the other hand the democratic world would be proud of the sovereignty by the people which others do not have. America is a democracy which holds onto people. It cannot be detached from them. Freedom is what we are seeking. Is that freedom centered on man? Through what can we achieve this absolute freedom?

When we say "man", do we mean men and women? In a democracy we say "people". We mean both men and women.

Single individuals, both men and women value freedom. But centered on this individualism, they lost the larger sense of everything--their country, families, parents and so on. After asserting an individual will for a long time people lose sight of everything else. Subject and object must exist for a country and all other levels of relationship to endure, but these positions are lost after stressing individuality.

After a while in democracy, young people forget about their parents. Parenthood and their country mean nothing. Men and women say, "All I need is me." What started from a hopeful democracy has gradually reduced itself to nothingness. This idea started with strength but eventually has come down to nihilism. Can this kind of democratic concept save the world today? No. It cannot become a central concept. As a result, they lost everything. There are no longer parents to look up to, no country to take pride in. Women gave up looking for the ideal man. People have even given up looking for good friends.

The idea of a single man searching for democracy has failed. Maybe there is some hope in men and women searching for democracy together. What kind of an "ism" is that? Our conclusion is that individual democracy has to be second under democracy between men and women. A democracy between men and women sounds strange doesn't it? Individualism means "manism" and "womanism", but far better is "couplism" or a "couplistic" system. How about a democracy of family or "familistic democracy?" How about a tribalistic democracy, or nationalistic, or worldistic democracy? Each level gets better! But democracy cannot carry us to that high plane. It can possibly reach up to the individualistic level but then it falls down.

We thought that America's idea was great, but now we listen to Father and realize that the United States hasn't been thinking great at all.

The world has given up. People from democratic countries and communists all realize their systems will not work. What about the Unification Church? True love is our ideal. True loveism is what we're for! At best "Godism" is a concept, but not reality. But if we use the word love, it is more concrete. Many still do not know God, but people know what love is and they want it.

Love can only be considered a concept by the fact that we do not see it. But we can use it to exert influence in all different situations. We have seen it bring change. No matter how great a man is, how smart or handsome he may be, he cannot live without love. He cannot exist without love.

Ask your eyes, "What do you want to see?" They will answer, "I would like to see things through love." Even though we cannot see love yet, we want to see through love. Ask your nose, "What do you most want to do?" It will say, "I want to smell through love." Ask your mouth, ears, and touch the same question and you will get the same kind of answer. They all want to experience love. All this is horizontal, but more important is the vertical love. All love combined into one is called True Love. Do you like it?

When it comes to a situation of concept versus reality, communists will say God is a concept. We just say God is centered on true love. God is great because God is the center of love in the universe. Without Him love cannot be exchanged. This is very real and no longer a concept. But before we know this God is only a concept.

The communists will say, "We labor to get bread to eat." We say, "We work hard for the sake of love." Which is better? [Love!] This is an important point to distinguish what we cannot see actually has more influence than what we can see, for example love has greater influence than bread. Does anyone ever despair saying "I am going to kill myself because I can't eat three meals a day"? What about because of unfulfilled love? That is more believable. If one works incredibly hard just to be eating, it doesn't seem to make much sense. But we can easily see the sense in one who gives all for love. This is so important! What do we live for? Something we cannot see, but is so valuable! Let's say there is a couple fighting, demanding, "Do you love me?" You can tell your lover, "Yes, from my heart." That seems tangible. If you say, "I love you in my mind", it is only concept. We cannot see the mind and don't know where it is dwelling. We cannot forget or deny the value of the one thinking and working with love in mind. Which is more precious, a body friend or a mind friend? A body-mind friend is the most valuable. Likewise God and man combined together is more precious than either separately.

There are two different people. One wants to live with God and make a connection with Him. The other does not include God in his individual life. By comparison, the first is much richer and more significant.

God-fearing people in America gradually lost track of God and have been reduced to humanists. Humanism is very close to communism. The only difference is that humanists do not understand what they are doing. This is a point of danger when they no longer have God in their lives.

