The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

The Day of All Things and the Right of Ownership

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
World Mission Center, New York, NY USA
June 4, 1989
Unofficial Notes from 9:00 am Speech

Do you own something? What do you have? You have Father and Mother, brothers and sisters and your country, but you don't have your world and your heaven. Man has the desire to own larger and larger things. There have been many countries, culture and civilizations. Religion has now advanced into a few large groups. We have come to the point where man wonders which direction to take with these four religious blocks.

In addition to these four religions blocks, there exist several large countries for example, USA USSR, China and Japan. How can they harmonize, and which direction should they take. This is the challenge facing mankind now. The religious blocks are the internal and the big countries are external divisions. How can we know the direction to harmony? God has helped guide history so far, so it is God's problem as well.

A religion has to do something to provide the guidance to bring harmony. Somebody has to come. Some religious group has to be big enough and controversial enough. What is that group? Externally, big countries also have to say that that group has become influential and powerful, even if they don't understand. Also they should pay attention and not ignore nor oppose that group. Other religious groups also feel threatened as they loose influence, and the big countries are fearful as they have never seen such a group before.

What is that group that fits this description Unification Church. The democratic world does not like this group's concept of unity. They like independence. From this viewpoint, the Unification Church is not an ordinary group. It has great influence. All professors like and love the Unification Church. Serious religions leaders and politicians have come to like the Unification Church. This is one church that is different from others and has a solution. If a country has a problem, they come to the Unification Church and Reverend Moon.

Look at fifteen years ago. In this country, everyone was a Liberal. It was fashionable. If you proclaimed yourself as a conservative, you would be out. Now Liberals have been declared as a hindrance to progress. The Conservatives are ahead. This is shown by three strong Presidents.

We saw Fraser, Carter and Mondale as central Liberals. Who knocked them out and applied a strong brake to this Liberal movement? White people couldn't stop them. But a yellow man came and told them the way to go.

A couple of days ago a senior General from the Bush administration came to Father and said, "You are the man who saved many Generals from Liberalism. You brought about the conservative revolution in the United States". So naturally who became the problem? Our American Reverend Moon. He's not even a citizen. He only has a green card.

Why is he doing so much for America? Actually he is doing it for the sake of the world. Religious leaders too have been attacking Reverend Moon. But they have come to learn that he is their solution. In Japan, the Nishokasai(?) group chairman, gathered all his members and told them that, "Mr. Kuboki who was originally a member of our group, left and joined the Unification Church. We originally denounced that, but that is wrong. We should now go and embrace him and the Unification Church." Why did he do that? The more people persecute Father, Father loves them more, so they are finally turned around.

This is an iron rule. If someone opposes Father, but Father embraces them, then Father will prevail.

Is this Korea or America? America. Then why are you sitting on the floor so tight? In American churches you have comfortable chairs. So this can't be America. There are also so many colors of faces here. In America, whites and blacks and Spanish don't like each other. But what about in the Unification Church? Is there anyone we don't like? No. Black people realize that Reverend Moon is fighting for them. So whatever color you have when you join, it just fades away. That is Reverend Moon's thinking.

So all races are making unity with Reverend Moon. If Father takes one tenth of the money he is spending in the United States and spends it on Black people, he could bring them into unity with him.

Until now, the United States, Germany and Japan have opposed Reverend Moon. All Father did was love them. So now they are turning around. They are changing whereas Father is unchanging. Who is more righteous, the changing or the unchanging?

So gradually they are coming to understand and like Reverend Moon. In the media world they now understand more. All scholars are coming to Reverend Moon. The situation is now ripe. When Father says to someone, such as a financier or a politician, "I would like to meet you", they say, "O.K.". Chinese leaders met Father after five years of preparation. Father only took five months to prepare. But they were very impressed with Father's insights and vision.

So if this is a group which made conflicting politicians and financiers turn around, and follow his thought, then Reverend Moon deserves a lot of thought and study. Reverend Moon now has the power to influence anywhere in the world. How wonderful God's strategy is.

Without Reverend Moon, Bush would not have been elected. Some Republicans may take offense at this, but they are ignorant.

Even our members cannot say to Father, "I wish you were white." That day is long gone. Because we are catching that power we welcome and love Reverend Moon. The congregation here do you love Reverend Moon? "Yes!" There is such a mixture of religions here Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, Pentecostal, Buddhist, Hindu, and you all say, "Yes I love Reverend Moon." People might say that Unification Church is where people change their direction/religion, but will you change again? "No!" Why can you say that? ("Because you are my father!") But the father and child relationship is very difficult. It takes a complete change of blood lineage just to be able to say that you are my child. This is the deepest change of your blood. You have to go through a lot before you can say you are my child. If I don't know that you are my child, how can you say that you are? However, if you can do that, unification is no problem. Possessing the Principle is not as easy as saying "yes".

