The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon From 1991

Let Us Inherit The Realm Of Victory Of Our True Parents

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 15, 1991
Grand Ballroom, World Mission Center, New York
Translator - Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Is today Parents' Day or True Parents' Day? (True Parents' Day). Father has written a title for the message this morning; everyone can read it can't you? Long title: Let Us Inherit the Realm of Victory of our True Parents, Parents' Day. That is the title for this morning's message.

The present time, we have more than five billion people living on the face of the earth. But they are totally confused from the very beginning: they do not know how their history has been initiated, why we have been in this chaotic situation today, and what we are heading for in the future-all that confusion today, and five billion people are living under that confusion. The beginning was unclear, therefore the process is also unclear, therefore, certainly, the end is unclear. Under those unclear situations, all that has been flourishing is confusion. If the beginning was absolutely clear, then there could be no up or down, there could be no way to have confusion. Because the destiny is very clear and the end goal is absolutely clear. However, our history has not been so; history has been solid confusion and proceeding in confusion. Therefore, many people think certain things are good, certain things are evil; but the standard of good and evil always changes. For that reason, there is greater confusion and

So in history there are two major parties or two elements: good and evil. The good part and evil part are always engaged in battle and confrontation. And at certain times, this has developed into bloodshed-up and down, creating confusion-continuing even today. In history there have been so many kingdoms, so many empires have come and gone. Those empires and kingdoms do not measure their destiny when they're going up or when they are going down; when they're going to be flourishing or when they are going to be demolished. No one knew. The rulers of the world throughout history, they want to stay in power, they want to stay good or continue their goodness; however, without them knowing it, for unknown logical reasons, they have to perish, have to be killed. They're kingdom has to be demolished. All this has been the real picture in history.

So then centering upon men there is good and evil. Who is going to determine the rule of good and evil? Or what is the principle that is running good and evil cycles? If there is absolute good sovereignty for example, absolute, eternal good power, then that power would control and diminish evil and make good flourish, and good would continue to flourish. However, that has not been the case throughout history. Therefore, no one could recognize an absolute good solution, good principle or good ruler of the universe. The rulers of different kingdoms and empires had to make up their own sets of rules, sets of principles determining good and evil. Therefore, one set is different from another set; and another set is different from still another set. So everyone is operating under different criteria of good and evil.

Therefore, every country has its own set of good and evil rules, and every country has a certain way of punishing evil. And every country has prisons, a system of judgment, and even capital punishment. Each country, in order to maintain sovereignty, had to enforce their own standard of good and evil. Therefore the standard of good and evil has been fluctuating up and down, according to the thinking and standards of each kingdom's ruler and sovereignty. Therefore all of humanity is destined to choose one way or the other. They desire to take a good road upon which they feel they can flourish, but they may go another way and follow the evil road. By following that way they will eventually perish. That has been the real panorama of history. However, the amazing thing is this: each individual has been endowed by our Creator, the Almighty God, with special equipment with a special function: that is the conscience. The conscience of every individual is telling them that even though the ruler is setting good and evil standards, they cannot follow that standard; that is not my good and evil standard. Your conscience won't allow that.

Furthermore, the conscience has the power of judgment; the conscience can tell what level of evil or what level of goodness. Even looking at similar countries, the conscience will see which country is the more evil country and which is the relatively good country. The conscience has the power of judgment. Then conscience, furthermore, not only evaluates and judges, but conscience is also moving itself toward the best goodness it can find. What about the purpose of education? Is the purpose of education to educate the body or the conscience? What is the purpose of education in your opinion? (To educate the conscience).

Your answer is absolutely wrong-you've been sleeping and not listening to Father. Father just said that conscience automatically has the power to judge between good and evil, and to follow the good. Whereas the body is absolutely a mess, therefore what needs to be educated is the body. The body has to be guided, educated and led into the right direction. So you can see a good man that you contact one time, second time, third time-your mind will know whether that person is good or evil, or how good and how bad-you can tell. The mind and body, the conscience and body, always fight with each other. That person has a lot of contradiction within himself or herself. But conscientious people have much more harmony between conscience and body-there is harmony and cooperation.

According to this principle, the spirit world has to deal with the unchanging quality of conscience. Because the body is changing all the time, the spirit world cannot center on the body. Therefore, the spirit world is working with the conscience which is eternally unchanging. Because our conscience resembles the spirit world which is unchanging; spirit world and conscience do not change. The body can not receive spirit world; the body cannot communicate with the spirit world. The conscience, or mind, by mind basically Father is saying conscience is completely horizontal when spirit world comes down vertically to meet it. Spirit world vibrates together with the conscience, you can harmonize and receive a message from the spirit world. The conscience is always one, with one standard, following the one principle-unchanging. But the five human senses we have, for example the eyes, mouth, nose, ears, etc.-obey the body; therefore, they change with ten different kinds of variations, ten different ways they react

The unreliable five senses open up and evil has a great field day flying in and out of that loop hole. There are a lot of loop holes which enable evil to come inside of you. The eyes can see so many different shades, so many different images. Even one image, by the perception of the body, can be perceived in so many different ways. The body is following that vision and acting upon it; that body is going down and down...taking the evil road. The body wants to eat good things, the body wants to run, the body wants to wear beautiful clothing, the body wants to rest. When it goes to the banquet room and there is a special table with special cuisine, the body always says, "That belongs to you; go there, sit down, eat." The body orders you immediately; then the mind says, "What are you talking about? Silence. That's for a special VIP, there's protocol; you don't belong there." The mind is rejecting the idea. Mind is trying to find its own place and harmonize; equally thinking where it's particu . . .

