The Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon from 1997


Cutting Off Satan's Lineage, Which Is the Origin of this Most Evil World

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Morning Service (Part 1)
Belvedere International Training Center
December 1, 1997
Translation: Rev. Peter Kim
Unofficial Notes: Tyler Hendricks

Blood lineage is a matter of love. Centering on love, the good history which God intended was reversed to become the evil history we have witnessed. While growing in the physical world, we need parental love. If the parental love is incomplete, we will not grow to maturity. Restoration begins from true parental love, and it is elevated by stages. As you are elevated, you build from what you established before, for instance, from the family level to the tribal level. The history of restoration has reached the world level now.

If the fall had not happened, a true man and woman each representing God would have stood at the center of each level. Unfallen Adam's family would have been the center of every level reaching the world. On each level, they would have been the public center. In the family, parents. In the village, the mayor. The center serves as the bridge through which the entire group reaches the higher level. That's how we progress. As long as the bridge figure exists, we can access every corner on every level, because all people would have a flat, horizontal relationship, like one family, with all people as brothers and sisters. Then we all climb up together to higher levels.

As you are being elevated, you will pay indemnity on the horizontal level, then advance more. In the fallen world, however, there is no such formula. Thus there is no real progress, no elevation. We are stalemated.

Restoring the Order of Love

The teaching here is that the individual sacrifice for the family, the family for the tribe, and so on. The lower is the material with which to build the higher. We can be proud of ourselves for being the center of each level, because we are the material building the higher level. Once we reach the world level, circular motion begins. This motion includes myself.

Contrary to all this, the origin of the satanic world is the person centering himself on his own selfish purpose. Such a person will try to eliminate others. Each person, in their conscience, wants to become the center of the world, and to create circular motion centering on himself. But the bridge should be centered on true love. To be that center, one invests and invests oneself on each level. That means to sacrifice oneself for the higher level. The concept of selfish individualism and the exaltation of privacy have no place here.

The world has been built on selfishness, which has created war and division. God, however, did not abandon this fallen world. He sent a new Adam, to restore the true order. The world is divided into left and right, battling each other. In order to unite them, we need the original world ideology. Right and left always oppose each other, but through Godism, centering on true love, we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Godism offers a rope of true love, a true love pillar. Through true love we can reverse the left-right relationship.

The left represents the body, the right represents the mind. We can reverse the body's domination of the mind. We make the same reversal, by analogy, on each stage up to the world level, at which point the proper relationship of spirit and material will come about, and the evil world will be gone. The fallen history of six thousand years has brought us to the point at which this is possible. At this return to the original point, upon which the human beings were supposed to reach the ideal, we follow God's word, not Satan's, and, by living for others rather than ourselves, cut off the satanic lineage. Then we can fill up the vacuum created by the lack of people above that line, and this creates the kingdom of heaven. Once we cut off the satanic lineage through True Parents, we can fill this vacant area, bringing restored people, all humanity who lost everything because of the fall. That will complete the history of restoration through indemnity. That is the clean-up job.

Between man and woman, there should be only "conjugalism," or "husband-wife-ism," there is no room for individualism. Through living for each other, you can become parents, and as such invest yourselves 100% to build your family, tribe, and reach the world and God. Beginning from the original point, you pass through eight stages.

The Last Days

From the returned lost Adam, the lost true family can be found. God comes down to the individual level to find that lost Adam. Centering on Adam as plus, Eve is created as minus. This was the order of creation, and it is followed in recreation. How old is the human race? [Various figures are suggested.] It is a pure guess. The biblical record can be multiplied by 10, by 100, or by 1,000. Human history could be as long as 30 million years. The Bible says there have been three periods of 2,000 years, but you can multiply that by 10, 100 or 1000. So let's say more than 20 million years. How many generations is that? To restore the lost Adam, God has taken this long.

It represents so much human effort. For all of history, men and women worked hard, but they spun in one place, going nowhere, and finally the spinning stopped and they died. We have lost so many ancestors. Think of God's heart and how much pain He has endured. All that sacrifice for no result. Therefore, all those ancestors are anxiously waiting in the spirit world, waiting for their descendants to fulfill their unfinished mission. And what a lot of resentment their ancestors have toward Adam and Eve. The ancestors' sacrifice brought no immediate result; it was just like fertilizer, at best. What was it all for? It was to find the true Adam and Eve. This is why religions emphasize the life of asceticism, not just as a concept, but as reality.

