The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Blessed Families And True Tradition

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 26th, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is Blessed Families and True Tradition. America has it's own tradition. What can you say is the tradition of America? Democracy? What is the tradition of democracy? Freedom. What is the tradition pertaining to freedom? Fulfilling responsibility maybe? Or the sense and concept of equality?

What is the tradition which supports equality? As we see, the tradition of America is not that clear. It is ambiguous and subtle. We see the results of that today. The tradition of democracy which calls for equality and brotherism, should be love itself. Love should be the center. We say we want equality but can man become equal with woman just like that? Or can woman be equal to man just like that; doing nothing but becoming equal? No, it doesn't work that way. Men and women are different from each other. They cannot be equal so easily, but they are working towards equality. With what can we do that? That is the question. As you said, True Love should be an important part of all, but it is not very apparent in this society. In democracy we don't see love, in equality we don't see love, in freedom we don't see love, yet we are trying to work these difficult problems out.

Man and woman think differently, not a little differently but very differently. Man wants to go up, up all the way and all the time and woman wants to come down to earth. Man wants to expand and woman wants to control what they already expanded. When you compare the bankbooks of husband and wife, the husband's bankbook is always close to zero. No matter how difficult a time she says she is having, you can still always find something in the wife's bank account because she always puts in something. That is her character; to save. Men, like unleashed horses want to go out and run and run without any limitations whereas woman want to control. Man now tries to connect to her bankbook, that is earth and real. It is like a root on earth. Can man and woman become so much the same that equality comes instantly?

What about freedom? Do you think that these two different types of personalities can enjoy freedom automatically? One wants to go this way and the other wants to go that way. Can a democracy be formed under these circumstances? No, so it is not a simple matter. But if one ingredient, love, is thrust in here, it always works. It makes unequal parts equal, it makes the not-so-free, free. Center love can make a combination anywhere. That means freedom. Love can balance anything, north and south, southwest and northeast, up and down, front and rear. It can create horizontal equalization anywhere. Love can do that, but with an individualistic ideal, love is not the real center of life. As a result of that we see horrible things such as free sex, which is truly unthinkable. That is what has become a tradition in America. It is not a desirable one, but still it is like a tradition. This is a result of complications without love. Free sex, drugs, AIDS, homosexuality, these things are America. Can you proudly say this is the tradition of America? Can someone argue this is not true and defend that argument successfully?

Why are Blessed families necessary? Blessed families, not only from America, but from Japan and anywhere else around the world are the same. They hold the same traditions as Blessed families. What is the difference between the average families out in the world and Blessed families? Their tradition itself is what differs. Blessed families of the Unification Church are founded on a new, truthful tradition. What is new? It is the kind of tradition we have never seen in history. What is true about it? It has the absolute criteria and standard so it becomes true. True means it connects to absolute value. Why is absolute value necessary? Because then it resembles God. God is the absolute Being. If we have absolute truth within ourselves then we can be connected with God.

Freedom without God involved is unthinkable. Equality is also unthinkable without God. Freedom cannot exist without parents. Godly love should be a part of these things before we can expect them to work and last. Why is it that God should be everywhere? Here is a tree. If God dwells right in the middle of the tree, the upper trunk and even the buds of the branches are connected to God. The world is like this. Can we see God with our own eyes? He is like the root of all of us. Like a trunk of a tree, throughout history the trunk of humankind was formed. The trunk has a long tradition which includes the root tradition, the branch tradition and the leaf and bud tradition. The trunk inherited the root tradition. With all of these aspects interconnected the tree will grow in a healthy way.

Even though we cannot see God, He is the root. Man and woman get married which is like the trunk. They give birth to children who also become a part of the tree which goes on and on in the same tradition of the root. Any part of the tree is a tree, no matter which part you are talking about, but which is the main part of the tree? Is it the trunk or the root? The root. If we can imagine all mankind centering on God as a tree, you can picture the tree inverted or upside down. The root, God, is up in heaven and the branches are all closer to the earth.

What part of the big tree is represented by America? Is it like the trunk or a branch? Is it like an easterly branch or a westerly branch? No American knows the answer to that. Here is the country America, which really does not know where it comes from. Americans do not know their direction, they do not know which branch they are. They don't know what course they have to go through. They don't know where the root is or even if they have a root. After knowing the root, they can find the real trunk. After knowing that they can find the center branch and bud.

Since Americans do not realize which part of the tree they belong too, they think they are all by themselves so they just go anywhere they want to go. We can see very easily that America does not have a root. Americans do not recognize the bud either. The bud is the shoot that keeps on growing so they do not recognize that growing point. We have to realize where the center bud is. It is the center of the branch, the center of the trunk. We need to know the center so we can harmonize and become a good tree.

Today, all humankind is trying to understand what position they are in. People just continue to live but they don't know where they are going. They try to expand their branches but have no clear direction. Even though a blade of grass is very small, it still knows where it's root is and it wants to become a good blade of grass. Which has more hope, this small blade of grass or a big tree that has no direction and no connection with the root? Though a tree may be huge, if it is confused it just drifts away, while this small blade of grass which is deeply rooted will last and last. Sometimes you see a big tree drifting in the current of a big river and here is one blade of grass rooted firmly in the ground; who will laugh at whom? The big tree says, "I am such a big tree, don't you see me?", but it is floating down the river becoming rotten, whereas the blade of grass is living and healthy. This is a very accurate analogy saying that though America is a big country, it is now about to drift into a big river and get lost. In the deep, dark wood of Africa, the average family is looking at America and asking, "Why has that big country become like a dead tree drifting down the river?" They wonder how that happened. They are laughing at America's situation thinking, "It doesn't pay to become a great big tree."

