The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

The Joining Of Heaven, Earth And Man

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 15, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Chun Ji In Hop Tauk is the topic of Father's sermon this morning. Hop tauk means joining; but joining in completion, for glory, for success, for everything positive and good. It is like the joining of heaven, earth and man. When you hear "the whole universe" you see the subject position buoyed up. In this character you can see that neither heaven or earth, but man is at the center of the joining. This character means joining in True Love or oneness. This hop tauk which has the special meaning of joining is a standard word. If you look in the dictionary you will find it. The universe should be one; in the position of centering on man, everything is united. Everything should go with that unity.

[Father writes on the board.] This is the only way you can write the word "heaven." The only word which connotes heaven is made of two men. Two men completely united means heaven. This is the only way we write "earth." You see there is a joining between vertical and horizontal in the lines that make up this character. That is man's mind and body.

Look at the word for "join." It is made up of man and mouth and the two become one. That means every mouth becomes one which means they are in complete unity. In this Chinese character we see the thought or concept of unification is very much pronounced. There is only one language, not two languages. Truth is one; we all talk one content, never two contents.

Tauk means benevolence. These words show two men must be completely united into one. This is mind. All minds become one standing on the four position foundation, also four directions. A man should stand on top of that so this means the completion of a man. This is more than fantastic. We have been using these words thousands of years. So tauk has all the elements: the unified mind which radiates in all four directions (not just one) and two such perfect men with mind and body, both horizontal and vertical, must join. All of this meaning is in one word. Two men means man and woman. Like everything else it shows the pair system.

The West is horizontal so you write from left to right whereas Oriental is vertical and we write from up to down. Women like a variety of colors because they represent the earth. So all the color we find in nature can be found in the clothes that women wear. Whereas men, with just a single color represent the vertical aspect. The West comes in search from left to right, whereas the East looks from up to down; from heaven in pursuit of earth. Eventually they become one. You see how different the language is between East and West, not only symbolically in letters like A, B, C and D, but also the actual meaning of each word. In the Oriental language you can find meaning in the way each character is written. It is not an accident that the deep religions started in the East and not the West. Now there is great research and debate going on between scholars of both the East and West about the beginnings of the Chinese characters. We call them Chinese characters but actually they are Oriental characters. Now there is a consensus that perhaps their use began with the Dong Eui race which was the ancient name for the Korean race. The very race that exerted great influence over all the Eastern area, not only the continent, but also the peninsula must have been the Dong Eui race which is now the Korean race. So China was influenced by the Korean race.

Dong Eui means Eastern Archer. At that time the skill of archery was most respected. Even now we have archery events in Olympic competition, don't we? The Dong Eui race means the Eastern race which is good in archery. You need mind and body unity to do well in archery. Shooting either a rifle or bow and arrow demands a great degree of unification between mind and body, especially spiritual concentration. That means you have to get set and never move. If you move, you miss the target. Isn't it interesting? Nothing is ever an accident. It is not an accident that Reverend Moon comes from this culture and this country and background.

When the Unification Church started nobody knew or realized what was happening. From the personal, individual position all the way to the world position, the Unification Church was denied. The whole world came against it. A person who is called Reverend Moon emerged as small but kept developing toward the world, not by being welcomed but by being opposed. He has ever become a victor, first on the individual level, then the family level, clan, race, the nation, the world, the spirit world, the universal level, even to the level of God. Are there many people who do not know about the existence of Reverend Moon? [No.] Perhaps no one in his own generation has had his name known as widely as Reverend Moon today. Perhaps with understandable reason: he gathered all the people, all the leaders and presidents, premieres and made a conference. You just cannot miss that name. There was always a wall to go over to a different level; a deep and very big wall. You have to take the wall down. Everyone tried to stop his coming into their realm, but Father always went over and was always successful in bringing the wall down.

Take America, for instance; you can look at the situation and be the judge. Is America still in the position of being able to stop Reverend Moon, drawing a line here and saying, "This is your domain maybe, but this is ours and you cannot come in"? Can America do that? The world has come to such a position where they cannot do that. Everything is now free. As recently as a few weeks ago, there was an effort to belittle and block Reverend Moon's achievements. But they got a reverse attack. Through that negative report on PBS, everyone understood that Reverend Moon is right! It's strange. They wanted to push Reverend Moon back, but somehow they found themselves being pushed. It is a strange phenomena.

What about Russia? Historically, with it's well armed wall of communism, Russia too, tried to push Reverend Moon away, but it was they who crumbled. The world knows. What about Kim Il Sung who practices the most formidable type of atheistic communism? North Korea too has now opened up. Some Americans do not know who the president of the United States is, but there is no one who doesn't know who Reverend Moon is or who hasn't heard his name. The president of the United States changes every four years, but Reverend Moon's name and what he does never changes. As you see, every level tried to push Reverend Moon back, but quite to the contrary of what they hoped for, they are being driven by Reverend Moon's thought into one direction. Not many different directions, but one direction.

