The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1989

How Great Love Is!

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York USA
June 11, 1989
Unofficial Notes from 9:00 am Speech

There are two kinds of people: men and women. How different are they? Very similar? No, there are great differences. However, they have the same eyes, limbs, and so on, seven openings in the body. Each has a torso, head and three sections to each limb, (giving twelve sections for the four limbs). Also each finger has three sections (twelve for each hand) plus two for each thumb. Even when the baby is growing in the womb, the thumb is inside the fingers. The thumb represents God the two sections of the thumb representing the duality of God. This also represents all things heaven and earth. We walk by moving our feet and our arms move too. The rhythm between the two represents the relationship between heaven and earth. In the spiritual world, and on earth we have parents and children. There are twelve tribes in heaven and on earth. The lunar calendar has twenty four "months" in a year. It is centered on the cycle of the moon divided by two. What calendar should we use, the solar only or the lunar as well? We need night as well as day.

When you look at a man's face, the eyes move, representing God. Why are they in the middle and on a horizontal plane? What if they were vertical? It would be very difficult. They need to be horizontal in order to measure distance. The nose represents man. Even though there are two eyes, they are always focused on one thing, and there are two nostrils, but only one nose. The mouth represents the earth. All this study of the structure of the human face is called "phrenology".

With big eyes, too much light gets in, so small eyes are better, they see everything. All eyes have a white background, no matter what the race. Ears have three layers inner, middle and outer ear. God created man like this to symbolize all things.

Man and woman have all the same parts with the exception of one function which has corresponding parts that are either indented or protruded. Man and woman must be equal, but how will this be achieved? Through the nose, eyes, mouth? No, these won't work. Only one part can unite the two completely. For women, the most important organ is the womb so she can have children. The deepest part in a woman is inside the womb. What connects them, manpower or woman power? Who is the subject of love, man or woman? The man. He is the subject of control, the core. The object is peripheral, moving around. All motion is circular, centered on the core.

When a man and woman hold hands, the man's hand is big and rough, while the woman's is small and soft. The man should hold the woman. The woman can then the be center. So we have to keep a balance, give and take between the man and the woman so as to create motion. There is high and low in nature, mountains and valleys. We see this everywhere in nature. Likewise in human relationships.

America is the flattest continent, and here there is democracy and equality. India and China have the tallest countries Himalayan mountains. Height represents the spiritual side. The physical side is represented by the flat lands. Looking at the world as a whole, there is a good balance. Electricity has single phase and double phase. An electric light seems to be on constantly, but actually it is going on an off very quickly at about one sixteenth of a second. But this "on-off" speed is faster than that to which our eyes can respond.

In China there are 1.3 billion and in India, .8 billion. So in those two countries alone there is nearly half the world's population. They are like the mountains. They do not wobble if the winds blow.

The deepest religions emerge in the heights. Where did religions emerge? In temperate climates whereas the emergence of ancient civilizations was in tropical climates. Which is a more ideal beginning spring or autumn? The twentieth century is like autumn. Modern civilization belongs in temperate climate (autumn). As autumn wears on, the leaves fall down, and we can only see the branches. After autumn we move into winter and then on into spring. We have had to move on through a winter of communism. Even though we may hold on very strongly to a season, we cannot stop time and therefore, inexorably we will move on into spring. The west must go north (through communism) and on to the far east. In the far east, the whole of civilization has to find a new direction. In Korea we have communism (in the north) and Democracy (in the south). Christianity is the basic religion. We have everything mixed up in Korea.

So we should find some harmony between communism and Christianity. The West represents the female, and the East represents the male. Geo-politically we need man and woman, peninsular and island. We can deduce that this is where all the problems of civilization can be resolved. Korea represents man/manhood, and Japan represents woman/womanhood. We need a new thought, theology and blend of religions and ideologies.

Democracy represents humanism. Communism represents materialism. Christian theology from the south represents God. Christ emphasizes that we only need God and nothing else. Liberation theology recognizes the need for the material world, but they place God below man, this is their problem.

The law of motion says that the large is attracted to the small, and the small to the large. Those areas in countries where we can solve these problems are countries that take these things seriously. Life and death is a cycle and centering on a core, it needs to take place. We see summer, autumn, and winter civilizations, but not spring (eastern civilizations). Spring should have been first, but because of the fall of man, we lost the spring, so it will appear last.