What do you do to a nation that feels no shame? Americans are not ashamed of themselves and don't see anything wrong with the way they live. They say, "I am all right," though they are not. One way to make them aware is to make them more miserable. By becoming more miserable they realize they are miserable. In misery they will see their situation clearly and decide to turn around. That is the correct answer.

Do you think it is extreme to say there is nothing you can copy or learn from America anymore? The thing is, if Americans understood even a small part of what is wrong with the way they live, they would jump at the sight of the Blessed families' tradition. Do American families have a tradition? They spit at their own father-the head of the family. They spit at their own mother. The father and mother no longer have value within the American family. Children no longer have value to their parents. They recognize no value in these relationships. Instead of uniting, each family member is spitting out the others. Is that a tradition? No Americans want that, but it is reality. It is more problematic and sad than anybody realizes.

You see American women acting as though their country has no problem. They dress up and proudly walk down Fifth Avenue. You really want to chastise that kind of woman. If you open her up, there would be many maggots inside. That is no exaggeration. In America, men are afraid of women and women are afraid of men. They don't want to stay together too long. They come together for a few days and then they separate again in search of another woman or man which will hurt them even more. Animals come together only once a year to give birth to legitimate offspring, but man and woman are worse than those animals. Those who say this is extreme thinking, raise your hands. [No one raises their hands.] That means you realize this is true. You feel helpless but you know it is true. Father says, at least you know this much. We have to say not only do we understand our problems but we know our problems are deadly problems. American people don't know their situation, that is the problem.

The Unification Church is different. How different? It is different all the way up from the root. The devil destroyed all things. The devil destroyed America and American families. When were they destroyed? The worst destruction is taking place today. American families today have become the worst in all history. God is on the opposite side and He wants to save American families. In Eden, God lost the family for the first time. God wants to find that family again in the last days. Satan knows that God wants the ideal family system. Satan knew this so he has focused on completely breaking down the family system. America is the world's leader in the category of family breakdown.

From God's point of view, whom would He hate the most? The one He used to love the most would be the one He hates most now. That is America. Americans go around the world and help destroy the families of other countries instead of helping them to come closer together. Americans spread AIDS all around the world. Somebody has to undertake some great work. The only way to prevent further decline is through a woman's alliance. Women and mothers must get together and defend the family. They need to defend the family from the male family member's wrong doings. [Father draws on the board.] Here is a grandmother, here is the mother and wife and here is the daughter. These are all the women members of the family. How can they unite and then properly educate the male members of the family? They need to set the right standard for men, saying, "Men should be like this, not just any way he pleases." The day of women champions is now here on earth. Women will get together and properly show what a man should be. Understanding that, men will follow women. Just as a man followed a woman into the fall, this time in returning to God, they will follow too.

Which country is the country where the queens reign? [England.] No, in England there is only one queen. In America all women are like queens, they control everything, their husbands, even their grandfathers and eldest sons. They have money power too. That is true. An American husband is like a servant. They drive for their wives, opening the car door and saying, "Please step out."

It is good they are queens, we will go along with that, but they aren't good queens and that is the problem. They are queens on the satanic side. Satanic queens are centered on individualism. By divorcing they will get money from men. They cannot even go into hell straight, they will go upside down! We have to change that person and send her into heaven straight up. She needs to change 180 degrees. Is it easy or difficult to change a man or woman 180 degrees? How difficult? It is more than a thousand times very difficult.

God too, wants to make our upside down world right side up. He wants to change us 180 degrees, but He cannot. God is looking for someone who can do that. The key player here is not God Himself, but perfected Adam. Perfected Adam should confront Satan and bring everything right side up. After the fall bad parents became the starting point for all human history. In the time of restoration True Parents appear on Earth and take a completely different direction. They will turn the world back 180 degrees toward God. Otherwise there is no hope for an ideal world. Satan is leading all people directly to the dungeon of hell. America is now standing on the edge. If they make one wrong step they will fall into hell. How can they escape and be saved from this situation? No one knows about this situation. The American government cannot help. American youth can't make a difference. No matter how powerful any man might be in a variety of ways, he cannot save America from her situation. This is America's agonizing reality. Who can save this country? If you cannot save America it means the whole world cannot be saved.

The tradition of Unification Church Blessed families is completely the other way around from the rest of the world. A model must be built. The model is True parents, True family and True children, True brotherhood and sisterhood, all centered on absolute True Love. Those who are Blessed families, please raise your hands. The Blessed families here are doctors for the sick and decaying country of America. All American families are broken down with illness, how can they save themselves? They need a doctor. In the Blessed families we see a cure to bring about the True husband and True wife, for the True father and True mother, True brother and True sister. Otherwise we cannot save the American family system.

Do the Blessed families of the Unification Church use drugs? [No!] Do they practice free sex and free dating? No, man and woman do not touch outside of the Blessing. Do we make dancing an every day affair? Do we drink alcohol? [No!] But you are American youth and American youth like that direction! [No!] Father heard that some members of ACC began drinking. It may be just for social reasons, but it is no good. Father thought he should tear their mouths apart. Father won't do it, Father will let you do it. If Father tears someone's mouth apart because he drank alcohol, it is not good for obvious reasons. But, if you did it, Father doesn't feel there would be any problem. Do you think this is a laughing matter or would you really do it? Have you ever thought, "I will be the one who knocks out everyone in my community who uses drugs or indulges in free sex"? Have you ever imagined that you would sweep them out? How can a person who never thought that way save America? Concept will never save America. Only by your living the concept can you save America.

