The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

God's Day: Morning Address

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1992
Grand Ballroom, World Mission Center, New York
Translator - Dr. Bo Hi Pak

The topic for Father's message this morning is Hananim-eui Nal gwa Sae Nara Tongil: God's Day and the Unification of the New Nation. The Unification Church has very special holidays that other churches do not have. For example, we have Parents' Day, Children's Day, God's Day, the Day of All Things, and so forth. If there was no fall of man, God's Day would have been the center, for in celebrating God's Day we can celebrate everything. The entire celebration can be summed up in the God's Day celebration.

God's Day is supposed to be the day of wedding, or marriage, in which everyone and everything come together in joy. Therefore, there should be no separate celebrations: one God's Day central celebration would cover them all. Because of the fall of man, the original ideal of mankind has not been fulfilled, has been lost. Therefore, the road of restoration began, and we are seeking one goal after another, step by step. For that reason, all the different celebrations have come into being.

Initially, God created men and women as the supreme beings, the highest creation. Because of the fall of man, men and women became the lowest beings, and their sons and daughters are also in the lowest realm. All the things of creation are above them. For that reason, in the Old Testament Era, we sacrifice all things to restore the children. Then we sacrifice the children and restore the parents. Therefore, the Old Testament Era is nothing more than the sacrifice, the offering of all things. The Day of All Things would be sacrificing, bringing all things to the offering table, and by doing so, restoring the children.

What about the providence of Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ came as the only begotten son. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ, paved the way of the coming of the parents, which is in the form of the Lord of the Second Advent.

The time of Jesus, Jesus did not come just as lord, but ultimately Jesus came in the capacity to become the true parent to mankind. And therefore, if the Israel nation and Judaism had united with Jesus at that time, that goal would have been fulfilled. By doing so, parenthood would have been restored at that time. Therefore, all the things which had fallen down, and the sequences which had become opposite, would have been restored. Jesus would have been in the parents' position, with the children as the Israeli nation and the Jewish faith, and all things in the restored position. These positions would have been completely restored.

The consequences of the crucifixion of Jesus have been quite serious. That crucifixion brought the entire consummation history into a reverse and another fallen format was repeated. Once again, mankind entered into the fallen position.

The crucifixion eliminated the possibility for mankind to have True Parents at that time. The parents are gone, therefore the children become orphans. With unrestored, fallen status, all the things of creation have nothing to do with true man and God's providence.

Before the crucifixion of Jesus, there was the Israel nation and the Jewish faith, but after the crucifixion all these were nullified. Christendom was almost like up in the air-in the spiritual realm of salivation. That was the only thing that was available to humanity.

There was no nation and the God-centered sovereignty was lost. Therefore, on a tribal basis, twelve different tribes arose, laying the new world foundation for the second coming of the Messiah. Each tribe not only moved itself as one of the twelve tribes, but also divided into so many different tribes, or denominations, that today there are more than 1200 different tribes acting independently of each other. There is absolutely no harmony; absolute confusion prevails in our world today.

If Jesus was not crucified, he would have been a king, a king of kings, it is said. Literally he would have assumed that position, then that nation of Israel would have become a powerful central God-centered sovereignty. Then the unification of the world nation would have been accomplished.

After the crucifixion however, Christianity granted only spiritual salvation as a spiritual movement or religion, without any physical dwelling, physical body, physical nation or sovereignty. For that reason, Christian faith went through the Roman Empire, the British Isles, and circled the Atlantic Ocean, coming to the United States as a Protestant nation. Christianity then moved over the Pacific to the Asian rim, circling the entire world in that fashion.

If Jesus had not been crucified, then all the Asian religions, such as Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, which have become prosperous by that time, would have become the foundation for the spread of Christianity, so that the unity of religious faiths would have occurred at that time, centering upon Asia.

However, through the crucifixion, Christianity lost the physical body of Jesus. It was taken away by Satan. For the reason, the only reality was spiritual reality. In order to restore this lost body, Christianity had to go to the Roman Empire. Who took the body away? The Roman Empire. Satan is always going after the destruction of the body, and Christianity is going after its restoration. That is why there was a great showdown in Christian history in the Roman Empire.

Because of the crucifixion, Christianity moved to the Roman Empire, and could not have a physical empire or dwelling, only the spiritual realm. This is the reason why Christianity has been destined to have another coming that will claim the physical element, physical sovereignty, as part of the dispensation. With Christianity alone, that cannot be done.

The Vatican was formed for Roman Catholicism formed, and a worldwide foundation was made, but they do not realize, the Vatican exists to realize substantial world salvation. Their concept of world salvation is not adequate. The same thing was true of Judaism. Before the coming of Christ, they were waiting for the coming of the messiah for the salvation of their own race and nation. "The Jewish nation shall become a proud nation and a proud people." But they did not realize, God's providence is always for the sake of the world. God uses the chosen nation as the launching pad, or the sacrifice, to save the entire world. This is what the chosen nation did not know. They did not realize they were to be the clear sacrifice. They thought the lord was coming to give them a great reward. "I want to reap it, I want to be rich and comfortable." That is the way they thought. But on the contrary, the Lord comes with God's true love to sacrifice the chosen people for the sake of the rest of humanity. That was God's plan. Roman Catholicism would have committed the same crime in a way. They did not realize that they were there not to enjoy life for themselves, not to enjoy their own power, but they were there to sacrifice as a parent and as an elder brother, for the sake of unfortunates, which is the rest of humanity.

