The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Restoration From The Origin And Rebirth Are For Myself

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
September 20, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Thank you very much, sit down please. Father's topic this morning is Kibon bok ui wa chung saeng narul whi hae. "To be restored by the root and to be born again is for me, for the sake of myself." (Father says in English: "Original restoration and rebirth is for me.") Original restoration means restoration from the origin, restoration from the root.

There is only one origin. There cannot be two origins. Since we came from one origin, we must go back to that same origin in order to be born again. We all know why it is necessary to be restored. It is because of the fall of mankind. What was the fall? What was the fall which brought mankind such an incredible amount of suffering and indescribable misery? What act could have brought all the catastrophes mankind has experienced? No one could have known the consequences of the rather simple act of the fall, but those consequences were staggering to human history. Now we all know that all sadness and misery were the consequence of that act.

No one could have imagined that at some time the results of the fall would be realized for everyone to see. Now is the time we see the consequences of the fall. How is it manifested today? What country is it found in? The country in which the typical manifestations of the fall are very obvious is the United States of America. Americans do not know this. The world does not know it, but America is the example. They see, but they do not understand. America is coming down, plummeting downward to degradation. If I asked all the American people seated here this morning , "Are you happy? Are you secure?" I wonder what your answer would be. Is your answer a firm "yes" or is that a firm "no"? Though the answer is no, we may not yet know how much more miserable the situation will continue to get.

Maybe you Americans think, "Well, we have the magnificent Empire State Building, we have the White House, we have the most sophisticated weaponry and jet planes. What do we have to worry about? We will be all right." Yet, deep inside there is no one, including the President of the United States, who can deny that there is something very wrong with this country. They see that the country is sick and is getting worse, not better.

We might ask the President, "Do you see a clear future for your country, or do you have the viewpoint of the world?" The answer would have to be, "I do not know what tomorrow will bring." Suppose we asked, "Do you possess the value which represents the entire country?"; in other words, "Is your value equal to that of all individual Americans? Are you confident that you are the one citizen of this country who can lead the nations and peoples of the world as well as inherit a good tradition and continue to foster that tradition?" He would have to admit, "No, wherever Americans go in the world today, they are not seen that way. Americans are always told to go back home. Other countries feel that America has nothing to offer them."

The formidable illness of AIDS started in this country and has since spread all over the world. People do not welcome that. What about free sex? What kind of idea is that? Is free sex something which God would welcome and say, "Oh, yes, do more of that"? Would a man of character, as opposed to a decadent man, value free sex? (No.) Is it the human wish to see a baby born to a woman who doesn't even know who the father is? This happens to many children. This doesn't happen very often even in the animal world. We can go on and on citing examples of the things which are very wrong with this society. Therefore, we say that such an America should perish. Can anyone who seriously looks at the moral degradation in this country disagree with that conclusion?

This country used to be great, but now it has no concept of its responsibility to the world. American people should have an awareness of the world, but now they are not even thinking about the country. They have been reduced to mere individualism. The ultimate future of extreme individualism is for a person to kill himself, choosing to die instead of live. Why do you think Reverend Moon has to come to such an America? What am I trying to do here? Why do you suppose I don't just leave this country, like so many others have done? As you know, Reverend Moon came here to protect Christianity from falling into the decadence which is all around. I came to revive Christianity. Unless we revive Christianity, there is no way for America to get back on the track.

When we speak of Christianity, people have different ideas about it. But we are speaking of Christianity which is concerned with reform, Christianity which is more alive, Christianity which is closer to the true spirit of Christ himself; the Christianity that is rational. Christianity should be a religion of people who have firm beliefs, who can spell out clearly what they believe in, very consistently. All these qualities are needed in Christianity today; in short, a new breed of Christian. This world needs Christians who have knowledge, Christians who have reason and spirit adequate enough to lead the world, even to save the world. All of these qualities which Reverend Moon has enumerated are qualities which Reverend Moon possesses. What is the value of Reverend Moon? From God's perspective, Reverend Moon is so valuable that He would not trade him for even 240 million Americans. Not even for the five billion people of the world.

I know these things; I have a clear understanding of my own value. Since Reverend Moon came here to America, how much persecution has come from America and the rest of the free world? This country has truly put itself in the position of enemy to me. America has done such a disservice to the world and mankind as well, because it has led Christianity into degradation and decline. If Christianity were washed down the drain, where would God be? God would lose His foundation.

Knowing this, Reverend Moon came here and received tremendous persecution. But he has loved Christianity because God loves Christianity. Ironically, it is traditional Christians who have most strongly opposed Reverend Moon. Still, as Christianity has tried to support itself and looks around to where the social power might be, they see no one except Reverend Moon for their hope, even though they don't like it. You know about the activities of the USA project, United to Serve America, don't you? Through that activity, traditional Christians, as well as the rest of the people of America are coming to realize, "Oh, this is the true spirit of Christianity. This is the true nature of Christ's teaching."

Since Moonies represent the teachings of Reverend Moon, other people are watching them and trying to assess and judge them. They want to know what we are all about and they are watching us carefully. They conclude, "They are a different breed. They are not like us. They are better." We may not realize this, for whatever reasons. Maybe we are too humble, or too indifferent or don't care to think we are better than other people, but other people look at us and say that we are different, that we are better.

Many American people have a dignified, sophisticated appearance yet they are very unrighteous. Father fought with this country alone, all by himself. Just like a wrestler, I challenged this country single handedly. I was one person taking on 240 million people! We have been wrestling for a long time now. Who has won? Did America win over Reverend Moon, or did that one person win over America? Yes, Reverend Moon won. How can we determine that? One indication is that America is depending on my help, waiting for my ideas and other activities that I have been doing. They will have to depend on me from now into the future.

Look who gave service to whom. In order to maintain The Washington Times alone, the cost was one billion dollars. One individual provided the resources for that project. Let us ask, did anyone, any individual or any government, come to Reverend Moon with even one hundred dollars and say, "Please use this for your work in this world." No, there were none. I had to generate all the resources myself and we have spent incredible amounts of money for the sake of this country.

You who are in the church, those so-called "better kind" within the congregation, why did you join? It wasn't in order to help Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. Rather, you came to see what goes on here. Some came to criticize, to pick it apart, scratching around. Even now there are a lot of people in the movement who, after all these years, are maintaining their membership, not for the benefit of the church but primarily for their own benefit. They feel, "I belong to the church for my benefit; I follow Reverend Moon for my own benefit." That means when Reverend Moon disappears from the scene, rather than inheriting my work, they will just pack up and go back where they came from. What do you think, is that true? (NO!) Those who say no confidently, raise your hands.

The number one disciple of Jesus Christ, Peter, denied Jesus three times. Are you better than Peter? (Yes.) (Laughter) When you laugh, it means you are not confident. Therefore, laughing is testimony in itself about your confidence. Reverend Moon has done so many things, has worked so hard, yet the results have reached only this level. You can see how miserable God's position is. He does so much, He pours out everything, yet He gets such little result. Reverend Moon, too-how pitiable my position is. After having done so much work, what is the result? Reverend Moon is so sad about God's situation. That's why I continue, without ever stopping. I am so sympathetic to God. If God were not so miserable, I might have quit. But God cannot give up mankind. That is one thing. And God cannot give up America. Therefore, no matter what, Reverend Moon cannot give up America. Do you understand?

I have set a certain tradition. Is that tradition something only for Reverend Moon to possess, or is it something which each American, the average citizen, should also embody? Which one? Yes, each American must have the same attitudes, the same tradition as Reverend Moon. This belongs to America. Americans can say, "Reverend Moon, go home!" and that won't bother me if they mean, "Now I understand what you have been trying to say and do. I will inherit your tradition for the sake of God. You can go home now because I am going to do this work for you." If Americans want me to go home for that reason, I can accept it.

This is a country which truly has no attraction for Reverend Moon. Whenever I go through the immigration offices at the airport, the officials look at me with squinted eyes and say, "Oh, so you are Reverend Moon." There is that kind of unpleasant treatment by officials toward the person who is bringing new life to this country. Those men belittle me. According to the traditions of this world, anyone who is belittled like that would turn and land a big punch on them. They look at Reverend Moon as the worst person who exists on earth. You must understand how the world is treating Reverend Moon. How would you feel if they picked you out of the line at the Immigration Gate, allowing one hundred people to go through first, and finally, allowing you to go through last? That is how they treat Reverend Moon. How miserably this country treats me. You have to understand. The average person would simply refuse to have anything to do with this country.

Of course, the ultimate effort of the negative people was to put Reverend Moon into Danbury. When they did that, they shouted "Hooray!" because they thought they had defeated me. They thought that they had won. However, now after ten years they know they were wrong. History always corrects errors in judgment and looking back, people can see, "America was wrong to put Reverend Moon into prison." America was defeated.

What supports Reverend Moon? I am a man of reason and I understand the simple fact that no one representing God, no saint, has been treated rightly by his own generation. Therefore, I said, "I am no exception." Can you understand how I feel when a Unification Church member walks away and betrays us after receiving so much love from me and from God? When that happens, anger wells up strongly within me and the urge is there to blame him as a representative of the entire country, to just concentrate all the blame on him. I have that kind of feeling. Can you understand that? What can Reverend Moon do about such situations? I can only persevere, pretending I don't notice. I just try to forget and do more. I feel that I have more to do in this country, more to give, more foundation to make, so day by day, I go on without thinking about those kinds of things. What would that mean? Don't you see that when Reverend Moon leaves this country one way or another, all God's dispensation and blessing around the dispensation will follow and go with me? It will not remain in this country, although American people don't realize that. They don't understand the way God's blessing works.

If Reverend Moon leaves this country, the consequences would be unthinkable. All the blessings will flow away, like the tide ebbing. It is the responsibility of the Unificationists to hold Reverend Moon here, in spite of all the injustice done to him. You say, "Father, we know America is doing terrible things to you, but please do not leave this country."

The festival last month in Korea was more than just a Blessing. It also included the Summit meeting, the Sports Festival, a total of eight major events. Top level leaders from the political world, economic world, scientific world, media and academics all gathered for that Festival. There were more than 12,000 people in the gathering when Reverend Moon proclaimed Messiahship, telling them they must follow the True Parents. I told them, "Different religions such as Confucianism, Islam, or Christianity have different leaders and therefore different messiahs but there is only one, absolutely one set of True Parents in the world." For some, my statements were truly shocking. They felt they were hit in the head and had a concussion, they were so flabbergasted. It took some people twenty-four hours to compose themselves. The following day, the Blessing of more than 30,000 couples took place. They saw it. How is it possible that Reverend Moon could match so many people, and moreover, by photograph? And not one couple opposed his decision. Observers wondered, "What kind of man is Reverend Moon?" Such a thing is unheard of. In fact, Reverend Moon is the first and only person to do such a thing on the face of the earth. All the visitors saw the event and heard me saying, "Next time, we will bless more than 300,000."

How many of those 300,000 couples will come from America? If we drew America as one individual, he would have a very large head with big bulging eyes, because that is the way individualism looks. Calculating people always look at things from that perspective. They would come to the conclusion, "Oh, I can never do that." But they cannot dismiss the words they heard in Korea: Savior, Messiah, and True Parents. The two most awesome words for even the most individualistic American people are True Parents.

What do you think, can Reverend Moon do everything he has said he would do? Do you think I have the guts to fulfill all of that? (Yes!) Or do I have only small guts and I shake when a big wind blows? (No!) So that means you will follow Reverend Moon, no matter what incredible things he does? The most painful thing is, if more time goes by and Reverend Moon accomplishes more and more, becoming bigger and bigger, and you become conversely smaller and smaller! Are you going to do that? Or are you going to become bigger, just like Father? Do Americans have guts? (Yes.)

The secret for this is your attitude. You must have the determination and confidence to feel, "It is I who is to bring salvation to the world. Without me, this world cannot be saved. I am the one." Without that kind of confidence, you cannot truly follow Reverend Moon. And furthermore, you must feel, "I will eventually liberate God." What would be the most simple description of Reverend Moon's goal and mission? If I were asked that question, I would immediately answer, "To liberate God, to save God." Have you ever heard anyone make such a statement in any church or anywhere, before you heard me say that? (No.) You, too, must become such a person, or else you cannot follow Reverend Moon.

You must say, "With my own hands, I am going to build God's house, I am going to form God's family, I am going to make God's realm prosper. I want to build God's own country, God's own world, God's own people, and wipe all the sorrow from God's eyes." Unless you do that, you cannot liberate God. Only if you are determined to become like Reverend Moon can you truly follow me. Can you understand that? Do you want to do that?

If many Unification Church members have already made that determination, then God will be liberated. It will only be a matter of time. The more there are, the shorter the time it will take. If there are fewer people with that determination, it will take longer. But sooner or later, it will be completed. You here in the congregation this morning, are you such individuals who are committed to that goal? Or are you people who don't even know why you are here? That means you can say, "With Father or without Father by my side, that is still my task and I will go forward to liberate God." Is that what you say? (Yes.) Well, then Reverend Moon doesn't need to stay here in America any more because you will do all the work! That's a reasonable conclusion, right?

Can you name one American who likes to be defeated, or who will quietly sit back when he is outdone by other people? No, any American will come out and claim his right!

When someone comes to truly understand the value of such a position, he would not trade it for anything, no matter what he may be offered in exchange. Even if he were offered the entire country of America, he would keep that position.

It has taken almost one hour this morning, but now we understand that our aim must be one and the same. Our common aim must be one, not two. If you are an individual who confidently determines, "Yes, I will be committed for this goal," raise your hand. Does that mean you will still go forward, even if someone cuts off your nose to try to stop you? You won't be intimidated? What if they cut off one ear or destroy your mouth? Or perhaps they will pull your eyes out. What would you do, save your eyes, or go ahead? Even if they cut your neck and take your life, you wouldn't change?

We have to re-determine ourselves every day, "Even if my neck gets cut, my head had better roll in front of me, not behind!" That is exactly what Jesus determined and that is why Jesus was able to come back-because he went over death and paved the road for others to follow.

Reverend Moon came here to this country which is truly alien to God, with all its individualism, all its unbelievable illness and vice, which the people here don't even recognize. I came here and have worked for twenty years, truly at the risk of my life. Millions of people don't know what I have actually been doing, but this morning, after speaking for about one hour to this congregation, all those here determine and pledge, "Yes, I will go and at the cost of my life will work to liberate God, just as you have been doing." By that standard, is Reverend Moon a man of success or a man of failure? (Success.) That success, though, has different connotations. Some people might say, "Reverend Moon's success is not individual success. It is success on my behalf. We became like that. He is successful. That means we became successful. Therefore, he says he can be successful." Not only Reverend Moon's success, not only your success, it is the success of America, the free world and the rest of the world, too. That means, even if we literally die, America must remain. Even if America may die, the world must remain. Even if the world-half the world or the whole world-may perish, God's will on earth must be preserved. Even if God's will may not succeed, God must be liberated.

Result will come depending on what you think, what you determine in yourself. To such a man who is that determined, all beings in the world including those in spirit world, will bow down to him. He may not be so strong yet, but these elements will bow down to him wherever he goes. Do you understand? We must realize that we are comrades-in-arms of the liberation army of God. We are here to fight and liberate God. How can you do it individually? You have to do it together. And all the rest of the world problems, will be solved.

Maybe this is just one scene of today's happening. Let's go into a second scene. How many scenes would you like to see? That means this is a facet, one important stage of our concern. This is absolutely necessary. Be sure about that. What Reverend Moon tells us today is something you cannot find in any library or any saint's teaching, even Jesus'. In history, nobody has taught this because nobody knew about this.

What is it to be restored by origin? What is the restoration by origin, by root? Because of the fall, we are in a different place from where we are supposed to be, from where we originally were. To be restored by origin means to be born again. In other words, because we were born of fallen parents, to be born again or to be restored by origin means we must be born again from the parents who have not fallen. Is that absolutely necessary or just sort of necessary? (Absolutely.)

Then how can you believe, how can you prove that mankind has fallen? Many people do not believe that mankind has fallen. They say, "This is the way mankind has always been. This is the way God meant the world and man to be." Really, only the Christians have the strong notion that mankind has fallen. Other religions are not so keen about that. In Christianity, the fall is primary. To other religions, it is a secondary consideration. They don't care. But care or not care, this is a serious matter of importance. How do you believe? You have to believe because you have no idea. You have to begin to question. Why are they fallen, what is the cause of the fall? The Bible teaches that it was the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The Bible is absolutely necessary and we have to abide by the Bible. What does the Bible say? That's the main thing. If we misunderstand the Bible, then the Bible itself becomes unusable. So what did the Bible mean by eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

That means mankind contracted an illness. The origin of the illness, the cause of illness, was the eating of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil. To cure that illness, we have to have an antidote. Now, do Christians know what "the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil" means? Does any Christian know what that means? Ask any Ph.D. or double Ph.D. or someone with a hundred Ph.D.'s. You ask them that question. What is that fruit? What serious wrong did Adam and Eve commit which made God, such a loving Parent, chase that son and daughter away from His own home? What is it? The magnitude of the problem it created means it must have been a very, very valuable fruit-more than an apple, more than an orange.