You cannot touch, cannot see, cannot even know whether mind is dwelling within you, but you know such a thing is there. But do you know where that mind comes from; what is its origin or root? What about the mind as a visible being or an invisible being? What about the root of the original mind-visible or invisible? (Invisible.) Absolutely invisible. The root of the mind has absolutely clear goals, clear direction, clear purpose-no problem there. So therefore, your mind is always working toward better goodness, the better side, the better way all the time. What do you think? Do you want to become sons and daughters of filial piety or do you want to become loyal subjects? Or do you want to be a rebellious son? Or a patriot? "I want to become a patriot." Between a patriot and a saint, what is your choice? (Saint.)

You chose that because patriotism is limited to one country; on the other hand, a saint is universal, eternal and everlasting. So there is direction and purpose. So mind direction and purpose the mind's purpose, goal and direction would not be changed for ten thousand, even millions of years-that is the root of the mind. That is the root of the conscience. The man who follows the direction of conscience, that man is known to have noble character. For that reason, the root of that conscience must be the holiest of all characters. The man of noble character would be respected and admired. By the same token, the root of that noble character is the eternal center of goodness.

There is the original root of conscience and your conscience and their purpose and direction are parallel. So you have to know one thing, then you have to know the other. So you have to know what is the goal and purpose very clearly, then you know absolutely everything and there is no confusion. What do you think? That the ultimate goal is the Constitution of the United States? (No) Civil Rights' laws? (No) The conscience's ultimate goal and direction: is it knowledge? (No) "I'm a graduate of Harvard and have so much knowledge in my head. Boy! This is it-I have ultimate goal and ultimate goodness; I have everything...knowledge is my god." But knowledge is already changeable. Even medical science today: someone says, "Vitamin B is very good for the body," and another scientist will come out with "Vitamin B is worst thing for the human body." A certain person will say, "This particular treatment is best for cancer;" the other person will say "That will kill man." Which one is the truth? Knowledge is changeable and moving forward.

There is incredible confusion in academic society as well; there is no absolute truth that is guiding the academic world. Not at all. What is next? Money! You like money, don't you? Money; the word "money or mani" in Korean means "large quantity". So "mani money" means "lots of money". You have 1 billion dollars in your pocket; then your pocket says, "Oh what a wonderful feeling I have; I have a billion dollars in my pocket." But the pocket would like to rest and go swimming. Then the pocket would say, "Oh, someone will come and take it away; I have to watch it." What do you think? Is the pocket going to be restless or happy and peaceful? (Restless!) Father one time gave a check for 100 million won to one Korean minister, telling him, "You keep it until the next time you see me in such and such a place." So Father was told by the minister, "Father I have never had in my hand, a 100 million won check in my life-I have never even seen a check for that amount of money." So Father said, "Okay, I'll show it to you." Then Father gave 100 million won check to him. He was completely flabbergasted. Then he was even more flabbergasted when Father told him, "You keep it for one week and then bring it back." So that person was absolutely jubilant and took it home; then miserable." That's money-money plays a lot of tricks.

What about political power? In order to maintain power, you cannot just act normally or be a good man. You've got to be absolutely savvy and cruel in order to maintain that power. Saddam Hussein is a good example. Because when you have sovereignty position and power, there is always someone else aiming at you, trying to topple that power. Therefore, there are gangsters and organized crime and the coup d'etat, the military and all kinds of saboteurs, and even other political parties, all of whom are just trying to character assassinate you. They try to turn you into a vegetable so that they can take power. That's the real world. Therefore, political power has nothing to do with eternal happiness.

So there is God. Let's say that God is almighty. If almighty God is thinking eternal lasting peace and happiness, He must have devised something other than those items. He must be thinking much more deeply about something that will not endanger or threaten human tranquility and life. What is the most precious thing in human history? Conscience is the most precious, because conscience is the origin of life. Centered upon conscience we can talk about love; and a new element of love comes in. Throughout history, conscience is also connected to the lineage. Conscience is such a precious treasure for human lives. The conscience is invisible. You have life don't you? (Yes!) Is it your life? Or whose life is it? (God's) Universal life or your own private life, what do you think? (Universal). Your mind and body, especially your conscience, belongs to the universe; because it is coming from within the root in the universe-it is sharing the root. You ask your conscience, "What kind of ancestor would you like to have? Would you like to have your own father and grandfather, or country or nation and tribe-that kind of ancestor would you like to have? Or would like to have a universal ancestor?" Your conscience would respond, "Universal, absolutely. Why don't I belong to the universe and a universal being?" When you become famous, you want to become number one. Everyone competes with number one. In sports for example, you compete with number one. In life, you want to compete with number one to become number one. That is human nature. But in your body, there are billions of cells, and every cell is number one. When you exercise, that particular cell that is number one for exercise starts to move and becomes number one. Every cell has certain characteristics; in that given characteristic each cell is trying to be number one. Conscience is most important, number one. Then what? What is number two then?

I don't know; I'm asking you. I want to hear your answer. What is number two? Number two is love. Conscience is number one, love is number two. The next most important element is love; but love and conscience are virtually one, because conscience exists in love and love exists in conscience. They are working together in one harmony, trying to be number one. Do you know how much love you need? Can you see love? Let me see your love. No one can see the love reality. Love action is a phenomenon. The essence of love cannot be seen; only love can be identified through the phenomenon. It appears through certain loving action. Through action, love can be manifested. Do you think love is traveling on the surface, or is love traveling the deepest possible depths? Which one? (Deepest possible depths.) Sometimes you have to have something high, don't you? Love is like a shaft, a center or axis. When the wheel turns, everything turns around the axis. By the same token, everything in the universe turns around love.

