The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

The Dream Of The Unification Church

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 3, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Can you pronounce the Korean word for dream? Goom. What is a dream; what is goom? Is a dream reality, or is it simply a dream? Do we usually dream about the present, or do we dream about something we wish to build or see in the future? Which is more appropriate: for old men to have dreams or for young people to dream? Yes, dreams belong to youth. Young people dream about something they plan to do, to build, to enlarge in the domain of their activities. The dream of youth is something they constantly think of building in the future.

As people age, some of their dreams are realized and thus they are no longer dreams. Gradually people come to have fewer and fewer dreams as they get older. Young people are full of dreams for something they do not have today but which they plan to build or acquire in the future. They work hard for those things. So first they dream hard, then they work hard to realize that dream. By constantly renewing their dream and dreaming new dreams they move toward the future.

Until now, Unification Church members and their families have trod a life full of indemnity. Indemnity means paying a price, as we know. When we pay the price, we get something. In other words, we have a purpose in paying that price. What has been the purpose for our paying a price in the Unification Church? Our purpose was to restore, to get back our lost positions as elder sons, as parents, of kingship, and the royal family. The center of all those positions was shifted to God, rather than the fallen center. So our goal was the elder sonship centering on God; the parents centered on God; the kingship under God and the royal family centered on God. This has been the dream and the wish of all mankind.

We have traveled quite a distance, and the scenery is changing now. As we get out of the sphere of indemnity, we are getting into the new sphere, a new era. The dawn is at hand, even though darkness is still around us. Once the light of dawn comes, the darkness will fade away and the sunshine will become stronger and brighter. We experience no persecution today. As the sun rises, everything gradually becomes clearer, easier to see. The shape of things around us is illuminated very clearly.

Looking back on Unification Church life and history, it was like night time. Everything was dark. No creature enjoys night time; virtually every creature sleeps at night. Night time is rest time. But change has come and now what time are we in? Morning is dawning now. If you compare this to a season, it is like spring which follows the cold and darkness of winter. In the winter time, everything is frozen up, contracted and drawn into itself. There is no active growth, just dormancy.

This is May 1992, and May is the month of dreams. This is true in any year, but it is especially true for us now in 1992. May is the month of dreams. Why is that? It is because this is the month in which every creature rouses itself, gets up and becomes active. They start moving toward their goals and dreams for the future. Every entity-just like each human being-is involved in this quest. Look at the flowers. They have many different colors, shapes and fragrances, but they all show off their blooms. Butterflies, bees and other insects all pursue their favorite flowers according to the color, nectar, and fragrance. All of these little flying creatures have different tastes and appetites, so they pursue different flowers. This variety makes the whole universe abundant with excitement. They all pursue their own goals, but they also work together and ultimately they have the same goals. The universe seems to be growing and heading toward more and more creativity.

We have Japanese and all the other nationalities which are divided into twelve distinct types, just as we have the twelve different astrological signs. Individuals are divided into twelve different categories in that system. As you know, in the Orient the years are divided into periods of twelve so that there is a year of the dragon, year of the monkey, and so forth. Animal names are given to each year. So if you observe an individual carefully, he will have a resemblance to a certain animal. Some resemble an elephant, a donkey, a bear, cat, snake, and so forth.

All people should fall into one of the twelve different categories. Each of the twelve different categories will go to its own different month of the year. All sorts of people will rub against each other and smooth their rough edges, so it is not always bad that a big country has big problems. These problems train them, the rough edges make them learn how to live harmoniously. Your character, in other words, becomes more perfect that way. Your love becomes more rounded. So think, "These problems are for me to train myself to realize the big dream of ours, of all mankind for the future." Training comes to us by hardship. So it is my training field. Everything is helping me to become victorious. How wonderful that kind of world is. That kind of wonderful world is waiting for you, with lots of problems welcoming you, in order for you to become more perfect! Otherwise, life would be too monotonous. Imagine if someone's personality is like a flat line. How uncomfortable he would be to live his whole life that way. So he has to learn to become like this. We have so many people who are like hooks. With the slightest encounter, they just won't let you go. There is such a personality in a man and a woman.

How wonderful it is for white people to have black people whom they happen to hate! It is a great challenge to love them, and in learning to do that, those white people become much better people than they would have been otherwise.

Which kind of life would anyone prefer-colorful, or monotonous? What about white people; don't they just like things simple, just one way? They only like the color white, right? You don't like red and yellow, do you? The personality of the average woman is such that she can have the most brilliant, beautiful white dress and she might wear it for two days in a row. Then she is desperate to get out of it and to wear something different. If anyone is forced to wear just one color all the time, it isn't inspiring.

We know that trees grow, although we can't actually see that growth. Do you think they grow during the sunny daytime or in the darkness of night? Are most babies born during the day or at night? Yes, they are usually conceived and also born during the night time. The beginning of life, the growth, in other words, most of the important activity, happens under cover of darkness, during the night time.

What is the dream of the day time? Is it to be able to hug and kiss one's son or daughter? What is the daydream which most people have? Don't you American people even know that? It is night time, you are waiting for night time. The dream of being in a high place is to visit a low place. America is on top of the world, but somehow they cannot keep that. Somehow something is pushing them down, but they don't understand that the time will come when they have to come down. They will come down rapidly. The more willingly someone comes down low, the more quickly he will be able to go up to the heights again.

Who is a happy person? It is not the person who always laughs but the one who laughs sometimes, cries at other times, then laughs again. In other words, he knows both the ups and downs of emotion. Isn't it true that we cry when we are sad but we also cry when we are happy? Why don't we just cry when we are sad? When there is sadness, tears immediately follow. But after the tears, something good can follow. There is a saying in Korea, "When you exhaust the bitterness, the sweetness begins." Or "After suffering, happiness always visits."

Until now the Unification Church has been suffering through the winter time. What is the dream of winter time? The dream is of spring and summer. When spring comes, we know that summer automatically follows. You can imagine that all the Unification Church will begin a great movement. As time goes forward from here, the Unification civilization will flourish more and more. Where will it move to? It will be moving closer and closer to heaven. We will live for the sake of others, loving and embracing others, working for their sake. By working harder and harder, we will go over the most high and deepest places. We are going further and further down, then jumping higher and higher, flying up to the highest place, into the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you like heaven?

If you want to jump up high, you first have to crouch down. The same is true in our life. Here on earth, if you always remain in the high places, then you will become arrogant and you will end up in the lowest place in spirit world. But if you live on earth in the suffering, lower places, you will be very humble and you will go to a high place in spirit world. It is the same pattern. This pattern applies even when you walk. Your eyes blink continually, open and close, open and close. When you breathe, you take air in and then you expel the air. The barometric pressure in the atmosphere varies from dense to sparse, so the wind is always in motion. Nothing is still. When the upper body becomes cooler, the lower part heats up. When the upper part of the body becomes warm, the lower part cools off.