After this lapse of time, the Lord of the Second Advent arrived as True Parents to restore humankind to God. The world was full of cursing and opposition, but he overcame it all and won the victory. But the first point is that God won. Two thousand years ago God found one champion and sent him, His only begotten son, to the world. But Israel killed the one who came as its own parents. The spiritual archangel, Lucifer, destroyed Adam; the physical nation killed the second Adam. So humankind lost Adam spiritually and physically. This is the only way to understand the suffering of history. This suffering was necessary for us today to reach the world level. There was a gap, and the suffering of God's people filled it.

Suppose the world opposes the Lord of the Second Advent and eliminates him. At the time of Adam, there was space to save him, because he was the formation stage. But the Lord today comes in the completion stage, so there is no room for restoration, no more time in the growth stage. Everything will be lost if we cannot bring humankind to God; humankind will have nowhere to go. We can see the self-destructive trends. This is reasonable. God chased Adam out of the Garden. The third Adam came down and gave the truth to this world. The world could have united centering on this truth. But the allied world opposed the Lord of the Second Advent.

If there are mistakes from now, they cannot be restored; those who commit mistakes are like wasted fruit. The time is as when Jesus cursed the fig tree; it is a fearful time. Father and God cannot intervene to save anyone. The law of indemnity applies to everyone. Suffering inevitably comes to those who deny God's obvious and common sense truth, written in the conscience. So it is from great love that Father gives the Blessing, to save the fallen descendants. We all are fallen descendants; there are no exceptions. All receive the Blessing in order to be reborn. All humanity can go through the ceremony of restoration. Then we can grow up to spiritual maturity and enjoy the heavenly kingdom.

Reborn to Unite Mind and Body

The first stage of new life is in the mother's womb; this means rebirth through the Blessing. The second stage is our growth in the physical world, and the third stage is heaven in the spirit world. We are now in the mother's womb stage worldwide. The infants receive the holy wine, as do the children. Ideally, we receive it in the womb.

These are the last days. God cannot wait another 2,000 years. He wants to bring restoration and purification around the world at once. The fetus receives life through the mother. Also all the family members participate. All are connected to the ceremony of restoration. Then they all will enjoy eternal life.

From now, Father is launching this new campaign. All people, from the womb forward in age, drink the holy wine to be restored. If it is not done, Satan can interfere with your family for seven generations. The holy wine ceremony, therefore, is so precious and fearful. It is the turning point dividing the paths to heaven and to hell.

You are not reborn yet, because your mind and body are not united. Our courses are zigzag. But we now can find the center, straighten out our path and create circular motion. The centripetal and centrifugal forces, in balance, create circular motion. The unity of mind and body defines a heavenly person. Selfishness brings disunity of mind and body.

If blessed couples are not perfect, we need a repair shop in the spirit world. What caret gold are you? 36? 18? Less than zero? God is serious when He watches us, and so is Satan. The body controls the mind, leading the person into the world of free sex. The archangel has no partner, so people who follow that way cannot enter into a true partnership. People who practice free sex risk contracting AIDS. God's power is exercised spiritually and physically.

Adam and Eve were to have been the eternal ancestors. But when they fell, God chased them out instantly. Do you think God will act differently today? The fallen world is heading in the direction of destruction. When Father came here, he stepped on the brake to slow down our careening toward self-destruction. But people resisted his putting on the brake. So Father built his own foundation. Now he can turn the world in the right direction through the international, inter-religious Blessing. Everything is being united in the Blessing. If your family is not related to an international blessing, you will be in the back. Don't you think so? I'm not an international blessing, so I don't know.

Blessing and Restoration

Originally, true marriage was to have started in Adam's family. But they fell as brother and sister. There resulted a disorder of love, with adultery, incest, etc. But now God is bringing the world out of hell.

After World War II, restoration could have happened in seven years. Many billions have died since then. They are resentful toward the Christians who rejected Father back then. We can stop this war in the spirit world. We accomplished this by restoring the physical world. Then Father can allow Blessings in the spirit world. So the Blessing is the key to open the physical world and spirit world. Also it is international, interracial and inter-religious in the spirit world. Thus, as Father has conducted the Blessing in the physical world, he has also done so in the spirit world. First he blessed his own immediate relatives. Then he brought the Blessing to the Christian realm, centering on Heung Jin Nim and Daemonim.

Christianity only had a spiritual foundation. To connect all Unification Church members to this, we attended the workshops at Chung Pyung Lake. Then the physical world and spirit world will be equal, harmonized and united. To do that, we transcend the realm of Satan's lineage and receive the Blessing.

Beyond the third Adam's course, there is no indemnity, and we will be in the realm of the fourth Adam. All families are in the condition of Adam's family in the Garden. Father will be able to embrace and bless all families and bring them into the Garden by the year 2000. Moses was eighty when he brought the Israelites out of Egypt. We are on the world level now.