Western civilizations based upon humanism and materialism are at their highest peak in America, but it does not touch God nor the highest half in mankind. Father's character includes all civilizations and all seasons, but he still does not settle down. Buddhism too and Christianity, democracy and communism are in turmoil. Everything is in turmoil, struggling to find peace and unity. Creating the solution is our destiny.

God, mankind and all things must come into harmony. How is this to be done? Humanism cannot do it. Materialism definitely cannot do it. Godism cannot either only love can bring harmony. God is love and alone cannot be happy. No matter how great God is, he needs love. Only love can bring unification.

We've seen all civilizations striving for unity, but this has not been achieved. No matter how excited the sex organ is, it has to find a love partner to conclude. Without a love partner, there is no fulfillment. It is not good. It is this simple.

Japan and Korea were enemies for years. Man and women are also enemies. Father saw a movie where a woman said that men make life miserable, and vice versa. But Jesus said to "love your enemy". Jesus' ideal is to dwell inside the enemy through love. Day and night, front and back all meet in the ideal.

Father is already experienced in matching. If Father asked you for your preference, you would choose the worst match. If you hate a man, then that is the most ideal one for you. Even if men hate women, they have to love each other eventually. If in fighting you move into unity faster, then that's OK.

So all religions need to get together to make the ideal. All ideologies are the same is that true? No, they fight and argue. But as soon as a man and a woman get together and touch each other then everything can be solved. After love, everything becomes peaceful. No matter what the argument is, a person will do anything, or go anywhere to be poked with the needle of love. Does democracy have that needle of love, can it excite like that? No. Do other religions and thoughts have that needle of love? No. So we have to declare that they are at an end.

Look at Korea from the perspective of spiritual power. Korea has been attacked and pounded for thousands of years 931 times. They never gave in and yet the country has survived. No big country has not attacked Korea. But no one has ever digested them. Only great love, great goodness and great justice can digest Korea.

Father comes from Korea so he has a similar character. Lovism is the only power. If Korea can have something that can embrace all things by lovism, then the unification of the world can begin in Korea. Spring can then come. Korea has very clear distinct seasons. Father didn't say this. Many people have come to Korea and said the climate is "like home" (the ideal).

Korean women keep their chastity. They would rather die than move from one husband to another. Korean people have nothing, but even during the Japanese occupation, they did not want to marry. Father matched chaste women to all races very generously. Korean people understood that Father could do this. They think Father is a great patriot and say he must have a reason. They understand.

Westerners are flamboyant. Koreans are the real women for American playboys. Once an American finds out the value of Korean women, then they accept. Through love alone, Father creates unity between four enemy countries and creates a family system. All four nations gave up saying, "Oh, Reverend Moon, do what you want". Father grows by being hit. Now those who once hit Father kneel down and accept him.

We may say that Father has a strange thought, but he knows how everything moves. Father was born in Korea, and even there, people didn't like him in the beginning. But with the passing of time, they have become proud of Father. The Japanese say Father is Asian. American's say that he is so Western. After all that has happened, are people angry or happy? Up, down, left and right, all people and all colors now welcome Reverend Moon. Do you like or not like Father? (Like!) Is that true? Raise your hands you strange people!

You already know how great love is. Father is a champion and king matchmaker. Of 2500 Japanese/Korean couples, not one opposed Father. Were the parents unhappy? Those matched answered, "Our parents are not getting married. I am!" How proud are you to be matched and married by Father? Wherever we go we will have so many stories to tell. At the Cultural Olympics we will see Father give the Blessing to the whole world. He might charge a fee for this! "mani" much much money for a matching fee.

Do you welcome me, temporarily or forever, and with what? True love power, not true love philosophy. Sometimes you have to follow Father's behind, but you wouldn't like that the smelly gas.

The only way for the West to survive is that you have to endure the coldest winter in order to get to spring. Moonies have that seed inside. The seed has two parts, surrounded by a shell. It needs the cold weather to crack the seed shell so that it can come out. God is so scientific. So we need a severe winter of communism. You need life inside in order to live beyond into spring and summer. When winter is over, the seed breaks out in spring, and True Parents love can spread all over the world like an umbrella, giving one world culture. How wonderful!