Until now the Japanese stopped Reverend Moon from coming into their country. But now Japan is changing too. The internal affairs and foreign affairs ministry met together and decided there was no way they could keep Reverend Moon out. They decided they would be called a "barbarian nation" for being the only country in the world to keep Reverend Moon out. Why is that? China opened up, Russia, even North Korea opened up, so Japan has no reason not to open up. So they simply agreed and as of the 26th of March they have lifted the ban against Reverend Moon coming into their country.

Does the 10th of April, 1992 mean anything to you? What day is it? It is the day of the women's conference and rally in Korea. It is a world level event. Centering on Mother and representing all womanhood, both Korean and Japanese women will gather together along with world wide participants in the women's conference. This is the first time in history such an event is taking place. We know the number 144,000 from the Bible. Will the 144,000 be represented only by Christians? Let's look at it this way. Christianity is a bride religion. The bride, by spreading out world wide, is anxious to receive the bridegroom. A crowd of 144,000 will be lifted up centering on the bride groom in the time of the second advent. Will that 144,000 be men or women? Brides or grooms? [Brides.]

This date is also significant as it represents Mother's 33rd anniversary of marriage. This period rectifies the regret of Jesus who was crucified at the age of thirty three. This event will indemnify Jesus' regret and symbolically rectify what he could not do. It has that meaning too. The brides will gather together and proclaim that from now on we are entering the realm of heaven. When all the brides gather together, who are they waiting for? The bridegroom. "Groom" sounds like the word for cloud in Korean. So the cloud of the bride is waiting for the bridegroom.

In Korea a strong spiritual faction says that in October of this year, the Lord will come again. Well, he's already done everything! Everything is done and they are still waiting for somebody to descend from heaven. The party is already finished! None of these things have happened by accident. We know that these things have been predicted, not only predicted but worked for and sure enough, they are now coming to pass. Therefore, this is an amazing moment in the history of the dispensation. Because of this foundation we can say the joining or hop tauk is taking place. You must remember there is no word in English to express this meaning.

Chekim bun dom is also a very important concept. It means our portion of responsibility. Chekim bun dom means the joining of the direct dominion and indirect dominion. Man representing heaven and woman representing earth each fulfills their share of responsibility and comes to join centering on what? True Love, but True Love with what? Their fingers? No, through man and woman becoming one. When a man and woman join in the act of love, should the man be above or the woman? The man is, he has the action of planting. The woman is in the position of earth and receiving. What do you plant? Seeds, but what kind of seeds? Children. Children represent the whole world starting from the individual. So you carry out the planting of the world so to speak.

A child represents the individual, but as children grow older they become a family. They will expand into a clan, then a nation and then the whole world. So Adam and Eve, God's children themselves, were individuals but at the same time, they were the world. The cosmic world at that. Who gave birth to Adam and Eve? God did. The birth of Adam and Eve or individuals is the birth of the world, isn't it? They are directly connected. You have children for the purpose of making the universe. Isn't that true? Any woman who gave birth to a child is aware and humbled and proud (all at the same time) thinking, "I have just given birth to a cosmic world." Was it easy to give birth to a world? It is that significant and that difficult. Have you ever imagined this kind of couple? They were having a very holy night in which the man was proud, thinking "I am about to plant a world, not just a child or individual. To give birth to a nation, or to revive a nation, we give birth to a child. Not just any child or any being, but the whole universe is what I am about to create." When we come to think about it from this light, we might wonder what is the greatest thing among human beings. What organ does the greatest task? Of course the answer is the reproductive organ. We come to this conclusion, but only because of this reason.

Who was the first president of the United States? George Washington. Can you compare the virtue or result of what George Washington did for this world to what a man and woman can do for this world? Already we can see the magnitude of what a man and woman can create. For the first time you can see it correctly.

Women give birth to the universe and there is no greater service anyone can perform, ever. It becomes a serious question for a woman who never gave birth to a child or a man who has never fathered a child. Do they have anything to be proud of? How could they possibly be more proud of anything else? As a woman conceives a child and the child grows within her, she is conscious that the universe is growing in her womb. Would you ever be willing to trade your child for the universe? Even if someone offered you the universe you would not let your child go. That is precisely how a woman feels. Everybody is ignorant, but let's give an example of an extreme case. In the West, American woman tie a leash around the child to keep it close. It is very practical but . . . Even that woman would not trade her child for the universe, let alone a woman with original love. Do you have any different opinion or know of any exception? We already gave the worst example. Why can we not trade? Already there are many invisible ties connecting the child to different parts of the universe. In every conceivable way, that tie is there. Would you ever trade your husband or your wife for the huge universe? [No.] Why not? We must understand True Love is the source of everything. It is what everybody wants to connect to. It's what everybody is always thinking of.