Blessed families should be doing awesome things, but sometimes they do bad things themselves. That is no good. Most of you drank beer and wine before you joined the church, didn't you? Especially women! There is hardly anyone who never drank alcohol. Now you drink, not openly, but hiding it. Father understands that kind of beer is more delicious than the beer you drink openly. Those who say, "Yes, I stealthily drank a few beers," raise your hands and you can be forgiven. If you don't you will carry this with you to spirit world! Only a few of you raised your hands, but Father feels all of you have done this. Father has a good reason to bring this up today instead of many days ago or a month ago. Now that Father stands where he is supposed to stand, and now that we renew our determination, bygones are bygones. From today, we should not drink.

Father is saying this because a few days ago he proclaimed the revival of the True Family so it is the time to stress the Blessed family tradition. Now Father and Mother stand in equal positions and it is time for Unification Church Blessed families to fulfill the correct traditions. Let us begin now. The topic of Father's sermon last Sunday was, The Liberation of the World. The world is about to be liberated, so for a new beginning Father has to emphasize the tradition of our Blessed couples; not before now, but now.

We are 180 degrees different from satanic traditions. There is so much fighting and antagonism in outside families. No sooner do they say, "Good morning" than they start fighting. All throughout the day they fight. Do they spend more time arguing with each other or caring for each other? The originator of argument is Satan. Men and woman protect themselves by arguing and at the center of that thinking is Satan. It is Satan they are protecting. From this point of view, are American women more embraced by Satan or God? American women don't feel so good hearing this, but this is reality. You cannot deny it. The first step to correcting the problem is to realize it. The family is sick and the country is sick with a deep illness. No matter how good a drug may be, this illness cannot easily be cured. We have to be proud that we know the remedy. No matter where an individual Unification Church member may be we have to learn to be proud and confident that through us every correction will begin. Without us America can never change. How prideful it is that we are part of the good tradition, part of God Himself, part of the Parents themselves.

To come to the point where Father could give the Blessing to each one of us wasn't easy. You saw that. The whole world went against Father as if he were trying to destroy the whole world. A destroyer he is, but he is going to destroy the bad families and bring in the new, good families. We destroyed ourselves, then we gave rise to new families. Then we become the center bud of growth. Father created 25,000 Blessed couples and then dispersed them to the world to become Tribal messiahs. There is not only one messiah on Earth, but 25,000 of them! We don't need to save the world, we only need to save the tribe. If we save the tribe it will quickly expand to the world. We are not alone. There are scholars and people in high positions who understand Father's ideal and who want to go in the right direction to help us.

[Father draws on the board.] As we look at what Father drew, we recognize this is what he taught us about last Sunday. Here are the bad parents, and centering on Christianity, this kind of world has been formed. God's purpose is to establish the same thing centered on good parents and transfer the world from one type of leadership to the other. That did not happen because of the opposition of Christianity. As a result of that, the Unification Church has to indemnify 4000 years of history in forty years. This connection is easy, it is no problem, it is very horizontal.

The world has really changed. The recent rally in Korea took place in torrential rain. There were hundreds of thousands of people mobilized, mainly women. Father proclaimed the age of the True Family as if it were a matter of fact thing. Father explained to them that the True Father of mankind is Reverend Moon and that the True Mother of mankind is Hak Ja Han Moon. Nobody said anything against that and some even said, "Yes, I already know!" They've never even heard the Divine Principle! They pledged, "Yes, we will follow you." It was as simple and as easy as that. When they follow all the families they belong to will follow too. They will all move into the kingdom of heaven very easily. All the scholars and professors in each country of the world know what Father stands for. They want to help. Have you read and heard that Reverend Moon is about to take over the university at Bridgeport, Connecticut? It was in the New York Times and every other newspaper. All Father has to do is set one good example through that university, that students will never date each other until they get married. What kind of husband would you like to get? The one who dated many women or the one who never dated anybody except you? You want one with pure blood. Is that true? [Yes!] Are you sure you are Americans? Of course you are Americans, but you are different. You have been completely changed to the right way by Reverend Moon.

To uphold or support the existing, average American family is to destroy the whole world. If you follow their traditions of free sex and many other things, it will only serve to destroy the world. There is no question about it; you cannot uphold that tradition and practice and still go to the kingdom of heaven. You cannot do that. Are we going to just look at those who are perishing and leave them alone? That is not love. Those people include your parents, your family, your relatives and your nation. What kind of stand are you taking? Do you stand there and look at them or are you jumping up and rushing out to stop what they are doing? If you try to stop them they will surely attack you. They will shoot arrows at you, even bullets. Arrows are too slow!

It was never, ever an easy thing to establish Blessed families. There were so many degrees of attack from Satan's side on every level. All his arrows came to rest in God's heart. So much opposition came against God's family, not even Adam's family was able to accomplish this; it is that difficult.

Now that Father has proclaimed the arrival of Mother, man and woman both have position to stand on in God's eye. Until now there was no position for any man or woman to stand on. Until now, any marriage that took place throughout history added one more sorrow to God, but not from this point on. Why? Because they multiplied many families and it has taken a long, long time for restoration. God understood clearly how difficult their restoration was going to be. Looking at humanity there was so much agony in God's heart.

Giving God's blessing to families never happened before in all history and it will never happen again. Father is only on Earth one time. When all these things are known to the world, even the last limping people who were blessed by Father will be proud. Many presidents of many nations will come and bow down to the Blessed couples. Have you ever considered the value of being blessed? In the spirit world too; if they recognize you are one of the people blessed by True Father, all spirit world will bow down to you. We must become the models for heaven's world to begin. Do you understand? Other people wonder how they can get that kind of family. We are taking the resurrection way. It has been so difficult. If they are not blessed here, how much more difficult their way will be.

