The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

True Family Resurrection And World Liberation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 19th, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's speech this morning is True Family Resurrection and World Liberation. What is the definition of True family? Can anyone describe what a True family is? A True family is the family which God imagined in His ideal and then created. Namely, Adam's family as it should have been accomplished. We would have seen the revival of the individual, family, nation, unto the world level and today we would not have any war or any of the other difficulties that we face. Satan would be no more. There would be no division of so many different countries and languages. There would not be such a division of cultures.

Who is the ancestor of America? The Anglo Saxons. But they took themselves apart and built their own country. If the fall did not take place in the ancestry of mankind, then it would have been Adam's country, Adam's civilization and Adam's world.

We are talking about revival; being born again. Today is Easter. If Adam and Eve did not fall, they would have given birth to Godly children and their number would have expanded to the world. Adam and Eve, being the True couple would have formed a True family. Because we did not have a True couple, we did not have a True child, True brothers and sisters or True Parents. True Family originates from God. From there, God's love, God's life and God's lineage would have started. The rest of the world, like the True couple would have inherited God's love, God's life and God's lineage. Satan's love, Satan's life and Satan's lineage would not have been in any part of mankind. Centering on Satan the world has been formed. What is the destiny of that world? We must return to the original world. What do we do after returning? We go the original path, the original way we should have gone in the beginning. We should return in our love, return in our life and return in our lineage as well.

Once fallen, since we cannot go directly back to God, we go through True children. That means Cain should return through Abel. Not directly, but according to the Principle of recreation, we should be created again.

God created the environment first. In the environment there is always subject and object. All relationships, all things, form subject and object relationships. Big or small, everything comes in a pair system of plus and minus. We see it in mankind, in the animal kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, even in the mineral kingdom and even in the smallest atom we have this relationship of subject and object; plus and minus; male and female. What is flowing right in the middle consistently, from the smallest up? Love. Love is flowing between plus and minus. Each different kingdom does not exist separately or unconnected. Instead one plus and minus and another plus and minus form a bigger minus to a bigger plus. Together, later, they form a bigger minus to stand in front of an even bigger plus and connect.

We can understand it easily in mankind. The family will get together and form a minus to the clan. The clan is the family's plus. But then the whole clan is a minus to the country which would be the next larger plus; mutually, reciprocally, corresponding relationship, so to speak. We too want to expand to a bigger and bigger entity. We want to form the world. As we see in the original creation, as well as in the recreation, first the environment becomes a big factor. It is a very important factor here. Secondly the subject/object relationship. And thirdly, the reciprocal relationship. That is the way God created all things.

The importance of Cain and Abel relationships starts right here. In God's recreation process, as well as in the original creation process, subject and object relationship is very important. We see plenty of examples of this in the Bible, namely good and bad seem to be in conflict and fight, but eventually goodness will raise up. That is none other than this point. If the fall did not take place, in His original creation, God would have been the subject and the rest of the world would have been the object. But it became upside down. God became the object. How sorrowful! We have to restore this. We see that the first son, who did not belong to God, always took the first position of subject. God's side, as the second son, always tried to restore the elder sonship. So there is always a struggle. After good and evil fight and establish enough condition then Satan has to separate. Satan separates from goodness. That has been the way of history.

God wants to enlarge His nuclei. Satan always ends up in destruction, getting smaller and losing. That pattern is visible everywhere; in the family, in an individual and in the big world. Today we see the confrontation between the right wing and the left wing. Now is the time of world war; not a small, but a big confrontation. In the World Wars, the one who struck first lost. They represented Satan's side. God's side was struck first, paid indemnity and then unified and won. You cannot have antagonism and hate in Godly thinking. That is not Godly; God does not have those things. If you say, "No that is not true. God has hatred and acts in hatred," then you have a view of dualism, which is not true but very difficult to explain. We know that history is moving towards recreation. We are going back to the original position. Restoring, or going back to the original position is to be recreated. As we look at restoration closely we see all these three. We say, "What about amoebas? Amoebas exist all by themselves. It is a single sex animal." Science didn't get around to that yet. It must be found; the relationship between subject and object. We think it is not clearly divided into subject and object, but it is. So the subject and object become a very important part of recreation as well as creation.

Even our two eyes, do they have two different points of focus? No. Even though we have two eyes, their focal point is the same. What is the focal point of man and woman? Love. If we do not make the right focus the value of existence diminishes. There is no value in that existence. You may ask the question, "What is recreation?" Basically, you need these three elements. First, environment should be there. Second, subject and object should be firmly established. And the third point, the reciprocal relationship should improve moving higher and higher and higher.