Why are man and woman divided? Woman is built to receive from man. After she meets with man, then she becomes deeper, twice as deep as she was. After that, she goes up this high [pointing to drawing on the board.] The greatest dream for woman is man. Without man, you have no reason to dream. The same is true for men. Americans have really promoted something very strange, haven't they? Homosexuality is very strange. Does it harmonize with the principle we are discussing? No, it is plus and plus uniting. Actually, it is not that homosexuals don't want a great female. They want a great female, but they cannot find one. Lesbians, too-it is not that they do not want a man, but they cannot find a great man. They try to find love in a surrogate way, but ultimately, false love will never continue. You have to have real love. Thus they are diminishing themselves by the action they are taking. They continue to go down and down the more they engage in that kind of action. It is against nature. The natural world chases them away. The natural world, as we said, is always in motion. The flow of love in the universe chases away those actions which are fake, not natural. If you want to walk on just one foot, you cannot do it. You need your other foot. You can try to walk on one foot, but you will get very tired and ultimately you will lose all energy.

No one should be boastful because they are well off. The day will come when he will have to come down. No one can stay up on top forever. Likewise, no one will stay down forever. Look at the great scholars. Usually their children do not want to pursue that path; they usually want to be something very different. There are people who are buried in stacks of books, with books around them all the time, but their children get tired of that. [Father acts out some funny way of walking.] The person who walks in that fashion will never be a fast runner. But the one who walks like this will become a champion. Women have big hips, don't they? When they walk, they sway from side to side; their flesh waves this way and that way. Some women are definitely unstable when they walk. That kind of person definitely needs a man.

The best way of speaking is with variety. Sometimes loud, sometimes soft, sometimes high, then low-that is pleasing to the ear of others. When a speaker goes up, then down, and is not monotonous, his listeners are not aware of time passing. He can speak for hours and people will not mind.

Now back to our topic. What is a dream? The dream is of reciprocal existences; one seeking the other. Before now, we didn't know that man's greatest dream is woman. One needs the other. Opposite beings seek one another. Man wants to go up all the time, while woman says "No." She wants to dig in all the time, so it balances.

You women, do you think you would like your husband to work in one place forever and ever, or would you like him to change where he works every five or ten years so you can move around? What is your preference? Do you want your husband to change his job position once in a while? Yes? Why is that? How tiring it is to repeat the same thing for a very long time. Do you prefer to change the position once in a while, or stay there a long, long time? (Change.) Well, then, if you prefer change once in a while, what about in your marriage? If you stay with the same old wife forever, does that get boring? Do you need to change wives? There is one good reason why changing wives is not such a good idea: the most precious things are found in the deepest, most hidden place.

Mother gave Father this diamond tie tack, but it is more than a diamond because True Love is in it. What would be the dream of heaven? Heaven is our dream. The dream of heaven is to save hell, to bring salvation to hell. Likewise, the dream of hell is for liberation and to reach up to heaven. Does anybody like a shadow? Wherever there is a light, there is a shadow. Why? Because that's the dream of the light. Does a bad side exist in Father's mind, do you think? You may say no, but I say there is. The difference is that I overcome it. I never treat it well and bring it to a deep place. I always put it aside, and as strongly as I can, I just kick it out. By "deep" I mean the vertically deep points.

The dream of the Unification Church is liberation. For those who are in jail, being liberated from jail is the dream. Once you find yourself in jail, you see how strong the yearning is for the day when you are set free. If the sentence is ten years, then the prisoner waits for ten years for his dream day when he can come out.

Theoretically, if you could keep digging down into the ground deeper and deeper, where would you come out? On the other side of the globe, right? On one side the people are waking up, while on the other side people are going to bed. The sole of our foot goes in the north-south direction. But if you walk sideways, we meet like so, in the same direction. So it is not bad to be opposed. We can conclude automatically that he who overcomes opposition has two worlds instead of one world. That is Reverend Moon's task: how to digest something which white people really don't like and how to digest the things that black people don't like. The opposite of white people is black people, right? Once you unite them, then you have two worlds come behind you and you will become the elder brother. Then you can embrace the whole world, literally. Once both white people and black people like me, putting me at their center, that center can move in any direction, left, right, north, south and everyone can follow. In that way, unification for the world is being made. Isn't that wonderful? Two worlds coming together.

What is the best way for enemies to make up? We all know that it is by marriage. Nobody in the past or in the present has done that before. Only Reverend Moon has brought together people of every race and color-all five colors of skin-and then intermarried them. Father's dream is for everyone to come together. Even if I don't push them, people just get together and then push Father up and up. In the Unification Church, only the men like Father, right? You women don't like me so much, do you? That's not true? Did you hear how fast the women responded? If I had reversed it and said the men didn't like me, the men would not have been so fast!

One way of determining whether or not spring has really come is by observing how the women are dressed. If they are wearing their spring time clothing, then you know spring is here. But the men are always the same-dark colors like gray. Go over to Fifth Avenue to see how the women are dressed and regardless of the weather, you will know when spring has come. Father noticed that those women who are very quick to change clothes with the season, who put on appropriate colors, will stride forward with pride. But the women who haven't yet changed their clothing, will walk sort of sideways, more hesitantly. That's how sensitive they are. The taste of human beings is so wonderful and they love to respond to the changes of nature. Of course, the American people are not so good at living with nature. They build things and make things and they love them, but not so much nature.

When the season changes to spring, Father is waiting for the striped bass to appear in the Hudson River. I can almost swim out there and catch them, but I have to go out on the boat to meet the striped bass and catch them. The fishing pole is pulled so hard. Those bass can fight very strongly. The bass feels annoyed: "I have lived for several years and now I have come here to spawn, to give birth upstream. Who is it who thinks he will catch me?" That bass is angry. What if Father then says, "Yes, I will catch you but then I'm going to give you to the dying King. By your flesh, you can save the life of the King." Do you think that striped bass would mind being caught then? He would say, "This is an honorable fate. Please catch me for this great purpose." This is truly how the bass would feel if he could speak.

This is the great law of nature: the one who has a great dream can absorb the ones with a lesser dream. The other day, Mr. Sato said the fish we caught would command a big price in Japan so why don't we sell them there? What would we do with that money? If 20 million people are dying each year, it means 60,000 people die every day. Have you ever stopped to think about that? Somebody has to take responsibility for them. Here in America, almost all the fish die a natural death, living out their lives and then dying. They live for a long time, but then we can catch them and we actually save them. There is nothing more noble that they could do with their bodies.