The ancestors of this Japanese man really look up to his Blessed couple, feeling proud that he is their descendent. If they do not feel that way, Satan is waiting for them on the other side.

We should never undermine our position. We should realize our position. We are here not just for ourselves as individuals. There are many hundreds of thousands of generations connected to us through our ancestry. Only through us, through you, will they and your descendants be connected. Earth is looking up and heaven is looking down to connect and become one centered on you. This is the mission of tribal messiahs. Until now you didn't pick up that concept. You have been saying, "I don't like tribal messiahship." If you take that position when you go to spirit world your ancestors will call you a liar, asking what you did with the time you were on the earth. "Where is your result? You lived at the time of True Parents!" More than Satan, you will be accused by your ancestors. "You knew the truth for how many years? Why didn't you work for us?" You will hear arguing from both worlds. How can you escape your situation? All the Earth's atmosphere and all spirit world are centered on Father. You are part of the family system circle. You understand this completely and you cannot deny it. You can never say, "I didn't know." Father has taught you everything, clearly. Don't ever complain to me. You know well. Centering on you, all your ancestors are connecting to your generation making one circle which will enter the kingdom of heaven. The title of tribal messiah is easily given but it is a very important position.

Knowing this, Father gave everything for this purpose. That means Father lived every minute of his entire life on the cross; not just a few years. Father did not live in a free atmosphere, he had to fight every inch of the way. Now we live in a free atmosphere. All we have to do is just grab onto Father, hold on and just follow. If you cannot do even that, you will go down to hell. Your ancestors don't want that. They only want to go to heaven. So let us not be overly dependent upon Father. Yes, we met Father, but much responsibility lies upon us. Everybody has their own portion of responsibility. You have to have your own contents.

When Jesus saw the fig tree which bore no fruit he cursed it and the tree died. If you have no fruit, you have to die. You say, "Now I am Blessed, so my position is firm." No, this is not true at all. If this is Father's tree and a lot of insects come in and bite the buds off, what should Father do? He will cut them off so that the whole tree can live. If he leaves it alone, the whole tree will die. Do you follow?

As Blessed families, we have a great responsibility. Spirit world looks down on us. The world is watching us and our families are watching us. The Unification Church and Father himself are also watching over us. When you pass the test of everybody, you can enjoy freedom for the first time.

In a recent PBS special they tried to find fault in Reverend Moon and make a problem for him. According to their law they couldn't find anything. Father has simply not done anything wrong.

The center, which is you is like a pillar. Centered on True Love, nothing on earth can move you. There is nothing more strong than True Love. That means only God can move this point. No one else can. Your husband, your wife, your parents, your relatives, your nation, cannot move you. Satan cannot move you either. You can say, "Standing in this point I represent all things. How proud all things are of me." They will all answer, "Yes, we are proud of you" and they will bow down with respect. You can command them automatically.

We all bow down at the sight of Father. Who taught you that? Did Father teach us to do that? Your conscience, you yourself taught you to do that. Why don't we shake hands like everybody else; it is so easy and simple. It is so elaborate and difficult to bow and to do that every time we see Father. Americans like horizontal action, but the way we greet Father is vertical. All creation wants to come around the man and woman centered on True Love. God wants to recognize that couple and that is shown by bowing down. That is the way we bow down to God. There can never be two vertical ways. There can be a million horizontal actions, but there is only one vertical way. No matter how big a tree is or how high a level it's branches may reach, they bow down to the root. They are always grateful to the root.

After you know everything, which would you prefer: the horizontal way of greeting or the vertical way? Instead of shaking hands maybe you can shake feet. Horizontally there are so many different levels, the foot is lowest. The model would be to greet vertically first, then horizontally greet each other. With a combination of vertical and horizontal a spherical motion is formed. We must understand we are not individual families, but the families that represent the whole of mankind. We have so much responsibility within every different relationship we have and we have to live accordingly. That is the model of God's family. If you have one model, mass production becomes possible. The prototype is the key.

You have to be very careful. If there is a slight deviation, the entire model becomes wrong. The man and woman who are the model of the love organization have to be exactly right. Do you love each other that way in the family? Perhaps not, because you don't know. The sexual organ is like the prototype. It has to be just right. There is an even more rigid law pertaining to when you should meet each other. It is not just according to whenever you feel like it. It is not like what everybody else is doing. Americans don't have the faintest idea of this. Even outside Oriental families start with a fetal education. When a baby is conceived and growing in the mother's womb you start educating them. Fetal education is very important.

After conception a mother will love her child the most; more than her husband or anybody else. Which do you think will become more excellent children-consecrated babies or those conceived in just any fashion? Was Jesus Blessed? Why is Jesus in paradise, not in heaven? Only those who are blessed in matrimony can go into heaven. That is the way it should be. What do Christians know about heaven? Would you like to get into heaven by yourself; on an individual basis? Or, would you like the whole family to go to heaven?

[Father draws on the board.] It is easier to look at Father's picture and understand it rather than explain it! The whole area will meet and divide through you. The center is True Love. If you establish this on earth, don't start in heaven but on earth, then you become mainstream. Then even if you extend there, you will remain as mainstream. The only power that lets you move back and forth through this zero point freely is True Love. Your mind and body's absolute combining place is the zero point. Only the road of True Love passes through that point. Your body is pushed down making a balance and that is the zero point. If the woman's mind is zero and husband's mind is zero they can combine into one. At the zero point they can be made completely into one. Don't have your husband and wife concepts, only the zero point. The meaning of that is, "I am existing for you." With that thinking you can freely pass through this point, going back, up or down. Freedom can be found there. The center point of the globe is the zero point.

