The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

Love Imagination Perspective

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY USA
Translated by Col. Han
Unofficial Notes from 6:00 am Speech

There is no proper arrangement for the words of Father's speech this morning. You cannot find this arrangement in the dictionary. But love imagination perspective makes acute sense for our life. It is Unification terminology. As you know the oriental language is symbolic. The characters are actually pictures that explain what they mean. In English, the letters L O V E in themselves do not mean anything. But the character for the word love in Korean has lines and shapes representing heaven, the three stages, a house (meaning embraced by) and mind and other lines representing the original two people. All these concepts come together to make one word, love. This is very revealing. A revelatory character. "Heaven" is written with the sign for two persons. "Righteous" means "sheep like myself". "Goodness" also has a sheep and two people who support each other. Each word itself teaches us something.

You cannot omit even one stroke in the word love and feel that it is right. What about the character for "imagination?" It is a tree. Man resembles a tree more than he resembles grass. A tree always grows to be round. The shape starts out long but altogether has a round effect with the leaves and branches. The history of a tree very much resembles the history of man. It starts from a root, then the trunk starts growing, and then the branches and leaves. Man is the same but inverted. His roots are up in heaven with the leaves reaching to the ground. We do not exist haphazardly, but in a balanced way.

A tree has water and man has blood. Blood and love is what makes us go. Love is an important ingredient of life leading us to bear fruit. We love with the result or the fruit in mind. Synthesis, division and synthesis is the process. Man and woman are brought together with love to bear fruit.

We unite and divide for the sake of love. All functions are for love. Communists take the same way but explain it as unity and antagonism. But antagonized beings can never come together to unite again.

In love we do not make so much noise. All five senses go numb in love. Only love is active in every cell. Unless we can explain human life like this, we cannot explain who we are.

We embrace with our eyes closed. If you don't, you are either a spy or not really in love. That spy can only represent evil existing to hurt their partner. It is a simple explanation, but explanation is half of what human beings are. What about Moonies? Do we keep our eyes open when we think about serious things? No, we meditate with our eyes closed. If you hate someone you keep your eyes open. Antagonism does not bring fruit. A crucial concept is the understanding of unity, division and synthesis. Through it we can explain humanity. The Korean character for "tree" looks like a cross with a man next to it. There are vertical and horizontal lines. The eyes represent three stages meaning we see in three stages or in total. No one knows how these characters were developed. But when Father analyzes them they fit completely. If you draw two big persons and two small persons, it looks like a family. Next to the tree are lots of eyes. These characters combined together mean "imagination".

"Thought" the Korean character is two words. Vertical and horizontal lines together. This shows a mind that can reach all four directions. Other languages based only on phonetics cannot compare with this. Compare the characteristics of oriental and western minds. Westerners are concrete. They want to take everything apart. Orientals are deep in thought, embracing and more round.

If you meet three different westerners you can predict exactly what they will be like. They are all very similar. In the orient people are all different. Westerners are simple and easy to fathom, but not Orientals.

Now the west is coming to search for the east, but not so much the other way around. The Orientals already know what they can gain from the west. White people represent the north pole and blacks represent the south pole. For whites to reach the warm climate they must embrace the other extreme. The twentieth century is a warm climate civilization. England and Asia are in moderate climate zones. Without embracing blacks whites cannot stay in the warm climate. Even the sun moves, it does not stay in just one place.

The law of the universe is that there are four season. It does not matter if you like them or not, they still come. God likes them that way.

Western civilization is in an "exhaling" time in history. Next is the "inhaling" time, the time of embracing. Exhaling means giving everything away. We have exhaled everything and are now in a deadlock. There is nothing left. Which way should we go? Next the inhaling time comes to draw all back in. So western people should not refuse to go the other way now. If white people say "I do not like Koreans, Reverend Moon or black people, they cannot continue. The wise man will want to quickly inhale as much as possible. Moonies are like that.

Father is showing us that now is the time to inhale. Whether white people like it or not history goes on. We cannot stop it. Reverend Moon's direction is that we have to show this and help others to become healthy and prosperous. Those who follow Reverend Moon always find hope and feel good. Don't you? Using reason, who can deny this? This kind of phenomenon is now happening world wide. It is fun to be here with Father. Whether you are awake or asleep, struggling or not it is still fun. A small grasping American hand cannot grab Father. It takes a big net and would be like catching the whole world. We cannot embrace just what we like. We have to embrace everything. With eyes of love we can see that everything is so precious. We do not want to miss even one hair on a person's head!