No matter what circumstances or what environment you go to there is always a subject and an object. The only difference is that one subject may be a good subject while another subject may be bad. That is the only difference because there is always a subject under any circumstance. When you walk in the Unification Church there are subjects and there are objects. Is the subject a good one or does he happen to be a bad subject? If you walk into a Christian church, of course you will find a subject there. Each and every one will say, "My subject is a good subject." That means a good God and a bad God, which is possible.

What are subject and object bound by? There are not bound together by money or by anything else other than love and that love is True Love. True Love means original, absolute love.

What does God live for? Does God exist so He can create a lot of money? Or does He strive to be the master of knowledge? Does He exist to show off power? Is that His pleasure in living? All of these are part of God. He doesn't have to do anything. He is the creator so He can make anything. One thing that even God cannot do at will, unless He has some other element, is create love. By yourself you can pretty much achieve the perfection of anything else, but not love. You cannot perfect love without having somebody in front of you, either your subject or object.

Ask a woman the question, "Why were you born? Why did women come into existence?" So she can enjoy a lot of wealth? No that is a degradation of the ideal of women. So she can enjoy enormous power? No, you are not very happy hearing that. What about knowledge? Which is eternal and never changes? You name it, anything that is changeable: power, wealth and money are all changeable except for True Love. Not American love. American love is not eternal or permanent. Through that subject and object relationship and reciprocal relationship it improves and becomes bigger and bigger towards the universal level.

In this recreation God starts the subject realm. It is ever expanding becoming bigger and bigger. The subject realm becomes bigger so that all the other realms gather around and become just as big. Eventually it develops so that God Himself is the subject.

Look at what Father has drawn on the board. Obviously God should have been at the top of the subject realm but now God is down here and Satan is up above God in the fallen world. In the constant effort to make this right side up and restore it, we see that what used to be on top is now on the bottom and vice versa. What is it that we see in history which does not change? From the individual to family, clan, nation to the world, we should go each step of the way being an unchangeable person. That is the development of True Love to the highest level. Only True Love can travel through and penetrate this barrier and go higher and higher. This is the realm of the fight. In other worlds, we always struggle against Satan so that we can separate from him. The world is involved in an individual level war, a family level war, clan level war, nation level war and the world level war. In the same way it is Adam's individual, Adam's family and Adam's clan and Adam's nation and world. As recreation goes through these stages, it is not just the perfection of Adam that we see. The liberation of this world is also taking place.

In front of Adam, Satan should have bowed down and availed himself to the object position. Love is the ultimate. It can gather many pluses and minuses. What can possibly be more precious than your own life? We have learned that it is love. How does it work? Only the power of love can do this, not the power of life. Even if we live or die we cannot at our will, but with love we can separate and cut off from Satan.

As we see, plus is written here and minus is written here. That means the love on this side should be stronger than the love on that side in the old world. We should weaken whatever we inherited there and on the other side we should build up a stronger love and connect our life and everything to that side.

[Father explains as he makes a diagram on the board.] So we see the perfection of Adam. The perfection of Adam is not individual perfection. The perfection of Adam means the individual perfection of Adam and Eve and perfection in Adam and Eve's clan level, perfection on the national level and perfection of Adam and Eve's world level and also perfection of Adam and Eve on the universal level. This is horizontal. What they achieve horizontally would connect to the vertical, so vertically that is how they develop. When they reach here then it will be connected. Once this is done the satanic realm will be separated. The result is the separation of Satan. When Adam achieves this then Satan will be separated, which is the whole purpose of God. This is the way it should be.

This is above and this is below. In this fashion history repeats itself. But that standard and path that Father says only love can travel will reach to the throne of the highest heaven. If you condense it, it will be a dot right here. Centering on that dot, the individual, family, clan, nation, the whole world, even the universe reaches that same high level. So what is the True family? It is this revival of Adam's family.

Throughout history the struggle or fight started with mind and body. Until now your body has been fighting your mind. This is a problem. On one side there is religion and on the other side politics. Like mind and body, they fight to separate and improve. Until now, just like our individual struggle, the body always strikes the mind. It should be the other way around, but now we see the body always gets the better of the mind. In just the same way, the political world always attacks religion. On the 27th of September 1991, Father launched the big operation of the religious realm, the Federation for World Peace and the political world avails itself as a big plus here. This is the culmination of a long effort by God to put the religious federation and the political federation in the right positions and have the religions play the role of plus and the other the role of minus for the sake of world peace. This represents the eventual development of mind and body. Religion is in the mind's position for the first time, and politics is in the body's position, where it belongs. To restore that environment, the left and right wing in the political world, and the religious world as well will conflict. So the political world and the mind world, this plus and minus are fighting. The goal is for them to eventually come up with a Godly plus.