"Yes", the Korean "ne" sounds like "no". So pronounce it correctly. Godism, humanism, and materialism have all been tried in western air, but all were spat out. But one thing is staying. Westerners tried everything from free sex and streaking (all Satan's ways) to homosexuality and lesbianism and separation of the family through divorce. All these miserable situations are hell. Father came to turn this around. This turn about is absolutely needed. You are participating today, and you must absolutely follow, and not in a mediocre way. I heard many times "Reverend Moon should go home". But now some famous guys have said, "Welcome Reverend Moon". I even have a green card.

Is Father good or mediocre? (Good!) Is being changeable good or not? (Not good!) Did you always like me? Why did you change so fast? Because of true love. Did you see true love? It doesn't have a shadow. How can you understand that true love is good? If you don't have unity, how can you know? Many people say Reverend Moon is a smart liar. But you can see Reverend Moon has love.

In the courtroom we made The Washington Times in order to save this country, to defeat liberalism. Is that true? (Yes!) Famous leaders now acknowledge this. I went through Fraser, Carter and Mondale to defeat liberalism.

Western dress tends to be all in one piece. Men's dress is more complicated and strict ties socks, etc. They loose all that good time. When you go to the bedroom, if it takes a long time to take off your clothes you loose precious time. Women have it easy getting dressed in the morning. But they need many different parts to put on, then they won't have time to dominate men!

Women have to be like queens with many rings--in the ears, nose, mouth, navels etc. Women should take a long time to dress and undress. That will keep you in the right place and out of trouble! Father says that men don't have to wear ties, just pants and a jacket. If you take too much time to dress, this is no good.

Are Western women the same as Eastern women? Yes or no? Look at Adam and Eve in the garden. Man was very active, looking at everything, climbing trees. Woman had lots of time so the archangel was there to talk with her.

In Korea, women's minds are like a reed. If one woman is the next village wears yellow, then all the women want yellow. Men are like a rock. Eagles and big birds never sit on branches, but only on rocks. Father saw eagles in Alaska catching salmon. He saw some on branches, but this is not often the case, they usually rest on rocks. Man is like a rock. Eagles don't often flap their wings like small birds. Rather they soar in the air. When he sees his prey, he just goes straight down at great speed. Man is like a rock, and it doesn't matter what is around him. He just does what he has to do rain, snow, or sun it doesn't matter.

Women are very different. A basket of flowers is the symbol of a beautiful woman. For kings give flowers, but for women give jewelry, something that is unchanging and lasts forever. Men are unchanging, so they need something changeable. Women change, so they need something unchanging.

A diamond is hard and unchanging as are gold and pearls. When we want to show that we don't change, get diamonds. Do the women want to shop for the diamonds by themselves? No, they want their husbands to do that. This shows unchangeableness from your husband. What is more unchanging? Love.

Love is to bombard your wife with unchanging things. If the husband is dying in hospital, you will sell all your jewelry to save him. Why? Because true love is more precious than anything else. For women it's clear, they follow men. But what about men? They should follow love and follow Parents.

Children become like the parents. You resemble me, so I like you. Men and women should follow what? Love, after making unity. Then follow parents. This is the original ideal formula. We must combine as one to combine with God. So as a couple becomes one, as night and day and spring and summer become one, God has a dwelling place. Ideal love couples are welcome everywhere.

Often the American concept is that parents are bad, couples are bad, men are bad, women are bad. Why? Because they don't belong to the ideal.

Why is love so great? Because all five billion here on the earth are born out of this one plan, under this one flag. Including you. You are a result of that love, whether it was good or bad love. If we were born out of bad love, we have to indemnify it. Children born out of good ancestry with a good love motivation are different. There is servants blood and king's blood, and they cannot be the same. Satan utilized this fact to raise the lower people up and destroy the kings etc, using arms and power. If God had that kind of hatred, man would have been wiped out a long time ago. So in fact, Satan does not have the right to destroy with hatred either.

WW II was the time of arms and fighting Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini.

After WW II was the time of legs farmers and workers communism. Ancient times were ruled by arms and power. No matter how great legs are, they are for the arms and head and body. Only true love can bring harmony between the legs, arms and head.

