The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Liquidation Or The Completion Of The Dispensation Of Salvation

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
June 7, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

We don't have much time this morning, so please listen attentively. Mother and Father are leaving early this afternoon.

We say as every day words, "We love God," but there is a serious question we must ask, "What is the will of God?" For instance, the world of traditional Christianity does not know clearly what is the will of God. People in theological seminaries are supposed to be experts in the will of God but they do not know it. Some famous person said, "God's will is something easy to explain and something difficult to explain." But that doesn't mean anything, it doesn't explain anything.

As Unification Church members, we know what the will of God is. It is very simple: God's will is to complete His purpose of creation. We agree on that, don't we? Then we must ask the question, "What is the purpose of creation?" We know that it is simply the completion of the four-position foundation of Adam and Eve. That means Adam will be completed in love, and Eve will be completed in love-perfected, that is-and both will become united in love and give birth to good children. Those children will grow in love and form a perfect family centered on love. This is the purpose of creation. Do you agree with that?

The will of God, simply speaking, is to complete the four-position foundation. Then comes the question, what is the fall? The fall was something which negated that purpose, something which made the four-position foundation impossible. Therefore, God's will became that of re-establishing His original purpose of creation. It has taken six thousand years of history to do it again, to indemnify and liquidate the problems. To clear it up. To indemnify, (tangam in Korean) means to liquidate or clear up. Indemnity is the only way for God to restart.

One of the most difficult concepts for people in the Western world to understand is this concept of indemnity. They ask, "Why, since God is supposed to be only good in every way, does He make people pay the price of indemnity?" They say, "We are all right. We don't need indemnity. We are strong, we have an advanced culture and we have always been that way. I don't agree with indemnity." But whether or not you agree, success in this world means success within the satanic realm. If people continue to disregard indemnity and its value, then the only way they can go is down and perish.

The remedy is to go backwards. If you have done something wrong, you have to correct it. If you have been using drugs, you have to stop using drugs; if you have been engaging in free sex, you have to stop such activity. Indemnity is the reverse way, and it is something which America and the Western world needs very badly. This world cannot go on the way it is going now. To discover how to deny and to negate the direction it is headed in today is a very important task for us. Otherwise, we cannot accomplish the will of God.

First we must know what happened during the six thousand years of God's dispensational history. Then we must desire to indemnify it and return back to God. Without that, we cannot return to God's schedule, God's track. Therefore, we have to deny. The result of the fall was that Satan came to be in the top position, and God came to be in the bottom position. How can God go back to His rightful position? It is only by passing through that zero point. Without going through the zero point, one cannot be restored to the right position.

Here is the reason for that paradoxical statement of Jesus, "If you die, you will live. But if you want to live, you must die". He said, "Your enemies are the members of your own family. The ones you love the most are your enemies". Why? Because of them, many times, we do not go the way of Principle. This is precisely what has happened to many of us: the ones who stop our advancement toward God are our own family members. Our own relatives kidnap us to take us away from this church because in this church, we come to belong to God's family. They do these things because they do not understand. The purpose of this church is to liberate the sons and daughters of God, as well as all beings.

Even within each person, our mind and body struggle; they always disagree. The mind is drawn to the satanic side. But the mind has more of a desire to go closer to God, whereas the body is further away from God. Both the mind and the body of every individual belong to the satanic side, but they should have been on God's side, as we know. So for the mind to go to God's side, you have to go through here (drawing on blackboard) - that original center point. The body also wants to go to God's side. In order to do that, the individual man must first deny himself. By the same token, if a woman with conflicted mind and body gets together with a man like that, they will conflict with each other, just as the mind and body conflict. That is because they are in the satanic realm. They disagree and lack harmony. In order for such a family to pay indemnity and be restored, each individual must deny himself and stop fighting with the other. No matter what happens, he or she must not fight. Each sacrifices himself in that way.

When an individual is able to harmonize his own mind and body, he will be able to form a family without conflict. That is a family in which husband and wife do not fight. In order for an individual to be able to return to God's side, he must realize this unity not only individually but also in his family. Centering on that family, the clan must achieve the same kind of harmony and unity. Therefore, unless the family attains this unity, the clan can never attain it.

So there are three steps: individual, family, and clan. Through those three steps, we can come completely into God's side. After the clan, we know that the next higher unit is the nation. And the nation can be turned to God's side. We understand the general concept of what steps we have to follow.

We have to fight against evil within ourselves on the individual level, family level, clan level, and nation level. We advance to each higher level as we fight and win over the evil within. At each step, we have to fight and win. These are not just my own words. This is history. History can be described as the succession of this action. Finally, after the national level is won, the world level must also be won.

The world is the same. We already know why the right and left wings came into existence in the world from the very beginning. In order for them to be restored, they have to go the original point, the zero point. They, too, must deny themselves first in order to pass through this zero point. Whether it is democracy, right wing, or left wing it doesn't matter. Without exception, they must follow this formula and go through this zero point.

To liberate hell, we must go the same way. To solve the individual problem of good and evil is difficult enough, but to move hell itself and liberate it is so much more difficult. It is easy to say the words, but how difficult it is to do it!

People talk about the Last Days, they draw pictures of what they think it will be like. What will it be like in the Last Days? One way to discern that the Last Days are here is that everyone will be enemies with everyone else. Even within the family, the husband and wife will be enemies, children turn against parents. Then you can say, "This is the End Time." Since this is the case between individuals everywhere, then no two families will unite. Families will be enemies. Nations, also, will be enemies everywhere, pursuing their own interests. So in that kind of situation, imagine how difficult it would be to turn from that hellish world into heaven. It could never be a simple task. Just imagine.

In that kind of hopeless world, someone bigger is reigning over each person. That is Satan, striding right above each person, telling him what to do, "Do this, do that. No matter how hard you try, you cannot win over me. I am stronger." You all think about yourselves first, don't you? That is Satan. You should think, "My way of thinking about me first is from Satan." Then we have to ruthlessly contain ourselves, "No, no, don't think about myself." We have to deny ourselves, turning ourselves upside down. It is like standing on our head, with our feet in the air. Nobody is comfortable with such a drastic change. Nobody wants that, especially when they don't understand it.

How difficult, how agonizingly painful it must have been for God to pursue these different levels of unity, turning them into heaven. We are in that kind of situation today; God, too, is in that situation today. Over and over again, we tried and struggled against Satan, with God hoping for us to succeed, but we never did. Humankind never succeeded one iota until now, even though God was always hoping for us to succeed. And God is right beside us to witness that, so when we understand that, is God a God of glory and comfort, or is God a sad and miserable God, even more miserable than we are? He is more miserable than we are.

Think about it this way: each person lives only one generation and then he dies. After that time, we are relieved of the pain of this life. But God has existed and lived through one generation after another, over and over again, endlessly engaged in this terrible war. Therefore, God has been in terrible pain. How miserable has been God's situation! Nobody has known that throughout history. If someone could have understood what God was doing, God may have felt better. But nobody could figure out why God was doing the things He did, or understood God's will. How much more miserable was God!

Thus to attain salvation or to be saved, we cannot advance this easy way (pointing to board?). We have to advance that way by going the impossible way. Often, however, we don't know where we are going so naturally we walk this easy, wrong way. God's task has been a desperate attempt to educate people. During the historical time of the individual level of the dispensation, God introduced religion to educate the individual and family. After that, the time of the clan and the national level came. Accordingly, God introduces new religious concepts, and through religion God attempted to educate human beings, paying all the price of educating man.

