The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

Completion Of The Responsibilities Of True Parents

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 6, 1992
Belvedere, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

Today is the sixth of December. What does December seventh signify? It is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day, the day when World War II really began. That was fifty-one years ago, more than half a century.

Can anybody repeat the title of today's sermon? Yes, it is, Completion of the Responsibilities of True Parents. We are the only people who have a concept such as "True Parents." Famous scholars and learned people do not have such an understanding as ours. The understanding of True Parents originated from Father himself.

Once we truly understand the Fall of man, it is easy to understand the idea of True Parents. Yet, this simple fact has not been disclosed to mankind until now. (Speaking to a sister in audience:) Take off your hood, please. Once we come into the room, we shouldn't wear hoods or hats on our heads. Even though the Catholics cover their heads in church, now is the time for liberation, so we don't have to do that any more! Are you here for the first time?

After Adam and Eve fell, God chased them out of the Garden. Did God then follow them and bless them in marriage, or did they begin married life on their own? Yes, they did that by themselves, and upon whom were they centered? They were centered on someone other than God, namely Satan. There is no way of denying that that is how the lineage of mankind started: with Satan's love, Satan's life, and Satan's lineage. Therefore, each and every person has been born with Satan's blood. Because of that fact, the history of restoration has taken such a very long time.

We have to know that this is something which God cannot solve. It is the parents who have to solve this by first understanding, then discovering the prescription for correcting it. Since that was the responsibility of the parents, it has taken a long time in history. God could not help the parents because that was their responsibility. Parents were supposed to be completed, but instead, uncompleted parents came to be. Now they have the responsibility to become completed.

When we speak of "parents" in this sense, it has the same meaning as messiah, as the Second Coming, or savior. The idea of True Parents is the messianic idea, the concept of savior. At the end times, we see families, as well as countries have broken up. The messiah is needed to repair and mend not only families, but also countries. To repair broken families, we need True Parents. To repair broken countries, we need the savior. Families need the True Parents, countries need the savior. True Parents provide the formula for the ideal home. The savior provides the formula for ideal nation. So we need True Parents and we need the savior.

These translations have to be exact. Sometimes a slightly different word may confuse you a lot. If I don't detect the problem, then I can just go on, but if I do hear some slight mistranslation, I have to correct it.

As we said, the title today is, Completion of the Responsibilities of True Parents. We must know that whatever God wants to uphold, Satan wants to destroy. That is what the Fall is all about. The Fall destroyed what was most precious to God. Beginning with the family, extending to the country and going out to the cosmos, Satan destroyed God's domain. When the end times come, and as man has the potential to come back to God, the worst things will appear and go against what God desires. Those bad things will not last forever and ever. Actually, that's near destruction, then they will be destroyed.

In Noah's time, the flood judgment came. As the time got near, the judgment took place. We saw similar events throughout history. Look at the time of Jesus. The Jewish religion and the nation that had been fostered for 2,000 years was almost destroyed, and there was so much bloodshed after Jesus came. Since Jesus was actually killed and God's will was not upheld, there was an enormous amount of indemnity to pay. In fact, it was not fulfilled until after the last World War, when a staggering number of people had to suffer. Six million is an enormous number of people.

Whoever helps to kill True Parents can never be forgiven. At the time of the Second Coming, this phenomenon also comes to be seen. The children who go against the Parents cannot be tolerated. It's like the heavens as well as the earth cannot tolerate them. Do you follow?

Looking at today's world, everything is close to destruction. That is because we are living in the end times. In the last days, Satan wants the most precious things to be destroyed. America, for instance, has been the leading nation of the world and has been centered upon the Christian philosophy. What about Christianity today? Do the average Christians really know that God exists? If so, how can it be that the churches are declining in membership, especially among young people? What do you think is the reason? Do you think that Christians truly believe in God, or are they not so sure, or do they not believe at all? As a matter of fact, when we look at the churches, we cannot find anything which God needs. God certainly needs something, and He should be able to find it in the church.

Why did God raise up Christianity? The purpose of all Christian churches is to accomplish the things which Jesus was trying to accomplish. Isn't that true? What was Jesus' mission? Jesus' mission was to create the true individual, true family, true nation and to liberate God, as well as to accomplish the absolute environment. Within churches, do we see any true families? What about true clans? Are there true people? We cannot find these things which God needs in any of the Christian churches. Therefore, whatever we see in the churches is not of use to God. God cannot find anything useful for His purpose in the Christian churches today. On the other hand, the things which Satan needs and enjoys are in abundance. For instance, individualism is rampant everywhere, even within the churches. Is that God's idea or Satan's? Yes, it is Satan's. Is there any true unity between churches? How many different denominations exist within Christianity? There are hundreds and hundreds of them. Is that God's will? Does God want to see such a thing? Satan wants to separate people. He doesn't want to see people coming into unity. Are churches supposed to be evangelizing for more money? No, they are supposed to be utilizing and spreading True Love. That is what they are supposed to be evangelizing. So we must clearly see and understand that what God needs the most can no longer be found within Christian churches.

Where, then, is God? Where should He be? He should be wherever the ideal of creation is being fulfilled. The completion of the ideal of creation means finding a man and a woman who reflect the nature of God Himself, and then for them to come together to form a God-like family. Even though we cannot become exactly like God, at least we will be such people that God will want to follow, to live with. Has anyone-here or in the outside world-become like that? Do you want your own children to love you and treat you with affection, or do you want them to oppose you and treat you harshly? Certainly, you want your children to love you. By the same token, you feel like being close to your own physical parents and enjoying a good relationship with them, don't you? Parents also want to be able to lean on and depend upon their own children. So we must create the environment within our family that allows the parents to freely lean on the children whenever they want to. The children should never rebuff them.

By the same token, in the churches, God would like to be able to lean on His own people, but how many people welcome being leaned on by God? Most people would let God lean on them only if God was bringing them some blessing; in other words out of selfish thinking, not out of love for God. Do you think that someone can be prepared for God to lean on him by attending a forty-minute church service once a week, listening to a brief sermon? Does the minister reading the Bible truly understand the Bible? No, he is just reading it. Are those people who say, "I am a good Christian," really great Christians? They may be proud to call themselves Catholic, Protestant and so forth, but they have nothing to be proud of. God is even rejected in the true sense by Christians, so how can God visit the Christian churches and expect something?

Jesus established Christianity, but did he achieve a success there? The conclusion now is obviously not. Jesus could not succeed in making the Christian churches serve God's purpose. Isn't that truly obvious? So God started chasing the young people out of the churches, actually, because those churches were not worthy. These young people leave the churches and go out into the secular world. Wherever they go, they find bad situations, worse than the churches. The churches are the entity which should be doing something about this evil world, which should be applying the brakes to the downhill slide of evil society, but the churches are not able to do that. Instead, the church is being dragged down by these influences. That's not the way the church should be. So God had to send the Lord of the Second Advent to save the evil world.

God will talk to Satan and say, "You have done everything you wanted to do. You have tried everything you wanted to try, correct?" Satan will have to answer yes. The individual, family, and all the valuable things have been destroyed and it's a dark world. In this great Christian nation of America, can you name one man or woman of whom God can be truly proud? Is there one man or one woman about whom God can claim, "I am truly proud of that person"? What is your opinion, do you think we can find such a person in America or not? You Americans, who have had such ideals about being great, answer this. The clear answer is no. There are plenty of students in the Ivy League schools about whom others say, "He is a real genius," but such a person is living almost like a dog, a bad dog at that. This should really make you angry to hear, but instead you laugh. Is that because you realize how true it is?

What about the government of this country, is it something which God can be proud of? No, the government is certainly no exception to what we have said. The Bush administration, which has now been defeated, was not any better than the individuals of this country. They are all dog-like. Is there any place where God can dwell in this country? Just imagine. The White House is an illustrious place, and the one who occupies the White House-George Bush-has such a great position. Do you think God will be attracted to, and follow the president because God can see hope in him? Will God want to follow Barbara Bush or any of their children just because of their position in this country? Even if they expressed a desire to get closer to God, God would say, "Not the way you are now," and He would just chase them out.

When this is true, such a country should be destroyed. It should never be respected. When some patriotic person hears such a denunciation of his country, do you think he would feel happy or unhappy? He could not feel happy. How should he feel toward Reverend Moon when he hears me describing what is true in his country? When a person hears the truth, he should accept it, even though it does not make him feel happy. That is why I have been so opposed in this country. I have been speaking the truth about this country and many people came against me, to the point of even putting me in prison. Should I have said to myself, "I guess I had better stop doing this because the people don't like it"? Why not? I cannot stop speaking the truth because there are people who will hear me and change, along with those who oppose me and who refuse to accept the truth.

How many people are there who have truly followed in the footsteps of Reverend Moon? When the Christmas season comes, you all want to visit your homes, don't you? There are lots of things you like to do, such as having a good time at holiday get-togethers, eating hamburgers and cheese. That is how you feel, isn't it? Or, do you feel you have more significant things to focus on? Even though so many of you in the past wanted to go home for the Christmas season, I usually wouldn't allow that. How many people really understood my direction and were even happy to stay with their mission? Even though God brought all of you here and separated you from the secular world, training you to become useful to God and to the rest of mankind, there have not been many people who have truly followed in True Parents' footsteps. Have you ever seen anyone who really understood what Father was teaching and said, "Yes, this is so important that I want to go ahead of him. Even if he can't do it, I will do it"? Do you see such American members? Is there anyone here who has thought to himself, "Father always points out the things that are wrong with America, and I have already seen these things. I will go out and try to correct these problems so Father can rest. I will take care of it." Is there such a brother or sister in the Unification Church of America? Everyone should be like that, but how many are? Should Father be the one standing in the front all the time? You all answer, "No, you should not," but are you even truly following me? You need to think about that.