On the cross Jesus said, "Please save me, but do not mind me, I will follow only Your will." That was the zero point. A Roman soldier pushed his spear into Jesus' breast. At that time Jesus said, "God forgive them. They do not know what they are doing. Please forgive them." There was no hatred there, nothing of himself. That was the zero point. Many Christians do not realize this. Those who don't reach the zero point cannot reach heaven. True Love can go up and down, any way and everywhere.

If this big, proud country of America can bow down, a big zero point will appear there. Many small countries will pass in freely and combine into one. In there you will find equalization, freedom and happiness. Whether you go up, down or turn around, it will be the same direction. A wheel is round and smooth. It needs a shaft to turn upon. When a man is says, "I am the subject and I am big," he is not at the zero point, but when that great big man maintains the zero point it is very easy for a woman to live with him.

Do you all love Father? [Yes!] Why? Because Father brought ten thousand times more blessing to you than what you wanted. We all want to become a perfect minus to Father's perfect plus and then we can all live together. We all want to go around centering on Father, getting closer day by day. When Father went to Korea all the young Japanese members went there to join him.

What is this zero point within Father that millions and billions of people want to pass through? How great this place must be that all things want to pass through it. Even God wants to dwell in this place. Automatically, the one who is the zero point king will occupy God's position. It is the deepest place. The one who stands out and says, "I am great" will never meet God.

Who is the center owner of Divine Principle? Father. Parents connect to the trunk and that is the place where the center bud is found. There is only one center root, not two. Absolute and vertical is only one; straight.

You must go the straight, zero point way to realize your greatest value. Otherwise you have no value and you will never have that forever life.

In order to understand forever life here, we must understand the Blessed couple is the one who would dwell in this position where everyone wants to come through you. That is the Blessed couple's position.

We have five senses, but we also have five good senses and five bad senses. It is not difficult to understand through history how much sin these eyes have committed. Through giving a signal, some eyes were responsible for the death of others. There are many things eyes have done. We must understand that until we liberate all the wrong doings of the eye, we can't be truly free. How do you indemnify this sin of the eyes? Do you just close your eyes so you don't see any bad things anymore? If you have a concept that you are seeing through God's eye, not just your own eye, you want to see everything like God would see it. If this is God's eye and this is the fallen world, would God's eye look at the fallen world or not? No, that means the fallen world does not exist as far as God is concern. How lonely God must be! He has nothing to behold; nothing to look at. Now is the time that you divide your eyes into parts; the good side and bad side. You can see both now. Your right side is God's side so you see everything is good as if God Himself were looking at it. With the left eye you see as usual. The left side belongs to evil. You have two kinds of characteristics. You have a right side nostril and a left side nostril. Half of your mouth is good, speaking good things, the other side speaks evil. You have two hands and two legs. It is difficult when you walk. Will you go to God's place or Satan's place? You can immediately understand if your situation is right or wrong. You know well. You have the greatest knowledge and wisdom through the Principle. You can immediately understand yourself well. Think about your actions as you go along, are they good or bad? If you make the decision they are bad, chase out those ideas. "Go behind me Satan." Your left eye goes this way but your right eye says, "No, no, no, no, go this way." You know which one is good. Unification Church members understand clearly. You cannot deny that.

How can you overcome this conflict inside? You have to be strict with your left side. When you smell and your left nostril says, "This is so good smelling this!" your right side nostril has to say, "No, no, no." Satan's side wants to feel good, thinking anything is good, touching is good. That is the body side. God's side is the mind side. Your five senses are originally connected to Satan so everyone is connected to and likes Satan's action. You want to eat good food and play and go dancing. Twisting is the snake's dance. This is Satan's equipment and armament which leads people into hell. The good, enjoyable, sleeping place is automatically Satan's place. If you connect with that side even one time it is so difficult to come back to the right way. This strong body wants to control everything, all your five senses are completely occupied and then Satan can pull you anywhere. Your body denies your mind, takes you to the edge of hell and then drops you inside. You know this well. You know well the result of this kind of action; is it good or bad? You know. You don't say, "I didn't know that. I don't know the correct way." You cannot say that.

The body and mind have both been fighting all through history and nothing in this world can stop it. If you go the way of the body one time you can't stop that but you will continue forever. How can you stop it? From now Father is teaching you. Your brain can put a stop to it and you can control yourself. I think so! Can you do it or not? Really? You are proud American women because this morning you said "Yes!" God's ear says, "You are number one American women clearly occupying the right side. The heavenly side Queen is appearing here. How enjoyable this is!" Spirit world is thankful too and dancing around. Like ballerinas they are jumping and going up. This is heavenly dancing. They are going higher and higher reaching to God. This is God's dancing. They are praising God, "You are glorious forever." Jazz music is dirty music. At nighttime people listen to it and take wrong actions.

Centering on your home, you can give grades to the people who live within a one hundred meter diameter. You can say, "This is a ten percent home. This home belongs to the twenty percentile home." Or if someone has a bad family, they might even be a minus number. The number one dungeon of hell home is minus 100 points. You should have a discerning eye and by training yourself in this way, you can make your way around better. If you like a family which is similar to yours, pick them up and make them as a minus to your family. You can make them into a perfect family even though they may not be perfect to begin with. By doing this your family itself becomes greater. This territory is like a family field; the field of your family. It is just like a field where you plant and cultivate vegetables. All you do is give them the command and they will respond to you. If you have such a field will you be a happy person or unhappy? That field will come to belong to you when you go to the spirit world. You may have a small clan, but they will be good. If it is a big clan you will have a big and good clan. Which would you prefer; to connect to a big clan or small clan? Then we will become owner of the king clan. Even though this field is a square centered on this kind of thinking, it will become round and you will be the center of that sphere. As we know heaven is empty, so depending on what we can give back to these people, we can bring them to heaven. We have to start from True Parents and True Family. In other words, Blessed families are re-creators centered on the True Parent's family.

