The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

The 38th Anniversary Of The Unification Church

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 1st, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The name of our church is the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, but we don't have to say that whole phrase. We can just say, "Holy Spirit Association." That is us. How old is the Unification Church? How long ago was it born? Thirty-eight years ago. Starting today, we enter our thirty-ninth year. As you know, we say the day someone is born he is already one year old. There are two ways of counting age.

Originally in God's providence, the Unification Church would never have been founded. If Judaism had united with Jesus, world Christianity would not have had to come into being either. At that time, the country-not just the religion-centered upon Jesus could have begun. The country of Israel centered upon Jesus would have been born and as they grew, the Cain-type country which was the Roman Empire would have been influenced. Thus the country would not have been a Christian country but would have been Jesus' own country and would have formed the Kingdom of Jesus, rather than forming the religion known as Christianity. You all understand that point, don't you? If that had happened, the country would have inherited the kingship and would have inherited the world. It would have grown and expanded to the point where today, it would be the country centered on the world. Many other countries would have inherited perfectly the tradition of that kingdom of Jesus. It would have become like a big tree with many different branches. Jesus' country would have been the trunk and each nation of the world would have been another branch, all connecting to one trunk and one root. The leaves of that tree would have been individual men and women.

That huge, gigantic tree would have been one nation of God. The flowers and blossoms that bloomed would have been of one root, one tree. Even if you took the smallest leaf, it would contain all the elements of the huge trunk. The root, trunk, each branch and every little leaf would all contain the same elements. It would have been full of the spirit of the kingdom. The spirit of the root, spirit of the trunk-everything would have been contained within this tiny leaf, which means each individual.

When you look at one cell, it represents the entirety of the body from which it is taken. Who came into being first? Who is born first and who is born later? Depending on the order of birth, everything would have been connected. Then, of course, we can see clearly that Christianity would not have been necessary. What about other religions? Needless to say, other religions would have no meaning or reason to exist. If Jesus had not died on the cross but had continued to live and be successful in his mission, this would have been the case. However, that did not happen and the Second Advent in which the foundation of Jesus was inherited, became necessary. That foundation began on the national level but had to expand to the world level. Thus a new mission had to be undertaken which Jesus could not complete. Now it has to start only on the world level.

If the Lord of the Second Advent was welcomed by the foundation of Christianity's 2,000 years of agonized expansion, he would have proceeded in exactly the same way as Jesus would have; embracing the whole world and achieving his mission. Then the Unification Church would not have been necessary. That would have been God's dispensation.

Within Christianity there is Christianity of the Cain-type nature and Christianity of the Abel-type nature. It is the same religion, but there are those two factions. From Catholicism, the older form of Christianity, the Abel-type movement of Protestantism branched out. Just as each person has a body and mind, especially a conscience, Catholicism has a body and also a conscience. Even Cain has a conscience. Of course, Abel has a body and mind as well. Within the Unification Church there is such a thing as Cain and Abel. The underlying fact of creation is the relationship of subject and object. This is also true in restoration. The process of two who are divided coming into unity means advancement and restoration. Everything exists within the subject and object relationship. After the fall, that relationship became one of struggle, conflict and confrontation. Because of the fall, it looked like there were always two different parts or factions in continual struggle. Actually, conflict is not the way it was meant to be. We should win over that and be united and advance the dispensation of restoration.

This is true within the individual. Each person has a mind and body which are in conflict, but the purpose is to unite them. We must understand that only when Cain and Abel have become united together can we sit peacefully. Until that time, there is always a process of Abel winning over Cain and becoming one. [Father draws a sphere with three lines cutting through it on the blackboard.] This is Cain and Abel, the vertical and the horizontal relationships, and mutual relationship. Vertical relationship, of course, is that of parent and child. Horizontal relationship is that of husband and wife. Brotherly relationship is the dotted line Father drew. As the Last Days come nearer and nearer, this is the form that everything is coming to. We have to realize this form more perfectly. This has been the direction of history after World War II. Since then, Christianity and the whole world have been moving toward the achievement of this pattern. What does that pattern represent? It represents the perfect unification between father and son, king and people, and God and all creatures, from the right hemisphere to the left hemisphere. You can dissect the whole sphere into halves; an upper one and a lower one, or a right half sphere and a left half sphere. There is also a front and rear. The relationship of brothers is that of front and rear. To form a perfect globe, these come together. Why do we have to form a globe? It is because everything should have only one center. When there is disunity, how many centers will come into being? Two, three?

There is a center with a pivot or axis around which motion will take place. We see all things operate under one principle, whether large or small. That is the subject and object relationship always in motion and with a center. There is always a center which makes up the universe. What is the center of a woman? She has a father and a mother, she has her own brothers and sisters, but what is her center? By finding that center, she can relate with everything in the universe. In other words, by connecting with the center we can occupy everything. Centering on this hemisphere [pointing to drawing], where would the center be? The center is situated an equal distance from any point. So it has to have another hemisphere, and the center would be here. It is focused from this point, from that point, and from this point. Focused to all the surface area. That is the most ideal point.

That was God's first blessing after the creation: Grow, multiply, and occupy the earth. Thus perfection should have been reproduced. Do you think that mind and body are one, or is there division between them now? If this is God, with an upper portion and a lower portion, then where is that focal point or center? The focal point is the center not only for mind and body but for everything. That is where love can dwell. Here is man and here is woman. It cannot be that their focal points are different. They have to have the same focal point. So what is woman's focal point? Of course, it is her conscience or mind, but what is the purpose of that mind? For woman, it is man. There is no purpose in a woman by herself. After being born, a female has to grow to perfection. How can a woman become perfected? Man is her perfection. A woman has to become a being who is absolutely needed by man. She has to exist in such a way that the man absolutely needs her. The reverse is also true. The man must exist in such a way that the woman absolutely needs him. Man will pull woman and woman will push man. When the two meet like so, then do they become just flattened? No, they begin to turn around and around, becoming a sphere. What is their focal point? It is that unchangeable True Love. Once you position yourself with that center, you never change. You will remain eternally with that focal point.

We should not think, "My focal point is in me." The focal point of each person is in his or her spouse. What is marriage, then? Marriage means everything is okay, centering on True Love. You can put in everything, you can pull out everything and that is okay. That is freedom. Do you understand? Only in True Love does freedom exist. True Love is the center of woman and the center of man. Now we will represent woman by the dotted hemisphere. Should she go around man or in man? Well, is woman bone or flesh, compared with man? Who represents bone, man or woman? Man represents bone, woman represents flesh. Why is that? It is because man is the root of life, so he should stay in the center. Man represents the center root, center trunk, and center bud. Man should stay in the center position.

Anything that went through here is welcomed, like a pitcher and the catcher. The pitcher throws the ball and the catcher catches it every time. You throw it and it is always caught. Woman is very resilient and soft, while man is not so soft. He is hard. When something crashes into him, it breaks. That is not the case with woman. So the man should exercise like so, otherwise it will break. Woman makes a great catcher; the king of catchers. He throws, he pitches, and from the momentum behind it he attaches to woman. Woman is catching and circling one hundred and eighty degrees. Man is touching her, after that they turn around and embrace. Do you understand?

When you really understand this you cannot have any fights in your family. Should a woman's skirt be very tight, or should it flare out? Yes, it should have flare. A woman has a colorful, flared skirt and she goes around the man. That's where a woman's beauty is. At this point, all the creatures will praise that woman, "Oh, we welcome you, our Queen!" Women always like colorful things, don't they? The sisters sitting here are very colorful but over there, the brothers are wearing either black or brown. Bone is never colorful, it is only one color. The colorful nature of woman must be protected by woman herself. The white woman should not exercise tyranny and say, "Just white is good." Every color must also be protected. We can see that women, both black and white, express a lot of compassion, not men. Because she is a woman, white women have the responsibility to protect the black man. White is a good color as a base, but if everything is white it is monotonous. You have to blend with other colors. What about flowers? Are they varied and colorful, or monotonous? Whom do they resemble? Women. Some flowers are more colorful than others, but they should not be too proud. Usually the most colorful flowers don't have much fragrance, while the less colorful ones have a sweeter fragrance. In the same way, those most fragrant flowers often don't have so much honey. When the honeybee and butterfly come around, they will look at the very colorful flower and they will be drawn there, but they won't find honey. They just fly on until they find what they are looking for. They just stop by and enjoy the color, but that flower doesn't have life and hope for the bee.

We can look at women in this light. There are some women who are exceedingly beautiful. Someone who is praised by everyone for her looks may be like that colorful flower with no honey or fragrance. It can be a beautiful flower, but it may not have life or offspring. In the Orient we have a saying, "A beautiful woman has a thin blessing." This is a general rule. Actors and actresses are usually attractive. Do we often see ugly women becoming famous actresses? No, it is almost always the beautiful woman. In the movies, she is always famous and envied, but in real life she will eventually become a beggar. How sad that is! She cannot stabilize or settle down. Is that good? Blessing just spits her out. She has no place to settle for long. Those who say, "I want to be an actress no matter what," are saying in effect, "I can only live for one day in love." One day love, but even that is not real love. It is counterfeit. Do you like real love or shadow love? You American people like shadow love, don't you? Yes or no? I think yes! That is absolutely no good!