Even though the human conscience is of noble character, at the same time different men and women have different types of conscience and cannot unite them. For that reason, the Almighty created a catalyst, to enable them to become one-that is the element of love. Love brings them together like glue. So therefore conscience's ultimate direction and ultimate goal has to be love. Conscience is driving man toward love as their ultimate goal. The love Father is speaking about is the most powerful and at the same time the most inspiring. For that reason it can step over, create a bridge all over the area. No gap can be created by love; love fills everything, every hole. Therefore, by stepping on that love staircase you can go all the way up to the highest possible realm, that is greater than any emperor or king, greater than any power.

Love creates incredible virtues; toward the parents, love creates filial piety. Among the brothers, love creates brotherhood. Then love also creates patriotism; love also creates the next level, sainthood. Nothing else can bridge all of these things into one harmonious line except love. Love is unique and is the only thing that has the power to bridge from the level of pious son all the way to the saint. We came to the conclusion therefore that the root of conscience is Almighty God and that conscience's goal is love. Love will create all kinds of harmony, all kinds of beauty, all kinds of goodness, all kinds of happiness.

Love is so flexible that it can turn and bring the front and rear into one, left and right into one, up and down into one, it's almost like Disneyland. There is so much turning, riding, going in all kinds of directions with everybody riding in and enjoying the many different kinds of rides. Conscience and love are like that.

A roller coaster goes up to the top of the hill and then starts to go down, with everybody screaming and screaming together. Then is there anyone who will say, "Why do you scream? Stop! Don't yell, silence." No; even old Grandpa and Grandma will scream also at the same time-they laugh and smile with everyone-the feeling is one, harmonious. In that kind of situation, old grandma hold young grandson, or even a strange young man, or hold onto someone else's wife-they are just absolutely so flexible. On a roller coaster everyone is united-it doesn't matter who that person is, in that particular place you kiss and nobody will blame you. (laughter) White one kiss black one, black one kiss white one, white one kiss yellow one, yellow kiss red one-it doesn't make any difference-go ahead. Everything good!

In order to give the greatest gift of all, the Almighty has created love. Love is the ultimate gift from the root of conscience. Therefore in order to make love work, God in Heaven created men and women, plus and minus-in order to have love blossom. Centering love, connecting as one. In there connecting into one, unifying divisions, harmonizing everything. If you take out love, then everything would be miserable.

So we cannot deny the greatest gift of all the Creator endowed upon human beings is love. So does the direction and goal have to be a crooked line or up and down or a straight line toward the goal? What do you think? (Straight line) Is it confusion or not? (No!) Straight line and short cut way. Shortest cut distance, something that travels shortest distance is only love; not even electricity-shortest cut distance love travels. The fastest speed of all is true love. The fastest of all; true love the shortest distance and the fastest way. Love always hits you at 90 degrees: your eyes, your mouth, because 90 degree impact is strongest-most powerful. Perfect 90 degrees match in any direction. As you can see, in this perfect 90 degree four direction in this kind of formation there is no loss or no waste; because it fits perfectly everywhere-perfectly fitting, therefore no losses. So you know that anyone who has a 75 degree nose, or anyone who has a 35 degree nose; how about ears? Sound comes in a straight line into your ears. So when you have even chalk between your two palms, moving in this formation, but then all of the sudden both hands forget there is a chalk, because they see that perfect harmony is created. So power comes this way, and stops right here. Then here it becomes zero

With love, normally it doesn't matter what day it is; love is universal and today is one of the universal days. So love is the ultimate gift from the root of conscience which is the Creator. The conscience root is true and works in that same fashion, by the same principle. So therefore, whatever the root of conscience pursues, the goal and direction is one in the same, not two. So therefore, in order to have love manifest more perfectly, there shall be subject and object, there shall be plus and minus, there shall be men and women-that's how the creation has been made. Is the Love root subject, or is conscience root subject? Your conscience is in the object position. Subject/object makes the circle of life. That is the ideal purpose, isn't it? (Yes) How can you connect with it? With the love circle. The concept we are talking about cannot be denied by anyone.

When Father hears the translation, he realizes there are so many important parts missing, and I realize it. Father doesn't feel good. So Father prefers more and more to speak English. Suppose American people love steak. You order steak but someone sprinkles flour on top of it or sand on it. Can you enjoy that steak? (No!) Today, that's exactly how Father feels. So today Father is eating a very bad steak.

Within ten generations Father's family lineage will be connected to the whole of humanity. Every race, country and nationality will in one way or another become a relative to our True Parents' family. Would you like that to happen or not? (Yes!) You applaud and you are very ecstatic about it, but Father has a different worry. Father wants to tighten up his belt, but Mother didn't create another hole. This is a very good sign for Mother because it means Father is losing weight.

So the most important thing for human beings are conscience and love. Anybody opposed? (No) Everybody agree? (Yes) The unchangeable conscience enjoys and unites together with an unchangeable quality of love. The answer is yes or no? (Yes) Yes? You're making your voice too loud; so all visiting bust out-how about that? I like that; how about you? You don't like that. I like that, but you don't like that. Cannot make it equalization-do you like that (Yes!) No, no Father said "cannot make equalization" and you answer that you answer "yes". Father said, "is that a yes?" and you said, "yes". I heard clearly; I talk clearly. That kind of word I hear; the sound is "nooooo"; (but you said) not "no" but "yesss". Is that the correct answer? (No) It was a bad answer. That answer was different from me.

My conscience is looking forward to being united with unchangeable love. The originally unchangeable mind wants to take unchangeable love-that is the formula way. How about American love? This is a serious question. How about American love? (It's changeable) How many degrees changeable? (180 degrees) Not 180, 260 degrees. (Father laughs). 260 degrees has center, but American love has no center-making it so that it can go around and strike every place-hit and break down the family, nation, and society. This is the American love system. Does every American conscience want true love? No. This is the problem.