There is one type of fish named blackfish in the ocean. The blackfish season comes around in June. For one pound of blackfish, you can get ten dollars, and there is no limit. Sometimes when the fishing is good, Father can catch sixty blackfish, each weighing more than a pound. I directed that the money from those blackfish be deposited in the bank. I won a prize for a tuna fish which I caught-$100,000-and that was put into the bank as well. That account will continue to accumulate and grow with the proceeds from my entire life's fishing catch. How much will it be at the end, when it will be given to Africa to start a fishery or something which can help save the people there? That will be a great help.

I started going out to the ocean at five o'clock each morning, and even the young people tried to persuade me to go out a little later. They would say things like, "Father, we can fish just as well when we go out at seven or eight o'clock in the morning!" But I told them, "No, you don't understand. Nothing doing. We go out at five o'clock." Now the strange thing is that the fish all come to my boat! There are other boats around, but our boat always catches the most fish. By the time our boat has caught twenty striped bass, other boats have caught only one! Don't you know that the fish world realizes who is out there fishing? They know better than the human world. They want to be caught by our boat so they can help save mankind. That is their ideal, as well.

Human beings are like the bass. Our dream is to give our lives, to die for the sake of God. How wonderful human beings are! We know the dream. What is the dream of the head? The dream of the head is the foot. So you want to walk softly, not roughly. The head is always concerned about the foot, not so much the hands or even the heart but the foot. The head says, "If it weren't for you, I would be low but because of you, I am high." And the dream of the right foot is walking with the left foot. The dream of the left foot is walking with the right foot. The dream of one nostril is to become harmonious with the other nostril. One nostril doesn't want to take in a gush of all the air; they need to share the air.

Thus the dream of the right arm is not far away; it is there on the left side; the left arm. The dream of the front is the rear. And the dream of below is above. We can derive a simple principle here: a dream is to be completed by one's reciprocal being. When the world becomes harmonious with the Unification Church, will Father become famous or not? Will it be nice or not when Father becomes famous? When the earth revolves, everything on the earth moves with it. If something tries to avoid that motion, then it is in hell. That's very difficult. In other words, if someone is on top of the earth but then it turns around, he starts to go into the lower position. He doesn't want to do that, so he tries to constantly stay in the upper position. That would be very difficult. He would have to keep running very fast to keep ahead of the revolution of the earth. That's truly hell!

So the earth revolves this way, and he finds himself in this difficult position. [Father draws on the board.] Maybe this looks like a lump. It's okay. When Reverend Moon comes up here, he should be prepared to go down to the bottom and look at his position, not from where he is but from the bottom, to learn how the people who live in hell look at him. If he is the king up here, then he should be a king in hell also. When Father comes up again, then Father will get the Unification Church leaders who are more or less in the high position, and put them down here in the low position. Those who say, "Father, I don't want to go there," will actually have no choice. They will perish if they go against that flow. Blessed couples also will follow that leader.

There is no other country like America, with its ease of life. The life of Kim Il Sung and others in east Asia is a very hard life. Many of you may not understand just how hard life is for those people. Red China, the Soviet Union, all those nations are more like the dungeon of hell. Those are the deepest places, the dark abyss of this earth. After digesting those darkest places, we need fertilizer. There is a lot of adventure there, too, because you don't know how they will respond. As a result of what Father did, each country has to respond. Russia has to open the way for us, and open a position for Father. The same is true of Kim Il Sung. Even the devil knows the law of the universe, sometimes he knows it better than anyone else. So when Father says, "You have to do this," they will have to respond, "Yes, whatever you say." I will point out, "You are bad," and they have to confess, "Yes, it is true." When I tell them they will have to change and do things differently, they will agree and follow me.

Those Unification Church members who have been in the church for many years have been pushed out to return to their hometowns. Is it a good thing to do, or not? Tribal messiahship means making everything clear, cleaning up so there are no more dark clouds. When the sky is clear, we can see everywhere, even at night. Do you follow? Now that people are realizing that the Unification Church is good, that it is even a necessity in the world, should our dream stay the same? Should we continue to dream of going up, never dreaming to come down? Or should we be prepared to come down because we are great? You have to come down! Do you like that? You American women, do you like that? (Yes.) With your mouths, you are making the sound, "Yes," but in your mind you are thinking, "I don't really like that, but Father is asking us, so I'd better say yes." Even though your mind doesn't really know that, your mouth just shouts out, "Yes!" That's a problem.

If America doesn't need anything, then it's a different story. America is going down to the dungeon of hell, so should I push you American members out or not? The United States is like a body with a huge infection, so we have to surgically remove a lot of the diseased flesh. Then we have to transplant new flesh in its place. Is that a good thing or a bad thing to do to save a sick person? What about the flesh that is used to fill up the wound? Is that good? (Yes.) Even though there is a lot of blood dripping on the floor and it is a painful operation, is it still a good thing to do? Why is it good? It is what the universe desires: that the small good would be sacrificed for the greater good, so that great America might live.

Isn't it true that you have known this truth for many years? Who are the sons and daughters of filial piety? They are the ones who sacrifice the most for the sake of the family. Isn't that true? (Yes.) NO, Father says no! (Yes, Father.) No, No! The same principle defines the patriot and the saint. It is the same formula way. It is not changeable, it applies everywhere on every level. That kind of person takes the path of eternal existence. The universe will protect such a person. Do you follow me? Some Unification Church members say, "Yes, Father," but they don't realize how heavy Father really is. Maybe they are thinking of Father as a feather! Do you? No? American people know Father is not a feather. How wonderful American people are!

The answer is not difficult. If you want to be a high-level person, then you study like you are going to die the next day. Study with desperate intensity, and your dream will be achieved. That dream will become greater and greater year after year. As we nurture it, it becomes reality. Once you foster the dream, you must keep it. Don't let the dream slip away from you. There is only one way to keep it intact: by working harder every day. Work to the point of near death today, then tomorrow try to work even harder. When you continue that way, the dream will remain and grow. But if you choose to take the easy way day after day, that dream will fade and disappear. This is truth. Do you understand?

Even though I am getting old, I don't want to be outdone by even the youngest person, including my own children and grandchildren. I still get up and go after only three hours of sleep sometimes. No one can catch up with me. Why should I give a four or five hour sermon, since I don't get any salary for doing this? Most pastors who get salaries only speak half an hour on Sundays, with nice words and in a very refined manner. Why do I not do that? I think, "Tomorrow I have to work harder than today; the next day, I push myself even harder." Therefore, I will never take the easy way.

Some people may say, "Father, why don't you retire?" but those persons stop the dream right there. That kind of attitude turns you into a leaf of the Unification Church which turns brown and drops to the ground, never becoming part of the branch. We have to become a branch after becoming a leaf. Even you women here all promised to me that you would save up $5,000 in order to buy a boat, right? Do you have your bankbook today? If you promised to me that you would do it, why haven't you done it?