When Father blessed 124 couples, there were 120 nations in the UN. The 430 couples blessing took place in the 4,300th year of Korean history. It was the national level blessing. Father opened the gates for Koreans to enter the Kingdom of God. Then they had to prepare to open Korea to the world. The blessed couples were the plus and the Korean people were the minus. Then the 43 couples blessing in Japan, Europe and America reached the world level. They initiated the process for all the tribes of the world to enter the kingdom.

Then the 777 couples blessing took place, involving 10 nations representing all people. Then 1,800 couples, which is 3 X 6. Six is the number in the growth period Satan claimed, and 18 years old is the borderline between the teenage years and adulthood. This is where free sex can begin. Satan acts from that time.

Man is in the archangel position. It is awkward for men to serve women, opening the door for them, etc., but God trained the archangelic man this way, so that we would be able to serve the bride. He is to serve the queen of Adam. This began after World War I. But women took advantage of this to sit back and boast. That is okay only if you have a baby in your arms.

Laws reflect the ruling conscience of the society. So the modern divorce laws send the children with the mother. If they sent the children with the father and had no alimony clause, would so many divorces take place? No. The status of bride is over when you become a wife.

Male and Female

God created all things for Adam and Eve to use. He invested every ounce of His energy. Adam was created as the pinnacle of all things. Adam and Eve unite not through the noses connecting together, but through the sexual organs connecting. When people kiss, they have to move their noses out of the way. And the man is always on top, except for playboys depicted by Hollywood.

You cannot make love by yourself. Centering on love, man and woman become one, and lineage is created. In Korea the saying is that the first stage of a boy and girl in love is the eyes meeting, then the mouths meeting. If the girl took the initiative, the boy will be controlled by her. If he takes the initiative, she will follow him. Who usually takes the kissing initiative in the modern world? Woman.

Husbands like to touch their wife's hips, which are round and soft. She feels happy when he rubs against her hips. In the original world, the male is considered more attractive and beautiful than the female. Consider the rooster, the peacock and the turkey. The male attracts the female. Males sing and females respond. They approach each other, and become quiet. Love is the magnet that takes you to God. Convex and concave should become one. If another force interferes at that moment, you will throw your house against it. This is true among all races.

Anyone who can see only their own race is colorblind. In each day, there are many colors -- dawn, midday, etc. Cows don't care about each other's colors. If we eat the same thing every meal, we become tired of it. When opposites meet, there is stimulation. Hot water poured into ice water creates noise and steam. The vibration created by corresponding entities is greater the more distance there is between them. Perfection comes through the interplay of plus and minus.

They call Rev. Moon a playboy, believing he seduces women and that this is why he has so many female followers. Father shares deep teachings about true love of husband and wife. Do all female Unification Church members fall in love with Father? If you say yes, your husband may attack Father. This is why men want to be rid of Father. The stronger the male persecution, the stronger the female attachment. Therefore, Rev. Moon is called the king of the playboys. It is ironic that we, who are teaching absolute sex, are deemed worse than homosexuals.

But the time is different. In the past, the media was against me. Now it is just the Washington Post. They added great excitement to the Blessing. By studying us, however, they will eventually realize that what we are doing is healthy.

Uniting Plus and Minus

I have been teaching directly about love for five years, but I still have more content in storage. If you practice true love, people will say, "Yankee don't go home!" You are happy now. But in general, as a Unification member, are you happy? (Yes.) If you had plenty of money, cars, airplanes, wouldn't you be happier? (No.) To describe one aspect of the true husband-wife relationship, you want to possess everything in order to give it to your spouse. And you extend your love beyond your spouse to your in-laws.

Rev. Moon wants to offer everything to God; all things follow me because I am a true owner. A true owner is defined by constant giving. Brazil has 160 million people, and Father wants to give blessings to all of them. He doesn't count what he gives to others. Heavenly fate supports this. One grows when one becomes a minus to heaven. Heavenly fate protects your life. Heaven works to balance the pair system, to harmonize partners. The one who gives, therefore, becomes the minus which is filled by heaven.

You think you want to dress up and be in the best restaurant with the most admired, beautiful or handsome member of the opposite sex. But better than that is to be there with your beloved. If you are even in the lowest place, and are tempted by beautiful women, you will shake them off them for the sake of your wife. All people respect this. Even fallen people will give you a standing ovation. This humble person will receive the standing ovation, and then, on stage, he will take off his shabby coat to reveal a suit of gold.

Unification is best when it unites entities from far distances, including east and west. [Father speaks on the eastern and western ways of putting on one's coat and eating. Fingers and knuckles. Printing text. Calling to others. Revealing oneself.]

