The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1981

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Midnight Prayer God's Day, 1981 (January 1, 1981)

Prayer: Many difficult historical courses and many tragic days have passed (January 1, 1981 - God's Day, Midnight pdf)

Home Church Is My Kingdom Of Heaven (1/1/81)

God's Day And My Congratulations (1/1/81)

Prayer: Thank You for letting us usher in the age of Home Church (January 1, 1981 pdf)

The Best Thing (1/4/81)

The Best Things: A Big And Beautiful Mind (January 4, 1981)

The Public And Private Way (1/11/81)

Who Is God And Who Am I? (1/25/81)

Things That Are Important To You (2/1/81)

The Realm Of Existence (2/8/81)

True Parents' Birthday Speech (February 10, 1981)

History Of The Providence Through Restoration By Indemnity (2/10/81)

The Two Worlds Of Good And Evil (2/15/81)

Centering on you, your husband and children will become completely one (February 20, 1981 - Completion of American Sisters CARP Condition pdf)

The Providence and the Individual, Past and Present (February 22, 1981 - Excerpt)

I Want You to Grow to Be a Saint (February 22, 1981 - Excerpt)

I Want You to Grow to Reach the Level of Saint (February 22, 1981 - God's Will and the World pdf)

Our Standard (3/1/81)

I Am The Center Of The Whole (3/8/81)

Life Of Experience In The Realm Of Heart (3/15/81)

Prayer (3/29/81)

Our Identity (4/1/81)

Our Identity (April 1, 1981 different version)

Parents' Day And This Age (4/5/81)

Prayer: Please Remember Your Children Who Are Working Hard For the Restoration of the World (April 26, 1981 pdf)

The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (May 1, 1981 Seoul, Korea)

Prayer: We know very well how painful our history has been for You (May 1, 1981 - Seoul, Korea pdf)

Today’s Intellectuals and Religion (May 16, 1981 pdf)

Address to the French Family (June 1981)

Violence against Unification Church Centers in Brazil (SunHak History Institute - August 10, 1981 pdf)

Father's Explanation of Home Church (Compiled September 1981)

Core Love And Indemnity (10/22/81)

Father Valiant in Face of Tax Charges (October 22, 1981)

The Foley Square Address (October 22, 1981 - Foley Square Plaza, New York, USA pdf)

The Things We Want To Be Proud Of (10/25/81)

Historical Children's Day (10/28/81)

Parental Heart (Compiled November 1981)

The establishment of History Compilation Committee - November 1, 1981 (Sunhak Institute of History - November 1, 2019 pdf)

The reason God gave us a portion of responsibility (November 4, 1981 - Excerpt pdf)

Absolute Values and the Creation of a New World (November 10, 1981 - Tenth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences pdf)

Absolute Values and the Creation of a New World (November 10, 1981 - Edited Excerpt pdf)

Prayer: Let us become a group that offers utmost devotion (November 22, 1981 pdf)

The Creation of a New World (November 13, 1981)

Seeking the True Master (November 29, 1981)

Noble Dream (12/1/81)

The Center and My Position (December 6, 1981)

Our Pride (December 13,1981)

Wanting To Live In The Kingdom Of Heaven (12/20/81)

True Parents and Our Responsibility (December 27, 1981 – Belvedere – all parts)

True Parents and Our Responsibility (December 27, 1981)

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