Therefore, God did not allow the Vatican and Roman Catholicism to continue as they did, because there was so much corruption and so much selfishness. So God's cleansing work has been taking place. So as you know, there was division chipping away from Roman Catholicism and the Vatican. That was the Anglican Church, and Protestants were another. The Protestant movement was a very important movement that sprung up in the will of God. It was not done at someone's whim. It was done by the will of God. The British nation played a very important role. From there, under great persecution, they created Protestantism, that is, the Pilgrim Fathers came to America and in a way created a new world of Protestantism.

The Roman Empire was a peninsula. From there Christianity moved to an island nation which was Great Britain and then to the American continent. That is the way history has been moving, from the peninsula, to the island, to the entire continent.

At one time the power of Great Britain shone all over the world. The saying went, "The sun never sets on the British Empire." Why was so much power given to this small island nation? God wanted to use that island nation to bring the Gospel to every corner of the earth. That was God's purpose. So what happened? One of the most important accomplishments of that era was that Great Britain produced the Pilgrim Fathers, who set sail across the Atlantic Ocean and came to the American continent, bringing the new Protestant independent, unified sovereign nation. This was a first in human history. In a short period of 200 years, the United States of America, has become the world's most formidable super-power. Today, there is no doubt that the United States is the only super-power. There were two before the Soviet Union came down, but now the Soviet Union is gone and the U.S. is the only super-power.

The United States, however, is under Christianity and this Christianity has no body, because Jesus' body was lost. So it only a spiritual religion movement. The United States has been preparing for the day to receive the body, which is the coming of the messiah. The United States is physically prospering, economically prospering, but at the same time religiously dwindling. After World War II, there was a great deal of spiritual revival, but at the same time not enough sovereignty responded to it. In other words, failure came after World War II because of this disharmony, division and disunity. Whether the United States will prosper or decline, how can we render true judgement upon the U.S.? Well, there is only one way we can judge. The United States became a Christian nation, and the Christian nation is blessed for the sake of the world. For this reason, we are going to serve and sacrifice for the sake of the world, according to God's will. Then this nation will prosper. The other way around, this nation will dwindle.

The United States should harbor no animosity toward anyone, just as Jesus forgave the Roman soldier who pierced him at the time of the crucifixion "Please God forgive him for he doesn't know what he is doing." The United States must be in the same position today. The United States should not dwell on selfish interests. In the U.S., if someone hits your body, still you must embrace with a mind broad enough and generosity great enough to embrace humanity. If you embrace the rest of the world, if this nation keeps giving love for the sake of humanity, God will never let this nation decline!

Failures come when nations try to manipulate circumstances for their own sake. For example, at the time of Jesus, the chosen nation people felt that the messiah was for themselves. If Jesus does not benefit us, then he is not the messiah. So they rejected and crucified him. Roman Catholicism and the Vatican had worldwide hegemony, but they thought that the blessing was for themselves. They started to dwindle, losing the power and suffering division. Because the opposed God's will. It was God's will to use Roman Catholicism for the sake of the rest of humanity. And the British nation, and the American nation. For every important country with a mission given by God, if they feel they receive it for the sake of themselves and become selfish-minded, they will always decline, because that is not the way God is. It is not God's goal. On the other hand, if they sacrifice for the sake of humanity and the world they will prosper.

After World War II the United Nations became the dominant world organization. But the United States did not use the U.N. for the purpose of God's will. Instead, the United Nations was infiltrated by communist propaganda. For that reason the U.N., which is a noble ideal, has not been used for its original purpose.

Right after World War II, if Christianity, the United Nations and the United States of America had accepted Father and his teaching and true love, then today's world would not be like this. Today we see the most incredible moral degradation in every society, worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. If these countries had united with Father, that would not be the case.

Father expounded in the early morning sermon that since Christianity didn't embrace Father's mission, he was cast out, and from scratch laid his own foundation for forty years. Upon that foundation, in l985, a new dispensation was begun. This year, the consummation of that dispensation will be coming. Christianity in the United States is dying, and for twenty years, ever since Father came to this country, one of the most crucial missions, that he felt was the restoration and revival of the Christian faith. For twenty years. Why does Reverend Moon have to do this? Because I came in the parental position, therefore I look at the children's position with unselfish agape true love. Maybe it is too late for the first generation. The first generation, by millions and millions, are spiritually dying, physically dying, morally dying. But Father is looking at the second generation. They are the genuine hope for purity, and through education, Father will see that this nation's revival can come through the second generation.

Forty years is like a worldwide wilderness period. Like Moses, who lost all the tribe, Reverend Moon lost all the foundation, starting out from the very scratch, and began to work in the wilderness to establish new foundation. The free world is like a wilderness. Father is taking them out, pulling them away. However, as Moses and the first generation could not enter into Canaan, the first generation might falter. The second generation, however, will be able to cross the Jordan River and go into the land of Canaan. In the land of Canaan there were seven foreign tribes who were not God's side. So Reverend Moon, in the new wilderness period, has gone over everything and passed the persecution peak.

This forty years of wilderness work has been completed. This is really something to celebrate. We come to this line, this morning, l992, and Father declares a new era for the Unification of the New Nation. This morning, the new nation is born. The new nation, new tribe, new family, new individual. The new nation must be filled with the new tribes, new families, new people. We must make ourselves new. This is the wonderful providence of the Unification Church. We just elevate you to tribal messiahship. Each one of you have been given messiahship. In a way you have become part of Reverend Moon's body. You become an extension of Reverend Moon, going out to the world to do the messianic work, which we call tribal messiahship. The Israel nation and the twelve tribes was only for one area, or one nation of Israel. But this time Reverend Moon's twelve tribes and tribal messiahship is covering the four corners of the earth. The globe is completely covered by tribal messiahs. We can see hope.