So America is a nation within the Christian cultural realm, correct? And American people have been proud that they were part of that Christian culture, even though they did not know what position they are on. Did you know that today Christendom is controlled by the left, by those who used to be the communists? That element is controlling Christendom, but the Christians do not even know it. Now, unfortunately as we see, this Christian culture has been reduced to individualism, free sex, drug abuse and so forth. Is that God's original ideal-free sex and individualism? Is that Jesus' idea? No, clearly not. Those are enemies to Jesus. That is Satan's idea.

What good will it do if the individual is saved while the family, clan and nation are being lost? Nothing is gained because the individual has no place to go. The individual is not a unit in Heaven. As a matter of fact, the United States has even lost the individual, as evidenced by the miserable condition of hippies and yippees. Why can the individual not be better than that? America lost everything, even the individual. There is nothing to be proud of in front of God. You are intelligent people gathered here today, but can any one of you say to me, "You are wrong about this country. We are still good." Can any intelligent person say that? It is so simple and clear.

What is the way to solve this problem? It is by denying everything at one time. At the same time. After that, all we remember, all we care about is this: God and the completed four-position foundation of Adam and Eve. That is all we advance toward.

If we speak about "true God," it may perplex some people. They say, "What are you talking about? Do you mean there was a false God somehow?" But we can explain what we mean by that. Until now, almighty God was not the way He was originally. God is now the center of salvation, rather than the original God of glory. He is working for our salvation, but that is not the work He was originally supposed to do and He will not be doing that forever and ever. People ask, "How can God be persecuted? I can't imagine God being persecuted." But that is exactly the case. God is lamenting and suffering. God is in a miserable situation now. That is not God's original position. You cannot deny that. Therefore, God is not True God yet. But now we want to recognize and realize True God.

We are putting "True" to everything: parents, which were not True Parents until now. Now we recognize True God, True Father, True Mother, True Son, True Daughter, True Family. Everything is becoming true, including God himself. This is what we must want because this is our goal. This is where we are going to be saved. But what do the average people, Western and Oriental, go after today in their lives? Comparing this ultimate concept and goal with what they are actually pursuing, how many of these have we been connected with? You know the answer well. You cannot deny any part of that. You may say, "I will get to Heaven my own way somehow." Is that practical or possible? Only after getting in here (pointing to board) can we go over to Heaven, but not before.

Those who say, "Father, that's too complicated! Mankind should not have to go through that," raise your hands. I will ask you the question. Everyone here will agree with me, "Yes, Father, difficult and unfortunate as it may be, it is all true." But are we unfortunate people, or are we fortunate people? (Fortunate.) Only after meeting Parents. We are fortunate only in the limited sense of being here, learning these concepts and so forth, but if we don't live up to that standard, we are just as unfortunate as anybody else in the world.

The topic of my sermon today is liquidation, meaning to clean up. So these are the models through which we can end the indemnity, pay it all out. We not only go through each level, but we also go above them. This is where we should be. Are we there now, today? Yes or no? (No.)

So we see that God introduced humankind to religion, but religion has never gone smoothly. Religious people have always been persecuted. God himself has been persecuted. Religious people have had to live miserably. God felt so sorry for them, and He could not help but give them aid. If this was not so, God does not have to help only miserable people. But today, the reality is that every truly religious person is miserable. So God has to sympathize with miserable people, because He too is miserable.

What is God? God is the miserable king of the world which has fallen into misery. Only because He is in the same situation of misery can He save miserable people. My point today is that this is a reality. It is imperative that you understand the position you are in today. Some people don't want to think about it, but we must. We have to know what position we are in today.

All religious people have been miserable. Look at the Israelites, who were the first and central religious people in God's dispensation for salvation. Were they happy and prosperous people or did they suffer a lot? Even at this time, what is their situation? Why did the people of religion have to be like that, the most miserable, in the mainstream of God's thought. Satan will mercilessly strike those already miserable people because he wants to stop that one in a million chance of succeeding.

This is all Satan's territory. Wherever there is the tiniest area of God's influence in that territory, everybody comes and strikes at it. They don't want God in there. They attack individually, by family, nation. We have already seen this. But as more years go by, everything will be struck by Satan. There will be even that day remaining.

But as Satan strikes you and me to kill us, we don't die. We survive. Then Satan loses and we win. Satan cannot attack the resurrecting God. Satan cannot strike us twice-that's the law of heaven. This is the apex. So the Bible rightfully said that those who are willing to die will live. What does that mean? If we don't understand this general situation, we cannot explain that statement by Jesus, a very important one. Those who want to die for God's sake will live because they will resurrect through God's power. Indeed we will die without question, because Satan is powerful. But while we are dying, we have to cling on to God. Embrace God and then die. Death comes through Satan. I cannot live again unless God lives again. Since God is resurrecting, I resurrect also. So when we go down to the very lowest point, the very bottom, and still do not let go of God and are willing to die with God, then Satan may kill us but when God resurrects, we will resurrect too. We are one with God and Satan cannot touch us. This is the resurrection. To be born again.

The dead person is on Satan's side. The resurrected, born again person is on God's side. This is how the sequence of the birth order can be changed. The first born one can become the last one born.

Now do you have a clear idea of the path history has followed? This is a summary of history. Whose view is this? It is God's view. God looks at us this way, and God looks at history this way. God's purpose is to bring us right here (pointing to blackboard). Then who is God's son and who is God's daughter? God's son and daughter are willing to go where God is, to do what God is doing, and in this misery to plant God's heart, God's tradition, God's lineage-God's everything. While they are doing that, Satan will constantly come against them. They must not only go to the miserable place and do good works of God, but also they must be persecuted. The individual will persecuted me, the family will persecute our family, the nation will persecuted our nation, all the world will persecuted us. Yet I (we) will continue to do that work and will eventually succeed.

As we see, Jesus was the one who did that. He was struck on the individual level, struck on the family, struck by the nation-all levels. Later he was killed by Satan. When he died, he embraced God. He grasped God and said, "I will do your will." And then the resurrection took place. Then Jesus was lifted up to a different dimension and Christendom was spread to the world level.

At the end of World War II, after America had won that great victory and was in the most powerful position in the world, it was the best time to establish God's foundation. America did not know this. America was ignorant of the time. That is when America was ready to serve the Messiah who was coming in the flesh. Just as he left in the flesh, he was coming in the flesh. America was ordained to support him and help him reach out and save the whole world. Just as America fought and lost a lot of lives, a great sacrifice, we have to go through such a struggle-both spiritually and physically-in order to serve the Messiah himself.

That's one point. The second point is that America was not blessed so much for the sake of Americans alone. America was blessed for the sake of the whole world. This was unmistakably God's intention. Clearly this is the reason God blessed America. Yet once the white, Anglo-Saxon people who were so richly blessed here in America started to declare, "This is all for me. I don't care about the rest of the world," then America will suffer. Due to the lack of food on this planet, 20 million people are suffering from hunger and many are dying. And when they die, they die accusing that rich nation of America-American people, American culture, and even Christendom. What is the consequence if Americans continue to live in such a self-centered, uncaring way toward the rest of the world? The inescapable consequence is that American offspring will suffer. The second generation will not grow up healthy.