The American love world needs reformation, revolution and action. Don't you think so? (Yes) This is the problem. How can we import that kind of true love? How much does that true love cost? Can 100 million dollars buy that kind of true love? (No) Can giving all the land in America be a fair exchange for that kind of love? (No!) This is the American people's homework. Who solved this situation of confusion, making it righteous and correct?

So all that Father has described so far, the perverted uncentered love, just whimsical and floating love-commonly known as the perversion of love; that is prevailing. True conscience never wants that; the root of conscience never wants that; true love never want that; the Creator never wants that. Therefore, what is needed in the world today is a revolution; revolutionize and bring it back to the original state. For that reason God has a providential plan to bring the coming of the Messiah. By doing so, the solution can be given to mankind. Yes or no? (Yes) You know, we are all in double layers. One is mind, which is God's side, and the other is body, which is Satan's side. Two layers of man.

So actually, without Satan your mind and body would be Godlike and mind and body would become plus and minus united into one. However, because of Satan this second part become another plus. So a double plus has been formed. Therefore, ultimately in the end when the Messiah comes, the seed of original plus and minus, original unity of mind and body, will be germinated. And starting from here, growing into larger quality and larger quantity, and eventually occupying entire territory in true vertical and true horizontal line. That is the mission of the Messiah.

So basically the coming of the Messiah is to bring men and women into the original state where there was no Fall of Man. That is the original state, and to bring them back to that original state is the purpose. The worst situation that happened was that Satan occupied the body of men and Satan multiplied his own children and that became humanity. Mankind is stained in their lineage. Satanic lineage has been flourishing. This has been the problem. So there is the plus and there is a minus, plus and minus. Satan is always in the plus position on earth, so we knock Satan's plus down and in front of it create a major plus which is the Messiah, which is God, the Creator. And we create ourselves as the minuses.

So in this situation, Father is trying to look for this kind of man. So that within the one seed there is two parts, plus part and minus part, subject part, object part in one seed. This is love cover. Man is supposed to be love's universal representative. So love covered them up, so inside that cover there is a plus and minus. So when the plus and minus is totally united within the cover of love, then if another plus would try to invade the original plus would repel it. Universal power would repel the illicit plus. Another minus, because once this invasion becomes successful, this order has been broken. If another minus successfully invades, this order and system has been broken. That is the reason the cover of love is protecting that particular seed.

The universe is our best policeman, because the universe always protects the righteous thing. Therefore, when the plus and minus become harmonious and united, with the universe protecting it, illicit love attempts from another minus will be expelled.

By the same token when there is a storm, in the clash of a thunderstorm you hear the thunder and lightning. That means multi-billion volts of plus and minus are clashing in the sky. How can they create themselves into such a gigantic plus and gigantic minus? As long as there is no explosion, the pluses always unite themselves, minuses always unite themselves becoming giant plus and giant minus until the time comes when they clash-that we call a thunderstorm.

This is the most beautiful principle that Father has discovered: as long as there is no object formed, the subject always increase itself-uniting plus and plus and plus. Minus also increases itself by adding minus, minus and minus. When you see the physics books in school, you see the statement that plus always repels plus electricity, minus always repels minus electricity, that is iron rule. But Father has discovered that is not always true. They do not repel, they would rather unite, until they find each other an object and subject, at which time they repel. But until then, they unite with each other. So it is a universal law that when there is a plus and minus united, nobody wants a third party to invade-not in the plant kingdom, the insect kingdom or anywhere. No one will invite an invasion from a third party. That's a universal rule. Is that true? (Yes)

So with a human being, before you get married or know the opposite sex, then the boys all get together with other boys and become big bundles of boys of joy-they will create a boy party. Girls will gather and create a girl party. That's fine and natural. But one of the boys one day gets married. Then one of the remaining boys said to the others, "Boys, lets play!" But the bridegroom will say to them, "Get out of here! Get behind me Satan!" They don't want that anymore-no invasion. So it's the same thing with the women. A women has a very handsome husband, but some of her friends are much prettier than herself. Then she will push them out and shut the door. Why? Now that couple can harmonize into one, the position which the universe can protect, because universal law comes into action. This is the universal law of existence.

So men you have two eyes, don't you? You have two ears? But you're not hearing two different words-they are harmonized and equalized. As long as the two eyes, two nostrils, and two ears are harmonized, they only receive the one image. This is harmony. Therefore in Buddhism they always bring the two terms together; that shows the left and right are perfectly harmonized and come under the protection of the universal law. The fate of the universe will protect the unified weight of subject and object. There is universal fate love. Up/down, left to right, front/rear, all those make a harmonized, unified place forever. Nothing can be invaded there. No matter if Satan exists someplace, and wants to infiltrate there, he cannot do that.

Another important law of the universe is that the perfect plus or perfect subject, automatically forms the perfect minus. The perfect plus creates a perfect minus. This is what they call "evolution theory". Father is not talking about Darwin's evolution theory; this is the Divine Principle's evolution theory. Plus and minus unite, then become either a greater plus to attract a greater minus, then united together create either a greater minus or a greater plus, then united into an even greater minus or greater plus. This is the way progress is made.

For instance, man is plus/minus. The plus place is the mind; the minus place is the body. United they make a complete, small entity of man. In each man a big plus is automatically appearing. Do you understand?

This is also Father's principle for the dispensation. Father always positions himself as the perfect plus, perfect subject. He moves forward as a perfect subject and perfect plus and anybody who's hit become minus or they shatter. So Father will grow in strength because this absolute plus, absolute subject-if another plus should hit either they become shattered into pieces, destroyed, or they become minus, united into one and become Father's party. Then Father's party will grow.