Christianity, all this time, has been given martyrdom, sacrificial martyrdom. That is how they have progressed. But from now on, upon Reverend Moon's victorious foundation, you go out as tribal messiahs and there is no such thing as martyrdom. That era is over. You shall be welcomed and received, because this is the universe's atmosphere.

Look at the Soviet Union. We already have thousands of elite university student been taught the Divine Principle. They became members and lecturers. The government is saying, please come. Many republics have asked Reverend Moon to come and make the Unification Church their state religion. There are so many requests like that.

Father's work has to pay all the necessary indemnity for you himself. Father took over your indemnity. Because he did so, when you go out as tribal messiahs you shall not be facing any martyrdom or incredible persecution. Father took it upon his shoulders. Father paid the price-you can go out free.

You know that the CIA didn't like Reverend Moon, because they always thought he had a hidden agenda. They didn't like that, even though Reverend Moon was anti-Communist. What about the KGB? Their goal was to eliminate Reverend Moon. They were trying to say, "Reverend Moon is not needed on the face of the earth." But the CIA has changed. Now they have to protect Reverend Moon. What about the KGB? They invited Reverend Moon to meet with Gorbachev. What about Kim Il Sung, the worst dictator, worst parent and Reverend Moon's world-level enemy? He tried to destroy Reverend Moon so many times, but his heart is like an angel now. I saw him like an angel.

Right wing and left wing are both confused, and actually there is no longer such a thing as right and left wing. The only thing remaining is headwing ideology. What is headwing? God-centered ideology. Headwing is left and right, horizontally bringing all left and right together in the center. Where is the center? Where your head is. This is where God dwells, that is why headwing connects to Godism. So when you say Godism, that encompasses all the religions. No religion can deny Godism. How can they? If there is no God, then religion is not real. In the Western world there are many dynamic, well-researched and brilliant scholars, but they could not tear down the communist ideology, Marxism-Leninism. They could not accomplish it philosophically, logically. So even religions were contaminated by communism when they tried to confront it. They could not push communism away. But even those most absolutely equipped with Marxism-Leninism, its champions who pushed aside the Western intellectuals, when faced with Reverend Moon's ideology needed only three nights and four days of study to see their whole ideology become a vacuum, and themselves become like children. They felt like children newborn into Father's ideology. Furthermore, Godism has room to encompass and embrace all religious doctrines. There is no doctrine we cannot embrace. Many religions have been floating in the air. They don't have any contact with the living world. These are not true religions. Religion must benefit the people who are living with two feet on the ground. The Unification Church and our Father's doctrine never denies reality and real history. It brings God's dispensation upon real history and real people. That is why we are different. Reverend Moon devised the most realistic, most practical critique of communism, and solutions to communism, the counterproposal as we call it. Unificationism, Father's ideology, not only holds the future reality, but it starts with the very beginning of history, the creation. Here we clearly see, from alpha to omega, from the creation all the way to the future. Many religions and philosophies do not have an original clear root. If the origin is not clear, you cannot end up anywhere. But Unificationism, Father's teaching, shows the original creation very clearly, for that reason there is no confusion and therefore from that point you can project the correct future, clearly. Also, historical patterns are absolutely clear. This is not just Reverend Moon's arbitrary thinking. Not at all. This is the Principle behind history, and Reverend Moon is the one who brought it as a revelation.

The United States of America will be heading towards Asia, no question about it. Asia is the future. That is the direction. Why? Because Jesus' body was lost there, so at this time it will be recovered, with physical and spiritual united. Otherwise, we cannot accomplish God's purpose. So, Asia is going to be the center of the future world. This is why the Pacific Era, the 21st Century, will be the Asian Era. That is already dawning.

Why is this unity so important? Because Asia is the spiritual homeland. Western culture and technology represents the physical and material advancements. The two must come together, the western body must be given to the Oriental mind; Oriental mind must be given to the western body. This is the ultimate unity, and will be done in the Pacific Era in the 21st Century, from l992 on. From this year on it will happen. But when you say Asia, there are many countries, but actually, there is only one country centered upon a strong Christian foundation. That is the Republic of Korea. There is no country other than Korea.

This history of restoration will be repeated. Here, we have the Roman Empire, the British Isles, then the United States of America, the continent. Great Britain shall be repeated in the Pacific Era in Japan. They have the same mission. Japan therefore has been having a great deal of economic success. After Japan, the providence will be heading toward where? For forty years, the United States has been working closely with the Republic of Korea. Korea and the United States couldn't be separated. This has been the real situation until now. From island to island, to the peninsula nation, which is Korea, the Roman Empire was a peninsula nation, then going into the continent of Asia, which is the largest continent on earth. Japan is taking after British culture. Their steering wheel is on the left side. Japan was very clever. It took the best out of Europe. It took Britain's political system, Germany's military system, and law from the Roman Empire, presently Italy. These are Europe's cream of the crop. Japan got them. After Japan, going in reverse cycle, history will move to the Roman Empire's position, which is Korea. In Korea is the ultimate showdown between the Cain and Abel worlds, satanic and godly worlds, Jacob and Esau worlds, at the universal level. Therefore, the nation is divided. One regime, occupying the North and led by Kim Il Sung, represents all the satanic elements, Cain and Esau and so forth. South Korea, represented by True Parents, is a democratic, free, God-fearing nation.

In North Korea there is no God; it is an atheist country. Why is there no God? In order to make men as God, to substitute man as God, they have to deny God from top to bottom. For them, man made God, not God made man. That is their theory. That is scientific for them. At one time, there was a knowledge-governed era (the head); at another time power governed the world (the body), that is imperialism; another time was the laborer's era (the leg). So, it has come down to the leg's era, and now that is taken away. The head is gone, the body or power era is gone, and the leg era is gone. Those ignorant laborers thought that the very best would be to deny God, "Let us deny God." Otherwise they would be kicked out. So they came up with the best defense. They said, "No God, no such thing as God. Man made God." That is communist theory. Man made God instead of God made man. Communism is based on a lie. Everything from top to bottom is a lie. Therefore, it simply could not last.

