The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

God's Day: Midnight Address

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1992
Grand Ballroom, World Mission Center, New York
Translator - Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Father has written the new years' slogan. The motto for 1992 is The Unification of the New Nation. Would you kindly repeat after me? Sae nara tong il. Sae is new, nara is nation and you know tong il well. So, new nation unification. Say it again, sae nara tong il. Your Korean is very good. We need more paper, Father is going to make a second banner. [Father writes.]

Father has written another great calligraphy of seven Chinese characters. The meaning of this one character represents congratulations or celebration. The paper reads "Congratulations for North-South Cosmic Unification." Of course south and north represent unification of the Fatherland, South Korea and North Korea. By writing this calligraphy Father signifies that the unification of the north and south of Korea represents cosmic unification. Father intended to write this particular calligraphy on December 25th, 1991, which is Christmas Day. As you know, President Gorbachev resigned as president of the USSR on that day. That means the USSR completely disappeared. It is gone from the face of the earth. Communism has been banished on a world wide scale. That point is the beginning of the cosmic unification which will happen by uniting the Korean peninsula, north and south. The nation of Korea has been divided, but by uniting into one nation they will accomplish the unification of the Fatherland which represents the beginning of cosmic unification.

Father can write such an authoritative statement because of his recent meeting with Kim Il Sung, who represents the first generation. The first generation era will be gone or finished and time has now moved on to the second generation. Even in the satanic land, Kim Il Sung's power will gradually be handed to his son, Kim Jong Il. The second generation belongs to the heavenly realm, not to Satan. The first generation was taken to Satan's side but has been restored. That particular generation will be gone and the new generation belongs to heaven. This is how Father completed the dispensation in 1991. Father has the most incredible victory of December 1991 and based on that Father has now begun 1992. This calligraphy was supposed to have been written December 25th, 1991. Upon this foundation Father has given a motto for this year. The new nation is born. The unification of the new nation has begun. Let's give Father a big round of applause. Father would like to make a brief new years' statement.

Today Father is declaring that the new nation is born. This happened upon the foundation Father built. This is an historical day and not only a normal historical day, but a cosmic historical day. As you learned through the Divine Principle, the first Israel failed with Jesus. The second Israel, which is the United States of America, was given a great opportunity by God after the victory of World War II. That opportunity passed without success. Upon those two failures God has now begun the third Israel dispensation. If the second Israel, which was the Christian world centered upon the United States of America, had united with True Parents in 1945 after the victory of World War II, God's dispensational goal which Father is celebrating today would have been accomplished within seven years, by 1952. The new nation's unification would have occurred in 1952.

Because of the failure of the second Israel, God's dispensational history was postponed and four thousand years of history had to be redeemed and reindemnified in Father's forty year course. By failing to unite with the True Parents, Christianity lost everything in the sight of God. True Parents have been alone, left in the wilderness to build their own foundation through their own efforts. The entire world has been within the satanic realm therefore there was nothing left for God to claim so True Parents had to begin their own foundation from scratch.

The third Israel, which is Korea, has been divided. The north was taken by communism. Father's arduous task of restoration had to occur within the enemy land. For that reason, right after the liberation in 1945 Father went to North Korea. His basic ministry was begun in prison. Although Father came to South Korea, South Korea entirely opposed Father and went against him. By doing so, again, there was no base or foundation on which Father could stand, even in South Korea.

In 1948 independence came to the southern part of the Korean peninsula, the Republic of Korea. Only half of the nation could become an independent nation. Since 1948 two nations have dwelt within this one peninsula. That struggle has been going on for forty six years. In 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea. Because of that, the United Nations took part in a peacekeeping operation. Through that attack Kim Il Sung became an enemy to the entire free world and United Nations' members all over the world. Through these consequences of the Korean War, an extreme polarization occurred.

Father has been all alone. There were no allies for Father or for God. Father was in a way cast out by the satanic forces to the wilderness. Father began entirely from scratch. From the very bottom he began to build the foundation which has come this far.

As you learned from the history of restoration, the history of God has been the history of failure. Starting with Adam's failure, Noah was a failure, Abraham failed, then Moses and Jesus. All through history the central figure has failed again and again. The only person to learn the depth of the heart of God, as well as the dispensational history and what needs to be done, within his own lifetime, is True Father. Within his lifetime that has to be restored. Actually God has given a tremendous base and foundation for the restoration, including the United States. It was God's territory and foundation which was lost. The second Israel was entirely lost through the failure of the Christian nation. There must be a process of recreation done within Father's own lifetime, because he is the only one who knows the entire dispensational purpose and history. For that reason Father began that process and has been victorious in it.