You can actually use fishing to make a living. All you need is $5,000 to buy a boat. If you have a boat, you can take it out on the ocean or the river and catch fish easily. You can easily live by catching one striped bass a day. You can have sashimi that way! Many Japanese people will want to learn from you how to make their own sashimi. Tell them, "I will teach you how to do it!" Why not? You can do that kind of activity. Bad guys can't go through that kind of training course. You will gain natural protection if you follow that way. That is the clear and natural conclusion. How does this make you feel, good or bad? (Good.) Gooood! I say "Good" means "Double God." How precious that is-double God! Until now, God has been alone, but you can Double God. That true! Reverend Moon made up that kind of concept. "Double God is good." How wonderful this idea is. (Applause)

If those countries which are suffering try to follow the example of the well-off countries, they will not be successful and will in fact, decline even further. But if they determine to go their own path, prepared to suffer even more, then they can graduate from that suffering faster. Do you think that I always buy the things which are the best, the most expensive? No, that is not the case. When I first came to this country, I always went out to eat at McDonald's. We were riding in a Lincoln Continental limousine, and when we pulled up in the McDonald's parking lot, everybody was staring and wondering who we were. Sometimes when I would go inside the restaurant, I'm sure some of the white people there thought I must have stolen that limousine. They couldn't understand why anyone who owns a limousine would come to McDonald's to eat. Sometimes they would come up to the windows and peer inside, trying to see who was there. Some people would stand around and wait to see who was getting out of the car.

You women love to go shopping at department stores, right? Since there are fifty members of her family, when Mother goes out to the department store to buy a few things, she has to come back the next week. Every week, she has to go out to buy things. I asked her, "Why do you go to the department store so often," because I know that once you walk into a store like that, the money goes out. I actually discourage Mother from shopping because I know how difficult it is to make one or two dollars. Is it a good thing that I do that, or a bad thing? (One brother answers, "Good thing.") You answered me, but I didn't ask you! This is something to think about.

I always think about saving money. You know, if you buy a fat person's suit, you can cut it down and make two things out of it. Why don't you women do that? This is not a laughing matter. Once American women take these points seriously and start doing them, the American economy will be guaranteed. Otherwise, there is no way; chaos is inevitable. Is that true?

If your dream is to become an Olympic champion, do you get to that goal by going out to eat at banquets every day? Certainly not. You have to train with tremendous effort to become a champion. In fact, you have to go the opposite way of eating well and living well, right? That is the only way to realize such a dream. We thought the highest dream to strive for is to go up and up, continually becoming greater and greater. But it does not work that way. In order to realize the dream of greatness, we have to first go down. Then if you have the dream of going to great heights, you have to try again from that low position. Going up and down is the path, not just shooting upward forever.

The individual is willing to sacrifice for the sake of the family, the family is willing to sacrifice for the sake of the nation, and the nation for the world, and the world for the cosmos, and the cosmos for God. God is willing to sacrifice for the sake of mankind. So God will save mankind in that way. After connecting with God in that way, the peaceful world of happiness will be made. No matter how difficult it may be, we have to reach that point, attending God's position in that way. It's not such an easy way. You have to invest everything for the family. Family invests for the tribe. Tribe invests for the nation. Nation invests for the world. World invests for the cosmos, the cosmos invests for God. Isn't that true? The universal subject is God, connecting the world in unity and happiness. That is the way we have to reach to our dream.

Since I have finished the realm of persecution here on earth, I now have to cultivate the spirit world, including the realm of hell. Where is that hell in the spirit world connected? It is connected directly to hell on earth. We need to go in and liberate hell on earth before we can expect to make an influence on hell in spirit world.

Our alternative is to live well on this earth, eating well and having fun. But that is going to end in a relatively short time. How long can anyone live on this earth? Once you have enjoyed a good meal, you are not going to be satisfied the next day with merely a loaf of bread. Your taste and appetite becomes higher and greater, until it is like that of a king. You don't actually become a king, but your palate, your tongue becomes the king, and that is bad. For a person to become a king, he has to suffer and deny his palate. Your appetite has to respect you, not the other way around. Then whatever you eat, that food will taste delicious. After you have done a seven-day fast, how does a loaf of bread taste? It is like the food of a king, right? It is the best food of all. Those people who are constantly hungry don't get sick.

Father does not like to eat snacks between meals. I never eat such things. If all the money that Americans spend on their snack foods was saved, how many starving people in the world could be fed? When you go to a restaurant in this country, they always ask you, "What would you like to drink?" But in Korea, it is different. Water is always the beverage and that is sufficient for everyone. Sometimes you have to ask very nicely before you can even get a glass of water. Water is very precious in parts of Korea. Someone has carry it for a long distance in a jug on top of the head. In those areas, you have to be very cordial and ask very nicely for a glass of water.

The irony is that, although everything is so abundant here in America, people have lost sight of the value of all these things. But in countries like Korea, where food and material things are lacking, those things are very valuable and the people appreciate them so much. They know how precious water is, how great a loaf of bread is. This is why the Koreans have acquired such thrifty habits. When they make money, they save it; they don't want to spend it. This is very difficult to understand here in this country; spending is a virtue here. In Korea, spending a lot is a sin. This explains 99% of the Korean mentality. They are willing to spend, but they always try to save first.

Because of this kind of attitude, the average Korean immigrant to the United States can rise to the middle-class income level within two or three years. Now the produce markets are almost 70% Korean-owned, while in the past they were Jewish-owned. In fact, the Korean people work even harder than the Jewish people. That is the reason there is a lot of resentment on the part of native Americans, particularly Jewish and black people, toward the Korean immigrants. They say, "Those Koreans are no good." Why do they say such a thing? The Koreans simply have hard-working, thrifty habits.

In the beginning, all Americans went against Reverend Moon, too. Why is that? What wrong did Reverend Moon do? Did he enslave people here? No, in fact, Reverend Moon came here to make kings out of American youth. But American people opposed me for a long time. Now honestly, if Father asked you to choose between working hard as a Unification Church member or going to Africa and becoming a king, leaving behind me and the church, which would you choose? Would you rather be a king, or a member of the Unification Church? (Member.) Father doesn't treat you so good. I always push you down and give you a hard time, don't I? What about a family where the mother is always saying, "Study more, study more." Every morning, every evening, that mother is saying, "Why don't you study?" She is always making noise and making you crazy with that noise. That is the same thing which I do to you, always pushing you, isn't it?