According to the Bible, they ate with their hands. So the hand and mouth in that story were the only parts of the body which were used to commit the crime or sin. But what did they cover after they ate? They covered up the lower parts of their bodies. Look at what children do. Whenever a child does something wrong, they express it, they show it. They are naturally honest. So if their mother says, "Don't eat that," but the child eats it anyway and then the mother comes and confronts the child, what does the child do automatically? He hides his hands, doesn't he? He doesn't hide his lower parts or other parts. Have you ever seen a child, by reflex, hide his lower parts when he has eaten something he shouldn't? They don't do that. That is simple enough and easy to understand.

Here is another proof that it must have been the lineage which was involved. God has panted, puffed and suffered for thousands of years to correct the lineage. If the problem was caused merely by the eating of a certain substance, God could have found a remedy for that easily. It would not have taken so long. No matter how much you try to correct yourself, no matter how hard you work to correct this and that weakness and stop doing certain sins, even if you could work hard enough to correct flaws in your character, you could never change your blood lineage. You cannot do anything about the blood that flows inside you. It just cannot be denied. You could cut off your arm, but so long as that bad blood is flowing in your body, another part of you will commit sin. Another bad thing will be done by your body. We have to know where the origin of that evil comes from.

Now we know so we can quickly come to the conclusion that it was bad lineage, wrong blood lineage. So the blood flowing in all mankind, all individuals is bad blood. We cannot say it is perfect, God's blood. The fallen lineage is Satan's blood, in other words. We inherited Satan's blood. That means your body is Satan's.

We can imagine that if the ancestors of mankind did not fall, God's blood would have been flowing through you and through everyone who is around us today. That is imaginable, is it not? If that had happened, then everything would have belonged to God. There would have been no such thing as "bad" and there would have been no Satan. God originally owned that center root center truth and center bud. Those contents are what connect every human being. You are each like one branch. Branches automatically connect with the trunk, which is God. The fruit is not the same size as the branch. The equalization foundation is found in one tree. You are fruit of God-that is the natural, original conclusion.

With the perspective of all mankind as one big human being, we are all a part of that big human being. If you compare that to a tree, we are the branches. There are small branches, branches that are a little bigger, and so forth. We are all branches of that tree, but not God's tree. It is Satan's tree. What kind of fruit is borne by Satan's tree? Satan's fruit. We must clearly understand this. This is why we all agree that mankind needs to be saved. What does it mean to be saved? To be saved means to go backward from the root of having done something wrong, and being brought back to the position where man didn't fall. We come back to the point before the fall.

Just as it was planted, it will be harvested. Satan gave rise to offspring by satanic love; therefore, we reap it by satanic love, too. This is what we are seeing. We can see the characteristics of the fruits of Satan today: free sex and promiscuity. This means lack of order and chaos. Satan's actions destroyed God's order. Because Satan's goal was to satisfy himself, he disregarded God's order and chaos resulted. Today we see the rampant chaos which is the fruit. The orderly expression of love is God's utmost quality. That's where God's utmost value comes. There is an orderliness of parents, then the next generation, and the next, and so on. But since Satan did not respect that order, after all these years we see confusion and chaos everywhere. Satan's actions gave rise to this type of offspring. I have been getting the reports of so many terrible things that are a result of this disorder. One example is incest. It is just incredible. That situation is unthinkable in terms of God. If you know God, you could never imagine such action.

There are brothers who are violating their own sisters and fathers who are violating their own daughters, even grandfathers who are violating their granddaughters. It is unthinkable. This is happening in many families. I have heard about these things from the true report of members. This is something you don't see in the Orient, period. Here in this country, we see it. This is the result of the fall. Wherever their ancestors originally committed a sin and crime, the result is showing here in America. This is something we see, we cannot deny it no matter how we may try. This result must all be gathered together and burned up in the furnace to let all mankind and even God forget about that. That's the only way we can do it.

Those who advocate free sex must be happy, right? They have many things they can do; they can do whatever they want. But that is not the case. The more they pursue free sex, the more they want to do and the more miserable they become. If the parents in a family are like that, what about the children? Who do children learn from? When the husband deceives and cheats on the wife, and the wife does the same thing, where do they go? Even as an individual, where do they go? Is there any righteousness or trust there? There is no righteousness, no trust. Satan is the only one who is satisfied with such things. Perhaps he is happy because he has his kingdom, but he's the only one. Mankind looks like netted fish. Small and large, hundreds of thousands of fish are desperately moving about caught up in Satan's big nets. That's where mankind is today.

As if that weren't enough, people use drugs. When this happens, it really doubles the misery to an impossible degree. It is nothing to be called part of God any more. God and godly people just simply want nothing to do with them and walk away. This is where we are today. Satan will say, "Don't you see? God, it will no longer be possible for You to restore them. Your restoration effort is now beyond hope. Forget about saving mankind. How could You save them?" God has now brought all of you here, not from clean and pure roots but whatever God had in mind, you all came here. You were hippies and yippees, the fruit of extreme individualism. You all joined. I have been chipping away at the evil elements in you, allowing only the good to remain. Only Reverend Moon and the Unification Church have that power to cut out all the evil in you. Once Satan saw that and how effective we were, he became more and more afraid. He said, "Don't come near, Reverend Moon! This is my territory." Those who were inspired by Satan said, "What have you got to do with us here? You should go back to where you belong, go home!" Satan tried every possible way to destroy this one man, Reverend Moon. However, Satan was not successful. Father always achieves the position of victor.

So Reverend Moon made all the foundation allowing him to proclaim messiahship. No matter how many people may oppose us, their opposition will no longer interfere because the foundation is strong enough now. The opposition cannot touch us. We are in a secure zone. With that foundation completed, Father has nothing to fear. Whether they understand or not, there is bound to be somebody who understands. So Father can proclaim to the world, "Follow the Messiah!" Imagine Jesus' life. Jesus wanted to be able to do that. At some point in his life, he should have been able to do that, but with so much opposition, including the well-armed Roman soldiers, the ignorant Jewish rabbis and leaders, Jesus could not do it. He knew that it would not work and he could not get to that point.

The Japanese media have been rabid in opposing me since the beginning. They soon became irrational. No matter how difficult it may be for them to hear, they have to hear the truth about their situation now. Reverend Moon proclaimed, "I am the Savior standing here. You have to know that." Until now, they didn't know that. The Japanese media heard that proclamation. It was the first time they heard Father say it face to face. A small bit of fear went through their minds. They thought, "If this is true, this is a very serious thing." They came to think, "Reverend Moon is a smart guy! He has understood social conditions, national conditions, world conditions and understood them very well. Why does he proclaim Messiahship at this time? Why does he want to make more barriers for himself?" After proclaiming messiahship there are no barriers. Why? That action will stop all who come against me, including the Christian world. Now the Christian world is also thinking, "Is Reverend Moon the real Messiah? What shall I do? We didn't know that." Until now they have been against Reverend Moon. They have no foundation to stand on, how can they continue their persecution? People are now asking Moonies around the world, "Is Reverend Moon the Messiah?" And they are receiving the clear answer, "YES!" (Yes) Yes! (Yes) Yes! (Yes) Up and down, left and right, front and rear, people are shouting, "Messiah!" That's true!

That means people are having to check out the contents of Reverend Moon's teaching. They are saying, "Amazing!" Up and down, they are saying, "Amazing." Left and right and front and rear, they are also saying, "Amazing!" This is making people who formerly opposed me very miserable. They are seeing how many people are starting to follow Reverend Moon. They say, "What shall I do? I opposed him so much in the past." They are coming to repentance. Likewise, the Japanese media is having to be very careful about what they say now.

Now there are repercussions. People are saying, "Reverend Moon, Messiahship? Hey CIA, did you know? What is your assessment, FBI?" That is their response. It is ironic that the organization that used to be the KGB, although it is no longer the KGB, understands Reverend Moon more fairly than anybody, including America. And they are following Father. They invited me over, asking me to teach the Divine Principle. They are very open and they are trying to learn. The Minister of Education in Russia officially invited and officially recognized the teaching team of the Unification Church. Twenty thousand students and two thousand professors have been educated. These are not just average college and high school students. They are the elite of the student body. More than 10,000 government officials have been exposed to the Divine Principle. Of course, many more people have heard about us, but the number who actually attended classes is 10,000.

Most importantly, two elite leaders-the Foreign Minister, which is comparable to Secretary of State, and the leader of the Scholars Academy-heard the Principle as well. These thousands of elite brains of Russia have heard the truth and they have said, "This is it! This is something Russia has to follow, even though America discarded it. They didn't see its value, but we will adhere to this." That is their conclusion. Soon America will say, "Why are we way back here and Russia is way up there?" What kind of scene will it be if the average Russian believers come here and give lecture to the Christian ministers in America? What kind of dignity would America be able to have? How embarrassed they would be! Now history is clearly reversing its order.

The Russians are thinking very effectively because they don't have any junk in them. Here in America people are too complicated. For the average American to believe in something, to do something, they have to take care of lots of problems within themselves. This is not the case in Russia. They were well-educated in the communist way, just one way. There was just one button to push in Russia; in America, there are a thousand to push! How complicated it is. How much more simple it is in Russia. Who is more effective? And who do you think will be the probable winner? The one who follows a complicated process, or the one who follows the simple process? Yes, you answered that clearly: "Simple process." That is the convenient way. The American way is too inconvenient. God doesn't like this.

Russians could understand clearly that Reverend Moon's teaching is full of value. Izvestia, along with Tass, are very powerful media outlets, comparable to the New York Times in America. Izvestia translated Reverend Moon's teaching, the Divine Principle, not only in the newspaper but as a complete book and disseminated it all over Russia. Would the New York Times do that? Why not? Why can't the editorial chief himself decide, "This is valuable information. We print everything that's fit to print, and this is certainly fit to print."

The Russian media leaders were so moved and they brought me a report. They said, "We twenty-odd elite members who are the heads of the organization, clearly understand the teaching. We already decided it is where our direction of leadership will come from. This is the direction we will go. Please be confident and count on us. We will lead the nation in the right direction." Here in America, how can the media and others so confidently dismiss Reverend Moon's teaching? Especially now that Russia is taking it more seriously?

At least three countries out of the fifteen which used to make up the USSR have determined to make the Unification Church their national church and religion. What is your answer to Father: Should I stay here all the time as I used to, or should I do better by going to Russia and teaching there? Would I get better results there? The Washington Times continues to cost money, not supply money, and if we saved all that money couldn't we put it into more effective work in another country? We could certainly do that. If America opposes us so much that it becomes apparent we cannot work effectively here, then would you even give up your American citizenship and go to Russia? Would you even become one of them and teach there where hope is? (Yes) Would you do that? (Yes.) I don't believe you. Can you really? Once you left America, you wouldn't even be able to think about coming back ever again. Could you make that kind of decision for the sake of God's will?

Moonies understand, so they will do anything which is a shortcut to accomplish God's will. Nothing is an obstacle. If I said, "Let's have all the Moonies around the world move to Russia," would you all go? (Yes.) Then what would happen to America? It would become a total desert. Think about America without the Moonies. Think about it now and twenty years from now. Imagine it. Reverend Moon has the ability to make that happen. All that is necessary is that I say one word. What is the proof? Well, here are a young man and woman who are full of dreams and are willing to get married after picture matching, uttering not one word of opposition. How can anyone doubt that they would go wherever Reverend Moon asks them to go and work? They would go. Anything else is easier than that [picture matching]! America is full of people who came from other countries. This country only has a 200 to 300 year history. The only people who can call America their original home are the Indians. This is the Indians' home country. Was this country properly obtained, or was it confiscated and taken at gunpoint? Even though this was God's will, we must still understand it correctly and repent. Such repentance is so important for this country. This repentance must be done, or else whatever was done by those who came here will also be returned to them. There will be a lot of bloodshed in this country. To prevent this, repentance is necessary.

They say that millions of Indians died because of the plague, but nobody believes that today. People may say, "Why talk about the past now? It's over." But the point is that whatever we sow is what we will reap. Therefore, this is inevitable. Even if Reverend Moon doesn't say anything about this, still it will happen. Therefore, it is far wiser to get the remedy and not to wait until the inevitable result comes about.

The American Indians-are they more like white people or Oriental people? Yes, they are descendants of Oriental people, so they are like cousins to Reverend Moon. Therefore, from the point of view that Indians were the original settlers in this country, Reverend Moon has the greater right to be here because his cousins were the first Americans. How ironic it is, because Reverend Moon knows very well what this country is going to be like in twenty or thirty years. The minorities today, such as the Hispanic people, black people and Oriental people, will gain superiority in every area over the white people who will then be in the minority. We can already see what the consequences will be, how the white people will behave. Reverend Moon is trying to prevent the head-on crash of the races in this country by bringing people from all different backgrounds together. White people may be alarmed by this, but they have the wrong understanding. Reverend Moon is helping bring peace between different races in the future. After that, racial discrimination will not occur. Therefore, I am clearly helping every race, the white race as well as the black, Hispanic and Oriental. In God's eyes, there is no white and black. Racial discrimination exists only in the eyes of people. The purpose of the mass weddings of the Unification Church is to surmount these differences. If something isn't done now, racial differences will grow and become more and more of a problem in the world. But in Unification Church marriages, there is no difference when a black marries a white. With that, racial differences stop right in that generation. Isn't that true?

Mass weddings cut straight through Satan's lineage because we don't recognize any of Satan's divisions, such as race and nationality. So many world problems are solved through this method. This time, several hundred Japanese and white people were married to Africans, to people of third-world countries. When that number goes over one million, the world will cruise automatically toward peace. It is a one way blood lineage. To Satan's side, this is very fearful. To God's side, it is a great victory.

In your family, should international marriage be encouraged or discouraged? Imagine someone with twelve children and each marries someone from a different nationality. Then you have thirteen different nationalities represented within one family. If they all live in harmony within one household, how wonderful this would be! Therefore, Reverend Moon is becoming the king of peace! So we know that the True Parents are absolutely necessary.

Just as you sow, you shall harvest. That is a law, even though it is not always obvious. Therefore, the world, with its widespread promiscuity, is the fruit of whatever mankind has sown in the past. Satan's most effective weapons are alcohol, drugs, free sex and dancing around like a snake. Those are the points of Satan's armament. How can we follow that? If you have any sense, how can you follow any part of that tradition? Moonies are the only ones who are perfectly able to guard themselves against these things because you are the only ones who understand the truth. Your mind knows which way to go. If you get hooked up to those satanic habits, then immediately you go down to the dungeon of hell. Do you like hell? You must deeply understand that the fall was caused by sexual misbehavior. Number one, you must understand that the fall indeed took place and, number two, you must understand that the fall was caused by sexual misbehavior. Number three, Satan is covering the entire world with his armament. These are three points you must deeply understand. How can we take over this world? This is the mission of the believers, the men and women of faith. It is our mission.

Today, most Christians do not pay so much attention to the fall. That's because they don't understand it. They say, "Oh, it's great to get married. That's what the Bible says, that's what Jesus said. So we will do that and we will automatically go to Heaven." Not so, as we know. In the Bible, what were the consequences of the fall of Adam and Eve? Whatever they did, even if it was just the act of eating a fruit, were Adam and Eve given just a reprimand and let go? No, they were chased out of God's own house. It was that serious! That was God's original reaction. So the fruit of the fall was that they could not remain in God's kingdom. This was God's reaction, not just once, but many times if necessary. Adam and Eve made just one mistake at one time and brought down such serious consequences. Now, in the last days, people are doing the same thing many times and it is just inconceivable.

Christians commit the fallen act and then afterwards they come and pray, "God, please accept me. I want to go to Heaven." Can God accept them into Heaven? He is a crazy God and totally without principles if He allows such people to come to Heaven. Even a human being could not allow such a thing. How much more offended would God be? So if these things we have established today are correct, then would Christian ministers be included within this rule? No matter how famous or rich they may be-such as Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell-can they be exempt from this? No. They may claim, "Don't listen to Reverend Moon because he's a heretic and I'm an orthodox, traditional Christian." Does God care about tradition or orthodoxy? You watch God's face when He hears people complaining against Reverend Moon for being a heretic. Within the orthodox churches, there are all kinds of promiscuity and even fallen mankind frowns upon it. Christians themselves are now moving toward accepting gay and lesbian ministers. They say that smoking and drinking are okay. Can't they see that they are already in hell, sinking deeper and deeper every year? It's true, even in the churches. What can God do? Can He perform some miracle? The only thing He will do is to leave and find hope somewhere else. Do we want that to happen? Americans like to say, "Mind your own business." They don't want other people to tell them what to do. But this is minding our business. This is truth and it is our duty to say that. We can't say, "Oh, you are doing just fine. Keep on doing what you are doing." We can't say that, can we?