This is a very important principle for life. If you understand that and look at America from that criteria you see America is colorful, flamboyant and fun. Everything is exciting. Look at the women, some wear beautiful hats, but there is no flavor and no fragrance to the country. There is no bubbling life. We have to see from that perspective. We should not be envious of that situation.

These points I am making may sound far away from our topic today, but they are very important. This is one of the first times I have spoken about this particular subject. It is so important in our life, we should remember it. That is why I have been speaking about it. Do you want to become bone or flesh? Of course, everybody wants to become bone because it is more important. It is the longest lasting; it has eternal characteristics in the body.

What we are trying to understand is the entity which has the longest lasting and most important quality. Is it money or knowledge? The power of True Love may not appear to be the most beautiful, but it has everything. Bone is the strongest substance, but is it stronger than True Love? If you hit True Love with a bone, which one gets broken, the bone or True Love? Of course, the bone gets broken. The more you strike, the more diminished you become. This is what Satan has been doing. Satan strikes True Love again and again, but the result is that he is the one who is being reduced. Why doesn't God stop the persecution of goodness? Persecution means hitting, right? Good people get hit and hit over and over again. In anybody's eyes, including God's, that is not right, but God is not doing anything about it. Why? It is because He knows that the one who is being hit will eventually win and all the persecution will become fertilizer. The growth of True Love needs fertilizer. Do you understand? If the whole world comes and strikes this one person over and over again, but he is not destroyed and never breaks, then he becomes the king of all kings. Everything that strikes him will eventually be defeated. You might wonder if this is true or not, but it is true. I knew this truth from the very beginning, and thus I was able to continue throughout the history of our Unification Church. No matter how hard I was hit, I did not mind. Standing in that one center of True Love, everything hit me. All things came against me. Eventually everything else will disappear; the only thing left standing is that one center which stands forever. There is no enemy left. All of them have fallen and become fertilizer for the growth of True Love. How wonderful this phenomenon is! How wonderful we are! Mansei!

So the focal point for everything is True Love. Do you have True Love? [Yes.] Do you or don't you have True Love? True Love sounds good when I talk about it, but you may not have ever truly tasted it. You may recognize the sound "True Love" but you may not recognize the taste. The sound is not reality; the taste is reality. Do you understand? Is that true? The one who tastes True Love can live like God. Do you live like God, more than I do? You say "no". Which "no" are you saying- zero, nothing? Or know? The absolute nothing place is "no." Do we need that absolute focal point? True Love has such a large area which it embraces. Everything is okay within the realm of True Love. Even though all 240 million Americans may be put into that bag of True Love, will it burst or will it accommodate them? It will welcome everyone. It stretches like rubber to make room. Even if you throw that big rubber ball a long distance, it won't break. You can throw it but not off the center; you cannot get out of the center. That's how you do it. Does America have any center? Does anyone know what it is? Is it money? Is it family? No, America doesn't have any true center. Absolutely no center point-that is America. Americans put their premium value on freedom. What kind of freedom? Freedom that doesn't have any true center.

Americans don't like to hear these kinds of criticisms. You might ask, "Why does Father speak about this point so frequently?" Has anybody ever heard me stand up here and praise America for a change, even once? That's what Father's purpose is. You Americans are so high up on a tree. You have no foundation but live way up in a tree, so somebody has to bring you down. In America, one man can move from loving one woman to another. Throughout the day he has no center point. He moves around in many different circles without any center, but I tell you, once Americans come down and stay firmly on the ground, I will start praising them. Can you believe that I might actually praise America? [Laughter.] Even though you may not like to hear the things I say about America, it's best if you can accept it.

It is not power, knowledge or material things that exist at the true center. It is love itself, True Love. If some woman gets married because the man has billions of dollars, is she a good woman or a bad one? What should she be looking for in a man? Where do you think it is most likely that True Love can be found? In the White House? Or would it be in some lowly place like a labor camp or some back alley, or in prison? Of course, you have never been in either of those extremes, but where do you believe True Love would be most likely to dwell? You know well; it is in the most miserable places, those places which are corrupt and surrounded by suffering. True Love plants itself in that place and says, "I will remain at this center forever so that I can protect this place. The True Love concept says this to you clearly. Is this right or not?

Through True Love, can you unify your five senses with the five senses of your love partner? Making that unified center represents True Love. Can you make a settlement for one through True Love? If you have True Love in your bosom would you be stronger than anything in the world, like a diamond? The diamond can reflect even the slightest bit of light in the darkness. The diamond is the hardest known substance on earth, but there is something harder and that is True Love. How is that? You can say that God is the True Love center; God who is the strongest, most powerful, above everything. He is harder and stronger and emits more light than anything, for the whole world. Knowing God is like that and since we know God is the center of True Love, then we can say that True Love is also hard and bright. It is like a lighthouse beacon shining through the night.

Everybody in all four corners of the world wants to go over that hardness and unite. Satan is pushing them much too hard so they want to come into God's side. The world is so dark that people don't know which way to go or what to make of anything. Yet man wants to get out of that darkness and find the light which is God. That's True Love. What else do we need? The focal center of everything is what? True Love. Thus we cannot say that True Love is only a conceptual thing. It is reality, just as God is a reality. [Pointing to drawing on board.] This upper hemisphere is spirit world and the lower hemisphere is the physical world. The upper one should be the same as the lower one, then they unite and become a globe. What is the center? Absolute True Love. Front and rear have the same relationship. So three different beings have three different focal centers, but they do not repel each other, saying, "Oh, I cannot accommodate that." By becoming selfless, they can come to accommodate any focal center any time. and all three can become one. The point here is that even though three different entities exist, each exists for the sake of others, not for his own self. Even though he has a center, that center exists for the sake of others. Then there is no problem. We should look for the zero point all the time. If you become a zero point, all the higher pressure will come toward you. If there is a huge high pressure system and a zero point which is like a vacuum, and that vacuum runs very fast and very far, would the high pressure follow or would it not? Which way does it go? Does the vacuum follow the high pressure or does the high pressure follow the vacuum? Yes, high pressure follows the vacuum or zero point. Why? Because that is the unifying place for nature. That is the nature of love. In there we find happiness and peace. Otherwise, there is no way. Only in the unifying place can it be possible.

So upper hemisphere and lower hemisphere, right and left, front and rear-all are perfected now. Where does God dwell then? God is the king of the zero place. That is where God wants to stay; the Zero King's place. Do you understand? To meet God of that nature, we must become even lower than zero or become so strong that we can protect the zero place like the flesh should surround the bone. Either we can protect it or we must become lower than the zero point. Can we take that kind of position? Can you do that? It is easy to answer "yes," but the reality is not so easy. Mind you, this is what all religions have been doing. This is what Buddhism has been doing; to search in your mind for the deepest areas. Also, all religions teach people to endure hardship and to do penance. That's where persecution comes in. That's what all major religions taught: to persevere these things. Without exception, all major religions have taught people to go down even into miserable situations, into that zero point.

How can we apply this? For women, you even have to forget the fact that you are women. The only thing you can remember is, "I exist for the sake of all." The same is true for a man. By doing that, what happens to a man and a woman? That is the very safest place to be. You can become anything and do everything well from that point. You become a good wife and a good mother. Everybody will come to you. Here is the proof of the theory. You have to be able to explain something theoretically or by reason before you can experience it. You can establish the reasoning, the theory of the True Love concept. How can we find the power to invest ourselves and then forget it? You can explain this by understanding the relationship of these three sets of hemispheres. Subject and object relationship exists within all creatures, not only these three. The relationship with all things goes through this central point of True Love. This line which Father is drawing now, which does not go through the center, is as clear as the others but it does not mean anything because it does not pass through the center. No matter how many other points that line connects with, if it doesn't connect with the center point of True Love, it does not have meaning.

This is the very principle where the original human being would have been; the original country, original cosmos, every level. Since we are not at that level we have to return to that point. How can you find out the center focus place of your mind and body and unite them? How can man and woman find their original focus point? That is True Love. Only True Love allows you to combine your mind and body. A True Love center connects them with one vertical pillar at one pivot point. One dot then becomes the center of the individual, the family and the tribe. they all have the same center. The nation, world and cosmos, and ultimately God himself-all have the same center, one pivot point, one pillar. Do you understand? That True Love point cannot be moved forever. Forever there is one center, not two. Until now, humankind hasn't been able to find that original True Love center point. How can we find that point?