Just like a drunken person, you want to excuse yourself somehow, to find an excuse not to join me in such hard work. If you are like that, you must stop and think about it. Is there anyone in the Unification Church who truly wants to go ahead of me in this work? You may answer "Yes," and that is a good answer, but there is no enthusiasm in your voice. You are very uncertain in your answer. Is what I am saying true, or is it way out of proportion? It is simply, really true.

After I have completely fulfilled my responsibilities here in America, should I stay here, or should I leave? (You should leave.) Do you say that joyfully, knowing how much other places need to be saved, such as Africa? Or do you say that because you hate Father and you are glad to see him leave? (No!) I have worked for a long time here in America, teaching and doing many other activities. I have done everything which God expected me to do here and more than that. United to Serve America and the Women's Federation for World Peace are the completion of everything I need to do here. I have already accomplished on the world level. Now this is truly the time for me to return to my home. You, too, have returned to your hometowns, right? You have become tribal messiahs and have gone back to your homes. Now you are on your own. Father, as the messiah on the world level, is one step ahead of you, so I must go back to my home country of Korea and do the hard work of reunifying Korea.

When you really understand history and God's dispensation, you know that the unification of Korea is not going to be accomplished by politicians. That gigantic task is only going to be accomplished by True Parents. Therefore, I made a strong proclamation before I left the last time, saying "Korea had better listen to what I say, or else the path will be impossible." Do you want to know why? (Yes.) There is a reason why, but I am not going to explain it to you here because you have your own responsibility. Actually, I made this same proposal to your president, but he did not respond. He is now out of office. If America wants to become a truly peaceful country and create a peaceful world, then it must have a clear plan to achieve that. There must be a formula by which that can be done. Father suggested a unification plan and they shook their heads.

The first Israel, second Israel and third Israel-these concepts are already clear to you. Of course, everybody understands the first Israel. The second Israel is Christianity, represented by the American nation. The third Israel is Korea. America has occupied a very important position in history. When America takes the objective, minus position then peace can be achieved. Why must it be in the minus position? Christian countries are in the position of bride countries. Therefore, America is in the position of bride to the groom. The bride exists for the groom.

Alpha is Israel, Omega is in Korea. Jesus and Israel needed a bride and because there was no bride available, they really suffered. So the central problems of the world today are Israel and Korea. Now Korea is in a great political turmoil and America is religiously in the same situation. It is like mind and body, not fulfilling what they should be doing. They have the same destiny. Father told the Bush administration exactly that. It is very simple. I suggested this during the Conference on World Peace. I said to Mr. Bush, "All you have to do is just acknowledge this by signing it. I will gather together all 160 nations and let you be the leader of these countries. Then you will be able to accomplish perfect peace among all the nations." I said that to Mr. Bush. "You don't have to do anything. I will provide all the plans and I will even do that for you." Furthermore, I suggested that he choose Korea as the "Eternal Country of Peace." After that, all America would have to do would be to support Korea in a small way economically, in order that they could continue to prosper. That is a very small part of the overall job. Then Israel would follow in America's footsteps, and when that happens, Israel would not have any more problems with war.

I said this to Bush and I told him that he would become a historic figure. He would have a role in history which no one would ever be able to deny. But Bush didn't listen and he rejected my idea, which was God's will. Where is he now? He is out of office. After I met with Kim Il Sung, I sent to him a carefully thought out plan. Even to this day, I have received no answer from him. That means he is thinking, "What is Reverend Moon's idea?" Through The Washington Times and the other media which we have at our disposal, I introduced this whole concept, even bringing to America an interview with Kim Il Sung, who is the most remote national leader in the world. It was Father himself who softened Kim's attitude toward America, the very Kim Il Sung who has been going against America. It didn't really take so much money to make such a thing happen. The world knows by now that even though Reverend Moon may have money, he does not use it for himself. American truly needed help, and Father had all the help they needed. I offered it to them, spending my own effort and money to help them. Still this country doesn't come along. Even God feels there is nothing more he can do in this country.

Those of you here who are internationally married, raise your hands. More than half. I took even one step beyond. I feel that even if by some chance America totally fails the dispensation, I cannot let all the church members here die along with the rest of the country. At least I have to safeguard you Unification Church members, who are the seed of the new world. So I encouraged international marriages. It wasn't easy to have so many international marriages, and many short-sighted people bitterly opposed it. But by making so many of those marriages, you can go out easily. I know that Australia and New Zealand welcome Americans. Therefore, you Americans now have a great place to go! These two countries together occupy a larger area than the United States, yet they have a very small population, less than thirty million. Australia has about seventeen million and New Zealand has about ten million. Korea is twenty times smaller.

If I directed all of you to move to Australia, would you go? (Yes!) There are a lot of kangaroos there. I saw two male kangaroos boxing with each other, just like two men. They were trading punches back and forth just like professional boxers. I thought, "This is quite a show!" I am thinking about so many things for your sake, things which you cannot even imagine. I have ideas about where you should move, how you can prosper, and so many different kinds of plans. Do you welcome that kind of thinking on my part, or do you say, "Father, don't worry about us"? Which one? Well, if I didn't worry about you, in the future you might become alcoholics, free sex people, homosexual and lesbians. (No!) When a society is full of such problems, you can become influenced by them. Of course, you will be opposed, and no way can you stand alone. Until now, Father has been protecting you by taking all the blame. I have been the scapegoat so that you wouldn't be blamed. Perhaps in the future, people will say, "Well, Reverend Moon has left the country. Why do we need any Moonies at all?" If they say that and start to strongly oppose you, do you think you will be able to survive?

Will you start to say, "Oh boy, now I am finally free of someone looking over my shoulder and telling me what to do. Now I can go off and enjoy drinking, dancing, and free sex"? Do you remember the way you were before you joined the Unification Church? Even though you wanted to stop drinking, smoking or doing other destructive things, you didn't have the power to do so. Do you remember that? Yes or no? (Yes.) That is why Father is always thinking about your future. Is that a happy and fortunate thing, or not? Without that, how can you live? I never say whether or not I am a good father, but I do give you a lot of "don'ts." I tell you, "Don't become too complacent and comfortable. Always go out and suffer and work hard." I have been constantly restraining you in that way. Do you like that?

I have observed the Japanese sisters who came here to America full of life and energy, became Americanized. When they first arrived, they felt, "I have to do whatever I can to save this country." But now when I look at them, my heart aches. Have you Japanese women become Americanized, or has America become "Japanese woman-ized"? Who influenced whom? You Japanese women, please answer me. Have you influenced America, or have you been influenced by America? Then what is your choice, would you prefer to stay here or go back to Japan and live? Hmm. Is that a sign of being Americanized?

If I decided to send you out to Siberia or the tundra area of mainland China, would you go? Would you tell me you would rather stay here? At least I find hope in you because when I asked if you would go to Siberia, you answered "Yes" wholeheartedly. That, at least, is hopeful. Even just the sound of that "Yes" is good to hear! But is that only mere sound, or is it reality? You would really go? You Japanese sisters all came here because of Father, right, not because your husband wanted to come here. So when Father leaves this country, would you also leave? Think quickly and answer! (Go with Father.) Why would you go along with me? It is because wherever Father goes, there is peace, safety and hope. Think about that and decide within yourself.

It is very possible that I would say, "Those who want to follow me, get ready to go to Siberia." I would expect you to go. Would you go, or not? Not you Americans, I am talking to the Japanese sisters. This is really serious. I am not making a joke. Why? Because of very practical concerns. You would give birth to children here. You may be all right, but you would have only a little control over your children. They would be one of the children in the neighborhood, one of the school kids, and they could become influenced into pursuing free sex, alcoholism, and there would be nothing you could do; no protection. Until now you survived and your children were protected. Why? Because Father has been pouring out all his power, going directly smack against the nation. That strength supported you. But if I don't do that any more, I fear that you will no longer be safe.

Do not have any more hope in America if I truly leave this country. America will never be the same if that happens. The new President-elect must not know what he is talking about. He says that he will lift the ban on homosexuals in the military and he will be very permissive toward abortion. The result of that kind of policy will be terrible confusion in society, worse than we have ever seen. Then the Christians will have to become aware for the first time of what is going on. They will say, "We must repent. We need God." But already they are so weak, they cannot even move. They will look around and see that Reverend Moon is the only hope for doing God's will, but if Reverend Moon never comes here any more, they will truly have no hope. Reverend Moon has been the focus point for God in America. If he is no longer here, then that focus point will be gone, too. This is a very serious topic.

Since Reverend Moon would not be available, they would go to his followers, the Moonies, and say, "Please help us." Although you will want to help them, will you have the power or capability to help them all by yourself without Father being nearby? Do you think you can help America all by yourself? That means you have to make plans now because the time will come when I am no longer here. We have to plan now. Do you understand? Will you be ready when that time comes and will you know what to do?

The United States has a special responsibility for the whole world, according to God's dispensation. Have you ever thought about the extent of suffering which will come about if America should fail to fulfill its mission? The future of this country will become more miserable than that of the first Israel nation. For forty years, and especially during the past twenty years, which has been the prime time of my life, I have been shedding so many tears for the sake of America and the free world. Has America ever paid attention the direction we go in the world today, we can ask people what they think will be the future of America and they say that it will be difficult. By the same token, those of you here believe that if America continues along the same path, her future will be very dismal.

God sent Reverend Moon to America to help it and save it. This country not only failed to respond, but also sent me to prison. Name one other person who came from another country and never said, "Please give me," but rather invested such a huge amount for the sake of this country. Can you name one other person? As you know, one billion dollars was spent just for The Washington Times. Why would an individual spend so much for The Washington Times? The only purpose was for saving this country. No other purpose is possible. As it turns out, all this money has been invested for the sake of the country which has rejected me. Just think about how this country has treated me. They do anything toward me they feel like. When I arrive at the airport in this country, those who work there say very rude things to me, some even treating me like a drug smuggler. That is how far away from God they are.