In this real, historical world, it is happening that all people who didn't like Reverend Moon are now coming to like him. This is a very serious event. Father did not have anything, but America has many departments, for example, the Department of State, Defense, etc. However Father who doesn't have any arms is marching forward and going up at all times noontime, night time, working time, great!

If white, black, yellow and red people like Reverend Moon, what about all things? Do they like him too? If it is true that all things have a higher intelligence than men, and men like Reverend Moon, then all things will push to like Reverend Moon too. Father was fishing the last sixty days. Father thought to himself, "If I fish anymore, I will become a professional". The striped bass predicted they would come to me, and they did. After some time, the black fish predicted they would come, and they did. The bass who represent white people, and the black fish who represent black people were both caught by Father to make racial harmony. The people now say, "Let us all follow after Reverend Moon, because when he becomes a billionaire, we can be a part of that achievement." Are they wise? Yes. In Korea, the last survey of the Fortune 100, showed Tongil as number forty eight. It is now twenty eight and going up to number one. It is strange, Father never had time to do business. He was either in jail or spending money. But still it is going up. Why? All other people make money to build up their own bank accounts. But Father doesn't do this . He is always spending it. However the money comes to Father and says, "I'll fill up your account". Money follows Father better than you do. All things want Father to be number one, to be on the top of the mountain. How wonderful.

So what is the topic today? "The Day of all Things and Ownership". Reverend Moon does not like the attitude of rich people who just take. Reverend Moon uses money for saving humanity and serving God. So this Day of All Things, (the 27th Day of All Things), all things are coming to Father's position to build up God's ownership. Father is the root so all things will come to Father. All things know how great they are and that they are greater than the people. You can't talk to the clouds and the streams, telling them to go one way or the other. They won't follow your direction. Money is the same. It will flow to where it is spent best, where it is spent unselfishly. Money says, "I know where to go".

Father doesn't need money. It is to save humanity and to serve God. Those who need money, raise your hands. You must be honest, God may answer you! One thing Father knows, no church members will go without food. In that respect, you are experts. Wherever you are, you know how to raise money by fund raising. One sister is wearing a beautiful chima chogori. So you can ask, "How can I get that?" Work for three days!

Stir up everyone, make so much noise that they cannot sleep. After waking people up, they can help you. How wonderful Reverend Moon and Moonies are. You can take God's vertical true love power. Father is not the only one who can do this, you can do it as well. Become a second Reverend Moon. Take your position as God's true children. No matter if there is a fence in the way, just go strongly through it and win the victory. How powerful is that concept! We all love Father, and if all things love Father more than us, should we not give all things to Father? Are you going to let your money go to Father, or are you going to stop it? With what expression are you going to do that? Especially American women, can you do that happily? ("Yes!") When? Now, tomorrow, or the future?

Ownership is the key. Reverend Moon doesn't have one penny for himself. How about you? Today is the Day of All Things. Everything belongs to God and then True Parents. Fallen people claim their ownership. However America is not God's country. American parents and teachers cannot give it back to God. American leaders cannot do that either. Only Reverend Moon can.

Unification Church members all over the world are making trouble. Is this good or bad? Make trouble so people cannot sleep at night. Bark and make noise so that you can claim back the ownership for God.

How fearful would be a bad Reverend Moon. Khomeini died, right? Such a bad leader. Even outside people know that. Father does not like speaking in English, Korean is better suited for him. Father is a seventy year old grandfather, yet he has had to learn English. Why? For the Western world. Father has no time, even travelling at night. So where did he make the time to learn English? Last night he went to sleep at two o'clock. That's spiritual power!

So if all things you possess prefer Father's bosom over yours, would you give them to Father? ("Yes!") Why? Because we have good reason to do that. If you want to reach the top, if you want to reach Father who is sitting at the top, then we should let our money go to the top, then the money will turn around and ask you to come up.

We have to know this fact, that Father, even in prison, kept loving and serving America. The Chinese saw these deeds and now say, "Even though we can't trust Americans, we can trust Father". Father has also proclaimed the equalization of technology. Up to this time, the advanced countries have exploited the less advanced by selling technology. Father says, "No charge." and freely gives it out. From Germany and Japan, Father now owns the highest technology in the auto and steel industry. All the world looks at how Germany, Japan and Reverend Moon deal with their technology. They see Father is most righteous, so scientists come to him. Father is now offering the highest auto and steel technology to China, free of charge. China is bound to modernize. Without Father's help, it could take fifty years. But with his help it will take twenty years, saving thirty years. When this fact is realized all the Chinese can give Father one dollar each, that's $12,000,000,000! So which is the better business deal? The American concept of lending money with interest, or Father's way? Father doesn't like interest.