The Israelites were chosen by God. Americans are the second Israelites. America is the country which should sacrifice. Americans do sacrifice but only in one direction. Now all three other directions are coming against America, saying "We don't like you!" People may come against you and kick you, but those who kick Moonies will go down. All people have kicked Father from behind, so he had to advance! People opposing us cannot move forward, so we have to kick them forward.

There is no place that Father was not kicked. There is no place they did not attack him. All bullets and arrows have been aimed at Reverend Moon. He has scars everywhere, but still no arrow could penetrate. Father feels like he is an entity on display in a museum entitled "The Most Attacked Human Being". He endured that for the sake of God in order to represent God and His ideal and to create a God loving world.

God cannot stay away from that museum. He wants to go and visit this man. All spirit world follows God's way, so they too are concerned about Reverend Moon. Following spirit world, all humanity will come as well. It makes sense right? All the world will then be paying attention to Father because all of spirit world is.

The rebirth of the ideal America will begin when it is announced that America should die for the sake of the world. Americans do not like that. But unless it is undertaken, they will perish by universal natural power. If we are rich and well established we should next humble ourselves. The greater we grow the more humble we should become. When our family is great we have to love others more. Now when people become great they want to love only their family, this is bad. They have to embrace all humanity, all the cosmos and all nature. Then they can be welcomed.

The universe has eyes and ears and they are very sensitive. It will welcome you. These are not just Reverend Moon's words. The universe protects the righteous man forever.

Father has already taken a long time to speak, but who is counting time? Mother is! For our sake she tells Father not to speak too long. But in love, the longer it takes the better! You do not care. So as long as Mother watches the clock with love, we love her more.

"Perspective" is the most complicated word you can write in Korean characters. It is very stylish. It has two symbols representing grass, two representing man, with lines representing God on top of them. Then there is an eye, divided into three stages. It is very interesting!

Women use makeup in order to be noticed by others. We feel good if others pay attention to us. When it is with much love and respect we are even happier! But if someone sees you and tried to lead you the wrong way and use you, you do not like them at all.

Many times the word "perspective" is abbreviated in Korean characters. People use a character that means "moon" literally Father's family name. The original mind of man already knew that one day we would look to Moon for the answers! This character literally says "Look at Moon". This is actually history and all humankind's terminal purpose.

Now you know what love imagination perspective is. Father is sweating because it is so hot, but he feels good because everything has been explained.

Now you have enough foundation to fly. Travel by air is no good, you see nothing! Women do not like to travel by boat. But travel by all three, boat, air and train is the best. Great men travel on boats. Ask Mother!

What is the most important element to man? Life. It means man's and woman's life. Which one is most important? [Both.] What is the center if you say both? How can man and woman be the same? They are very different. What base do we use to say they are equally important? Man and woman are supposed to come into unity. Both are born ultimately for the sake of love. After embracing in love they can change places and occupy each others position. But only through love and after love. There is no other explanation. Men were born for the sake of women and love and the reverse is also true.

Our parents life started our own. We eventually return to our parents. If the parents love their child equally, then they are the same. The measurement of the angle has to be ninety degrees. No matter how big or how small it is, they must have the same ninety degree angle.

We see the women's movement going on. It makes no sense that they go on without man in mind. They want a woman's power movement so that women can become whatever they want to be. One century from now there may be no more children born! With this kind of thinking they only bring shame to the animal, fish and plant kingdom. There is no value to women's power.

What is the root and origin of the universe? Some say man and some say heaven. Religious people are the ones who say heaven. Secular humanists say man. The democratic world stands in that position now. How does heaven exercise it's function? Just by power and calamity? Imposing it's will on others?

There is no knowledge that heaven does not have, but heaven rules through love. True love can reach north, south, east and west allowing everything to become equal.

Does God exist? What is man? This is the most basic question. What is the relationship between God and man? Love is the center of everything. The origin of life is not life, but love! Only love has the ability to open up our eyes, ears and mouth in the greatest excitement.

Why does God live? Is He just sitting on His absolute throne? Just sitting there forever and never moving? Does God search after diamonds and all kinds of silver and gold? No, He can make those things. God is searching after the true object.