The average American does not know about this, but this is what America is doing to me. Why should I come to America as often as I do? Even God will say, "Why should you come here when they not only ignore what you say, but even treat you so badly?" People point at Reverend Moon, saying bad things, and that I am a lowly person. How about you? Have you really upheld and supported and loved me? I don't think you have. Whatever the so-called American leaders did and said to Father, you may not think it is serious, but what you said in essence is extremely bothersome to me. There are countries which treat me with great respect, even like their own head of state. I am speaking about this publicly for the first time. I could not give up on America because of God's will, but now I have done enough for the sake of this country.

There is no reason I should have to endure the insults which American people give to me. Why should someone continue to bring things to people who just shout, "Go away," and hate you? We could talk for a long, long time about these kinds of things. I fear the effect upon this nation of even one harsh word on my part. That is why I have always restrained myself, trying to figure out other angles of approach, rethinking, and trying to forget the past. That is what I have done for this country. Essentially, because of you Moonies I have been doing this, but if the Moonies crumble as well, nothing will stop Father from cursing this country. Do you follow? This is very serious. Therefore, you should become even more serious in order to protect America.

The Christian nation is in the position of bride. And the Israelites, where Cain and Abel become one and grow . . . a mother and will prepare a bride, and eventually the messiah who is the groom. All of that was the will of God in the true Israel nation. Because the bride is prepared, now the bridegroom, who is the messiah, comes. Because of the fall, false parents and false children came about. If there had been no fall, the order would have been God, Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel. Then, of course, Cain and Abel would have been the children of the first true parents, Adam and Eve. If this had happened, then God could have claimed His tribes and countries, and He could have done whatever He desired. Instead, Satan came into God's position and there were false parents and false children. That was the effect of the fall-false love, false life, and false lineage, and that is what has filled the earth up to now. That is the reality of the world today.

The work which you must fulfill at this time is to separate yourself from being false children, living according to falsehood, and enter into true relationships. We all have love within us, but the world has been a part of Satan's false love and life and lineage. All of mankind has deserved to be destroyed because of this, but since God cannot do this and does not want to do this, He has been working to graft mankind into the new love, new life and new lineage in order to save mankind.

That has been the central purpose of religion, and that means uniting the mind and body of man upon God. Mind and body, plus and minus. The fall took place here. The body is supposed to be in the minus position to the mind, which is in the plus position. Because of the fall, the body took the plus position and became another plus, so to speak. Then plus and plus were constantly in conflict. Mind and body, both in the plus position, came to always fight. Even though the mind is closer to God, the body became the base for Satan, the place from which he launches his attacks. So mind and body continually fight. Our lifelong mission is to restore the original function of our mind and body and bring them into unity.

These eyes see not only the right things, but also the wrong things. The nose smells bad things as well as good things, as it was supposed to. Your ears listen to bad things as well as good things. The original function of the eyes was to see only good things from God, but because of the fall, your mind is telling you, "Not everything you see is good, so you have to distinguish between bad and good." Your mind is also trying to warn your ears, "Whatever you hear, you must be able to distinguish between what is good and what is bad."

Whatever God likes, Satan hates, and whatever God hates, Satan likes. Whatever your fleshly eyes like to see, whatever your carnal ears like to hear, God hates. The nose prefers the smells of perfume, your skin only wants to feel soft and easy things, never rough and hard things. But what your body wants is the reverse of what is good for you; what is good for you is what the body hates.

We deny the external world of Satan and strive to come back to the internal world of God. They are 180 degrees opposite from one another, isn't that true? The lifelong task of each individual is to be able to distinguish between good and bad through his five senses. Here in America, it has almost become commonplace for a woman to leave her husband if someone else comes along who seems more attractive. Even good people think about that, isn't that true? That is because our body belongs to Satan.

Therefore, we should learn to deny our body and say, "What I am desiring is a bad thing and I must stop." From Satan's world, the thing which is most beautiful and that which is most ugly will be combined into one and they will be the most ideal to turn to heaven. That means 180 degree different. Otherwise you cannot correct yourself. You must go for something you hate the most, then you will be restored. Generally, this is true.

Even after the Blessing, if we don't control our body, if we don't strive to deny ourselves, then we are not worthy of God's world. It is worse than Satan. Before the fall, how many people were there? There were Adam and Eve, absolutely only two. Not even three, just two. Adam and Eve were each other's spouse, they were to be the first mother and father. For them to even think that another spouse, or another partner was possible, was to admit of the existence of the fallen world. That was not the original plan. The concept of sexual promiscuity had absolutely no place in God's world. In the Garden of Eden, man was created to have relationship only with his spouse and no one else. How can free sex ever be a possibility? Even though it seems that everybody today is behaving in such a way, it will never be all right. How can homosexuality and lesbianism ever be explained as any part of God's realm? Man and woman were created to come together as one in love. Never was it possible for man and man or woman and woman.

Once you experience your first love, you want to live with that person for your whole life. You never should separate and have another love, and then another, and so forth. Never. That was never part of God's plan. Your love is eternal and it centers upon your first love. In the satanic world, people behave like dogs that can mate with anyone. They experience first love, then they step beyond that and move on to another love, and then another. The more they repeat this destruction of love, the deeper they tumble into hell. Isn't that true?

Where is your first love? Since your ancestors lost their first true love, we must find our true first love at this time. Even in the fallen world where Satan reigns, first love is so strong that people cannot forget it, right? So you have to completely erase that fallen love within the satanic world and reach for the higher, pure True Love.

When everyone can call God their father, including the grandparents, the parents and the children, what does it mean? Why can we say this? What is TL? It means True Love. Centering on True Love, which is first love, then for the parents, God is God. Then for children, God is also God. Also for their children, God is God. God is the common God for all the different generations, centering on first True Love. We have to restore feeling that first True Love.

Our relationship to God is one of father/son so we call God "Father." Grandfather can call God Father, and father and mother can call Father, and even their children can call Father. That is what kind of love? That is first True Love. In the common perspective, all first True Love is between a man and woman. So grandfather and grandmother have their family. The father and mother have their family. And the children will have their own family. Same value. As you know, the family is the unit or building block of the Kingdom of Heaven. So to the family, God is the same value. To each generation, God is their father.

The world is so full of satanic things and satanic action, we have to realize that probably the first thing in the morning that our eyes behold will be something satanic. In the morning when you wake up, what do you see? What your body likes the most, or what your mind likes the most? Your body. The natural world is connected with the body, not the mind. The mind is connected with the vertical center point. Your mind is constantly speaking to you, "Don't go there, don't do that, you have to turn around and do the right thing." Isn't that true? Every day you feel that kind of situation. You are constantly fighting between your mind and body. How to solve this and make unity between your mind and body-that is meaning of the human restoration course. This is necessary in order to get into the ideal world of heaven. At some point in your life, you have to solve this problem; otherwise, you cannot ever connect with heaven. These are not just Father's words. This is the way we create the ideal world of heaven. Is that true or not?

No matter how hard someone may try to deny these words and go against them, the truth will always take the center position and will remain the center forever. How can we put our mind back into the subject position and body in the object position? How can we make that kind of unity? No matter how hard your body may try to resist your mind following God, you have to control yourself. Without this capability, you will never enjoy the ideal world. Is that clear?

A fierce war is being waged between our mind and our body. This is more fierce than the first World War, the second World War, or any war imaginable. This fierce war going on within our body is reality. We have to bring our mind and body into unity in time, otherwise we may experience the fourth World War, the fifth World War, and so on, for many generations. In other words, there is no other solution to world peace than the successful completion of this war within the individual. Until this problem of mind and body is solved within each individual, then encountering God will never be possible forever. So religion came into being and true religion has always taught human beings to control the body, and deny oneself. Deny your body on the individual level. Deny your body on the family level, and so forth. There are seven different levels of barriers. All those barriers are standing on the foundation of the physical body. The individual barrier is founded on the body. The family barrier is the body. The national barrier is the body, all the way up to the cosmic level. Do you understand? You have to take control of this body in order to tear down all the barriers.

This is such a serious situation. In fact, we have to dedicate our lives to this cause. We have to bet our neck on this. No matter how difficult, no matter how much persecution, we have to do it. You have to go in a straight line, never a zigzag line. Only one way, absolutely one way. Because I always wanted to go straight throughout my life, I have always been persecuted by Satan's side. Since I came to America, I proclaimed loudly, "America is going the wrong way. You have to repent, you have to turn around, or you will have no hope." The American people responded by saying, "Who do you think you are, you crazy guy? We don't want you here." But Reverend Moon continued to criticize this country and everything that I predicted has come to pass. The fortune of this nation has been going down. When people of the future look back on this time, they will see that Reverend Moon told the American people what to expect. They will say, "Everything Reverend Moon said was true." But by then, no matter how much they repent, no matter how much they want to, they will not be able to go back. They cannot go back. This is a most serious position. You have to know that.

The reason I came to this country and did what I have done was not for my own sake at all. I came here and dedicated myself to the restoration of this country because I understood God's will clearly. God called me to this country to work and turn it around because this country is the central nation of the free world. America is connected with many other countries and when God's will is manifested here, it will automatically be reflected around the world.