How can we erase historical mistakes with all things? The only way is to apologize, and do the opposite. Who won between Father and America? Father. Just one battle, or all the battles? All! All Americans have to praise Reverend Moon. During Danbury, a lawyer asked, "What did Father do?" The answer, "Good actions." Many inmates constantly criticized and complained against America and American people, but Father never complained once. So even the Danbury inmates understood Father. We should do more for America than them. All the inmates were waiting to persecute Father, to beat Father, and even kill him when he arrived. This is so easy to do in prison. However, they found out Father's way, changed their attitude completely, and became Father's disciples. Why on the Day of All Things does Father speak this way? In prison there are many intelligent and courageous people. Father has thought and said that if America gave all its prisoners to Father, he could make a formidable army. It costs $80,000 per year per prisoner to keep them. This is much better than us. Would you like to go? Problems are not solved by money, but by education.

All things are doing a silent demonstration, "We want to return to the original owner". They ask God, "Why did you create us to suffer under unrighteous owners?" Historically, so many people have abused all things, and violated all things. All things protested to God, "Why didn't you separate humans from us, we have suffered so much. Finally, with Reverend Moon, we have one person who understands our situation." They hail the great day, The Day of All Things, and they hail Father for creating this day. They all thank and support Father and are all members of the Unification Church.

So when fund raising was done, all things knew that fund raisers should not go first to the rich people who are owned by Satan, but go to the low and middle income people. Sure enough, they gave. Now, middle and upper income people can give. This means that the end days are near. Father wants to send a special fund raising team to a Republican party! All things will rejoice. (For that purpose, I push you out.)

Here we have white and black people, and a variety of races. In unifying, you are doing a world-changing activity, and we will save the nation and world. We stand on the historical foundation and we will go the formula way. Father always does things to make preparations. Nobody understood the IOWC, visiting all those different places, but it was to connect them to Father. Many other activities such as the "African mobilization" were to unite the various spheres with Father. For who did Father do this? The Unification Church? No! To protect America and the free world. In Washington, the political world is shaken now. Father wants to use America to protect and save the world. That is God's concept.

Many people say that Reverend Moon is not a religious leaders but a political leader. Father does that to save America. After time passes, people will understand clearly. Is Father the only one who has to work? No you do too. All things have to be returned back to God where they can be used to serve mankind. The archangel nation USA has to give to Eve Japan, who gives to Adam Korea, who gives to Parents and God. This is the reverse of the fall. We see this trend in the world. Individuals have to give to the group who gives to the country, who gives to the world, who gives to God. Thus God and those whom God loves have ownership. (All people).

Up until now, we need to be ashamed of owning what we are not qualified to own. We can only own something on the foundation of true love.

America (AA) has given to Japan (Eve) who has given to Korea (Adam). Korea is now at a most serious point. All the world's religions, economies, governments, and media want to come to one owner. If you think, "This is mine and I own it", that's Satan's thinking. God's way is, "First God, second Parents, and third children". This is the Principle perspective. Our mission is to change the ownership of all things. Korea is most important. You have to go there and teach this ownership concept. So you have to learn Korean. After 1990 there will be no translation. I hate translations. Who made them? Satan! We need one language Korean.

Raise your hands, who is the owner of those hands? God and True Parents. In the center we have God, on the right side we have Parents, and on the left side we have children, to make horizontal unity. You cannot think, "These are my hands". It's God's hand, my parent's hand, and then my hand. How much have you used these hands as "my hands"? How much have you used your body as "my body"? How bad this is. The ownership must change. We need new owners. In the fall we lost God, lost our parents and lost our family. In the Bible, Jesus said, "You are not my mother, my brothers or my sisters". However, now, centering on the messiah we can create a new family, a new tribe and centering on Korea, a new nation.

Whatever we talk about, we come back to the question of ownership. Always set conditions to make clear God's ownership. The ownership must be with God. Return everything to God. Dedicate ourselves to God. Dedicate my day to God. Father has done this all his life. Father is always thinking how to forget his tiredness and go on. When people drop away, Father knows that at least, "I am going on without giving up".

(To the second generation) Are you the second generation children? Be careful. Don't think about sex or kissing. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, as they were growing up never kissed. They didn't even know about it. They noticed differences between themselves. However when they kissed, it was a very serious action. The most fearful relationship is the man-woman relationship. This is what Satan violated. With a big iron poker, he put holes in Eve's holy place. That is the most secret holy place. It's now become very cheap. Only a husband has the ownership over a woman's holy place. This is God's concept. Be careful. If sisters are often looking at men, a mistake can be made that cannot be corrected. You must be careful.

The ownership must be God's and Parents. Father has spoken for a long time, for what purpose? To teach. Many time he spoke twelve hours without going to the toilet. That is training. Do we know more about ownership? "Yes!". Everything needs to be owned by God and Parents. We can do this with the help of the angelic world.

After WW II, America almost lost everything. However Father selected America as the Archangel nation, so Father is now giving so much to America. Forty years ago, Father selected Japan as the Eve country, so Father is working so hard for them too. Father has made so many blessed interracial marriages. America-Japanese, American-Korean, and Korean-Japanese, this is choking Satan.

Those who really understand and who wish to liberate all things, please pledge by raising your hands. These are beautiful hands. God bless you!

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