[Father draws on board.] As Father mentioned, the Korean liberation came in 1945. In other words, Korea was liberated under a foreign power. Seven years is one cycle in which the entire creation is completed. According to the Bible, it is seven days, but the seven years from 1945 to 1952 had the same significance. 1952, therefore would have been the year God's dispensation was completed. The Protestant Christian nation was born, the United States of America. The second Israel, the entire Christian realm centered upon the USA, was not just a foundation for America itself to receive. America was to make ready for the coming of the messiah; the True Parents.

With True Parents on the top, there are two wings. One is the sovereignty or nation, the other is the religious wing; the world's religions. Sovereignty has spread to become 180 nations and there are several major world religions. Religion is in the Abel position and the nations are in the Cain position. These two must be united like mind and body. The world should begin in that form. Religion represents the mind and the national sovereignty represents the body. What ideology can religion and nation center on? There is only one: True Parentism.

However, this foundation was lost. Therefore in 1985, after forty years of Fathers' struggle to lay the foundation, it was completed a second time. Seven years added to 1985 gives us 1992; this year. 1992 is equivalent to 1952. Now, forty years later, Father has accomplished and fulfilled the same level of success on his own foundation.

By 1952, the original concept of religion and politics uniting on True Parents was lost. This particular situation was completely incinerated. For that reason, forty years later, the same situation must occur here. With True Parents at the center, religion and sovereignty must be united into one world and one family. Once the True Parents are united and consummated they are the ones guiding the future and direction of the world. They are the ones for the entire world to follow. That was not done in 1952, but at this time the same situation is occurring. Therefore the center of the universe is not the president of the United States or any national sovereign, but the True Parents. The United States of America today has one way to survive and prosper. That is to follow the True Parents' way. There must be one ideology or thought that will unite the entire sixty six books of the Bible. At the same time, the Old Testament and New Testament must be united. At the same time, Catholicism and Protestantism must be united. There is no other ideology besides True Parentism which can do this.

The concept of right wing and left wing began at the time of the crucifixion. The right side was represented by the United States and the left side has been represented by the communist world. At the coming of the second advent the left and right must be united. Furthermore, the third element, the realm of Barabbas, must also be united. No one can bring unity between left and right except the coming messiah. This is the destiny the world has been waiting for. That era has arrived with our True Parents.

The religion of Islam represents the third realm, the Barabbas realm. It doesn't belong to right or left. There were three thieves actually. There was one on the right hand side and one on the left and Barabbas was the third. Barabbas was the third element. He was given the opportunity to conquer an entire area that was left in the hands of the chosen nation, the Israelites. The twelve tribes occupied a great deal of territory but one by one it was taken away by the Islam faith. The thieves on the left and right both died on the cross. Only one criminal survived and that was Barabbas. Therefore that particular realm has been prospering for the last two thousand years.

The destiny of the world is the reunification of religion. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the three major religions must become one and unite the world headed toward one goal. That has been the destiny of history. Some leaders of Islam are represented in this congregation. Father is saying that before the coming of the True Parents those three religions were like brothers. When there are no parents, but only brothers, they fight among themselves. That has been the reality of the last two thousand years. There have been a lot of fights between Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Unity can only come when the parents come. When the brothers follow the commands of the parents then the fighting will cease.

The Islamic realm has spread throughout the world, but primarily among the black race. At the time of crucifixion the Bible tells about one black man named Simon who carried Jesus' cross because Jesus was completely exhausted and not able to carry the cross to Calvary. For that reason one man was elected to help him and that was a black man. In a way the black race has been representing the physical dynamism or forces. As you can see most boxing champions and a great deal of gold medallist Olympic champions are black. The black race has an incredible dynamism as well as physical force. At the same time there are a great deal of problems within the black community and black races.

There has also been unreconcilable fighting between Judaism and Islam. The reconciliation of these two religions is going to be a very important part of the world providence. Communism has faltered and has been completely defeated. Who did that? The major factor was the power of the messiah. That truth, that particular ideology has completely swallowed the communist world. In April 1990, only one and a half years ago, there was a symbolic subjugation of the communist world when President Gorbachev welcomed Father to the Kremlin. Father has been playing the central role in demolishing the communist system and ideology which represented the left. What about the right side? Father has been a dominant force present in the United States behind four consecutive presidents starting with Nixon. Four presidents were constantly under Father's influence one way or another. Again, Father has been working under the dispensation of will and this particular Principle. This is the historical truth which no one can deny.