If somebody is sick, he may have to take a terrible, bitter tasting medicine. The patient may not want to even open his mouth, so somebody may have to hold open his mouth in order for someone else to put in the medicine. Isn't that true? You don't want to open your mouth because it's bitter. That's what Father is doing now. I am making you open your mouth, by making you admit the painful truth. Then I can put in the medicine. That's the only way to get the medicine into your body. We have been here for two hours already. Should we continue? (Yes.) Should we stop since I have to leave tomorrow for Korea and Japan, and since you must be tired? (No.) No?

You know, Father is an expert, a specialist of sorts. It only takes five minutes to say what I want to say. You may get the conclusion in five minutes, but you won't get the feeling behind it. So I have to interpret this, I have to digest it and regurgitate it. It is tedious, but that is the only way you learn, correct? At least it makes an impact on you that way. All right, here is a good reason: You may understand these things yourself, but can you teach other people? No, teaching is more difficult than you think. So even if you understand the Principle, if you go out witnessing and somebody says, "Please teach me the Principle," you will be able to use what you hear now. Therefore, you must understand the shortcuts, the simplest way to explain what the fall was, what the proof of it is and what we must do about it.

Let's talk about Christianity-criticize it a little, belittle it a little, let's make fun of it a little. Christians believe that Adam and Eve fell and they will say that they do. But if you ask them, "Do you know what the fall was about?" they will answer, "I don't know." Then ask, "Do you know if Adam and Eve were chased out of the Garden of Eden before giving birth to their first child or after?" Some might say, "I don't know." Then ask, "Do you believe in the fall?" They will answer, "Oh, yes, I do believe in the fall."

What is your answer? Were Adam and Eve chased out of the Garden before or after the birth of their child? Yes, before. That is absolutely true. All Christians understand that. Okay, but after being chased out, did they give birth to children or not? Yes, they gave birth to children. Having children one after another, does that mean they were living a married life or a life of celibacy? Yes, it is clear to everyone who reads the Bible that Adam and Eve lived a married life after leaving the Garden. No Christians can deny that point. Let's say a child was born approximately one year later. Then did God go after Adam and Eve and give His blessing over their marriage or not? Absolutely not. God did not bless their marriage. Then upon whom was their marriage ceremony centered? (Satan.) Who? I don't know. Yes, you are correct. It was Satan. It was not God. So there is no way of denying that Satan's love, Satan's life, and Satan's blood lineage were established in man. Therefore, Adam and Eve were connected by Satan, not God. That is the correct answer. Is it, or not? Yes or no? Absolutely yes? Yes.

So we know that Satan's love started Satan's life and Satan's lineage and it extends all the way to the present. But this was not the way mankind was destined to go. Mankind was clearly created to begin with God's love and God's life and God's lineage. So we see those two opposing directions. If mankind had not fallen, if Adam and Eve had married with God's blessing, then God's love, life and lineage would have come about and mankind would live forever. They would not die spiritually. They would never be dead like people today. They would have passed into eternal life without having to be saved.

From whom did each of you receive the seed of life? Was it from God or was it from Satan? Unmistakably it was from Satan. After the fall, every human being inherited Satan's life seed from the beginning. No one can deny that. But man's original mind has a different expectation. Human beings wanted God's original love, God's original life, and God's original lineage. Even though mankind has the bad lineage, each person, deep in his mind, covets God's love and lineage. From this we can clearly see that man has two different aspects. Within each individual, two opposing elements are struggling. The body represents everything that has to do with Satan. The mind represents everything man has coveted and yearned for from God. So these two aspects within each individual are fighting.

We talk a lot of about world peace, but this point is exactly where world peace originates and nowhere else. The origin of world peace is the unity of the mind and body of each individual centered on God. Without that, there cannot be true world peace. Upon that foundation, we find freedom. There we find happiness. There we find hope. Otherwise there is no way. People in the past have struggled solely on the horizontal level to achieve world peace, but they can never achieve true freedom or happiness or hope, neither will they find peace. Unless we come into a united mind and body, there will be no peace, no happiness, and therefore no prosperity.

The Unification Church is not just a haphazard activity. This is the greatest activity with the greatest meaning: Unification. What neither communism, nor the liberal people here in America realize, is a very important point about freedom. Unless there is a foundation of unification, freedom is impossible. Because they never understood that, they still struggle between mind and body. I remind you that no teacher, no saint throughout history, including Jesus Christ, has ever taught mankind to unite their mind and body or even explained why they are disunited. Reverend Moon is the first person who has brought this teaching. The body has already become the performing stage, the arena of Satan. Evil can do whatever it wants through the body of men and women. Meanwhile, God can have hope and can only do things in a limited way through the mind of individuals. But if mankind had not fallen, these two elements would never have been separated and there would never have been the need to worry about uniting mind and body.

Someone may ask, "Where is Satan? I want to see Satan." Nobody is willing to admit, "Satan is in me. Satan is in my body." The overall purpose of all religion is to raise the spirit above the body. That means the mind becomes stronger than the body and is able to subjugate and subdue the flesh. This is what all religions have in common.

We have identified what Satan's working ground is. We are trying to subdue and control ourselves, and eventually to chase Satan entirely away through uniting our mind and body, centered on the mind, not the body.

When individuals get together and get married, suppose they fight with one another. Is that an aspect of Satan or of God? Is that Satan's attribute or God's attribute? Were husband and wife supposed to struggle and fight from the very origin of mankind? No, never. If a family is composed of four members, we can see struggling and fighting in four ways, or eight ways, including each person's mind and body. There is more division than unity. That's why Satan is saying, "Look, it doesn't work. No matter what you teach, it doesn't work. Give me one example of where your teaching is working." However, God's ideal is still there. Now here is the secret of all secrets which Father taught so many times, but people usually didn't get: If you want unity between yourself and another, you should be the sacrifice; you should be more humble. Don't try to win over him, just say, "Yes, yes, you are the winner. You are the more righteous one." That is the only way. In other words, live for the sake of the other. If everybody did that, then everybody would be a winner. Very soon, people would recognize that this way of relationship works and that it is the only way that works. Therefore, more and more people would follow.

Which position in the world is America now wanting? Does America want to stand on top of the world, or does America want the world to stand above it? First or second? (First.) Is that right or wrong? (Wrong.) Why is that wrong? It is wrong because of one foremost principle which I have been teaching you: the individual exists for the sake of the family. That means he can sacrifice himself, if necessary, for the sake of the family. Furthermore, the family exists for the sake of society. The society for the nation, the nation for the world, the world for the cosmos, the cosmos for God. These are the consistent steps and the direction in which they must serve. Why have I emphasized this so much? We are valuable, aren't we? Each individual is very valuable and he or she always wants to be above everyone else, correct? This is undeniable. But is there only one such person in each family? No, each person in each family is like that, right? So there are four in each family of two parents and two children who want to be the most important of all the family members. That means you alone have the value of one unit, while the three other members of your family have the value of three. Which should you uphold: your own value of one unit, or the value of the others, which is equal to three? It is clear which is more valuable-the larger value. The larger value is always more important than the smaller.

Suppose you say, "Well, I want all the others to obey me so that I can stay on top. I want those who represent the value of three to come below me, who represents the value of one." But that is very difficult to maintain. Do you have the guarantee, can you be absolutely sure that if you stood on top of everybody that everybody would be happy? No. They would not be happy. They would turn against you.

Because you are righteous and intelligent, you listen to my teaching. You recognize it is important to follow this principle, so you follow and you serve for the sake of the other three or four people in your family. After that, the others will recognize, "Good things have happened because he/she is sacrificing for our sake." They will appreciate you. In that case, whether you seek it or not, you will automatically become the center of those three or four others. Does this formula work or not? This is a very simple formula, but nobody has known it before. Nobody believed it was possible to fulfill.

Suppose there are twenty people within your circle of friendship and you are always asserting your position: "I am a member of the Unification Church and I know more than you do. Therefore, you all have to follow me and learn from me." Do you think they will do that? No, they will never follow such a person. They will go off in twenty different directions. But if you subdue your own ego, becoming sort of inconspicuous, you can listen to them until they have no idea what to say next or how to continue. Then show them your way. This is the correct way.

What happens is that one friend will bring another friend, saying, "I have this wonderful friend I want you to meet," and your circle of friends will increase because of you. A steady center causes the circle to increase. That's the secret of peace and how you can become the center. Everybody wants to become the center, but how can you become the center? That's the question which nobody has known the answer to. Is it by putting yourself above the others? No. Even in the schools-maybe not in American schools but certainly in Korean schools and Japanese schools-the teachers always say, "Serve other people. Be nice to other people." This is taught to children from the very first day they go to school. Most people can't explain why this is; only a few people understand why.

So individual, family, clan-when it comes to clan, there may be hundreds of families, correct? And each family has one unit of value. The same principle applies here. Who would be the central family of your clan? It would be the family who serves the most, who thinks of others the most, who prays for the others, who carries out the peacemaking, loving everyone.

Can you see this simple, basic form or type? By the same token, there are hundreds of countries in the world and America is only one of those countries. If America wants to stand up on top of all the rest of the countries, asserting itself and so forth, do you think they will listen? America may try and try to make this work, but it will never work. Why should they do something that doesn't work? The whole mistaken way grew out of one small mistaken idea. Americans think that the wealth they have been blessed with is theirs to keep, but that is not so. Reverend Moon says that and so do many other people. The wealth and abundance which God has given to America was for the sake of the whole world, not just for America alone. America has said, "Only America can make peace in the world." Do you think that will work? Would all the rest of the world's nations be glad to be under the dominion of America? Now we see George Bush and other presidential candidates talking about formulas for peace in the world, promising this and that. But none of those formulas will work. The only way for America to prosper is to understand this basic notion: America should serve the other countries of the world.

You must understand that Reverend Moon has a great mission. He has to survive to accomplish this mission to the end. I am wise enough to understand these age-old secrets of the Principle. I know how to do this. Reverend Moon's ultimate goal is to liberate God. It is very logical that so long as we put all of our energy into one goal of liberating God, as long as we stay on that course and follow that direction, God will continue to support us. We will never falter as long as we do that. And when we accomplish that goal, God will love everybody, not just the Unification Church. But with whom would He live? Probably He would live with the Unification Church at the center, as well as with everybody else.

Do you think this is a far-fetched theory of mine? There are many American families who say, "I don't care about other families, and I certainly don't care about the country. As long as my family is okay, that's all I care about." If there are many Americans like that, this country will have no future. The same is true of the Unification Church. Suppose church members make a small foundation and they know they have the highest understanding in the world, and they know that nobody can do better than they. So they say, "Everybody has to come to me and pay respect to me." If that happened, the Unification Church would never develop any further. God would never stay with them at all. Eventually, the Unification Church would wither and decline. We don't want that. We have to serve others if we expect to grow. God's blessing must be with them and with us. If a person or group lives in such a serving manner and also pushes others in the direction of serving others, then God's blessing will continue to be given through that individual and group.

This is unmistakable. Don't you agree? So this is primarily the mission of young people. Their goal should be how to reflect this, how to actually implement this understanding in this country. America tried to seek opportunities around the world. That was no good. Americans have to think about how they can best serve for the sake of the world. That is the royal solution. You see that this principle is powerful and unfailing. No matter how complicated the world's situation might be, this is the one solution to any seemingly impossible problems. No other techniques are superior.

If all American family members, all the individuals in America followed the country of America which has always tried to serve other countries of the world, then America would prosper more and more as each generation comes around. That is the only format by which American prosperity can be assured. Do you think that theory, that reasoning is probably correct reasoning? Or do you think it is faulty reasoning? It is correct! Absolutely correct. Reverend Moon has a good brain.

Actually, Reverend Moon sees himself as having reached the pinnacle in most fields. Nobody is able to think more deeply than Reverend Moon, nobody has done as much to teach about the reality of God. Father has penetrated many walls and is still moving forward with this Principle. There is a general awareness in Korea that the upcoming election will be very close. It is impossible right now to determine who is ahead or who will win. But among the people, the general feeling is that whoever Reverend Moon endorses, will become the president. By the same token, in Japan it is felt that whoever the members of the Unification Church support, will have a good chance of being elected. This is true for the premier, as well as congressmen. In America we have already shown the one who Reverend Moon endorses has the best chance of becoming president. Many people right now don't like Mr. Bush. They want to push Bush out of power. But who can they put in his place?

The CIA and FBI have a better understanding of this picture, perhaps more than you church members who are very busy every day doing your mission. But they know. That's their job. Father's way of approving or disapproving America is already no secret, and it is very different from the general way of thinking. I am upholding God's way. Whether it brings me benefit or difficulty, I must follow God's criteria. That is the only way to help America prosper. Otherwise, America will never prosper.

You must understand that America is very important to me, even more important than Korea, because America is more important to God. America is in the position to exert influence upon the whole world. That is how God designed it, anyway. Not Korea. Korea has its own special attributes, but America has its unique position in regard to accomplishing God's will. God's will must be done here in America. That's how God raised this America. Korea is a small country. Now the leading country of all the world is America. If this country turns around and goes to God's side, at one time, everything changes. Do you understand? That is the fastest way. There is not so much time. God wanted that to see that happen and Reverend Moon wanted that to happen.

Of course, God and Reverend Moon are always prepared for other eventualities. What if the one in a thousand chance happens and it doesn't work? Then there have to be alternatives. This is something we want to avoid if we possibly can. Russia can be a good alternate. The nations of South America also. North America has a Protestant religious foundation, while South America is strongly Catholic. The North has an Anglo-Saxon cultural background while the South is Latino. They have different cultural backgrounds and values. Once America turns against me, then South America will be the alternative. If both come against me, Russia will be the next alternative. After that, China would be the alternative. Think about it. Reverend Moon always makes preparation for anything that may happen.

You understand this principle clearly now, don't you? Do you see that what this means is that the Unification Church is bound to prosper forever and ever until God is liberated? No matter how high the walls, Reverend Moon overcomes. You may not know everything, but what is your guess about what you have learned so far? Do you think this can be proven, or not? Yes, it is absolutely provable. I said the same things twenty years ago and I proclaimed, "I will save the free world." People didn't know at all what I was talking about. They wondered, "American people have been trying to do that for years and years and they couldn't do it, so how can Reverend Moon do it?" They laughed. I also said, "I will liberate mankind from communism." At that time, nobody ever thought such a thing would be possible. Now they think they did it! How mistaken they are.

I never kept secrets. Each time I spoke, I said clearly, "Each country must follow the direction I am suggesting." I said that with great confidence and authority, and the world doubted. Where the world will go from this point on, nobody knows except Father. Why? The person who is Savior must understand every correct direction. The one who is going to lead had better know where he is going. Now you are applauding when you hear me speak. That means you can understand and appreciate what I am saying. Twenty years ago, people didn't applaud. They just wondered about what I said. Some even shook their head in disbelief. One thing Americans don't like is to be told what to do, even though they need to be told what to do.

This is reality, not concept. It cannot be denied. This is my substantial foundation. Is that true? I don't know. You know well, more than me!

God lost three main things as a result of the fall of man. First, He lost His realm of blood lineage. Also, He lost the realm of ownership. That means there is nothing He can claim, saying, "This is mine." Also, He lost the realm of heart. Satan's self-centered love came to supplant God's love. As a result of the fall, mankind's lineage became different from God's. Actually, mankind was born here (points to drawing on board) and they should have gone in this direction, but as a result of the fall, they went in this other direction. Through Satan's love, Satan's life and Satan's lineage, mankind's history started in such a way and spread out to the individual, family, and world levels. Now there are five billion people on this side, the left side, Satan's side. Where should we go?

What we have to do is realize this, not just conceptually but in reality. Other people don't even have a concept of this. That is why we are far more advanced. Now, because of Father's teaching and actually doing these things, some people know clearly, at least conceptually, that this is what we have to realize.

As soon as people understand that a better world must be realized, it only follows that God's love should be the source, God's life should be the source, and God's lineage should be the source of this new world. It goes without saying. We don't create this ideal with guns, or by force, or by might and power. You have to subjugate them through love. People will come and bow down before you because of what you do for them. We see this great principle. Religion is always persecuted at first and then it is elevated in status. This simple pattern is always repeated. There is no great religion which was welcomed, which was not persecuted in the beginning. None. Goodness is always struck first. It does nothing wrong but is still struck first. The Unification Church has that kind of history. This is where the chosen nation arises.

Then we should change the lineage. In other words, what is on the left side should move to the right side. Centering on Satan, Cain followed, then Cain's son followed, and all the rest of the offspring followed. God lost everything. Satan took everything away from God. You can compare it to this: suppose you were engaged to be married. The wedding was to take place in one month. Everything was set. Then Satan came by and snatched away your bride and married her himself. That is the kind of situation God was in. So that is why this offspring here (pointing to left side) is the enemy to God. God was eagerly awaiting His own world, but somebody else came along and stole it. So would that offspring be a friend to God, or an enemy? Certainly, they would all be enemies to God. That is why we keep saying they are enemies to God.