In the Bible it is written that a child is that precious, but we never knew why. This is the reason why: if a child is to be traded with anything valuable, even the universe, then True Love loses its importance. As it is, you cannot do that. Another example of why it is so important: there are some women in America who boast, "I don't need a man. I am quite self-sufficient and I am happy." But think about that same American woman if there were no men on earth. Would she say, "I don't need any man"? America has a population of 240 million, approximately half of that number is men. Imagine no men, only 120 million women in this country. What if they found only one man? Think about it! How fierce a competition there would be for that man. Any living healthy woman would join in that war. Would even the proudest American woman join in that competition? This is a serious question! We already know in principle how important it is for man and woman to unite. Would you join in even bloody competition to the death? Father knows all of you would at least try to give your life for it. If you already gave up and didn't even join in because there is too much competition, you would not be worthy of being called the name woman. That kind of person is not even worthy of being given the name of an animal. She is maybe a little less than an insect. Do you think insects would fight for it? Definitely they would. If there is any type of garbage or drop out that you give the worst name, it wouldn't be bad enough for that kind of woman.

What is the value of being the top queen in a world where there is no men? Would you like that? Maybe it's heaven in one sense, but in the other sense, it would downright be hell; the world without men, without your husband that is. Do you mean that? How precious the presence of that one man would be. This wouldn't be just some man who came down from a tree, but the man that you fought for and won, even over fierce competition. If you are living with that man, would you serve him and carry him on your back or would you put a leash on him and pull him around? It is very serious. No matter how beautiful you may be, you may be Miss Universe, but if you are living in a world without men, it would be like the dungeon of hell.

So if someone asks you the question, "What is heaven for women?", you should not wait but immediately answer, "Man!" What do you American women think now? Five minutes can make a lot of difference. What is your answer? What is your heaven? Do you think, "I am number one. I am the Queen in my family." Can you say that? Instead you will say man is number one, won't you? It's true. It is the same thing for men. Men cannot imagine a world without women. How about Father? Father is great in many ways, we know that. But without Mother would he be anything? Because Mother is right there, Father can laugh. Father's eyes can laugh, Father's nose can laugh, Father's mouth can join in laughing. If she was not here, there would be no laughter. Wherever she is, is my heaven. Without her, all is hell. Do you like hell? Why do you think Father is mentioning this? It is so important that you cannot just pass by this point. The fact that one woman met a man and likewise, man met woman, is not just a small happening. It is a universal happening. You have to understand that concept. It is the most important one. Especially American women. The concept of free sex is so destructive and dark. You must fight every inch of the way and become victorious, become a victor. That is the way each man and woman must go. Instead of pursuing that goal, if you enter into free sex it is very valueless. It will take you down to hell, nothing else.

In the light of Divine Principle we cannot imagine going that way. Think about it. All men, since the time of their conception, absorbed all the core elements of manhood or the masculine part of the universe. Likewise, women absorbed the feminine part of the universe. Such a perfected man and woman would join together. When they are joined together, God pulls the string of these two and all the elements of the universe are connected to them. Think about that. You must understand; they didn't just meet. He had to survive up to that level and she had to survive up to that level victoriously. Then they could meet. It is in yeon ; the result of cause and effect in a universal degree, not just a small happening.

In English we say True Parents, but in Korean there is no such word as parents. We say father and mother. Parents is said "father and mother": pu mo. When we say pu mo, who is first, father or mother? Father is always first. What do women say when they talk about their parents? Do you say father and mother too, or do you say it backwards? Women say it the same too. If you always place your father first and mother second, how can man and woman ever be equal? You are always discriminating by putting someone first and someone second. Isn't that appropriate though, because women are always smaller and less strong. Men are always bigger and stronger. No record shows any woman winning over men in the Olympic championships.

So when do men and women come into unity and become equal? Should you wait for few million more years to become equal? [No, in True Love.] Now Father is really perplexed. This brother gave a true answer, but does he know what he is talking about? Yes, it is True Love. Centering on True Love, men and women are absolutely equal. We know that. But without True Love they are no longer equal, men are always in a superior position to women.

Let's imagine True Love has eyes. [Father draws a very funny picture of True Love's face.] This is a picture of True Love. Does True Love want to have two eyes like we do, or since he has everything, would he be satisfied with just one eye? He wants to have two eyes, but does he want two eyes of woman, two eyes of man or one eye of a man and one of a woman? One of each? That means half of a woman wants to be conquered by a man and half of a man wants to be conquered by woman. That means only True Love can occupy both the world of man and woman. Once you exchange your eye with that of man, you cannot change it back later. What Father is pointing out to us is this; half of you is no longer yours. It already belongs to your spouse. Is man everything or is woman everything or are man and woman together everything? Together they are everything. Do you still want to be conscious of the woman's world and your position first or do you want to put togetherness first?

