The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Our Portion Of Responsibility And The Subject World

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 5, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is "Chegim bun dom gwa ju che segye" or, in English, Our Portion of Responsibility and the Subject World.

As we know, our portion of responsibility is identified as five percent responsibility. We know the significance of it. God created everything. He did all the work, but He wants to share that with us. We can do that by fulfilling our five percent portion of responsibility. When men fulfill their portion of responsibility they create unity between God and man. God and man can become one only when man fulfills his responsibility. This was intended by God. If this was achieved, God and man would have been one and the world would have been one of man and God. Centering on what? True Love. Centered on True Love, God and man come into unity. Not only man and God, but also husband and wife and children and parent. And centering on grandparents, a whole family can become one. All of these relationships unite centered on True Love. It would then expand to the clan, the race and the like, up to the level of the world.

Going beyond the level of the family it will expand to the clan, nation and on an even bigger scale, an equal and consistent tradition will prevail over the whole world. The trend of unification will consistently expand. Where there is no unification, there is no happiness and no hope. All hope, happiness and even freedom comes upon a foundation of unity. Do you follow?

Parents and children standing on a unified foundation centered on True Love will find freedom, happiness and hope. Think about that. All mankind has been seeking freedom, happiness and hope for many years. Where can we find them? That is the question. Truth is always simple, yet all mankind never understood this simple point. Mankind has been seeking happiness and seeking freedom, but they did not know that they could be found in these relationships. Is this true or not? Let us take a simple, but very illustrative example. We have two eyes. They must focus on an object; one point. Then we can see, we can comprehend and make meaning of the thing we are looking at. Then we have freedom. Without that, the eyes do not have freedom. Once they focus then they start enjoying freedom. Our nostrils are the same. If each section is not united then there would be chaos and no freedom.

Look at the line of sight: it is straight. It does not travel in a crooked way. We don't squint our eyes. We look straight ahead, and when we do our nose is also in line with that straight direction. The eye which is subject and the object which they are looking at should be in a straight line and level. Then the subject is happy and the one in the object position is also happy.

It is the same in embracing. We don't embrace in a queer position, that is not free. When we embrace facing each other then we are free. We have to be vertical and we have to be horizontal. We don't embrace in just any way but we maintain a horizontal balance for the perfect embrace. When we say horizontal, we immediately think, "Where is the vertical?" The vertical is the main axis for us to use to find the right horizontal position. So when you think of horizontal, vertical is already there.

We see vertical in our mind and body line very clearly. It comes straight through from our forehead to the nose, the center of the mouth and so forth. A person should walk straight, not slouched or leaning to one side. Can you understand? That is what a man should be; walking straight. All things tell us unification; our life, our movements are all based on a unified foundation.

So the Unification Church is what we are here. It is very interesting and informative to know that Tong Il Kyo Hwe means Unification Church. Church is where religion is practiced. If you write the word "religion" in Chinese characters, it is written chun kyo. You can analyze it a little. It is made up of two components. Chun means primary or something like the center beam of a building which is the mainstay of the building. It is very essential. All these meanings are in this word. If you further analyze that, this one always is house and this one is show or teach. So, under the roof, teach. Kyo always means education. So it is the primary education or essential knowledge. Kyo yook means education; it is drawn with the characters "son of filial piety" and "father" which come together. The father is on the right side and the son of filial piety is on the left side. Together this makes education. If you could analyze this, all the meaning pertaining to education would be found in the concept behind these two words. You can already see education is the way by which sons and daughters and parents attain unification and go the right way.

When we say Unification Church we know it is the church where they teach how to become filial sons of piety towards their parents. They are royal citizens of their own country and holy men of the world. All these things are taught and practiced in the Unification Church. Of all these levels mentioned, the holy son is the only one on a level in front of the whole universe including the spirit world. Do you understand? [Father takes a long drink.] Father has a little fever, that is why he is trying to cool off by drinking water.

You can see that already within this word there is subject and object. It is comprised of two parts and they must come into unity. This house and what to show will come into unity.

"Heaven" is written like this. If you take this word apart, this character means two and this is man. "Two man" is heaven. You can also take it apart like this. This is one and this means big. So two people becoming one would appear as heaven. When we say heaven and earth, man represents heaven and woman represents earth. When we say heaven and earth we immediately think about harmony and unification. When we say man and woman we immediately think of a unified couple that resembles God. This is not true only in the Unification Church but in the democratic world too. Can we see heaven? Heaven is not visible but we can see earth. Which is more important: something you can see or something you cannot see? That which can't be seen is more important. Like the mind. We cannot see sound waves or radio waves, but we can hear the result of them. We cannot see air but we know it exists. We don't see the rays of the sun either. We cannot see our happy or angry feelings, but they exist also. The things we cannot see always play a higher or more important role. The spiritual world cannot be seen, but it is a very important part of our lives. Even in the insect world there is something which resembles spirit. They say there is a spiritual counterpart even in the mineral world and atomic world. The plus and minus in these elements do not react by seeing each other. When important words are spoken we may be shocked. We cannot see them and yet they have tremendous impact. Since we have ears, we recognize words, but if we don't have ears we cannot comprehend even many spoken words. You can imagine that at this moment there are all kinds of waves filling the atmosphere in this room. Radio waves from Europe, London and all over the world are passing through, but we don't see them. If we could see them, the room would appear so full we wouldn't even be able to walk.

America's pragmatism has mainly to do with what they can see. What they don't see they try to ignore. In this Western civilization, especially in America, we see people delete and eliminate the things they cannot see, one by one. "Morality? To heck with it. We don't see it so we don't need it." They reduce everything down to what they see, which is man and woman so they venture into immorality. It is almost as low as animals, sometimes worse than animals. Animals abide by natural law, man does not because he has imagination. He uses it in a wrong way.

Can things like ethics and discipline be seen with the eyes? Can we touch discipline? That is the spiritual realm, we cannot see it. When we listen to Father this morning, which is more important or precious, what we see or what we don't see? What we see is important, but what we don't see is far more important. I act a certain way and something is commanding my body to do that. Does the body command itself or does the mind give commands to the body? Has anybody seen their mind? Can you describe it? Where is the mind's dwelling place? The body, that is true, but exactly which part we cannot say. Do you think your mind exists in the tip of your fingers or maybe in the ends of your hair? How about at your heel or on your hip? By the same token, we can ask where does God exist? Depending on how you think, just like Father pointed out all these other places, God can exist in any one of them.

When we go to the work site, offices and factories and so forth, we don't go with the idea of working in the office or factory but we go because the mind commands us to go there. While we work and write it is not because our hand writes, but because our mind says "Write this". So you see the spiritual entity is so important. Who has a better mind or who has a bad mind is what matters. Everybody's body is the same, but everybody has a different mind. We can classify people depending on if they have a bad mind or a better mind. What is the criteria or standard by which you decide? First determine to see if the body is standing straight or vertical and secondly is a horizontal line intersecting the body strictly horizontal? Then it is a good mind. Is it slanted like this? According to this theory that is a bad mind. It has to be straight on the vertical line, a ninety degree angle. There is only one ninety degree position, not two positions possible. So you always have to try and find the vertical line so you can make yourself available in a horizontal line.

The standard for beauty or handsomeness may be different. Where does the standard come from for deciding if a man is fine and handsome? Right at his nose. If his nose is very vertical and divides the mouth exactly into two, that is good. Look at American people and how they sit. They rarely sit straight. They either lean this way or that way, with their legs extending. They have no idea of vertical and horizontal. Look at them, they all sit in their own way, a thousand different ways. That only contributes to destruction, never construction. Oriental people always sit more straight. Would you wives like to see your husband walk like this? No, that is not the way we should present ourselves.

If you apply the one criteria that Father is giving you this morning to many American people you know or famous people, almost none of them would pass. They say everybody is equal with no one above and no one below. Do you think that equality will make up a true universe? No, the only perfection it could lead to would be a perfect desert! A flat desert at that, not a desert with dunes. Equality would be like that. When the strong wind blows they are defenseless. Which do you like better, mountains or fields? [Mountains.] Mountains have both vertical and horizontal aspects. What about water? Water is a perfect horizontal isn't it? In the desert area we must have water and we must have mountains.

When we are on level ground we must have lower ground like a valley. When we go to a pond, what if it does not have a dike to keep the water back? Does man only want to go to a horizontal place? Sometimes he wants to go up to a high place where he can look down. People like to do that don't they? Sometimes they want to climb down to the valley and caves. Isn't that why people challenge going higher and higher, like climbing Mt. Everest? What is the difference between climbing that mountain in the summertime and in the winter time? Going there in the summer is relatively easy, it is no big thing. Depending on what season you go, your level of achievement is different. Of course when you go in the winter, you achieve the highest standard.