These conditions are all very real, and at that point there is almost no hope. At this point, Reverend Moon emerges bringing hope. If he does something right, America can live. This is what we have to realize. By clinging to him, he will change this world. Even though everything is occupied by Satan, he will move to where there is less Satan. Now Reverend Moon comes to re-indemnify the individual, to re-indemnify the family, clan and nation. God already built the necessary base of indemnity through religion, but that base was all washed away because of the failure at the end of World War II. If America had understood the situation and had behaved accordingly, then this kind of misery would not have had to happen. There would have been no need to repeat it again.

Today there is only one person in the world who is teaching all these concepts. That is Reverend Moon. There is no other philosopher, theologian or religious leader in the world who understands about these things. Only Reverend Moon has this kind of understanding and is bringing it directly to America. This teaching was rejected and ultimately I was put in jail. In that way, Father was completely denied, rejected. Since the jailing of Reverend Moon, America is becoming even more hopeless. The whole world has no real sense of hope.

Reverend Moon might have given up at that lowest point. But we know why he cannot give up, why we cannot give up. So Father went into jail, came out again and did all over again what he had been doing here for 20 years. Still it was pitch dark and people didn't understand what Reverend Moon was doing. Now that is today's situation. Has anyone of you really welcomed Father, beyond your life prepared to give up their life to welcome him? Even the Moonies didn't respond that way. All the time, taking, taking, taking. Only wanting to get into heaven without fulfilling the purpose and so actually destroying the purpose.

Who is the one who really welcomed Reverend Moon from the first day? Imagine. The presence of Reverend Moon is almost like a miracle by itself, but have you ever stopped to think how much God and mankind had to suffer and pay indemnity for this to happen, for Reverend Moon to come to America and reside here? Do you really know how much suffering and indemnity is there behind Reverend Moon?

You say, "Oh, Father, what you teach is so good and exciting, but I cannot do what you ask." Have you said that? You may not have said those words with your mouth, but what about your mind? Even today, how much do you support Father, how intensely do you embrace me? You just think about your own history-your kindergarten, grammar school, high school, university. Your own family situation, your nation. That is what you always think about. You stand with that as your center and then look at me and compare. You deny but the contents of what I say are truth. You say, "What should I do?" Then you give lip service to the truth. You know well that this is true.

This nation of America went against Father so totally, and Father is still shedding sweat here. For more than 20 years now, Father has been here, 20 years of my prime time, for you-each one of you. What is the value of each fallen person? As of today, it is trash, the trash of mankind. There is nothing within you that you can say, "That part of my body belongs to God." Think about that. You know what a really serious position you are in today.

When I first came here, there was not one individual who could claim to be victorious on the individual level. There was no family, no national level representative. Father represented everything himself. I said to God, "I represent mankind, I represent the individual, the family." Also, when my work moved up to the national level and while communism was still a power, the CIA and the KGB even joined forces against Reverend Moon. America was even willing to couple with the communist forces to try to hurt Reverend Moon. All the while I was working for their sake. Now it is a historical fact that even in the midst of all that persecution, Reverend Moon did not leave this country. Risking my life, I remained here.

Once Americans learn about this, they will become truly grateful for tens of thousands of years to come. They know there is no way they can repay their debt. This trash of mankind was picked up out of the garbage can, brushed and cleaned off, nourished and turned into God's sons and daughters. That is what I have been determined to do in this country. That is God's intention, God's purpose of sending me here-to do just that.

I have done that exactly, teaching you and nourishing you. Now at least Father should have a few of you standing on your own two feet capable of taking care of this country America. And then I will be able to go back to Korea. You think about it. America is in a crisis, as we know well, but what about the rest of the world? What about Korea? What about the unification of the world? We know what effort it is going to take to unify the world. The world is God's agenda, not just a country, not even the large nation of America. I know that as long as we don't die, so long as we stand upright, America will not perish. God will save America so long as we are here standing up righteously. Knowing that, Father can now leave America and go back to Korea and tend to the more important business of the world.

A lot of people want to make use of Reverend Moon, not necessarily in a righteous way. It is like a boat floating on the sea of death. Everywhere is the water of death, but once we climb into a boat, we can start paddling, even with our hands and arms. We know where our boat should go. This is the place of our hope-there (pointing to something on blackboard). That we know, don't we? We know where we are supposed to go after here. Even if we die without completing everything, we must pass this on to our children and other members of the clan, saying, "What Reverend Moon is teaching us is true. Abide by it. Cling to it." Then if we die, they will have to do it since we didn't.

Even though American people might try, they can never uproot all the things we have planted here during these past 20 years, including The Washington Times and others. The way of thinking which has been introduced cannot be uprooted. In all areas, not only religious but also economic, industrial, academic-you name it-there is no area of human activity where Father's thought is not implanted. Can you do it from here on, or not? (We can do it!) If we keep ourselves alive and work hard in this direction, then America will not perish.

Those who say, "Oh, Father, with or without our effort, America will continue to survive. Nothing can cause America to perish," raise your hands. I am asking for those who believe that America will be okay without our worrying about it. Of course, no one here raised his hand.

Until now, all the bad elements of mankind have persecuted and opposed those who pursued this path, this way. But from now, if we don't go the way that God did in the past, then God will be the one who strikes us and persecutes us, rather than evil mankind. That zero point is our route to salvation. Do you understand? Liquidation or ending the salvational dispensation is what God has been working for. This is what the purpose of creation is. Now, anyone or anything that does not conform to this original form will be not only persecuted but destroyed. God will destroy it. He will judge each one and say, "No, you don't pass," if they do not measure up. Those who don't pass cannot survive.

God is the Good One. "Good" means the Double God. Think about it. How many people like that "Good" God. Do you understand this concept of zero point? You have to go through that zero point. Each person has to go through that zero point where we don't feel anything; we are just there.

Now the communist world has been destroyed, yet still remaining is Kim Il Sung, the "Father" of Satan's world. On God's side, the Father is Reverend Moon. Satan cannot do any damage to the True Parents. Kim Il Sung has been the ruler of North Korea for many years now and he has always proclaimed himself as the father of his people. Doesn't it seem strange that this "Father" on the satanic side and the True Parents on God's side are all from the tiny little peninsula of Korea? Why was Korea the site of this struggle? Why not America? Why not England? Why did God choose a miserable, lowly nation like Korea? Korea had nothing, had lost everything. It had no hope after World War II. The armistice table at Panmunjon where the North and South Korean delegates have been meeting for discussions, signifies complete denial, the zero point. "Panmunjon" literally translated means a wooden gate, or meeting place. Now we have to turn it into a golden gate meeting place.

Once Father puts up a golden gate instead of a wooden gate which the communists have used to prevent free thought from coming in, Father will never let go. What is your guess: If Father and Kim Il Sung get into a wrestling match, who would win? I have already sized him up! I know I could lick him. He is known for his big guts, but even there, he is no match for me. It became apparent to both Kim Il Sung and me that I could save him, but he has nothing with which he could help me. If I had had twelve hours in which to speak with him, that would have been the end of it. I could have explained everything to him and persuaded him. Once that happened, communism would have been completely wiped out and replaced by "golden thought."

Kim Il Sung used his power to kill four million Korean people and in so doing he rose to the position of king. But I rose to where I am by being hit and hit, over and over again. I could tell him, "By being struck repeatedly throughout my life, I have been able to come here to meet with you and I can save you." Because this is true, Kim Il Sung has to kneel down. He cannot help but say, "Yes, yes, you are right."