We can look back at history and see that at the end of World War II, God prepared, centering on Father and his family, for all mankind to become one and the purpose of recreation could have been attained right there. The purpose of all religion could have been attained right there. But mankind did not know and it took another forty years to re-indemnify that failure completely. We know this through the Divine Principle.

Just like that, at the time of World War II, France, America and England, all three, would have through their struggle received . . . England was in Eve's position, America was in the Abel position and France was in the Cain position. England and France were enemies in the past. Abel was given birth by England. Today we are in the same time centering on Father.

Father mentioned the nation in Eve's position. Of course it all started from the individual level but as history progresses, it will be culminated in the nation's position. Eve's position is no longer an individual position but a nation's position. It is an autumn time position. By Eve embracing both the Cain and Abel position, they go towards the country in Adam's position. The one who harvests this is the one to come.

This was to be the result of God's working through Christianity for four thousand years and Abel, namely America, should have known it and fulfilled his responsibility. Looking back forty years ago, we see that by failing, America started going down and going through tremendous pain and misery and turmoil until today. Adam himself, Father, had to indemnify the whole failure. Not only for the failure of America, but for the failure of England and the failure of France. England, America and France should have been in the realm of object to God. The realm of subject or Father's realm should be there. That is the whole purpose God has been working for. Satan took hold of the head so God had no place else to hold on. God had to take hold of the tail. The countries in these three positions had to be recreated. Japan, America and Germany were called in those positions. Usually something which fails God, God never uses twice. We see England was replaced by Japan and America should have been replaced, maybe by Italy, but it wasn't so. America remains in the same position. Why is that? Because it is in the second Israel position and without the first Israel and second Israel, the third Israel cannot be connected. So God almost had no choice. Of course God could not use it again, but who took that country? That is what Father did because the responsibility for that rests on the son. Father who is in that position took America for the second time. It was not God who took it. Father put America into that position and nurtured this country so it could fulfill its responsibility.

Korea and Japan were enemies, Japan and America were enemies and America and Germany were enemies. Isn't this so? Christians are still there, but their foundation crumbled already. Centering on America someone in the son's position had to restore and recreate the whole thing all over again. The arena of restoration has been the Unification Church. Through the Unification Church Father restored these nations to their original positions. To Father, Korea is an enemy. It is not even a friendly country. Until now, to this moment, Korea has opposed him. Now Korea welcomed and embraced him like it should, like God expected it to. Japan too. America too and Germany is no exception. All by himself, Father alone undertook this enormous, historical work.

We know to a great extent what has happened throughout history. The very work of God through religion which took four thousand years should be re-indemnified. It could not be done in four hundred years because Father, who is the individual who must do this cannot live for four hundred years. He had to do it in forty years. It is so staggering that you cannot imagine the work that Father has done single handedly in the last forty years. The task to accomplish in this forty years was to push back all the major opposition powers and make it so that there would be no opposition to him or to each other. Father had to accomplish this in a mere forty years. He couldn't do just anything, he was required to do this complete work within forty years. At the height of opposition, in 1975, the entire world came against Reverend Moon and opposed him. That was the very year he sent out missionaries to all four corners of the world, hundreds of different nations. Head to head, one to one, Father pushed Christianity and all the secondary and third major religions back so everybody came against him. 1991 made twenty years Father has been working intensely here in America. Father came on November 18th, 1971. Father met Kim Il Sung on November 30th, 1991, exactly twenty years later, slightly ahead of schedule of a twenty one year course. Father had to embrace even Kim Il Sung who represents the entire left wing world. He is the second advent on Satan's side. After that, Father simply has no enemy. Japan was included on Father's side after the 26th of March when they invited Father to their country.

The Washington Times interview with Kim Il Sung was amazing. The fact that Kim Il Sung agreed to do it and how he responded to the Washington Times representative was unbelievable. He was all ears and very happy. North Korea threw out the Washington Times team but Father pushed them and they went back again and saw Kim Il Sung. The results have been fantastic. Within the North Korean country, the communist party worked in one way and Kim Il Sung worked in quite a different way. There was an obvious rift between the two. Everybody, even the party members wondered, "What is Reverend Moon in this world?" They never imagined anybody him and the fact that these events were actually happening. "What is the meaning of this?" is the question they were asking. Nobody was able to even get close to Kim Il Sung let alone have an interview with him. American, Japanese, even the Korean press was denied access to him. The Washington Post and the New York Times, America's biggest daily newspapers could not interview him. Nobody could succeed, but even though the party threw us out, Father stood up and Kim Il Sung welcomed them back. He said, "I didn't know." That is what his answer was. The Washington Times will have its tenth anniversary this year in May. Ten years after Father created The Washington Times, it served its purpose.