Everything goes through a formula to reach true love. In the Orient, silence is valued, silent meditation, because the universe began in silence and tranquillity. God has been absolutely silent for thousands of years, yet no one has noticed. To receive from God, we should be more patient and quiet than He is.

A New Start

[On the problems created because the world has many languages.] The quality of a language is based not on how well it conveys science, technology, or economics, but on how well it expresses love. True love emerges from the unification of God and true parents. To learn true love teaching, we all will want to learn Korean. To spread true love teachings, Father has published 200 volumes.

Father has been teaching constantly for several days, and he had long meetings yesterday. I didn't expect you to be here; I expected to pray alone, because it takes time for you to get back from the DC mobilization. But by the fact that you are here to meet me, means we have a new start, and we have already won the 360 million couples blessing victory.

Let us complete the 360 Million couples blessing by the end of May, '98. That is six months away. We will celebrate it in three locations. The entire world will be watching, and the world will be eager to join in. The world will recognize the value of blessed couples. At first we appeared before the world as beggars, but now they see us to be loving and serving. The whole world will respect, follow and resemble blessed couples. Thus we embrace the world.

360 million couples equals 720 million adults. If we connect four relatives on the wife's side and four more on the husband's side, plus children, the total is three billion, which is over half the world population. When we reach this level, we will build a world tribe, world nation and true world.

Children are good at the Internet. They will learn about the Blessing through the Internet. They will find their true love spouse on the Internet. So, send the news of the 39.6 million couples blessing out on the Internet. Everyone will know of it. >From this perspective, we are happy the Washington Post stood in opposition to the Blessing. Youth with clear thinking will see the reality and follow the truth, rejecting the Washington Post. They will demand that the Post print the truth. Thus the world will change.

At that level, we can free the world so that all races together can build the Kingdom of God on earth. It will center not on democracy or communism but upon Headwing ideology and Godism. Even slow-witted intellectuals will begin to comprehend.

Love Creators

We begin the new era. Rebirth by holy wine is the formation stage. The growth stage is the restoration process. The completion stage is eternal life. We connect to eternal life by eternal love. There are three levels of blessing for Unification Church members: church, nation and world. The world level is the kingdom of heaven on earth. We can open the nation by reaching the world level. These are parts of the growth stage, which requires indemnity through eight stages. We progress by investing and forgetting.

This center of investment for the sake of others can go over every obstacle, everywhere. In that center, God and True Parents are liberated, and we are forever free. In the near future, we do not need any prayer. Instead of praying, read and study Father's lifelong victorious record, which is recorded in Father's speeches. That content is the plus axis. Follow Father's standard of love with absolute faith, love and obedience. The universe was created through absolute faith, love and obedience. Absolute faith opens everything, every creature in the Pantenau.

The 360 million couples will clean up everything. Then everything will be flat ("the valleys will rise up, and the high places brought down"). The center point of this plane is God and True Parents. This is meaning of the realm of the cosmic Sabbath and parents of heaven and earth. God can come down to that plane. He will bring the restored archangel and connect with saints and sages in the spirit world, completing Adam's position. This is the complete foundation for all the human race, centering on your family.

Heavenly fate will come to children of filial piety, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters in that place. God will dwell in our bodies, as will the entire angelic world. Billions of people will come into our bodies. Our conscience should embrace them. Our conscience will even go beyond God if there is something greater we can grasp.

Even one of your forty billion cells is the seed for an unlimited number of new cells. This is why our desire is unlimited. The conscience does not want to be filled with money, but with saints and sages who resemble God. Then it expands and embraces all the saints and wants more, and they come to the earth and embrace everyone here. You can say, I am a love creator. You can love others everywhere. You will challenge God to be a love creator greater than Him.

Tour of Spirit World

I will walk across the world and jump into the kingdom of heaven. I will reach the "True Love Huge World Center." You can cut off Satan's blood lineage day and night, wherever you may be, by giving the Blessing. Fallen people stole everything from God, and used this stolen property as thieves. So they should return everything to God. The wealth was taken by Satan; this means that everything will return through the True Parents. True Parents bring a natural, prosperous and just structure to this entire world. Absolute ownership comes through absolute love. To whom does America belong? There is more to be done before we can say that America belongs to God. God's world is a world of absolute, unchanging love.

Establish the three generations of goodness in your family. Then we can climb up the ladder and create one world under God. This true family is the world in microcosm, in which all are equal. Without this we will not be able to make any progress in spirit world. If we achieve this, we can call our ancestors up to our level in the spirit world.