We can go on and on, but let us come closer to the conclusion. World War II was fought, as we well know, between the Allied forces and the Axis forces. The Allies were comprised primarily of America, England, and France. The Axis forces were Japan, Germany and Italy. That was the harvest of what was sown in the beginning, even back to the Garden of Eden. In the beginning of history, we can look at the relationship between Eve, Cain and Abel. We have two levels of relationship between Eve, Cain and Abel. One is in the body's position, and the other is in the mind's position; internal and external positions. And we grow, we expand. One side is the right wing and the other is the left wing. These two sides have been fighting each other. Actually, this is the example of how history progresses through war. Since it was autumn time, what was sown was harvested. As we see the farmer harvesting his bunches of grain, the same is true on the world level. This bunch represents the right wing and the other bunch represents the left wing.

God and Satan go after the same objective. God wants to conquer the world, and so does Satan. However, Satan's goal is destruction of the world, while God wants to save the world. Satan always strikes first. This has been a constant phenomenon in history. This is because in the Garden of Eden, Cain first struck Abel. God works primarily through the realm of religion, while Satan works more through the political realm. And here at last, they even denied God. Up to the last century, all mankind upheld a belief in God, no matter how bad their deeds became. But during this century, one half of the world came to deny the existence of God.

Satan is happy to deny his own existence in order to be able to deny the existence of God. He tells man, "You are the self and there is nothing greater or more important than that." Therefore, Satan strives to blind man to his own existence in order to help them deny the realm of spirit and God. That is the genesis of the atheist philosophy.

What was the result of World War II? We see the island country of England which represents the female, or Eve. An island always symbolizes a female or mother. America is Abel because Britain gave birth to America, in which the majority of the people are Anglo-Saxon. The mother was England and the son was America. England and France have never been harmonious. France was in the position of Cain.

Japan, also an island nation, is also a female nation. Their primary god is a goddess. So a similar pattern exists. After Japan launched her aggression, she took over the entire area of southeast Asia within six months. This encouraged Hitler to come into the war. So in that sense, Japan gave birth to Hitler.

These three nations signed a treaty-Japan, Germany and France-because the southeast Asian nations were all colonies of England and France. Singapore belonged to France. This was the relationship of Eve, Cain and Abel. Same counterparts, same concepts. If the satanic side had won the war, they would have annihilated the other side. Especially the religious people, including the Christians as well as the Jews, would have been totally destroyed. In Korea, the same was happening. If the war had ended just a few days later, Korea would have experienced the massacre of more than 200,000 Christians by the Japanese. The defeat of Japan saved those Korean Christians.

The goal of Satan is always to destroy God's will from the base. Since God was raising Korea as His central nation, God had to allow Satan's side to do whatever they pleased. God had to give them that opportunity. So that is exactly what Japan did. But the side of goodness prevailed in World War II.

After the end of the war, all six nations were to have stood in the position of minus to Reverend Moon, as the plus. And this one (pointing to the board) would be Korea. At the end of the war, England, America, France, Japan, Germany and Italy should have listened to Reverend Moon. It is much more simple than this even. Since the defeated side was without power, if only England, France and America-predominantly Christian countries-had listened to Reverend Moon, then God's will would have been fulfilled. God expected that to happen.

A Christian nation means it is a bride nation. The bride should be ready for the groom who is coming to her. There are many possible bride countries, but there is only one bridegroom, only one plus. Since all nations including these, lost their true father, all of them must restore their relationship with the true father. It is very simple. That was the focal point of World War II after victory.

If I had not taught truly that the Lord of the Second Advent was not coming down from the literal clouds and had instead supported the traditional Christian teachings, I would not have been so persecuted by the churches. But I could not tell lies in order to unite the Christian world and gain their support. Such unity based on falsehood would serve no purpose. I spoke the truth, that the Lord would not come down from the sky but instead would be born as a human being with a father and mother, just as Jesus was. Furthermore, I told them that the man was me, and stated that they could believe it or not.

There were many Christians who could not believe, including many missionaries from America, England, as well as the Catholic priests from France. They were blocked by their arrogance and had no avenue for communication with the truth of God. They all insisted, "No, the Lord must come down from the literal sky." That was easier for them to believe, and so that is what they chose. In that way, they denied Reverend Moon after World War II. These three great nations denied Reverend Moon, so what happened as a result? God in turn denied those three nations. What does that mean? They literally turned themselves around to the satanic side, even without realizing it. Isn't that true?

Think about it. For two thousand years, God fostered so many righteous people through Christianity. Christianity became truly prosperous and influential up to the end of World War II and the day of Korean liberation. What happened during the next fifty years up to the present day? We can see that the glorious foundation and Christian influence has become weakened, even to the point of perishing, both in Korea and the rest of the world. Of course, there are still great numbers of churches, but there is no true belief to be found within them.

Why did this sudden collapse occur? There is a reason. Christianity declined so fast because they did not believe Reverend Moon. Nobody in the world is thinking like that. Only God knows clearly why Christianity came down, why God had to deny Christianity. As you know, I paid a lot of indemnity beginning in Korea, my own country, where I was put into prison and paid dearly. Likewise, in Japan I was imprisoned. Also in America. The countries for which I worked the hardest were the ones who not only denied me, but also persecuted me. Of course, Kim Il Sung in North Korea imprisoned me, too.

God knows who helped to destroy the communist countries. I was ready to go to prison in all the communist countries, including Russia, China and so forth. But God said, "No, that is not the way." So God destroyed communism, as we can see now. Some in America want to claim that they helped to destroy communism, but it was truly Reverend Moon who caused the destruction of communism.

The Soviet communists had the expectation of conquering the American culture by 1984. They figured America was a goner and they had a clear plan for taking over this country. At that time, I spoke strongly and said, "Communism will perish, not the free world." I gave a very strong jab at the communist world. Can you see the way history has worked to prepare people? The Russians were diligently taught English. A great many young Russians can speak excellent English, especially high school students. Now our movement is teaching those young people Divine Principle and we are planning to let them teach Americans. This is the picture. Centering on Soviet youth, we are going to save the youth of the free world.

Bringing together hundreds of thousands of people in Moscow is no problem. We simply ask them, and they come. Mother will have a meeting there, and Father will teach them. They eventually will come to America. Americans have already lost their chance to learn Principle on their own. Father has taught their former enemy, their younger brother, and in that way America is losing its dignity.

We know, too, where the terms "right wing" and "left wing" came from, namely from the thieves which hung to the left and right of Jesus on the cross. Jesus knew that the price he was paying by hanging on the cross would allow unity to come one day between the right wing and left wing and Islam. If Jesus had not been killed, he would have been able to bring all the major world religions into unity. He would have been able to bring the world level right wing and world level left wing, as well as the world level opposition to religion. The resurrection now means his second coming. When he comes again, his work is to bring unity again.

Because Jesus died, unity did not happen at that time. And after World War II, America, England and France did not unite with Reverend Moon. They went back to the same situation. Their victory in World War II came to have no meaning once again, so that had to be re-indemnified for the next forty years. Father had to re-indemnify 4,000 years in forty years. He had to go over all the hurdles here and win over this realm, coming into the right position which God intended.

Here in America, I worked on solidifying the right wing, teaching them right ideas and so forth. Also, I had to deal with the left wing, namely communism, and also to deal with the realm of Islam. That realm arose after Jesus death. They had twelve different tribes like Barabbas' and they influenced all the bad religions. They called themselves a religion, but they went against the real, Abelistic religions. This was Islam. Jesus was working on the level of the nation, but when the Lord comes again he will have to work on the world-wide level; world level of right wing and world level of left wing, and also the one in Barabbas' position, which is Islam. He has to literally bring these things into correct alignment. That is the work of the Lord of Second Advent. If he comes on a cloud, how can he possibly do that?

America lost everything little by little after the war because of this. Now, representing the right wing of the world, America is experiencing great difficulty. Father worked so hard to lift up America. When Reagan was elected, nobody expected such a thing. This was done literally by the work of Reverend Moon, though the power of prayer, and through the practical work for that event. But the Reagan administration did not respond to my direction, they even allowed me to be incarcerated. They should at least have recognized that Reverend Moon was their benefactor. But when they failed to do that, then Clinton came and knocked them out.

Now Bill Clinton has come to office and is in the same position as Carter. How can Clinton lead America? How can he be any better than any of his predecessors? Only through the help of Reverend Moon will Clinton be able to lead this country successfully. I had a great plan for George Bush. After I met with Kim Il Sung, I worked very hard on a proposal which was a concrete and workable plan, and I offered it to President Bush. But he did not pay any attention to this offer from Reverend Moon. What has happened to him since?

The pattern of Adam and Eve and the three archangels at the time of the fall fits perfectly today. Korea is in Adam's position. Originally, the Eve position should have been England, but England failed, so Japan is in Eve's position now. America is in the archangel position. After its first failure, America could not be in the position of Abel, but it is Reverend Moon himself who chose America for the Abel position. Those whom God chooses originally but then fail cannot be chosen again, but in my case I had plenty of reason for doing so. Adam and Eve failed, but then in the lifetime of their offspring restoration became possible. In the same way, the first generation Americans after World War II failed, but I could claim the second generation and take them to the Abel position. To make them fit that position, I have been working for twenty-one years. For twenty-one years I have been working to recreate America.

The satanic archangels were Russia and China, in the Asian region. These are the five major nations which play the major role of indemnity for restoration of the whole world. Why have the three nations of Japan, Germany and America prospered after the war? Because Father took them. Isn't it true that I sent out missionaries from those three countries in 1975? No other countries were included. If these three countries became one, even through their embassies and consulates everywhere around the world, they could have worked for the unity of the whole world under God. But what happened? They did not come into unity because they did not believe in Reverend Moon. Today, they have accomplished nothing and are having difficulty.

So Father took that as the failure of the missionaries. For seventeen years Father gave this work up. For sixteen years, Father gave them up, but on this seventeenth year I brought all the missionaries from these three countries together. I brought them together for the first time in a long time. Sixteen is always the problem number. In the Korean war, there were sixteen nations helping liberate Korea. They participated in the work of restoration of the Fatherland of the whole earth. Also, the Olympics in Korea in 1988 saw 160 nations attending, although originally 162 nations were supposed to participate. The number of nations who voted to admit Korea to the United Nations was 160. The numbers are so precise throughout the history of restoration.