Before this, nobody knew this truth. Only after Reverend Moon came and appeared in this world was this truth proclaimed clearly for the first time. Now you can understand everything; how to connect with the individual center point, the family center point, the tribe, nation, world, cosmos and God. All are connected to this one vertical pillar of True Love. The True Love King's vertical pillar is only one, not two, forever. Eventually the Kingdom of Heaven will come on the earth. The center point on this earth and the center point of the spiritual world will be the same, connecting in a vertical line. That dot in the lower position and that dot in the higher position connect with that pillar. All 360 degrees surrounding it stay forever, it cannot move. This is absolute tradition.

You have to follow your mind too which is man and woman's center focus point of True Love. That means this pillar is connecting everywhere. Family and relatives are the same, nation, world and cosmos, even God, are all connected and made completely one by that same pillar. That is the unified world. It is clear? Your eye will be able to look at this forever point. The settlement of True Love will be your focus point forever. Your ears, your nose, your touch; every sense will be focused on that center point. If you go out, come back to that original place, there is no different place. That place of safety, that forever place is the Blessing place. No outside power can move that center point. That means we will be connected all the time with the absolute being, who is God. Each person will be able to say, "How wonderful I am! How wonderful that so many precious things represent me. Mansei!" That is the place of happiness and hope, peace and love. All humankind yearns for that point. If you don't connect with that forever point, you will lose everything. No matter how beautiful a situation you may enjoy on this earth, it will have no meaning in the spirit world. No matter how many wonderful things we have in this world, they will not have value in the spirit world of eternity. We must connect ourselves, our children, family and relatives to this central point of True Love so that we will be connected forever. They are surrounding and praising you. Why? Because of your work, you have that kind of result.

In the past, when my English was not good at all, I never knew whether the translations were good or not, but now I feel that the translations go from one thing to another, so it's best that I speak directly to you. That's why I have been telling you for so long to learn Korean. You can learn more through Korean than through English. Now I am erasing these things which we have drawn on the board to illustrate these very important points. You should memorize that you were born in the flesh connecting to the True Love basement. The point on which you settle down is based on that original site.

What is the topic of the sermon this morning? The point is that the fall took place. The fall became our reality. The fact that mankind became fallen is more real than this country of America. That fact is more real than your own name. No matter how much truth and knowledge there may be on earth, the fact that mankind has fallen is most central. Do you treat yourself as a fallen person? Do you speak to your own body, saying, "You fallen arms, legs, hands and senses!" Do you treat yourself like that? Have you ever stopped to think that your eyes, your nose, your mouth, everything is undeserving? Have you ever thought about what they don't deserve? Everyone likes to touch soft things, but because people have fallen you shouldn't think about that at all. Have you ever really chastised your eyes, "You ugly eyes that want only to look at beautiful or attractive people. You have to take the opposite way and look at ugly people, ugly things." You should feel whenever your eyes see something beautiful, they are not worthy. Your nose, too, when it smells something wonderful should not feel worthy. Your mouth, your sense of touch, your whole body is fallen. A fallen thing cannot be beautiful until it is restored. American women may ask, "Well, from what you are saying, where do I stand?" The answer is nowhere. Once you realize that, then you can begin to stand somewhere, to have some position in the sight of God. Do you agree? You may not like it, that is true. As a fallen woman, you should feel, rather than that you have beautiful hair, that you should burn it up. Have you ever stopped to think like that? "I should burn these feet, like a beef steak, and feed them to the rats." [Laughter] Really, have you ever denied yourself to such an extreme?

We have to know that the fall is reigning over everything in the world, and we must feel how bad, how formidable that fall is. The fallen condition is occupying everything and taking the king's position. We must press it down, cast it into the dungeon of hell, everything that has to do with the fall. When you feel hungry, before you go to eat, before you sleep, before you even feel the urge for sex, always think, "The fall of man is so terrible I can never win over it by myself." Then say, "Well, if nobody ever lets me eat or sleep or enjoy life, that is all right. That is just." This is the inevitable course we must go.

Now Father gave us the overall meaning of the birth of the Unification Church, but the essence that you need to remember this morning is that the whole world has fallen; it is in a fallen condition. We must come to realize, to jolt ourselves, that whatever we are thinking, whatever we are doing, even just looking and hearing, everything is within the realm of the fall. Our direction is to go over that, not to be a part of it. Is it appropriate for a woman who is in the fallen position to be looking for the most beautiful clothing or is that very far from right? Yes, it is very far from correct. That is because that woman is extending the tradition of the fall a little bit further. Obviously, that is what she is doing. Isn't it generally true that everyone who lives a luxurious life here on earth will end up in a miserable place in spirit world? Isn't that what the Bible speaks about? Here is the dividing point [pointing to board] and if you are living just slightly above and on the comfortable side, then you go to this level of hell, just a little bit below. But if you are living way up here, on the very well-to-do level, then you would fall down into the deepest hell in spirit world. All it takes is one step. We are living like so, and if we shift our weight into here, it's heaven. Like the 38th parallel in Korea; that's the line of demarcation between goodness and badness. God's world and Satan's world are separated by a line of demarcation; Heaven and hell. By going to the zero point as a fallen person in Satan's world, you can slip across the line into God's world. The Unification Church's concept is like that. The left leg is connected to Satan's side so how can we walk straight? It is not so easy.

The answer to the question of how people can get out from under the domination of Satan is that it is not an easy way. You must go into the place of constant denial. Do you follow me? These are not just Father's words. How can you deny that? Nobody can deny that. You American women, is this true? You agree with me. Reverend Moon is a clever man, right? You may figure, "Since he is such a smart guy, I will follow Reverend Moon." I am always taking you to the safest place, the zero place. I tell you, "Go down, everyone," but you complain loudly, making lots of noises. No matter how much noise you make, I don't care. I just keep on pushing you. I will kick you if you don't follow Father's commandment. It is not a happy situation. Do you welcome this place of the zero point? Do you want to come down to that place where I am always pushing you to go?

As you know, during the Korean war a lot of communist soldiers captured in the South were put in P.O.W. camps. They themselves were not communists. They were soldiers for the communists, but they wanted God's side, as well. So the late President Rhee opened up the prisons and let them out. The American government was so angry because he did that. Father feels that is something which he was shown to do. Even though you don't even know that you are in a prison camp, and you have no idea of how to get out, Father will open up the door and shout, "Go out! Get out!" even forcing you to get out to the point where you complain. The next day after you are finally free, you will be so thankful. You will say, "I didn't even realize I was in a prison camp but you came along and led me out. Thank you so much." That is a zero point exchange, like a prisoner exchange. Satan says, "I will give you this if you give me that." The only place where this kind of exchange is possible is that absolute zero point. Do you welcome that? We should know where we are. Are we in enemy territory, north of the 38th parallel, or are we clearly south of that 38th parallel, on God's side? We do not even know sometimes. It may take only one step to cross the line either way. No matter how happy we may feel in one particular area, we may not know we are dwelling in enemy territory and therefore we cannot remain happy.

"Tarak" means fall. What is the fall? "Fall" sounds the same as the Niagara Falls. English is too complicated with too many meanings. Tarak has only one meaning. Say it. "Tarak." Not "Darak", but "Tarak." Darak means closet. So say it. Tarak, tarak, tarak. It means hitting down.

Our first ancestors were the only people at that time, and they were the ones who committed the fall. They understood the reality of the fall. They experienced the way the fall completely covered their lives, covered everything. We, too, should know the reality of the fall. It was such a powerful cover that nobody could get outside of it until now. Everybody has been struggling within the tent, the covering of the fall. Do you follow? We should implant within ourselves a sense of the fall. More than sleep, more than eating, that sense is important. Whatever urge you may have, whether it is the urge to eat something, to sleep at some time, to go to see some beautiful sights such as the Washington cherry blossoms, before any such urge, you must remember that the fall took place. Think, "I am the result of the fall. Therefore, I am acting out of that fall." All beautiful women like to dress up in beautiful clothes and high heeled shoes and go out eating and dancing. You are the fruit of fallen humanity. There is rottenness inside. God is looking for something good. The cover may be beautiful but inside is rotten. This is Satan's arrangement. Satan is shooting arrows to kill. You are Satan's target, Satan's field. We have to know that.