Now, like Father predicted a long time ago, no country opposes Father. Russia does not oppose Father. America has no reason to oppose Father because he is doing so much for this country. Japan too. Germany too. If they oppose Reverend Moon they lose. They will never gain from opposing Reverend Moon anymore. People in every country think Reverend Moon has such great power. They know, "Anytime we go against him we will lose everything."

We must realize this amazing fact. Today Americans knows what they did not know forty years ago. America did not know where to go, what to do, what was the purpose of God making them victorious forty years ago. Now after forty years of bloody, intense re-indemnification, America stands in exactly the same position as forty years ago. The major difference is that now they know what they are supposed to do. What an improvement! The realm of the third Israel now comes to the limelight. Do you understand? Of course Father is doing everything but what Father is focusing on now is the unification of North and South Korea. It is an amazing realization on the part of all mankind. Everybody feels, everybody shares the same idea that nobody can unify North and South Korea except Reverend Moon. That is the grass roots opinion of South Korea and even Kim Il Sung agrees. Father reconfirmed that at this time. Father said Kim Il Sung knew that without Father the reunification of Korea is not possible. America's CIA and Germany too, know this. They see Reverend Moon as the main one who can bring unification. All the intellectuals of the world today, in this great world of communication including America and Germany, know that without Reverend Moon unification is not possible.

Even in this country people are beginning to know that the second generation problem, the youth problem is the major, most important problem. No one in the first or existing generation can do anything about it. It takes some new person to do this and they know Reverend Moon is this person. In Russia, any intellectual knows, when Father goes to a communist country, they cannot influence Father but Father can influence the communist country. Everybody knows that. Kim Il Sung knows it too. He knows he himself should be influenced by Father, not the other way around. It is an amazing realization.

So we can see that instead of through the second Israelites, in 1945, at the end of World War II, what God wanted to accomplish is now being done through the third Israelites in 1991. The world knows about it too. So the enemy mark has now been erased between Korea and Japan. The same is true between Japan and America and America and Germany. They are no longer enemies. This could never happen automatically. Only through the Unification Church and the intense work of Reverend Moon has this enemy mark been erased for the first time. We must realize this came as a result of going over and pulling down the walls and boundaries of religions. In other words a revolution has taken place in religion. A revolution has also taken place between the races. There is no sense of race anymore. Somebody has even taken the wall down between satanic love and Godly love so this love is flowing for the first time freely. A revolution in love has also taken place. There are clear signs. These are all historical achievements.

We are going over the boundaries of religion, going over the hard boundaries of race, going over even the barrier of satanic love so that True, Godly love can flow, and all are going toward world peace forever. We are reaching a new dimension of high level modern society. Do you understand? You no longer see satanic connection. You see no more satanic connection in this new restored world. We have already returned to a God centered, parent centered world which is the revival of True Family. Another thing that is very visible is that the resurrection or revival of the True family can now be done in the horizontal way. When Jesus had to work through the spirit world, he had to descend vertically. It was very difficult, time consuming and took a lot of conditions. Now all is done in a horizontal way in no time at all. In the future this same purpose will be accomplished.

The third Israel has now landed firmly. The completion of Adam's family and the world level foundation has taken place. Because there is no satanic world, the third Israelites will follow the wake of Reverend Moon with no opposition. The family will tag along with him because there is no Satan to distract them. Everybody was following Father including Mother. Mother was following Father closely because Mother doesn't know how to fight. So just like a shadow she is always with Father. When this time was near, Father made Mother stand on the front line and we saw the big rallies which took place. After doing this the first, second and third times, rallying the women in Japan and Korea as well, Father was able to proclaim the liberation of entire womanhood. All around the world, women have been liberated for the first time in history. So there is no meaning for you to promote women's liberation, Father has already done it! [Laughter.] It's true!