We have very important guests from the Islamic world here and we would like to welcome them. We would like to make it very clear that until this time, there was a great deal of squabbling, difference of opinion and physical fighting between Judaism, Islam and Christianity. No one can bring reconciliation among these three religions except the True Parents.

This is why Father created the two most important world wide organizations last year. They were created in Korea with world wide representation. The first one was the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. The other one is the Federation for World Peace. Sixty nations were represented for the foundation of these two organizations. Father really only needed forty nations to meet the dispensational level. However Father went way beyond forty and reached sixty nations. The Religious Federation represents the mind side of human affairs. The Federation for World Peace represents the physical side of human affairs. It is generally concerned with political affairs. Political affairs represent the body side. For that reason religious persecution throughout history was usually carried out by political leaders. The body is always in the position to torment the mind and destroy the mind's will. Father sees the unification between the religious and political world is almost exactly like the unity of the mind and body. When there is unity, there shall be peace.

What is the core essence to bring this unity? It is True Love. Cham sarang.

Repeat after Father. Cham sarang. True Love is not the love of oneself. True Love is to the ability to love someone that usually you cannot love. In other words, the power of true love enables you to love the one that you could not love. True Love always aspires to create something better than yourself. You aspire for your children to be better. A husband aspires for his wife to be better than himself and a wife looks forward to having a husband better than herself. That is True Love. There is no jealousy. Where does that characteristic come from? It comes from God. Therefore we come to this most cardinal principle that even God would like to have His children be better than Himself. This is the most incredible thing to know. God is subject but He wants His object to be better than Himself.

Let's say God has 100% energy. If you just invest 100% that would not be the ideal, it is nothing special. What God has been doing is investing 100% in His object and then forgetting the investment. Then He gives another 100% investment and He forgets again. This is how True Love works. God gives and forgets. He accumulates more energy and gives more and forgets. By doing so the True Love concept was born. Therefore True Love is always aspiring for the object to be better than the subject.

Love is greater than life. Therefore for the sake of True Love, you are able to give up your life. Particularly in the fallen world, True Love begins when you give your life as a sacrifice. That is the point where True Love begins. True Love is above life. The Bible says those who give their lives for the sake of others will gain true life and those who try to gain their life will lose it. One of the two greatest commandments Jesus gave in the Bible were first, love your Lord God with all your heart, mind and soul. When you do that you actually are giving your life to love someone. In God's mind and heart there is no concept of struggle or competition. Those concepts began with Satan.

Human history has been flooded with the blood of war. One war after another has taken place. The appearance of satanic and evil nature brought the concept of struggle into human history. That's where the dialectical history began. How can we make this world of struggle into a world of peace? Throughout history, there are people and groups who have been claiming, "I am the best, the one, the first, highest. . ." with a very arrogant attitude. Communism was like that. Certain religions claim that their religion is the best and finest. This is satanic nature, therefore as they claim it, one by one, they will falter. Satan has stained human blood because the lineage has been stained. That was the worst work of Satan. What about the free sex that is going on right now? It is a contamination of the blood. In other words it was the most incredible crime because it is passed from generation to generation, making the blood lineage filthy.

Love, both spiritual love or physical love, is given purely as God's gift for the preservation of the human race and for God's dispensation. Can it also be utilized for human carnal desire, for your own joyful physical desire? That is absolutely unforgivable. What is the mission of the second coming of the messiah? He is coming to cleanse the human blood lineage. The stained blood will be cleansed. Furthermore, all the concept of struggle and fighting has been stopped. That is the mission of the messiah.

What is God's strategy? God's strategy has always been receiving attack and then claiming more territory. First He is hit, then He takes over. That has also been Reverend Moon's strategy. For a seventy year period he was hit, persecuted, attacked, jailed and tortured, but each time Father was able to claim more territory. He was not defeated. The United States of America is a good example. This country has been persecuting Father and even sent him to Danbury, trying to dishonor him to the degree that would make the Unification Movement collapse. This was their goal. Instead of allowing the United States to become an enemy, by going to Danbury, Father continuously served and worked to save this nation.

What about a communist country like the Soviet Union or Kim Il Sung's North Korea? They have been trying to kill Father; to destroy his life! However, instead of taking revenge or doing any kind of criminal act, Father has been giving them True Love and trying to save them. This is Father's way of winning the world. This is his strategy. Father comes for the liberation of humanity from satanic thought and satanic sovereignty. Liberation of both of these points has been his purpose in coming. This is truly the messiah's mission of salvation.