How can we wake ourselves up? This is most important thing. Your mind is part of God's side, while your body is your enemy. Mind and body have been fighting continuously throughout history. No one could stop that war. This is a most fearful situation. This is the Tarak concept. Before you do anything like sleeping or eating you must realize that we are the result of the fall. We are not normal. Until we realize this, the purpose of religion cannot be accomplished and there could be no way for America to survive. The individual, family, nation and world have fallen into hell. Once they've fallen down how can they go over this barrier? Once you are in hell what shall you do? How can you liberate yourself? It will take thousands and thousands of years of agony and still you cannot do it. These are fearful words for you. It is like waiting in front of a monster with an open mouth who is ready to swallow. You live in that kind of fearful world. Reverend Moon understood this kind of situation clearly. All the world came against me but I don't care. I had to take much persecution. When your situation is full of persecution compare it with that dungeon of hell. The time in this world is short compared with the eternal life of spirit world so Father took persecution his whole lifetime. Is this reality, or not? Even jail was waiting for me. The individual foundation, family foundation, nation and world must all be restored. No matter how strong you are, you cannot go over all those eight levels. No one can make liberation for you. Every time Satan tried making a fence around me I kicked it down. All American government departments including the CIA combined against me. No matter how strong the outside world is against me, I don't care. I will always tear it down. Can American people continue to persecute Reverend Moon? No. Now they respect me because I have survived the bottom place. They say, "We need Reverend Moon. Please remain here." Young people are going down and causing more destruction in this country. Who can save them? American people understand clearly that their secular power cannot save them. The younger generation cannot be saved by military power or knowledge power. Political power cannot save them. The surrounding sound is one of agony. All the surrounding countries shout, "Yankee, go home! We don't need you or your breed." The True Love breed is represented by the Unification Church. We don't need any other breed. Otherwise we cannot save the next generation. Famous American people recognize that Reverend Moon has the power to save the next generation. They cannot deny that reality.

Once we realize the reality of the fall, we realize we need a remedy. We have to heal this problem. Somebody has to write the prescription to treat the ailment. Only Reverend Moon can do this. Say it: Tarak. Write it down: tarak. We must understand it clearly. We have to break down Satan's world with our two fists. Push out Satan's world. When you shave each morning, you are shaving a fallen beard. When you are picking your nose, you are picking the fallen nose. Every motion you do, always think, "I am the result of the fall." If we don't do that, we cannot get out of it. First we must know the problem; who we are and why we do what we do. Even you women who make up your face should think, "I actually do not want to wear makeup, but I have to because I have to go along with the fallen world." You have to have a different reason for making up your face. Even though you are doing a lot of the same things as people in the outside world our direction is different. It is 180 degrees different. You say, "Oh, why is the Unification Church so complicated?"

What is the second reality of the fall which is most important? It is lineage. Father and Mother are bringing the lineage which connects you to life and love. Behind us there is lineage. Everything you have, every cell in your body, you inherited. You breathe in and out and you have blood flowing in your veins. Blood is pulling life all throughout our life. The blood which is running through you is what you received from the act of love between your mother and father. This blood lineage has increased parents' life and parents' love. Isn't that true? I myself come to represent their life and love.

Whatever we are thinking has its origin in the fall. Whether that be part of the great country of America or whatever. Without exception, it comes from the fall. How can America be truly great? The Anglo-Saxon lineage, the white race too, is a result of the fall. Does that race belong to the satanic side or God's side? Without exception, that race belongs to the satanic side. You know, England was the home for pirates. Isn't that what the people there have done historically? They took everything by power, establishing their own kingdom far from God. They forced their own ways upon the people they occupied. Isn't this the way history went? Anglo-Saxons didn't understand the law of cause and effect which the Orientals have known. The white people tried to annihilate the Chinese race in the Opium War, but now, as a result of that the white people are suffering from so much drug abuse. Cause and effect are undeniable. No matter how strongly they try to deny this, they cannot. It is stronger than they are. So there is truly nothing to be so proud of; it is all from the fall.

The blood flowing through the youth is from Satan's lineage. That big viper, Satan is always trying to speak in beautiful words. He disguises himself, hiding behind good arguments, but then he shoots his poison which immediately destroys his prey. While he is saying, "I love you," to the side he is saying, "I will destroy you." Once he hits, he destroys everything. That's what Father literally had to fight against. When Father saw something which attracted him, he immediately realized the identity of it so he did not even want to look at women or at people dressed in a unique way. He didn't. Father expected a lot of temptations. However, temptations don't come to you up front, announcing, "This is a temptation." Everything comes secretly, sneaking up on you. I have watched for these things all my life. You should too. You must defend yourself. My normal way is to always chastise those of you who are sitting at Belvedere in the front row. You are the only ones who are sitting close to me. Everybody else is far away. Once you know, then nothing matters. Once we know, then we don't need to worry about it. No matter if Father gives attention to the sisters in the front row, Mother would not complain. That's affection. We have a lot of enthusiasm in our blood, but right behind that is Satan. He is trying to usher us into his palace. The front door of Satan's palace is wide open and he is saying, "Please come on in here!" Once you are in there, he swallows you up. You are his prisoner. Is that an enjoyable place or a deadly place? You young people in the Unification Church, have you ever been encouraged to go out on dates, enjoy yourselves and have a good time? Did anybody ever encourage you to do that? Let me ask you, when young women and men like each other and they come close, holding hands, does your blood get excited or not? It is like a volcano, rushing up and through you, but that power can destroy you! Father knew that clearly. That is why I always said, "Don't take that kind of action." That is the normal situation.

Look at the animal world. They only come together to mate at certain times of the year, many of them only in the spring. The rest of the year, they don't have much to do with each other. When the time is right, they get together in order to multiply their children. Love is most precious to them. Human beings have been granted the unique privilege of expressing their love any time. Love making is the most precious power but the fall broke down everything. Now the love action became the worst power. Taking love action increases Satan's world, not God's position. The sexual organs are the worst palace, the dirty love palace, dirty life palace, dirty blood lineage palace. People of the fallen world didn't know that until now. This is the most fearful place for humankind. Originally it was the most precious place, the True Love palace, true life palace and true blood lineage palace. It was the most valuable place. God dwelt in that place so God made it a very safe place within man and woman. It was the holiest place. That most holy place was created by God as the connecting place to True Love, true life and true lineage; those three. So it is the most valuable place. God is the absolute vertical owner. The horizontal owners are husband and wife; forever. Do you understand?

Once God permitted it, Adam and Eve were intended to open up their most holy places. Do you understand? The Unification Church took that original position. Father, standing as God's representative, as True Parent, gives God's permission connecting couples that for the first time they may open that True Love place; the place of love, life, lineage palace. Otherwise, absolutely no one could open it. This world has wanted that kind of point, but they could not do that. Why? They do not recognize the contents of this explanation. From now, you can understand everything clearly so that you can follow. Ultimately you will connect with that righteous point. That is the original way.

Lineage is fuson in Korean. Our hands and fingers move and that is because we have blood. Our blood is well united with our life. Life is well united with love. Therefore, we can move our fingers and hands as a result of love. This is the action of love. We have to realize that. That's lineage. Which is more precious: blood or life or love? The first one is love. The second is life. The third is blood lineage. These three cannot be separated. Love first, life second, and blood third. Those are always connected, everywhere and every place. We can feel our own pulse. What is the pulse? It is the life power, the love power and the blood power. The fall connected that pulse with Satan's love, Satan's life and Satan's lineage. How miserable the situation for humankind is now. We need the prescription to get back to health. Nobody knows that prescription. Until Reverend Moon came on the earth, nobody knew Satan's identity. Satan was safe. Only after Father came out was Satan uncovered and his secret was exposed. Father has been the one whom Satan hates the most. Satan did a lot of incredible things. He inspired people to kidnap their own children from the Unification Church. What does that mean; kidnapping one's own children? Where were their children? Why did they go there? Satan did a lot of inconceivable things, unthinkable things. Men kidnapped women, women kidnapped men. Extreme things happened. Even children kidnapped their own parents who had joined the Unification Church. These kinds of incredible things were inspired by Satan because he wanted to prevent our work.

The communists tried to stop Reverend Moon and so did the American government. They wanted to wipe out the Unification Church. The outside world wanted to do whatever they could to destroy Reverend Moon and the Unification Church, but God did not permit it. Father offered every place they hit, making it a fertilizer and using that power for God. That power grew up and up, vertically. Now at last we are at the top peak of that power. America cannot destroy the Unification Church. Neither can the White House. George Bush cannot do it either. The world did not know that, but in the future, the world will understand Reverend Moon and say, "Please lead us, Reverend Moon. We welcome you and want to give you citizenship and a permanent visa." I don't need that kind of thing. That is Satan's armament equipment. It is clear. Father could leave this country any time. Father's visiting mission is over. He will be working only with the Asian world. Say "Goodbye Father." At that time is individualism going to invade and infiltrate the Unification Church here? My mission here is over now. Do you understand? I resurrected the Christian world. Now the people of America are waking up and taking action for this country's future. That is represented by the U.S.A. activity.

In April the goal for holding rallies in 250 big cities was accomplished. From now on, there must be 2,500 places connecting to that movement. The American people and the Christian churches are awakening. Following Reverend Moon's direction is the only hopeful way for them to move toward resurrecting a happy world. Now American people understand. They say, "We didn't know that." Once they hear the contents of Divine Principle, they will understand. They didn't know that the truth dwelt here in the Unification Church. They will seriously repent for their past actions. They treated Reverend Moon so badly, but they will understand everything from an historical viewpoint. Until now the Western world has been leading the Eastern world but now the tide is moving in a different direction. The Eastern world will lead the Western world, no matter how much Americans deny that fact. It is heavenly fate that this kind of situation will come about. The Asian world will be respected and followed.