There are five billion people in the world's population. Let's say all the women, beautiful women are gathered together here. What if the one, most handsome man on earth walks by them? Would they turn their eyes to see him? Here is a small man and here are five billion beautiful women. Everyone focuses on him with all their nerves. All their eyes are looking at him. What makes each woman do that? Is it they themselves that decide to do that or is it True Love which exists in women that is making them do that? Would it just be transmitted this way or would it go back to the root, be confirmed and then bring about action? What do you think? it would go back to the root, it is genuine, unmistakable, it's true. It is the power of original, True Love.

Father just made an example of a so called handsome man, but of course, the definition of a handsome man is elusive. You could say a handsome man is the one with better proportion in the way his eyes and ears and muscles are situated. But all kinds of love exists in a truly handsome man. He is perfect and worthy, not only in this one kind of love, but all love exists within him. A more perfect love makes the man more perfect doesn't it? He is a more handsome man then. It is not just the face we are talking about, it is the heart. Here again, is a very important conclusion. You usually look at men, and men look at women and decide whether they are beautiful or handsome. But this is so misleading. Have you ever started looking from his heart or her heart? She may look very beautiful outside, but she may not be beautiful inside. Have you ever thought this way? How did you decide who was a handsome man?

Where did this finest, handsome man start from? You have to go back through history and look. Where did that handsome man begin? Who is the ancestor of that handsome man and beautiful woman? To whom can you trace that trait back? God, our Heavenly Father. He is the owner and teacher of number one rank. The root of that beauty is God. But what about just the face? Someone who doesn't have that history may look like a handsome man, but the man who has true handsomeness will be pursued by all women who want to compete to occupy him.

What if God Himself appears as the most handsome parents? Of course, God cannot exist physically because everyone would try to connect with Him. In other words, if God had form everybody would recognize His perfection. There would be impossible chaos and no order would exist. Everyone would know where God was and try to go to Him. God is so wise, He made a plan that works: God made Himself invisible. He is there but He is not visible. Instead, He gave half His attributes to men and half of His attributes to women. And when True Love is stirred up, then something in man and woman is stirred up too. They cannot help it. Then they come to meet. When they meet together they burst into happiness. When you are in the apex of love, you actually wouldn't mind if you died, would you?

Again, Father is trying very hard to teach us this point. The point is that the things we cannot see are the most important things. It is not what we see. For instance, we talk about love all the time. In a way you can see it, but you can see it as clearly as you can see trees? Have you ever seen love? Have you ever seen life? What about mind? We must understand that the most precious and important things that dwell in mankind cannot be seen. These three points that Father just mentioned are invisible but they are most important.

It doesn't matter how beautiful a woman is, if she has more of these three things; life, love and mind, God will surely reside with her. Likewise, if you want to become a friend to God, someone God loves most, someone who attracts a partner, what attributes should you have? You should have these invisible qualities. Since they are invisible nobody will notice you have them, but you will become diligent and accumulate more of these invisible attributes throughout your life. Then God will visit you more often.

Father is teaching us to have a generous or big mind, not a small mind. Is your mind small or big? Have you ever seen your mind with your eyes? The life force within you wants to go beyond any barrier in the universe. You want to overcome the universe, don't you? Your life wants to expand to all four corners of the universe and your love wants to embrace the whole universe. One wants to expand and the other wants to embrace. Love will want to embrace and squeeze so tightly that there is no core left. Your front side will become your back side in that love motion. Sometimes you cannot control the urge to squeeze your baby. Not only that, you sometimes feel that way towards your husband too. You want to squeeze him tight, don't you? Those who have life must develop. Those who have love must unify. The purpose of love is to unify and life is to expand.

Man and woman are quite different aren't they? Quite different or absolutely different? Absolutely different! Women are always looking at the earth as they move around. Men will look to heaven. Women wonder, "What is he looking for? What can he find up there?" But if he doesn't look up, he loses the center. That means you too will lose the center. Women can only enjoy their freedom when revolving around their husband. Without her husband a woman cannot be secure. Nobody will believe in her. You must maintain not only horizontal relations, but vertical relations as well.