Father exerted influence to Korea, Japan, and the United States. Not only exerting influence, but working directly. We have been working in Russia and China, as well. Among these five nations, four are in the position of plus or male, while Japan is the only one in the female or minus position. There is one woman which all four men are trying to occupy, in a way. This is exactly the picture we see in the Garden of Eden. There was Eve and Adam, and then three archangels in the male position. So there were four male figures and one female. Very simply, the archangel took Eve, but in restoration Adam must win Eve back.

In Japan, too, the Unification Church has become quite prominent. They have been growing and becoming more powerful. So is America. And in Russia and China, too, they see more and more numbers of Unification Church members arising. You know about the Panda Project, don't you? That was started with that in mind. Father spoke strongly to Nakasone. At the time when he was prime minister, he promised something to me but he did not keep that promise. There were seventeen out of the twenty top ministers in the Congress under his leadership, and Father had a plan to keep it that way, and how to do it. But Nakasone didn't listen. As a result of that, he lost everything.

The only reason I worked to help Bush was to help and improve the future of America, not to destroy the other political party. The name "Carter" sounds like "Cutter." I said many times before 1980, "I will cut out Carter." That is because Carter was moving in the wrong way. Now we see that Bill Clinton is again using the same people who used to work under Carter. Bush didn't listen to Father and that is what happened. Now Father could fight again, but I don't see that as necessary and America no longer deserves that. You, however, can fight the way I did to help America.

My main responsibility is Korea. Until now, I have laid all the groundwork for actual unification between the two countries. Before I left Korea, I proclaimed through twenty-two major media outlets a blueprint, a plan for how Korea should act to attain unification between North and South. There are four major topics, including the statement that those who used to be under communism in North Korea should now teach Godism. I proclaimed that the next president in Korea should be the one who is most capable of achieving unity between North and South Korea. So I said to the North, "Prepare to give up communism and accept Godism."

Why should Reverend Moon intervene in these matters? We can observe history. In Israel, there was the nation which was the body and there was the Jewish religion, which was like the mind. Of course, they were to unite and prepare for the coming of the messiah, who was Jesus. Likewise, at this time, America is like Israel, in the position of body, while Christianity is in the position of mind. If Christianity and America became completely united, they would have been able to prepare to meet the Lord of the Second Advent. What about Korea? Korea is divided into two countries, South and North. South Korea is the country where the Lord of Second Advent will become the central figure, and become the True Father. Meanwhile, the leader of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, also proclaims himself as the father of the people. We know that is the false father's position.

South Korea is like the body, or outer covering, and Father is like the mind. Father and South Korea must become completely one, then they would be ready to become one with North Korea. I went to North Korea and talked this over with Kim Il Sung and he understood the idea of how to bring the two Koreas into one, and what he must do to achieve that. Have you ever heard of the world being divided between two fathers? No, there is only one Father. Kim Il Sung and his son, who is in the position of future false father, know the real meaning of Reverend Moon and his capabilities. Also, they know the meaning of politicians. They ruled them out and they know what they can do. Isn't it ironic that out of all the good people whom God prepared and helped, the communist leaders, Kim Il Sung and his son, know who is the real person and who is the false person? They say, "Reverend Moon is the top of the whole world and all of his disciples are trustworthy people," and they know there is no one else they can trust. They came to realize this on their own. Kim Il Sung is changing his stance at this time. He is saying, "If we have to choose a religion, I will choose no other religion than the Unification Church. The others are fake." They are claiming, "The Unification Church is ours because it started from North Korea."

It is clear that Kim Il Sung has repaired and maintained in good condition, my birthplace, even as well as Kim's own birthplace. He has invited unlimited numbers of people around the world to come visit there. He is doing this today, in reality. Do you want to go there? (Yes!) Really? The North Koreans have said, "When the tourists come, please tell them to bring along lots of money." They are in dire need. I told them, "Okay, that is no problem." So would you like to take some money with and spend it there? Let's buy North Korea, if we can! (Applause)

So the second generation is all on God's side, and even Kim Il Sung's son is coming to support and like me very much. The same is true in Russia. The young people there are very favorable to me. They are naturally drawn to me. How ironic that we are teaching the Principle to children of hard-core communists, and they are listening so well that one day they will teach about God to the whole world. They will go to America and teach the truth. The Soviet students are now teaching workshops which include students from the American Ivy League schools. The Russian students are becoming teachers to them! Not only Ivy League students, but also well-respected American professors are also being taught by those Russian students. How wonderful God's side is!

As the Bible taught, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. This is what we are seeing now in this Russian phenomenon. Who can deny it? Reverend Moon is not talking just concepts. This is reality. I know that. Even though America has continued to go against me, I have also made a foundation in South America. If I went to South America, it would be no problem to make unification. There are thirty countries and they could combine, no problem, to reflect the United States. I made up that kind of foundation through the activities of AULA. Do you understand that? No matter how much North America has opposed me, Reverend Moon did not disappear. I will just go someplace else and digest the situation automatically. Not by fighting, but just by digesting naturally. This is God's way. No problem. We have that kind of strong armament, don't we?

We could bring in the worst kinds of people and we could teach them the Principle within forty days, and make them into new persons. There are so many workshops going on now, almost every day, four nights and five days; five day tour. Those people who have denied God throughout their lives come to understand and accept God within five days. They all raise their hands and say, "God does exist." If the American government, including the CIA and FBI who are in the position to know what is happening in Russia, took notice of this, and America helped the Russians, then within six months' time all the problems which America is facing today could be solved with the tremendous surge of power from knowledge which would be imported to America. So now the game is already over. Now, no matter how long or how persistently the free world may resist Reverend Moon, it doesn't matter. We don't even have to rely on resources from the free world. Who is the individual who is capable of proclaiming these awesome things to the entire world? It is nobody except Reverend Moon. What is the source of my power?

How about this simple question: if America listened to Reverend Moon and his advice, would America prosper or perish? (Prosper) No, they would perish! (Prosper!) No, perish! (Prosper!) You know better than me! I have been persecuted and rejected for many years. My only purpose has been to save the people, yet most people have opposed me. So the world was really amazed and even alarmed when I brought about the international marriage between the Japanese and Korean people. Japan has really no more way to keep to themselves. You know, there were a couple of very famous Japanese women who participated in the 30,000 Couple Blessing. One is an actress and the other is a well-known television journalist. Everybody knows them. They proclaimed very openly that they were planning to participate in the Blessing held by Reverend Moon, even if they had to give up everything, including their careers. Every day, media people were interviewing them and asking, "Is this really your own will?" and they answered emphatically that it was. One of them brought her husband to be interviewed. It became a big sensation in Japan.

I also changed the Japanese leaders with internationally married couples, those who have a Korean spouse. Adam and Eve must become one, no matter what, before any progress can be realized. These two countries must come into oneness. So the Japanese have been rising up, saying, "Reverend Moon is trying to marry everyone internationally and in that way take away all our young people." No, it is not to take anything away, but rather to help Japan. That is the whole purpose.

Did you know that during the occupation, the Japanese forced the Korean people to change their religion to Shintoism? For many years, they did this and made virtually all the Koreans bow down to the eastern side of the country in the direction of Japan. They called it "Eastern side worship." The Koreans were forced to show their obedience and reverence for the Japanese emperor. But now it has reversed. In Japan, the people are facing west toward Korea and bowing down. I never did that with guns or force. The Japanese are calling a Korean their Father but not because of any coercion. They are actually doing that daily ritual of bowing down every morning toward Father, toward the western side of their island, just exactly the way they forced the Koreans to do years ago.

Even though you are here, doesn't your mind follow when I go someplace? When I go to Australia, your mind goes there, too, doesn't it? That is why people cannot understand you. They say, "He is crazy. How can his mind follow Reverend Moon when his body is here?" That is why they say you are brainwashed. Think about that. Are you crazy? Are you brainwashed? (No.) You know the answer is no.

The world is still in the dark. They have no idea that these four countries are within the realm of influence from Korea. Even though this is reality, nobody knows except God, Father, and the Unification Church members. How privileged you are in the light of history. The world already knows that we are in the Pacific Era, but they do not really understand what that means. The Pacific Era means that God is already setting the foundation through which can be launched the Divine Principle throughout the entire Asian realm. The Pacific Era will become God's own era. Amen! This is what we must achieve.

Dawn has begun and the sun will be visible soon afterwards. Who is the rising sun? The True Parents. Do you like the True Parents? Forever, there are only one set of True Parents, not two or more. Whether it be here on earth or in spirit world, there is only one set of True Parents. Do you think you are fortunate to know the True Parents or not? (Yes!) It is our task, now that we know True Parents, to work harder for the cause of True Parents and the accomplishment of their work so that we can stand closer to them.

I proclaimed on July 3rd, "I am indeed the Messiah and the True Parents," and nobody came to oppose or criticize me. The Christians know that something is wrong with Christianity, but they have opposed me nevertheless. When I made this proclamation, they were surprised and they were fiercely opposed to my announcement that 60,000 men and women would join together in matrimony. They never believed me and said it was a lie. But then that number came and were blessed, and established Christians were so surprised that they just fell down flat on their backs.