Japan is just a small island country. They have great knowledge power. Americans say, "We don't like those small Japs." But Americans can't deny them. God protected them and heavenly blessing came to them. Heavenly fate connected the Korean peninsula and the Japanese islands. Islands represent woman's side. A peninsula is like the man's side. A peninsula looks like a man's sexual organ. The Italian peninsula looks the same. It projects into the surrounding Mediterranean Sea which is like the woman's sexual organ. They make a connection there.

By the same token, the Korean peninsula is like the man's sexual organ. Japan is like a woman's organ. Now the two combine into one. Who is making that happen? Father has proclaimed the fact that Korea and Japan will become one nation. In the surrounding area you find China and the former Soviet Union. This is a growing territory of the heavenly breed, the love race. China will say, "Welcome, welcome." The Soviets will say, "Reverend Moon and Reverend Moon's disciples, please come in anytime and anywhere within the Soviet or Chinese area." They want us there. They want the most precious gift, something more valuable than their territory. Do you understand? The Soviet government is welcoming Reverend Moon now. Young people are being connected. There is only one person who is a hero they respect and that is Reverend Moon, not Yeltsin and not Gorbachev.

The American CIA looks at this and through their analysis they will make the decision, "We did wrong." Think about that. At the valuable center, there is only one, Reverend Moon.

Genius students from famous Ivy League schools are now being chosen to go to Moscow. Students from high level American universities like Harvard are gathering in Moscow and being taught by Muscovite students. What a miserable situation this is for American youth. After hearing Reverend Moon's principle concept, they are so surprised, even the professors. "The Unification Church has this kind of strong, valuable tool? We didn't know that!" That is bad. It was being taught in their own place. Reverend Moon proclaimed this truth in every state in America. They heard but they did not follow. The people of this nation have no future. They listen to rumors that make them separate, analyze and make incorrect decisions.

It never mattered how much America's 240 million people came against me. Reverend Moon was hit again and again. Only Reverend Moon is left standing and the righteous atmosphere has become clear. What shall we do? There is only one way to go. Kneel down with your head down. Cry with water coming from your mouth and nose. Repentance is the only way. Other than that there is no way. Reverend Moon did it. That means the Western world must bow down to the Eastern world. Their historic positions will be reversed. This is God's perspective and viewpoint. No matter how much American people cry out, the morning time will come. No matter how much they want the evening time, they cannot stop it. The evening can't last forever, the morning time is coming.

Reverend Moon is saving the Western world with the brotherhood concept. He is making Cain and Abel into one. The Eastern world and the Western world are standing in the ideal subject and object position. In the center is parentship. There, real unification is being made. Do you understand? This is not concept, it is reality. Father did everything. This explains everything. No matter how much you may deny it, you must follow this way. Don't look around you, don't be distracted by sounds behind you, only follow the repentance way. That is like Jesus.

When John the Baptist talked in the wilderness, the first thing he said was, "Repentance!" He said the kingdom of heaven was near. Jesus said the same words. John resurrected people with water. After the coming of Jesus, he carried out resurrection with fire. People who didn't believe that prophecy were in a miserable situation. Those who believed in what John said made a big sound, making too much noise. Those following Reverend Moon make too much sound, spreading to all four corners of the country. There is no place people live where they do not know Reverend Moon's name and message. All American people know who Reverend Moon is, don't they? Do they think he is good or bad? Standing here, Reverend Moon makes a proclamation by God's command. "Follow me. If you go against me, you immediately go against God." For 2000 years, the Christian world has only been taking the persecuted way. After World War II, in just forty years Christianity has sunk to a miserable situation. Why? They made a secular atmosphere by going against Reverend Moon. Reverend Moon is connected with God. Father is the center of the terminal point of the providence. They wanted to destroy him, but God protected him.

The most valuable thing is the second generation. American young people are not following American Christianity. Satan's side has claimed them. American youth have taken the path of going 180 degrees opposite of the Christian way. How can they be protected? There is only one man who has the power and that is Reverend Moon. Do you understand?

How can Reverend Moon do that kind of powerful, valuable thing? Reverend Moon has that power taught by God's truth. Without this, you cannot have a true purpose, you cannot be successful anywhere or anytime.

You have to think about this. Talk every chance you get. Talk about Satan's world. It looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. There is a variety of concepts, but there is only one center. The focus point is the zero point. That is the dwelling place of the ideal True Love. All things are focused on that, nature and human beings. When we connect with that center love, Satan's side diminishes. When you focus on that center, you immediately connect with God's territory, God's side.

This should be the focus of your eyes, your ears, your hands. It is the center direction. When all your senses are focused there, immediately your sexual organs will follow. All will connect in one place with one center. The center of everything is True Love. Everything in the world, including human beings are divided into plus and minus. Their unity is the True Love way. All following True Love go in one direction. At the head is True Parents. They are leading the way and the entire universe is following behind. In that realm, everything is enjoyable not miserable. Mind and body unite and form an individual truth entity. The same value center will be found on every level; the individual value center, the family value center and world center. They will all share the same value. This is equalization of the original, ideal creation.

This is a spiritual teaching, but Father also has to teach you about physical things. Now I am going out to the ocean to fish, but at this rate, it would take me many hours to explain. At any rate, I will continue. Number three: three is hell. The stage of conclusion or perfection of the fall is hell itself. The terminal point is hell! Whether or not people want to go there, they will have to go there. They cannot escape. Those of you who can say to me, "Father, I am confident I will never go to hell," raise your hands please. Of course, you don't know enough about the fall because that fallen lineage can claim you. The lineage connected with Satan enables Satan to claim you. Satan is the king of hell. Do you understand? You are ultimately connected to hell. You cannot escape that place. It doesn't make a different whether someone has a degree from Harvard or if he is the president of the country. Without exception, where will they end up? In hell. That doesn't make you feel so good. All 240 million American people will go to hell.

To stop that from happening is, of course, the purpose of the religious movement. Have you ever stopped to think about the greatness of the Unification Church where these most ambiguous, difficult problems of history are being solved? Now even the smallest Unification Church member knows clearly and also has the system to explain the truth in language for even the greatest intellectual minds. Can you imagine that most of the library books which are of this nature have ceased to have a reason to exist? All those books which purported to contain truth but which had nothing to do with this central teaching will be cast out. They are unnecessary to anybody. All those archives and libraries full of archaic philosophies-what do we need with them? Many of the library books will cease to exist from now on. Can you imagine that? Once you understand truth and the fact that the Unification Church has that truth, then you can argue with intellectuals and you can certainly win them over, convincing them 100%. If you are not so confident now, then just wait. As time goes on, it becomes more and more clear.

You may not know why at first, but as time goes on, it becomes clear why free sex and homosexuality are wrong. Mankind is seeking stimulation which they should be getting from God's love. Fallen love is the equipment Satan is using to destroy God's ideal world. Don't touch. A man is smoking, dating women; it immediately leads to connecting their sexual organs. Drunken men and women easily engage in free sex. This is Satan's armament for destroying God's ideal world. We understand clearly that this is the enemy's weapon so you cannot touch that and cannot see that. That is how we can make God's world. Those women who are anxious to find a husband who smokes cigarettes, drinks a lot and indulges in free sex, raise your hand. Is there any woman like that? How about men? Do you want that kind of woman as your wife? Yes? No? Most American people say yes, because that is the way they themselves are going. American people follow everything Satan does. The outside world says yes, but you are saying no. You are the "inside" world. Which one will follow the other? The outside world will follow the inside world more and more in the future.

Say this: Chiok. Chiok means hell! Do you like hell? Many times American people seem to be saying yes, they like hell, but you must say strongly, "No, absolutely no!" Forever and absolutely say no to hell. You have to know that concept. With that attitude, you can make a new nation. We have to deny the direction everyone else is taking. To deny means not just in concept, but also to become restored out of it. Thus we have restoration by indemnity. What is the solution to the fall? To deny the fall. How do we deny the fall? By indemnity. The American Unification Church is the one in the world which does not know so much about indemnity, about going the way of misery. You ask, "Why must we be miserable? Why can't we enjoy ourselves while we are being restored?" I too, would like an easier way, but you cannot get out of Satan's realm by enjoying yourself. You have to overcome that realm and kick it out. Otherwise there will be no hope for heaven.