Who is Satan? It is the archangel, we all understand that. The archangel was not in the realm of Blessing as God's sons and daughters were. By the same token, the archangel was not in the realm of ownership. The archangel did not have the right to own anything in God's creation. Purely from God's point of view, are the offspring supposed to have no possessions and property, or plenty of blessings? From God's point of view, did He ever plan for or even imagine Hell to come into being? Do you think God had Hell in His mind; in His original plan of creation? No. Therefore, we must understand that it is not "the average" we have to restore. We have to restore the most defiled, the worst, the lowest place in the corner of the prison. That is who we need to restore. Even those in the dungeons of hell need to be saved and liberated, just as much as Christians and the members of the Unification Church.

Look at the Christians of today. They don't understand, so what are they doing? They say, "God, I believe in Jesus. I am saved. Therefore, I will go to Heaven." Can it be as simple as that? How does it work? How can you prove such a thing? In God's original plan, would people automatically go to Hell if they did not believe in Jesus? No, God has no hell in mind. He sees that hell exists, but He wants to liberate the people there. In other words, God wants to save not only Christians but also those people in hell.

One very simple word: No. The Christians are wrong in saying, "I am the one to be saved. Hell doesn't matter." The word is NO. God also wants to liberate Hell. By the same token, the Lord of the Second Advent will come and work to liberate Hell as much as liberate Christianity. How? If you straighten the lineage and the ownership, then Hell doesn't exist. What is hell? Hell is when you are strongly bound up, tied into Satan's lineage, Satan's property, and Satan's love realm. This is hell. You can be a rich person and still be very much in hell. There is no hell within the ideology of the Unification Church. But that doesn't mean that everything is monotonously equal, either. There are some big trees, some tall trees, and so on. But there is no hell in the Unification realm.

Here you need to reverse the role of elder son. Until now, restoration has focused on elder sonship. What God has been working on until now has been the restoration of history. That means He has been working to set things right side up. But God did not even begin His original work yet. God didn't want to do restoration work. Eventually He has to recreate His own world. He didn't even get there. It is like the factory where we go and pick up some salvageable person from the trash can, dust him off and clean him up. Like a hospital, we heal him, make him healthy, then put him in the role of elder son. Think about God. God is far from realizing His own ideal country, let alone His ideal world. But He still is doing the chore of picking up discards and trying to repair and heal them. God could not even repair and heal Adam and Eve's disease.

When He does that in the course of re-creation, everything is done with plus and minus. Every aspect of God's creation is guided by the same principle of give and take between plus and minus, whether you are talking about the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, or the mineral kingdom. So to move from here to here means that you have to change the roles: elder son becomes the younger son, younger son become elder son. Otherwise, you cannot do this. After doing that, they go in search of the mother. That mother and the newly restored son will become one.

Because Eve fell, the restored Eve must embrace the restored elder son, and unite and together return to God. In Satan's family, all are enemies to each other. The first son is enemy to the second son, the first son and mother are enemies to each other, the father is enemy to the others. There is so much discord. Here (drawing on board) is the big plus representing God, and a big minus here. We have to center on God. Up to this point is what God actually wants. Up here actually needs to be discarded. We see the proof, we see that happen everywhere. This is the realm of the archangel, Satan's domain. People there always want to have this woman, like a thief. They know they cannot be Blessed, but they want it anyway.

Man historically had the bad tradition of always ruining and adulterating the woman's heart. They deceived the woman's heart. That is the worst thing a man can do, and they have been doing that all along. So women need to be protected and liberated, too. Where does this liberation of women come from? Not by another woman, or by any way within the realm of the fall. There is no liberation possible there. The women's hope is to be liberated. They have to meet a savior. That savior will come as a true man and liberate womanhood. This is the only way to liberate woman.

Since this is re-creation, just as the original creation, it must always have the plus element and the minus element, or subject and object positions. We can see more clearly now what is the mission of all religions, including Christianity. Let's ask the question: what is the mission of Christianity? Christianity was to form the realm of influence, not just for themselves, but to prepare everybody to meet the Messiah who is to come and help him do his work. We know that because the fall took place, because Adam and Eve and the archangel did wrong, in the time of restoration, religion is supposed to secure and prepare the one who is in Adam's position who hasn't fallen, the archangel who has not fallen, and the first son who is not fallen. So there are three archangels and one Adam. The same pattern can be observed in religion. There must be three religions in the position of archangel and one which is in the position of Eve on the world scale. Christianity has that Eve mission. Christians have the bride's mission. God needs the bride. Also, three religions who are in the archangel's position must help the religion which is in the Eve's position.

The three archangel religions are Buddhism, Islam and Confucianism. They must help the religion which is in the Eve's position in order to prepare everything for the advent of Adam who is to come. All those religions received a lot of blessings from God and guidance from God and spirit world. They know that, but they do not know what their ultimate goal is or what is the inter-relationship between them should be. Only Reverend Moon has come out and taught them, "This is your mission." So the Lord of the Second Advent is to unite the left and right wings of human society. Also the Lord of the Second Advent must unite religions. Who is the one who has made the effort for unification, which is well underway among these four religions? This is what Reverend Moon has done, isn't that correct? It was not Confucius. It is not the American government who is to do this; it is not even the Russian government. It is the coming Messiah who is to do this; to unite left and right and also unite those four religions.

So you see that when Jesus came and when he ascended up into heaven, during the Crucifixion there was a thief on his right and one on his left. They were the forerunners of the 20th century right-wing and left-wing. He will have to unite them before he can bring them to heaven. If the Lord of the Second Advent does not do that, he cannot accomplish God's ideal world. So he has to bring left and right into one, no matter how far apart they are. We have to restore the same course going backwards. Jesus went into the realm of death, giving up his life. Restoring means we gain life again by going around, making two into one, instead of going to the cross. The Lord of the Second Advent has to survive and do this.

Mankind has known very little. We are intelligent beings and we know that we don't understand our origins or our goals. Neither did we understand God's dispensation. But everything has now been disclosed, thanks to Father. Father taught all these things. Now each person knows where he stands. We know where God's dispensation is heading, what is the ultimate goal, what each individual must do. All these things had to be disclosed and taught by Reverend Moon. No one has done that before. After culminating that, Father proclaimed the positions of True Father and True Mother; True Parentship; the Messiahship. So Father stood at the front line and proclaimed everything while he was drawing all the attack. Therefore, what will happen? The Unification Church will receive no more persecution. It will simply become strong. Nobody is a match for the Unification Church, not in concept, not in ideology, nor in its capability to love or capability to dedicate. In no way can anybody compete against the Unification Church and its members. Isn't that true?

The decade of the 1960's was the transition time for history. All countries had to be liberated. Everybody came to be in an equal position. Particularly after World War II, America was the greatest winner. America was the champion of the whole world after the victory over Germany and Japan. Historically, winning countries enjoyed their tremendous position of political superiority, but the United States helped raise up every nation she had defeated, even Japan, the arch-enemy. Why did America have to do that? Without knowing that was God's direction, they were preparing the realm of brothers on the national level for the Parents to come. The system of elections in the democratic way means choosing who will be the eldest brother among us. In other words, it is a brotherhood-choosing activity. Now if they have a consensus, we can pick out the best one. But they fight each other. The incumbent party fights against the opposing party.

What America did not realize is that they should not stop with democracy. The election process should be elevated to a higher level than that. In other words, the brotherhood election is not good enough any more. You have to rise up to the Parenthood election. Who would be the right parent for this country? They are all behind the times. Also they have become corrupted. Do you know of any truly clean elections in any society any more? They are dirty elections; corrupted. Everybody knows it but there is nothing they can do.

You can elect the one who will fill the roles of elder brother and younger brother. But can you elect your own father and mother? Can any child do that? Regarding the sons' and daughters' positions, there are twelve different positions and they can revolve around as they wish, but the parents position as the center is only one, not many. Can we say, "Let's elect someone and let's pretend he is our father and mother?" No, we have no choice in that. Also, can we elect our Messiah and True Parents at our will and consensus? One thing America never saw or accepted is that parents come to us from heaven. They are given to us. We do not select them and make them ourselves. What shall America do? All they know is the election system. They don't know any other system.

One thing America has never understood, do the Parents come to us from heaven, or do we select them ourselves? What shall American people do, since all they know is their election system? After World War II, America began to play this role. They liberated smaller nations and they raised them up. They treated them generously, as their younger brothers, it is true. But after a few years, America became confused. They stand still now. They did not rise up to the parental level.

In 1960, Kennedy became president and died in 1963. Do you know why? It is because until that time, America was helping the rest of the world, even if it caused difficulty for themselves. Money and resources were given out for the rest of the world. But during Kennedy's term, that giving shrank. Americans turned inwards and started trying to take care of themselves. Then Kennedy was killed. Heaven just brought him to the spirit world. Likewise Hammerskjold died. He was in the same role. These are subtle points which have not been explained before, but now because of Principle they can be understood. The United Nations was supposed to prepare the world for the one who was to come by developing brotherly relationships among the world's nations, but they did not do that. Rather, the U.N. virtually became the performing stage for world communism. It became very degraded.

I met with former President Eisenhower around 1965. I can't remember the exact year because it's been a long time. I told President Eisenhower everything. I said in plain language, "Centering on Reverend Moon, America had better go in that public direction." But Eisenhower didn't pay much attention. He was humble enough to listen and he heard the words, but he didn't do anything about what he heard. I was told that Eisenhower went and spoke somewhere at a university or school where he said something like, "Reverend Moon is not an ordinary person. He has a great vision and he has a lot to offer mankind." But that is the extent of what Eisenhower did in order to heed the warning I gave to him.

I set up 120 Holy Grounds around the world, and sixty-two are located right here in America. I took America that seriously. Now, ironically, the country which received God's love the most, the country which received the most attention and sweat and blood from Father has become the country which has gone against me the most strongly. This has always been the case in history. So left and right wing have to be united before I can make this turn around 180 degrees. Now for the first time, things are going toward God's direction. To God's throne we go.

In Jesus' time, the victory was on the national level. But the victory of Reverend Moon comes on the world level. Do you understand? What has been done? I have been paving the road for that highway which leads to God's throne-not just for a selected and chosen few but for everyone in the universe, including those who are in the depths of hell. That is what I am doing, and that is what you are doing, as well-paving the road.

The most important thing in human restoration is marriage because history originated from the wrong direction in marriage. Therefore, our mass weddings and purity in love, keeping our lineage clean and intact, is the most important affair in human responsibility. At least Unification Church members understand that much by now. Your ears have been soaked with that message: chastity is of utmost importance. Right here, the main thing we must do is to change the direction of our lineage, transferring it from the realm of Satan to the realm of God. You all made your pledge when you went through the Blessing ceremony, right? And there are other aspects to the process, such as the indemnity stick and the Three-Day Ceremony. All these things are set up to prevent Satan from invading your marriage. Because we have proclaimed that we have gone beyond the level where Adam and Eve fell, at the top of the growth stage, Satan cannot invade. Satan proclaims, "I need an indemnity condition." That condition is the indemnity stick and the Three Days Ceremony. Without that, you cannot reach up there. Do you understand? These conditions completely separate you from Satan's blood lineage.

Let me ask you, do you really, deeply and clearly realize that you have gone through that transition of the blood lineage, from evil to good? Do you realize that through those ceremonies you have established that condition? That is a must. The ownership of the satanic world began after the fall, not before. That means after the realm of lineage changes, then the realm of ownership must automatically follow. What belongs to the satanic world cannot be unconditionally moved into the heavenly world.

The center of the conditions in the Old Testament days were material goods or offerings. The New Testament conditions required sacrificial offerings by which the sonship is restored. The Completed Testament days are the time of Parents. To uphold the Parents means to invite God down to earth. Until that time, heaven and earth have been separated. Now through the Parents, God can come down and live on earth. Until such time, the Parents must go through a realm of persecution. The realm of heart is something not so frequently mentioned by Father, but this time Father has emphasized it.

There are four great heartistic realms and three great national or kingship realms. Together they comprise the heartistic, shimjung realm. So in the transition of the blood lineage, everything that belongs to you belongs to God. That means whatever we own ourselves is not ours individually. Adam and Eve were supposed to be blessed under God, and then true ownership was supposed to be given, in that order. Now we are restoring. That doesn't mean we can own everything and then be blessed by God. No. How does it work? We are blessed first, then with all we own, we will recover the country and dedicate to God and God will perhaps give it back. Things work in that order. We dedicate it, but receive it again.

This is true of the nation, too. Now many begin to deny the right of individual ownership. More and more are saying, "This all belongs to the society." We are moving in that direction. That was the unmistakable viewpoint of communism, and now even the free world is moving in that direction. Ownership is supposed to be given to the Lord of the Second Coming. Supposedly he should own everything. He will be the center of all ownership, all things, and then he will re-allocate, giving it back. It is the True Parents who give it all back, not the false parents who give it all back. The false parents' generation took ownership. This is not the original way. We must rededicate. After that, we receive the center, True Parents. After that, we receive our real ownership.

Because of this Principle, which is the law of God, unification happens automatically. If you will stick to this principle, then you don't have to do anything to be united, it happens automatically. That means if we create more numbers of Blessed couples, all the work we are about to do is already done. That is the goal, the purpose, and we will do it without fighting. Transfer the lineage and ownership. You think, "My body is mine, my life is my life," but that is not so. That has to belong to God. Now, unfortunately, it is under the dominion of Satan. If your mind and body are completely one, you are probably on God's side. But if your mind and body are not one, in all probability you are still in the satanic domain. Those here who can proudly proclaim to me, "Yes, my mind and body are already one," raise your hands. Nobody? This is why we need to pray to God, pray to God to help us and fight. Fight against whom? Not against other people but fight against yourself. As long as there is room inside of you for Satan to come in and dance around, you are in hell. You have to cross the borderline from Satan's domain into God's domain. That's why we need prayer.

So on God's side, mind and body are already one. This is not a theory or abstract concept. Through this understanding, you have to make it a reality. That is up to you, with God's assistance. Otherwise you have no real plan for where you want to go. You cannot build anything without a blueprint. What if we don't realize that? There will be no freedom. There is no peace, and there will be no happiness. No hope. What do we have, then? No future. Nothing, only hell. Therefore, we must do this. Then what do we have? Everything.

There is no higher education than this education, correct? This is the ultimate and most basic education. Many people want to live according to their urges. That is not good at all. Some people have even been blessed with spouses they didn't like, so they asked me, "Father, give me another spouse." Someone actually said that. Think about the law of God which Adam and Eve violated, because of which God had to expel them from the Garden of Eden. Do you think that law has changed now? No, the same law is in effect. The dimension is different now. The position of Adam and Eve was the individual, small way, but Father's position now is fully established to the world level. So if you break that law, it is not that survivable. You must understand the seriousness and gravity of this principle. Whether we are abiding by or breaching that principle we must understand this seriously. Divorcing, no matter what may be the reason . . . One partner will come to God, and cry and explain why he is right and his spouse is wrong. Then the spouse will come and do the same. Do you think God will listen? We must understand the foundation we are sitting on here. It may look humble, but it is the result of much bloodshed, much sacrifice and the martyrdom of all religions in the past. Many entire countries perished. With that enormously high price paid, the Unification Church could stand. Can you take it lightly?

Your husband will have certain faults. In the past, God tried to accommodate the unreasonable and childish desires of men and women. That is how God, until now, fostered religion. Does He have to do the same thing even today? No. Since we know a lot, we have to take care of ourselves. We know ownership automatically goes with lineage. What about the heartistic realm? When God created the first ancestors of mankind, Adam and Eve, He had an idea, an heartistic attitude. He knew that children should behave in a certain manner toward their parents. It is simple, but in English it becomes complicated. Parents should have a certain heart toward their children. The child should have a certain attitude and heart toward his parents. And husband and wife should not only have the heart and mind . . . It's a kind of code of conduct, the way you should behave. There is always a rule, ethical rules and heartistic attitudes of God. God must have already had that when He created mankind and gave blessing to them, correct?

Parents have a certain acceptable mindset toward their offspring. This is the order: first, there is the child's heart toward his parents since everybody starts as a child. When another child is born into the family, the brother/sister relationship comes about. And, when the boy and girl grow up, the husband and wife relationship comes into being. When the couple becomes parents, they realize a heartistic attitude toward their children as well as all the rest of their family. God has definite ideas how each of these relationships should be.

When the fall took place, these things mattered no more. People came to have nothing to do with God, so why worry? Do you follow this? But originally God clearly had this expectation. God still has an expectation, not through the lineage of the fallen generations but for the original Adam to come. God still has His long-awaited expectation for this heartistic realm: that perfect man and perfect woman will have a family and fulfill God's ideal in all these different relationships. Then God can say, "Yes, that's what I wanted. Now you fill me up!"

We can see the Lord of the Second Coming in a different perspective this way, "Oh, he is the one who comes to fulfill the perfection of each position, and teach us the heartistic relationship we should have with each other." Who should be the first to set the good example? It should be Adam. Because of Adam fulfilling this, he can take Eve and recreate Eve, and bring her up to the same level as himself in perfection of the heartistic realm and all these four positions. It may be easy to describe this, but do you think it is easy to actually do it? And doing it while being opposed by others? There are always more hills to go over, one after another. You cannot bend the road to suit your convenience. You have to go straight ahead. Where there is a rock, you have to penetrate it.