Everything has to go through the process of recreation. Heaven is where these families will go. In a home there are grandparents, parents and children. The children are the future king, the parents are the present king and the grandfather is the Godly king. This is why traditionally we have to absolutely obey our grandfather. There are three stages, just like with the eyes, nose and mouth. Everything exists in three stages. There are three stages in the human arm.

The grandfather is the ambassador sent by God. We have to serve him as God's ambassador. We have to create this and bring it along with us. American society has separated those three generations. The parents and grandparents have become separated and children go out the door taking any free action they want. There is no center. They have no tradition so Satan accuses God, "How can they make your traditional family in the future? They live in a corrupt situation so how can they combine into one? Ha, ha, ha, ha!" God says, "I don't care. I will do it centering on Reverend Moon!" Amen! You understand the truth of the family concept. After knowing the truth you can make liberation wherever you go. You can explain the truth clearly and establish it wherever you go, no problem.

Does your grandfather live with your family today? True Parents are in the grandparents position, the Blessed couple is in the parents children and you have many children. This is like the king's royal family. For the first time God has a royal family headed toward perfection. That family is headed to the ideal place once they go to spirit world. They will go to the most ideal high level of family, that means the heavenly royal family. Originally, Adam and Eve were to attain perfection. They would have accomplished the royal True family system. After reaching completion centering on True Love they would have established the heavenly world. Do you understand? All people passing through this world would have been heavenly people. It is clear.

You are in the position of kingship more than your own society. All families center on the parents nowadays. The grandfather's position is first, parents are second and children are third. Modern society is focused on the second position. You represent the Blessed couple, the kingship of all mankind's families. How proud you should be! Absolutely proud. With this kingship tradition your children will be princes and princesses in the future. They will automatically inherit your kingdom. The first family, Adam's family lost this completely. It is time to regain it by making the re-creation system centered on rebirth. It is very difficult to do. This is the restoration of God's job.

This is so valuable. Do you think you can exchange this for one country? No, it is more valuable than an entire country. What would equal the value of this heavenly territory you create? God and all creatures would be included in this area. Centered on this place you would inherit everything. The purpose of Blessed families is to become that kind of family. Would you like Father to move in and live in your own family? The enjoyable life is absolutely dedicated to serving parents and this is automatically connected to the heavenly kingdom tradition. If you dedicate everything to the family you will automatically be connected to heaven. How wonderful, how valuable, how enjoyable, how precious this is! You cannot exchange it for anything. You know it very well. This morning I have heard it well; American women have said they know how valuable this kind of life would be. This is very good. Good is spelled g-o-o-d. That is double God. The subject and object of this concept are found in there. That good thing exists in English.

Our aim, our terminal purpose is this precious goal. How wonderful our lifestyle is! Even if Satan pushes us down it is no problem. When we reach the zero point we will automatically spread out and create a heavenly power by which we can lift up the Earth. God says, "I need these kind of people." He puts woman in His left pocket and man in His right pocket. He walks along thinking, "My situation is too wonderful and too enjoyable." He is dancing and laughing and making loud sounds. With this kind of love between the parent and children, you can never be separated. God was separated from His children one time and since then has been walking the road of agony. This was such a difficult situation and God has known it well.

You have to make yourselves a model. After that you will become heavenly ambassadors. That is the most ideal way for humankind. God is cleaver isn't He? That is our conclusion. You always think, "I want to become high level. I want to become number one, on top. I want to be the President's wife or the world level queen." A man wants to become the world level king. That is what everybody wants. This is what everyone desires, but after the fall every opportunity was lost. So again, we have to find that place and this is the restoration process. We have to go through restoration or we can never come back to the original way.

That is all we need to know. Everything the human being needs is in this area surrounding your home. For the first time we can be completely satisfied. All of your children will look like God in your eyes and to your children you look like God Himself. You can never divide; wherever the husband goes, the wife will go automatically and wherever the parents go, the children will go automatically because they are all God. God will follow that family saying, "I like this!" It's true. You are God's living, breathing relatives; God's children. You will want to stay in that place forever. You will stand forever as this vertical pillar. In there you will find God's absolute love, ideal and life forever. Everything is an enjoyable thing. There is much variety and all of it has value. All this is in one place centered on God. Many people now have property and use it as a measure of their success but it cannot compare to this area you will have.

This is a true tradition. It is unthinkable that American daughters-in-law send their grandfathers and grandmothers off to live in the old folks home. It is like hell.

Your eyes represent God, your nose represent your parents. It is the highest feature on your face and in the middle, that means it has the center position. The mouth is in the children's position. These three also symbolize God, Adam and Eve and all things. What is the purpose of the head moving around? Does it move for the sake of the eyes, nose or mouth? For the eyes, because they represent God. On the outside of your eyes, there is white, then blue, then a black dot in the center. That is the deepest place. One eyeball represents three levels. The head moves to look at something and the body then follows. All of that action is for the sake of the eye. Everything follows the movement of the eyes.

Two nostrils representing Adam and Eve join together here. We need two nostrils. The mouth represents the material world. We have thirty two teeth which is eight times four. That is all four directions starting over and over again. It symbolizes all creatures and all things.