Today, Father's ideology and Unification ideology is headwing ideology. This is the most blessed ideology, the ultimate ideology for the Kingdom of Heaven. Today, the entire world is in confusion and transformation. Let's say the whole thing is turned around. When you turn around the right becomes left and left becomes right-confusion. Barrabas, representing the Islamic realm, was in the rear of Jesus, but when you turn it around it becomes the front. So, we see all kinds of confusion today. You have no idea how much confusion has been created in the world in the last year and a half. I felt that after visiting Father Kim and Son Kim, the two most powerful Kims, a father-son team, that the first generation that belonged to Kim Il Sung is virtually over. The real power is now bestowed upon his son, Kim Jong Il. He assumed supreme command of the armed forces of North Korea. Within this young man the entire power of that country is concentrated. Father felt that all Father has to do is turn this young Kim around, second generation. Just push one button in North Korea. All twenty-five million will be turned around. The most easy country to proselytize is North Korea.

In the Soviet Union, another important thing happened. When there was the failed coup d'etat, all the media was on the side of the coup d'etat, supporting it because they didn't want to be executed. But one newspaper said, "No, we are not going with the coup d'etat." All you political leaders, get out! We are going to run the newspaper." That was the Izvestia, the largest newspaper in the Soviet Union, with 30 million circulation around the country, including all the republics. That newspaper recommended to Father that they print Father and Mother's history and the Divine Principle in one book, which they would promote in Izvestia and sell throughout all the republics. The most important thing is this: they are telling Father, "Reverend Moon, we have got to rush, before any other religious denomination comes, before any other religious book becomes prevalent here. First, we want your book to completely cover the Russian republics. We want to quickly publish 100,000, then 500,000, then one million." Izvestia's sphere of influence is somewhere around 34-36 nations. Izvestia's idea is that the Soviet Union needs a new ideology. The vacuum cannot be filled by anything other than Reverend Moon's ideology!

In a way, Father has so much fun and ease working with the communist nations, because he doesn't have to worry about too many buttons. Father only selects one important button to push, and everything will jump! I am sure that Father forgives me to tell you this. Izvestia wants to sell 10, 20, 30 million copies, with no money from Father. They will get the money and reprint it. The DP is sold at the church store at 10 rubles, but it sold on the black market at 400 rubles. If printed en masse, both regular and black market will prosper.

The first becomes the last, and the last first. It is really happening. The free world is so independent-minded, and has so many different voices and such incredible moral degradation. You don't know where to begin to change this society. But communist countries are trained to serve one system. But they are hungry, seeking not only physically but spiritually. They want to heal their spiritual hunger, and nothing is better than the Divine Principle.

I will tell you another story (Dr. Pak). When the coup d'etat occurred, they grabbed the Minister of Education, and threatened to kill him unless he stopped Reverend Moon's Divine Principle movement in the Soviet Union. That was their first demand, because they knew that the young people were getting DP fever, which they could not contain. So the Minister of Education was asked to stop Reverend Moon's church from coming to Soviet Union. But thank God, the coup d'etat failed in three days.

Right now, Great Britain has much benefit, working with France and Germany and European nations. At the same time, Japan is reaping so much benefit. Japan will inevitably return to the Korean peninsula, as much as the British Empire came from the Roman Empire, which is the Italian peninsula. Now the Korean peninsula is the ultimate culminating point. But Korea has an incredible historical background. There is one small divided peninsula, but in the south all Hebraic culture comes to fruition. In the North, all the Hellenism comes to fruition. It is the confrontation of these opposing ideologies. In the North there was the master of the Cain tradition, Kim Il Sung, who is called Father by the 25 million people. He is the false parents. From the communist point of view, the parents of entire communist world is culminated in Kim Il Sung, embodied in him. He is God's ultimate opponent. In the South, of course we have the True Parents, Father. It is not a contest with Roh Tae Woo. It is the contest between the two fathers, one false and one true.

North Korea is using militaristic influence, trying to develop nuclear arms. But in South Korea, Father's attitude is always: give. Give sacrificially and embrace them. The amazing thing is this: for 46 years North and South Korea have been talking, talking, talking at the government level. There was not one inch of progress or agreement, except for the agreement in Panmunjom as to the height of the flag pole. Because each morning the North Korean flagpole would become a little higher, the next morning the South Korean flagpole would be a little higher. They had a flagpole fight for 46 years before they came to an agreement. But this time, Father made an absolute breakthrough.

Father entered North Korea not just an individual, not just as the head of the Unification Church, not as the President of the Federation for World Peace. Father entered North Korea with the foundation of the Roman Empire, the British Empire, the American constitutional government and at the same time the Christian foundation. All these plus what Father had accomplished in 40 years. Standing on this foundation, Father entered into North Korea, and not hating but loving with true love. So the other side, through Father's foundation and warm true love, naturally surrendered. If the archangel had not fallen, then Adam and Eve would have attained perfection and entered the Kingdom of Heaven, and of course the archangel would have gone together with them. In that original dispensation, the archangel should have been blessed by Adam and taken into the Kingdom of Heaven. By the same token, Father looked at Kim Il Sung saying "I came here to love you. You must fulfill the archangel's role, together with the True Parents. Then I shall find you in the Kingdom of Heaven."