You know, I have never once heard God praising me. God never said, "My son, you have done well." Always Heavenly Father is getting after me. On the contrary, God works through other members of the Unification Church, making them burst into tears to testify how pitiful, how miserable a life Father has lived. God makes them testify. Because I have yet to reach the place where I can settle down, God has not yet given me one word of praise. Let's say you start from a certain point and your goal is to come back here, after making this point. You may work very hard all your life, but if you stop here (before reaching the goal) what difference does it make? What is the difference from not even starting at all? It is like a long-distance runner. If he gets tired before reaching the goal, will anybody say, "Oh, you should slow down because you are getting tired"? No, nobody would say that. They would want to push him and help him win the race.

So if Father establishes the good record, when the time comes for God to give the commendation, then God can do that with total pride, no shame. Until that time, God will push Father more and more. I understand that and expect to be pushed like that. "Okay, no matter how hard you push me, I don't mind." Then Father has come to where he is now. What is your opinion-do you think there is any person here on the earth who is higher than Father's position? What about George Bush, do you think I should envy his position? (No.) I actually discouraged Bush from taking that trip to the Orient, but he went anyway. And then what happened? You know, he fell down. If he had followed Father's advice, he would have been much better off. He could have maintained his dignity and pride. Instead, he went over there and said, in effect, "Please help me," like a beggar. This year we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of The Washington Times and I will make a speech. I am really going to give them a straight dose.

Let's see, what was the topic of my sermon this morning? It is "The Dream of the Unification Church." Now we know that those who are willing to suffer more will achieve the higher dream. Isn't that true? That is what I have been doing all my life: chasing and achieving the greatest dream. There is no area in which I have not endeavored, including industry, scholarship, ministry, technology, agriculture, fishing. I have devoted myself in every area. Everyone thinks, "Such a strange man. What is he up to?" Now they are calling me "mysterious," rather than strange, as they are coming to understand me better. People know that God works in mysterious ways, and mystery is a part of life.

We are a mysterious breed also, isn't that true? People checked out the Moonies who were making too much noise and they turned against us. You have all received persecution, isn't that true? This is the reality. You are working in God's position, trying to clean up this country of America. After that, all the people will shout, "Mansei! I was liberated from Satan's realm. Mansei!" That is Father's mission and your mission as well, correct? Until that time, no matter how difficult our lives may become, we have to continue the way of digesting. This is our mission: enduring, going up and up and up.

Can you do it? What about you American women, can you do it or not? (Yes!) I cannot believe you when you say yes. Think about how you sound to me, how easy it is for you to say "yes" when I ask you if you will do it. You shout, "Yes, we will do it! No problem." Immediately you make that decision. But as soon as you go out into the world, you start to forget. Isn't that true?

There are a lot of black sisters in the front row today, more than white sisters. (Speaking to the sisters:) What is your original nationality? (Puerto Rico) (Russia) (England) (Brazil) (Surinam) (Germany) Who will receive the most blessings, those who came here from other countries, or those who are originally from America? How early you sisters must have gotten here, how early you must have had to wake up to drive here from New York. What time did you get here? (4:20, 3:30) It's not going to be easy. If you plan to come here and get the front seats every day for the next ten years, how difficult! If there is fierce competition, you should get here so early that you have dinner here every night. If you are really that serious, would the Unification Church prosper or not? If all the American members were that serious, our church would automatically prosper in this country. That is just the natural outcome.

Goom. Dream, it is simple, it is not complicated. The dream of this right eye is to come into focus with the left eye. Isn't that true? Then what is the dream of the men of the Unification Church? The first step is for your struggling mind and body to come into peaceful unity. Those who say, "Father, my mind and body have come into perfect unity," raise your hands. Nobody? Well, if that step isn't accomplished, what good would a man be to a woman? But at least you are trying. The Unification Church women and men are trying to bring unity between mind and body, while people in the secular world don't even try such a thing. They already gave up and don't try anymore.

Once your mind and body become so united, you will be ready to take in the love of your eternal spouse. That precious man or woman will be able to come into you and stay there eternally. The woman who achieves that unity attains the position of queen in the universe. Have you ever thought that way and maintained that kind of attitude while working toward your goal? If not, that is a problem. This is the most important homework for you to do. You have that heavy load of homework which you should always be thinking about and striving to accomplish.

If you don't achieve that, you can't settle down even if you go into the Kingdom of Heaven. You will have to wander around, without a hometown or settlement. Then what will happen? Anybody can come around and harass you. Beggars and other wanderers will come around and touch you and you will have no house, no place to rest, no parents, no country. No matter how beautiful or handsome you may be, will that be of any value in the spirit world? Actually in the spirit world people can become very beautiful. If you achieve what you should on the earth, then in spirit world you will appear as you did in the prime years of your youth. For instance, you might meet some friend you had when you were a child. You can appear as that age to him. That is the wonderful reality of the spirit world-you can control yourself and appear any age you want to. If you want to be a young person, you will become a young person.

What do you like most? You men might say, "women" while the women might say "men." The question is, what kind of a man or what kind of a woman? The man and woman whose mind and body have come into unity. Each man likes a woman most of all, but you also need to be respected by her. How can you earn that respect? By having a mind and body separated and in conflict, or by a united mind and body? Of course, you must be united in mind and body. Like a sharp object, the woman wants her man's love to come straight to her and to go deep. If that love is dull, then it is not good. If you have a drill to dig a hole in the ground, it has to be sharp, not dull. Man has to be able to penetrate the woman with the sharpness of his unified mind and body.

Without even achieving that unity between mind and body, can we think about love or sexual intercourse? The sexual organ is not ready to encounter the organ of our mate unless it is part of a unified person. Thus each man and woman must become unified. It is the same principle as lightning and thunder. When they come together after building up for a long time, they make a loud sound and create a big thunderstorm.

If your mind and body have not really become one, then you have to achieve that through action and prayer. If you say something which is not worthy of God to hear, then you should apologize to God: "Heavenly Father, I said that because I am not a unified person, my mind and body are not yet one. But when they do become united, I will never say these kinds of things again." When you make that kind of apology, it's okay, and it is an important condition by which you can be forgiven. You should confess everything to God that you have done wrong each day, "I did this, that and the other things wrong. Father, I think I achieved only about 75% goodness today. Tomorrow I will do better." You should keep track of your own performance each day in your nightly prayer. You should train yourself daily in that way.

What is the cheapest meal you can buy in a restaurant? I used to think pizza was cheap, but I found out that it wasn't. Even hot dogs are too expensive. How about sweet potatoes? Perhaps you planned to go out to eat at a nice restaurant one evening, but it might be appropriate to say, "I will stay home and be satisfied with just a potato tonight." We have to train ourselves. If we cannot pray for three hours continuously, how can we ever achieve peace? Three hour peace is not even achieved. So thirty hour or three days; we should be able to pray for three days continually like that. We have to train ourselves to do that. Even more than ten years. God himself has been praying throughout eternity, and so should we.