Look at Americans. They are proud of their two hundred years of history, but they are forgetting about the rest of the world's history. This is a sure sign of punishment. Realistically, we can only be proud of love. Who made the different colors of race, who made it? Money or power? No, God. Blacks and whites are born of love. Which race is closer to true love, white or black? We need a good criteria to decide what is right and what is wrong. The only enduring thing is the standard of true love. Every person needs true love. If a country is bad, it is so because of bad culture which has a bad origin bad love.

Love should embrace every color and welcome everything. Before we talk about culture, we have to talk about love. Judgment should be passed on the standard of love. A culture must center on true love, making it a love culture. Humankind doesn't know that. Where do you get that love culture from? From the government? No. Reverend Moon came and taught us the ideal of original love and original culture. Such love can embrace everything past, present and future.

Peace, happiness and harmony will all come from a love culture. How can we escape from the fallen world and its agony and misery? Who made such a world? Satan. This is Satan's world. We can escape it only by establishing the love culture.

We don't need money, power or knowledge. Why did Reverend Moon appear on earth? To make the love race. Thank you Reverend Moon! Those who do not care for a love culture, raise your hands. The larger the action of love, the bigger it become. It doesn't matter who is the center, man or woman. If we make one world centering on love, even heaven will come in. Your ancestors are looking down on America and saying, "Why are you separating? Even the bees and ants know how to make unity". Which do you prefer to belong to Reverend Moon or America? (Reverend Moon!) Why? I am a different color. But what can bring all the different colors together? Power? No, love. Moonies are a love race, with true life and true love. Those who want to become part of the love race, raise your hands.

We should educate our children that we are different. The love race is different. This is what God originally wanted, an original masterpiece, not a copy. America is a copy, it is made up of deviated love. This is very different to original love. True love is not self-centered, it is for the sake of others. You don't have to smile to show original love, but you can smile inside in your mind and spirit. Your eyes and fingernails should be the expressions of love.

We are the love race, but still we are a minority. But seeds are always small, even those of huge trees. God wants this love to become huge too.

Father is a fisherman. He wants to make us all fishermen, and for us to eat fish three times a day raw fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cooking reduces the goodness. Dry the fish and eat it out of your pocket!

How great love is. All things, even queens and millionaires, how much they crave for love, but here is a race that is born out of love and lives crazily in love. When the world hears this they will welcome it so much. Wear love glasses, then everything is the color of love. Even when Father touches a face, it is so natural to offer praise to God. There is no impurity. This is why enemy countries came to love Father. If Father was not married, so many would come after him. We know true love is more precious than American love.

There are so many Moonies behind the iron curtain. Some have been killed. Some are sick in Africa. Father never wrote to them. But they get power enough because like the sun, Father rises every day and casts love everywhere. In more remote countries, the same sun rises and even the animals and plants are grateful to Father.

In our future life, there will be no war or conflict. History has produced many philosophers, both good and bad, but mankind usually followed the bad. There are many saints and religious people, but not many true followers. All are waiting for the second coming. At the second advent, if Jesus comes again, how many Christians will face judgment?

China is trying to subjugate its people by force, but by love would be so much better. If the government could teach a love demonstration, it would be welcomed by everyone, every time. If we demonstrate for love, then America will rise up. We know what love demonstrations are. In order to connect, we have to be like a rubber band, and bind together with love.

We know that this is a wise way. The winner is the one who gets persecuted and yet upholds love. Digest even the enemy and like fertilizer, encourage the growth of love. The quicker the world rots, the faster we will grow. It is good fertilizer. Dig your roots deep.

When bad people find true love, they change quickly. Mediocre people linger on and on. The bad don't usually mind dying, but mediocre people want to live on. Dash for martyrdom if American's were willing to sacrifice, then change would come more quickly. There needs to be more missionaries from America to communist countries.

Father doesn't want to be in debt to children, parents, God, Heaven or Earth. Work intensely for the sake of true love and then we have no ground to complain. How fantastic it is that we have ideal love. Why do we continue to sit and listen to love? Because it doesn't tire us. We learned a great deal today.

If a woman dances like crazy, but she has true love, then all will come and respect her. You cannot praise her too much. If someone hits me for love, then it is no problem. Go out to the world and die for true love and for future generations. Then the future will kneel down and respect you. That is good. In the Bible, when it says we must be willing to die, and then we will live, needs to include "for the sake of love". Also Jesus should have said, "I am the way, the life and the love". He needed to complete the description. A woman waiting to meet the bridegroom of true love should wait alone. Don't let anyone touch you. Only open everything for that one partner of true love. This will bring true happiness.