In the value perspective, do most American men like and love American women, or not? Are they satisfied with the way American women are? [No.] To a great extent it is true the other way around also. Are you American women perfectly satisfied with the way American men are? [No.] Men should be masculine and women should be feminine, not the other way around. Do you like to see men act like women and women act like men? [No!] Is that "no" your awareness from this moment, or is that how people have felt historically? At any time in history, anybody would answer in the same way. If you saw a man making up his mouth like a woman and he had a manicure just like a woman, you would rather die than live with him or sit right beside him. We would really hate him. Even if there is another man who is very ugly, but he is masculine to the same extent as his ugliness, you would much prefer him. [Yes!]

Which do you prefer? The man or woman who speaks a lot of words or the one of few words? Or does it depend on what he says? Father is speaking generally. Do you like talkative or silent people? In the Orient there are many statues of Buddha. Does Buddha's statue ever say a word? He never speaks a word; he neither praises you or chastises you. You never know what he is thinking. Yet, he is very great and everybody comes to worship him. Also, he is always looking at one focal point; he never looks around like we do. We don't know what he looks for but he does look for something. Do you understand? That is all we want to do; look at one thing. The best solution in the most complicated situation is silence. Don't say anything. That is the best way. When something happens women jump around, but a man will sit even more still. He doesn't say anything, he might not even open his eyes. He just sits still, but Father says that is a very wonderful thing. Because he never knows which is going to begin, a sad thing or a happy thing, he is in anticipation. But because he doesn't know he is very still. He is trying not to miss the sign of what is to come.

If ten women gather together we can imagine how much they will talk. But if among them there is one woman who does not utter a word, she will eventually become the center of those ten women. The other nine women will pay attention to her. If she does not speak for ten years, everyone will wonder what her opinion is and what she is thinking. If she stays silent for one hundred years, then for that one hundred years everyone must pay attention to her to find out what she is thinking.

When Westerners meet together there tends to be more talk than when Oriental people gather. In the diplomatic arena who is eventually the winner; the one who speaks little or the one who speaks much? The one who stays silent is more likely to become a judge. We can see that in the courtroom too. Each attorney talks so much. The judge says nothing but he has the final word. It is the same thing, we have to understand silence. This is how God conducted Himself. For so many years God hardly spoke. We see so much commotion between the existing churches and Father and the Unification Church. Most of the noise has been the Christian church criticizing the Unification Church. They have been saying all kinds of things about Father. But Reverend Moon was silent, almost never speaking against others except when it was absolutely necessary. Which do you think is wiser?

Among those in society, if one person kept silent for ten years, his words would become that much more trustworthy when he did speak. Once he speaks everybody listens and trusts him. If we speak a lot we may have a lot of outer form, but inside you lose everything. You don't have anything inside. We see this rule very clearly now. But, if you are going to speak for the sake of the whole and you know you are right and that your speech will help others, then it is more helpful to talk more. Many people will question you, "Do you practice what you are saying?" So, how can any person afford to say much? The one who likes to boast about himself, generally ends up creating something with his words which he doesn't even have. Isn't that true? He never stops boasting at the limit of what he has. The one who boasts gradually expands and expands and creates an imaginary thing that he is talking about. Eventually his talk becomes false. So we see a general tendency; the one who is more silent is better connected to the truth side. As much as he speaks more than necessary, he is that much connected to that which is false. What should be your rule of thumb; to speak more or less? [Less.]

So in the family, does the man or woman tend to speak more? [Woman.] In a company, the one who keeps silent and always works will be thought of as the owner by others. Even to the extent that we know this already, isn't it true that Western people propagandize? They advertise themselves and think it is a virtue. It is the other way around with Orientals. They hide themselves knowing that other people will discover them. This is a funny example, but there is some truth in it. In the last twenty or thirty years the Japanese have toured everywhere around the world. They never spoke, not a word, not because they couldn't, they just didn't. But, they took a lot of pictures didn't they? Today people wonder how did Japan go up so high? While they were taking a lot of pictures nobody realized what they were doing. Everybody knows the West is the inventor and Japan is the copier. They have become not just copiers but masters and the legitimate owner now. Now Americans jump up and down and say they don't like Japan, but what can they do? Not much. Here, we see two different lifestyles; one was proud and boasting, the other was rather humble and didn't say much. That can change position so greatly. Again, it testifies that silence is really a virtue. The person who looks like this [the funny picture of True Love] will be a wealthy person in the future. The person who enjoys a lot of blessing will look like this. Take a good look before Father erases it.

Now we know one great realization both by reason and by heart: what is most important for women is not money, or prestige, or even beauty. And the same is true the other way around; what a man needs most is not fame or anything like that. Women are what men want and men are the most important thing to women. Your value as a woman can never be determined by yourself. Father is again emphasizing this point. Your value is decided through your spouse. A man will decide your value. And a man's value is also decided by woman, not by the man himself. It becomes exchangeable centered on love.