So what happened to Father? The United States of America, the giant country and one of the superpowers of the world, hit Reverend Moon. Reverend Moon, as absolute subject and plus, said, " Come on, you hit me." What happened? Even though legally what they say is something else, but universal law says the United States was shattered. Or conscientious people rise up, unite with Reverend Moon, and become an incredible force of the universe, spreading all over the world.

America has persecuted Father, and what happened? The worst of all satanic nations, the Soviet Union, welcomed Father, and the Soviet heads of state and sovereignty welcomed him into the Kremlin and gave him the most royal reception and red carpet treatment. When the US was hitting Father as the big plus, the US was shattered. And the Soviet Union welcomed Father as a big minus, and it become harmonious. Darwin's theory of evolution looks alright on the surface; but it does not expound the very root, the very bottom, very fundamental cause of the mistake.

So you men and women marry. Given the Blessing by True Parents, you become husband and wife and become a heavenly plus. All kinds of outside minor pluses are hitting you; but when you are outstanding and strong and take the position of the absolute plus, then all these pluses will either be shattered or join you. You become giant plus, then you can challenge the national level and the worldwide level. That is exactly Father's way of life. Father initiated his battle as an individual; then proceeded onto the family level, the tribe level, clan level, national level, then worldwide level. Father has been on the worldwide level for so long; and now Father is fighting the universal level. The United States of America was defeated; however, good, conscientious Americans rose up.

So even in the Persian Gulf War, Father made certain recommendations to George Bush, and he was making the same recommendations to Gorbachev. The recommendation was a serious one: it is a good idea, an incredibly strategic idea, so the staff brought it up to the level of the President. He read it and said, "Boy this is incredible; but I just got the telegram this morning and Gorbachev told me the same thing." Little did he know, it came from the same source.

This is how Father shortened the war in the Persian Gulf. Yesterday, Sunday, the second Sunday in the month of April, the most incredible thing happened: George Bush declared April 5th, 6th and 7th as national days of prayer for thanksgiving for the great victory in the Persian Gulf with the lots of sacrifices of the good men and women of not only the United States but the allied nations. His declaration was made with beautiful penmanship, into almost a Declaration of Independence-well-written and quoting a tremendous amount of words from the Bible-particularly the Psalms. Then thanking God, Heavenly Father, "God, You gave this miraculous victory". Even the Commander-in-Chief Schwartzkoff stated that this Desert Storm war was won miraculously. So, "I, George Bush, President of the United States, declare to all members of this nation to celebrate this victory by giving thanks to God, by displaying proudly the United States' flag and each congregation meeting in their own places. Furthermore, on April 7th at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, all the bells of the country will ring in thanksgiving to God." George Bush made that special proclamation. He signed two original copies, framed beautifully; then George Bush said, "That one original goes to the Archives, giving copies to all the press, to the states, to all the necessary people; but another original one, he asked his staff to send to Reverend Moon.

I would like to add that Father wrote two letters to President Bush before the Persian Gulf War and during the war itself. In the first letter that Father wrote he said, "George Bush, President of the United States, you cannot win this battle without the help of God Almighty." George Bush stated the very words that Father had written to him in his own proclamation-quoted verbatim what Father had said in that letter. I was amazed. Father said, "Don't promote it too much."

Human history started in tragedy, because Adam and Eve did not enter into Heaven. Before they were ready to be blessed, when they were teenagers, they fell. After that, the fallen generations have been flourishing, not God's generations or lineage. That has been the tragedy; that has been the origin of mischievousness of our world. Satan uses two tactics to prolong his reign, Satan's kingdom. First of all, Satan destroyed all the evidence. He cut it up so that everything appears to originate with the body. The body is Satan's site, Satan's weapon in the cover up. And also he created the most incredible perversion of sex-the misuse of sex. These two weapons Satan utilizes.

However, conscience is God's weapon Satan knows that so Satan is always trying to have the power of the body obscure the power of the conscience. That is the effort of Satan. This is why so much immorality is flourishing in this country, because the conscience has been diminished by Satan's tactics. Therefore, the rich people tend towards Satan's world. Satan blesses the worst guys. Satan is trying to make people in the world make a lot of money; Satan always trying to make it so that the body-centered people make a lot of money. In order to make money, you have to kill your conscience. With a good conscience, you cannot be a rich person very well. Money has become a satanic weapon and has created an incredibly immoral culture. There are many artificial intoxicants: tobacco is one, alcohol is another, worse is all the different kinds of drugs. Then there is prostitution, free sex, all kinds of homosexuality and lesbianism. These are all the satanic weapons obscuring the work of the conscience. By doing so, Satan's rule can be prolonged.

So God is warning the world through the mouth of Father, that you must find the way of life where your conscience is happy and satisfied. You must live that life! That is God's warning!

Following the laws of body, you would not find any way to go to Heaven. By way of conscience, yes! Unification Church members therefore have been chosen as God's champions; God's air force, God's navy, God's infantry-so that we go into all the satanic covered area-even including the houses of prostitution and all those places. We are going to show that the conscience must come alive.

You must become always absolute plus no matter what; and either clash with and shatter the evil plus or convert them into minus, so that Satan will be defeated. That is Father's strategy. God sent Father to this big country-to show this country their wrong doings. America must change or it will perish in the not-so-distant future. The majority of the white people in this country do not want to be told to change and be involved in making "heaven on earth." "We are happy already," they say and they all take a leader's position. Great country people feel, "Hey, what are you saying about me? My feeling is not so good; we're going to kick you out." They create an atmosphere of persecution from all four directions against the Unification Church. Only one Reverend Moon is standing up; young people shoot arrows, bullets, machine guns, shooting me. But they cannot destroy me. Why? Because I take the absolute plus position; that is my continuous way. Minus automatically follows, becoming God! My True Parents!