Without training, you cannot improve. Until such time as you can say, "Now I am absolutely confident that my body will obey my mind," you must stay in training. Sometimes I think about nothing else but my old fishing rod and those striped bass. Then those members who are out fishing with me have to remind me, "Father, aren't you ready for your lunch?" I ask them, "Are you hungry? I'm not even thinking about food." I know that they may be hungry; they are not worrying about whether I'm hungry or not. You see, centering on Father, the spirit world is videotaping everything. How can you let that be videotaped, to be hungry and be calling for lunch?

Suppose this congregation today is being captured on some grand videotape which shows everybody, and also there is a videotape being made of each individual. What kind of mind have you had while sitting here for three and a half hours? You have nodded off, your mind has wandered. How will you bear to watch that videotape later? Always remember that you are never truly alone, even though you are by yourself. Someone is always watching you. Heavenly Father and the cosmos itself is watching you.

Jim, have your mind and body become one? Now that you have been living with your Korean wife for a long time, are you thinking, "I wonder what it would be like to have an American wife"? Do you have complete control over your own sexual activity? In other words, do you have confidence that you can control yourself totally in that area? I hear several people answering "yes" but not everyone. That means they cannot control their sexual organs everywhere in every situation. That is a problem. The most fearful, important gate is the sexual organ. Making a mistake one time means destruction of the nation, tribe and whole family. Everything fell down in that way, right? So it's the most fearful place. American men and women open their gates so freely; free sex is the way of destruction. But now that you have understood God's side, you feel how bad that is. It is most fearful. Who made those things happen? God did not inspire such things. Satan did.

How can it be that free sex and individualism are so widespread in this country founded on Christianity? The Bible never taught that kind of action. Who caused those things to come about? Satan, none other, inspired the individualistic way of thinking. That is the enemy of Christianity and the ideal world. How can we change it? This is the problem. There is no easy way. But we have to change it, turning it around 180 degrees.

Human beings have two kinds of openings that are dangerous: the mouth and the sexual organs. The mouth wants to eat good food, right? That is Satan's armament for destroying God's ideal world in the future.

When your husband is sleeping beside you but you know you haven't brought your mind and body into unity, then you have to pray and repent to God with tears. "God, I am the worst woman in the whole world. From now on, I promise to change. I will turn around 180 degrees." From that point, you can truly change. Satan's realm and influence will completely disappear. Otherwise, there will be no way for change. In that way the holy world can take root in you.

To turn around 360 degrees is the result of bringing your mind and body into unity. So the dream of the mind is to become one with the body; the dream of the body is to become one with the mind. An individual's sorrow comes from the fact that his mind and body are disunited. There is a difference between gymnastics and dancing, right? This is dancing, and this is gymnastics [Father demonstrates.] They have different positions, but reciprocal positions are maintained in harmony in both activities. In ballet, they jump to incredible heights, but then they land on one foot, twirling around. Absolutely one foot, not two. That represents the ideal place. The ideal position is balanced on that one center point.

Likewise in the family, we should have one center, not two centers. Now in the fallen world they have two centers in the family. How can they achieve one true center? That true center is love. Everything has to be balanced around that one center. That is where the dream will continue and grow.

It is time for us to come to the conclusion today. Much time has passed already. The dream of the newborn baby is to learn everything from its parents. Suckling his mother's milk, gazing at his mother's face, he seeks approval from her, right? (Speaking to sisters:) Do you like man or woman? Man actually does not own anything. You may work hard keeping house for your man and he comes home with a salary once a month. But that's all he has. You are at home, taking care of the children, your husband doesn't do anything. So you've got your purse in your hand, your children in your hands. When someone asks a child, "Do you want to go to your father or your mother," which does the child normally choose? Yes, he chooses his mother.

Does the flesh of the child come from the mother or the father? Yes, the mother. The bone may come from the man, but the flesh comes from the mother. Children naturally like soft things, such as the mother's cheek and mother's bosom. Their father's coarse, scratchy face with its beard is much less soothing. It is probable that women don't have beards because it wouldn't be good for the children. Thus, no matter how beautiful a woman may be, it is never for herself. Remember that your beauty is for your children to touch and be comforted by. Your whole body is the property of someone else: your hips, bosom, face. They belong to your husband and your children. No part is yours alone.

Father really learned a lesson from Shin Chul Nim, the youngest born, Heung Jin Nim's new son. Mother is soft, so when she embraced her grandson, he was happy and content. But then I took the baby in my arms, and even though I was trying to be very gentle, cushioning him in my arms, he started crying in less than five minutes. All our grandchildren are really happy to be around Mother, not so much Father. They will give me a kiss, but that's about all they want to do.

Most of the time, the father is just a bystander, just watching the children. That's all he can do. Who is closer to happiness, man or woman? The woman is closer because they have almost everything now. They wait all day long for the return of their husband. She has a dream. The one who has a dream is the happy person. Man is not like that. When he goes out to work, most of the time he has to face struggles and problems. It is constant fighting, in a way. After this exhausting day, he comes back home and is tired. All he wants to do is just sleep. His short dream is to meet the smiling face of his wife, maybe. That's all. If that wife greets him like a tyrannical queen, how disappointed will that man be. So that's your dream after waiting all day long for him to come home: to receive. Embrace him, baby him, ask him about his day, sympathize with his difficulties. Tell him, "I understand, dear. Please sit down and rest." Don't you think that kind of couple is most happy? I like that. Do you like that? (Yes, Father.) Even you American women, do you really like that? That is truly necessary. We have to live like that.

The time to foster the dream-who has more time for that, man or woman? Yes, woman. Life is very simple for man. He has one suit, and that's all he needs. Year in and year out, that's all. Just like you women who are so colorful, your dream is also colorful. You can always go out in public, to the marketplace. You have that time, too. Sometimes you may even sneak into the theater to watch a movie. Do you think any man has the time to do such a thing during the day? No, he doesn't have time. Who is it that goes out to the battlefield and dies? Have you ever seen a professional army of women go out and fight and die? (One sister says: Yes, but who makes war?) [Father laughs.] Anyway, all the difficult things are the man's responsibility. So we must realize how relatively happy the woman's position is.

The house of our dream is our mother. A dream also likes to have a house to live in. Is that our mother or our father? Mother. Suppose a boy and girl are arguing about this, saying "It's Mother." "No, it's Father." Which would be the correct conclusion? (Parents.) That's a cunning grown-up answer, but for the children, it's either mother or father. Which one? You know, it's mother. That means she is representing happiness.