Then he said, "You have a lot of foundation in Japan and America. Please help us. We need that." But Father said, "No, you cannot use me. If you use me, it will be terrible. I will turn around." (English:) Father is going up to Heaven, but Satan goes in the opposite direction, one hundred and eighty degrees the other way, down to Hell. This is God's providential viewpoint.

Until now, America has taken Reverend Moon very lightly. They never thought of Reverend Moon as anything, but they were wrong. They were so arrogant. People didn't even bother to check out what Reverend Moon is teaching. They just listened to Satan's voice and persecuted Reverend Moon according to Satan's instruction. That includes all the governmental figures, such as Carter, Reagan, and Bush. What if any one of them had said, "What is wrong with finding out what Reverend Moon is teaching? I want to know." No matter how strong the persecution was, or they thought it would be, why didn't they check it out for themselves. That was their responsibility. They did not check instead they put me into jail. Did I come here to America for the purpose of having the leader of America do that? It is unthinkable. This is not America's position. It is outrageous in this free country. Is that the way a free country operates, to put someone into jail without good cause?

The plaintiff in the lawsuit was the American government. The defendant was Sun Myung Moon, one individual. The American government was prosecuting a righteous religious leader. The whole country came against one individual. So when they pay this back, they will have to kneel down. Without a doubt, the people who hear the true words which Reverend Moon speaks will not like them.

So they denied all the foundation which God worked to build so painstakingly. Even though America did this out of ignorance, they still destroyed everything. Father came to teach them, but they didn't listen. Big Moon, Big Moon, Big Moon, every step of the way, is a winner. They struck me, even though they didn't know me. Why don't you have a showdown with God? Why don't you ask God whether Reverend Moon is saying the truth or not? God is the only authority for such a question. This is the ultimatum to the Western world on behalf of God. What I have spoken here this morning, even though it is a humble place, will remain forever in the history of mankind. This is a declaration: not the declaration of communism but the declaration of the opening of the Kingdom of Heaven. (Applause.)

Now do you have this formula engraved in your mind: True God, True Father, True Mother, True Son, True Daughter, True Family, True World. True Kingdom of Heaven-on the earth first, then following that, in spiritual world. This is very clear. Do you understand? In order to make this happen, you have to deny yourself-your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, body and sexual organs.

Now let us get an overview of the dispensation. In today's time in dispensation history, Adam needs to be liberated. This should be Adam's civilization, Adam's world. Whatever he wants to do, he should be able to do it. Of course, we are speaking of restored Adam, not fallen Adam. The original Adam from history is dead. He died. Now we need the completion of Adam and the completion of Eve, sons and daughters. Then there is no room for Satan to get anywhere near. If all these family members are completely united, centered on God, Satan is not around. Where there is no unification, there is no freedom, happiness, peace or hope.

Let us examine this. When your mind and body are in severe conflict, can you feel happy? Are you free in such a case? No, not at all. You are coerced. The ultimate ingredient of peace is balance. When you are fighting, you are not balanced so you can have no peace. If husband and wife fight in the morning over some trivial thing or even big things, can they feel happy the rest of the day? Certainly not. Let me repeat: Without unification, there is no freedom, peace, happiness, or hope.

The communists preached peace, but then when they gain control, they fight. They created conflict. Where is the peace in that? Communism is built on the philosophical foundation of dialectical materialism, which is false and doesn't work, as we know. Is there freedom in dialectical materialism? No. Instead, people killed each other under that way of thinking. In communism there can be no peace. Also, people under that kind of system can have no hope. For such a world to go on and on, what could they hope for in the future? Nobody has any hope.

But Unificationists are guided by the concept of united mind and body. That is our goal. When they are united, people feel happiness. Upon that foundation, we can find freedom, we can make peace and find happiness and hope. Isn't that true? You know that now because your original mind has been cleaned up and you have put in a new concept about freedom. From there, you can achieve everything. Otherwise, there is no way. Hell is the place where God's unification is not realized. What is Heaven? Heaven is the world where individuals have completely unified their mind and body. And man and woman are completed unified as couples. It is the place where parents and children are completely one within the unified family wherein world happiness and world hope are begun. Otherwise, there is no way. The first question must be: how can we make family perfection? Only in this can everything good be found. Do you have that kind of unification-of your mind and body, of your family? (No.) No. The answer is absolutely no. NO means forever zero.

When we go out to witness every day, we should visit people with our unified mind and body. Also, we should have a unified couple. After that, parents and children united creates the unified family. Representing the family, that man or woman should go out witnessing. Every time, you should have a unified foundation, not two minds, but a unified mind and body. When you have that kind of unity, you can be proud of yourself, you can assert "Me." Centering on this unity, it is all right to be absolutely proud of yourself, of "me." But because fallen man lost God and lost the ideal, then everything was lost. Now you understand how to restore the lost self, the central, proud position.

You all want to be the number one person in your family, don't you? Even your grandfather will look at you with respect. You want to be treated that way, don't you? Your father and mother, as well as every member of the family will regard you as the number one family member. That is good. That is the ambition which God planted in our original mind. But how can we achieve that number one position? It is only by serving everybody that we can realize that goal.

So we are speaking about perfected and liberated Adam. Have we ever seen before in history an Adam who was perfected and who was completely one with God, or sons and daughters who became completely united with their parents? What is your answer, yes there was or no, there was not. There was not. Therefore, we have to search for that kind of family. And we have to accomplish this. By finding them, then we have to learn the secret. By following the teaching, following the right formula. We have to research and investigate to learn what Satan's secret is and how he has been ruling the world, how he been so powerful. That is what had to be discovered. What Father did was to take Satan's secrets away from him, plundering them, exposing them. Once I proclaimed Satan's secrets publicly, they were no longer secrets. Now everybody knows the truth, particularly about the fall of man. Before this time, no one understood the fall.

By knowing the truth, mankind can turn around and declare to Satan, "You are not the king of this world. You are the king of evil," and they can kick him down into the dungeon of hell. As it says in the Bible, the truth shall set you free. Now Moonies understand clearly the secrets which Satan has been hiding behind. Those who know those secrets, are they happy people or unhappy people? How happy? You are about to occupy the entire world, including God. How happy must you be! You can say, "I don't need the power of money because God is with me everywhere I go. I don't need diamonds and jewels." Likewise, knowledge is no problem. You are king of knowledge. What about power? When you go into the spirit world, do you need money, food, knowledge or worldly power? No, you need none of that. That is our home town forever. No matter whether you like it or not, that is your destination. I know this truth well, so no matter how strongly Satan's world went against me, I could stay strong. I was shot at from all four corners of the world, but I never fell down. Finally, after all these years of being shot at, I have just kept on going and at last I am at the top of the world.

Now Reverend Moon is in the number one position. World leaders cannot understand this. Only you Moonies can recognize Reverend Moon and his teaching. Therefore, the outside world declared that you must have been brainwashed. That is because you are standing on God's side, not Satan's side. That is why you are abnormal people, in the eyes of this world. Are you really on God's side? Really? You don't have that kind of confidence. Father sees that in your eyes. You are complicated. That means you have taken that kind of position, otherwise you cannot take the winner's position, the victor's position. Father is a victorious man. I want to see you victorious too. Victor means "forever," there will be no enemy that can beat you.

So it is a declaration. When Jesus came, he denied the individual, denied all the families, denied the nation, denied the church-he denied everything, then, of course, he was crucified. So he has to come again. The Jewish religion today is still waiting for the Messiah to come, believing that they will be the ones to get recognition from the Messiah. That is what they are thinking. The Jewish people, just like some of the Christian factions, are waiting for the Messiah to come on the cloud. Since Jesus did not come on the clouds, the Jewish people believed that he wasn't the Messiah. Basically, that's what the Jewish faith is. Likewise, many Christians believe the same thing today.