The first time Father met Kim Il Sung they cordially shook hands. Immediately a passionate embrace-two giants embraced beautifully as friends, initially. But when the conference concluded, they left holding hands, Father strongly holding his hand, as brothers. From friends to brothers. The next time Father meets Kim Il Sung it is going to be as father/son. That point is the end of history.

For that reason, upon Father's victorious foundation, the unification of the new nation was born today. The unification of the Fatherland is the most imminent goal and fulfilling goal. Father is going to be a key factor in the unification of the Fatherland. Then develop that unified country into the peace of entire Asia. Asia has roughly 3.3 billion people, that is more than half of the world's population. By having those Asians under his wing, the worldwide Kingdom of Heaven will be ushered in. Then not only Christianity, but all those good religions of the world, such as Confucianism, Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism, all the religions shall find their truth centered upon True Parents. From there unity harmony and understanding will emerge. Then, what about world history? Let's expound upon this.

The world is departing from the individual independent nation period. Independent nationality will not be viable in the future. There will be blocs of nations. Europe was the beginning point of this history; in l992 they will have a common market, the European Economic Community. More and more nations will form into blocs. Germany is playing the major role in Europe, but presently has many problems because of their own unification between East and West Germany. When this bloc of nations comes together, which nation is going to play the major role? Whether Britain or Germany wins this position is important because that particular country will wield a great deal of influence. The most important thing is the question of the similarity of cultures and the similarity of language. There are many factors to draw people together. But most important is the religious background. That is, the common Christian religious background. Because of the Christian background, they have the same culture and their way of life is similar. Daily life doesn't matter, nor does language too much. We must find some solution in Europe, based upon which power can unite the religious influences into one. Someone and some power must unite all the religious elements in Europe-the major religions of Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, also Judaism and Islam-into one brotherhood, so that they can resolve their conflicts. Whichever nation unites religions will win leadership. If that is done by France, France will be that country. If that is done by Germany, she will be the key nation. British, yes, or Italy. It doesn't matter-whichever nation brings the solution to the problem of religious unity shall be the center of the European common market.

But the problem is, where can they find the solution, the instrument to do so? Only one person, Reverend Moon, has the key. And the Unification Church has the key. Those who come from Roman Catholicism, please raise hands. Those from Protestantism, please raise hands. Those of another religion, Hinduism, Islam, please raise hands. What about those who had no religion? You can see this assemblage includes all kinds of religious backgrounds, but we are united in one.

This is the future. Therefore I am watching the Italian, German, French and British missionaries, what they are thinking, what they are going to do. I am testing out their abilities, their sagaciousness, their vision. Germany has been recently united, but actually there is no true unity there, because there is no heartistic unity. Eastern Germans are complaining a lot. Father read a lot of literature saying that they would rather stay under a communist regime, that it was better than handouts from West Germany. They are saying, "We are not happy with unification." A lot of people are not happy. The European Common Market is going to be powerful. It is a large independent economic entity, and a very powerful, high cultural entity. Independently they can solve all problems. So, Europe is becoming one nation; South America and Central America are becoming one nation, North America is becoming one nation, Asian countries are becoming one bloc.

As you can see when you go to the south, Roman Catholicism prevails, and Protestantism prevails in the north. North and south are fighting. Catholicism and Protestantism are not on good terms. This is the reason Father always places importance upon religion, the ideology. As much as Father is expecting Europe shall be decided by religious leadership, Father feels the same about South, Central, and North America. They shall be decided by how their religious communities can unite and work together. This is why Father created a long time ago organizations such as The Association for the Unity of South America (AULA) and also the Summit Council for World Peace. These organizations are geared to bring them together into one bloc of nations working together. Where shall we tell these bloc nations to go? Always they are heading toward Asia. That is their goal. Returning to Asia.

Those cultural spheres in Asia, truly one of the most prosperous and brilliant of cultures, shall be formed and activated-the Asian cultural sphere. There are Buddhism, Confucianism, and all kind of roots, which are very difficult to make one. Many thousands of years of different traditions exist. The Korean peninsula, however, is different, because it is basically a Christian nation. There are Buddhism and Confucianism, but they are very weak. Christian unity is everything in Korea. This is why Father is taking Korea as one nation, so that this is where the Religious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace both were inaugurated. From Korea Father can influence those Buddhist and Confucian nations' people, and Asian religious communities can be greatly influenced by Father.

One world is always on Father's mind-one world, one nation under God. That will be done centering on Korea. First of all, we must concern ourselves with Korea's unification, then upon the Christian foundation, that becomes a focal powerful influential sphere for the Asian region. We can influence Japan, Manchuria, China, and Southeast Asian countries, which all belong to the Asian sphere. Because this is the future direction, toward Asia, there will be evil forces trying to prevent this from happening, trying to bloc unity in Asia. Therefore, Father is bringing Islam, Judaism, Roman Catholicism and all his worldwide foundation to back his march toward Asia. The world of peace is the goal. One true love ideology. This is where the world of peace can be obtained.

The philosophy and ideology for the peaceable world is God's ideal of creation. I did not create a new ideal. God has the original ideal of creation, which follows nature's principles of the pair system: man and woman, male and female, plus and minus. The whole universe consists of subject and object, so that subject and object would be in a position to have give and take. Men and women are created for one single purpose: in order to consummate true love. Love is the factor. God wants love to blossom and permeate everywhere. That is why the entire world is made in the pair system.