So, the Unification Church is the place to come into unity. Are you the kind of Unification Church member who just goes along following the crowd, creating unification the easy way? Or are you going the difficult way and bringing the Unification Church into unity; helping other brothers and sisters to unite while you unite yourself? Which side are you on? Easy going and just following or making unification happen? You want to be a contributor.

[Father draws on board.] Vertical has many, many horizontals. The bigger the mountain, the longer the horizontal line at its base becomes. The higher you go the better you feel because you can look down on more things. To reach the peak you pass through all the levels, so you stand there not only representing this location at the top, but you represent the center of all different levels you passed through to get there. Everything can be found in this position. It represents the positions found on every level. This is what maintains balance. We can make a right angle of ninety degrees. The higher up you go, the broader realm comes within your reach.

The Western way of thinking is "Let us go this way first and occupy here." The earth revolves and the universe also revolves all the time; it never stops. They try to go along with the time, but it is impossible. Let's say it is summertime when they start, but soon it is already winter time. It takes a long time. Since the universe and the earth revolve, the point they were aiming at is no longer here, it is there. They cannot catch it. In other words they can never be right.

Instead, what do Oriental people do? They want to go vertically and climb up and up and up. They stay in the mountain whether it is cold or hot, whether they freeze or not. They stay without food day after day, sometimes week after week and pray, so that they can go up. They stay in one place, they never even walk about. Animals don't do that. Animals go around, they have territories here and there but they never go up. So animals walk horizontally, but man walks straight. Man is the only being which stands up vertically. He represents the master of all creation. Do even lowly men and women want to crawl or walk like an animal? Animals look down at the earth, so they can find something to eat. But a man not only looks down, he looks up too, to the sky and all around. He is thinks about the different stars and what they represent and teach. Is the body doing that or is it something we cannot see, namely the mind that is making man do that? Man is always thinking about vertical things.

You can examine yourself, especially men. You should look at yourself in the mirror to make sure you are standing and walking straight. And also, women should be properly proportioned. This is a very serious and very holy matter. You have to assess yourself correctly. A woman's breasts should have symmetry and be equal! If one is lower than the other it is not good. If one hip is larger than the other hip, you have to correct that. No matter how big and husky a man his, his shoulders should be level. A protruding shoulder is not good. Father can go on and on describing what a man should be. There are countless points he could mention. Your right arm and left arm should be equal lengths.

So, are men necessary for women? Who is the center? By nature we see that man stands in this position and is taller. The woman should not be taller than the man. Here in America, somehow it has become reversed and woman has become the center.

Woman have a heavier bottom whereas men have broader shoulders. Women are hip-heavy, men are shoulder-heavy. When you embrace each other you create a square shape, it is perfect in this way. There is no man who has broad shoulders and has no children. Likewise, women with heavy hips are always fertile and have a lot of children. People were built that way. When a couple walks and you see the husband has broad shoulders, but the woman has very thin and narrow hips, the woman has to lean on the man. Their child will not be healthy. They may die early.

A woman's hips may be wide, but what about the thickness of them? Now all women want to be thin. They think thin is nice. Father concludes that those women do not want to give birth to children and that is why they want to be thin. You can never become thin and have a lot of children. When thin women walk, they can never walk straight. If a woman has a irregular menstrual cycle she will have difficulty having a child. So try it, if you can correct these things you can correct the problem to some extent.

There are more deformed children in the Western world than in the East. In the East it is very much the exception, but here it is very common. That is because people in this country live any way they please. They do not live according to the law they are designed for. They do not have vertical standards so they do anything they want.

Now we understand, don't we? So what is more important; something we can see or something we cannot see? Do you prefer something flat or something vertical, like the mountains? If you live in the flatland there is no variety to enjoy and see. If there is even a small mound of land, not even a hill, but just a mound, everybody's attention is drawn there. Even animals are drawn there. Because of the variation of the temperature, even the insects cluster there. All living beings go there seeking food. So flat is not good. Those who like climbing and looking at the mountains have a clear spiritual quality. Those who pray for enlightenment, especially in the Orient, do they go to the flatland, to the ocean or do they go to the high mountains to pray? They go to the mountains. Everyone has the mind to go to the top of the highest mountain and pray there. They feel their prayer will be achieved more easily there. They are getting closer to God.

Is it something we can see that will maintain balance and bring about unification or something we cannot see which will make it? If we say, "Yes, we like the flatland," it means a beautiful woman always has to have a handsome man which is level. Are beautiful women always matched to handsome men? No, it doesn't work that way. That is because they take their mind as more important, they want to have a more valuable mind. Both men and women do that. In many cases they don't depend so much on outer appearance. Is it always that a beautiful woman weds a handsome man? Not always. They would rather examine their minds. The one who has a beautiful mind is the one preferred. Even though they may not be the best looking, a beautiful mind more than covers that fault. Both women and men prefer that. Half of the people in this room are men. They all look somewhat alike, they have two eyes, one nose, no exception. But no two of their minds are the same. They all are unique in that way. One thing they have in common is that everybody thinks, "I am the better person." They all think, "Father is speaking about me." Some people nod their heads vigorously thinking, "Yes, Father. You are talking to me now." Some others think, "Father you speak too long." That person's mind is not in focus with Father.

Which would you prefer in a loving husband or wife? Would you like them to give you a quick kiss and then leave or would you prefer they hold you and kiss you for a long time? [A long time!] So, should a loving person speak for a short time or a long time? The invisible mind directs all these kinds of things.

Who would you rather marry, a man of mind or a man of body? [Mind.] Some people you see are nice and thin, very beautiful, especially Western women. Look at an Oriental woman. Compared to the Western woman, they are short and not so attractive. But she has a tremendous mind. It is so big it can embrace the world many times over. Which should a man prefer? Americans have big bodies, but not such big minds. Orientals are different. Who should you prefer to marry, someone with a big mind or a big body? Why? Happiness never exists in something we can see. Rather, it exists in the invisible surroundings. Happiness is there, not in what we see.

Among all men, who has the broadest mind by profession? A man of religion? Yes, a man of religion has a more broad mind than men of other professions. Among religions, who is the one who has the biggest mind of all? Is it the president of the United States? Is it Billy Graham the religious leader? Who has the biggest mind? [Father!] The Unification Church has the biggest mind of all. Who is the highest? Which religion has the highest thought? The Unification Church. Do you just say that because you happen to be a member of that church? Or is it true that we have a bigger mind than anyone else? [It's true.]

How big is that mind? So big that it embraces not only everything that the Unification Church man or woman can see, but it wants to embrace even God. And even Satan. That's how wide their mind is. People with a big mind would like to live together harmoniously. That kind of man doesn't show it on the outside, it takes a quality of mind to see that type of mind. How long would an American woman who was married to that kind of person continue to live with him? He probably won't say "I love you," even one time in ten years. You will never hear him say "Darling." He doesn't hate you though, he loves you.

This thing so called love by American women is only reciprocal; "I do this and you do that. I show you this and you show that to me." That is only horizontal. But a big minded man won't understand what this means because he always goes vertically. The woman shouts out "Hello" to him because he is not responding, so he looks around to see who is calling him. He then has to come down, all the way to the horizontal level where you are. Then he begins to respond to you. Only then will he respond to you. That is what Father calls the ideal couple. Would you like that kind of a vertically high man or a horizontally visible man? If you have a vertical man, you cannot see him often. You see the higher you go on the vertical level, you make a circle out of it. Then you cover that much area, under the ground too. But the reality is that a man of religion or a man of high spiritual aspirations, like professors who a trying to find a deeper meaning of life, they all are in this kind of pattern. They are not great lovers so women don't like them. Women always like someone who will give them more attention and who will be more horizontal. These vertical men have no time to think of lowly things but women see it a different way.

But if you knew the quality of this religious person and this high minded professor who has no time to waste. . . so he comes back to you and love you only once a year. But, how exciting and tantalizing it is once you understand this value. It is so exciting that when you kiss it is like melted candy. You can only imagine it. His embrace is so strong you feel you may break. He will squeeze you so strong your waist will become like an ant's waist! How wonderful that is.

Which is more exciting? That kind of encounter between a man and a woman will make a memory that lives for a long time. She will be happy even if she only has that once a year. She can live on the memory. Which one would you want: to come into a love that is not so exciting every day or come into very exciting love only once in a while?

We all want to see God, don't we? We all want to meet God. We know His love so we want His love also, don't we? God simply cannot physically last if He is to visit every person of the earth's five billion population. We understand God's situation so we don't want to hold God. We can think, "God, I would be very happy if I could meet You once in five thousand years." Such a spouse, such a man abounds. They walk about, they say hello to each other, they do things. . . how big and wonderful a freedom it is. How big a liberty it is. A woman may have a husband who makes an appearance once a year, that is, if she is lucky. Maybe he comes only once every two years, but whenever he comes, he is not changed. He is eternal. He will visit you for the first time in thousands of years, but even though a thousand years passed, he never changed. How wonderful it would be to have that kind of man! You would be the luckiest woman in the whole universe.