So Reverend Moon could have gone around his imprisonment, and everybody thought, "Why didn't you? That would have been easier." But that is not so. The road is straight ahead, and God cannot bend His principle. All those walls came down by my taking that road. I have torn them down, and flattened the path so that no more walls are standing in the way. Do you think that was easy to do?

Let us look at this example. If Christianity had received Reverend Moon after World War II, as God's dispensation was expecting, then within seven years time, the whole world would have turned around. They were ready, mature. Only one country, the greatest country at that, had the Christian cultural background, and the owner of that country should have been the Second Advent. As I have said, Christianity was Eve's religion. Their mission was to prepare for the groom who was coming. America was in the position of being the bride, as well as Christianity, which was supposed to be making preparation. For whom? For the Second Advent, for the bridegroom. Who is that? Only one man.

What happened? Christianity opposed him, America opposed him. Because of that, millions of people have been sacrificed, history became entangled, everything deteriorated, everything became more difficult. They were saying, "Well, the Bible says that the Lord will come down on the clouds," and they were looking for that to happen literally. This is the same attitude the Jewish people had at the time of Jesus. Everybody believed, because it was in the Scriptures, that Elijah must come first, then the Savior would come. Nobody knew Elijah had come, so when Jesus appeared, they said, "Who are you?" They didn't realize John the Baptist was in the position of Elijah, so when Jesus spoke and challenged them to believe, "I am the one who has come," they couldn't accept it. John should have been the one testifying to Jesus, but because he didn't fulfill his mission, then Jesus had to proclaim himself. The people accused Jesus for proclaiming himself, but he had no other choice.

Now Reverend Moon has done everything necessary to enable even the traditional Christians to believe and receive, so I am hiding nothing. I am simply proclaiming the truth as it is. Father is thinking of everything at a higher level than the Christians. It is now the time to make the proclamation. Father has said everything. Seven years is all it would have taken and the restoration of the world would have been accomplished. Reverend Moon is now a leader of the world, not just leading the Christian world. High level people are following behind me. They are watching to see what I will do. If I take a step, they take a step. They follow behind me making no sound. As more join in, the sound will get bigger and bigger until at last it breaks your ear. After that, automatically all will follow. That is how we will make the whole-purpose world.

That is why I went to the prison. I walk the straight road, never compromising but going right through. They found some fault by which they could put me into prison, but I didn't mind and just went straight ahead. By coming to that point, then literally everything is freed. What about America? Without Reverend Moon, where is this country going to go?

So take down all the walls of the satanic world. There is no castle of Satan remaining anywhere on the earth, no walls Satan can dwell behind. True Parents can relate directly with the families of all five billion people on earth. Until now there have been many, many walls. Now they have been torn down. True Parents can connect with all the world's families. Now woman can be lifted up. In a family, God needs one: not man, not children, but woman. That is Eve's position. Do you understand? After the fall, Eve embraced Cain and Abel, but that embrace took them toward hell. From there, all humankind was connected with hell. At the time of the Second Advent, people will come to belong to their original parents, not Satan anymore. The owner of all human beings is True Parents. All human beings belong to the True Parents, not to Satan. Satan doesn't have ownership or partnership any more. He doesn't control the family, the nation or world. In this time of the Second Advent, True Parents changed all humanity through one embrace. First, Satan stole Eve. Secondly, Satan stole the children. Since the way of indemnity is the reverse way, then first of all True Parents must restore Eve, who, on Satan's side, embraced two brothers. Satan embraced woman and their children. The family ultimately follows Eve. Do you understand? The original Eden lost Eve's family. That husband does not belong to God. That is representative of the archangel position. Do you understand?

Now that the end time is coming, America compares exactly to that kind of family. Woman is queen in this country. We see American queens. Man is a servant here. Exactly a servant. This is different from God's viewpoint. A woman is standing on God's side, but children, brotherhood, parents, that is Satan's side. Connecting into one, they did not unify. This is the problem. How can we connect those three, mother, son and daughter? This is something the American woman cannot do. They need True Mother's teaching. True Mother is the center of woman. She is the center mother, center woman. True Mother is embracing three kinds of human beings: one is Satan's side in the outside world; the other is religious world, or God's side, and another is her real, direct lineage. Those three she has to embrace. This is Mother's mission.

So Mother's way is first making sacrifice for the sake of the religious world. When Mother and the religious world combine into one, those two sacrifice for the outside world. That is God's providential way. Centering on God's providential way, they connect with the real son. They cannot have false love. They must unite, Mother's side, the outside, Satan's side and Cain's side, completely in love. After that they come back, and Mother and elder son and Father combine into one. Love is in that Abel position. That means one is Satan's side, one is the archangel's side. They combine and obey there. Real parents can accomplish that. This is Principle viewpoint. It is that much of a complicated position. You have to choose and go in a clear direction, otherwise you cannot reach heaven. Satan cannot follow that clear direction. God's way is too difficult for Satan.

So it is the time of a great encounter, a great meeting together. All the world is coming down and there is no more separation between parents and children, children and families. This is true for all the families in the world. Until now, Mother followed in Father's footsteps, just like a shadow going exactly the same way. Because when Eve appears, Satan will be hurt. Until now, the golden rule for Mother was to be totally obedient to Adam and truly follow. Mother has fulfilled her course. So after that was done, then Father could go to Korea and for the first time present Eve right next to him in the Messiahship and proclaim the worldwide liberation of women.

Now Father appears as the True Father in the brother's position to all the women of the world, all those who have been molested and hurt by men, and always invaded by men. He watches with a protective eye. Then Mother appears and proclaims liberation for all womanhood from the tyranny and misery brought about by fallen man. This is a test. Unless she goes past these tests, she does not pass. Now Mother fulfills Mother's role.

It is the role of the eldest brother in the sight of God and the Lord to come, to make sure that all the women in the world will grow as the daughter of God. He must make sure they are properly treated as the daughter of God, given the proper heartistic position to do that, and that they grow up to be a wife within God's Blessing. All women should grow through the daughter, sister and wife's positions and eventually come into the mother's position. Father has the responsibility to see to it that all womankind is protected. They will be invaded by man no more. Women do not know what is going on. Now Father is saying, "This is what I am doing for you." This is what women are yearning for. They are coveting freedom, peace, happiness.

Then Father proclaims to the world, "The best way to do this is to become one with Mother." God needs to see His real daughter, the real sisterhood, the real wife's position, real mother's position. So Father has now allowed all womankind to become one with Mother. That door is wide open now. Before now, this was not possible, but now it is.

It is like a ladder. When you climb up, you cannot come by yourself. You first have to bring your sons and daughters with you. In coming you don't have to come alone. In years before we all had to join by ourselves because nothing was accepted, but now it is different. Now you restore your own family and come together. Then Father will accept them. So women will come in and connect to the heartistic realm of Mother and learn these four heartistic positions. Then she will come back to the family and the mother will become one with each son and daughter. Together with the son and daughter, the mother and her children become one with the father and husband. They come back here to Mother again, then Father has to approve of that before the restoration would be complete.

It is very simple. What we are about to accomplish is this. The husband is in the archangel position and now comes back and gets the blessings of Adam's position, the better position. That means Adam, until the age of sixteen plays the role of archangel, yet at the time of restoration, Adam and Eve can go back to the positions of God's own son and daughter. This is a tremendous blessing and accomplishment of restoration.

Actually, for the position of Adam there are two kinds of sons and daughters. One is that of stepson and stepdaughter. The others are real sons and daughters. How will these two become one? How can stepmother and stepchildren and real mother and real children combine into one? This is the real problem. They are not just lacking in harmony, they are downright enemies to each other. They have the same father but different mothers, and then the children become enemies.

Now we come to the really serious realization. For the real mother to become harmonious with the stepmother, the real mother loves the stepsons and stepdaughters more than her own sons and daughters. It is not easy but this is the only way to make unity among them. Then this is another example of why we have to love our enemy.

When the True Mother loves her stepsons and daughters more than her real sons and daughters, she has freedom always. Even though she suffers, she has freedom. If she does not do that, she is fettered, not free. Therefore the children are not free either. Everybody is fettered. We must understand the depth of God's teaching and His feeling when He said, "Love thy enemy." Nobody wants to love his enemy, not even God. We don't and even God doesn't want to, but without making this one serious point, there is no way to love everybody. There is no way to give life again and restore mankind. Therefore, we must understand that even though we say it simply, in God's position this is a purely impossible position. We must understand.

It may be easy to say that Father should love Cain first and then Abel, but human beings are simply not built that way. Also Father must be able to deeply care about the women in the Unification Church in his heart and do that more than he loved his own wife when he married Mother. The same is true for America, too. You may be indifferent to it, but it is a very important nation. So you must love Cain more than Abel. It is not easy. It is like dying, but you have to do it, and so does the mother in loving the stepchildren first.

God gave His own son in order to restore all those who were enemies to Him. God did that Himself. Therefore He can tell us, "Love thy enemy." That's why Jesus was the greatest in history. Those whom he tried to love the most were the ones who pierced him, and he still said, "Do not blame them because they do not know what they are doing." We must understand Jesus' heart to restore God's peace, God's family peace. This was the only way, so Jesus did it. He did it for the sake of God's family. We must understand what he did, what is great in reality, and do the same things for the same reasons. We have to understand the reasons why he loved the enemy. He did it to preserve God's family.

We understand how this applies. If you fail in a marriage but you already have a child, and then you marry for the second time, you will bring your son or daughter to a new husband. If his family does not welcome you and your child, how difficult would your life be? God is exactly the same. We must understand that we must love. This is only possible because of God. It is very important that we hear and understand this. It is easy to hear the words, but do you really understand it? Maybe you do understand it, but then it has to simmer in, sink down into yourself. Correct? You have to listen and listen again with seriousness so that you can seriously understand, not superficially understand.

This is why the early Christians had to leave their homes and go out to foreign countries and evangelize. Then the people listened to them. But people in their own homes didn't listen to them. Rome was Jesus' enemy. Do you know why we say love your enemy? It is because there are lots of stepchildren who came about, so how can God accommodate them if He does not teach them how to love their enemy and help them practice doing that? So at this last Blessing, I really did not discriminate. The Blessing was not given only to Unification Church members. I wanted to give the Blessing to members and non-members. I extended the love of the family to non-family. Then they became family. (Applause)

So we must understand that Father is representing all the children of God, and the perfection of heart. He is like the king on the throne, the center of all the children, which is what all mankind is. Including Father and everyone of us, all mankind, has everything to do with God, and nothing to do with Satan. Here Father stands as the one who represents all the good brother and sister relationships, as well as the most perfected man and the most perfected heart of a husband. In other words, he should be the best husband in the whole world. When this is materialized, would Mother be a happy or an unhappy woman? (Happy.) Should Father stand in a position where Mother can frown and say, "You are not a good enough husband"? Or should I treat her in such a way that she can always say, "You are the best one. I respect you." That kind of father and husband is what I should be. Actually, I have to become such that Mother, whenever her mouth opens in spite of herself, starts praising her husband. Everywhere she goes, she wants to brag and talk about her husband. When she became a grandmother, she wanted to speak about her husband even more and be even more proud.

Father also has a reason to be proud of Mother. Representing all of mankind, she obeyed Father more than any woman here on earth. I am now in a position which God has long been desiring to see and I am bequeathing that to all men and women, allowing them to become sons and daughters of God. God created man and woman to be that way in the original Blessing. Now that mankind has come under Him, He wants to give man the power of creation too. When man is perfected, he can realize God's heart. To share that feeling, God gives parents sons and daughters. Of course you always have the original text, but pay attention to this, and engrave it in your heart and in your mind. Do not forget it.

(Father draws for a while on the board.) This is the four position foundation. This is God and God has mind and body but it is invisible. He has to deploy His own self in His own image through a visible self, namely sons and daughters. In doing this, one is plus and one is minus. They have a relationship of plus and minus. For this to happen, a person in the position of plus must first deny themselves. If someone is a plus here on earth, he cannot become a plus in spirit world. Therefore, on earth he must become a minus, then he will become a plus in heaven. That is on the heartistic realm. That means that here on earth, if we live almost miserably, serving all mankind and everybody here, then when you go to the other world, spirit world, heaven, you will be raised up to the highest point, depending on how low you were here. This happens by living for the sake of others.

This is highly conceptual, but if a man loves a woman very much, the woman will love him so much so that there is a way for him to go directly to heaven. There is more than one way to go. That's the Kingdom of Heaven-you can go many ways. By the same token, she can do this. We must understand that what we experience here and what we will experience there are not the same as we think. If we live here as a millionaire, do you think we will also live like a millionaire up there? No. Usually, it is reversed. Why? Because if we don't live for the sake of other people, how can we go up high in the spirit world? Do you follow? The ordinary person doesn't understand that.

America, in other words, the West, is kind of plus here on earth today. Since they are a plus, they cannot go here and become a plus. They are already a plus here, so they have to go to a minus position. Then they can go to plus even if they go to spirit world. Once you reach up high, you've got to find carefully where your low position is. You have to find it and go down. The only way is that low position, not a high position. That is the rhythm of all life. First you have to come low before you become high. When you go high, then you must always come down low. If we live here on earth for the sake of other people, we will go so much higher in the spirit world. That's what the essence is.

This is God, this is children (pointing to blackboard). That is, Adam and Eve. The reciprocal subject and object ideal is here. Here is an individual. Here they are a pair, but here is an individual. That means when Adam was born as a boy or as a man-to-be, he goes his own way. By the same token, Eve has her own path to follow as she is growing up. Adam and Eve do not go by themselves. They have to bring their parents along with them. This is important for everyone. After each person is born, he or she has to go through the stage of the true brothers and sisters. They must become a true brother and sister, a good brother and sister. Do any parents want to see their sons and daughters fighting with one another? That is the most painful thing. Actually, the parents' heart wants to see the brothers and sisters loving one another even more than they love their parents. The same is true of the animal world. Animal parents don't want their children to fight. What about here in America? Of course, we got so individualistic, it's hard for us to understand this.

This is the original formula. We are born as children. Then we must first become good brothers and sisters, always keeping God in mind. You should not forget God. No matter what they do, good or bad, they have to keep God in mind always while they are growing up. As they grow from small children, getting older and older, they develop not only their children's heartistic attitude toward their parents but also their heartistic position as brothers and sisters. They soon come to play two roles, that of children and that of brothers and sisters. Why is that so important? You might think that these are just a few childhood years, but they are very important. While we are growing in our family, we have to have rigid, perfect training. There are hundreds of millions of families in the world. Unless you are accustomed to correct relationships within the family, you cannot relate to all of them peacefully.

So we can now categorize these relationships. The love between parents and children is vertical love. The love between husband and wife is that of left and right, or horizontal. And the love between brothers and sisters is that of front and rear. All of those comprise a sphere, correct? Our heartistic training is supposed to lead us to perfection. Therefore, the family is indeed the training ground, the perfect textbook. It is the textbook of father, the textbook of mother and the textbook of brothers and sisters, all four different kinds of relationships.

Of course, that expands into the world with the grandfather's heartistic world, the grandsons, and in-laws, stepsons and daughters, uncles and aunts. Extended family relationships reflect your attitude toward the rest of mankind.

I have just outlined the basic kinds of relationships there are and what kinds of attitudes you should maintain in those relationships. When you pass this, and when you pass this extended application, you will become a person about whom God can say to others, "You should learn from him. He is the typical example of My love."

That means I, too, must be able to look at the elderly grandfathers and grandmothers here in America and really feel the same kind of affection, the same love, even stronger toward these grandparents, than towards my own grandparents. I should look at them as my own father and mother. Likewise, in all different age groups, I feel the extension of my own family. When that is the case, I would have passed all the tests of God and everybody would try to follow my example. I have the confidence that if God told me, "I want you to take that shabbiest, most unappealing old grandmother into your home and take care of her as your own grandmother. That's your grandmother" I would obey. I would treat her better than my own grandmother. By the same token, those who are the age of my own parents, if God told me to take care of somebody, I would be ready to do it, no matter how difficult it might be.

If True Mother had been a black woman, rather than a Korean, would I have loved her any less? No, it doesn't matter what her race or culture is, I must love the woman in Mother's position the most. Whenever I see a black brother or sister, I think, "Oh, that person's ancestors went off many, many generations ago and lived in a very hot climate and became dark-skinned, but they are my kinfolk. How much difficulty they must have gone through generation after generation!" Because of this basic heartistic attitude and understanding and willingness, the Unification Church can have successful international marriages. If you don't understand this basic attitude, then this is meaningless.

So the son and daughter grow, brother and sister becoming bigger and more mature. Adam is the one who is to be the perfected son, and Eve is the one who is to be the perfected daughter. Both were children of God. Adam was to grow up to be in the elder brother's position, and Eve was in the younger sister's position. After mastering the heartistic relationship as a son and daughter to the parents, then as brother and sister to one another, they would have been ready to become husband and wife, heartistically ready for that level of relationship between husband and a wife.

We must understand, not everybody is qualified to become a husband and wife just because they grow up to be a man and a woman. Only God's son and daughter are allowed to become husband and wife. In order to become God's, not Satan's, son and daughter, we have to experience the other levels of relationship before becoming husband and wife.