You can now understand clearly Satan's aim: "How can I obtain the mind?" With what? With the body; Satan uses the body. He tells you to go out: "Reverend Moon is working much too hard" he will say, "The daytime is so clear, the sky is clear, air is clear, sea is clear; it's springtime, why do you stay in this dark place? Do you like this kind of situation? Your position is much too difficult, how can you stand that kind of situation? You are wrong, wrong, wrong." Your habit is your body: "I like that; good food-I like that. Good clothes-I like that; good place-I want to stay good bed where sleeping is good." Your habit sounds and tastes very good. One more time you want that sweet way, sweet feeling. With stimulating things: drugs, alcohol, beautiful woman/ handsome guy. Do you like that? A beautiful woman or handsome guy stands there saying, "I waited for a long time, now you appear. Thank you. Welcome." Following that way you will fall down into hell. This ownership could be restored.

True Parents are the true mind owner, true love owner-you have to know that. True Parents characteristics are the concepts of true love kingship. How can we restore this? That is True Parents' main mission. Do you understand clearly? The world of conscience has been made victim every time; not victor, but victim. Originally, God had never made the word "victim," only victorious words. Because of the other side, we lost this most precious situation. How can we solve this problem? The main point is kingship of mind. Do you understand? Yes! And kingship of what? True Love. Those two immediately make that different relationship 180 degrees from Satan's world. No problem! Satan's world must follow that, and we raise the standard after that, lowering it down clearly into Hell's different waters. They immediately turn around 180 degree, towards Heaven. True God, True Parents, True Love, True Life, True Lineage-no matter how strong, Satan's power cannot continue there. Those are the original heart's love purpose, not Satan's purpose. Forever it connects with God's purpose; it's eternal direction is God's direction. God is subject, humankind is object centering on true love, connecting with one true love forever. With this viewpoint we can make our conclusion. Humankind can live forever centering on true love, the ideal of God's creation . Do you understand? This is the viewpoint of Principle. Now will you follow me and understand everything? Yes or no? (Yes!) So you absolutely need True Parents. By following that path all the time you can restore absolute ownership. We have to take absolute true love kingship. The original connecting point of divine and human love is the sexual organs. That organ is the king's palace of love; that is the most valuable place. Man and woman connect there, and from there connect children and life. It is the king's life palace, isn't it? And there connect the kingship lineage. Those three foundations connect at that one point. Of all humankind, in all the created world, this is life's most valuable thing. This is the most high level valuable place. Not just anyone can open that place, only the absolute owner, the one absolute subject. From there, absolute love appears. Through those two organs comes absolute soul-baring. It connects automatically to the creation of the absolute ideal. This is not restoration, not the way of salvation. But we need that messiah, we need a way of salvation. Why? Because of the fall. Otherwise we don't need a savior or messiah, True Parents. Originally we had everything: God's ideal mind, God's body, God's love. This true love and value was lost after the fall. Your original mind understood that true love and value. So you can take back the original human dignity of personality. Then Satan will be blocked.

For humankind what is the most deep, important point? The mind. The second is love. Looking from that particular viewpoint, all over the world, you cannot find anyone harmonized in mind and love. We understand that clearly. However we can attain that purpose easily. Why? We know the truth. Until now, we didn't know the truth clearly. Satan loved that complicated situation in which our side was saying "good, good, good" about the exciting, stimulating atmosphere. Satan makes that fallen surface on this earth-Satan's armament which fell down from heaven. Look at the color of this world, this hell of yours. God looks down on such a miserable situation, absorbing it for a long, long time before restoring it at one time. God waited tediously for that point in time. No one knew that until Reverend Moon came into this world and dug up everything clearly. The satanic world was surprised, amazed. No one had known their side's secret. God absolutely judged Satan. Satan accused: "Why can God keep the beautiful creation foundation? I cannot permit that kind of duality. Wipe it out! If God doesn't take the restoration way, I'll take the creation for myself." The principled viewpoint is this: no matter how strong is God's power, Satan cannot deny my way-I will proclaim it, I will do it step by step, reclaiming the individual foundation, family foundation, Father's holy blessing after that, and after that the family pulling over the representatives of Satan's family. "You are wrong; you have belonged to Satan's side. Make yourself independent; after that follow me. Otherwise you will perish". I make my point clearly; but they ask, "Well, what did you say? We are very happy. Throughout history inherited this way of life, and in the future we will go the same way. What are you talking about, making a more complicated situation? We don't like that! Go behind us!"

Father didn't accept that. Father took the consequences every time centering on God's law of conscience. I opened doors and left them open behind me. The route you have to follow is my way-the way I took has become the universal textbook. If you can understand the contents of this textbook, you will be grateful forever. You cannot separate from those contents. If you take one taste it is much too sweet, it's like honey. You cannot turn back. You want more and more; it is that kind of situation.

So when you taste that kind of real taste, no matter how your parents, your relatives, your country goes against you, you will never change. Kidnapped by parents? Has that kind of activity ever been done before in history? No! Never have parents in the past taken their children by kidnapping-the first time it occurred was in the Unification Church. This was Satan's last weapon. Satan is using that last weapon to destroy all unification centering on Reverend Moon.

So you need me? Yes! Why? (True Love.) Why? Reverend Moon is standing in the True Parents' position. No matter that he is an older guy looking bad, he has the most precious thing: touching him we connect to true love, true life and true lineage . Otherwise, there is no way. So you have to get those three things; you have to take back those three most valuable things to humankind. You have to connect with Father.