When this wonderful example of a man goes to spirit world, he will say, "I never changed during this one thousand years. I loved them so much. I never changed in a thousand years and I only met my wife one time." Do you think he can be very proud in the spirit world? Would he go to hell in the spirit world, with many people asking, "What kind of man are you?" or would they say, "You deserve to go to the best place in Heaven"? It's always like this.

God has been losing His own children for thousands of years, for literally thousands of years He has been crazy to find them, but He never changed from the first day He created man. He is the same God. How wonderful God's mind is. Is God's mind changeable? It is forever unchangeable. That is the ideal original mind. It is the same with an ideal husband or wife.

We like thin things here in America. If a woman's husband fails to say hello or I love you many times then the woman immediately says, "You don't love me anymore." They are so close that they are always together. They always walk arm in arm but they separate very easily. What about Chinese people? A Chinese man may leave his wife a thousand miles away, but he doesn't worry so much. Sometimes Chinese men bind their wives feet very small so they cannot go far away. Think about it seriously. Where does happiness between husband and wife lie, in changeableness or unchangeableness no matter what takes place or for how long? You can depend on and you can trust unchangeableness.

What is the attribute of God, changeable or unchangeable? God is unchangeable forever, absolute and unique. Those are the attributes of God. Is Reverend Moon a changeable man? Once Father says something, once he makes up his mind, he stays that way for eternity. Whatever promises he makes, he keeps. Do we need both vertical and horizontal or just one? [Both.] Why do we need both? So that we can make a circle. The ideal begins with this formula right here. The center is the common point of all positions like Father has drawn here. This center is common to every line. It is just like an automobile wheel. If a wheel is out of balance and slanted, the car won't go. The vertical and horizontal should meet right at that point. Do you have a mind or not? Nobody can say the mind is horizontal. Everyone will say the mind is vertical. You agree with that, don't you? Even Western members can recognize that! The mind is a vertical existence. My mind is the "vertical me". It is different from the "horizontal me". How can the two be connected into one point? Where do the mind and body connect? At your hip? At your head? It should be the center. The horizontal and vertical combine at one place. No matter what race or type of person you are everyone's answer will be the same. You cannot change it. It is forever unique, absolute and unchangeable. This is the focus place. Why? Because this is "the every time silent place." No movement, no distraction. At the same time moving. Always revolving, making a circle, every time and everywhere. We don't feel the earth revolve do we? Standing right at the center you don't feel anything, you don't have to say anything, you just are there. At least we should understand why vertical and horizontal are both necessary. Once we understand that we can follow more faithfully.

Until now, Western people shied away from the vertical point of view. Everything is horizontal to them. Centering on here, each part is equal. That is the relationship. At the very center, all the points are equal. You can take that section out and put it into another position and it fits; anywhere and everywhere. To obtain this we need vertical and horizontal. The right side can come to the left side and it fits and vice versa. That is the ideal of existence. Ideal means something is typical, it can be exchanged to any position; a standard formula way. Do you understand? A standard formula can fulfill anything. The scale is like that.

Where in the human body is horizontal represented? The eyes. The two eyes are perfectly horizontal. [Father draws a face on the board.] That looks like an Oriental man's face. You can generally tell by looking right here whether that man has a broad mind or a narrow mind. If the distance from one eyebrow to the other is very narrow, and if the space to the nose is very small he usually has a narrow mind. [Father draws another face.] This is a Western man's style. Compared to Oriental the Western mind is usually narrow. Look at people and you will see. Look at black people, they are different. Black people may look down now, but don't underestimate them, they have a bright future. They excel in many athletic contests. They are showing their abilities now. Usually they don't stay in one place for a long time. This is understandably so because they live in a hot climate. They want to move about to cool off. They want to expose as little of their skin surface as possible to the extreme heat. That is why they have this kind of narrow, short nose. But when they discipline themselves and stay in one place and wait for the next year to come, all year round, they will be fit to rule the world. Black people, don't forget that. They have to discipline themselves. Wait for thousands of years in one place. It is the custom of those in a hot climate, they have to run to cool off and jump into a river or pond like a frog.

What did Father start off with as a topic this morning? Our part of responsibility. Let's go back to unification. Everything needs to be brought into the unification realm. All this knowledge is very important. It should be common sense. We have to live with that before we can cultivate. It is so important. Now we have to draw a conclusion: should American men and women seek after something they can see or something they cannot see? Pragmatism, which is materialism, is an enemy to God's way of life. We have to deny that part of our culture. We just stated pragmatism is the enemy and Americans cannot disagree with that as they might have been able to one hundred years ago. Isn't that true? Is the American system working or not? It is not working. We are Americans but we aren't Americans. We are different. Yes? Most Americans want only horizontal things, but we Americans take the vertical view more seriously. America will revive when they take the vertical more seriously than the horizontal.

Do Unification Church members take it easy? Do they have an elegant life? Do they sleep well? Or are they always on the go? Do you wake up early and come to Belvedere to say, "Oh Father why don't we have a comfortable ten o'clock meeting like every other church? Why do we have to meet at this hour?" Six o'clock in the morning is the time of perfecting the creation of man, so Father chose six o'clock. Does any Pope or Protestant minister meet his congregation at six in the morning? Nobody does that. Every Sunday we have to wake up at four o'clock, don't we? Is it fun? Do you feel you can't wait to get up? Or, you don't like it but you force yourself to do it? Once we know how precious getting up at four o'clock and having pledge service on Sunday is, you will do it very gladly. That is the one grand spiritual opportunity where everything horizontal will push you like this so you can vertically go much easier, at that time of day. You don't have to do anything, it is almost automatic. Go this way and you will be raised up. That is the same as saying if you push from the top you will expand this way, yes? Push from the side and you will expand upwards.

Now is the Christmas and New Year season. Does Father come to you and say, "Please take it easy and enjoy yourself during the holidays"? No, it is the opposite. Father grabs every opportunity to go the reverse way. Does he tell us this because he hates us so much? No, Father gives us the opportunity to go up. Even if not many people hear, it is okay. Even if only one person follows what Father says, that one person will soar way up high and make a record. Is setting a champion's record easy or difficult? If someone teaches you, whether it is a teacher, a religious leader or the president of the country, but if someone teaches you to make lots of money and for husband and wife to live together enjoying themselves and having a good life, that country will perish for sure. Rome was like that. They thought only about their pleasure, they did not think about the future. They wanted to be happy, but people will become lower and lower and more unhappy. There is no center. Everybody refuses to recognize a center. Nevertheless they continue living, going around and around in what looks like an orbit, but they have no orbit, so they crash somewhere and burn out.

But no matter where you are on the vertical line, you don't have to be higher. As long as you belong to the vertical line you will survive and have the opportunity to become better and better. Wherever we go living in this fashion, Unification Church members will be regarded as a center. You will be recognized as a center. This is a formula and through it you can automatically achieve unity. Isn't that so?

The one who takes life the easy way will eventually perish. Even though he may have a high position, he can certainly come down. Do you understand? Which would you prefer: do you want to become fat or do you want to be tall? Yes, tall, because you want to expand vertically, not horizontally. That is a natural desire you have.

Mind and body unite deep in the mind. Who is the example or textbook? God, and horizontally, True Parents. We can see True Parents as the horizontal example for "me." When Father heard that he was indicted by the American courts did he remain in Korea? No, he came straight back to America and did what he had to do. He virtually volunteered for prison. When he went to visit Gorbachev he went straight to see him. He points out directly about God, he never goes around. Father didn't worry if Gorbachev felt happy or not. He went straight into teaching and talking about God. Father said, "You should put God above anybody else or any power. Bring down the statues of Marx and Lenin." It was the same with Kim Il Sung. Father said throw away Kim Il Sung's Chu Chae Ideology, which is the Sovereign ideology, which is what holds North Korea to Kim Il Sung. Just kick it out. Headwing and Godism should replace their old ideology. Do you think Father did right or wrong? That was his one sided proclamation. That is the standard formula. You have to set a standard everywhere and North Korea is no exception. Father set the standard there by telling them "Godism is your "ism"." They could have thrown Father into prison for saying that, because they don't like to hear it. How easy a life Father could have if he was just agreeable for everybody! Father can do that very well, Father can agree with anybody. But will it get us anywhere? No, Father knows only one point and he takes care of that one point only. It is that point where the vertical and horizontal intersect. Now we understand, don't we? Without the unification foundation on all levels, individual and so forth, there is no freedom. Children will never have freedom before they have a father and mother who come into perfect unity. Using that criteria, do American youth have freedom today? How miserable a situation American children are in! How can they go the correct way? That is a big problem. We need a major repair of that situation, so what do you do before you undertake a major repair? You take everything down don't you? You dissect and disassemble and separate. Then you repair and assemble again. You disassemble first, then put everything in the formula way. The eyes, nose, mouth and even the hair should pass the formula. When you say something, should you speak according to a certain standard or formula, or should you speak whatever you want? The most formidably treacherous mouth would be the mouth of an American woman. It's true. It can be. Those who say, "Reverend Moon you are wrong. I am absolutely confident I will never become abominable, I never become impossible," raise your hand. Your mouth should be a counterpart of your mind. In other words, we have a spiritual mouth. The two must coincide. The mouth of our mind wants to speak in a certain way, but the mouth of our body goes a different way. It is just like trying to shoot at a certain target, but instead of aiming you close your eyes and shoot at random. Can you ever hit the target that way? Like a machine gun you shoot out your words without purpose. American women are that way. This is a very serious education.