You have heard about Darwin's theory of evolution. Did evolution come first, or the concept of love? (Love!) Before anything was created, there was only one thing in God's mind-true love! He has an incredible urge to manifest true love into visible form, the creation. In order to fulfill that love, God needed to created subject and object, in a pair system. Were male and female created as a result of evolution? (No!) Did man evolve into man and woman into woman? From the most simple organism, the amoebae, to the sophisticated human being, God's true love passed through many millions of hurdles. By doing so, new advanced creations came into being. The theory of evolution totally disregards this. When you are genuinely in love, would you like your love to be invaded by another man, or another woman? Absolutely not! Without having the concept of male and female, how could an amoebae evolve into the very high sophisticated creation of human beings? The theory of evolution is an absolute lie. It is a comic observation of external events. Do you believe man and woman were created through evolution? (No!)

All those professors who thought that the theory of evolution was absolutely brilliant and that Darwin was brilliant, when they encounter Father, within a couple of hours they completely surrender: "Reverend Moon, we were completely wrong. Please forgive us." We have such a strong armament-the truth! We must be strong soldiers of truth, occupying the world. We have so much power. Do you know that? How can you use it properly, that is the question. You have to take a serious Korean course, then you can use this armament.

Father's God's Day motto refers to the "new nation." God could not have that new nation, because God has not yet been able to educate the citizens of the new nation. God's intention is to have God's Day, God's nation and the perfection of all things. The only remaining thing is education. A manual shall be created on how children shall be educated from generation to generation-God's educational textbook. That is the major project. Father has a textbook which God wants to be used for the education of all mankind. There shall be no degradation. That textbook was not created because of the fall of man. Now, God is declaring a new nation, and Father's most immediate and urgent task is to create the textbook for the education of the citizens of God's nation. Do you want to have it?

God's sorrow was that He could not teach this textbook. First of all, the title is: "Education Textbook for God's Day and the Unification of the New Nation."

Absence of true education for true children.
True brotherhood education was not there.
True parenthood education was not there.
True couple relationship was not there.

These are the four major areas of education. This is what God's textbook includes.

First of all, how can we educate our children to become true children? Father is trying to make the invisible form of God visible. Within God there is plus and minus, which God extended into the visible world, which became children. They will be meeting in the most glorious place. A boy is growing up this way, and a girl is growing up another way. They are growing up in a physical reality. Plus and minus, man and woman, or boy and girl. (Father draws on the blackboard.) This is the children's position, and as children grow up they branch out as brothers and sisters. This diagonal line represents brothers-younger and elder. They become teenagers and come to realize what they need most. In the plus position, a teenage boy comes to the poignant realization that he needs a partner. As a teenager, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, you are the world's greatest poet, artist and movie star. You can be and do everything. But the most important passion is the search for an object of love. When they were young, boys and girls persecuted each other. They just don't like each other, and play pranks on each other. But as they become teenagers, around seventeen, girls become very attractive and boys become very handsome. They come together to the center, then the invisible God comes down to the center, ready to meet and join with man and woman. This is a vertical line. God's love is coming down vertically to the center, man is reaching that line, woman is reaching that line, then at that particular point love sparks. Within the body of Adam and Eve, God's image enters. The Bible says that the dwelling of God is with man. God's dwelling place becomes physically available within the body of Adam and Eve. This is the absolutely ripe, perfect moment-the unity of God, man and woman. Man and woman become the temple of God.

When a man and woman come together in the center, they not only meet each other horizontally, they meet with God coming down vertically, so they become God's dwelling place-God-centered man. From there, multiplication occurs. They become husband and wife and then parents through giving birth to a child. They become substantial parents. God becomes the spiritual parents and man and woman become the physically substantial true parents, God-centered parents.

Bo Hi Pak's mind takes after the vertical Creator's mind, taking His qualities. His mind is controlled vertically by God and he inherits God's blood lineage. Therefore, the mind is your vertical self. Your mind occupies one vertical position, unmovable. The vertical line crosses the horizontal line at a 90 degree angle. Even 89 degrees or 91 degrees cannot be a vertical line. The shortest distance is a vertical line. The true love passage is a vertical 90 degree line. Between men and women, horizontally, and them and God vertically love travels the shortest distance. So they will meet at the absolute horizontal line and meet with the absolute vertical line. It has got to be 90 degrees. You become a heavenly man, God's true sons and daughters, by receiving a vertical spiritual lineage from God. Then you receive the physical horizontal lineage from True Parents. If you do that, you are becoming the children of Heavenly Father-God's children.

So far, everyone is trying to do it. Protestant churches are saying the same thing, and Catholic churches too, but what is wrong with them? The angle was not an absolute 90 degrees. The vertical line is always there, but the horizontal line crosses at different angles. So, religion has got to straighten out this line. No matter how much Christians have been believing in the Bible and meditating and fasting, it doesn't make a difference. When you go to the spiritual world you'll find out if you crossed the vertical line with your horizontal line at a 90 degree angle or not. That will determine your heaven.

The Unification Church education is to make members receive the vertical sphere and True Parents horizontal lineage at 90 degrees. We have twelve months in a year and the Kingdom of Heaven has twelve pearly gates. When you are a 90 degree person, vertical and horizontal, you can knock at any gate and you will be welcomed, because you fit everywhere. Therefore, the twelve apostles and Jesus try to create the ability to get into the pearly gates from every angle. However, the three main apostles ruined everything. In other words, these three could not unite into one, so needless to say the unity of the twelve apostles never happened.

Father is asking you Unification Church members, are you going to harmonize with twelve, or even 120? Then you will be able to enter into every pearly gate in heaven. You will harmonize everywhere you go-this 90 degree piece fits everywhere. There are no spaces between. So in true love, when you maneuver, you do not diminish but rather you multiply. When you become a 90 degree man, the whole universal atmosphere will protect you. This is fate, natural law.

How could Father survive until now? I stood in the center at all times, so that the entire heavenly fortune surrounded and protected me. Through this I prospered. No one can attack you when you stand in the center. Only with true love can you be like this, 90 degree men and women. That is why you need True Parents. Through True Parents you come to know the True God. God becomes the living God, the day to day God, restored God.