Satanic thought is always selfish. So Father is creating a revolution from selfishness to unselfishness. At the same time, satanic desire is always dirty, it always has something to do with sex and lineage. Satanic people are mixing together and making the blood lineage dirty. That was a satanic goal. Father has come to cleanse the lineage.

You must realize that you are sitting here as an individual, but above you there is a lineage of your ancestors. During the many thousands of lifetimes that took place within your lineage, imagine what an incredible mix of confused, situations occurred. They are linked through you. They were stained, not clean. Think of how many times they went against God, accused God and rebelled against God. We are the heir and result of that lineage, but God is not looking at you as the enemy. God looks at you as a son or daughter and tries to save your life and bring you to heaven. This is the work of God. You can see that when God is thinking like that there is no concept of struggle. There is only the concept of existing for the sake of others.

What is the definition of a true man or woman? True men and women are giving and investing themselves throughout their lives for the sake of others. Even if they invest their own life, still they are not finished. They go further and further. How can mind and body be united? This is the key question Father has been asking over and over. True Love alone can bring the mind and body together. What is the greatest power even in the fallen world? The power of love. You can win everything and everyone with the power of love. Every child, every young man and every old man. Age makes no difference, love wins them. This works even in the fallen world so how much more it must be so in the true world. How powerful true love must be to win over and conquer everything!

About two thousand people are gathered together here at this new years' celebration. If even two thousand people tried genuinely to live for the sake of others, how much power they would have to lift up the entire New York City and American nation. Even these two thousand could lift up the nation. It is not easy to live that way so why should we live such a difficult life? Why does Reverend Moon keep preaching like that? Why did Reverend Moon give his entire life? Why didn't Reverend Moon tell us, "Go ahead and enjoy yourself. Do anything you want"? If that would bring happiness, he would do so. But it will not because there is such a thing as eternal life and the spirit world where you are going to live. Whether you like it or not you are going to live an eternal life. Father would like to give you an eternal life that is brilliant. In other words, spirit world is the place where the more you resemble God, the greater your heaven will be.

As you know, Father had an historical meeting with Kim Il Sung, the president of North Korea. In his regime, Kim has tried to destroy Father so many times: in prison, with torture, by sending out assassins. In so many ways Kim Il Sung has been trying to take Father's life. But when Father met with him, Father had no feeling that Kim Il Sung was his enemy. Absolutely not. Father looked at him as a brother with True Love. He loved the one who was unlovable. That is how Kim Il Sung surrendered. A natural subjugation occurred through the power of true love. After Kim Il Sung met Father he was living on cloud nine! A message came to Father that Kim Il Sung said, "I must see Reverend Moon once again because he makes me so brilliantly happy." He was beaming ear to ear after meeting Father. Soon the message came that he was thinking of Father and that it brought him joy, making each day more meaningful. He is not a lonely man anymore. With Father on his side he is now a happy man.

How can Father not harbor a mind of revenge toward the worst enemy among enemies? Kim Il Sung needs parents too. Look at him from a parental point of view, as the father or mother of Kim Il Sung. Even if his son is the worst criminal there is no way the parent would ever say, "I will just cast him out." No parent would do that. Parental love is the closest thing to True Love. Therefore faced with such love, Kim Il Sung, impossible dictator though he may be, he would be grateful to his father and mother because of parental love. By the same token, as soon as he felt that same love from Father, he responded in the same way.

The United States of America has committed the worst evils against Father. However, when Father looks at America and the 240 million people living here, he sees them with parental heart. Father looks at them as his own children. How can he feel hatred towards them or castigate them? There is no way. Father has been thinking in this way: "My parents have been giving parental love to me and I felt it, I was brought up in it." By the same token the 240 million people have a multitude of parents. From their point of view, the American people are the children. Father is always teaching that the family is greater than the individual because the family includes parents. The nation is greater than the tribe because the nation has so many more parents. When Father looks at a poor, miserable or disabled person, Father looks at that person as a parent. With a parental eye that son or daughter is so precious. A parents thinks so mercifully toward his disabled son. In that case, Father cannot hate them.

As Father explained already True Parents have been crowned at the pinnacle of the mountain. President Bush is not leading this country; actually True Parents are leading the entire world and the United States is a part of that world. It used to be that the very concept of True Parents seemed so strange, even the particular words "True Parents" were buried among many words. But from 1992 and on, True Parents are at the pinnacle. Therefore True Parents are shining, the words are shining, the entity of True Parents is shining and True Parents presence is going to be shining all over the world. Not only in this country but in all continents over the entire globe.