But I tell you, the Messiah will never come on a cloud. If someone comes on a cloud and you cannot touch him, if he is as unreal as that, then can he realize the four-position foundation? Can he ever get married and give birth to good children? No, of course not. Can he ever establish the real world without Satan, a world in which all people will be the sons and daughters of God? If we ever disregard God's goal of the dispensation, namely the God-centered four-position foundation, then God would absolutely be defeated in human history. Isn't that true? We must have that four-position foundation before God can become the victorious God. Logically, no one can deny that the Messiah must come in the flesh, just as Jesus did.

If Jesus had had physical descendants, the religious world today would not be as it is. There would be one lineage recognizing the elder nations. In fact history would not have needed America, England, France. There would be only one nation. Now the situation is so completely opposite from God's original plan. Satan is occupying this world, not God. God has lost ownership.

(Writes on blackboard.) After the fall, these things have come into being-bad lineage, and lack of ownership. Shimjung, or the Realm of Heart is our true root. But now we have the wrong root. We lost the true root. So we do not dwell in the true heartistic realm. Our owner is not God but Satan. Our lineage is from Satan, not God. So how can we recover that lineage? By following Reverend Moon's teaching. Otherwise, there is no way, there is absolutely no way. Do you understand? How can ownership be exchanged? How can love be exchanged?

We need to realize the starting points are different. Reverend Moon's starting point is from God. All humankind's starting point is from Satan. So we need to be cleaned up, one by one. We need to take out the dirt. So don't forget these three concepts: first, whose lineage are you in, God's or Satan's? Which side are you living on? You cannot stay in the middle position. Ownership is the same-by whom are you owned? By whose authority do you own something? The public concept comes from God. The private concept originates with Satan. Centering on "me" is the place where God's and Satan's ownership are decided, and we need to clean ourselves up centering on "me." Taking the public way allows the new, God-centered side to blossom. You have to choose that public way each step of the way through life.

Think about it. What is the true root of love, the starting point? It is not mother, not father, not husband or wife, not children, not the nation. The original root of love is God. Therefore, you have to connect with God as your love root. At that point you can truly be unified into one. Starting from the inside of God's love root, you can sprout out with your own branches. In this there is hope for the world. Flower and fruit stem from there. That means there is hope. Making that branch. This is the natural way of growth, the natural way of expansion when we start from the root, make the main branch, many branches and from there, make the flower.

How many true branches do you have? Only one part? No good! How many leaves, how many branches do you have in your position? No matter how famous you may become, you have to make true branches. Centering upon family, you have to make this into heaven. Out of every new sprout and bud you have to make a victory of the family, then tribe and then nation. Heaven is God's ideal of creation. Don't forget this. All of Father's lifetime, I have followed this concept. I have been pushing Satan's side down-pushing, pushing. I never kicked back. Even after falling down, even when I cannot even put one foot in front of the other, and I just kept going forward-not sideways or back, just forward. No problem for me. Even when an entire country kicked me, including America, I went on. Communism was no problem. I just continued going straight forward. This was God's concept and True Parents' concept. Now this concept is clear. If you understand this concept clearly, raise your hands.

Now compare your position with me. I am standing on the needle-point. That is my kind of life, for seventy years. Not a safe life, not peaceful, not happy, not a hopeful life. Only worried about how to connect the needlepoint with all the places where the fight is waging-in the family, the tribe, the nation. Then Father sought to raise up the world, raise up America, raise up communism, raise up Kim Il Sung. You see, I have no enemy now. In front of Father there is no enemy. Reverend Moon has come to that kind of level. Isn't this true, or not? You know.

During this time, do you really know how much suffering Father has endured? How much pain has Father suffered-Mother and children too. "Moonie!", people yelled. A dark cloud followed you too. Satan was asking you, "Why are you following Reverend Moon? You have no hope. The goal is too far. You cannot reach it. Your habits are already good ones. You eat well. You can drink wonderful wine. You can dance, dance the twist." The twist represents the snake! Drinking wine and smoking. This drinking is always connected with sex. Smoking is connected with sex. For example, a woman comes along, "Please, do you have a cigarette?" "Yes", replies a man. "May I have one?" She replies. "Yes, please." "Oh, do you have a light too?" She lights and Father imitates her inhaling the smoke. "Thank you". The man thinks, "Oh this is a good chance to meet the woman." So they drink together and go out. The thinking is, "Anything is OK, so long as I get what will satisfy me." So they embrace and kiss. After that, they touch everywhere. Satan's world stinks.

Sex is Satan's weapon for destroying God's ideal foundation. People drop down into dungeon of hell. The single thread connecting all the elements destroying God's ideal is sex. Originally the sexual organ was to be the palace of love. That means it was also the starting place. The human sexual organs were to be the true love palace. They were to be the connecting place of all loving actions. In there man's life and woman's life are connected into one. It is where the essence of man's and woman's blood become mixed and from that the blood lineage is made by making sons and daughters. That is the palace of love. That is how important, how precious love is.

Therefore how miserable did love become, how low did love fall? Who can liberate mankind from such a position? That is the Messiah's task. The Christian world believes Jesus will come down on the clouds, separate out the believers and leave behind the nonbelievers and just fly off. But the Bible says, "Whatever is bound on earth is also bound in heaven." It is clear that earth is the place which must be cleaned up. This fallen place is not heaven. This is the reason we need the True Parents. Jesus himself needs True Parents. Confucius needs True Parents. Buddhists need True Parents. Mohammed needs True Parents. All humanity needs True Parents. Why? It is because we have to restore the most precious, most powerful place which is the love palace, life palace, lineage palace. Those three realms must be liberated by the religious world, the educational world. Satan brought that down completely. How can we raise it up again? God wants that four-position foundation re-established.

Now Kim Il Sung respects me, the ex-Soviet world respects me. This summer, ten thousand middle and high school students and teachers will take the Divine Principle training course. So the second generation will belong to Father. Women and the second generation will belong to Father.

In past history, the winners of wars have taken women and children as the trophies of war. Why? In the future God wants them. Man has killed everything. But women embrace women and women embrace children. Satan cannot take away that hope.

At the time of the fall, Eve took two loves, one is Satan and one is Adam. So all women inherit this aspect, this concept. Of divorced couples in America, who is the first to think about such a thing as divorce, man or woman? Seventy-five percent of the time it is woman? Why is that? Adam and Eve started all the current complications. Eve started that idea of two husbands or more. Woman initiates these complications. You have to know that clearly, how much Satan is using that secret weapon. All our ancestors passing until this time. How much destruction! You think about that. Understand that kind of concept cannot continue. We have to end it so we can stand on God's side. You have to have that new kind of standard and stand up for it. So centering on Father, you get married. No matter how much noise people make outside, don't care about it. Know that you are committed to God.

Many world leaders are now saying, "Reverend Moon has made a great foundation for a victorious true love world." Many are praising Moonies, right? That is reality, that is our hope.

You have to remember these three points: Blood lineage-how can you clean it up? Ownership-how can you inherit it, taking it away from Satan? The middle is not God's place. God is absolutely on one side. Third, love-how can you clean up dirty love? How can we make it white and clean again? We need bleach to get it white. You know well how dirty it is, how much we have to bleach it out. You know better than God.