Where is freedom? Everybody wants freedom; Americans speak out about freedom more loudly than anyone else in the world, but they do not know what principle it takes to attain freedom. Is what Father is saying true or not? It is so true. It is very important for us to understand.

A unification foundation can be accomplished by no other way than horizontal and vertical intersecting at right angles. It becomes wrong if it is not like this. Even though the horizontal may be perfectly horizontal, unless we have a vertical, not just any vertical, but a ninety degree angle, unification cannot take place. The mind is the "vertical me" and the body is the "horizontal me." They must come into unity, not just any way, but at a right angle. The mind stands right here at this point. The body can be around 360 degrees. Each one can stand in any direction on any line. In other words, no matter where you are here, you have a degree, but there is a zero degree at the point where there is no angle. Here there is 360 degrees, but it does not actually have a degree because it is a dot. This is one position where it has everything but it does not exist. This point can be extended and connect with the universe. Anything and everything that exists with 360 degrees resides right here. It is the center for all. God should be standing right here. Like God, we should want to be an ideal person. What is an ideal person? The one who can direct their mind and body at will. Sometimes you want to expand your mind and body to immense horizontal level, but sometimes if you want, you can bring everything back and shoot up vertically. You can do as you wish. This is one dot that can go in any direction. When we become like this and dwell in this position, all the universe will dwell with that individual. Everything joins you. If you express this in terms of love, this is the love between husband and wife and the love between father and son and brotherhood. Where does the point lie? Right at this point where mind and body meet; where vertical and horizontal meet. Where is True Love's dwelling place? Right at that vertical place. And it expands like so.

There is always an axis. An axis of the ideal of the individual, ideal of the family, ideal of the clan, ideal of the nation, ideal of the whole cosmos. One axis. You can control the 360 degrees. Your life can come back and must come back and start again. No living human being wants a flat thing. We seek global things. Global is in addition to vertical and horizontal. The reciprocal is true as well. If you are here, you want to get there. So you see this ball, like a globe. It has right and left hemispheres, front and back hemispheres and upper and lower hemispheres. Where is the center? There is only one point which maintains equal distances on all sides. From this point it is the same distance to anything. This is symmetry. There is no surface which occupies the surface area without connecting to this. That means everything must connect to this: when this portion goes up, this portion becomes lower. When a husband and wife dance like this, no one is on the right and no one is on the left. Even in dancing, though we may go to the far side of the stage, we always come back to the center and then go to the other direction. They move around 360 degrees in any direction, but you always want to come back to the center and start again. Where is this point in you? Looking from the perspective of True Love is it your home, your country or what? Is it the nation, world or what? It is the family. Your point of origin is family. This family represents the country and the world. It doesn't matter how great you expand, the point of origin remains the same.

Whether brothers are in the north pole or south pole, or the eastern and western hemisphere, centered on the point of origin it is the same distance. Can one race of mankind which began from True Love have different cultures? What is the concept behind their culture? It is a True Love concept culture. The True Love concept up to the world level is acceptable. All different levels of the True Love concept are acceptable.

As a result of the fall this all became distorted. How to return to the original point is the question of restoration. No individual or religion knew the answer to this up to this point. What is the formula? They still do not know. No one even brought it up. Here, unification is the key word. East and West must be unified right at this point. That is a universally correct statement isn't it? North and South should not only unify, but unify in an ideal way. The ideal combining place for them is right here at this dot. This formula applies to all situations, for the individual and family. The father and mother must meet. They must unify. Obviously the horizontal line is husband and wife. The vertical line is the parents. This formula applies to all. Family is the microcosm of the cosmos. It is the concentrated form of the cosmos. It is a model or mold. Once a model is made, everybody can follow the same way. This is a model for the whole universe centering on the clan and the families. If you magnify this small circle and make it this big, it is still the same thing. This is the parents and this is children. Mother is minus, father is plus, son and daughter like so. You can see the parents exist in duality and the children are singular. Which is the center: single or dual? Dual. As you turn around on the horizontal plane, it becomes different. You can turn around to any degree of the 360 degrees. But the axis never moves. Centered on an unchanging axis your position never changes. Why is it so? It seems as though people are in search of duality. When they start out they are single, but when they find a spouse they become a duo. What is the center? We must understand it is not equal. Something has to be the center. The plus is always the center, likewise the vertical is always the center. Centering on parents, the whole cosmos could be condensed into one family. God created sons and daughters. They grew up to be husband and wife later, but God created son and daughter. Everything starts from that position and grows up to be parents.

God is invisible, but He is comprised of plus and minus dualities. God creates this plus and minus position, but they are not together yet because they are still children. The son goes this way and the daughter goes this way and as they grow to experience the world and what is in store for them, they begin seeing the world. They are single though. As they grow and get to this point as plus and minus like God, they start looking, "Where is my partner? Where is my counterpart?" Then Adam and Eve come together in search of each other. You can imagine how Adam and Eve, brother and sister grew up. Adam is masculine and usually very powerful. He wants to go everywhere, whereas Eve is like a small sister. She is not that active, her legs are smaller, she cannot run as fast as he can. So she is always tagging along, "Brother, wait for me. Don't go so fast." Eve later says, "You don't want to listen to me? Okay, you go your way and I'll go mine." She tries to go her way but by and by she comes back. No matter what she does, maybe she got a Ph.D. by this time and maybe he did too, but they realize a Ph.D. does not matter. All they want, all they need is their spouse. They come to that realization. Now they know that they must come together, but what is the precedence? Who should follow who? That is the crucial question here.

Should women follow men or should men follow women? What is the pattern of today's modern society? Men follow women. Who is the queen of the American family? The mother is the boss. Is this correct? Of those who don't know the Divine Principle, will they say Reverend Moon is wrong and that women are the center? Or will they say, in a small voice, man is the center? They won't say it in a small voice but a loud voice!

Why should women follow men? Women have big breasts. Their breasts are bigger than men's. Also, their hips are bigger. They are not built to run. Also, every month they need help. When that time comes they want to lie down, they want to lean on someone. Do more accidents occur to women or men? In America, women say men. In the original viewpoint, who is more prone to accidents, men or women? Father says English is right in one point. The letter M for man and W for woman fit together nicely with M on top. You laugh but this is a serious point.

Women wear skirts and they have to bring their skirt up to receive something. Of course what they want the most is children. Isn't it a child which is most precious to women? So they have to receive in order to have children. Should a woman demand, "I need a child!" or should she say, "Please, let me have a child"? She should say, "Please, help me." She should say it all 360 degrees, up high and down low.

I like that kind of attitude! This is how a woman should behave before she can have a baby, but is there any group of women who do such a thing in this country of America? Does any woman say, "Please, let me have a baby!" Amazing! Who can clean up this country? The only women who think the way God thinks are the Unification Church women.

That means a woman doesn't have any leeway; women are in a bind. Isn't that true? After having lots of experiences in the world, they come to understand that the one thing which is most important is that a man needs a woman and a woman needs a man. Sex education in school is really not necessary. It indicates that there is really something wrong. Nobody has to teach the animals about sex, let alone man and woman. When they grow up, they learn. Do you think God taught Adam and Eve how to behave on their honeymoon? Did God give them sex education classes? Why not? In love, only two partners are necessary; no third party is wanted or needed. You may have a best friend and you may love your mother so much that you never want to be apart, but would you invite them into your bridal chamber on your wedding night? No, that is your absolute unique place for your horizontal meeting. Nobody wants any third party to be with you there. There is only one opposite sex; this is the unique, unchangeable formula.

Now we see the single person. Where do they take after the duality? As they start growing they experience a lot of things in the wide world. Everything out there is exciting to the single person. He travels in search of his spouse, discovering things along the way. The path becomes narrower and narrower. There is much mysticism right here. By this time he understands one thing: Nothing matters, not knowledge, not money, not anything which he formerly thought was good. The only thing he wants is his beloved wife. When that time comes and a tiger is blocking his path, growling at him, do you think he will fight that tiger to get to his wife? Or will he meekly give up and go back home?