What is the human purpose? There are two; for woman, it's man and for man, it's woman. We are born, not for ourselves, but for each other. Centering on what? True Love. That is core love, the essence of love. We have to understand love more deeply. Before I even came to exist, before my life began, love existed and was the originator. Because of love my life began. The concept of love is made up of a plus side which is man and a minus portion which is woman. Originally there was an invisible concept of love such as this. [Father draws a diagram on the board.] The positive and negative aspects were deployed separately so the positive portion constitutes the vertical existence and the minus portion constitutes the horizontal existence. Where does love meet in this concept? The only conceivable place we can imagine it, is that love can only take place in the vertical relationship. When a child is born he looks towards this point within man and woman. There are different levels. Both plus and minus go through different steps to reach the same horizontal level which intersects the vertical line. Often a man grows up beyond that horizontal line, but he can no longer see ahead so he realizes, "This is the point where I am supposed to be" and he goes back to the horizontal line. Then he starts looking toward the center and so does the woman from her side. Where do they meet? Right at the center. There are no two planes, only this one horizontal line and this place is the only place they will meet. Each one will know where to meet.

Here, he is the fruit of the great, invisible element of plus. And she is the fruit of the minus. [Father draws a big circle around the four position shaped diagram.] If you make a big sphere like this, of course, the upper half is apt to be the invisible side and lower half is visible. This is like our world and like our mind and body. Mind is the vertical, invisible me and our body is the visible me. We eventually become the responsible person of two different worlds; invisible and visible. Above is heaven and below is earth. Man is above, woman is below and this point is the point of a great joining. Like Father has explained to us thousands of times, if you take this segment here it will fit anywhere. It is interchangeable. Do you understand? It is the ideal point of settlement. This is the total destination for love between parents and children, children's love to parents and spousal love. In a father-son relationship, this is plural. The single will never reach to perfection. Right here for the first time two will be joined and become plural. Heaven, earth and man are clearly separate, but they are about to meet. Where? Right here.

So as a man treads this course he finds out all about the earth, science and the law. Women, too. But eventually, they know their destination is to meet each other. When the two meet here the motion centered on True Love begins. This concept is denoted in Divine Principle as our area of five percent responsibility. We know we began from here and our portion of responsibility depends on reaching that point. This is the ideal settlement point as Father already said. It is not money, it is not position or your influence which matters. What matters most is True Love; real love towards each other and towards your parents and towards your children. God too, has dual characteristics, like two seeds in one hull. All seeds are like this [with a plus side and a minus side] without exception. You can't find one which is not this way. No matter how big or small a seed you may find, if you break it open you will find this is true. Can you exchange that at will? In other words can you take another seed and make one seed from two pluses? You cannot do that. When they are in love, you cannot replace any one of these. There are two in one hull. Isn't that true? If one side is eliminated, the whole thing will be destroyed. This relationship is eternal. This is the law of God's creation. God's world operates under this law. Nothing can change it.

Husband and wife together are like the fruit of God. Free sex is like changing around that combination. When you plant that distorted seed will it bring forth any significant being? No, free sex is the end of that generation. AIDS is the actual result. What do people with AIDS deserve now? Of course, being eradicated and erased. How can you tell who is infected with AIDS when you select your spouse? That kind of illness is now rampant. You could not consider lesbians and homosexuals as candidates for your spouse. Anyway, those who are afflicted will be destroyed. Since we cannot afford to wait until every one is destroyed or infected, Father gave the Washington Times a suggestion to promote the marking AIDS patients. For example, they would have to wear a red hat. But let them identify themselves so that people can defend themselves. Who gets the dishonor as the ancestral country of AIDS? Is it Korea or America? America must be aware of this. If America cannot take care of this problem by itself, then someone like Reverend Moon has to solve this problem, not only for this country but for the world as well. Who caused this deviation from the holy position to this lowly, lowly position? It was not God, but Satan.

Laughter and happiness can only start and rest at this center point. God can laugh here, all of us can laugh here. Unless we reach this point there is no laughter and no happiness. A mother is the object of laughter. In other words, one can laugh because of her. A husband can laugh because of his wife and the children, the whole neighborhood and country can laugh, because of her presence. Who should laugh the most? What man enjoys most to behold is a woman who laughs. Do you know why God did not give women a beard? The most sensitive change in laughing starts around the mouth. If a woman's mouth was covered by a beard, you would never know when she smiled. A man will look at her mouth when she says, "Welcome, please come in." Look around and observe if this is true. Woman start saying something from their mouth, then it radiates here and the wrinkles start-good wrinkles, not bad wrinkles.