Why have I mentioned this in such an elaborate way? Because here are American women who think, "Well, I am a woman and therefore I am entitled to have a husband." But that is not the case at all. Have you loved your parents according to God's heavenly way? Have you loved your brothers and sisters in a heavenly way? Are you prepared to love your husband in a heavenly way? There is only one Adam and one Eve. Another example of what American women say is, "Oh, there are millions of people I can choose from, or Father can choose from." No, no, there is only one Adam and one Eve. There is no other possibility. If you meet your husband, he is your Adam. There is no second runner-up, there is no alternative.

Here there is no spouse (pointing to area of blackboard) or no plus and minus, subject and object relationship. We go from one extreme to another extreme, one direction to another. This is East and this is West. There is no spouse. This is single. All are single until they get married. So it is a big task for us to become dual characteristics, like God. God has dual characteristics, both man and woman's characteristics. Each man has woman's characteristics, as well.

Adam might have tremendous aspirations and ambitions, no matter what. Maybe in Adam's time, if there had been such a possibility, he would have gone on to get a Ph.D. Whatever he might do, his ultimate requirement is that he has to find a wife, get married to another person. Adam and Eve actually didn't think about one another as husband and wife. They were independent of each other. The love of parents was more superior for them. Anyway, they never thought about getting married. After a while, it dawned on Adam that perhaps he could take Eve as his wife, after observing nature and seeing that everything in nature comes in pairs. That's how they gradually came to think, "Maybe she/he is meant to be my mate." Then later they came to realize, "It must be." As they grew it became clear.

When they approach this level of maturity, when they are about ready to be Blessed in marriage by God, the vertical line shortens up and God comes down here also. Adam and Eve come up and toward that one focal point. And where should Adam and Eve meet? You may think, here, or here or that any point on this line would be okay. But that is not so. Adam and Eve have to meet right here at the center. There is no other point. That's why they are ninety degrees. By doing that, there is the most natural approach. There is no loss. That's the most effective, most economical way. It's a shortcut all around. That is the ideal, that is ninety degrees.

If you envision that in the sphere, then the twelve independent pieces will still make a perfect sphere, no matter which piece you may fit in which position. Everybody likes this one position, God likes it, father and mother like it, children like it, brothers and sisters like it. When a husband and wife spend their first night together, God comes down right here and with them, forms a nuclei. This is the settling point of the love of all positions. The parent's love and parent's position is here, children's love and children's position is here, the couple's position is here; the focus of all love settles down from this point on and God becomes the center, the nuclei.

This is what God intended: the culminating point of His ideal of creation. From here, everything is connected and extended in all directions. We can see a tremendous multiplication which will form a world full of billions of people. Therefore it is very natural and we cannot deny, that in order to reach that point, mind and body must become one or else we just cannot serve the purpose. To serve True Love, mind and body must have complete unification. The upper sphere, lower sphere, the right sphere, left sphere, front sphere and rear sphere, completely combine centered on True Love. It's true. Therefore it is a tremendous pride and privilege to have sons and daughters because we have to have this rigid standard of God's love before we are allowed to have children. It is the original standard, the original attitude of God's position. God gave all things this ability as He made the creation. How enjoyable it was to be in Adam's position! God wanted to give them His same feeling of joy, that is the position to be a couple and to bear children. Now you are experiencing God's position.

Father looked for the truth and he was amazed to finally realize that there was nothing God did not give to everybody. Everybody had and has the potential to experience God's position himself. There is nothing God reserved for Himself. You want your truly loving father and truly loving mother to be a king and queen, don't you? Everybody answers the same, Yes! Yes! Emphatically you would answer, "I want my father to be king." You also want your grandfather and grandmother to become a king and queen, don't you? And also, you want your spouse to become a king and you become a queen. You want that, don't you? How about your children? It is the same answer. That is the privilege God bestowed to all mankind, all children, without exception. You are rightfully eligible to have that. If Adam and Eve didn't fall, God would have been the king Himself. The king's son and daughter are a prince and princess, aren't they? Literally Adam and Eve would have been that prince and princess, on the way to becoming king and queen one day. This is not just thought, but reality.

When they succeeded in growing up in a good manner and became husband and wife and king and queen, only one nation under God would have existed throughout millions of generations. There never would have been two countries or three countries, or like today when we see hundreds of countries. Should there have been one country or two countries? (One.) Would America exist as it does today? No. It would have been a part of God's country. One country would exist centered on Adam's culture. One culture, one country; one kingship country. The citizens or subjects would all be royal families, deployed everywhere centering on one center. They would become the so-called population.

Now Father is telling us the concept of king and queen is not so distant. We can see already, we must be kings and queens because our parents are kings and queens. We are the offspring of kings and queens and eventually we will be too. This is literally how God created. How different it is: what we are today and what we are supposed to be!

[Father draws on board.] Father is saying we have to have four big heartistic realms and three kingdoms. The grandfather-is he king or not? Yes. God is in the grandfather's position, too. God or grandfather is king of the past, I am the king of the present and children are the king of the future. Everything happens in one family. Therefore, there are no two ways about this. The grandfather has to be treated as the king in the family. Even though he may be fallen, we must treat him that way. Here in America, do we have that attitude? No, when you get old, you have much less value. Today, there is no acceptable standard pertaining to how a grandfather should be treated in the different relationships with his kin. Therefore there is no clear relationship in a country, how it should exist or what relationships should exist among its different structures. Everything is haphazard. There is no consistent principle. This is not the way human beings were supposed to be in God's ideal.

The kingship of the past is God's place. Modern kingship is Adam and Eve's place. Their children are the kings of the future. These three kingships dwell in one family. This is our family. Do you understand? This is the formula! In True Love, not just by saying, but truly, everybody is in the king's position. So we have to treat the grandfather as king because he is the king of the past. He is the retired king. Also, the parents are the incumbent king and the children are about to become king. You have to treat each other like kings. Also, your parents represent not only your family, but the entire family of mankind which numbers close to five billion people. "My parents are the kings of all mankind, more than just my family." Do you understand? The future king needs to inherit from them.

God gave everyone who wants that, the chance to fulfill it. They were supposed to fulfill that. It was not that God short-changed man in blessing.

So, these are the four great realms of heart. The three great kingdoms-grandfather, father and son-were to be fulfilled in every family. This is the standard, make no mistake about it. When we live this standard here on earth, then we go to spirit world truly living in the palace of the king, the true kingdom, forever and ever. We will. Now we know that with the advent of our True Parents, all these four heartistic realms and the three kingdoms have been accomplished. Then we see how it will prevail within us also. How different it is from what we think the so-called kingdom would be: the kingdom which God promised through Jesus to Christianity. We have no idea what God really intended and still intends. We have to know that before we can comply with it and become true sons and daughters of God. This is really a sad, or annoying situation. Look what the Christians believe and still teach: "All you have to do is believe in Jesus and everything will be okay." How absurd this seems once you know Gods intention behind creation! You have to know everything before you can believe correctly and establish the kingdom correctly. Therefore we must go the shortcut to experience the royal family heart, the royal heart in all directions. We have to prepare for that and teach it to Christians. Then the lineage realm, the true blood realm will have been established and following that, everything is accomplished. What God originally intended to accomplish, will now have been accomplished. We have a clear idea of what it is and how we go about it. [Father goes back to drawing.] One model family is so important. Here is one real woman, then the kingdom of heaven and God is connected in many different ways. That is the very foundation of the kingdom itself. The past heaven, the modern world, the future is connected in her and in her family.

Which would you prefer: to be a citizen of a democratic country where the president reigns for four years or would you rather belong to a country where a perpetual and eternal king and queen, from your own family, reigns, and where you too will become that king and queen automatically one day? Which one would you choose? The democratic world or Godly world? Democracy is passing. It is not eternal. From the brother's era we are moving to the parent's era. True Parent's family and the so-called fallen families, the average families of this world, now come face to face. Who should each family follow? Should the average family follow True Family or should the True Family follow the average family? Every family must follow True Family for many reasons. In order to go to heaven, should Father push forward and they, in turn, come and follow behind him? Or should Father turn around and go somewhere it is easy to go, hoping that it is heaven? (Follow Father.) Father has to go where heaven is. So, parents turn around now. Each one's dress and equipment should be the same because we are going in the same direction. It is the same thing as when Moses went to Egypt and said, "All Israelites should come," and they all came and Moses turned around and started walking. It means Moses will tell them how to attire themselves.

It was a beautiful sight to see Mother standing in front of a big woman's rally where she spoke such tremendous contents. Everybody thought, "A woman's rally? What are they supposed to do? They'll have some talk, but what then?" But, reality was contrary to that. Everybody became so excited. No one could understand what made the excitement. It was truly a big typhoon of a real woman's movement, not the kind we see here in America. Their hearts were excited and happy and it was with hope that they all went to the meeting. This kind of thing happened over and over again.

The most basic restoration is to be born again. Father says let's draw a conclusion from this. How can you be born again, since we have already become big? Even though we are grown we must somehow go back inside Father's body, to a state the same as before we were born. We know through history how God worked this. By giving birth to twins, God used Tamar to set up the perfect condition. At first the elder son was going to come out, but then the younger son pushed himself out and became the elder son. That made enough condition to lead to the advent of Jesus. Jesus too, had that condition through his birth to Mary. Because Jesus was born from that, it is clearly a new beginning. "Only begotten son," are not simple words. Why was he the only begotten son? Why did Jesus, God's own child, have to die? Mainly because the Jewish nation did not become one. If Judaism and the Israelites had united as God wanted them to, Jesus never would have died. Since plus and minus were not harmonious and united into one, there was no foundation upon which Jesus could come and fulfill God's will. Again, if people had at least understood a little and had followed righteously to support Jesus, because that was everything God intended, within seven years, Jesus would have accomplished what Father has accomplished now. From that time until now, how many millions and millions of people have been sacrificed? We know it is many.

Should Jesus have gotten married within his own family or to a family from a foreign country? As we know, Zachariah's family and Jesus' family were very close. John and Jesus were cousins. Following the historical pattern, these two families were apt to fight. This happened through Zachariah's wife and Jesus' mother. They should have united and become one. These two tribes, Zachariah's tribe and Joseph's tribe, should have gotten together and found a good bride for Jesus. That is what they should have done. In order to do that they had to unite. John the Baptist, in the archangel's position, was outwardly accomplished. It is likely that Jesus' bride must come from Zachariah's family, John the Baptist's sister. This is rightfully so. So how would John the Baptist's family be part of this would-be wedding? [Father draws on board.] Here is John the Baptist, his mother, her daughter and on this side Joseph, his wife and Jesus. God brought them so close. All they had to do was reach out. If they knew what was in store for them, Jesus would have had no problem gaining a foundation. Jesus was truly handicapped and frustrated when this did not come about. We hear that in the Bible over and over again. John the Baptist made a foundation, after that he should have offered it to Jesus. Everything would have been accomplished through Jesus. Then, with all probability Jesus would have been married to a bride, would he not? From here, the daughter, or Eve's position, would actively search for Adam, who was Jesus. They would have met. Eve would have come from the archangel's family, which was John the Baptist's family. She would have been restored to Adam's family.

The twelve disciples, twelve tribes, seventy two elders and their families, would have come peacefully under this tribe very easily. Do you think that Jesus had to die? In other words, did God have to give Jesus to Satan in order to have an alternative plan? No. If Jesus had had that foundation, how could he not have been successful in teaching the truth? In that case, it would have been a miracle if he did not accomplish. It would have happened so automatically.

So what was the relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist? Who was Jesus' father? It is the same as Cain and Abel, one father had two descendants. When Mary conceived, it was in Zachariah's home, where she stayed for six weeks. Who is Jesus' father? (Zachariah.) I don't know! You know well. You said it, not me. (Laughter.) Now is the time for everything to be revealed, there is nothing hidden. We come to know the truth, it is consistent and natural in every way. That is God's law, it is simple. It is said that Mary conceived as a virgin, by the Holy Spirit. It was also said that John the Baptist was conceived by the Holy Spirit. It is the same. It is a very subtle point, but that is where Christianity begins. How can a woman conceive a baby out of nowhere? When the Unification Church entertains the possibility of who Jesus' father was, it must be heretical. But Father actually heard the answer from you. It's true, Father never heard it before, but you said that! And Father remembers Father never said that before! Make no mistake about this. Later, when Christians blame Father, saying, "On such and such date you said Zachariah was Jesus' father," you will have to testify that it was the congregation who said it, not Father. (Laughter.) If it is fact, it doesn't matter who said it. If it is not fact, then it does matter!

Some may ask the question, did Mary fulfill her due responsibility? Unification Church members jump up and have things to say. If you ask the same questions of Christianity, Catholics will really jump up high and say, "Don't even talk about that! That is blasphemous!" You can see for yourself. In the Bible there is an episode when there was a wedding ceremony in Galilee. Mary went there to serve people and Jesus went there, too. Jesus' mother said something like, "We don't have wine" and Jesus became very indignant, saying, "Woman, what do you have to do with me?" She was not worried about Jesus' wedding, which was her responsibility to arrange. She was more worried about a wedding that didn't have any meaning. Jesus knew this and he felt so indignant, saying, "Your son, the center of God's whole dispensation should go this path, getting married to restore all mankind, and you don't even think about that. You are worried about another person's wedding. What are you anyway?" That is what Jesus said to his own mother. Now we know that clearly. What is your guess? Do you think that was Jesus' heart at that time? (Yes.) Jesus was thirty-three years old, and the relative who happened to be getting married that day was not even twenty at that time. And Mary had to get Jesus involved, worrying that there was no wine? What kind of mother is she, Jesus wondered.

Nobody knew who Jesus' father was. Since they had no evidence one way or the other, people just talked behind Jesus' back. Joseph asked Mary who Jesus' father was. Don't you think he asked her? He asked many times. Of course Mary couldn't say, she just answered, "The Holy Spirit." Do you think Joseph really believed that? Therefore, Mary was always in a defensive position. She really did not have a secure position. It is another reason why she didn't worry so much about Jesus. The Bible does not disclose this, but it is so easy to trace it back. Mary and Joseph were disharmonious, fighting and quarrelling all the time. They quarreled so much that young Jesus' mother even forsook him and left him. Three days later she came and found him with the priests. Jesus was very angry saying, "Where else would I be but in my Father's house?", which was the temple. Today both Christians and Catholics say that Jesus is such a great person so he stayed in his father's house. How can you go to heaven with that kind of interpretation? He was there because he was forsaken by his mother and father! The fact that Jesus could not get married was directly due to the failure of responsibility on Mary's part. How can Mary be a great woman? If those in the past had fulfilled their role, then we would not have had to wait for the advent of the Unification Church, having to go through that incredible difficulty of what Father did in re-establishing the whole foundation. Now we have just to cross the hill. If it was as easy as just believing in what the Christians and Catholics believe today, the restoration of the world would have been accomplished long before now, only a few years after Jesus came and died. It is very simple. If you die and go to spirit world, that much will instantly be obvious.

Father has a tremendous foundation which is not visible, it is below the waterline. It is a small tip of the iceberg which we know. But based on his knowledge and restoration of hundreds of thousands of situations and episodes and supporting clauses in the Bible and testimonies in the scriptures, Father proclaimed Messiahship. For instance, elder sonship-is there any record that this had to be restored? People are not even thinking about it. Father helped to establish President Reagan and the CIA knows it too. Who cut out Carter? Yes, Father. [Father says in English, "Cut out Carter, Cutter."] You remember how Father mentioned what an adverse direction America was going in during his administration? There is nothing personal about this. What the Principle shows us is so clear. Even you could have predicted it. The chance of a conservative coming into power during that liberal and democratic time four elections ago was impossible. Isn't it true that Father directly intervened?

Again, by Father's successfully gaining elder sonship, Gorbachev has now moved out. America, together with Christianity, came into one and established enough condition through which Father subdued Gorbachev. In other words, communism declined and their leader, Gorbachev, retreated with the restoration of elder sonship. Without that, it could not happen. Everything is clear, step by step. Kim Il Sung, too, proclaimed that he is messiah on the satanic side. That is why everybody calls him father. Father has to subjugate him, too. By doing that, the restoration of parentship and kingship is accomplished, which will give rise to the royal family. Father liberates all mankind and Mother works ahead of everyone else in liberating womanhood. Together, they restore all people and establish the kingdom, which then gives rise to the royal families. Whoever becomes one within the family and one with God, instantly becomes a royal family. Everyone is destined to be a royal family. Do you understand what the royal family means? Father is not just saying this is what is supposed to be so let's do it. No, Father has already done it. The Japanese don't have to be irritated. Father would never go to Japan and say, "I want to be president of Japan." Everybody understands he may be president of the world, but not Japan!