Individual democracy has no value. Maybe we can salvage it? How? If we have to be democratic individuals, at least do it for the opposite sex. We always yearn to be free, but what is that freedom? Individualism is supposed to mean freedom itself. But, actually it is inconsistent. The dilemma is that we need freedom on a world scale.

A woman who upholds democracy wanting freedom for women, denies men, parents, and the family system. All she wants is to see a woman president. We have seen this kind of woman.

Freedom for democracy's sake makes no sense. Individuals want to be free for the sake of love. Then we have something to look forward for. Democracy centered on the individual does not make sense. There is no valid goal there. But democracy centered on love immediately makes sense and has meaning. There is no complaining on any level for a democracy of love.

Do Americans have freedom? Maybe the IRS has freedom! Love should be the essence of freedom. All freedom means is love.

Unificationism is the supreme thought. Godism (which is hard to catch) means loveism. That is something people can immediately understand. Reverend Moon is not dumb. All people, from the most educated to the poorest, want to reach the terminal purpose of love. Then we can reach God and become one, God and man together. At that point God feels freedom. With love a man combines with God and can achieve everything. This is not a horizontal relationship. We want to combine in this vertical love.

That point is the main theme of Father's sermon today. God is also living, so God has a 'whole life' too. The meaning of 'whole life' is centered in daily life. Is God alive or dead? [Alive!] Who taught you that? [Father!] Not Father! God did. Think about that. What is God doing in His lifetime? This is something to think about. Why does God live? What is His purpose? True love is the purpose He is living to fulfill.

What is God doing? Is He just sitting on a throne and sleeping? No! His eyes are wide awake. Why? Like a child you can ask these kinds of questions. God has somebody He loves much and wants to see, so He keeps His eyes wide open to see them. Why does God have ears? He wants to hear the one that He loves so much. It is the same with His nose, and mouth and touch. Ask God if this is true and he will say, "Yes, you are right."

Now we know clearly. God exists for the sake of love, for the sake of someone He loves, which is all people. If even God exists like that, what about you women? You exist for the sake of men, actually the sake of love is better. If a family says, "We exist for the sake of love", it has a good sound. If we hear the same thing from a country, the world or the cosmos we get a better and better feeling on every level. God and man came into being not to conflict with each other, but for love, hopefully and happy. Does God prefer to be subject or would he prefer to let True love be the subject and He could support it? God is only one entity so He cannot follow everyone at the same time. But every human wants to put God on his side. Individually God is limited, but if you want to grasp Him, then reach Him with love and He becomes unlimited.

Without love we would not even want God around, but because love is His center we want Him. If we take love out of God, He is not worth any more than a statue or a grain of sand. We have to be able to concretely explain this to others.

If you experience love flowing between God and you, you do not need to own God. The love will be the same but it will be limitless. Even greedy people will not have to own Him.

Everyone sees God a different way. Thanks to Father, we know God is the source of love. When we think about that love our spirits are instantly elevated.

To explain love in a concrete way, we can say that love is the highest point that we can reach. In love we find freedom. We can go anywhere and then return and we do not mind.

What about American men who think that God should stay in the United States? They think God only loves whites and make assertions based on their individual position.

Love's property and character is to embrace an unhappy man first before a happy one, a poor and miserable person before a happy person. That is love's way.

See God as a Being of love. You immediately become elevated in love. We have all things of the universe going on in our minds when we mention God. You can see Him in the proper position in history and the universe.

Would you rather have a father with power like the President or a homely father who understands you, fulfills your needs and does his best to take care of you? Even though he has no position or public recognition you would still rather have the second kind of father. God exists only for love. He controls, leads and harmonizes through love. That is all anyone wants. What are we? His sons and daughters. That too must be my personality.

How about individuality centered on love. That sounds not so bad. But 'not so bad' still means on the bad side, not quite good either. Maybe this is the only way though to educate Americans who cannot detach themselves from democracy. Individuality as long as it is centered on love is not so bad. But otherwise it is no good. There is no place for individual centered democracy in God's realm.

Even if you are a democratic individual but you still love your husband, it is okay if you still live the right way.

God is one who wants to surrender to an object of love. Love is glorious! We can even tell great and powerful God, "We know you want love!"