When Father takes a tour of spirit world, where will we go? We will face Father, but what if you are in chains and you cannot go to Father? You may not be able to reach Father. You will be ashamed that on earth you did not work with Father more actively. Father will not be able to liberate you there; if he tried to he would be violating his own teachings. Everyone else is in heaven, but what if you are chained in hell? What will you do? That's why we need this physical world. Life on earth is brief compared with the spirit world.

Perhaps you would like to wear a coat made from diamonds. You can do it in spirit world, and stand in it overlooking the kingdom of heaven. You can travel with Father and God in spirit world. But if you live as an aloof and selfish person, it will not come to pass. This is not a lie. The added value necessary is true love.

The True Love Highway

All the universe is a highway, centering on love. Insects, flowers, all entities have an electricity which connects when you put the plug in the socket. It's natural, not inconvenient. Time and space are no problem. If you want to travel a million miles, when your mind goes there, you arrive. When you say something, it is substantialized. You can visit a diamond moon, and live there a thousand years if you like. But eventually you will return to your husband, your wife, which is the most valuable love. You will have a true love bed, true love floor, true love furniture, it is all made of true love. This is the place of eternal excitement.

The most evil thing is Satan's lineage. It brings the separation of mind and body, man and woman, parents and children. This means we lost everything at the beginning. If we unite them, we can welcome God and cross the boundary to the Kingdom of Heaven. When everything is connected with ideal love, it can be perfected.

The national messiahs are king of their land if they fulfill this principle. They want to make a home for Father in each county. You are different from me, but what is the same color is true love. Everything belongs to true love.

Once we clean up Satan's blood lineage, this is how the new world is born. When the time comes for us all to move there, are you going to carry your satanic blood-stained body and possessions? Become new! Your eyes, ears, nose, and all senses will face heaven.

[We recite Pledge #5.] This means that everyday, we bring the 360 million couples blessing. We will make the round circle smooth in a short time if we make a successful completion. So don't be separated from True Parents. Drop the baggage you are carrying from the satanic world. Just wear gym shoes. When you arrive in the new world, everything is there for you, waiting. There are no boundaries. You can have a big house, land, a hundred cows.

Oneness with Nature

In North America, the Pilgrims came and divided everything, but many parts of South America are untouched. The Amazon and the Pantenau have many resources. There are 30 million species of insects in the Pantenau, 1,500 species of birds and 3,300 species of fish. Father wants to preserve and protect them, not to lose anything.

Different villages will be responsible for specific species of insects. There will be more and more entomology Ph.D.'s. We won't need a formal school. We will utilize the Internet, video tapes, and so forth. Professors will guide the students' reading and answer questions. Specialists will raise the insects, birds, fish and animals, and all families will take care of them, feeling the joy God felt at creation. Businessmen will remember that they have to feed their insects and will jump on the next plane home. There is no qualitative difference between loving an insect and an elephant.

Your entire family will enjoy it. There will be swimming pools and all kinds of recreation. Like they did to St. Francis, all the creatures will come to you. You can train them to follow you, sit on your shoulder, and so forth. Each family member will study a different set of creatures, and you will exchange information. You can set up automated feeding. Each family member will have their favorites in their room. Towns will be named after the type of creature they take care of, like "Birdtown."

God poured His love into insects. They are male and female. Even bacteria is male and female. Do they have a sex organ? We can see it through a strong microscope. Also we can see their eyes, ears and nose and nerve system. They have something like that, albeit on a lesser degree than higher creatures.

Study God's Word

One CD can contain 500 volumes of Father's words. You can carry a library in your pocket. Father's talk today can be sent to the world today, by Internet. This will surpass the interest people have in politicians. The world and spirit world will be full of Father's words. Even in bed you can hear Father's words. Father knows the Internet. If it had a desire, what would it like to transmit? True love, not cheap messages. Headquarters can transmit a daily Principle exam to the world by Internet. The computer also can grade the exams, checking for the presence of the key words. The present-day school system will be outmoded. This will be a project of the University Federation for World Peace.

The University of Bridgeport is creating distance learning. Our members' company repaired the Hubbell telescope. Members are developing cutting-edge media. The Washington Times was the first newspaper to set up a web site. Father predicted these things years ago, and no one believed him.

At 6 am everyday, have a "Gathering for Teaching and Reading"(Hoon Doh Quai) at your home. There will be tests in the future, centering on the Completed Testament Age teachings. Those who pass will be qualified to travel around the world and teach families.

Instead of Father, you do the 360 million couples blessing.

[Everyone responded: "I will do it. I have complete confidence." Rev. Peter Kim gave the closing prayer.]

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