Father and God's goal is for you to become more and more like God every day, resembling Him more closely. Then you become true children, then true brothers and sisters, then true husband and wife, and ultimately you become true parents yourselves.

Would anyone exchange this for something else? Those who want to live exactly as 90 degree men and women, please raise your hands! All of you! You raise your hands easily, but to fulfill in your actions is very difficult! Even God hasn't been able to make that 90 degree angle until now in His creation. Reverend Moon brought the solutions. Until he did, everyone was in absolute darkness.

There are many people assembled here. Our job is not that complicated. All we have to do is to go back to the original position. 55 billion people are a lot, but when you divide them into categories, there are only two kinds-man and woman. Man is the letter M and women are the letter W, underneath. Who is on top? American women say women are on top. You have to understand that women are in the bowed down position, not the upper position. Do you understand. You American women!

There are two kinds of people-men and women! One man trying to take two women is a thief, and one woman trying to take two men is also a thief, maybe worse. This is the natural creation formula. No matter how much people are against this formula, it is an absolute standard and they will fall.

In the Garden of Eden, did God create one man and two women? Yes, he did! (No, Father!) Okay, Father agrees with you. God created one man! True love is absolutely one way, not two ways. Making the horizontal line is only one way. Can two lines make a horizontal line? No, it absolutely cannot happen. Are there two vertical lines? No, absolutely one vertical line. True love combines horizontal and vertical at one unifying point, not two points. These two lines unite at the universal center, then God exists absolutely forever at this central point. From that place, controlling the whole universe is no problem. All of history will follow that center, humankind and all of creation will follow that center point. You have to understand this clearly. True love is absolutely one! One requires an absolute subject position. The subject wants to meet that one opposite position, not two. Absolutely one opposite position combines into one place, making an absolute true love central point. That will exist eternally. No power can displace that point. This point can influence everything. With your mind and body united centering on true love you can go anywhere in the world, and influence people and creation. Why? Because God's ideal is the center place. That kind of subject position automatically makes that object position. This is the natural, principled viewpoint.

How can brothers come together then? Don't forget two things: Don't forget the vertical and don't forget the horizontal, which is True Parents. The vertical self, vertical line, is who gave you life. The horizontal parents are True Parents-the second creator. The vertical parents are in the mind position and horizontal parents are in the body position, and they unite into one. You always think about God in the center.

When there is a daughter and a son, how does the son look at the daughter? She is not just an ordinary woman. He should look at her as the most absolute truth. She has a vertical life, or mind, and horizontal unity with True Parents. This is where human rights come from-the dignity of man, true value of man.

That little girl, that woman, is a being who is loved by the parents. I want to love her, that means I want to add a third position, one, two, three positions to be added, I want to unite them. So that behold, there shall be a beautiful unity inside of God. That is how the boy, the son, should think. Actually, when you love your sister you are loving your mother. To inherit your mother's love you love your sister. That is the way you look at it. So you feel, I would like the mother's love to be with us, with my sister, my mother's love, and I want to be a part of it.

You are not just an attachment to others, you are a part of them. When you hate your younger brother or sister, actually you are hating your parents and God. Furthermore, you are denying the very existence of your own position. Your are actually denying your original value. When you deny your sister you are denying your own relationship, your future partnership with your wife. When you deny your sister you deny God, deny True Parents, and also deny your own partnership or object. These three most fundamental elements should be coming to work. In true love, therefore, there are all kinds of relationships-your love for your brother, love for your sister, your elder brothers, all coming in because above them True Parents are involved, and the vertical Father, God This is the children's love.

So do you want more brothers, or less? (More!) You should have more than three brothers and sisters, at least, which plus yourself make four. This at least covers the four seasons-spring, summer, autumn, and winter. There are always four directions-south, north, east and west. Jesus would go around with his three disciples, making four. You have three levels of face, three joints, and body has three major parts. Man and woman plus love is three. When you hate your brother or sister, you are actually hating your parents, your God.

At the time of Adam and Eve, for example, there were only the two of them. If Adam had hated his sister and future wife, what would have happened? Denying his sister is denying his Parents, God. That means, when you love your sisters and brothers, you are becoming one with your parents! This is the basic education for children's love.

Then, we just expand it to true brotherhood. Brotherhood is expanded into a much wider territory, with a lot of complicated relationships arising. However, the basic principle is the same. As you were just taught, the same principle must be applied in your relationship to your brothers. This first level is the unified sons and daughters, and then you move to another level, brotherhood.

When you are grown up, you become very opinionated. However, that is not the important aspect. "Oh, my brother is receiving more love from my parents." So, what would you say? "I am going to exterminate him, because all of my parents love doesn't come to me, he is taking it." Would you do that? But if you love that brother, that means your brother has become part of you, your asset. Then when your parents love your brother, you'll benefit. If your loving brother is living very well in a large mansion, then if you truly love him when you visit him it is like visiting your own home.

Why do you need brotherhood? Because in the spiritual world, everyone becomes your brothers and sisters. You must have training before you go into the spiritual world. In the physical world, you have to learn how to relate with brothers. Plus and minus, elder brother and younger brother, nation, all are sort of counterparts, subject and object. So one little family goes in here, applying that principled formula, and bringing two sides into one, then expanding it, then eventually this philosophy will prevail on the worldwide level. Wherever you go with this philosophy, you will experience no contraction. Even if you go to spiritual world, there will be no contradiction. Your heart and mind are so pure, so loving and giving, unselfish, there is no contradiction.