What if Reverend Moon himself stood in his path and said, "No, you can't go"? Would that man go anyway, or not? He would say, "Reverend Moon, I need you in the fallen world. I don't need you in this original world. Now I am in the original world," and then he would kick Reverend Moon out of the way. What about you? Would you say, "You are wrong, Reverend Moon," or "Please move out of my way!"? You have to understand that now you are standing in the fallen world so you absolutely need Reverend Moon, more than anything; more than ownership, authority or knowledge. You need to follow Reverend Moon's words as long as you are in the fallen world. But once you are within the realm of the original world, then you are liberated, free and you don't need a teacher to tell you how to find love. Do you understand?

The course to reach that point is long and difficult. Once you catch your partner you go around and around and never let go. You will even bite your wife and hold on with your teeth so you can never let go. Wouldn't you like to have that kind of husband who would bite you and never let go of you? Or would you like a husband who doesn't care where you go; who let's you go free? Every woman in the bottom of her heart wants the kind of husband who loves her so much he wants to stay connected. Isn't that true? What about you men, is that true for you also? Man is generous, so he says, "Well, if you say so, I will stay close by with you." But woman controls love. The love controller is woman, not man. Why? Woman has more love. She has all the capacity of love. This is how a baby can grow inside of the woman, not in the man. So it should be the woman who hangs onto the man and never lets him go, right? Not the other way around. But in American society today, who is holding onto who? Woman expects man to hold onto her, but that is wrong.

How can we make a 180 degree difference? We must turn it around completely, not just a little bit. Otherwise, America has no hope. The American family system and American households have no hope, no true freedom and no happiness. Those who can say confidently, "Father, you are completely wrong about America" raise your hands. Nobody is confident to say I am wrong; therefore, that means you know I am right about this. That means all you have to do is listen, period. The only remaining course is the course of obedience. Without that, fallen man cannot find the way. There is no other way to go. This is very simple, almost childishly simple. So the man has to go to this position and the woman has to go to the other side and occupy this position. Both will hang onto this point of origin. In order for them to become a pair system, a duality like God, they must never let go. For the first time man stands as a vertical being, making that vertical connection. Right here the vertical and horizontal meet. And the universe will revolve around its center. What is that center point of the universal revolution? It is True Love. God, God-centered parents, man and woman, and children are all centered on True Love as their central focus place. That was the plan God had for His creation. Do you understand? You must not forget this point. There is absolutely one partner in True Love. Why? It is necessary to make the connection between the vertical and horizontal levels. Together they make a line that lasts forever. A horizontal line alone is not eternal. There is an upper hemisphere and a lower hemisphere and right and left. Upper is plus, right is plus; lower and left are minus. That is the pattern. We clearly know that formula now, don't we? This is the relationship which God intended us to enjoy.

The children become one with the parents. Then the model of the family is complete with its vertical center. What constitutes the pattern of horizontal relationship? Brotherhood. The brother and sister arise from here, right? They grow to adulthood, slowly maturing. They go up and up, higher and higher. Actually it is more ideal for young men and women to go to separate schools. Why is that? The mysterious nature of the opposite sex is enhanced when they are separated like that. But America doesn't see it that way. Women and men are put together for equal education. Perhaps because they are in the archangel position. It doesn't really matter. But in the true, original world they should have separate schools.

Our first love is so strong. In the ideal there must be no chance of mistake. Nothing can separate first lovers once they are bound together. You want to remain there. Somebody could pull off your ear but you would remain. But with people who experience free sex here and there, how can they have that kind of True Love? There is no strong love. For the North Pole to go to the southern position, he has to travel all the way around, 180 degrees. He can go in either direction to travel to the opposite pole. There is no center, no pole. They are just making one circle after another, endlessly, crossing over and meeting the opposite pole. Isn't this so important, so true? If we don't have this absolute vertical center point, then we have no end, no aim and no goal.

True harmony means that all the motion within the family is okay for everybody. Everybody is happy. The brothers feel good; it is okay with the sisters; it is okay with the parents. It is okay with everybody. That is harmony. Just as in breathing, there is expansion and contraction. They become big and sometimes they want to shrink and rest. Even the earth itself breathes. Sometimes it becomes bigger, sometimes smaller. That happens by centrifugal motion. The earth's rotational axis is eternal, right? The axis remains the same, even though it travels 360 degrees each year around the sun. Does that orbit change according to the seasons, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter? No, that axis is just like this principle or model right here. It has a visible upper hemisphere and an invisible lower hemisphere. It has right and left portions. And front and rear. One is plus and one is minus.

Is there one center or two centers? There is absolutely one center. Who can make that one center? Perhaps you may become the greatest scholar in the world: would that allow you to become one center? No, that won't do it. What if you are the wealthiest person in the world; would that make you the center? No. Money is changeable. It goes around the world, moving everywhere. What about power, is it eternal? No, the only way to make any of these things eternal is to combine them with love. Love knowledge is eternal; love power is eternal and love money is eternal. Once centered on love, everything becomes eternal. Within love, everything is possible.

Does love come into being when there is only one person? No, it is only upon unification with one's counterpart, one's spouse that love exists. There is no other way. Now everybody is seeking freedom. We have to correct that thinking. How do we find true freedom? First we have to bring husband and wife into completely unity; then parents and children into unity; the brothers also must be unified. Only upon that foundation can everybody enjoy freedom. With what? Centering on True Love is the means by which they find freedom. It is okay to go anywhere you want. You can occupy or control any place, no problem. Once parents and children are unified, then everyone is free. "You can come into my room, any time and take everything out." The family members have no problems. Parents may go someday to their children's house and take something. That's okay. Everything is connected with True Love, so everything is okay. Real brotherhood is the same. "You want to take my house? That's okay. If you want anything I have, it is okay." The only way to do such a thing is by becoming centered on True Love. Otherwise, there is no way. Breakdown will occur. The only way to true freedom is by placing True Love at the center point.

You think about it. Man stands here with True Love; you have True Love partnership. Looking at all the world you say, "I am confident I am the center for loving my partner." But in this fallen world, there are no such True Love partnerships; no such True Love parents and children and no True Love brothers. This fallen world has become the dungeon of hell because it has no connection with True Love. No one can deny that. Reverend Moon has made a true statement which mankind cannot deny. Father is telling you the truth, therefore, you must obey absolutely. It is a one way course. This is Satan's world. Anyone who doesn't want to come back to their original place is lost. Going up to the highest peak and standing there with God is humanity's most high ideal, isn't it?

You want to hear me speak about these most crucial points, don't you? The key point here is that all children stand in the core place centered on love. The high level mind love center, right here, is the children. Thus you can never forsake your parents. But in this country of America, there are many senior citizens' homes. What are those places? The children's center core love is chasing out the parents; they are excluding their parents from the realm of love. Because such a family no longer has its vertical line intact, Satan can pull the children all over the place. From any angle, Satan can come in; through the window, through the door, anywhere. Then the children are at the mercy of Satan. But when the True Love center core is right here, Satan cannot come in. He cannot control the True Love point. This is the original Divine Principle perspective of creation. You must understand that you absolutely need your parents. American children do not have that kind of core, so they are in a miserable position. Satan invades the place where there is no core. Money won't help when there is no core. Talking about happiness won't help, either. You need the core. Otherwise there is no hope for America. It is going down to destruction.

Before God's creation there was also no core and no central point. So everything was without value. Do you understand? Those who still think, "I don't need my father and mother. I am an independent individual," raise you hands. The sons and daughters of filial piety are those who maintain the exact opposite position. When the parents move in one direction 100 degrees, they also move 100 degrees in order to maintain that 180 degree angle of relationship. Such are the sons and daughters of filial piety. If you don't have a father and mother there is no way you can go to the heavenly world. This is why you feel so sad, so deeply sad when you are lacking in this relationship. Who wants to have a stepfather or stepmother? Nobody likes that. Everybody prefers to have his or her own true mother and true father. Nobody likes to have stepfathers or stepmothers. I was told about someone who had more than seven step-parents. How many times did this child have to change his love core? Is that happiness? Is that freedom? Never. It is far away from the center of the universe. It is irregular. It gets an "F," it fails. It is of no use to anyone or anybody.

When we are without a True Love core we feel sadness. Why are we sad? It is because we are not fulfilling, not passing, that universal standard. Only a few days ago, I spoke about the textbook to liberate God. I promised that to you, do you recall? For whom is a textbook designed? It is for children. It teaches how to become true children. Then there is a textbook about how to become true brothers and sisters. Then there must be a textbook to show how to become good couples and finally one on how to become good parents.