You want to meet Father all the time, isn't that true? When I leave this country, America is a vacant place. Father comes back, then America is full. Love power is making that kind of mysterious event. So I like that, you like it too: true love forever. In there we will take that happiness; in there hope, in there peace, in there freedom. Lacking that love place, how much freedom is there? No one wants to stay there at all. Centering on love, we can have freedom. The American concept of freedom is wrong.

So today is Parents' Day, and Father wrote "The True Parents' Realm of Victory". The realm of victory started out from the small individual realm, to the family realm, tribe realm, national realm, and international and worldwide realm and now Father is covering the entire universe. Virtually Father is now working to liberate all of the communist world. That has been started and very, very much is being accomplished. You are like a student and you have to get a good mark. You have to receive a diploma from the True Parents. Becoming True Children of the True Parents-that diploma far surpasses a diploma from Harvard University which is like a peanut, like nothing.

Satan would like to bargain. Satan, knowing he is defeated by the power of True Parents, is bargaining with God saying, "Well I'll give up everything-all the universe, all mankind, all material wealth, including Satan myself-I'll give up everything. God could you give me Reverend Moon?" And God will say, "No! Get behind me Satan!"

Exactly can someone come to you and say, "I'll give you all of New York City if you give me your son, your daughter." Can you do it? No! Someone will say, "I'll give the entire world, the entire wealth of the United States of America to you; can I have your wife?" Can you do it? No! Can I have your husband? Can you do it? No!

So can you embrace with the United States: the mountains, the dirty Hudson River and say, "This is my lover." Can you say that? No! However when a little child comes to you, "Daddy, Mommy" particularly when you've been away and the child comes to you to make a reunion, then the tears are trickling down the cheek, your heart is melted, completely melted-no prize, no money can be attached to that kind of feeling. This is the priceless feeling of love. It is the love being, love vibration, love light. In love the entire universe will vibrate together. The universe will dance according to that love vibration.

This is the month of April, so when you go to Central Park or anywhere, there are beautiful flowers in bloom, there is an incredible rainy day, some day-the rain comes and virtually destroys the flowers. Can you go out to Central Park and embrace the flowers and say, "Oh what can I do to save you from the destruction of the rain? I'm so sad." You're crying together with the flowers.

When you love God's creation, those beautiful flowers, God's heart will be moved. God will say, "You are truly my son; you are truly my daughter" God's Heart will be moved because you loved His creation. If you really inspire God's Heart, what happens? God is looking down, "My son and my daughter are so sorrowful because of this rain destroying the flowers". All of a sudden, God will say, "Rain go away; clouds go away. Come the rainbow." And the rainbow will appear in the sky. As soon as the rain has ended, the flower will be smiling at you and saying, "Thank you, God's son; thank you True Parents' children."

Father is giving this analogy because if you love nature or God's creation that much, how much will that person love their own children, their own spouse? The flowers are stationary. To look at the flowers, you have to go to the park. But little children follow you; your spouse is with you; you can go together, smile together, embrace together. This is what the family is all about centering on true love. So how can you compare that with the love of creation, such as the love of flowers?

So if you really want to know the world of love, you have to really understand the world of the True Parents' love. This is where the original root is located. So when I wear the glasses of conscience looking at the United States of America, I absolutely have no shame. In a way America sinned me in front of me; they abused me. They not only sinned in front of me, because of me they are all sinners and furthermore they came to say "I'm going to judge you. I'm going to bring the verdict upon you." That's what the United States did to Reverend Moon. Danbury will not be erased; it's going to remain in the United States history-to the end. This realm of victory of True Parents, Father would like to bequeath to you, give it to you as your inheritance. So Father's victory goes from here all the way to the world and universe. You here, inherit the realm of victory of the True Parents. You come to your own tribe and become a tribal messiah. That is exactly what we are about.

As a tribal messiah, you become the ancestor of your own tribe. This is the position. Your descendants, the future generations of your clan, will look upon you as the Abraham of your family. So Father knows the preciousness of messiahship; for that reason nothing stood in his way. No suffering mattered, no torment was too great, no persecution was too much, and he came this far. Because Father suffered so much, there's so much incredible credit that comes to Father. So many medals all over his body. You will not see-but there is a spiritual medal everywhere on Father's body because each victory represents one medal. So I received all those medals; this is a pure medal that signifies that God recognized the value. I don't want to spend it; I don't want to do anything about it; I don't want to turn it over to you; I don't want to turn it over to you without price. This comes to you free-this is what Father is trying to do. You may not believe my words today; but when you go to spiritual world, exactly what Father is saying today you will know. But if you come to realize it only after you arrive in spirit world, it will be too late. Then what can you do?

Can you look upon Father? You cannot squarely face Father. You are so shameful, you have to bow your head. Since Father knows the rule of the spirit world absolutely-for that reason, Father has been treated almost like an outcast his entire life. But Father is enduring and persevering because Father foresaw the end result. Does Bush know the spirit world and how to govern the world with the principle? Does Gorbachev know about that? Not at all; neither do. But if they listen to Reverend Moon then they will come to know the rules of the universe. Why should they believe Reverend Moon? How can they take Reverend Moon's word seriously? How do they know? They might think that Reverend Moon is a swindler. How can they believe Reverend Moon? If they look at Reverend Moon's life, then they will know. Reverend Moon is the absolute plus walking under the most incredible adverse conditions day after day, victoriously. He literally became a worldwide leader, changing the shape of the world today.

From now on there's not going to be persecution. Reverend Moon survived this far under those kind of adverse conditions; no one can torment Reverend Moon anymore. That's what they know; that's the way Reverend Moon is true. They will know. So all mankind will see Reverend Moon as victor as Father said; and furthermore, there's a hope that they follow Father. Generally speaking, Unificationists have a reputation as dedicated, sacrificial, and conscientious. And they go after not the carnal desires of the body; they are especially clean in morality, especially sexual morality-they are clean people, they are pure like snow. That's Unificationists.