Should I continue? Do you recognize that for the first time in history, the liberation, the perfection of Adam has been accomplished? (Yes.) (Applause) For forty years, Korea wished I were dead. They tried to stop me through persecution and so forth. Now all of Korea has given up trying to do that. Likewise, in America for over 20 years, people have wished that Father would be dead. It didn't happen. Now that persecution is over, too. Those who would persecute now might get hurt. So the communists tried to get together with the intelligence agencies of America and tried to kill Father. Even today there is a trial going on for members of a team of assassins sent to kill me. That trial isn't over yet. Now no Russians will hate Reverend Moon anymore. For the first time in history, Adam has been completed. Even Satan bows down now. Even Satan does not oppose me. (Applause) That proves the completion of Adam, Adam's liberation.

What about Eve, then? With Cain and Abel at her breast, Eve followed Satan and went to hell. They multiplied from individual to family, to clan, and so forth. The whole human race fell into hell on earth. Then God started to work with Israel. God cut this nation into two and guided Israel upward, a little bit at a time, to higher and higher levels from tribe to nation, world, cosmos and finally to God. So this was being restored. Restoration takes place in that order, in that fashion. From hell to heaven.

Reverend Moon represents everything right here (pointing to one dot on the blackboard). You know this meaning, don't you? He is standing right here in the center. He takes all persecution. This is what had happened at the end of World War II. Since then all of this had been established. By fighting in World War II, and by winning, then unification was realized at some level. If America had at that time recognized this dispensation and embraced Father and served him, the world today would have been entirely different from what we see. Already world unification and peace on earth would have been realized. Communism would have stopped at that time. Another forty years would have been the time of complete realization of the ideal world.

Here Father can explain a little bit more. Satan sowed the seed in a particular way, and so the fruit is harvested accordingly. England was in Eve's position. The elder son's position was France. England is an island, which represents feminine countries. England gave birth to America, which developed in the position of Abel. France was the historical enemy to England. On Satan's side, as we know, Japan was Eve, Cain was Italy and Abel was the most formidable Germany. They all fought together to settle this. The world of Satan's fruits fought against the world of God's fruits. World War II was the judgment of fire as a settlement. It was won by God's side.

During the war, America did not know whether they would win or lose. They forgot about everything, they denied their winning confidence, they denied their pessimism, they simply denied everything. They just fought with God in their head. The same was true of Japan. Japan didn't know whether they would win or lose. Whoever would win would go through the zero point and inherit that position.

At the beginning of history, Eve left with Satan, leaving God and true Adam behind. In the restoration, there should be a true nation in Adam's position. And there should be sons and daughters of Eve who will completely obey true Adam, unconditionally. After World War I, that wife wanted to meet the second Adam, and follow absolutely behind true Adam. It should have become a different world. But standing in front of Adam's position was Satan's world. Behind Adam should be women and children.

Do you know that America is the queen's country? Why? Because it has wanted to meet the Adam at the time of the second coming. They're wanting to meet a real husband, real king, on real heaven's side. But until now it has been Satan's side. They have wanted to step on that man's position and wanted to welcome the original God and real husband and parents, brotherhood and children. Man's position is archangel's position. Woman's position is God's daughter's position. That means in the future they will move into God's country queen position. Do you understand?

American woman have ownership of everything-money, power, everything, knowledge too. The other day I went to the graduation ceremonies at Harvard. Women's power was big. Almost half the class were women. Now we have a chance to change everything. You must use all this to save America. You are teaching their children. Woman give true direction.

Now woman's position is a dirty one, like a beggar. But they have to get to the parents' position, one of dignity.

Now is the time to exchange places. Woman's power lies in a different place. Originally God's children were lied to. Do you understand? Now Satan's side children have to completely change places, 180 degrees.

America must be reborn. What is the center? Woman is the center. America must turn around by being reborn again. God's hope for the world is the American foundation. This is really logical. No one can argue with this.

Then being unified and independent here, then upon that there can be freedom. In this there is hope for world peace and happiness. This is the future of the world. Based on unification they can take dominion, then there will be freedom, peace, happiness and hope forever. Centering on God, parents home will be there, original parent. From there they can connect to the original country, world and cosmos. No matter what it is like now, even a back yard type place, there is hope. God is making hometown nation, hometown world, connect with one lineage. Upon that we will make unification. How can you deny this, or must you recognize this as truth?

Realizing this, we must come here, change the lineage, change the love, and changing the ownership. Also people must beg the forgiveness of Adam who will come here. The purpose of this is true love. Restoration means we are connected to the love of God. One God on whom all are centered everywhere. This is the Unification concept.

The concept of independence was created for the first time in history in the midst of Satan's world. There was only one such independent, Protestant nation in this world. Who knew? I know that. I teach you clearly. It was to be used as the future hope of the world. Father was sitting above America's history, and as this did not happen, imagine the whole purpose of having won the War, the purpose was lost.

Anyone can answer this: Who is closer to God, George Washington or Reverend Moon? The answer is simple. So since America's forefathers must follow Reverend Moon respectfully and obey Reverend Moon, then so should their descendants. There is nothing funny or unnatural about that. They are doing that in the spirit world.

Now Father said this and you may not feel so bad as you used to twenty years ago, when Father first came and said, "America is on fire! You cannot provide the fireman for your own country, so I came as the fire fighter. America is sick and since you cannot provide a doctor, I came as the doctor." American people outside the church really didn't accept that, they didn't like to hear those words. They thought, "What do you mean, you are a doctor, a fire fighter?" They said, "I am proud of this country. What are you talking about? You are from that backward country of Korea. How can Korea now be helping America? America has always been helping Korea, so you should take the normal way and say thank you to America. You are bad, bad!" That is how many Americans felt about me.

But the holy man does not come from a holy place. The holy man comes from the dungeon of hell, from the most miserable places. This is understood from history. In that way, the holy man shines brighter. That way he can affect high level people and influence them. Today, after indemnity, Americans may not feel so bad as they used to before.

After World War II, America took a sharp turn down. Now, unless America becomes one with Reverend Moon, it is destined to go down. Reverend Moon is the only one who has accomplished this four-position foundation. For six thousand years, how much patience it took to re-establish the original husband's position. Father did that, centering on God. Be connected and reborn again and get the real children's seed. Then the true family will appear. Otherwise there is no solution. If America had given complete support to Reverend Moon, saying "You came for the purpose of realizing history. Do whatever you wish." If he did that, the whole world would have been into peace and unification in a mere seven years. That is what God intended.

There was a man who was instrumental in destroying Father's work by stopping Father from reaching out to Yong Se University and Ew Wha University, and reaching the second generation. Inheriting from Father. That was Syngman Rhee, and he met his fate because of indemnity. American power also came down and down, making bad rumors and worse. It was terrible. They worked very hard to destroy Reverend Moon's name. All American people followed, Korean people followed, all the free world even connected with communism in order to oppose Reverend Moon. But Father is clever. He didn't fight back.

Now Satan's power is retreating step by step. This is today's reality. Take for example the PBS documentary. They tried to discredit Reverend Moon again, trying to push him into a corner. But as soon as we explained what Reverend Moon was doing, it really looked good. Also the viewing audience, knowing that the program was supposed to make Reverend Moon look bad, thought, "What is so bad about him? He is right! He's great!" Now people are saying, "We have to follow him." Isn't that the way the world is changing now? Who is going up now? It is not the American president, but Reverend Moon.