A certain group of Christians in Korea has believed deeply that the world was going to end soon and that the Lord was going to literally lift them up to the sky. They call it the rapture. Actually, that concept is true but that rapture didn't occur the way they thought it would. As happens very often in history, things take a different form from man's concepts. During this time of the rapture that is extended three times, they were right. All they had to do was come before Father and bow down and they would have experienced the rapture. But they clung to their own concepts. The Christian churches have very often fallen prey to this kind of failure. They predict something will happen, based upon their fervently held beliefs; however, they have failed again and again. But, we are here and proclaiming loudly and clearly, "The messiah is here!" When they hear that, the established Christians had better come and bow down, or at least examine him. If they don't, where will they end up? They will go to the one place they fear the most-hell. The dungeon of hell. The time is that close.

Japan and Korea will become one and all the problems which those great nations face will be solved. Korea and Japan have been enemies for such a long time and their mutual animosity is very deeply rooted. It is not just superficial. But now these two countries are really seeing some progress toward unity. This is truly a world event. Korea and Japan are former enemy countries; America and Japan are former enemies; Germany and America are former enemies. Among all these countries, Father has to make unity.

That was done centering on America. Without America's involvement, the unity between the others would not have been so significant. For twenty-one years, I have been working for this purpose. Why America? Why did I come to rebuild this country and work to achieve things which no American patriot or citizen even thought to do? I did that in this country and made the beginning of the heavenly life. Now it is a different history. This is the country which, even though it has opposed me, I have worked for, even more than my own country. That kind of foundation is the beginning point of the Kingdom of Heaven. This is unheard of in history. There has been no precedent in history for enemy nations to get together and go to another enemy nation and work harder there than the citizens of that nation, to help them to gain independence. This is truly an act and example of True Love. Without this example, True Love cannot begin in the world. So the Kingdom of Heaven on earth begins from this spot.

You average Unification Church members of America, you love America in your own way, don't you? These American Moonies are here and they love their own country. Then there are Japanese and Korean Moonies who came here to help America. Who is working harder, who is staying on the front line longer and trying the hardest? Have you tried to lead the Japanese and Korean members in loving America, or have they been working harder and you have been following them? Which one? I know that many American members have been saying, "We don't need the Korean leaders, we don't need the Japanese leaders, we don't need German leaders." Isn't that true, even now? To make a long expression short, the one in the archangel's position can never say that the one in Adam's position is not needed.

When Father first proclaimed this, first disclosed the setting, that Japan is in Eve's position and America and China are in the archangel's position; as each country heard that, they criticized Father. Father already explained this morning why America so perfectly fits into the archangel position.

Let's examine them again: what are the characteristics of the archangel? Number one, the archangel did not have a spouse. It was not permitted. We see so many homosexuals and lesbians because the archangel was not allowed a spouse. Number two, they are not allowed ownership. Since they have no ownership, it means they can't have any family. So we see American families are scattered all around. You don't need couples, don't need parents, don't need brotherhood. There is only one in the archangel position. They only care about themselves, not the family. That, too, attests to the fact that America is the archangel country.

If American women have a preference, they don't prefer American men, and strangely enough, if American men have a choice of women from other countries, they feel it is more ideal than marrying an American woman. All these characteristics are a result of the Fall. They are in the archangel's position rather than the spouse's position. Therefore, a man will move from one woman to another woman. Incredibly, even women do that, too. It results in corruption. All this happened because they are originally in the position of archangel. AIDS is the result of this lifestyle. It has spread all around the world starting from America. America will be despised by many nations as time goes by. They are not qualified as a master.

American men like to get blessed to Japanese women, don't they? They inherited that from the time of the Fall. They want to get married to Eve. In this time, Japan is in the Eve position. America is in the archangel position. Again, like at the time of the Fall, American men want to marry Japanese girls. It has the same meaning.

Father is raising these five countries. What has Father done in the past forty-seven years of his life? Father has been working so hard to take the walls down, one after the other. He is tearing down the wall between the individual and family, from the family to the clan, all the way to the world level. He took the wall of communism down. Now, even if Father volunteered, America could not imprison him again. Even if Father asked American people to oppose him, they would not. Do you follow? The Japanese know that shame is on America. They pretty much know that Americans need to be taught by Russians-atheistic people. This Blessing of 30,000 couples from 131 countries; all the countries opposed Reverend Moon. Especially the Eve nation opposed this Blessing, but to no avail. There was no way of stopping it. This is the tide of history. The Eve nation tried to go against the expansion of the world level foundation. No matter how against the Blessing they were, they were defeated completely.

Everybody knows marriage is the most important thing in his or her life. These people sent in a picture! They didn't even get to see their bride or groom-to-be, yet, they could still sleep soundly on their engagement day! Is that because they are crazy and brainwashed and everything bad, or because they are almost like a genius and very lucky? Which one? And these thirty thousand people are not ignorant people. They are scholars and professors, and more than half of them are college graduates. A former president of a nation was there, can you believe it? How could you call them brainwashed and you are not? Father never visited them and forced them to come. He didn't even visit each nation, but he married many of them by satellite. How can he do that unless they were there by their own will? (Father makes a funny noise.) That is how the world responded to Father in the beginning. At first they thought the Moonies make too much noise. They thought about it, comparing Reverend Moon making result higher and higher and watching the other side automatically go lower and lower. At last they were completely defeated. That's true!

Think about a Blessing ten times larger: 300,000! Many Koreans were calculating, "Korea is in need of money, but by the time 300,000 couples come here, and spend the money they bring, oh boy! Korean people will have enough money and be able to live without working so hard!"

The amount of donation necessary is a figure that centers on the twenties. Twenty dollars, two hundred dollars, two thousand dollars, in that progression. Certainly, you cannot expect to get married for twenty dollars. Two hundred dollars is not enough. So, you should pay at least two thousand, but that is not an honorable number. Twenty thousand is more like it.

So for two thousand you cannot get married. But, just for a moment let's say two thousand dollars. Two thousand times ten thousand couples, how much is that? Two hundred thousand dollars? Okay. Now, two thousand is an average month's wage, yes? If you want to spend twenty thousand on your marriage, that is normal, don't you think? (Laughter) That's true! That's not too expensive for a good marriage. Satan's world spends much more than that amount of money. Even ten times more. We are getting married in a grand fashion, an even better standard than the satanic world. Whoever can afford it and raise twenty thousand can come. Those who offer two hundred thousand, nobody will punish them. And those who bring two million, will be welcomed! Twenty million, more welcome! Anyway, let's say twenty thousand, alright? (Father says "More, more, more.") Twenty thousand is too small a price. You should give more.

So multiply twenty thousand by ten thousand and what do you have? Two hundred million. What about two hundred thousand people? That is four hundred billion. The number 200,000 is just a beginning, so Korea will be able to gain plenty of revenue just in having one more couple married. In all seriousness you should think, God waited, mankind waited for two thousand years since Jesus' time to be eligible to get married under God's blessing. Since the creation of the world, how many thousand of years have passed?

So Father's pocket will be like a big warehouse full of money, but, the thing is, what would Father do with that enormous amount of money? He would create a world bank and use it to save you, and to save everybody on the face of the earth. Blessed couples are financially so miserable now. You are like beggars. Father knows this. We are suffering. But where would that money go? To Blessed couples. Does Father live a life of luxury, eating three great meals a day and sleeping all he wants? (No) We suffer, but Father suffers more, doesn't he? Still the world pokes at you and says, "You are the one who is suffering. Reverend Moon is not suffering." Because your ear cannot distinguish between good and bad things to listen to, you hear the bad things and then drop out.

Father took down many barriers and many walls. When Father started a religion of this magnitude, how much persecution he received! How many martyrs were there, how many people were killed? Look at how many people were killed when Christianity was established. But here in the Unification Church, because Father took down so many walls, Father expects no martyrs in the Unification Church. This is great, great progress. That is one of the biggest proofs that True Parents have fulfilled their responsibility. One of the biggest responsibilities is taking down walls.

No matter how loudly you proclaim Moonism and evangelize the Unification Church discipline, you won't die. Nobody will kill you. There will be no martyrs. Even if you proclaim loudly in the street, "Reverend Moon is the Messiah, I understand now!", they may laugh at you, but they can't kill you. Laughing is no problem. Killing is a problem. We cannot be killed. Now is the time to proclaim, "Reverend Moon is the messiah. Reverend Moon is the messiah, but you did not believe. I did not believe it myself, but now I believe." If you proclaim that in the street, will they give you capital punishment for that? Will you become a martyr? Actually, wherever we do this, London, Paris, wherever Mother goes and we follow in her wake and proclaim "Yes, they were and they are True Parents," nobody will kill us. There is no martyrdom in our relatively new religion.

Satan made many barriers, but Reverend Moon tore down and cleaned up a big variety of barriers. He cleaned it up and made a big highway, a one-way course. It is a highway we are able to travel, not a narrow way where life is threatened.

Moonies should advance. If there is a mountain we cannot pass over, then we should bore a tunnel. If there is an ocean we cannot cross, we will also bore a tunnel that reaches the other side. True Love always travels the short cut. It never goes around. A short cut is always a straight line, up, down, left, right, rear, front, making one line going the same horizontal way. Understand? If there is a mountain, we still have to travel straight; that means we have to bore a tunnel. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we bored all the tunnels and built all the highways everywhere before we go to spirit world? Father wants to build that kind of highway. If we accomplish that mission of building a highway all around the world, how much joy God will find looking down on earth at you travelling it. Father wants that kind of highway so much. It is the same situation for God. Once that is successful, how wonderful for Reverend Moon, True Parents, and God. Think about that. Should we help Father accomplish that purpose before Father goes to spirit world and before we, too, go to spirit world? Who here will say "Yes, Father, that is true and I agree. I will build this highway"? Even women? (Yes!) You are weak women, I know. (No!) All right, all right.