From the individual to higher and higher levels the dream is to occupy God Himself. The only way to get there is to suffer. Not simply to suffer but to suffer for the sake of others. Invest in others, then forget. Invest and forget. That is how to make the foundation of happiness. That is the path of our dream.

Can you imagine how much hardship I had to go through individually and in the family level, especially to find one woman? There are Cain women and Abel women. How difficult it was to find the right woman. And the struggle on all those levels with the Cain/Abel clan, the Cain/Abel country and Cain/Abel world. God and man are in same situation. What is the dream of God Himself? Is God's dream just His children? There are three components of God's dream: children, husband and wife, and parents. God wanted to see the fulfillment of those three: the child's position, couple's position, and parents' position. [Father actually said, "Childrenship, coupleship, and parentship."] That was the formula which was to be multiplied throughout the world.

So what is the dream of God? Perfect man, perfect woman, and perfect children. Everything combined into one. That's God's dream; growing up with brotherhood. Now brothers separate. There is no couples place and no subject and object position. Everyone is alone and separated. Do you understand? First we must grow up, then combine, man and woman. We need mind and body combination. How can that mind and body combine?

That's like springtime, like a colorful flower blossoming. That blossom opens up and gives out fragrance. Deep inside there is honey, nectar. There is color, fragrance, and honey. Those three are necessary for life, the next generation. Connecting both subject and object these elements combine in one place. New birth starts from there and spreads out. So in God's ideal, Adam and Eve are born and grow as children. They were meant to grow up to the perfection stage. Just before that point, they fell. Our ancestors fell by Satan's influence.

Woman's dream resides with man. Man's dream resides with woman. "My dream is partnership with the opposite sex," each one says. Thus both cross to the center point, the vertical line, and connect horizontally. That is the time of marriage. Do you understand? Making that True Love center the connecting place is the ultimate center. That is the focal point. That man and woman combine completely with no resistance; nothing against them.

The dream of God is to see true sons and daughters. All of you here are potentially true sons and daughters of God. Can anyone of you say, "Yes, I am a true son/daughter"? Raise your hand if you can. Why do you laugh? Has God's dream been achieved? No. If God's dream is not realized, can man and woman's dream be realized first? Not likely. A lot of men and women are married, but whom are they centered on when they get married, God or Satan? Why Satan? It is because Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, and after that gave birth to their children. There is no way of denying that man has been born in the lineage of Satan. If man or woman had been born as a child centering on God, then his or her mind and body would have been one and stayed one. They would never be separated. So as they lived like that, they would go to Heaven naturally without doing anything extra. But as it is, we are born a different way. There is no one who can go at all.

That was the case in Jesus' time, too, how to make oneness between mind and body. That was the major task. We have to resemble God. First we have to be born like that. Second, as we grow to completion, we have to be married centering on God. We must become sons and daughters that God would approve of and then God will deploy the vertical relationship. In other words, we give birth to children in the horizontal realm, but God created man and woman vertically. It is the same way. Why? Because vertical alone is not sufficient. Vertical cannot reproduce. There is only one point along that one line. That cannot multiply. But God wanted to enlarge the world. In order to make that horizontal foundation, he established the True Parents so He can produce horizontally. This creates horizontal expansion. Therefore, it is true that here on earth, we find reproduction but not in spirit world. No one in spirit world can give birth to a child. We have to realize that God would discourage the outside world from expanding allowing less and less people in the population. Whereas, here, centering on the Blessed families, the population will become larger and larger. Later on there will be a transfer. So Father had fourteen children, just like rain pouring down. Here in America the white population is getting smaller and smaller. The numbers of white school age children is shrinking, while the blacks and other minority groups are becoming more numerous. Why is that? It is because the whites are more self-centered and individualistic. So no matter how beautiful a white woman may be, no matter how beautiful her bosom may be, her beautiful bosom will blame her: "You are making me useless. You are making the beautiful hips useless. We had a purpose but we are not serving that purpose."

There is not enough population to occupy the vast, immense spirit world, so is it better to have many children or to have a few? Yes, many. Even though I have many children, when one is missing, I feel empty. So I can easily imagine God must feel the same way.

The power of women is great. Mother and I have many children with many different personalities and characteristics. One time, one of the children walked into the house, looked around and saw that Mother was not there. He said, "Oh, nobody's home." But I was sitting there and so were many of his brothers! That made me even more aware of Mother's power. God really created man and woman equal. Representing the earth, woman must be flat, like the ground, so she will never wobble. Man, on the other hand, is vertical so he doesn't have to be flat. So the secret of stability is for you women to become broad and flat. (Laughter.)

Happiness for a woman lies in having a house full of children to love and take care of, not just having a husband who goes out every day and works and comes home at night. So you all need children, don't you? Also you need a spouse, right? And then you and your spouse become a father and mother. The children learn everything from their father and mother. Their dream from birth is to learn everything from their father and mother as they grow and become older. One position is couple's position, the other is parents' position. The child grows up learning, first from the mother who embraces him, and feeds him milk. He learns about his mother's characteristics in that way. He grows up and learns about his father's characteristics. He learns everything from his parents. He says, "My parents are strong and great. I like my parents more than God! They are greater than any king." That's true! The most precious people to the child are his parents.

So there are two positions here, one is parents and the other is couples. Both embrace the children who are growing up to their teenage years. They learn everything, saying, "I want to become that kind of parent, just like my own parents. I want to have that kind of couple." After that, the mature child wants to form a couple and become a parent himself. This is the hope, the dream of the child which is directly drawn from his parents.

Then this dream expands to the clan, and he becomes the king of his own clan. His ultimate dream is to reach to God. Since God lives in spirit world, the spirit world is filled with the air of love. Love is the air we breathe in spirit world. Unless we have lungs, we cannot breathe air on earth. Unless we have the ability to breathe love, we will be unable to breath love in spirit world. How do you develop the spiritual lungs for love? It is only by living for the sake of others.

What is a person's dream after going to spirit world? It is to resemble God Himself. So we start from water here on earth; a fountain, then come back to the fountain for water. Starting from God, born of God, we travel through a lifetime, and then come to this fountain. Our ultimate dream, then, is to become like God.

On the foundation of total oneness between husband and wife, they can return to God. They represent sung-sang and hyung-sang , the duality of God. Centered on True Love, those dual characteristics of God combined into one. That represents God. Do you understand? From the origin, there is a separation into two which is expansion. Everything multiplies then connects. Following the True Love concept, everything combines into one. So representative woman and man combine with True Love, all those creatures are also connected everywhere. This is the root which grows in only one direction. True Love's direction is only one. Centering on the True Love direction as the mainstream, every creature is connected everywhere. Man and woman make up the couple which is the center. Completely united in mind and body-man's dual characteristics and woman's dual characteristics, those four parts become completely combined into one. That is like God's essence, God's construction. True duality characteristics. Spiritual world is the ultimate purpose. How can we liberate God's position? This is the purpose of the life of all humankind. Do you understand? We have to come back to God's original position. So we start here, making many rivers, many streams. After that we become like underground water, then stream out as a fountain. It has the same meaning. You have to go back to God's original characteristic.