Our family exists in three tiers. Since the grandfather's position is open now, Father is recreating this in a king's royal family position. Since it has to have a mainstream that is what Father made from the individual to the family to all different levels. It has become the highway course. All the walls and barriers have come down and now you can travel the smooth highway Father has created. You have a car, don't you? The mind is in the driver's position. Your mind should control your body. Do you want to go fast or slow, which one? You need strong gas. How do you get it? Through prayer you receive vertical power. You can push down the gas and take off like you are flying.

Cain and Abel must be united and come into oneness. By uniting Father's children and our children too, we should form a mainstream. Growing up, many families will create a mainstream all moving in the same direction of the elder brother's position. We will connect to other families and to the nation becoming heavenly people. The royal family will be connected to all this. There are two kinds of kingdoms on the earth. The heavenly kingdom will be connected to the same tradition.

What is the offshoot from the mainstream? What would be the branch? Many types of brotherhood; the elder son will take the mainstream direction and so will the younger brother. They will follow the mainstream water making it bigger and bigger like the Hudson River. Blessed families should not only occupy the world with love but they should also create this and become the royal family. In summary, as Father pointed out, in the 100 meter diameter around your home, you will see what kinds of families are there and you will make them like your own family. After doing that you will become the royal family. The center always connects in three different ways, forming a mainstream of families. This is the path and the goal of Blessed families.

Blessed families are not just haphazard families. This is the first family which began along with Father.

"Celebration" is written like this in Chinese characters. This part means big brother. Big brother can be written only in this way. It is the only meaning this character has. This side means "show" so together it means big brother shows off. How wonderful is when you find some lost big brother. We congratulate you because you found your big brother. Now you have that tradition.

This word means "blessing." It shows the number one mouth or character which represents the entire world. Here we see four directions which represents the world. Representing the world, one person shows up. This mouth also means truth. To show the number one truth is the blessing. Oriental style writing is always made up of very revealing characters. Every word means something. You don't always understand it, but sometimes you do. Father is explaining this for the first time.

We have known about the existence of these three things; love, life and lineage. Until now we have lived day by day with no plan, but now we live with this in mind. In order to do this we have to win over the satanic world. Satan has very strong weapons which include wine and drugs. He uses them to destroy heavenly orderliness. Drugs are destruction itself. They are the palace of Satan.

In the Orient we have a saying about wine and women stimulating mischief. This refers to a person who gambles and what have you. These are the three things we need to do away with. Almost all crimes stem out of here. There is no big crime case which doesn't have something to do with wine or women. Drugs of course are just a much stronger form of wine. After using drugs you have no control over anything including women. You conscience has been acting as a brake, but soon the brake doesn't work anymore. Thousands of years of achievement can be washed away overnight because of drugs and women. We have a saying in the Orient to be aware of these things.

Do you have wine in your house? Why not? Because Satan sent millions of people to hell through using alcohol. Satan sent millions and billions of people to hell through misusing sex. The basics of the human being will be destroyed by drugs. Cigarettes come in between. First it begins with having a cigarette and then they say, "Let's go have a drink of wine." Next they use drugs. A man takes his cigarette and puts it in a woman's mouth and already they are connecting. Then they drink, sharing their wine and drugs also. What God hates most, what God does not want to see is this illicit love. Adam and Eve fell because of that. Every breakdown within society, the cause of our rotten society came about because of that power. This culture and civilization have been destroyed through sexual activities. These are Satan's strong, formidable weapons.

Sixty thousand people die every day and end up in hell in spirit world. Nobody is thinking about stopping and reversing this trend, only Reverend Moon thinks about it seriously. Do you think God will look at this and say, "You are doing the right thing," or do you think He will say, "Let them go to hell"? So, will you ever smoke? Will you ever even pretend to smoke? Those who say, "I will still smoke once in a while Father," please raise your hands. In all seriousness, if you are so hooked, Father will give you a forty day grace period. You can get over that habit within this forty days. If you want to do that most quickly, you can smoke three cigarettes at the same time. Continue that for forty days and at last you will say, "I don't like those cigarettes!" and you will throw them out. It is the same with wine. You can put a hose into your mouth! You can do this for forty days, but not more. Those who promise and pledge, "Father I will never smoke, I will never drink again," please raise your hands. Drugs too and sexual activity too. Illicit love is the worst thing you can imagine. You must have correct sexual action. Today we have a new beginning as far as these matters are concerned.

In order to teach our children, we should bow down together. Our children will then learn how to worship. You are the modern God and your children are the future God. You must educate them correctly. You have to teach them heavenly kingship. Why is this so important? By doing this, we can go to the same place Father goes in the spirit world. This is not just light talk, this is serious truth and reality. You can imagine eternity. Compare one year or even one hundred years to eternity. A hundred years is like one second in eternity. So don't lose this precious hundred years or one second. So many walls exist here in between people. You have to make preparation to tear down those barriers. That is the indemnity way. Your lifestyle is most important. Father understands clearly the future of the world so Father wanted to take persecution to go to the place of agony. Now peace and silence surround him. They hit me everywhere from every corner. All their power was spent hitting me. Did Reverend Moon immediately fall down? No, every time persecution came I was standing in the vertical place. The vertical place covered me. When outside forces hit me, they all automatically fell down. You can inherit this property from me so ultimately the individual can be lifted up and eventually the family, the tribe and as time passes, the nation and the world will also be lifted up. Last time America, the Soviet Union and China, all three powerful countries came together to try and shoot me. Now the only one that remains is Reverend Moon. America is going down. The Soviet Union has disappeared. China is in the same situation. North Korea is included here too. There is now no enemy. They want help from Reverend Moon. That pillar, the vertical center is automatically standing there and going all the way up to the top place. In the future the only one able to accomplish this is Reverend Moon. America didn't know this and the Soviets didn't know this. All humanity is looking up to me and saying, "He is going up to the top of the mountain to make it a flat place. Green spring is coming." We will meet in this springtime. This time is based on the True family system, the royal family. It is the ideal family system. Father made up everything and is teaching it clearly to you. Do you understand? What a wonderful position you are in. Don't forget that. I cannot trust or believe in American people. They promise one time very clearly but then forget their promise and it disappears. That is an American tradition. How can I trust American people? They are only thinking about themselves. That is the pragmatism of Americans. The Oriental concept is different from that.