Imagine this highway. You have to imagine yourself operating a bulldozer or a back hoe. You have to learn to operate one. No problem, right? You can just sit there and move all the levers. It's a lot easier than digging with a pick and shovel. What about men? Should you let the women do it and you can take a nap? Maybe if they want to go to the bathroom, you will show them how to get there. You can usher them. Usher means all sorts of encouraging, too-"Please, please, hurry!" Leading one to the bathroom is like the lowest service. In Korea, that is the lowest service. That is a literal translation.

We know that we need to do these things before the world really becomes one. We need to work. So Father established the World Religious Federation, the World Federation of Peace; many, many essential organizations to bring religion into unity and the left wing and right wing into unity, and to bring the mind and body into unity. In other words, the religious and political domains, into unity. The mind connects to the religious world and the body connects to the political arena. The mind and body and politics and religion need to combine into one centering on True Parents, the true savior. Do you understand? We can make unification, no problem, centering on Father and True Love. True Love will bring true result.

Let's take a few more minutes to conclude Father's sermon this morning. This afternoon, as you know, Hyo Jin Nim has a performance at the Manhattan Center. Father had a great talk with them, which Father will not go into now.

(Father writes on the board.) These seven nations of the world: Korea, Japan, America, Germany, England, France and Italy; Father prayed every day for these seven nations for so many years. For about forty-seven years, Father spent the same amount of time everyday to pray for them. Why? If these nations had come into unity, heaven on earth would have been realized. It is essential work. Father was in the position to restore them by paying additional indemnity. So Father did that prayer. All the nations opposed Father working in this direction. They are all on the satanic side. Father's concern was to bring them from the satanic domain into that of God. Father, first becoming one with Japan and America, then Germany, one after another, including Italy at last, has been working out the complete plan of unification of Korea. After World War II, America was in Abel's position, so centering on America, Father has been praying for these countries. The second Israel is America. Father already explained that this is true because of Christianity. Unless you accomplish the purpose of the second Israel, you cannot connect to the first Israel, or the other way around. Father feels it is his responsibility to connect the victory of the first and second Israel to the third Israel position of Korea. We must make the first, second and third Israel into one. We know there was an Old Testament era, and New Testament era, and we know after that comes the Complete Testament era. That is one category. Without one of these parts we can never be whole. This is how Father plundered Satan's world. By paying a dear price, he re-established these nations; he re-selected America to fulfill the role of second Israel and he re-educated the American people. He poured a lot of heart into this work. That is the major bloody fight Father has been waging since the 1970's. All with America not understanding what Father was doing. We know now. Religions opposed Reverend Moon because religions don't know the purpose of their beliefs. They don't know anything; therefore, they opposed Reverend Moon.

Can you believe parents kidnapped their own children, because their children wanted to do something very much. The parents kidnapped them to discourage and stop them. There was a war between the individual and family base. Centering on this, the entire country came against me. Father has to go over that on the individual level, family level, clan, race, national level, and the world and the cosmos and even God, the eighth level. So the whole thing, including the spirit world, all came down to oppose Reverend Moon. (Father draws.) Here is a ring, the scene of the historical bloody fight of the Messiah and Satan. Now the Messiah won over the individual, won over the family, won over all eight levels. The world has now lost all power to oppose him. Satan stole and plundered God's family. God has resurrected that family and Father is the one who did that.

Here is Satan, Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. They all followed Satan into hell. Since they all are like this, God started restoring from here. All the precious things are now owned by Satan. Satan took everything away from God. Until now, history has been a record of trying to subjugate Cain through Abel. Cain later became deployed here and over time became left wing. Abel became right wing. Whoever strikes first in the beginning of war usually loses the war. Centering on Eve, Cain and Abel fight and become the enemy of each other. To be restored, these two should not fight each other. They should unite instead. By Cain and Abel not fighting, but united, then bringing Eve, the mother into it, they can achieve peace. The Jewish nation is Cain and Judaism is in Abel's position. Likewise, extended to the world level, America is in the position of the Jewish nation, and the Christianity is here representing the religion of Judaism. It is Abel. By becoming one, they must prepare for the mother. By uniting with the mother, they meet the father, who is the lord to come. He comes as the groom and these three united stand in the bride position. The bridegroom is the messiah. Unless and until Cain and Abel come into unity, there is no position for the mother. By these three meeting True Father and cutting off the false father, perfected Adam is here instead of fallen Adam and eventually they will reach to God. Is that clear? Even if you cannot see this picture, it is the same thing Father has mentioned many times. So Father is going to erase it now. The formula is always simple. Until Cain and Abel become one, the mother cannot be ushered in. Centering on the individual self, mind and body is Cain and Abel. Unless you become one in mind and body, you cannot relate with the True Parents. If it is a couple, there is always a Cain/Abel relationship. In the age of Cain, Cain did what he wanted to do with Abel. In other words, the husband did that to the wife. But, originally, the wife is in Abel's position, the husband is in the Cain position. That means for that time, men should yield to women. The wife is always connected to the mother more closely. Cain's position is the child's position. That means you have to be controlled by the woman from now. Do you understand? It is such a basic formula. Without understanding it, you cannot understand the dispensation. It is very fundamental.

Following Adam, Eve, too, must perfect herself like Adam. That is because God created Adam first and then Eve in the same image. So here, by Adam perfecting himself, Eve comes within the realm of his perfection. Eventually she becomes perfect also. After this war is finished and won, the time comes for women to be liberated. That means Father can bring all women, even Mother to the same level as Father himself, because after all, she is the spouse. She is the object to his subjectivity. Until now, Mother had to follow Father like a shadow. There are not two pluses, only one. While going through the persecution period, this was the safest place also. But now the time of perfection is nearing; now she stands representing the same kingship of the kingdom of God. That means women and Mother could not stand here before, but now, Father and all women, especially Mother, are entering into the time where all that was lost is now being recovered and Mother can stand in the same position as Father.

After World War II, Christianity was united with America and should have received the bridegroom who was to come. Since this failed, then Father had to walk this path. Now, Mother must go through this to serve as a condition that she too has accomplished this unity again. Now the condition is completed. Now is the time of perfection. In reality, Mother can stand in the same position as Father. Even though the translation may not be perfect, you have to make the best of it, because I cannot repeat it! (Laughter) But it is so critical to understand it, somebody can translate the original.

In other words, this failure came about, so Father had to work all over again for this. Now Mother will take this and go through the same pattern to establish conditions that she achieved this and comes into the higher realm. For the first time, liberation can take place. That second time is now accomplished here. That is what Mother is doing now. In other words, Christianity did not serve in the bride's position. Now Mother, availing herself in the bride's position, and accepting the groom and thereby becoming one, will not only be perfected together with Father, but will bring Christianity into it again.

So now Father can place Christianity into the position where God can deal with it. Without that, Christianity is washed out. When all women gather together here through the Women's Federation, centering on Mother, all that are unworthy, including Christianity, their nations and their religion, can once more be brought to God. It is a tremendous blessing. Now it is conclusive: this is the time of unification. Everyone has restored their position to trod on this path which Father goes. Father made the family formula. After that, Father's mission is the unification of North and South Korea. That is the new nation formula. The family formula and nation formula must be clearly understood and taught on earth. Every family can follow that form. Many nations can follow that formula to gain unification of all separate nations. We must center on this formula for family and nation. Do you understand? Those families and nation will combine into one and the entire world will expand and combine into one. By everyone going in that one direction, it will lead to heaven on earth. It can connect to spirit world too. From there, we can make unification of a world wide foundation.

We hear this for the first time, before anyone else of all humankind. Not even scholars have the privilege of knowing this. When Father accomplished this on the world level, and especially when the North and South Korean governments become united, then everything we hear today will be proclaimed to the entire world.

Now Father is at the beginning of his new journey towards Korea to accomplish this, his ultimate task, of bringing South and North Korea into unity. All other countries will follow in Father's wake. Father is working for the parent countries. We go the same way as the front line; this is the so-called rear line. The rear line's purpose is not only to support the front line, but the rear line has to wage a war of his own. This is the children's war, the children's country, like America. Don't let Father fight alone. We fight together with Father, but on a different level. One is on the front line, one on the rear line, fighting the fight of America. Then liberation and hope will accompany us, and God's protection and blessing will also be with us, if we do that.

We must understand this clearly and put it into action. Father always is one step ahead of us. He is on the world level. We are on the tribal level. Father is accomplishing the nation level, with the unification of North and South Korea, but we are already tribal messiahs. We should do our level, we should fight the war of tribal unification like Father is doing for national unification. Making unification is now Father's mission. After that, connecting to the world immediately is no problem. Don't let Father work alone. Now it is literally our time to take responsibility. Until now, Father took all responsibility. Can we take responsibility for our own level? (Yes!) How? How can you accomplish our mission? What is it you must do? Restore your clan. But, do you have the weapon, or the armament to do that? Yes, True Love and Father's powerful words. Display them to the horizontal world. Cover them up with Father's words. It is a true conclusion that Blessed couples can represent Father. The Blessed couple can make a foundation which will allow them to stand in Father's position. Then you will not perish. You will occupy the heavenly side. Is that true?

Adam and Eve disobeyed and went the fallen way. This time you must absolutely obey the restoration course. It is simple. Disobey means the fallen way. In this way, obey means resurrection and restoration. It is simple. Do you understand?

How much will you obey, to what extent? (One hundred percent.) Absolutely one hundred percent. It is an absolute position. Absolute obedience means even if you tell a women, "Now you become a man," she will say "Yes, I'll become a man." Even to that degree. Every women can make a deep voice like a man. At least you can imitate them like that.

What Father is saying is that even though Father will be away from us, he left plenty of words behind. With those words, we can perfect ourselves. That is what Father is saying. Instead of Father, the words of Father can be his replacement to help us achieve our purpose. We have to pay utmost respect to Father's words.