So in the spirit world, everybody should come back to God. When you look at a man in the spirit world, woman is in him. If you ask who she is, she is his wife. Return to the duality of God, become a friend of God. When a son grows up and becomes old, he becomes a friend of his own father, right? The same is true with you and God. We live for the sake of others, just as God does. That is where peace is found. That is our dream; to return to God. Does God have two different minds? No, He has absolutely one mind. God is the absolute being, which means only one, not two. The Love Way is absolutely one, not two, directions.

The kind of person who says, "I came into being all on my own," is the kind of person who will surely go to hell. By that standard, the average American will go to hell because he thinks he is entirely self-sufficient. Imagine someone who confidently says, "I will never die. I will live forever." No one has such an opinion. Everyone must die eventually. Each year, new students come into a school after the graduation of other students. Those who graduate can't remain in the school; they have to go out into the world. In just the same manner, people have to leave this world and go into the spirit world. We cannot adjust to life in the spirit world after we get there. We have to learn how to adjust to life in spirit world while we are living here on earth. Then we will be able to have a comfortable life in spirit world when it is time to go there.

Make no mistake about it. Just as people prepare for a big wedding, bringing gifts when they come to the wedding, we must have something to bring with us when we go to spirit world. What must we bring with us? It is to live here on earth reaching out to those within the satanic lineage, grafting them into our own lineage which is that of God, and bring as many of them as possible. That is our property. It is our dream, our goal, that we graft into as many people as we possibly can within the satanic world. That is why we send out missionaries to different countries and localities, and graft them and bring them as part of our clan to spirit world. That is our purpose in life here: the tribe. To expand our lineage on earth is our purpose of life here in the Unification Church.

In other words, it is our dream to connect as many people as possible from the satanic realm to the realm of God, bringing them together as part of our own tribe. I never want to hear anyone say, "Oh, Father, you never told me about that." For that reason, I have given long sermons over and over again making the same point: how we should live here on earth.

What about God, does He have to eat food? He may eat, He may not eat. We too, we may eat, we may not eat. God's main work is not to eat. His main work is to restore the lost mankind into His domain, by recreation. What is our main work? It is the same. Like God, we should create something to cling to, for which we can always cry, something which we always love. That is our work, as well as God's work. Father's words of recreation make you revive and resurrect. They have great power to recreate. With those words, you can recreate outside people. They, too, will be fascinated and will be recreated. Can you do that, or is it only Father who can do that for you? (We can do it.) Of course you can. You have the same meaning, same content, the same power. God always connects with the ideal, the same essence as Father is giving to you. Change everything for the better. You can do that just as much as I can. You have that very armament. If the President of the United States had the same armament as we do, all of America would come to be resurrected, literally overnight. That's the strength of the armament which you have. Until that time comes, until the President is teaching Principle, you have to continue.

It is not political power which America is lacking. It is not economic power, either. No matter how much money this country might make, it would stay the same and even get worse. But Father's words, your words, can save America. Do you believe that? Do you really know that? Since you know this, you cannot stay silent. We want to speak and speak so much that our mouths are bleeding. That will be our pride. When I go to spirit world, will my mouth occupy the king of mouths position, or servant of mouths position? (King.) If there is a museum of lips, where will my lips be placed? Will they be on the top pedestal? In the Five Senses Museum, all five of my senses will be in the top position.

So you must do as I have done and am doing. We all want to stay somewhere near Father, don't we? Okay, you have a way to do that. No matter whom you meet, wherever you go, speak to them. Tell them what I have told you. Day and night. At that point, Heaven begins. Otherwise, your mouth will be accused, "You heard the truth, why didn't you speak?" So you don't have to bring anything to anybody, not even to Father. Keep them yourself because you have to be prosperous before Father can be prosperous.

Now we all know about the dream of the Unification Church. These three dreams are there. They are all possible: to return to God, to bring many people to God, from the individual, family, clan up to the universe all coming to God. We sacrifice for that purpose. All of these dreams will surely be realized. They are not too big for us to achieve. It can be achieved all in one time, when the time comes. That is what we must strive for. From this perspective, are we unhappy people or happy people? We are people of hope, people of dreams. So the members of the Unification Church usually don't ever get old. They age much more slowly. We don't have any feelings of despair. We don't have to worry. We have security. That means you don't waste much energy. You use that energy for courageous, purposeful action.

We are happy people, are we not? (Yes.) Our dream is not a million years away. It is almost instantaneous. Now you can go out on the lawn and caress the blue grass. The dream is already realized there. Your hands touch the grass. You can think, "I am the true owner of this grass." All of nature is respecting your ownership. For the first time in history, they are meeting their rightful owners. How wonderful this is! Wherever you go, you will be recognized as the owner of creation. You will actually be able to hear the sound of "Mansei" ringing out from the creation. Is that a happy situation? How happy? It is like God looking down and saying, "Look at you! You did it!" So happy!

Even when I had to go to jail and endure torture, with blood flowing out of my body, I could feel grateful to offer my blood as a sacrifice for the sake of mankind. It was direct indemnity. I truly felt this because of the power of the dream. Goom. Does the Unification Church have lots of dreams, or just a few, small dreams? Father has lots and lots of dreams. I have done a variety of activities and have surprised many people. They wondered, "How can one individual do so many things and make such a broad foundation?" Everyone has had to bow down to me, once they realized the extent of my activities. Then they follow with humility and meekness. Even if I shouted at you, "Don't you follow behind me!" what would you do? (Follow you!) How powerful the dream you have is!

May glory come to all the members of the Unification Church who have such a rich and tremendous dream, a dream which is reachable. Especially this year, during the spring month of May, as we all sit here in health and pursuit of that dream. That is what Father is wishing for you. All nature is wishing prosperity for you. But in one lifetime, we will bring prosperity to all of heaven and earth. Each of us can say, "How wonderful I am!" (Applause)

Until now, we were working like ants and living like ants, but we don't need to do that any more. We are liberated. Because of the establishment of these critical foundations, now we are liberated. Let us live like grasshoppers. Amen! Those who say, "We will gladly pursue our dream, like the grasshopper," raise your hands. (Laughter) "Grasshopper" means we are working as if we were dancing. Don't be an idle grasshopper but work joyfully like a grasshopper, dancing with joy. God bless you.

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