To avoid hell, we have to restore by indemnity. Is Reverend Moon a wise person or a foolish person? Why do you say I am wise? Don't I do everything backwards according to the standard of the world? How is it that a wise man can always be persecuted and opposed? They opposed all they could and now they have gotten tired of it. Even those who are still opposing Reverend Moon are following him, too. They say that Reverend Moon is growing stronger and stronger. Kim Il Sung is like that, too. He said, "Don't follow, don't go there." It is very ironic. That's true. The American White House has looked at Reverend Moon and said, "He's not so bad. He's so good! Very much good! He is too powerful in the Washington area." That feeling is good. We are making an influence. They want to stand next to Father. From now we are completely making the unified world. They are awakening to morning time. This is the dawning, the darkness has been destroyed. People have no explanation for this. All people, all creatures, even the birds are coming into the light. They follow the sun. In the darkness Satan made noise so they followed him in the past, but when the morning comes it is different. The world's morning time is coming. The sun is rising on the Unification Church foundation. Reverend Moon's name is bringing resurrection to America and all the free world. From now on, the third world will look more to Father. The only hopeful point for leaders of third world nations is Reverend Moon. They know in the past he was the guy who made the most noise. They didn't like that, but they see that where he made the noise good things have followed. The time is coming for a joyful sound to rise up from the whole world. God has been waiting for this time.

God knows that the most successful person in history is Reverend Moon. The most miserable one in history is also Reverend Moon. He had to overcome everything; going up there and coming down again to the original place. Do you understand? There I can plant the love seed in the field where no one is against me. We can sow everywhere, no problem. Nobody is against me. That time is coming up now, where our ideal world is opening up. You can look at the rising sun. Aaaah! How much wonderful is that sun. I want to kiss it! You think about it. Heaven and earth are coming into oneness centering on True Love. That kind of body, with that kind of center makes a laughing sound. That noise will be so loud throughout the universe. At that time, the outside world will say, "Why are you making so much noise in there?" They will come in and join us in dancing. That is humankind's great hope: to make God's dancing sounds all throughout the universe. True Love will occupy everything. God will dwell in every place. No one will be against Him. "Oh, my wonderful world of freedom. Please, all humankind, take happiness forever up here with me. Ha, ha, ha!" Do you want that? Are you American women sure about that? Is it the same for American men?

So should we accomplish restoration through indemnity or not? The Unification Church is the only church which knows the principle of indemnity. Do you welcome indemnity? Do you welcome being hit at every level? Until now, you haven't even started. No matter how famous you may be in America or in the Unification Church, Father doesn't care about that. Without tangam bok qui we cannot return to heaven. The American Unification Church does not understand much about this, and the second generation is no exception. Without this understanding we cannot overcome the fall. Here the biblical statement is very applicable: those who want to die will live, and those who want to live will die. How paradoxical, it seems 180 degrees different but that is truth, isn't it? Your own family is the enemy and your own country is an enemy, according to what is written in the Bible, because they oppose you.

On the 80th birthday of Kim Il Sung, he selected seven heroes of the world, and he put in the name of Reverend Moon. America wants to discredit and denounce Reverend Moon, even at this point, and the South Korean government also wants to suppress him, but Satan's side understands clearly now-they are first. The same thing happened in Jesus' time. Those on the satanic side recognized Jesus' greatness. We can remember this warning: that those who came earlier will be the last. Those who join later will become first. Say it: Tangam bok qui. Restoration by indemnity. Tangam bok qui. You understand, right? Without indemnity, we cannot go over the fall.

Why didn't Reverend Moon prevent his imprisonment in the past? Why did I have to go to prison six different times? There was no way to prevent whatever came along the straight road of God's will. If jail was on the path, then I went through it. Jesus, too, did not evade his suffering. When he was faced with Golgotha, he went. We too, must go through Golgotha but we must do it while we are alive, not dying there. Jesus died there and went to the spiritual world. At the time of the second coming we are going over Golgotha, not dying there as Jesus did. In there, there is no left wing, no right wing. Reverend Moon has unified those two. We are going the opposite way of overcoming.

Tangam bok qui. To accomplish that, we have to deny ourselves and indemnify the past. The more we deny ourselves, the more perfect our foundation becomes. This is not just what I am saying. This is the same path which I have had to go through. You are going the same way that I did. Would you like to cross over that barrier before you have a baby, or after? You know the answer well; before. The Bible warns, "Woe to those who are with child," in the last days. Isn't that why? Those who are pregnant are bound to that child. It becomes like her enemy. She has a path to go, but she has a lot of things to take care of. For those who are married, the same is true. A husband gets in her way. Of course that is a certain stage I am talking about. In general in the Unification Church we have to go by the family level. Of course, I do not mean that Blessed children are the enemies, but before restoration, before blessing, this is so true, isn't it? Tribal messiah work must also be done as a family unit. Why? It is winning the position over Jesus' failure. We can realize the Kingdom of Heaven, not by being persecuted but by being welcomed.

God sent out some 25,000 Blessed couples as tribal messiahs. This is a one-way path. You can only go out; you can never return. Live or die, you have to accomplish this. Of course, we want to accomplish by living. True Parents are forever; nothing can change that. It is their absolute position. We have to accomplish even if we face death. Jesus had to die without accomplishing everything, so God had to revive him and resurrect him spiritually, but here Reverend Moon sent out 25,000 couples to the world. Now we don't need so much from the spirit world, but we can have horizontal support. Tribal messiahship is like the time of the Second Advent, centering on the earth. It has the same meaning, centering on the earth and centering on Father. Do you understand? We horizontally connect our blood line with Father's foundation. Satan cannot influence this. Centering on Father and Father's nation, the nation center and world center all connect to that pillar. They are completely one, making 360 degrees. Otherwise there is no way. We need restoration by indemnity.

How do we overcome the evil lineage? That's the purpose of Blessed couples; the Blessed family. We all know the meaning of lineage, don't we? By being Blessed we enter into a new lineage. We never want to go back to the fall or to the bad lineage. It is impossible for the Blessed family to fall again. We see that the first human ancestors fell before they were perfected or mature. It was when they were in the growth stage that Adam and Eve fell. We have now passed beyond Adam and Eve's level where they fell. After being Blessed, should the American families go their own ways, the English families go their ways and so forth? Is that the right way for Blessed couples? Why not? White people control everything around the world, why shouldn't everybody else follow them? No, that is the foundation of Satan that already exists everywhere. That is the satanic concept. Do you understand?

Father has been working so hard at cultivating Satan's world and developing it. He had to endure so much persecution to do so. Such a great quantity! You have to know that. Father came against America and every powerful foundation within Satan's side. They pulled back afterwards. You didn't take that kind of action, so you were behind the True Parents' power. Reverend Moon did not fall down, you did not fall down. What shall we do? We should embrace indemnity. Mansei. The ultimate conclusion is clear. Now our enemies are silent, sleeping. They are in the midst of night time and darkness. We are in the middle of noontime, looking at everything, occupying every place freely. In this time of harvest, you have to harvest your personal property. How about you? Until now, no matter how much you harvested, your youth passed away for indemnity action. In this time of harvest, it includes you. You can save your family and relatives. Following you, they will ultimately belong to heaven. What a wonderful gospel this is, how valuable. It cannot compare with any other.

All American women are so bad. American woman are stupid, dull, not sharp, because of bad action. The only exceptions are the Unification women. You are different aren't you? Is that true? Can Father believe that, or not? Until now, I could not believe in you. From today, May 1st, Father wants to believe you and that you will follow this concept. Otherwise, no way of hope exists. Humankind inherited Satan's blood lineage, so every single human being, including the most famous people, ultimately goes down to hell. How can they be liberated? This is God's will. Father wanted to find some kind of truth. At last he found out everything and now he is teaching it clearly in this place; our Unification Church. You are hearing that concept clearly. You can have settlement on only one point. No matter how difficult a storm blew up around me, I didn't fall down. Father still kept the same concept. No matter that the American world and the communist world came together to oppose me, I didn't retreat. I just continue to connect. The American government tried to kick me out by bringing the indictment against me. As soon as I heard about it, I immediately flew back here. Why? Because this is Satan's king's dwelling place. Father was sent to Danbury as his mission. Without taking the middle position you cannot go back to hometown. Who took that middle position? Only me. Behind the walls of Danbury, the name of Reverend Moon was resurrected. The turning point was passed in the Western world and we welcomed the morning time. I understood this clearly. Now after seven years, all American high level people, as well as high level people throughout the free world now respect me and bow down to me. Representatives of the world are coming and saying "We were a bad nation, please forgive us." They completely repent for that now. The most miserable branch of humankind in the future will be the white race. What shall you do? Do you like to hear that? Father wants to liberate all humankind. Your purpose is to follow. You will say, "Thank you Reverend Moon." Father knew that concept of going the difficult way.

During the time of the court proceedings I initiated The Washington Times, Insight, World and I, . I started the American Freedom Coalition while I was in Danbury. All these projects were done for the sake of this country, but still they came against me. America stood on the enemy's side. Father followed God so he forgets all that others have done against him. I forgot everything for the sake of saving this nation and securing the national foundation. Without me, American people can now go forward. God wants them to go the straight way. Do you understand? So from now Father is leaving to the Asian world.