We know what it takes, what we have been doing to accomplish these things. So should we strive for restoration by the root or not? Pay attention to that. Most of us already are, but let's reinforce it. Within the Unification Church kingship is already happening in the midst of the democratic, free world. We are making completion, a culmination of kingship and the royal family. You say Hyo Jin Hyung and Ye Jin Noona. What does that mean? It signifies the royal family. Do you understand? We are now making the royal family system within the Unification Church. The day by day experience is fast. North Korea and South Korea are making unification. With that, immediately the rest of the world will be complete, no problem.

To be born again: what does that mean to us and why is it so important? Originally, what is inside of Father must come in the form of children and their offspring and will eventually fill the earth. This is what would have happened without the fall. Let's say mankind did not fall, and we are God's legitimate offspring. Tracing back many years ago to before you were born, can you imagine the time when you were still in the bone marrow of your mother and father? Anyway the fall took place. To make a long story short, a lot of people were born illegitimately as far as God is concerned. God cannot call them His own, but anyway they were born; what can you do? We must find a way to restore them. What is the way? We must go inside Father, even though we are big. We have to return there in order to be reborn. In order to do that one has to deny himself completely. Without denial, how can we go back to the mother's womb? We are already grown up and so big. Some are married and some ready to get married, but before that we have to go back inside Father. This isn't just true for Father's time now, but at the time of Jesus this should have been done. It helps us to understand what Christianity is all about. This is what Jesus was all about.

So become completely one with Mother this time, like Judaism had to become one with the mother-to-be at that time. The messiah is the one who comes in the man's role representing Heaven. God has woman's quality, too, but man should represent heaven and woman should represent earth. That doesn't sound right to some American women. They wonder, "Why do they put men in the superior position?" Superior or inferior, high or low, it doesn't matter. This is the way God intended it. Is the seed of life in man or woman? (Man.) The woman is in the position to receive. That is a very obvious arrangement God made. What is the original posture, which is more natural? Should woman be on top or should man be on top? Here in America more females are in the upper position. But what is more natural? For man to be on top. What about animals? Is the male or female on top? It is the male, without exception. So it is likely that man should be on top, too. Also, the husband and wife cannot engage in sleeping together at just any time. There are many considerations. We don't even think like that. If you do it right, what happens? You give birth to a better child, a fantastic child, very close to being God's own son or daughter even though we are not great ourselves.

Where do man and woman become one? We talk about unification of body and mind and unification of man and woman. In what way can man and woman become one? Is it when they meditate very deeply and become one? Or do they become one at the moment they kiss passionately? Only through the joining of the sexual organs, can they be united. The sexual organ is the love kingdom palace. American people do not know this. It is the life palace. It is the blood lineage palace. Those three palaces are the human sexual organ. How precious it is! It is sacred. As a result of the fall, this came to be the lowest thing. People are ashamed to even talk about this. How important is this palace which represents and would be a direct connection to the lineage and years and years of tradition! There can only be one owner of this palace. The inside, represents one God and the outside represents husband and wife. Now two become absolutely one. There is only one key to the palace and only one key owner. God and your husband, God and Adam, same key. If you want to open that, you can do so only with permission from God. You can't open it yourself. The real owner is God, the second owner is Adam.

What Reverend Moon said to us this morning, even though it is something somewhat unexpected, is all a matter of natural order. The sexual organ is the True Love house. It is important to know this. The sexual organ is the true life house and the true blood lineage house. From this perspective, American people have lost everything. How can people imagine having happiness and freedom when they have lost everything?

How can a husband and wife leave each other after joining together this most important source of life? What more could they be asking for? If they leave each other, love is lost, life is lost and lineage is lost. You lose everything by separating and divorcing. What hope are you going to live with? The blood lineage connects you to history. Life is the modern system. During the human lifetime people live together in one system on earth. That means the modern human lost everything. Love connects everything to the cosmic world. The beginning, the end, and everything in between is lost. That includes God, all creation, everything. There is no hope.

So many people commit suicide. We know suicide is bad. You have to suffer even more after committing suicide. But because people lost everything they choose that way. When Father was in prison and was going through incredible uncertainty, he still never uttered one prayer asking, "Father, protect me" or "What am I going to do?" He just said one thing. He reported, "The reason I am here, is for the purpose of liberating You." Father always said, "You don't need to help me. I will do more myself and dedicate it to You. I understand everything clearly and I don't want Your help." Of course, even though God did it, still Father fulfilled his role, therefore God is willing to give Father the recognition, "Oh, you did it." But Father knows God did it. This is man's responsibility. The same thing is true for us. We know Father did everything, but still we have to do our share or we cannot accomplish ourselves. Do you understand?

Naturally each one, then, needs to keep a tight protection over their body, especially women. We have always thought of the importance of women's chastity, but now is the time of man's chastity, too. From now on, after being restored, a man should be reprimanded heavily if he goes through the fall again. Man must be chaste. Father has many recollections of times when women tried to seduce him. It took doing many things absolutely right to sustain the survival of Father and the Unification Church. We have come a very long way now. We have done so much and all the people of the world, even though they didn't meet Reverend Moon, just if they heard about him, they love him so much. Do Unification Church women and men love Father so much? Why? It is because you have found life through him. You want to live.

Especially Eve, but all women, as a result of the fall lost and ruined the wife's position, the sister's position, the daughter's position and the mother's position. They lost all four of the heartistic positions. Therefore, to restore that, they have to meet one perfect man to connect to heartistically and find a way to be restored. This is why we all love Father and indemnity. Indemnity means taking the same position. Through that we can make the indemnity course.

So Father should not and cannot take advantage of the weak position of women. They are helpless now. Father's position is to protect them and to soothe them, to restore and repair their trust in a husband, a brother, a father and to all relations. As Father mentioned before, when Jesus came 2000 years ago, everyone had to find a way to go back to Jesus' body itself, into the bone marrow, and come through the process of being born again, before they could be accepted as inheriting Jesus' and God's lineage. If John the Baptist's and Joseph's two tribes had come close to each other and supported Jesus, and had found a bride for Jesus, they would have connected to the mother position. From that they would have gained restoration. If the wife of Zachariah had become one with Mary, fallen people would have come through the process of being born again through women, and would have come to be connected to Jesus. They could have gone through and established the condition that they have not fallen. Then they could show they existed, but not through the fall. They had to restore that condition and avail themselves as unstained. Both man and woman, like a virgin before the age of twenty, had to avail themselves to God's will; to wait for the blessing and be grafted into God's family.

Now there are big problems with teenagers. It's a big illness, young boys and girls becoming teenagers do not know what dangers they are facing. They do not know what is right or wrong. So somebody has to repair them. A doctor is needed. There is no way for them to be cured naturally or automatically. Nobody can cure them except for Reverend Moon. There is only one doctor. There is only one hospital and of course that hospital is the Unification Church.

The entire conclusion here is the desolate life that Jesus had. What a lack of support he suffered. Nobody understood what Jesus was all about. He had no one to speak to. Even his own mother, his own aunt, those who were closest to support him and work together with him in God's dispensation, didn't know a thing. Even today, they don't know. As a result of Jesus' dying, they lost everything, didn't they? The Israelites lost Judaism, they lost Jesus. If they don't know this, they think that nothing is wrong, so they continue on without making any progress. They think, "Whoever still believes in the chosen nation, God will work through them." In all fairness, there is no indication or sign that God will work through them now. Especially after 2000 years of losing the country and going out to pay lots of indemnity. Even before the time of World War II when everything was about to come, there was a big indemnity due. Six million people had to be offered to pay off the indemnity. Indemnity is something you have to offer again and again until you pay it all back. Then you can stop. So even today, the possibility of this has not dawned on them. How can it? Somebody has to wake them up, at least telling them, "Study about this. Tell me if I am wrong, but prove it." Keeping the peace between the Israelites and Arabs is very good. Now they are moving in that way. Father is happy to see that. Actually America is the one that has to play a decisive and leading role to make harmony between these two groups. There is a dispensational reason for that, too. The first Israelites failed, so the second Israelites have the responsibility to mend that mistake. American Christianity is the second Israel. Look at what Korea had to go through, what Reverend Moon had to go through when the second Israelites, namely Christianity, gave up their responsibility. They repeated the mistake of the first Israelites. Reverend Moon was working to save the original point. This is Reverend Moon's mission. See how much extra indemnity needed to be paid. North Korea, Korea and America have no avenue of peace. Father pushed them down with the power of the atomic bomb. Father always said, "Leave it up to me. Nobody can make relationship with North Korea. Nobody can make relationship with Russia." That is what Father has been saying to Korean people, too. In Korea, it is now the time for presidential elections. They compete to see who will be number one. Everybody knows there is no great choice, but they have no alternative. One thing for sure, Kim Il Sung will never listen to Roh Te Woo. Kim Il Sung will never listen to Bush. Kim Il Sung is that kind of guy. But he will listen to Reverend Moon. [Applause.]

During his meeting with Kim Il Sung, Father always tried to interject, "Do this, don't do that that way. If you do what I say, everything will go smoothly." People may fear Reverend Moon will be used by Kim Il Sung. What is your view? It is the other way, yes? Meeting together for only one, two or three hours, he can change. Father has that kind of power. Is that true? Gorbachev, Kim Il Sung, Deng Zao Peng, they understand Father. They size up Father.

Father is hungry! It's already noon and he didn't have breakfast. Father had to speak today. It was the right time to say these things. If Father didn't say these things, it would not be good for America, it would not be good for Korea either or the Unification Church. Father knows this well, that is why I am taking such a long time. It is such important contents, isn't it?

By Jesus dying on the cross, everything was lost. The Israelites lost their country and the body of Jesus. They had no land, no tribe, no nation, no anything. They just drifted from one place to another. Imagine if the earthly foundation did not exist, it would be so difficult to try to work spiritually and vertically. The timing has to be right and the earth is not prepared. You have to come down in a short visit and accomplish something and go again. How difficult it is to work something out if you have no earthly foundation. From the vertical standpoint there is only one dot. There is no space, just a dot. It is not horizontal. How difficult it was for Christians to continue on this way! They were always under the threat of the knife. In the past if you believed in Jesus you could be killed, yet you had to believe in him. The Christians have come a long way, but that doesn't mean they can continue on believing in the wrong things.

[Father draws on board.] This is the Holy Spirit and Jesus is up here. That means you have to go over the hurdles of life, especially death, with a deep yearning to meet Jesus. You must covet and long so much for him, thinking, "If I could only contact Jesus' spirit for just a few minutes, I would have no regrets to die." With that kind of intense prayer, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can work and somehow come together and meet briefly here. That gives great power to continue another few years. This is how Christianity continued.

To be reborn means to come from the father's bone marrow. If the Holy Spirit says, "Do this", while a baby is still in the mother's womb, it must, because it is still a tiny being, even without life yet. It must completely go along and be obedient too. They must meet here in this one dot, not in the broad space. How difficult it is to go up, to come down. You can't imagine. That is how Jesus worked. Here, there are eight layers of thick horizontal walls to stop Jesus from going down and man from coming up. Only with True Love can we push through them. We spend a long time within the father and then within the mother before we are born again.

Who initiates the action of love? Eve has to do it. The Holy Spirit must take the initiative, not the man. Just like Eve took the wrong initiative towards Adam, in restoration, Eve must initiate the right action this time. It is not up to Adam. This is why the Bible says, "If you blame me and the Holy Father you can be forgiven, but not if you blame the Holy Spirit." That is the mother's spirit and you cannot be forgiven. You must become one with that, totally.

So opposing the father or son can be forgiven, but you cannot oppose the mother while in the womb. It cannot be forgiven, which means it is unalterable. This applies to us now. Already the Bible said that. Everything is hidden in the Bible. It means you are the one individual who may have opposed Father in the eastern direction, but when he comes by in the western direction, you can obey now. That can happen. Man has two chances now, even though he may have opposed one time. Now he has the chance to be accepted the second time from the other direction. Christianity, unlike the Israelites who had a country, does not have a country even to this day. They call America home, but of course America is something else, too. It is drifting. Actually, Christianity almost got there. If, when Christianity met the messiah-to-come, they had obeyed and come together, Christianity would have had a country of its own. But that stage has already passed. They missed their chance so Christianity today has no country. There was only one chance in history. At the end of World War II America won over all the other countries. They were in the optimum position to solidify and receive, to welcome Jesus Christ who is to come again. What is the second messiah's qualifications? What meaningful things does he have to do? He should reveal everything about Jesus' situation, how he came, what he came for and what he accomplished, what he didn't accomplish, what it takes to do it once again and what the world is going to be. The messiah-to-come has to reveal everything about God and teach everything. Since we here on earth cannot do that complicated and gigantic work alone, Father had to go into spirit world one time and unify the entire spirit world. He had to straighten the saints up, including the initiators of religion: Buddha, Confucius and others. He had to meet all of them and debate and straighten them up: "No, you're wrong, this is the correct idea." Then they answered, "Yes, yes." He had to subjugate them in that way and bring them into unity. Actually it is not that Jesus knew everything, either. Father knows far more than Jesus knew at that time. If Jesus had put one clause in the Bible saying that the messiah would not come from the literal clouds, that he would come as a human being from his mother's womb, Reverend Moon would not have had to suffer so much. You may think many people may have come down and claimed they were the messiah. It is true, there would be some confusion there, but another confusion arises now from Jesus' saying that he is going to come from the clouds. The messiah-to-come must ascend to the spirit world for forty days, including Jesus. As Father said, every spiritual leader has to stand on a pinnacle, and see, and straighten their thinking out. Who will be the final judge? God will be the judge and He will say, "You are more right than everyone else. Reverend Moon's way is the only right way." He has to make that judgment. Father has to receive this recognition of victory from God. Now God has said, "Everything is in your hands." With that, the messiah must come down to earth. Father has just proclaimed messiahship.

If America, England and France really became one centering on Christian spirit, the world would not have become the way it is today. At that time, some forty or fifty years ago, after World War II ended, if we had taught them the Divine Principle then, the mission would have been accomplished after seven years. If they had recognized Father as the center of the universe, as the center of all teaching, as the center of all God's dispensation, the world would have finished all the major tasks by 1952. Including even the time before Jesus, over four thousand years of God's foundation and work, all crumbled down and was lost into thin air. It was four thousand years' time that had to be restored, but God had to fit it into forty years. Not even four hundred years, because Father cannot live for four hundred years. So Father had to re-indemnify what the Christians accomplished in 4,000 years, but was then completely lost. Father had to start from scratch.

This 4,000 years of trial and error was kind of a wild attempt to follow God's will. It was rather inefficient. But in this forty years, Father, being an intelligent man with a body, knew exactly what needed to be done, so he did it. It was forty years of incredible difficulty. He was one man who had no friends, no one to speak to. Everybody opposed him, either intentionally or not. Everyone was on Satan's side, not God's side, because they didn't know what it takes to be on God's side. So, Father had to pay such a great price. After that Father had to go to North Korea which was downright hell at that time. We know about that and his trip back down to South Korea again, starting the dispensation once more. Father went to North Korea and the North Koreans were waiting to put him into prison because he created a problem for them. He did not support Kim Il Sung; instead, he supported God. Likewise, in America, he does not praise the great nation of America or say that the things Americans have achieved are great. If he did that, American people would have treated him like a king. But he didn't, so they put him into prison. That didn't matter, it didn't alter God's dispensation. It was so much the better, because the indemnity could come quicker. There are literally eight walls Father went over. During this forty years, Father walked straight, bringing all eight walls down, and re-built the necessary foundation, more than Jesus had. America opposed him pretty strongly, too, didn't they? And Christianity opposed him, even now. The KGB, too. America, France, you name it, they exiled Reverend Moon, saying, "We don't want you." He was the only hope that they had, but they didn't know, so they opposed him. It is incredible. Only by Father's wisdom and by God's helping did Father escape death and come to this point.

Once again Father says, even if he may die now, all that needs to be done has been done. The truth is now established. It is secure. God recognizes that fact. He recognizes the victory on earth. Satan cannot argue about that point either. From this time on, if countries and individuals continue to oppose Reverend Moon, no benefit will come to them. They will gain nothing by opposing Reverend Moon.

Yeltsin is now communicating with Father, saying, "Next time we will make a better foundation for you to come and teach us. So please add it to your agenda to come here and educate us." This is the top person saying this! We know there is no scholar or professor who can dare challenge Reverend Moon, debating any matter of philosophy or theology. Many times Father called the top professors from the pinnacle of each field: political science, religion, etc. They all come together and Father scolds them just like he scolds us. They nod and later say, "He is a great man." Not a gray man, a great man! All these things were done and served as a stepping stone and foundation. Now during this forty years from 1952 to 1992, Father resurrected. What God tried to do in Jesus' time and what God tried to do in 1945, Father has now accomplished on the face of the earth. Today, Father has accomplished this. It is amazing that not only theoretically, but also by the foundation that Father prepared, Father proved that without Reverend Moon there is no solution to the world's dilemma. He proclaimed that and people examined it to see whether he is right or wrong.