At the celebration of the tenth anniversary of The Washington Times, I went down and announced that one billion dollars has been invested in The Washington Times for the sake of America. They were really flabbergasted, virtually unable to believe it. They just stood up and gave an ovation. They were unable to stay seated. Why? Because they felt the shameful position of America in front of God. This nation with all its millionaires didn't spend even one dollar for this central purpose. So Father is again grasping America, determined to save this country and not let it fall back down into the trash can.

Satan was about to take America, England and France. The first Israelites were lost, so the second Israelites could easily have been lost. Then everything would have been lost. If that had happened, then the third Israel would have been completely and totally without a foundation to stand upon. So Father took America back for God, determined to save it. This time, it was not God who did that task but Reverend Moon. For the second time, America was held up. This second time is Reverend Moon proclaimed, "I will take America back from Satan and bring it to God."

Actually Satan took everything-England, America. Since Father knew that he could not re-establish that origin where we could take back all the tradition of God's work, so Father decided to take Abel's country, which was America. Even Satan, too, if he does not take Eve or someone in Eve's position, then he of course would have lost the most important thing, that is the head position. Satan's most favorite country, Japan, was in the tail position. To claim the head and the tail was the strategy by which Satan wanted to control the whole world. Realizing this Father, on God's behalf, took it. He took Eve, Germany and Italy. So you know why Father did that-why Father took America, why Father took Japan, why Father took Germany and Italy?

With Korea, being in the position of Adam, and Japan as Eve, America in Abel's position and Germany in Cain's position, Father struck back. He fought back against the whole world which is the harbinger of Satan. Satan's strategy was very clear. They would stain Father's name so bad-worse than that of a burglar, worse than a killer or anything possible to think of-so that the Unification Church and Reverend Moon could not wade out of it. That was their very successful strategy for a long time.

How many people has Reverend Moon killed? The CIA, KGB and everyone had to admit that I never killed anybody, not one soul. Did I ever rob anybody? Certainly not. Did I ever attack any woman? Certainly not. All Father did in this country was to shed tears, sweat and blood to save this country. A billion dollars means one thousand times one million. That is a staggering number. All the while Unification Church members lived like beggars. That was not because Father didn't have any money to give them. There has been money at our disposal, but my goal has always been to liberate God, not to liberate the Unification Church members. That is why I have not given money to Unification Church members. This strategy is the only hope to turn America around. To do that, I knew we had to put everything we had into The Washington Times and all the activities we have been doing here. While encouraging the members to suffer and suffer more. Such a lonely path we have followed until now. But now is the time of dawn, things are becoming lighter. We can see things more clearly. People can look around and see, "Moonies are the righteous people, they are only good and are doing good things." People will begin following you, centering on you more and more. They will say, "No matter how difficult it may be, we are going to follow the way of the Moonies." That is the new America that is being born. This is a new morning. Otherwise, there is no way, absolutely no way.

Since Father took America, who should liberate America? Not God, but Father has to liberate America. Since I came to America until now I have been pushed down, pushed down and rejected, but I never decreased, I never shrank away. I always stood up strongly, teaching and continuing. American people are basically smart and they have potential. If really smart NBC staff studied this seriously and turned around and reported accurately to the American people, so much would change. We know that if nobody does it, we will do it. We have an elaborate broadcasting station in Washington. Since I took America and pledged to save America, I could not let it go, I could not let it get washed out. Father's intention was to bring a rescue party here from Korea, Japan, from seven different nations such as England, Germany and so forth. By having all those formerly enemy countries come here showing the example that there is more than just the American way of thinking, they would exhibit a universal way of thinking. So Father show them and encouraged them to put more heart into this nation than the Americans themselves. Patriotism in other words. We made that kind of foundation, can go back then. Turn around 180 degrees. Kingdom of Heaven.

Creating one country, one heart, true way. True Parents are making one terminal point, not two. Will that be America which God will bring to the terminal point. No. America has its mission elsewhere.

Americans have loudly complained, "Why did you have to bring so many lowly Asians over here. We don't like that. We have a much more sophisticated culture of Christendom!" American youth didn't understand what Father's intent was. They thought America was much better than any other country in the world. But this is why Father brought them over. Do you follow me? Really? Following means every time acting. Can you do it? (Yes!) Doing it doesn't means you have already completed it, in fact the completion is far away. You are going to do it. ... Father knew if the people from enemy nations came to America and dedicated more of their heart here than to their own nation, then Satan would have to retreat. This strategy has worked. I know that. Satanic "common sense" dictates that one enemy will fight another enemy, and nobody showed any other example. Nobody taught that enemy nations should love one another, more than they love their own country. Only by Father's strategy, by the love of God, could we succeed.

With all things considered, the Japanese people gave more to America than the American people themselves. More people came and they worked harder. Europeans, too, came here and really worked seriously, more seriously than Americans. Many Americans didn't like their Korean regional directors, saying, "Why don't they go home! Why can't an American be in that position?" Now, even today if I said, "All you Korean leaders go back home," do you think Americans could handle it from this point on? You American leaders, answer my question: Do you have confidence if that kind of situation arises? Answer clearly! (Not yet, Father.) Not yet! Answer me one more time. (No!) That's not K-N-O-W, is it? It's N-O. The CARP leader must answer honestly "No," or else he is ignorant. Is there an American leader here who can say, "I disagree, Father. I can do just as good a job and even better than any Korean or Japanese"? How formidable is Reverend Moon's power!

Do you understand that the power of Reverend Moon is not centered on myself? It is centered on God. I am not going "Reverend Moon's" way. This is the way of truth which must be followed by everybody in the world. Everybody in spirit world follows this way. Do you follow?

Now the gate of peace is open. Wherever I go, whether in Korea or Japan, America or Russia-staggering numbers of people have been taught about God's way of life. No enemy is now blocking my way. (Applause.) According to the Principle, Adam is the center of everything-and he is the beginning of everything. So even Eve, Mother, until such time does not take an equal position with Father. She has to tag along with Father wherever he goes, whatever he says, she must agree with. This is what Mother has been doing. The tradition which Father established also had to be followed by Mother. There was no Mother's tradition, per se. Because if she claimed that, then Father is fighting, anybody standing there would be hurt. It is not wise to do that. Mother follows Father.

We have seen this over and over again in history. It is the man who comes and fights and wins over, then all the women and children will follow, taking the same position of winner, after winning. So Mother was like my shadow. Wherever Father moved, Mother moved. Father steps on his right foot, Mother steps on her right foot. Now Eve has restored her dominion. After winning over completely, now Father brings the women on his side, on his left side, to represent him and to represent herself, too, to the whole world.

Because of that, the True Familyship has now been restored and we are entering into the family unit of life. Therefore, Father appointed Mother as a formal representative. Then Father organized the Women's Federation for World Peace, where the women become the center of activity. By doing this, then all history from past to the future, anyone and everyone will form their family and work and live as a family unit.

Since Mother followed Father absolutely, Eve followed Adam, without any dissent, she faithfully obeyed and followed, and fought side by side when he had to fight. So now heaven on earth is the expected thing. It is a natural thing. Before the fall, there was Adam, Eve, the three archangels, and God. Three archangels in the sight of God, in the country who is in that position are: America, Russia, and China. Centering on Eve. That's a map of Japan Father is drawing. So Korea also wants to own Eve. Adam wants to possess Eve. And the archangels, China, Russia, and America, all want to possess Eve. Is that true? America does not want the north and south of Korea united, nor does Japan. Did you know they don't want that? But China and Russia, knowing America and Japan don't like it, are eager to see it happen. And who can make a positive influence to see that happen? Not Kim Il Sung but Reverend Moon can do that.