Most recently, Father heard that there was an oriental herb doctor-oriental medicine, not western medicine-who has been practicing in San Francisco. He treated lots of women; they heard there was a place like the New Yorker. There are about 1000 men and women living in one house. Everyone, in true San Francisco mentality, thought, "There's going to be an incredible inferno; incredible immorality must be being conducted in that house." So they sent secret investigators, trying to find what the New Yorker life is all about. When they come, they saw men and women living humbly in the New Yorker. Some are married, some unmarried, some men, some women-investigating, they have not found even one case of sexual immorality. One thousand people living in one house, they expected virtually an inferno every night, virtually an incredible mad house every night. But instead there was peace; there was a rule, there was a principle; and most important of all, there was a moral standard in that house. So that person was not only completely flabbergasted, but knocked out and joined the Unification Church.

It is reality. Now look at this; now there are a people who live that purely on the face of the earth. A new breed has been created, with consciences like angels. You know their sexual life is as white as snow. So that kind of new breed has come upon the face of the earth. It is not just a dream; it could be only a dream in the minds of millions of people. But for us it is a reality.

Give the thanksgiving that God has given us this life, this way of life through our encounter with the True Parents. We have this most beautiful way of life. This is the worst threat to Satan; but, at the same time, the greatest joy and greatest blessing for God and His hope. You must realize you cannot diminish this great treasure and tradition that Father has built through you. Because two sets of parents: one is God's parents, one is True Parents. Two sets of parents in order to build such a standard-they have been tortured, they have shed blood, they have been persecuted and shamed. They have received the most incredible incrimination. With that cost, this priceless treasure has been won. This is really the secret treasure of the universe. From this we can demolish hell-hell on earth and hell in the spirit world. Furthermore, most important of all, we can build the kingdom of Heaven on the earth and in Heaven. That is Hallelujah, Amen! (Applause)

I want you to understand this precious True Parents' realm of victory. Father has won with his life of blood and sweat and finally obtained victory. And Father and Mother want to turn it over to you without any price; inherit it to you so that it becomes yours. So you can succeed Father's tradition. So that you will become a tribal messiah. You may not be 100% at first. This is the true messiah; tribal messiahs refer to the branches of that tree. You belong to the main tree. As long as you belong to the main tree, you are a Tree of Life and can multiply life. So you are going to restore the elder son's position; you are going to restore the True Parents' position; you are going to restore the kingship position.

So this main trunk is the True Parents; the flower will blossom in this main trunk and flowers will also blossom in these branches and the two flowers are identical. They are not two different flowers, but the same flower. Also they bear fruit, and the seeds are identical. Another incredible vertical element plus horizontal element is happening because of that; that is, Father always preaches that the spirit world is coming down and assist you. That is the reality; that is happening. But not only that, when you inherit True Parents' realm of victory not only the Unification spirit world, but that of all the different religions and denominations on the face of the earth. They are affected by their own spirit world, they have to come to assist you. Old Testament era, New Testament era, Completed Testament era-every era's different denominations-all the spirit world is coming down. At the same time, their correlating denominations on earth will come to the True Parents.

The Old Testament and New Testament are the main trunk, right? There are a great number of saints there. When they are coming down to assist Father's ministry, as well as your ministry, by the same token they are affecting their own denomination and horizontally those people come to assist you. Therefore, you are going to see the most incredible miracle in your lifetime within your own village, within your own town, within your own community. Just test it out yourself; just kick and create a problem-initiate something. Then you will see a most strange power come to act upon you. So far we have been persecuted, so we have been living with a mentality of a persecuted minority. So when someone comes or when you go somewhere and start speaking to someone-your heart starts pounding. "What can I do if something happens? What can I do if some satanic action occurs?" On the contrary, Father said, it will be the opposite. You are the tower of strength, the absolute plus. When you talk to people, their heart is pounding: "What a mighty power that woman has! What mighty words are spoken by that man!" Their heart is going to be pounding. Because we have the most powerful weapons: Divine Principle, True Love and True Parents! Amen! (applause).

We are celebrating the thirty-second Parents' Day today. So the thirty-third Parents' Day will be next year, in 1992. The thirty-second anniversary means thirty-one years; the thirty-third anniversary means thirty-two years; and then thirty-fourth anniversary means thirty-three years. The next two years are going to be very significant. This is the life span of Jesus. The entire world power is up against Reverend Moon's lonely power, but that lone power is much greater and heavier. Father is the heavyweight champion; the other side is a white belt karate. It's so heavy, it not only tilts the balance but turns it around. That's true. Did you ever imagine that Father would go to the Soviet Union is his lifetime? Father knew and Father predicted it.

Do you trust and believe Father's word? (YES! )Or do you just consider Father's words: "I will take into consideration what Father said today." Are you going to consider or trust and believe? (Trust and believe!) There is a honey jar; you are eating honey that is so sweet. Do you want to just enjoy your own honey, all by yourself, or take the bottle with you to your hometown so that everyone will share the same honey? (YES!)

So there you are. They will want to have more honey. Okay, come over, come over. Then what would you do? Not just honey, but you would give them eternal life. We have honey factory: the honey maker is Reverend Moon! So amazing thing is that the universal raw material is in abundance, with no end. Father can make jar, after jar, after jar. If you have no more supply, just come to Father and ask for honey. (Applause)

So the conclusion is this: "Yes, that is the only truth. Father we have no choice except to obey and follow you; we will live and die for you." Those who do, will you raise your hands? Now shake your hands, like an earthquake. We are uniting the entire world. (Applause).

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