Oriental people are now going back to their hometown. Many Oriental people have understood the truth so they are now following the concept of the religious world. There are four major religious realms in the world now: Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam. They started in the Oriental world. They want an ideal home world, home nation and home family. They are spending a long, long time to find that kind of valuable thing. Finally the fruit of that Oriental concept and expectation was born. The fruit of that valuable concept came in the form of Reverend Moon. The Western world can only be saved by Reverend Moon, otherwise there is no way. Is this real? Just think how valuable this place is. This is not a normal place to attend. Father is seventy three. He is close to spirit world. With one step he could disappear from the earth. How much the future generation will long for him. It is natural to pass away when one reaches their eighties. No matter how much someone doesn't want that to happen, it does.

You should feel unchallenged pride within yourself that you have received the Blessing. The most important thing is that we cannot stain the blood lineage. True love, True life and True blood are what come from the Blessing. Those three make a trinity and cannot be separated. Every time two connect, the third is following. Love is in there following life and lineage cannot separate. Lineage automatically connects to life and love. History cannot separate those three. This is the trinity system.

How can you make expand horizontally? With your wife or with your husband. Otherwise you cannot inherit the most valuable things from me. You absolutely need partnership. Without that you cannot inherit True love, True life or True lineage. Why do you need those three? You need the tradition of connecting to history. Those three are the most valuable traditions. The sexual organs are the connecting place. It is the place where those three things are welded. That is where the strong bond begins. It is the most valuable place. It cannot be exchanged for anything. That's why Father calls the sexual organs the love palace. It is the original dwelling place. The love palace is there, the life palace is there, the lineage palace is there. It is most precious. If you use that organ to make sin how can God forgive you? There is no way. Immediately you drop down to the dungeon of hell. It is the most valuable thing. If you break that then all the created world, center value will come down. That means God's purpose will be cut from all things. Through that God cannot make a True love partner, True life or lineage partner. God lost absolutely everything. God cannot stand that or permit it to continue so we must go the restoration course. That means recreation. God has the blueprint. Up until now, it's taken thousands and thousands of years for God to find only one man, Adam. After the completion of man, Adam had to make the complete woman, Eve. In this time, Father stands in that position. Mother is horizontally on the same level. Mother is proclaiming all over the world, "From now we have the liberation of the woman's world." This is the proclamation time; April 10th, 1992 at the Olympic stadium in Korea. From there heavenly fate is changing. Until now women have been going the indemnity way. They have been pushed down everywhere. They could not take the equal position in past history. From now the woman's side can achieve equalization. I made that.

Father is asking us deeply, to keep ourselves pure. We should never let ourselves become colored by the world. Keep yourself pure. Keep purity in your blood lineage, in your love, in all the Godly qualities that Father wants us to have.

This is very interesting. Parents arrange a meeting between a girl about to be married and her possible groom. The girl takes a first look at the groom and after she sees him, she has a better idea what she would like in a husband. She wants someone somewhat better than him. She meets the second person and decides she wants someone still slightly better than him. This goes on and she usually ends up not marrying one at all because she can't find one. It takes a long time and if she is lucky she becomes so experienced that she says, "Any one of them will be alright" because she is about to lose all. When you miss all your chances to get married, you become a woman in the street. This rather typically happens in Korea.

When Father gives you a spouse, you should think you can't get anyone better than him. Usually you're not going to be instantly happy. If anything, he will be the last kind of man you would want. What Father likes, you don't like. Usually from that zero point, great sons and daughters can be born. For about three years you are going to have all sorts of problems. Father warned all of you that it is not your happiness you are getting married for.

Once a baby is conceived, you cannot abort it. No matter how many babies you may have you can't do this. You never know what that baby is going to grow up to be, maybe even the president of the whole United States. If Father's mother believed in abortion, would such a man have been born? No, Father might not have been born.

Now there is a controversy whether abortion is right or wrong. It is very clear from God's standpoint. It is bad. Those babies represent the lineage, love and life. In that one cell that exists after conception, love, life and lineage all connect there. Those who support abortion say it is just a cell, but it represents the parents and everything else. It has equal value to the parents. To kill that certainly is wrong. The father's love and mother's love is in that would-be baby. Isn't that true? To kill that baby is the same as killing the parents.

We know how hard Father worked to establish the Blessing so it is not something of small or simple value. Now Father is bequeathing this to us so don't forget how valuable it is. Guard it with your life. If this kind of True Blessed couple emerges in each of the fifty states, America will never perish no matter how bad it becomes. You know how hard God worked nurturing Father to get to this point. God wants to protect all the victorious value which Father made. Father wants to bequeath everything to you. Why? You are the children.

Now we are given the positions of tribal messiah. We have come a long way to be given this position. It is Father who made this tradition and we are the ones who are trying very hard to inherit that and eventually become successful as Father has done. Those Blessed couples who pledge this, raise your hands. God bless us!

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