Now I took that kind of powerful role. America cannot do that. Japan cannot do that either. Nor can China or Russia. But Reverend Moon can! (Applause) Jesus' body was lost in Asia. Originally Jesus did not take that cross. Originally Jesus was meant to join with the Oriental world, the religious realms that God prepared in the Oriental world-India, China and all over. They were supposed to combine into one Oriental world. So God's work to perfect humankind is done in the religious world, starting with the Asian world, not the western world. After Jesus died, Christianity went to the West, but the original direction was toward the East. Going to Rome where the western world represented the body, the outside. Not spirit. Completely lost spirit world foundation. That spiritual foundation was meant to come from Asia. This was God's original concept.

Now Western newspapers want to go to Japan and the Asian world, and discover their secrets. American people even want to marry Orientals. No matter what kind of problem they have, they still have strong spiritual power. They stand on God's side. No matter how beautiful the husband is, they are like grasshoppers, American are like grasshoppers. But when autumn time comes, automatically they are destroyed. Anyone doesn't like that. Japanese are like ants.

But Moonies are smart, they have turned around one hundred and eighty degrees and want to marry and connect with the Asian world.

Wintertime, summer, no matter how difficult it may be, you have to follow otherwise you will go down and will perish. You cannot make excuses. American women or American men? You memorize that. No matter who hates me you have to make a strong foundation. That is God's hope for one direction. You cannot accomplish any other way.

In the Garden of Eden, centering on Eve, with beautiful skin, naked body, breasts good, everything beautiful, there were four men standing- the archangels and Adam looked at Eve. They made trouble.

In this time, Korea is in the Adamic position. How can we connect with the three archangels? America is archangel on God's side. The others are on Satan's side. Reverend Moon is going to make a four position foundation by catching Eve. But Japan is fighting to destroy the Moonie foundation. But they have no right to take such action.

Father made an exchange marriage two years ago between Korea and Japan-like exchange students, exchange marriage. Adam took Eve. The Adam's position took the next generation's sons and daughters. Japan and Korea, Adam and Eve making one family foundation. Also the archangel. They thought, "No matter how proud Reverend Moon might be in taking that action, he'll never really be able to do that". Now what do the three archangel position people think about that?

Father had to do this otherwise they could not go the way of indemnity, and then the same fallen patterns would be repeated by the archangels. The unification of Korea and Japan is essential to settlement.

We can say to North Korean Kim Il Sung, "You are not the center of Japan, America you are not, Soviets you are not, China you are not. Only Korea can replace that place lost by Jesus and the religious world-the spiritual center of Asia. Unite elements from both and embrace people from both sides by standing in the parents position. That is fulfillment of Jesus mission. After marriage, people attain Jesus position and then they can have children, multiplying them. Who can do this? Not Israelites, not Judaism, only Reverend Moon-ism. Only Unificationism. In this, Satan's position standing against God is destroyed, washed away.

I met Kanamaru and Nakasone. Father told him, "I don't want to hear your words or anything about your position. I know you well. But you don't know me. You haven't heard me talk." They agreed, "Yes, as you like." Just like a primary school boy. Bless him! He was good. No matter if your country comes against me, or the free world comes against me, you can't take the victorious way. Only Reverend Moon has actually gone the victorious way. The other way is the way of defeat. It is a shadow way. Only the rising sun can cover the darkness. There is no darkness any more.

So who knew Father was indemnifying centering on these histories? No American leaders knew, no religious leaders knew. To consummate this 6,000 years of indemnity, to carry on the history of indemnity and to make this foundation, God had to give away and sacrifice many religious groups, many nations, many families, many individuals. Many had to shed their blood. We are standing on that foundation. Can any intelligent American deny that? You cannot.

We are the harbingers, the ones who learned these things before others. Those who learn before anybody else must fulfill his responsibility or his consequences will bring greater and more severe punishment than others in history. This is the light house in the darkness, and this is the center of judgment. This is the one who saves the declining people. Only through us can they be saved. We should be in the position to represent and save the world, so how can we ever say we cannot save our own country? When we are in the position to represent and save the country, how can we say that the clan is too big for us to save? How can we say our family or our individual self is too big for us to save? We cannot do that because our position is to represent the world and save the world. Namely, you and I, as Unification Church members. This is the privilege of all privileges. This is authority of all authorities. We are given authority and privilege. If we take it lightly, then there should be consequences very different from what we would like. This is the rule Father went by, too. I knew what I knew before anybody else understood. If nobody, not even Satan knew, how could I do anything but what I have done in my life?

Where there is an open guarantee to participate in the celebration in the kingdom of heaven, how more joyously can we go this path of indemnity? There are so many critical, desolate deserts, Death Valleys, that we have to go beyond and win over. But we are on an airplane, God's airplane, so we don't have to trudge on foot through all this. How wonderfully fortunate we are! Some walk for many thousands of years. But now we can fly on an airplane or a helicopter, soaring high above the deserts and going a thousand miles at one time. But the love speed is the fastest of all. It is so fast, we cannot see it.

You like that airplane of the Gospel? You American people are accustomed to good things, so you want that. But the champion usually walks, fighting with both hands and feet. Can you imagine the training of a champion? After becoming a champion, it's different, but until you get to that level, training is so difficult. You can only imagine what it is like. There are twelve different directions of Satan, twelve different months. He will attack this direction, he will attack that direction, and you are supposed to dodge that every single time. So every month Satan will flee.

God wants us to win the championship. Multiplying that championship from champion children to champion family, champion nation, champion world and cosmic champion. God has the same ambition and imagination as we do. He wants us to become such champions.

Those who really pledge, "Father, I learned so much today. I will now do with all my might, I will push myself forward with all of my might," raise your hands. Hold up your hands as you listen to this: Mother is fighting in Korea under the banner of the Women's Federation. By embracing the women and embracing the same women within Kim Il Sung's realm, then together we can subjugate Satan.

Kim Il Sung needs woman, since he is the archangel. Being the archangel, he wants to connect with Mother, and by Mother being successful and resolving more problems, he can stand in his own position. Father can naturally stand in his position, too. Adam.

By the woman's world uniting with True Father, then there is no division between women and Adam. So there is no one left to unite with the archangels' position. Then the archangel does not have the partnership required to perpetuate Satan's realm. Instead, the archangel can then be reborn completely. So with Adam and Eve's family completely dedicated to God, then those women and children from these three nations, combine and say to Mother, "Please, we want to help Father". After that God can bless Adam in the husbands' position. So then man's world and woman's world will be completely on God's side. There will be no place for the archangel in human relationships.

So, centering on the family, this is the beginning of the kingdom heaven. Mother is fighting that kind of invisible war, so to speak. Mother is starting that today, Father's children, too. Daughter and son. So position of the elder is being restored, position of the true parents is being restored, and kingship is being restored. After that, royal family position will be restored. Standing on the family foundation, elder son's country, then true parents' country, and royal family country can be established as was God's original will. This will connect this world with the next world. That is the original heaven on earth, and in the spiritual world too. Completing this four position foundation, completely reindemnified.

This will end the history of the dispensation of indemnity. All the different eras of history will shout Mansei! "Mansei! Mansei! Mansei!" God bless us!

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