Why do men like to kiss women? Because the mouth is the object of laughter. He wants a taste of that. American men and American women like to kiss and be kissed. In the East, it is not so true. Why do women have a smaller face than men? Because you can comprehend a smaller face easily. The smaller the face, the more desirable it is. You can comprehend everything in a very short time. When women laugh, their attractive laughter begins with the shrinking of the mouth. Whereas, it is more likely that the laughter of a man begins with him opening his mouth. Also, have you noticed that woman move down as they laugh whereas men move their heads up and back. Now you know one reason why women don't have a beard; so you can show your mouth which changes sensitively when you start laughing. A beard can shake so you know when a man is laughing. Father feels he deserves at least an eighty percent mark, if not more for his explanation of why women don't have beards.

When women sit in front of the makeup mirror, what area do they concentrate on? Two places, their mouth and their eyes. Why? Because the mouth is where laughter starts and the eyes are the signal of everything. Sometimes women have very long fingernails and they paint them all kinds of colors. If you are so full of True Love and in spite of yourself you do that, it is fine. Father says it is not only forgivable, but it can be recognized. If you want to magnify your expression of True Love in cooking and caressing and doing such wonderful things with your hands, and in order to make that accent you make your fingernails noticeable, then it is alright. But no other reason is acceptable. What about the toenails? They don't do so much so why should you give them the same treatment? Women who make up their toenails are the worst kinds of women.

Which do you prefer, thin or thick lips on women? Father is not going to tell you everything. That is up to you to research. Don't be lazy.

There are three very valuable things which you cannot see; life, love and mind. What is the center of those three? Love. Your mind is so wide, isn't it? If you have money your mind says, "Why don't you distribute this money to all Americans?" So you give all your money to 240 million Americans. Then your mind would say, "Why do you stop there? What about the world?" So you start distributing money to all five billion people. Then your mind would still say, "Didn't you forget about the spirit world?" Your mind is like that. Your mind says, "Why did you forget God? He is most important." You thought God was the richest so you forgot. God is not greedy, but do you think He wants more than anybody else? He does. God won't approve of us even if we give away all we can see. Later on He will say to us, "Don't you have more to give?" Then you start giving something you can't even see and nobody else can see. Then God approves of you and says, "You are right." God is the master of everything which is not visible. God will approve of the man who gives the visible money and the invisible mind saying, "Yes, that is the way to give."

When a wife gives a present to her husband, she not only gives a present, but she also gives her mind. Then the gift is appreciated. If she just gives what is visible, then the gift is not appreciated. Even though you women know your husband loves you with his body, you want to know he loves you with his mind as well. You always question, "Do you love me with your mind also?" We must combine the visible and invisible love.

We have to turn our attention more to the invisible side. We already know how to deal with the visible side. Now for the first time we understand the things which have global value and we must advance to that. Why? Because that is the way man is created. We have duality like God, there is visible and invisible. From there, motion takes place. We say chung sung. Again this chung sung is a key word in our life, but unfortunately there is no equivalent in English. 'Heart' is as close as it can come; heart and mind and effort, everything put together. We come to Belvedere in the morning but not thoughtlessly. We don't just come, but rather we prepare for Father, thinking about what he has gone through all his life. Think about what you are here for. In a short time, in five or ten minutes give a run down of all historical encounters and wait for Father with chung sung, with heart. That invisible preparation makes the experience more valuable. Just being present here is precious enough, but with the invisible chung sung added to that, our being here becomes much more valuable.

A wife who is waiting for her husband to come back from work should not just wait and then say hello. She should think about her husband all day long, in many different ways. Then when they actually meet and face each other glory will be added to that moment. Laughter and a little smile will add to that. A laughing face has an attractive power to pull in your husband.

Who is going to be the owner or center of the Unification Church? Not the big husky man, but maybe the small woman who adds on more and more invisible value. Day after day after day they accumulate that invisible value and after some time even a small woman may become the center and owner of the Unification Church. God as well as Parents will see her. Father recognizes her coming to him, she doesn't look like just another face in the crowd. Not only between husband and wife, but even a child who thinks about his parents all the time will build a strong power between them. Thinking about it is invisible. Everybody can make invisible power, no problem. Everyone can do this and make this accumulation. We are free to do this. Day and night we can gather this invisible accumulation. How wonderful it is! If you pile it up like a high mountain, God will certainly notice and look down and praise you for that.

Do you think Father's talk is true or not? As a man is working, he should think about his wife and children and want them to be serving the whole world. If they can do that this will become a true blessing point. If you think deeply of your wife and children, they cannot leave you. They are bound over and over by your force of love. You have captured them. Each one of us wants to be captured. The whole world wants to be captured by that kind of love. Isn't that true?

How precious it is for you to exert this invisible power. You are very strong and capable of doing this. Think about your child and cry for your child even while you cannot see them. Your heart will be transmitted to them. God recognizes your invisible properties and attributes more because that is what makes you like Him. The person who puts more emphasis on the invisible things is followed by God. Is this happiness? That person who is recognized by God is the happiest person. Everyone would say to that person, "I respect you forever. I will follow you forever." Is that true? Now you know well, more than me!