What time is a good time? In May every flower blossoms. A green color covers everything, the mountainsides and hillsides. It's a good feeling, isn't it? Until now, the Asian world has been like a desert. That's the world where Reverend Moon came from. He will bring them prosperity and make it into a green world. Economic power is growing in the Asian world too. America has been harvesting and now their warehouse is full. What is the point? They did it not for a serving purpose but for the owner's purpose. Who is the owner? Not America, but God and the Second Advent, True Parents. The owner is standing in the Asian world. All economic power and everything will follow him and automatically connect to the Asian world. No matter how much American people deny this, it is heavenly fate.

The other day, the Japanese Premiere Mizawa, said that the American people were too lazy. That stirred up everybody! The response was "We are not!" But the American people are like the grasshopper. Japan is the ant. Grasshoppers have lots of fun during the summer, drinking and dancing around while the Japanese are working very hard. In the winter time they are gathering food. They take life seriously. So what shall America do when winter time comes? "I like to feel good." In the future, America will be in the middle of the winter time. When serious times come, they cannot take the easy way to over come that situation. Father worries about the future of the American and the next generation. No one has the power to endure, but Unification Church members are different aren't they? They know about wintertime, right? In spring time they take winter time training. In summer time they take winter time training. In autumn time they take winter time training. You are learning to overcome everything, no problem. In a day, we face one million problems. During one week we take on everything but we remain alive, no problem. We can fast for seven days, no problem. You have to have confidence. No matter how bad America is, the future will be different. I will digest everything, eating everything and digesting it, no problem. It takes energy. Do you understand? We can do everything. We can even die on a cross. We have to have that thinking. In this time God will appear. Why? Satan is not there. That kind of time is coming. Satan has no power over us. This is the Principle concept. In the sight of God, this is Principle. In the sight of Satan, this is Principle. Do you understand? Satan knows clearly that he cannot bend the Principle way. The only way to go is to follow. You think about it. Would Satan take the easy way or the difficult way? Darkness cannot stay in a place of light. Satan too much wants to stay in there. It is too tedious and a shameful situation.

Chupo means blessing. We went though the Blessing ceremony for the change of lineage, as well as the Three Day Ceremony. Was that easy or difficult? In your own experience, were those ceremonies easy or difficult? Yet to make them possible, you can imagine how difficult it was. All men and all women of the world opposed this in the beginning. To repel that and to pave the road and complete this, how difficult it was. You can only imagine. But you, who did not know what it took to create, have been given this opportunity. You know how difficult it was to build the Empire State Building. How much time and effort it took, yet once it is completed, all you need is a piece of paper to show your ownership, in other words, the deed. If that ownership is transferred to another person, he then owns it. Just one piece of paper gets passed on and the ownership changes. That building becomes yours. You don't have to build it yourself. By the same token, God took great effort to create you, but then the fall took place. To get it back, all you have to do is sign and say, "He belongs to God." After the fall, you married by yourself, didn't you? Did you Unification Church members get married according to your own will? No, you married according to God and according to Parents. You have been through that change of lineage, correct? If you disdain it again, it is a very serious matter. Like many descendants of Adam and Eve blamed them, the same thing will happen to you. It is a more serious situation. Adam and Eve were not yet in the perfected position, but at this time, you are in the perfected position. You would be worse than Satan.

So we should preserve the renewed lineage of the Blessed family. If someone is trying to invade you, you would rather kill yourself than go through the fall. At least you won't go to hell that way. Even if you die, you don't go to hell. That means love comes before life. With that concept, it means that even if we have to lose our lives for the sake of love it is no problem. So we have a reason to be proud; we are not from this fallen lineage, but from God's lineage. This is not a mere ritual or some empty gesture lacking deep meaning. It is a matter of life and death. There is nothing more important than the new lineage.

Those of you who are Blessed families, raise your hands. Almost all of you. Naturally, you know what comes in this position-heaven, instead of hell. But we must understand that there is a zero point. You have to replace your thoughts. Simply forget the old, disgraceful love affairs of your past. No matter what it was, simply erase them. You can even forget that you are an American or citizen of a great nation. To make you forget, especially the old ties from past love affairs, Father will just push you out. If you take the identify of an American, you will have too many enemies, but if you reduce yourself to the zero point, no enemy will confront you.

Americans who have been against us are now turning around 180 degrees and ultimately reaching God's direction. The persecution way is not so bad. It is good. It is good because through it, we are taking our property out of Satan's world. We are doing it without working, only by being persecuted. What a wonderful concept that is. Compare Father's situation. America and the communist world all combined against me. They have continued to tear me down. That was bad, but because of that, I am now making a victorious foundation.

American people look at Father's face and say, "He is so bad!" But no matter how bad they think I am, I am always taking things away to God's side. How wonderful the way of persecution is. From there we become owners, gaining property on a high level. Satan and God both want that power. In this world there is only one man who represents humankind, that is Reverend Moon. He is the only one who recognizes this. You know well God's situation. Receiving persecution means gaining more. Behind the scenes things are moving to God's side. At last, only God, the winner, is left standing in the owner position. Do you understand?

Now the world is welcoming peace everywhere. What shall we do? I want to take on more persecution. By going down to dungeon of hell and being hit, soon everything will belong to me. That is the true way. Reverend Moon always took that way of life. At last, he is at the top of the world. Did I get to the top of the world by using guns or by fighting? No, only by True Love. In that place, naturally there is no persecution. In heaven there is no persecution. What do you think, is that true or not? Is it only a concept, or is it reality? Father is speaking about reality. You are reaching for the heavenly world. After that Satan will look back at me, all people will look at me and no one will be able to make any complaints against me. They will say, "We will follow only you, occupy only you and obey only you." How precious is this kind of man. God will call Reverend Moon closer and closer. He even wants Father to go ahead of Him. That is what you can receive when you go the way of persecution. Do you think this is concept or reality? Now we are standing on the most high and proud level. I only think about how we are going to save every individual on the earth. That is my purpose.

Father has done this in America. In the future he will take that foundation to the Asian world. The Asian world will be very proud of Reverend Moon and will follow Reverend Moon. Three billion people will praise Reverend Moon. The Asian world and Western world both will be following one way, connecting with God's ideal organization of the unified world, centering on parents. God is the vertical parents and True Parents are the horizontal parents. True Love can be found there. All humans, all creatures on heaven and earth want to dwell there. God's True Love can occupy everything. No being will have any complaint there. No matter how proud a woman is, centering on the True Love concept, she will always welcome her husband. In True Love there is no hell, no complaint or dissatisfaction, only fulfillment.

We understand that this is the time of the Last Days and we are following this concept. How wonderful we are! Mansei! For every moment during the past thirty eight years, Father has thought about how to accomplish this. While he did that, Father was persecuted very strongly. During that strong persecution Father was lifted up in all different fields. That includes the area of academics and scholars. In all positions, Father is on top of the world now, but compare thirty eight years to the long time of human history. God tried to work out the restoration for thousands of years, but it has been a mere thirty eight years since the Unification Church was established. Father has accomplished something greater than God did himself. We can see that. We have to understand that.

Do we see division or unity between religion and politics, like mind and body? How can they remain divided? The flesh side, or politics, got the better of religion every time. Religion had to be sacrificed and had to pay the indemnity all the time. Now Father combined these two. Now the political field is afraid. They have no scapegoat anymore to pass on the indemnity to. They have to pay the price. Father created a political organization for world peace and also a religious organization for world peace, and then combined the two. The center of that, of course, is True Love. Mind and body, or politics and religion. The goal is never two; two must be made into one. Nobody in history could achieve this. They didn't know how or why to do it.

Alexander Haig, the former Secretary of State, joined this organization. During the Falkland War, actually, Father criticized him because he wasn't going in God's direction. Later Father asked Haig if he remembered that time and he said yes. I asked him why he still joined this organization. He said that it was because he was indebted to Reverend Moon because of the Nixon administration, during which time he was White House secretary. In all levels, Father has accomplished; the individual level, family level, national and world levels. As a result of Father's work during these thirty eight years we now see liberation coming on every one of these levels. Essentially, God will be liberated, and mankind will be liberated.

From now on through The Washington Times and through access to a great television media channel, we could educate the entire world in forty days. It wouldn't take longer than that. The world will come to know the truth. When Father accompanies the presidents of all the nations of the world, every country will say, "Please visit us in our country," and then we will bombard them with God's love and God's truth. Ultimately they will be liberated, even overnight. Every sort of preparation has been made now. When Reverend Moon shows the example of that in Russia, the United States says, "Please come here and do the same here in America." They will plead with a long face. I know well that will happen soon. The day when the world will know Father is not far away. You understand, don't you?