This is the kind of time Father longs for the sea, then the breeze would be blowing and I would not be sweating. Father is so tanned, he is becoming a cousin to black people! Father will start painting his face with black paint when the winter comes. He will visit the white blessed couples in the middle of the night, without calling them first. He will sneak in and wake you and ask for something to eat! Father will check to see what kind of person you have become.

Normal men use their right hand. The universe welcomes right handed people more than those left handed. God is on the right side. Man wants to grasp heaven with the right side. Man is always on the right side. Man needs the right hand to protect the woman who is standing on his left. In the oriental civilization the sense of right and left is very clear.

How do man and God combine or exist together? Do they get together to count money every morning?

"Loving" American couples often fight over their bank accounts. Famous women stars get richer by marrying and divorcing. The worst person is a cheating lover. The universe, heaven, spouse, children and all spirit world will accuse that within a person. If we ever had that kind of thing in the past we have to repent to God, heaven, husband, children and the entire universe.

Ask "God, how would you like to live?" He will answer, "I want to live with all mankind". Is it God's work to distinguish good and bad people and send the bad ones off to prison? Even in the secular world no one wants to be a judge. What is the religious world doing now? They only pray to God to give me blessing. But Unification Church members do not pray like that. Instead they pray, "If the country is going to die please take my husband instead and let the country live." That kind of Moonie will become the center of this country. His children will prosper. His love for the country is 10,000 times more strong than others.

All things want to follow a loving master. That is because God wants to live by love. If we say no to that we separate from God. Even a dog expects his master to love him more than he loves his wife. If they are a loving couple. the dog will sit on the wife's lap and share their love.

Would Mother like Father to talk to American women in a friendly way? Not really, but Father is making a textbook. A textbook is something Father has and uses to teach by. All women want their husbands to use anything necessary to teach other people. Any textbook Father chooses to teach a certain point is okay. We all want to be used as textbook material! Father can touch and give a kiss and for the point of teaching it is okay. Centering on love what can you not do?

If God wants to live for the sake of love, what does He need first? An object. That is the purpose for all creation. With all the different levels of creation--man, plants and animals, you might think God has a very complicated life. But God created each level to live for the sake of the other, with the opposite side, not "me" as the center. All levels work together harmoniously. God does not want to love centered on Himself. God is the love king dwelling here and living for the sake of His love partner. This is the ideal of the equalization of love. It is okay to be a subject or object for the sake of love. Ultimately we should embrace the whole world like a radio station broadcasting love. This is what God had in mind. That each created being lives for the sake of each other expanding love. God is the king of wisdom. He knew this from the beginning. We must go the center way. We have to reach the origin.

Why am I born? We are born with love imagination perspective. I represent life and parents centering on true love. Mother represents Father and woman represents man. Do not say your life is not connected to me. God's love connects parents and children.

Our conclusion is that the universe is centered on love. There are three very important points to remember. One is love which is most important, two is life and three is blood. The blood connecting parents and children in one lineage.

We have everything! We have God and we have parents. All humankind has a family of grandparents, parents and children. My family represents all humanity past, present and future. The family has that much value.

[From here Father continued, speaking in English for over two hours. Following are some of the points he mentioned.]

I have everything! God and parents with love at the center. The blood lineage is connecting us. We need to inherit tradition in order to go this precious way. Know always that you represent love, life and blood lineage.

By following we gain resurrection.

Father came to America fifteen years ago and spoke how this country would go down. No one believed him and said "Reverend Moon you do not know what you are talking about. We are mighty and strong. You are only a visitor." But now America is going down, and Reverend Moon is going up. America will go to the bottom and then start back up and then things can equalize.

True love is the short cut way. God should be on top with a vertical love going straight down.

Reverend Moon is completely making a highway. He feels like a lonely man, pushing forward, going through pain and difficulty all alone. But when he turns around there is a mountain of love accumulating. It grows bigger and bigger. Do not think that only Father has to go this way. In our mind we can go too, forsaking our lives to build the best foundation.

Even business people know they have to go the way of investing. It is not a safe or convenient way.

Embrace love, thinking about Father and parents. Satan forcefully occupied the mind of man, but we have to gain it back naturally through love. We want to become a love champion, following the exact footsteps of our parents. Centering on your mind, combine with your spouse and go forward in the parents way.

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