But everything depends upon us first becoming good children. If we don't do that, then we can't become a good brother, a good spouse or a good parent. Adam and Eve were the father and mother. First they went through childhood, then brotherhood, then couple-hood, then parenthood. But the first step was to become good, true children. We could not see our parents growing up, right? We are shown by God how our parents grew up through our own experience; our own lives. When my own father and mother were children, living in the realm of brotherhood, they did not meet with each other. They only met when they were mature. We must learn through our own childhood and family life how our parents themselves grew up; what kind of childhood they had. When the parents see the children fighting among themselves, they feel sad. They say, "Did I fight like that when I was growing up?" and they inspect themselves. All fathers and mothers want to see their children behaving very lovingly, even more loving than they themselves.

If the children understand all these things and grow up to live like that, loving their parents they become children of filial piety. When the parents see the children grow up, they want to see the brothers loving one another even more than they love the parents. The parents will be most happy to see their children caring for one another so deeply.

So we have first the children's love; second, the brotherly love; third, the love of husband and wife; and fourth, the parents love. All become ten, the perfection number. That is the ten point level. Centering on ten, the number starts again. So ten is the calculating unit, correct? We say twice ten, three times ten, and so on. At ten, we start again. It is the unit of calculation.

This four denotes the four directions of east, west, north, and south. This is the highest level of love, the parents' love. When they come in, they are in the upper position. They create children. In the same way as God created man, the parents give birth to their children. That is God's tradition. This is a real entity but with body. Up here is spiritual, invisible.

The children go this way. At the same time, their spirituality grows. Since they are going up, God comes down in equal proportion. As they grow, they come to reflect more and more of God's love, so God comes down. Everything meets here, right at this dot. But that dot is the condensation of the duality of the whole universe. That dot is a vertical dot, of course. Two dots meet there. That is the horizontal dot. You cannot push that dot away. All four have to meet, but how? The only way you can meet is by going around. Go around and around. Centering on God's love it starts revolving. That is the ideal of God's creation.

When a man is full of happiness and he laughs, he just opens up everything, every cell and laughs. It is like he is saying, "Oh come in Love Power and occupy every part of me, all my senses." Every part of him is opened up. Love is the most powerful, fastest way. It is the short cut. It is faster than any computer. Do you like that?

This cannot move because it is the center of the cosmos; it is the concentrated microcosm. It has to stay right there. Here for the first time, centered on brotherly love, we can embrace the whole world. This brother went through the world and reached this point. With all the world's experience, they come here and make unity. This is powerful enough to even draw God in to meet with them. Like God created all things and all people, now the children come to the same position as God, for the first time. They are creating now. From the beginning, creation was in the dual position. Everything is dual: man and woman, male and female, positive and negative. We see duality in the human world, the animal world, the vegetable world with their stamen and pistil and the atomic world with its electrons and protons. Plus and minus follow the same pattern on every level. It may be the lowest level but it becomes the base.

Man and woman become a couple centered on vertical True Love. Here we have to grab hold tight and not let go. Even if we get our hand cut off, we shouldn't let it go. As couples grow stronger in love and have more and more give and take, they come to embrace the whole world, expanding and shrinking. While they do that, they conceive children. This is like a seesaw. When one side goes down, the other goes high up, up and down, up and down. True Love power never loses its momentum because once it moves, all three faces also move. Where the love movement goes on, more and more power makes it grow larger and larger. Input and output. True Love power means the output is always larger than the input. There is no such physics in the physical world. In the natural world, input must always be greater than output because some energy is always lost.

We can see what makes the whole universe continue eternally without stopping. It is only the gigantic power of love which can move this gigantic universe ceaselessly. The crux of all this power is assembled here. We all know the term "black hole," right? When a certain place needs power, this will give them power. If some place has excess power, this will draw it out. You might say, "Have you talked about this with a scientist?" Look at this. Until now, human history has been one of evil. The holy and wise people always wanted to go in one direction but the world always persecuted them and always pulled them down. Even though they could not go very high up, this power always returns up, up and up.

Don't you sometimes wonder about Jesus, a man who died in Galilee as a traitor? Some would say that his was a death with no value. But how did that death bring about so much enlightenment today, to the point that one third of the world's population has become Christian? It is because of this principle: Love thy enemy. In God's domain there is no concept of an enemy. If there was a concept of enemy we would have to look for another god. We could not be truly monotheistic.

We have never seen God fight. God has always been the one who is struck, but after that He can make His claim. He can get interest out of it. As man was growing Satan hit him. Not only will God get back where man grew, He will also be entitled to interest. True Love would have become bigger if Satan had not stuck, so God can charge that much interest. This same principle applied to the Unification Church. How did the Unification Church grow? Did everybody help it grow? No, everybody tried to prevent it from growing. But that was God's way. First Reverend Moon was hit, then he could take that back. Reverend Moon lived by the True Love concept. Now True Love is growing everywhere. America is no exception. The American government hit Reverend Moon, but knowing God and His principle, Reverend Moon didn't strike back. I just digested it. How could the saints and holy men expand God's realm in this way? They never succeeded externally, yet God's realm expanded and expanded higher and higher. It is because of True Love. Nothing can stop True Love; it will be reinstated.

Any time you connect to this source of power, electricity flows. Whether it is a thousand years or even ten thousand years later, when you connect that circuit, whether it is Christianity or the Unification Church, the power flows. So Reverend Moon lived the True Love life and that was strong enough to ignite the whole world. No matter how far into the future we go, even millions of years it will be the same principle. Do you understand? No matter how much we have been beaten or betrayed, don't worry about it. Our True Love will never be lost. If I became disappointed about things that happened to me, such as people betraying me and so forth, do you think I could have come to this point? No, and neither could God.

The conclusion: Are my mind and body absolutely one? What can make unification of my mind and body? What can bring me into this original position? Only when I center on True Love and connect with the vertical line. As a result of the fall, this crucial point, the record of coming into oneness in True Love, has been lost. People have wandered aimlessly; nobody knew about this. Adam and Eve themselves did not know this. No living human being knew this point because Adam and Eve fell before they could come to this realization.

If Adam and Eve knew what we know today, do you think they could have fallen? It is very unlikely, a very small chance. What about you, now that you know this truth? Can you fall again? Yes or no? You must feel, "Absolutely NO!" If there is any room for "Yes" then where will you go? You go to the trash can of the universe. This is a life and death matter. This point is the highest value of human beings of any age from a thousand years ago to ten thousand years into the future. Centering on what? Centering on love between the husband and wife, love among the brothers and sisters, and love between children and parents.

You can express it in another way, as well. This is the original point of children's love; it is the original point of brotherly love; it is the same original point of spouses' love; and it is the original point of the parents' love. This is one point which God desired as the ideal for His creation. This is where everything can be achieved at this one point. Now we are quickly reminded about why men and women are born. They are born for each other. How can you become one with each other? Only with absolute True Love. Forever, unchanging love, unique love. Nothing can ever separate those who are joined in that kind of True Love.

When this is achieved, can any children go very far away from their parents? When this is achieved, can any couple separate or even think about separating? Can any brothers have ill feelings toward one another? Parents and children can never separate. We see that children who grow up to become good brothers and sisters, then good husbands and wives, finally becoming parents, will become like gods. The children grow up to be like God. When he reaches the stage of a good parent, this child can say, "Oh, this is how God grew." Once that child becomes a parent, he can understand how God, his own Father, grew up. God wanted to show that to each man. What is your guess: did God just come into being with a bang? Or did He start growing from a small point? It is more likely He started out small, just as we do. Until today this was a closely held secret of God's.

Compared to this standard which we have been discussing, the traditional Christian church is absolutely crazy. How crazy it is to say, "God is so high and lofty; man is small and miserable, like God's servant." Where do they explain love? Therefore, their teaching is faulty at the core. Love activity is innate, it is inherited from God Almighty. That is the current dilemma of Christianity. They think they can be the leader of the whole world, but they are incompetent to do so. In the face of difficulty, traditional Christianity declines and so does the world. But the Unification Church can teach the solution to the most fundamental, basic problems of human beings. We have the perfect answer to these problems.

If someone has this tremendously powerful knowledge and then turns around and behaves in a destructive way, how can he be excused? Who is hell for? Those who were taught by Father will become the agents of judgment for the person who would try to destroy these things.

We are talking about the perfection of the individual through the unity of mind and body. Have your mind and body become one yet? Yes or no? Nobody has known clearly about this original point before. Now these things are clear to you, particularly the fact of the vertical connection and the horizontal connection. You have to fit yourself into that original point no matter how difficult it may be. Otherwise you cannot get into the heavenly realm in the spirit world. Once you get to the spirit world, one small step takes thousands and thousands of years. You cannot imagine how very long it takes. In spirit world there is no religious structure that can protect you like there is in the physical world. In the spirit world, people can welcome good power, but there is no protection against evil power. Only while on earth can you take on the protection of religion.