God is very high in love, the longest in length and size of love. This is consistent. God can travel a great distance in love. That is nothing unusual. No matter where or how far He travels on Earth, no one including those in the spirit world would object, but only welcome Him.

Is Reverend Moon a foolish guy or a smart guy? [Smart guy!] Before we joined we did not know. People outside do not have the foggiest idea who Father is and yet they oppose him. Which is greater, the person who understands nothing and still opposes, or Father who understands them, completely accepts their painful persecution and still continues on for the sake of God?

[Father speaks in English] Through an interpreter, you can only get 70% of the truth. This is not so good. Father only likes good! We have to read the books of Father's original speeches. Right now in Korea there are almost two hundred books waiting for you. They are serious books. I want you to be able to read the original in Korean. The truth is 100%. All people in the future will want to read these speeches. People will compete to read them and memorize them.

How many times have I repeated it? How can you reach the deepest point of the truth if you cannot understand the original language? It is so valuable. English words are not scientific. They are complicated, you need to memorize everything.

Father is the true love master. Fifteen years ago he came to the United States. My truth is the true love connecting one world. The world wants it, more than food, authority or knowledge. Now I am substantiating what I came to America to do. No one can deny it. Not the President, famous professors, the media or business world. I made a foundation and am now connecting all these points together.

If you take love out of all of Father's speeches they have no value. Do you American women like me? Even you greedy women? American women like to separate money into their husbands and theirs. You need a new concept.

Sometimes when women talk it is like barking. Love barking is okay though.

Centered on true love, you can be number one people. You can have pride, Americans can become great people.

Father came to the United States with confidence in mind. If I come with love and do everything with love, no matter what persecution and misunderstanding comes, eventually they will come to understand. No matter how big a nuclear weapon you have, or how much knowledge or power you have, none of it is enough to make human beings happy. Only love can do this.

In the sense of really understanding love the United States is backwards. It is primitive, like a wilderness country. American love is crude. American people feel they are so superior. In a way Father has done a fearful thing cross matching couples between race and nationality. After a few generations our concepts will change. We will think it strange to see a couple made of two whites or two blacks together. Who made this change? You did it! Thank you!

Once the love gate is open, all creatures--even in hell will want to come through it. The narrow hole will get bigger. We too will want to go through it.

We have to love, not wait to be loved. Women should combine with men as their subject. We have to go the way of investment and caring.

When we say "I love you" to Father it pays so much indemnity for America. Father has paid so much for that. Our words are very precious. Do we love him like God, or like parents or children? The words are easy, the context so deep. When I hear you say that I want to forgive everything, all the pain I had to endure because of America. Those little words have that kind of power.

God invented everything in the original creation. He poured out every bit of energy and effort into it. Re creation is the same thing. Now we can understand everything. How much have I invested for the sake of the one I love?

Ask yourself, "Am I riding on the train of love or am I carrying the train of love and running down the track?" I want to raise the kind of loving wives who can become a train of love. Even if a woman doesn't know so much, if she is taught she will welcome her husband and family to ride on her train of love. Even you American women want to do this? [Yes!] Those are beautiful words!

Even if husband and wife fight all the time, and one gets sick who will be the one person that stays at the bedside all through the night? Your spouse will be the one to be there and love you.

What if your spouse dies? The world would become so dark. You would walk like you were in a delirium. There is nothing more fearful than losing true love. Mother always tells Father not to overwork himself and to sleep more. Mother wants to help Father live a longer and healthier life. What would the world be like without Father? What if God dies, how would Father feel? The whole world would be the darkest pitch dark.

Do you diligently love your wife first and then hate her shortcomings or do you love her, hate her, love her, hate her?

If you already have an idea of what your wife should be, how painful that is for your wife and how sinful it is for you. That is not a fair kind of thinking. The truth is from 0 to 100, not 50 to 100, you have to embrace everything. True love has no place to stand in any other kind of concept. Such a person who treats their spouse this way is a cheater and swindler.

God's 'whole life' started at point zero and is moving toward 100. God looks at us and calculates our degree.