Think in this fashion: if my elder brother becomes an important, famous person, and has been given a great love and education from the parents, and received a lot of universal blessing and good luck, then you can consider, "He is receiving all those things on my behalf." Therefore, you have no reason to be jealous of him, because your brother's success becomes your own success. Your older brother comes to you the younger brother and lifts you up: "I am doing this for you, my younger brother. My parents are loving you, I am doing everything so that these fruits can go to you." God and True Parents united into one are helping you. This is the dual parents' purpose. What an enviable position!

Christianity has been divided into different denominations. Yes, denominations are fine. But all the brothers who are dividing into different denominations, their relationship must be a brotherly relationship. Then a beautiful, heavenly society can be created. So you have so many possibilities to go into heaven. When your elder or younger brother enter into heaven, you can go with them. Just stick to them, ride piggyback. This should be expanded to the world level. What a different place the world would be when centered on true love. You can move anywhere, no problem . . . Is that a happy position or unfortunate one? (Happy one.) So if you have no brothers and sisters, you are losing the entire heaven and earth. You are alone. Through loving your own brothers you are actually restoring the universe; it will come to you.

If you have the love of your parents, you can occupy your family. With the love of brothers, you can occupy the universe and receive the universe. Upon the foundation of loving the family and the universe, man and woman become husband and wife. Perfected men and women are elevated into a God-centered temple and are virtually saints. Then they are united as husband and wife. In a way, men and women becoming husband and wife signifies north and south, east and west and the entire universe becoming one. Centering on absolute love and uniting into one, one couple can control the whole universe! They stand in God's place. Do you understand? Men and woman marry in order to occupy the cosmos. It becomes your home. Women represent the west and bottom, and men represent the east and top. Coming together they represent the universe, and in coming together the globe is completed. Are they confined to one point, or can they move around everywhere? They make a sphere. You marry in order to occupy the universe. You also occupy God and True Parents, the vertical creator and horizontal creator. You unite with God, and become one with His universal love, standing on the same level with Him. You dwell in the same place and inheriting everything from God and True Parents. Combining with them you can connect to the whole universe centering on true love. When you regain that position the couple inherits the earth.

Absolute subject and absolute object-a couple. Husband and wife become the living God, God walking on the face of the earth. You are absolutely perfected, resembling God. Therefore, you have the power of creation. That is why God will say to multiply and have children in the same way that God created Adam and Eve. You can create your own children because you are the walking God, in God's position. Why did God have children? So they could stand as second, co-creators, resembling God. God concentrated absolutely to bequeath all His love when He created Adam and Eve.

The relationship of parents and children is the most important thing. What about American families? They are occupied by Satan. Satan wants to destroy the whole free world. Thus now the world is rolling down the evil way into the bottom of hell.

Who can save the free world in such a miserable situation? Not just anyone can do that. American political, military, educational, media and religious leaders cannot. The only solution is to center on the Creator God and horizontal True Parents. Only by uniting in love with God and True Parents can you solve everything. Connecting with true love and becoming one: following that way you can connect everything to the way of perfection. There is no other way.

Married couple will definitely become the parents of children. When you become parents, you are acting in the position of God, both creating and educating children to become true men and women. That is your responsibility. What Father has been teaching you is the textbook of educating of true children. If you think anything that Father is saying is wrong, raise your hands. Even those unfortunate, fatherless children in America, who don't know who their father is, and unwanted children, living from one parent to another, let them listen to this kind of truth. Would they like to be children in this kind of category? Would they like to be educated and live in this kind of way? (Yes.)

Men and women, boys and girls, these relationships centered upon the children's position, brother's position, couple's position, and parents' position are absolutely miraculous! When you go back home, ask yourself a question, "Do I love my children and my brothers? What about my wife or husband, my parents? What about my neighbors?" The concept of children, brothers and sisters, couples and parents. Have you loved everyone according to these concepts about which Father has been talking? If you have, if your answer is an unqualified yes, then what you are becoming is truly a royal family, a royal race. You are not an earthly royal race but a heavenly royal race, a God-centered royal race.

All these positions and relationships were broken into pieces and left to rot in the ground. That was the consequence of the fall of man, which Father has been restoring one step after another. We are all the way to the level that we can celebrate God's Day and the Unification of the New Nation today!

So, God and True Parents, you, your spouse and children, your brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, you have all the family relationships. But all these relationships are included in the relationship between Adam and Eve. Everything is there; the whole formula was included in Adam and Eve. Once this education is completed, religion is not necessary, because the purpose of religion will be fulfilled. From now on, basic human education must be recast according to Reverend Moon's teachings. Then the heavenly kingdom here on earth shall be the reality.

My conclusion is this. All the Unification Church members lucky enough to be in front of Father, educated like this today, are absolutely blessed and fortunate people. By absorbing every element of these teachings you will not miss any step of it. You shall become the royal family of God. That is our goal and those who are going to say, "Yes, Amen," raise your hands please! One, two three, four teachings. At least you have to accomplish and perfect one of these. You may not do all four, but at least do one of them! Those who will say, "Yes, Father, I will do one of these, raise your hands!" This is the basic textbook for the education of the children of God, to become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. You have a lot more to do.

Today, Father has really been concentrating to give in a nutshell the central teaching, the whole essence of what Father has been preaching through the years, all 250 volumes. Father himself is reading 30 to 50 pages every morning. You have to do the same. Because the world is an evil environment, not clean, we must prepare ourselves so we won't be contaminated. The only way to prepare is to be equipped with the truth.

In 1992, today, we must make a resolution in front of True Parents that we won't act by whim or in an unprincipled way. We are going to follow the Principle of our True Parents exactly, the order of our True Parents. Raise your hands, yes or no! (Yes!)

Thank you very much.

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