Until now, Satan tried to stop every activity Reverend Moon initiated. He put up barriers on the individual level, barriers in the family and barriers in the nation. America said, "Don't go beyond this point," but Reverend Moon continued to go over. The communist world tried to stop me from going over this point. Kim Il Sung tried to stop me. Now there is no barrier left in my way. In the future, I can go anywhere.

Only four years ago, Kim Il Sung was involved in discussions about how to destroy Reverend Moon. Now he is trying to protect me. Even now those assassins have not been convicted; they are still being tried in court. The CIA, KGB and Kim Il Sung are all trying to protect me now. There is no opposing force to Reverend Moon now.

Who among the world's major religious leaders has ever become so successful as to leave behind the realm of persecution during his life time? Every person, including Jesus Christ, could only leave the realm of persecution after they died. A lot of people had to die. But which major religion did not have to do that? Jesus could not leave behind his complete teaching. However, I have already given out my complete teaching. Nobody with a sane mind can challenge this teaching. This is the greatest discovery. Father is the king of teachers, the teacher of all teachers. There have also been many good parents in the world, but Reverend Moon is the king of parentship. And also the king of ownership; to have the most and use it the wisest. Everything wants to belong to the True Love owner, True Love parents, True Love teacher.

Give birth to children, raise them up, teaching them while they grow, and let them achieve ownership centering on the nation. That is the human career, isn't it? Somebody is born, he grows, he is educated, then he becomes a parent, and becomes owner of the universe. How can people find their true parents centering on True Love? Are they finding it in America? Do children have true families or true teachers? All scholars need to learn from Father. There are more than 700,000 professors around this world, but are there any true teachers among that number? No, there are none. There are many billionaires in the world, but is there any true owner among them? No. Satan occupies every corner of this world and that is why we see the worst parents, worst teachers and worst owners. God must restore those positions into good ones, as He intended them to be.

Unless the true parents, true teachers and true owners can be put into place in this world, there is no way for the world to change. This is true for the small levels and also for the national level. We must have true school systems which stand upon the foundation of the true parental homes. Upon the foundation of true schools and true homes, we can see true ownership. This is the way of progress.

So the mother gives birth to the children and she has the task of educating them how to become good owners. The children must become good owners of America and good leaders of America. All these levels of goodness connect with God. Otherwise we cannot get into original spiritual world. Father is writing on the board a statement: The Three Great Sovereignties of Thought. It is cumbersome but that is the closest we can translate it. That's why we must all learn Korean. Kim Il Sung has an ideology or sovereign thought which is very similar to this, but his thought is a fake. He knows that. That's why Father said, "Throw those away." Their three greatest thoughts are actually peripheral, not primary.

What is the topic of my sermon today? Honor filial responsibility. Our portion of responsibility is to become true children, to become true brothers and sisters, to become true husband and wife and to become true parents. This is what we want to be and it is our own responsibility. Since no one can see God, we appear as the visible representatives of God. How can we represent God? It is only when we fulfill these four purposes. God is the subject and creator, correct? So True Parents stand in the vertical position. By inheriting the blood of the true God and true parents, the result would have been the birth of true children. This was God's original purpose in creating a man. God started from the invisible point and then gradually built this up to the point of visible perfection. Invisible is subject, and how much more important is the subject than the object? The invisible world is subject, while the visible world is object. They can only combine into one with True Love.

What is True Love, then? God is the absolute God, correct? Who would absolutely obey whom? Would God obey True Love, or True Love obey God? You need to think first, then answer. Even God obeys True Love. Absolutely. How can you say God is absolute in that case if He obeys True Love? The reason is that the internal quality of God is True Love; True Love is God's mind. Everything begins from the mind, not the body. Do you understand? First the invisible mind then the visible body combine into one.

When God thinks about the universe, it is centered upon True Love. He is the absolute being, yes, but He is also the True Love center of everything. It is His object world which returns love to Him. That is the partnership of love. Reverend Moon, too, can never give up true love. It would be very difficult to give up the Unification Church, but I could do it. However, I could never give up True Love. Reverend Moon's life originated from True Love; therefore, I can never leave it.

God is omnipotent, but if He laughs all by himself, then God is crazy. The day God really laughs a hearty laugh, the whole universe will be excited. This is why we need singing and dancing and art. If there were no such thing as love, then all those things like singing, dancing and art would just be nonsense and without purpose. For the love of the world God comes down and harmonizes. This is where peace is realized. God can go anywhere, but what about man? Is man different? No, man can also go anywhere he wants to go. Men are born to be that way. So the unification place is the happiest place for all mankind, as well as God. Upon that unified foundation we can realize everything: happiness, freedom and confidence. Otherwise, no way. True Love cannot exist in a world where there are no partners.

Now Father will erase the board. Take your last glance at it. You know that no one in Harvard or Yale or anywhere has the ability to teach these things to you. How valuable this is, you don't even know. That is a pity. People say, "Oh, Father, you do nice things. But already you have talked for four hours. I never heard of any sermon lasting four hours. Why didn't you just say what you said in four minutes?" When I speak for a long time, the chance of your forgetting will diminish. If I spoke for only four minutes, the chance of your forgetting would be very big. I want to reduce the chance of your forgetting. I am rearing my own sons and daughters here, not giving a sermon to strangers. Do you understand?

Shall I stop speaking now? I could continue speaking and explain every complicated point of history; why things happened the way they did. But it would take several days. Would you like to sit here for three or four days to hear that? [Yes!]

Again, this is your portion of responsibility. It is very simple: you must become true children. Then you must become true brothers and sisters, true husband and wife. Ultimately you become true parents. I repeat what I said: a child is given birth and he begins to grow. As he grows up, he experiences the world, becoming a good brother or sister. Then he comes to meet with his spouse. He and his wife become good parents.

Where do you come from? You came from your parents. Do you come from a woman parent or a man parent? Both. Woman was created after man, correct? Has anybody seen a man who likes to have a wife who is older than he? Do men usually prefer an older woman for a wife? Maybe here in America they do, but we are not talking about the worst country in the world. This country cannot be an example in any sort of love. Women ought to be better than men. Why? It is because they were God's latest version. They were created later than man. That is why man naturally doesn't want a woman older than he, someone born before him.

Where is the most original place, man or woman? God, being wise, planted the first seed of a child in a man. The first seed of a child comes from woman or man? From man. Here in America, the woman seeking a divorce says, "This is my child, not my husband's." She wants to take possession of the children. But the first ownership of the children is with the man. Man is the vertical, first parentship. Women, not knowing this, claim, "No, I am the owner." Actually, that kind of mind is that of a thief. Where does the seed come from? Man. The owner of the seed is man. Only American women would deny such a thing. That is a mystery of American law. They try to find the right solution, but they can't figure it out.

Do you think I feel good or do I feel tired, since I have a runny nose and slight fever? But I feel I must share one more word with you. [Someone says "Thank you, Father."] You American people can say "Thank you" with such ease, but how deep is that thankfulness? What is the weight of that thankfulness? If you say thank you all the time, what does it really mean? It is a habit, a custom, but it is not really a serious expression of deeply felt gratitude.

We have four big principles: We embrace the family, we embrace the whole world couple. Vertical and horizontal combine into one. Now we have a set of binoculars or spectacles that correct our vision, with which we can find out who passes into heaven and who flunks the test. On all different levels, they will go to heaven.

When Reverend Moon first came to this country, everything was different: the language, customs and values. But I didn't ever think, "I am a Korean and I am arriving in America." Rather, I thought, "I am coming to my brother's country." Nothing matters after that. According to Principle and universal law, we should love the larger entity more than the smaller. Thus when I came to America, I felt I should love it more than Korea. Why should we love the bigger more than the smaller? We already know the answer. It is because the individual should obey and serve the larger entity, namely the family; and the family the should serve the clan; the clan should serve the nation, and the nation for the world, the world for the cosmos, and the cosmos serves God. That is the Principle: the smaller must obey and serve the larger. Why? It is because the quantity of love is different. When you talk about the country, it is a bigger quantity of love than the smaller entities.

Within the family, there is a father and mother with their love, whereas in the ideal nation, there are hundreds of such loving couples. There are more numbers of couples within a clan, even more in the nation, more in the world, and so on. The number of such nice families increases. Do you think the loving mind of parents toward their children is different depending upon what country they come from? What about the parents in enemy nations? Do you think the parents in those nations have different feelings toward their own children? No, the heart of a parent is the same everywhere; it is universal.