So we must understand that kind of person would be God's inseparable object of love. God loves that kind of person the most; the one who lives centered on this invisible world of love and the invisible world of life. God will cherish that person the most. Do we all love Father? Why? He has invisible love power, invisible life power and invisible mind power. God loves that kind of person. Anyone with those qualities becomes God's partner of love. God is the center of love. God loves the person with these invisible attributes so automatically every human being likes that person too. Do you understand? It is clear. You should always be accumulating invisible properties. This is what a wise man does. A wise man will never perish. Unchangeable happiness, freedom and peace can be found there, not in other places. Let us accumulate these invisible properties and invisible wealth so that we can shine out in the spirit world, not only here. In the spirit world there are degrees. Some people stay higher and some people stay lower depending on how much of these properties they have.

No one knows how many tears Father shed for this earth and for heaven. When Father went to Danbury everyone cried, but Father knew his tears must soak the other side of the prison wall; outside of Danbury. And that is exactly what he did. Then what happened? All the prison inmates came to him. They were so docile and gentle in front of Father, just like children coming to their parents. Father didn't say anything to them, but his invisible love was reaching out to them. When they were ready to leave the prison, they would all come with a gift for Father. They would bring the best thing they had possessed in prison life and leave it with Father saying, "Please keep it." Father's life motto wherever he goes is "Leave behind invisible accumulations."

When Father goes to Korea, America suddenly feels empty. Do you feel that? Nobody tells us, but automatically, in spite of ourselves, our direction leads us to face Father. Our body is limited, we can only do so much, but our mind is limitless. There is hardly any limit to our hearts, we can do so much. Our purpose in life is to accumulate the most while we are alive. If we work without limitations, we can accumulate more love and thrust more love into it and more thought. If a person lives like this all his life then when he goes to the spirit world he dies while he is standing or sitting or working. Because he lived a very normal life his spirit can separate from his body easily and naturally. This is the good way.

So, which is more important; what we can see or what we cannot see? [What we cannot see.] That is the secret of Father's life and Reverend Moon's teaching. If you give the enemy even a dot of True Love (not a big painting of love), that dot will be strong enough to protect him from Satan's pulling him away from you. A True Love dot cannot be occupied by Satan's power.

Even though the world is so big, there is nothing we cannot know, even in the invisible world. The whole thing must come into True Love, True Life and True Mind. You can then embrace and unify with no problem. With visible things you cannot do this, but by working with the invisible world this can be achieved. People with invisible power can embrace everything forever.

We know this joining takes place mostly with invisible elements. To pray in an extremely complicated situation is a very valuable thing. It is a very formidable thing too. Those who pour a lot of chung sung into their lives are very formidable and fearful. That person can achieve miracles. Whatever we can see that we achieved here is left behind when we go to spirit world. There is not an iota of it that we can take. But from the invisible things we build up, we take everything with us. Do you understand? I want to become the owner of the invisible world. Do you understand clearly? Father may not own so much property, but what Father has inside is greatest.

It is springtime now. Until now, Americans, by their culture and tradition have been focused on the things they can see and achieve. From this point on Americans will pay more attention to the invisible world. Their transition of life toward true wealth will begin now, like springtime. They will become more and more rich. American people will have a different attitude toward the invisible world, otherwise there is no hope. America is now headed down toward perishment, isn't it? How can we make a resurrection here? There is only one way. All Americans must take the position of pursuing the things of invisible value. In that way, a new America will be resurrected. Is this clear? When America starts doing that, the whole Western world will follow. Then the entire Western world will never perish.

Until now Father paved many roads, but he especially paved the road for Mother. Father lifted Mother up and up and has now brought her to the same degree as Father himself. Father has given hundreds and thousands of hours of sermons. Mother doesn't have to repeat the thousands of hours of sermons. If Mother gives an hour-long sermon three times, her position will be the same as Father's position. Finally, a "Mansei" can be shouted out in the world of womanhood. In Father's goal for perfection, he always had Mother in mind representing perfection from the outside world. Father's goal is to make the outside world perfect. The outside world is the partner subject place for me. The inside viewpoint is that Mother is one with me. The outside world is nearing completion in this time and inside, Mother's completion has come. After that she is standing on the same level as Father. Do you understand? From there, a new world is appearing. A new turning point is coming. In that there is hope for all humankind. Do you understand?

Let us pledge today ourselves that, "I will even ignore the visible world for the value of the invisible world. From now on I will start building up the accumulations of the invisible world and clearly change these attitudes in my life as of today." Those who pledge this please raise your hands. God bless you!

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