Until now women had to stand right behind Adam and Adam was supposed to recreate Eve. But not anymore. Adam and Eve, just like in the original position can stand side by side, equal. All of this contributed towards God. God is the big plus, the absolute plus and Adam and Eve together, side by side will form the perfect minus. They will automatically combine into one. That is the completion of God's ideal of creation. This overview of what Father has done in history makes us now understand for the first time that world peace is possible. The liberation of the world is possible. Until now the world has been fettered. It is now liberated. This is a humble place, but to the universe this is a place of proclamation to the world: "World, you are now liberated!" Amen! Amen! Amen!

Now Father wants all of us to inherit this absolute faith that what we are doing is right. Father wants us to inherit this self reliance, in other words, the confidence that "I can do it." Compared to what Father had to go through for forty years, our task is nothing. It can be done.

Yesterday was Father's thirty third wedding anniversary. If Jesus had not died in his thirty third year, he would have married in that year. If he did get married then everyone, many people, would have partaken in that position. The world would have come into one at that time. Originally Easter Sunday is the 17th of April. This is to proclaim that as well as the revival of Jesus, the revival of True Family was at the same time. Today, Father proclaims here and now, the revival of the True family on the 18th of April. Eighteen is the number six multiplied by three. Do you follow? Father now proclaims the revival of the True family. The result is that anyone who gets in our way, anyone who tries to stop our way, your advance, will immediately incur damage. Not after a while, but immediately, they will lose. Until now there was leeway. They had time to work around and come back to the right position. But here the good ancestors will come down and help, so immediately an effect will start taking place. Believe in this and immediately starting from this moment on, this will take effect. Of course it takes a little time, just as a sick man becomes better. That means it takes a few days or few weeks doesn't it? He has been sick a long time but he is not going to die. He is going to live, but obviously it will take some time to restore him to complete health. In the same way, only that time is remaining. More practically, Father feels in fourteen years everything will be accomplished. That is the year of 2006. Everything will have been accomplished. Sixteen years is nothing in the long expanse of history. That means it is already done. You can say it is already done.

Of the interrelationship of all elements: mankind, God, history, there is nothing Father did not explain. Through Father's teaching to the Unification Church we know all about these important relationships. As we know it is the most important explanation of how the world should be. You have to think that we have the most strong armament in the intellectual way. We have the strongest knowledge. It is a strong weapon. It took a mere four nights and five days for all communism to crumble down. Christianity is no exception, no religion is an exception. In a mere few days they will crumble and their foundation will exist no more because they are not right. Do you follow? This is what Father has done.

So the proclamation of the revival of True family has taken place on the 18th of April, 1992. Father took this opportunity of the thirty-third anniversary of Father's wedding on the 18th of April which is the same day as Easter Sunday in the Christian religion, which is very much a part of us.

Seven years from 1945 took us to 1952. After forty years, in 1992, everything, literally everything is now accomplished. At this time the Christian world has welcomed me to making the unified world. Seven years was all it had to take for the world to welcome Father. It could have been accomplished in 1952, but from there it has taken forty years of re-indemnification. Father has now accomplished that all. This too is a cosmic spring. The month of April is spring for the whole world. This is not only for this world but for the spirit world as well. Millions of years of God's history are now experiencing the cosmic springtime. This is springtime for the Unification Church especially. Until now it has been cold winter.

So from today on we will enter into the world of joy and the time of joy. It will make a lot of difference in time. Do you follow? With this vision and understanding, do you think the world's liberation is possible? [Yes!] All the misery will be liberated. You can even own things from now own. According to how hard we work we will connect with lots of wealth. This is the harvest time. How to harvest is the question. God is the subject of the people of the heavenly nation; namely the Tribal Messiah. What does the Tribal Messiah do? Harvest a lot to bring to the Godly kingdom. After accomplishing so much Father sees he doesn't have much to do anymore. What will he do? Our role is now to support. Just like we have been paying taxes to our country wherever we may be, the third Israelites should now support and dedicate and back up, in other words pay tax too, to the kingship of the third Israel. Do you follow?

So what is the topic of Father's sermon this morning? The Revival of the True Family and World Liberation. All we have to do is re-sow the seed which Father has bequeathed to us. Father gives us the seed so all we have to do is sow it again. Then what should we do? Should we go back to our hometown or should we just stay here? Just like we see in the Bible where Mary and Joseph went to register, we too and all mankind throughout the world should register. Do you understand, this time is now beginning the original nationality. You have to re-register your address. Now we are going into that time.

Everyone now stand up. On this eighteenth day of April, 1992, I hereby proclaim the Day of True Family. Amen! The fact that the world is now in the realm of liberation is now proclaimed in the name of God and True Parents. Amen! Let us pray. [Father prays.] Let us have three Manseis!

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