The Divine Principle has a broad reach. It includes theology, religion, and philosophy. Father is dealing with the facts and details, and also in the political world, the economy, even technology. I am working everywhere! He said he would and he did. Imagine, all these things in forty years of fierce opposition without a country supporting him, and he still achieved all this and made an unswerving foundation. Now we have found the minimum foundation. From this time on, if a country helps Father, more and more people and scholars understand and support him. Now there are even voices appearing out loud and saying, "In the last 5,000 years of human history, we see the most high level living saint here on earth. It is Reverend Moon." It is an historical event that from 131 countries, 30,000 people come to get married, which is the most important event in a person's life. Can the Roman Catholic Pope do that? Can any alliance of Christianity do that? And in this situation we were the ones who were saying, "Please give me the blessing." From this latest blessing, were they good matches or unbecoming matches? (Good.) Now having proven the point he can do it, maybe next time Father won't bless them and a lot of people will cry, saying, "Father, please give the blessing one more time" because they know they can't get a better match. Where does that power, that clarity come from? Father knows. Father can take a one second glimpse at anyone and tell everything about that individual. Father says he had to achieve something before he could stand in his position. It's never easy to stand at the head of the Unification Church. It is very complicated. We must realize that the political developments in Korea are nothing less than chaos and everybody knows that. The candidates themselves know that. In Japan, too, Kanemaru, this famous person, is about to go to jail because of a very obvious breach of the election law. And in America, this country is not peaceful, either. Each candidate is slinging mud. The whole world is like that. Nobody has a clear direction. So whether others listen or not, Father comes to his own conclusion which he shares with us. Anyone who is trying to advance by himself for the sake of his own country will lose his chance. Such people will stand still or deteriorate. Only the organization where people want to sacrifice for the sake of others, want to live that way for the world, will continue to remain and continue to prosper. That is the Unification Church. Father knows the Unification Church will grow faster now. You see the world is already moving in that direction. The world is moving, not towards minimizing, but towards an alliance. The EC has started it. The idea of one country of Europe has come about. Not just an economic common market, but only one passport and one currency. That is what they are doing. America can do it, too, and make unity with Canada and Mexico. America will open all its gates. If they don't do that, economically they will not survive.

Speaking about alliance, who has the best and broadest foundation and the longest history, except the Unification Church? Father has wide support and foundation all over the world. Through mass marriage, people instantly cross over national borders. They don't exist anymore in that family. Racial borders, cultural borders and traditional borders are all crossed overnight. That kind of foundation exists only in the Unification Church. Wait and see, that is God's direction and God's goal. Reverend Moon knows it better than anyone else and that is why he did the things he has done. Therefore God cannot help but love Father. He has no choice but loving Father and accepting Father. Father does not have to ask for help from God. Father just does more work and God will automatically help.

Now, from the proclamation of the messiah's coming on earth in August, 1992, everything is settling down. The settlement is here. God's world is definitely settling down on a firm foundation. Parents are standing horizontally, not vertically, as it was at Jesus' time, which was very difficult. The center is one dot. The horizontal surrounds that 360 degrees. No one can come against me. Reverend Moon is going to every country. Every country welcomes Reverend Moon. I made the organization AULA, for North America and South America to combine into one. Even if it means I must stand against North America, I will go to South America and gather together the Christian and Catholic world and combine them into one. Their media is against North America. The Protestants are the enemy, aren't they? But Reverend Moon made AULA as the organization that can stand in the center as a foundation. It can automatically digest the Protestant church, no problem. Do you understand? I have that kind of valuable truth. It is such a powerful weapon. You have no worry. We have such a strong armament of truth, with one strike it can break down anything. Peace will break out. We have no counterpart anywhere. That much truth value was on Reverend Moon's side. Satan's side is against me, including all the people of the world. They took the same direction against me, but I step on. In the future they will say they didn't. They will turn around and look for where Reverend Moon is. Once they understand, they will go the prosperity way. What shall we do? That is the situation now. There is no problem in following Reverend Moon. Reverend Moon is the savior. You have to proclaim that out from now, making noise to all four corners of the world. The savior is Reverend Moon. You have to meet the True Parents. True Parents prepare heavenly peace for everyone: forever happiness, forever hopeful, forever peaceful with True Parents. True Parent's gate is open to everyone. All are welcome. How can we make that influence all over the world? Turn yourself around immediately and exchange your old position for a new one. Do you understand? That time is at hand. Look from that perspective. Any kind of foolish guy can follow that and automatically the connection will make one peaceful world, no problem. Do you know that? I don't know! You know well, more than me! Why? Because this guy is too old! Over seventy years old. Over seventy years old, you forget concepts. [Father said the seventies are "Forgetting concept age. That is new terminology."] It's true. You are more hopeful than me.

When Father proclaims to the world that Father appears on the face of the earth, then Jesus will become one with Father and also the Holy Spirit will become one with Mother. What should have taken place at Jesus' time couldn't be realized. What Jesus has done until now, only vertically and not so well, we now have to do like a horizontal mother. We will connect with all the established generations. Just as in Jesus' time, they had to get together and be the support of the messiah-to-come. In the same way we have to achieve that now and with Mother in the position of Leah, will bring everybody in. John the Baptist's mother, Elizabeth, was in Leah's position. She had to love Rachel and become one. This is what we must do now. Rachel is different. She has only one direction to go, that is up. These women who have connected so many people in the established world, will in turn connect with Mother and will be in Mother's inside. This was already done when Hyo Jin Nim and Ye Jin Nim were born. That is when all mankind was to go to Father's inside and be born again. When these two, Father's own children were born, we were offered the same food they were given. Doing that established a condition that the same labor was given towards our life as it was given to Hyo Jin Nim and Ye Jin Nim. This was 1960. This was like a spring wind. When the spring comes the wind blows in a certain pattern. It is the same thing. It is a very natural phenomena. Those men and women who were already born from satanic parents, want to come to the real parents and be born again. It's a real entity restoration, not conceptual restoration. In other words, Father inherits all that foundation of women during this time [before 1960], then in 1960 receives Mother. Father could begin bringing up Mother from that time with all the essence of women.

This was truly a unique time when sometimes, three generations, many hundreds of family, gathered together all their heart and dedications and they got the revelation, Mother is coming. They all wanted to make service to this and dedicate this to Father's family. So they came. There was a tremendous amount of spiritual revelation. At that time revelations were shared very widely and closely. It was a spiritually rich time. Even though the marriage took place here, Father was wise enough to be cautious because this is truly one of the biggest events in the entire history. Now the Mother is going to come and get settled down. Gather all the dedications of women. Not just one type of women, but women in their eighties, seventies, sixties and even teenagers . . . all the essence of womanhood must be gathered back together in God's ownership, so to speak. Everything has to be inherited to a new Mother. To bring Mother into Father's family and start a brand new family, the opposition and jealousy would be so much that at best they may become insane or even try to kill her. That intense a spiritual whirlpool was what Father had to deal with. So for three years after Father married Mother, Father tried to ignore, almost toss away Mother in an unlikely place. He just left her alone. Sometimes Father would visit her. Mother didn't know what was going on and Father never explained it to her. Father would never take Mother with him, only occasionally. Most of the time Father would take along women of different ages and different aggressiveness. But Father did this on purpose, taking those people and going to some public place. Mother was left wondering why Father did that. What happened after this three year period? Public opinion changed. Those older members surrounding Father told him, "Mother is too pitiful, you shouldn't treat your bride like that. Let us not hurt her anymore, let us bring her in." They started doing it. If Father had done that, they would have gone in a different direction. Father knew this. Mother was the youngest, only in her teens. There were women in their twenties, thirties, even sixties and seventies and they all felt they were the spouse for Father. But they learned that they had to serve young Mother. It took at least three years. Nobody knows the incredible suffering Mother had to go through. Then for the first time they said, "Mother you have suffered enough for our sake, we will serve you as our Mother. You are our Mother." The daughters must start saying that, not Mother saying, "You are my daughters."

These people all come inside of Mother, then Mother comes to Father and Father approves of it and gives birth to them again. Now they are in the position to be born again, the restored position. This is restoration by the root-basic, essential restoration, not conceptual or conditional restoration. That applies directly to us, the position we are sitting in here. The condition to be born again has taken so much sacrifice, literally millions of lives were paid for the position we are standing in now. It took Mother's heartistic indemnity, too, which was not any less.

Think about it. How many nations, like the country of Rome which is comparable to America, had to go down and vanish for the sake of indemnity? Satan was almost confident that nobody would ever take care of this most complicated process. Satan knew no one would want to do it. But Father came and dealt with these things. They are complicated even to listen to, but Father came and found them out and fulfilled them correctly in order to come to this foundation now.

Do you remember 1960 when Mother gave birth to the first child? We all ate the meal together after being born again. Those who had that same meal together, raise their hands. There are five or six here, elder, thirty-six couples.

To be born again, is easy to say, but what it takes to be born again is unimaginable. Until the True Parents establish themselves, real rebirth cannot take place. What is the result of all this hard work-all these impossible tasks-for Father and for God? What were they for? They were not for Father's own children, not even for that. They were for all the sons and daughters of God and our True Parents, namely you and you, all of us. We must understand that Father's family might have looked like some glorious rich family, but it is not so. None of the children ever saw Father and Mother in a regular way. All the time they were in Japan or Korea or somewhere else, Father was always worrying about the rearing of the thirty-six couples and stepsons and stepdaughters. Father didn't really take care of Father's true sons and daughters.

When Mother suffered these first three years, almost cast out by Father, then she came to know a stepmother's heart. The Unification foundation has been made by Mother going through this incredible suffering and road of the cross. Just like Jesus bore his cross, Mother bore her own cross for us. The purpose of her doing that was so she could accommodate us and give us rebirth. The purpose was to accomplish God's long-coveted wish to save His own children. He wants to save even Satan. It was not for the sake of Father. We can say, "Father, you did it for everybody, you didn't just do it for me." Wrong. Father did it for "me." Because if I don't exist, other people don't.

So, that's our title this morning. Father didn't do this for the sake of the Unification Church. Father has no Unification Church in mind. It is only a vehicle for us to use and if we were not here, the Unification Church would not be necessary. Ultimately it is for our purpose and our sake, so that the benefit of our work will return to the rest of mankind. Eventually that benefit will reach to Father's own true sons and daughters too.

So the restoration of history depends mainly on me, we have to have that understanding. Otherwise we have nothing to do with salvation. Do not think your position is a possible position. It is an impossible position. How much debt and sacrifice, such a huge price has been paid for each position we are standing on. I have to understand my own value before the cosmos starts paying attention to my position. If we think we have no position, the cosmos pays no attention, either. The same is true for America. America is going like this, having difficulty all the time, not because there is anything wrong with America but because it is "me" who hasn't done anything right. So America suffers. This is the only way we can rightfully understand the situation. It is an obvious conclusion now that so much is depending on "me." Therefore, from now on, whether Father watches me or not, whether Father asks me or not, I must do whatever I must do because I am standing on that valuable, formidable foundation. Father has done so much, but all the results are directed and destined to each one of us. That is the purpose Father worked for. Think about it. Just to find you in this spot, in this position today, how much preparation was made over the last four thousand years of history? So much traffic going back and forth, back and forth took place to prepare for each one of us, so as a result we could be here today. Did you ever stop to think that way? We must realize the importance and value of our individual position now and witness to families, not to individuals. The individual time is gone. Because the family has fallen, the family needs to be restored now. So reach out to the family. The fastest way of doing this, which is why Father suggested it to us, is if we become tribal messiahs and go back to our hometowns. We have to start witnessing to families-twelve families, seventy-two families, one hundred twenty families-and then we will have our foundation, too.

The thirty thousand newly blessed couples, plus the approximately twenty thousand already blessed couples, equals fifty-five thousand couples. Then the next blessing should be about half a million, 500,000 couples should be blessed in three years. That is our goal. Jesus worked for three years and was defeated. We have to make up for that and make a victorious foundation during three years. Do you understand? If Jesus had been able to stand on a foundation of the blessing, the disciples would automatically have connected to him and would have gone the blessing way too. Next would have been the seventy-two elders, next the one hundred twenty elders connect. Altogether that would have represented the foundation for the world and the nation. The seventy-two would have been the nation's leaders. The twelve disciples represent the family leaders. The family foundation would have connected to the national foundation, and together they would connect to the world foundation. The world foundation would be the last one, 120 disciples. After Jesus ascended, the Holy Spirit came down and 120 people received revival. Expansion took place all over the world.

Jesus' mission did not make that married couple world. You are in Jesus' position. You have children. You have to make twelve disciples on the foundation of a married couple. This creates a family surrounding faith. After that witness to seventy-two disciples, and after that, 120. During three years you have to make connections with your relatives. Then 120 families should connect with the center family. This is no problem. Why? Reverend Moon is making that high level most famous. It is most valuable to go up there. "That man's concept is most beautiful. It has the most wonderful contents." If you hear those contents one time, you automatically follow that way of thinking. You have a strong truth armament. You can spread out and digest everything, no problem. It is that powerful a motivation that you have. That is the value of messiahship. Messiahship cannot change. Even though you may die, you must still be successful. You cannot retreat. You can do this only with repentance, it is a one way course. Do you understand?

It has been the same way for Father. Messiahship cannot go back, he cannot hide behind something else. No. Every time you must be out in front, marching on through the night, through every season, through every age. That low foundation will go up and up and up for seventy years and then reach the high peak. From that peak you can look down at the flat, green wilderness. All human beings understand now. The world has become a no hope place. Only Unification people have hope. They find out and automatically follow. That kind of phenomena is now occurring in modern society. You have that kind of purpose and direction, no problem. Every tribal messiah has to connect with twelve family members, no problem. At least twelve. That is the least number of families you should reach. You shouldn't have any problem to do that. You need twelve gates of heaven.

The family system of the old world, Satan's world, is completely breaking down. All Satan's world is crumbling down. That is Father's purpose and your purpose, isn't it? How can you digest your family system? It is no problem to take twelve families to the blessing. This is our mission during the next three years. You need to do this so you can register for the nation of one world. It is like a birth certificate. You will have to register, "I am now a citizen of this new kingdom of heaven."

First establish Jesus' new foundation. After that you connect to the resurrection of the kingdom of heaven. You have to win the victory in Jesus' position and then we have to register.

Those privileged, blessed couples now sitting here, should have the conviction and determination that "Yes, I have to march forward to that goal and I will do it." We have to decide in our minds now. Will we or will we not decide it now? [Yes.] Those who say, "Yes, Father, I will take this as my responsibility. In the next three years I will go forth and reach that goal," raise your hands. Wonderful! Thank you very much!

How many hours did Father speak? Seven and a half! Almost eight hours! There are many things Father had to skip, and Col. Han skipped too, but we still have gotten a lot of thought from Father. So can you ever separate from your Father and Mother? [No.] That is the only way and the last way for mankind. You should think, "Even though I may forsake my own husband, still I cannot let Father go from me." It is our destiny that we come up with twelve couples.

Father will pray for us.


Loving Father,

Although no one ever understood that the long and difficult path of restoration was filled with your heartache ("han"), you have raised up this pitiful son and allowed me to feel your heart. I am approaching the age of eighty and the fact that I was able to overcome this hill at such an age, can be thought of as happiness in one way, but on the other hand it can be thought of as lamentable and mortifying.

In the Last Days, the Christian cultural realm was established, yet lost everything of Israel itself and the opportunity for Heavenly Blessing. When I think of the fact that all the things that are raised up in the midst of such ruins are the used and recycled things from the trash, I am ashamed in front of Heavenly Father. However, I earnestly pray that you can be comforted and you can have hope, for I raised up sons and daughters in my place to prepare the youthful era and I believe they can fulfill everything that is left un-fulfilled for the world and perfect them in front of Heavenly Father.

I never knew the heart-aching path of restoration would be so difficult as this. After realizing it, I still walked this path, for it was the unavoidable way of Heaven. As I walked with your protection, I have reached this blessed position where I can be proud of the victorious supremacy representing all nations and I can proclaim to everyone, to follow me, follow True Parents, at this time. When I think that You, allowing me to have such an era, is the dispensational desire of history and all humankind and the day which Your heart longed for, I pray that You do not abandon the land of Korea which has met the time.

Now, when I go back to Korea, I have to cope with the remaining realm of struggle. When I know that there is no one who can handle the political problem of North and South, the economic problem of the current situation, and all the cultural background, I realize that in front of me there lies an enormous responsibility which I must bear by myself.

After giving every ounce of effort I see that the day I longed for is coming closer. In the midst of hope, together with the beginning of tomorrow, I earnestly hope that You can bless Korea through Kodiak and the path of Mother who will return after going through Japan.

Father, I earnestly pray that You can bless the Unification members throughout the world to understand that for the journey of True Mother, they have the responsibility to become one mind and one body and to pray with their utmost effort.

I ask You once again by Your will, to permit the unashamed end of my life. Before that granted day, I ask You to protect these young American children who determined themselves today. When realizing how grave this mission of being responsible for America is, I earnestly hope that they can withstand the difficult path, become patriotic warriors who are worthy of blessing, and participate in this battle.

I earnestly ask You to bless them to be a people who can be bold for Your will and for the day to come, so that they can receive the blessing of love, life and lineage of Heaven and become the enforcers of heavenly authority. I pray all these things in the name of True Parents. Amen.

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