Father predicted communism could not go beyond seventy three years and that is precisely what happened. The disappearance of communism from the face of the earth is not the end of the struggle though. The more difficult struggle has been the struggle between religions. Father has been warning more about the danger of religious struggle and the bloodshed of religious people, among Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Look at Beirut and Ireland. Religious wars are killing people. The most senseless killing is going on in the name of religion. Father has been doing a great deal of reconciliation between Judaism and Islam through ICUS for the professors. Father brings together the professors from the Arab territory and Israel territory and mediates their reconciliation through religion. When Islam is fighting against Judaism, which one is on the side of God? We cannot say. Both are right and wrong. Both have certain claims, but it doesn't make a difference. The important thing is that God's will is to bring harmony. In the Bible it says those who bring harmony and reconciliation will be blessed. To bring that harmony is one of the most important things in history and the one who can do it is truly a son of God.

In the entire history of the world, no one has done more for the reconciliation of humanity and harmony of humankind. We do have distinguished representatives of Islam sitting here with us. Think about it, this never would have happened before, but they are coming here for forty days workshop on the Divine Principle. How can this happen under the leadership of Reverend Moon? Because Reverend Moon is a unifier, peacemaker and reconciliator. I'm sure you are not having an easy time. It must be difficult at times, trying to follow the Divine Principle is not that easy. But I would like you to understand that in order to create a foundation for you to come now, how much Reverend Moon has been working and preparing behind the scenes to pay the price. Reverend Moon was not alone, but God and Reverend Moon together laid the foundation for the sake of unity of the religions and now you are here as the champions of that particular fruit of the unification of religions. This is not concept, this is reality. This is absolutely historical. Their coming here to listen and learn the Divine Principle, and joining in with this New Year's celebration with Father as the True Parent, is a reality. They are sitting here, you can see them! Let's give them a big hand.

The most important thing is that we are not orphans. We have parents, not only that, we have True Parents! Once we have parents nothing is lacking. We are full and fulfilled, we can have everything because parents are everything. We can go to our hometown because our parents' hometown is our hometown. The Bible says unless you are like a child you will not be admitted into the kingdom of heaven. What is a child's character? A child is single minded. There are only two words which are important for a child; Mom and Dad. Even though you are grown up, be like a child. Normally we are because even if you get married and go away from the parents home, when you come to your mother or father, you are like a child, just like the good 'old days. It is most intimate. Who is the big Dad? God! He is the vertical, most giant Dad. True Parents are the horizontal parents. Both are Mom and Dad, therefore you feel great intimacy with God and intimacy with True Parents. Do you like that? Therefore, whatever your parents want, in our case, what our True Parents want, that is where everything centers. You can follow the instructions to go to your hometown; we can have things and have a full life.

The conclusion: by laying such incredible indemnity and by paying the most incredible suffering, what Father and Mother are tying to accomplish is the liberation of humankind. Why is that? Because through the liberation of humanity, God can be liberated. Liberation has occurred and there is no more persecution or adversity, no one is trying to persecute Reverend Moon anymore. That means liberation has occurred. Even Kim Il Sung, who has the most evil mind, has disappeared. Even the CIA and KGB have disappeared. The entire world is now saying, "Welcome Reverend Moon. Welcome Father and welcome Mother."

What is our job to be done? There is only one job: talk. Speak the truth. Speak good words and what will happen? You can open up your baggage and see what you have inside. Just talk about life and you will meet people. You will give and take with feeling and heartistic relationship occurs. Then what happens? Unification. The end result is unification. The amazing thing is that God has given everyone a wisdom. Wisdom means sense and a power of judgement. You can judge a situation. You don't even need to tell them. Once they see a good direction and good result and good behavior they are going to follow you and the way your are going.

What do you Unificationists think? If you go out, do you have something to tell? Do you have a story or don't you have a story? [We do.] When you tell the story are you going to be overpowered by the other side or will you overpower them? [We'll overpower them.] When Father went to North Korea, North Korea mobilized the most intellectual among intellectuals trying to overpower Father ideologically and philosophically, trying to intimidate him. But Father saw their weaknesses immediately. Father asked them several questions and those intellectuals were immediately flattened out! They had to surrender. Later on they became frozen, then later trembled. They could not open their mouths. This is not just somebody's story; Father experienced this a few days ago in North Korea.

By the unification of the new nation, the day has come for the liberation of humankind and the liberation of God. Amen!

Shall we all stand? Let us have three cheers for True Parents. Remember this is the first Mansei of 1992. Right? You know what to do, right? Aboji! Mansei! Omoni! Mansei! Cham pumonim! Mansei!

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