Everyone thinks, "I want to jump from here to here. I don't want to take a millennium to get there." As you know, the distance from the top of one mountain to the top of an adjoining mountain cannot be bridged by jumping. You have climb down the first mountain and climb all the way up the other mountain. That is the natural way. People get inspired about going to the Kingdom of Heaven. They say, "That's so good! I want to jump into it," but that's not possible. You have to follow the restoration course. That means going through all the different levels of education, beginning with elementary school. You can't just jump from primary school to college right away. You have to go step by step, following that original formula. You cannot skip one. Do you want to reach the Kingdom of Heaven? Really? I cannot believe you! It is not a very easy way. Don't you want to take the easy path?

Go to your home town. That's the most hopeful way. No? Yes? Why? You cannot stay on the high level forever. If you one time make a mistake you cannot reach the peak point of success. Restoration is so difficult. You must try harder otherwise you can never reach there again. That is a normal concept isn't it? You are clever so you can understand this well. It is never so easy, especially the nearer you get to the top. I have explained things clearly to you, telling you to always take the indemnity way. You wonder why I am always taking the difficult way, going opposite from the easy way, but by going this way, the forever way, I become the owner occupying God. All creatures and everything become mine. This is true with love partners, husband and wife too. God is the original big plus. When He connects with His love object, both sides become of equal value. It means that sometimes God occupies me and sometimes I occupy God. The two have the same meaning. Ultimately God is in control. Standing in love, occupying God is no problem. This is the True Love concept of attributes. Inheriting, participation and dwelling together; these are the three attributes of True Love. Between absolute love and Absolute Being which one is first? Absolute love is first, so that means the Absolute Being which is God, is following behind Absolute True Love. The center is True Love, not God. This is different from a theological concept. God sometimes tells His children, "You have to follow absolute love." Absolute love can own everything. God will do something and after He does it the first time, He educates the children saying, "Okay, now I did it, now you can do it." This is the same kind of concept.

The one with absolute love can own everything. "How much do I love you?" and "How much do I own you?" have the same meaning. I can own everything including me, including God, all creatures and everything. Do you like that? After you reach that standing point how happy your situation will be then! Your mouth will want to break out laughing. Everything will be 1000% open; your eyes will be looking at everything, your hands touching everything, your nose smelling everything. You will want to participate in every action including dancing. In springtime the rain comes and everything buds and blooms, turning into a green world. That is the hopeful world.

True Love can control everything, the past, present and future, the joyful way and painful way. Every place can become heaven. Even the dungeon of hell immediately becomes heaven when True Love is there. Is that true? Father is saying this but Father cannot feel that love. It doesn't feel so good to hear that, does it?

The global center is heaven. Regardless of which direction you are facing-north, south, east, or west, up or down-you are welcome. You are happy. Here we have gathered people of every skin color and every nationality, Japanese, American and German. People from enemy countries come together on the basis of loving Father, don't they? Not because they love each other, perhaps. In America, there is so much promiscuity that people don't recognize it as wrong. What if Father saw it that way, too? Would everybody still love me? No, because that is not godly. When I look at a woman, no matter how beautiful she may be, I see her only as a daughter perhaps, or as a sister. Father sees her as anything other than his object, in the sense of husband and wife subject and object. This is a very strict rule within the Unification Church, as well. We know this very well. In East Garden, the rules are not very strict about what people do, think, and so forth, but they are absolutely unbending when it comes to relationships of love. We have strict love rules. That is what keeps order and allows everybody to feel free and comfortable.

So we must understand the rules of even the spousal relationship. Before they became a couple, the husband and wife were children and brother and sister. After the recognition of God, they became a couple. The couple relationship is the last step. It does not start that way. But this is not the way it is in the world. Do you have to feel that person is your dear brother or sister before you develop that spousal feeling? No, people come right to that level of relationship without going through the other levels, but that is not love. You experience loving your brother or sister so dearly, and becoming a part of God. Then you are ready to give to God-like children after getting married; fostering God's own families. Don't make a mistake about the nature of sexual intercourse. Of course, this is the essence of the marriage relationship and it has a clear purpose: that is to rear a good, God-like family. Without that goal, then you can say that everything is evil. Before now, we didn't have a clear idea so this idea is something new, but it is God's idea. Compare that with the thinking that reigned in America for the past 200 years. How can you compare that? This is definitely godly, and that is ungodly, unclean. That is why I have given the name, the Royal Family of Heaven in regard to Blessed couples.

Now the elements of the fall cease to exist. [Referring to diagram on board.] Now we can go directly from here to here, but this zero point still remains and we have to go through that. That means we should empty ourselves of all these things. This indemnity is not at all sorrowful, tearful or heartbreaking. Now indemnity is something we can happily anticipate. By suffering, we know some blessing is guaranteed. It is that kind of indemnity we have now, not like the indemnity in the past. Do you see that difference? If we say, Let's all go to Africa and work for three years very hard, and we are full of hope to build the brotherly nation of Africa, that means you are full of hope, even though you suffer. We call that indemnity. You know, those highbrows who never did anything but read books and never did so much as plant a tree or work hard, will be the ones who drop the books and do physical labor for three years. That's a welcome change for them, too. Father loves labor. I love any sort of hard physical work so I know intimately the world of many different laborers, including fishermen, farmers, factory workers and construction workers. But that is not everything in the world. I have also become recognized in the scholastic world and the political world. By the same token, you should appreciate physical labor. What would you like to be? Just one thing, going a one-way course, doing only one thing in this world, knowing that you can't do anything else? Maybe you can read or type, but that's all you do. Is that good? Or do you want to become as versatile as Father, doing everything?

You know, people have a lot of problems with stress and insomnia. People spend millions of dollars to get over that, but if they would go and do hard labor for even one day, they would be cured of those problems. Stress will disappear and even if someone tried to wake you up in the middle of the night, they couldn't! It is very simple. Somebody might force you to dig a tunnel for about a week and that would be enough to cure you. You wouldn't have any stress or insomnia any more and you could go back to your other work. Insomnia? No, you would sleep while you were eating! How exciting, wonderful and magnificent is the Unification Church! Have you ever stopped to think that way? Are you going to follow the exact same pattern as Father? How about everyone going to do mining, side by side with Father? Maybe everybody else would run away or die, one or the other, but Father would survive to the end. When Father goes out on a boat, everybody who goes with me is excited the first day. But then there is the second day, third day, and finally they want to find a way to escape. Father started out at 8:00 in the morning, which is unheard of. Everybody liked that. Then I shifted it to 5:00 a.m. every day. They all said, "Father, why can't we go back to 8:00?" You are always thinking like this, but Father says, "We will do our fishing starting at 5:00 and then we will go to the office at 9:00! If you start fishing at 8:00, how can you go to the office that day?" How wonderful it is-it is like having two days in one. You, too, should go out for three days and fish starting at 5:00 in the morning. Be prepared for even one week! Do you want to do it?

Father already told you to buy one boat, didn't he? Have you done that? Do you have a boat ready? There is a beautiful, small boat in the Hudson River. It is a prototype. It costs $6,000-that's all. Certainly it's not for commercial purposes. It provides you with a good, local boat. It doesn't sink. Styrofoam never sinks. You women would have a security net. Father recognized that American women are kings of their family, so I want to make them kings of their boat. Father may train a pirate-like woman captain for going out on the high seas. Then I would say, "Go occupy Japan." Maybe she will. Not by force or by gun, but she will occupy a country by love. How wonderful it is to know.

"A-men" means a number one, wonderful guy. The fact that Father did all these things in a mere thirty eight years, less than the forty years which was my goal, is truly amazing. Now Heaven and Hell become so clearly visible. How wonderful is this happening in the whole cosmos. It is the best news throughout history in the whole universe, in God's history and man's history. Have you ever seen the farmer's dance which the Little Angels do? Now Father will do that so the whole world will dance like a ribbon. Are you going to be part of that ribbon and stay there, dancing when Father dances? That's how we've got to dance, see. All Father does is this, and what you should do is that. [Dancing around the stage.] We will dance into heaven not to hell.

Think how much has changed within the last two years, a mere two years! We have two more years until the 40th anniversary of HSA. If we did that in the next two years, how much more would the world change for the good? When America is full of welcoming sounds for the Unification Church, that will be the beginning of hope for America. What is your assessment? Do you think I am speaking just sweet talk, conceptual talk, something which is not true but sounds true? Or is what I have explained here this morning totally true? Not only that, but you can do it. Which one is it? Absolutely, you can do it because your brain is washed thoroughly! It is nicely cleaned. I don't care what the people call us, we are happy! For thirty eight years, Father stood in the front, and also Father did everything. Practically, Father did everything. Now to inherit what Father has made for you, you must take the initiative during the next two years and work like Father. Pledge to me that you will do that and you will march forward together. Those who are ready to do that, raise your hands. What a great crowd! How wonderful you are! God bless us!

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