If your husband kisses you, kiss back more strongly, just like electric power. Love is like power, you cannot separate from it. Human culture is now going from the West to the East, and centering on Father, it will return again from the East to the West.

The American way is any way a variety of ways. But the true love way is only one way. It is absolute. Do the work of God so much that you get dizzy. Is such a person a happy person or not? Such a person is happy, like Reverend Moon. So is Reverend Moon happy? He has no time for rest, play or sleep. Is he happy or not? Unhappy, but for true love.

Which would you prefer? To live or die for your children, for myself or for all heaven and earth? The last. When we go to the spiritual world, if we can say we lived for the sake of our country and world, I gave up my family and country for the world, then that person will become the center in the spiritual world. God knows me well. Love is the final point. I am proud to be a true love man. From all four corners the world people will bow down and say, "I will serve you". Think about it. In all history, people have been working and researching for true love. If we become the key holder of a great big secret warehouse and pass along true love to all, how wonderful it would be. How wonderful it would be to make this a reality.

If we pass these fliers and brochures out, if they are not received, put them back in the warehouse and they'll turn to gold. That's true! There's no time to rest or sleep. Spend all your time working hard.

God pulled on the root of true love and found on the end of the root that most infamous Reverend Moon with Mother and True Children following (like potatoes on the roots). Often they don't like true love action, how about you? You say you like it, but actually you don't like it.

How can we follow bad-tempered Father? How many of you are still attached to this root? In all of Sodom and Gomorrah, there were only five righteous men. On what side would you stand? God's love side or on the perishing side?

Father doesn't mind sweating (his jacket and tie were soaked) and he doesn't mind the time passing. What's time in true love? The outside world would never understand what we receive from Reverend Moon. We receive true love so we want to teach them and become the king and queen of true love. This is Tribal Messiahship. Do you want to become kings and queens? (Yes!) Good. Everyone has an equal chance, but you have to work hard and it doesn't come free. Even dumb people who work hard serving everyone become kings and queens. The smart ones will not necessarily make it. Only those who work day in and day out.

Do you understand? Go and die for true love. While you were young, your mother repeatedly talked about you getting married. You didn't like to hear that , but inside it was OK. Why? Because of true love. If Father talks to you saying, "You must die for true love", you mustn't mind hearing it. If you sleep and Father smashes you, say, "Thank you Father". Don't ask for damages! Does God love Reverend Moon? (Yes!) Which religious leader has been persecuted more than Reverend Moon? This is like a quiz program! The immediate answer is "Reverend Moon". As a result there are so many changes and Father is bringing the true love power. Is it good or bad for Father to speak longer and longer? Father wants to do more, to save even one person who can learn something from what Father says.

Father knows how to make essence. Father knows how to make things short and condensed, when necessary. Father's warehouse is full of material. He can give a ten hour or a ten year sermon. There is so much stuff in his warehouse. I want to teach you everything to make it clear, so there will be no problem. Father feels good. What about you? Can you speak for five hours? Father doesn't notice the time, and we don't either. But now our stomach is telling us something.

Would we like to live in a hut or a mansion? Wherever love is. If your husband is Russian, then will you love Russian love or only "my love"? If my husband is Russian and he is my love, the "Russian" has no place. All that is important is that "he is my love". People have been wandering and looking for true love. Now we have found true love, we have to think seriously how to pass this revolution on.

The nose represents man. The Westerner has a long and sharp nose. If the base is wide, they can encompass more. Someone with a wide and long nose will become rich one day.

All US Presidents have wider noses, except Carter. He has a sharp cutting nose. Bush needs a trunk strong support!

Many famous people visiting E.G. say the Korean situation is very difficult. But no matter, I have paid indemnity for all of Korea, so it doesn't matter what communism says, they cannot make any action.

All western countries came against me, centering on America, and even put Reverend Moon in jail. They thought, "Now the troublemaker has disappeared". But were they wrong!

So we should do silent love demonstrations for everyone, even as Father did in Danbury. Make a good family and show that to the world. You don't need Father to remind you again and again. Love-parents and love-children, this is what we should become. With this as our tradition, the future is full of hope. If we can continue on this way for the rest of our lives, and for generations to come, then we have true hope. You are very ambitious and have big guts. God bless you!

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