What do you think. Would Father have come to America and wished to marry an American woman? Do American women wish they were married to some one like Father? There is such a big difference between western women and Korean women. There is no comparison in the chastity of the two.

Women on high heels are a most unstable situation. The American concept of a beautiful woman is a small head, broad shoulders, a skinny waist and then a broad area again. [Father draws a picture] She has to keep busy and moving all the time to keep this shape. If she sits for too long she gets a sore back!

Chinese women have great potential. They are formidable, embracing 1.3 billion people and keeping their country going. If American women were placed in that situation they would have disappeared a long time ago.

If Father had an American wife she would be away working all the time and that would be no good. If he is out busy and working all the time too, she would not be a balancing wife.

Oriental women become bigger than American women. They have thick waists. They can stay in one place a long time while the husband is working towards a successful mission. She supports her husband through prayer and exercises discipline.

Now is the time of equalization. Oriental and western should be equalizing centering on the original concept.

Today we have learned that even God lives for the sake of love. Why does God exist or where does God come from? What is your answer? True love is like a labyrinth. Sometimes you understand it, sometimes you totally do not understand. Sometimes it has a simple appearance, other times it is very mysterious. God exists for love. True love can combine every substantial existence. There is no other explanation. God started to exist because of love. Small things started with a motivation of love become bigger and bigger.

The career of God's 'whole life' has been working to fulfill the providence of leading by true love. He controls, not by force or power but by love. If we come from God we do the same thing God does. We live one life to fulfill the providence, practice love and leave love behind as the result of our life long performance.

Father came a little late today. Father was talking to the children about himself. He told them who he is. He is the king of laborers with heart. He is also a typical farmer. The one who works for the sake of the world with love. He is a true fisherman with love. Of all history he is the only fisherman like this.

There is a needle with a thread of love. No matter where it goes, Father follows this way. Father has to make a shaft for the entire earth to spin on. He cannot do it all at one time but an area at a time, eventually connecting all the threads together into a rope. Fisherman, farmer, laborer, professor, religious person, these are all the ways that Father has to go. Why? In all walks of life, there are so many different people in hell. They could not become true parents. Through love we have to re connect them so they can come back to the original path. We must understand God governs by law. If someone breaks it He cannot just dismiss it. God would like to say "To hell with the law". He would do anything to free one of His children, even one under the death penalty. Everything comes under love.

Thirty five years ago I put so much into the machine industry. Father was setting the tradition of doing everything with a total commitment of heart.

The most difficult thing in the United States is fishing. No one wants to do it even though there is a lot of money to be gained--it is too much work. Especially through the fisheries, the United States government can come to Father. One reason fishing is going down and young men do not want to go to sea is because their wives run away. American women are every time making problems. In the beginning time of human kind, women made a problem.

Father has been fishing so intensely. If Dr. Durst came along he would get knocked out. Mr. Kamiyama would last a few days longer, then perhaps run away too. Father loves boats, fishing, anything to do with the ocean.

There used to be tremendous persecution in Gloucester. People said "Reverend Moon go home!" Now they say "Reverend Moon, don't go!" In the beginning we were misunderstood. The coast guard would come every day and check our boats for smuggling drugs. Now on both the east and west coasts they are saying that there is nothing wrong with Reverend Moon. Father knows the future of the fishing industry. It is the hope of the future's food source.

At Father's young age, he studied farming. He took human waste and made it into fertilizer. It is the best stuff! Man as the highest creation eats the best food, so he also has the best waste. Even Americans are beginning to understand that chemical fertilizers are corroding the soil. Human and animal waste is better.

Laborer, farmer, fishing, teaching professors, all of this Father has brought together and connected to this shaft. All persecuted him before but now in Korea all politicians come to him for advice. Some in Japan are too, also soon in America.

Father is saying that unless he finishes his work, he cannot die. His research and work on the ocean is that crucial. Father brings his own destiny into the boat. He knows he cannot die, all the universe will protect the king of all things there. Once Father starts doing something he works at it like he was born for only that purpose. He works in place of God.

We have to know this way. Follow Gods way, it takes following with our whole lives. Those who can pledge to do this raise both hands!

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