This point is easy to understand. Each individual and each individual family, is like a cell within one human body. Our body has hundreds of millions of cells. So does the world. All the world is like one individual, and each individual is like a cell to the world. If God is a giant, we are each a cell within that giant. But if a cell insists upon itself, then the body cannot be in comfort. That action of the cells creates chaos. So the smaller must be subservient to the bigger one. And the bigger one has to be subservient to the still bigger one. That is how harmony is created.

Our teaching is for our Blessed couples to live for the sake of their clans because the clan is comprised of much greater numbers. The Blessed couple is a small plus, while the clan is the larger plus. When they combine, they make an even bigger plus; a bigger and bigger plus is created. The center goes around in 360 degrees. The farther away from the core you are, the farther you have to travel to cover 360 degrees. When you are way out, you may have to go thousands of miles to make a complete revolution, while if you are right at the center, it only takes a few minutes.

The object world should follow the subject world. In our mind, we want to be the center for everything. We feel the desire to control everything, don't we? That is because we are supposed to be centered upon True Love. Then that ambition is okay, it is a good thing. The more we add to that True Love core, the bigger it becomes. That is why we want to bring things under our control. When the core becomes so huge that it is as big as God, then it will become one with God. What is the purpose? To occupy God himself, to own God. That is the perfection stage of perfection, centering on True Love. To be able to own God is our highest wish.

This goal is the same for man and woman. The reason man and woman come together in marriage is for this goal. The reason people are supposed to make their nation prosper and their world expand all the way to the cosmos is for the ultimate ideal purpose of occupying God himself. We get married so that we can later occupy God. Why did you get married? That is your first step to occupying God. Why were man and woman born? Even our birth is for that purpose. Therefore you absolutely need your partner, your spouse who is unique, eternal, unchanging, and absolute. That is the point where God can connect because God is the being of unique, eternal, unchanging and absolute quality. Every one of us is meant to become the love object of God; a partner of love for God. That is the human world's highest purpose and how wonderful it is!

Which is more beautiful to behold, a man holding onto a woman and dancing around and around her? Or for the woman to go round and round the man? That is the expression of "I love you, darling," ; kissing and going around. Don't all women want that kind of excitement? I have been acting out all these things not just saying it with words. You husbands should feel that your wife is like your younger sister. For the wife the husband is like her big brother. You are eternal partners, not just temporary. Adam and Eve were never anything but partners eternally. Likewise, we are all God's partners eternally. Don't all people want that kind of closeness with God? We want to be able to say, "The True Love of God is mine!" That power of love is mysterious, even strange.

Don't believe Reverend Moon's words this morning! Forget everything! Why not? If you forget everything, then I get to occupy all this love! The same is true for you. If everybody else goes away but you stay with God, then you become the owner of all that love! Let's say you take everything away from me, that's what happens. Each child marries and goes off with his or her own spouse. They don't come to their parents like they did when they were little children. Many times parents lives become more and more hollow as they get older and all their children leave home. The big house becomes vacant. The American family system means leaving behind the parents. How can they do that?

Now we know our responsibility. The indirect realm of the love of God came into being. God could not love because human beings failed in their responsibility. Children conquer the world and become husband and wife. This is the fruit of all the different elements. Like the position of God himself, husband and wife give birth to children. Four corners of love combine in the one seed of love. How much love should we give to our children? Do the American families have any such concept of love? The parents don't know how to embrace with that kind of love. There is failure on every level of love. Brothers don't know how to love, nobody has love. Now they are rolling down the hill to a cliff. How can we stop them from being destroyed? No army can stop them; knowledge cannot stop them; no organizational ability can stop them. Only this understanding of True Love can stop them. It is the last and the strongest solution to this tragic situation.

Can any of you deny this after hearing my words? This is the richest foundation given to the whole universe. Now are you clear about this. That is your part of responsibility. Is this absolutely necessary or is it just an idea? Both in reality and in thought, we need this. That is what will last forever and ever, unlike power and money. How can we expand the center of True Love. God wants to get in there. He wants to sleep in there. How much happiness is that? That is heaven.

Now you know what heaven is. You also know what the subject world is. Family becomes subject to the individual; school becomes a subject for the students and government becomes subject to the citizens. So we might say that the center of society, more or less, is the school. The school plays a very important role. The family is represented in the parents, the school is representing in the true teacher. Government is represented in the true president, who is the true owner of the country. That kind of ideal world has been projected. In it, there would be no collisions between the so-called upper and lower classes, left and right would not collide and no government would collide with its citizens. All would be harmonious. Why should it be like this? That is what our hometown is. Our homeland, hometown, is like this. Therefore we have to make it like this. If we do not live like this in our homeland, we cannot live harmoniously later in spirit world. We must practice here on earth so that we can live forever in our homeland. We are living now in a guest world, a transient world; this is not an eternal world. We may live seventy, eighty or ninety years and that is all. Our homeland is in the eternal world of spirit. That is like the true home village, where you were born, where everything is familiar. Only when True Love is at the center of everything is this possible. True Love must be the center of your home and all your family relationships. This is the good fruit. That taste is delicious. Mind and body will combine into one and enjoy that delicious taste of both physical and spiritual food.

In this guest world, everybody is trying to get a piece of Father. But in the homeland, it is the opposite. Everybody wants to give. Why do we have to have training? We have to be able to inherit that condition in the spiritual world. We have to establish the true tradition here. This world has never had any such tradition centered on God's ideal of True Love. That is what True Parents are teaching to you. You know that you must follow that tradition no matter how difficult it is. How wonderful is this way Father is teaching you! Do you understand? The home town world is our subject. We are in the object position. That is the whole purpose of getting married and living.

Now you understand the true standard for education. I spoke about this before. We have talked about our portion of responsibility in the past, but nobody has really fulfilled that. Now you have a comprehensive explanation of that responsibility. I will hold a big stick and clobber those who don't achieve this standard! Now you really have to fulfill your portion of responsibility on all four levels. After that, we will be able to leave the indirect dominion and enter God's direct dominion. As a result of centering on True Love, this will be possible. It is simple to explain, but it is very difficult to accomplish. Yet we must do this. Now are you clear about your responsibility?

So we have three big sovereignties or subjects: parents, teacher and owner. Beyond any concept of national boundaries, no matter what culture or civilization we may belong to, spirit world is unconcerned. To spirit world it is all the same. So the spirit world will treat everybody the same, as well. We have to adjust to that here on earth in order to return to our homeland in spirit world.

I heard that there was a serious automobile accident yesterday. During this time of transition, it is easy for that kind of thing to happen. Therefore, you shouldn't go out so much during this time of transition. You just stay home and pray. Then when that time passes, you will be safe again. I have gone over that realm, so there is no such particular danger to me, but for you it is a very real possibility. You see, you are going to be elevated one step higher. Do you think Satan will just sit around and do nothing? He will try to claim you. So you have to pray and be humble and he cannot make a claim. When the sun is shining here, the opposite side of the world is the time of darkness. Prayer is necessary all the time and for many years to come.

[Father speaks directly to the parents of the Blessed child who died in the accident.] Please do not be sorrowful. That is the meaning of the Day of Victory of Love. I have followed that same path. Now you can know that love has won the victory. You can begin repenting, going back and repenting for each of your generations. You can simply tell your departed child, "Leave everything behind for me to take care of. I couldn't do every part of my responsibility, so you had to bear this cross. Please travel light and leave everything to me." If you can do that, you will be doing the best possible thing for your child. Because this is a time when we can win over the elder sonship as well as ownership on the family level and above. We are in a transition time right now. The Ascension Ceremony is not a funeral. That person is truly ascending, going up into heaven. When Heung Jin Nim was lying in the hospital with an oxygen mask, it was Father who had to take it off his face when he ascended. Also I had to quickly arrange the way for Heung Jin Nim to go. This is why he said through the African brother, "There is no way to repay what I owe to Father. Father has done so much for me." He is the first to ascend to spirit world who is connected to True Parents' root, so it is backwards. Actually, the elder ones are supposed to go first, but the one born later had to arrive first in spirit world. So it is like he is the messiah to spirit world. When the spirit world becomes one with Heung Jin Nim, since he is already one with True Parents, then heaven and earth can be connected. So please don't be too sorrowful about the recent passing. Send him off gladly, ask him to work with Heung Jin Nim and pray for that. This gives us our lesson.

When I heard the news yesterday, I immediately prayed in that exact way. Do you understand? All of us can join in that prayer. It is truly not an unhappy event. Here at the beginning of the year, this is one indemnity condition by which many can pass over safely. Think of it that way.

Now we will come back to our main topic today, our portion of responsibility and the subject world. Those who would pledge, "I pledge to create the family position, tribal position, national position, all the way to the world position. I will continue to work to perfect these positions," please rise. This is a new year and it is a new country. A new country was born along with the new family. Let us all pledge to fulfill this. Raise both hands. Thank you. God bless you.

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