The way we lecture Divine Principle, and the way we witness to new members, will become completely different from now on. Now is the time of witnessing to the family unit, not the individual. The center of that family unit is the mother. The mother has to embrace the two children and completely make complete unity. (To one sister:) You are a strong woman. I use that strong woman as an education resource. You need resources, right?

It is simple. Centering on the mother, all sons and daughters are clustered together. You can teach her the truth. The mother will listen. That is the end of perfection. The so-called "children problem" doesn't exist anymore when the mother stands and the children cluster around her. The mother has to make that happen. All families are broken down so that many family members are worried about it. How can you solve it? Tell them, "It is simple. You have to read this book, Divine Principle. When you understand its contents, controlling your children will be no problem."

They will ask "Is that true?" and you can say, "Please read this one time." This is an easy way. "This is wonderful contents. We didn't think about it! We never heard it in any high educational system. This is the first time I understood these things." They will come and visit you over and over and you will be able to teach them clearly. This is the horizontal, not vertical way. This is the horizontal way of expansion.

Everyone sitting here must buy thirty copies of Divine Principle. We have all heard this in the past. Father told us each one in our family has to have thirty Divine Principle Books. Do you remember? Yes, there was a time when Father told us each one must have thirty books. Maybe you have forgotten already. Father instructed this when we started Home Church some fifteen years ago. Father remembers very clearly. So we edited a small book and Father distinctly remembers we had stacks and stacks of them in the East Sun Building after printing. You already forgot. Father is reminding you again, you must be equipped with thirty books. Those who say, "Oh, Father, I can do without," please raise your hands.

That means we all will buy thirty books. Those who say they will buy thirty books, raise your hands. Don't just give me your words; you had better buy thirty books. Does anybody know the cost of one book? Five dollars? That is $150, which is only one day's fundraising. No problem. You are well trained by now in how to make money. If we ask Father, "Please give me that much money," he will tell you, "No." Now each lecturer chose to lecture without referring to the book. Many lecturers lecture in different ways. They should stop. We have to do it in a uniform way. Lecture with the book in hand. Follow the same sequence.

Every day, make a movement. Every day you should loan one book to one family. If you loan out one a day it will take you thirty days to distribute them. Lend it to them and ask them to write their opinion or critique within one week's time. Write down in a memo how many homes this book has been lent to. Such and such time, such and such person, head of the home borrowed this book. According to their response, you can write A, B, or C. A is the one who welcomes it, B is so-so, C opposes it. If there are not enough pages to use, affix an additional page to it and continue to lend these books to more homes. If one hundred people distribute thirty books, that will be 3000 books circulating. 3000 members times thirty books will mean 90,000 books in constant circulation. That will mean 90,000 homes are reading this book. If each family averages four members, that is 360,000 family members studying Divine Principle. Each member of the family, father, mother and children, all think, "This is a good, helpful book." Each one wants to read it first so they will choose to buy additional books. Once they do, they will start reading seriously and memorizing everything. That is the beginning of a good change in the home. If you multiply it by 1000, it is almost 360 million. In other words one individual with thirty books, in one year reaches this many families. If 1000 people do that, in one year 360 million can be reached. That means America has a chance of being restored almost over night. If this happens, would it be the easy way or difficult way? It is the easy way to save America. If we did this, saving America will be easy.

No matter how big a country America is, it is no problem to save it with this system. All American people are worried about the future now. We have the solution. This should be the direction our education takes. Do you understand? Easy or difficult? (Easy!)

Father couldn't accomplish this here. Father is leaving all his words behind for you. It is the greatest gift Father can give you. You can make full use of it just like Father told us to do and save America. This is the fight on the rear line. This is a good gift for you. You should thank me.

Not only America, but the whole world will wager on this move. As of what day will you start lending out thirty books? Keep a record of it. This is the pride of that home. The same house may be approached by two different church members. You don't want that to happen, but check so that that house has already read Divine Principle, then go someplace else. Make a meeting and decide areas so that no repetition takes place. That is a detail we can work out. Under the county, what is the next level. Town? Under the county, you have a village or town, so we should divide these. Find a way of not doubling, two individuals should not give a book to the same house twice. In essence, we should let all American homes read the Divine Principle book. Do you follow?

Father doubts how many times you have read the Divine Principle book. We must read Divine Principle like we eat food. That often, that much. The average member joined the Unification Church and went through two, seven, twenty-one day, and forty day training one time in his church life, and never heard lectures, other than that. That's not it. That's not good at all. You must study much more frequently than that. Father is asking how many times you have read the Divine Principle book. No wonder you are not powerful. Mr. Kamiyama is a good example. He almost memorized the book. He can almost recite it by heart. Father asked him how many times he had read Divine Principle. "Over one hundred times," was his answer. It should become a part of yourself. Unless you become like that, you are a phony. In other words, you think you are something, but you are not.

After asking them if they have read a certain section yet, you can invite them to review it by phoning and asking, "Have you read about this point?" Then somehow we will bring them together again. Ask them, "Don't you want to learn about this on a little deeper level?" They'll say, "Yes, I would." Give a lecture by reading the book. Lecture out of the book. Read together. If you repeat this three times you will completely become an A class member. Loan out the book to each individual and check with them if they have read the book. Bring the people together and give them a seminar out of the book. Then, we will be provided with a sample lecture. Someone who gives a lecture the best will make a video tape. Watch the video tape with them a few times. Turn on the video for fifteen minutes, then let them ask questions on the content. Answer them and then fifteen minutes again, watch the video. If you do that three times, you will become an expert lecturer. If you have a lot of experience with all potential questions, then you can be an expert lecturer. That is how communism, with the wrong, false book, became successful to the extent they did. They did not lecture. They circulated the book. People read it and became ardent communists. This method was already proven.

No matter who you are, if you are a grammar school graduate or college professor, it doesn't make a difference. We teach Divine Principle by the book, not everybody in his own way. Do you understand?

Blessed couples must all do this. This is the fight in the rear line. All Blessed couples must make your clan into your foundation.

This is the complete instruction here. It takes three hours to give a normal lecture for chapter one. You cannot give a three hour lecture to someone who is in a hurry. So, you have to make a code, with numbers one, two, three, four and five. Code one means a one and a half hour lecture. If you want to give a three hour lecture in one and a half hours, you apply code one. In forty pages, whichever page is marked with number one, that is what you use to make the one and a half hour lecture.

If chapter one has forty pages and you want to give a one and a half hour lecture, you go to the page that is coded. Then you can meet your time limit. After finishing one page make a mark showing you have finished it, then go to the next one that is coded for your specific lecture. Obviously, to condense a three hour lecture into one and a half, you have to leave some things out and keep some things in. Make a symbol next to what you want to include, so that if you follow that mark, that's a one and a half hour lecture. Go through the book and mark it in that way. You may have to jump from one page ahead to another. Jump, but since you made a mark already, you don't have to stumble. If you want to give a forty-five minute lecture, you can follow the marks you've made on each page for a forty-five minute lecture. That would be the number two. Each page the number two is found on pertains to the forty-five minute lecture. Even down to five minutes, follow the same principle and follow that mark. Do you understand? (Laughter)

But, it is serious. In all the blank spaces of your pages, in clear writing, write down the sample questions. If this question appears, what will you answer? You can prepare this with some good lecturer. The more complicated and the more delicate questions, first level, second level, third level, cover all levels of questions. You can use AA pencil, the one that can erase easily. After you become familiarized with the answers, you can erase the questions. You won't need them anymore, you will know them by heart.

Seriously, work this out step by step as Father said. This way, we will become completely familiarized with the Divine Principle book. It is our life. How should we study Divine Principle? Self-study is the only way to study. Don't expect anybody to teach you. Learn by yourself. You have to learn yourself before you can answer either the difficult or easy questions other people are going to ask you. If you don't study, learn and memorize, you won't be able to answer. Until now, you studied without any effort. So we don't get any results whatsoever from witnessing. Why mention this now? Until now, we didn't really have to work so hard. We had to, but we didn't, but we got by. How? Because Father took the burden. But now, Father is saying we are pretty much on our own. We don't know what it is going to be like, but we will find out. Basically, we have to equip ourselves to be able to teach others. We have to learn ourselves. The only way is through studying the book.

After you give each home or each individual the basic lecture about the principle, each one will understand the basics of the Principle. After that, we have so many video tapes, Mother's speech, even our celebrations, and Blessing ceremonies. All these videos can be shown. A picture speaks a thousand words so you don't have to say so much. All Unification Church members, regardless of their educational background, can follow this method. Whether you are someone who can really give good lectures, or someone who has never done lecturing, if you study and do this step by step, you will be successful.

After studying the book, gather people together in one place. One hundred, two hundred, even five hundred or more will gather. You can make that into a service time every week. At that time, you can get the more than 200 volumes of Father's speeches and read that. You can read the January 1st speech on the first Sunday and the next one at each subsequent meeting. Father gave so many speeches every year. You have many titles to choose from and read everywhere, every time. Instead of Father, a person can stand there speaking these things. The crowd will be amazed, "What a wonderful speech he gave." That means you can take the amazing teacher's position. No problem. Always set up preparation. That means any kind of Unification members can read in Reverend Moon's position. It's true! After reading the first time, the number of people gathering in that place will spread more and more. "I want more deep Divine Principle contents." They will recommend to follow you. Everyone will follow the church organization, no problem. At that time, you're the center they will connect to every Sunday at the time dedicated to the service. You can ask them, "What do you think? Is everybody okay?"

"I like that."

"You too?"

"I like that."

You can give a sermon every week, no problem. Father gave many speeches. Find out that day, that week what speech he gave and number them one, two, three, four. Find out that variety of titles from one year, two years, four years Father talked every Sunday. Do you understand? The first title is waiting for you. Check it out and read it precisely. Read it three times and after that you can talk about it, no problem. This is the easy way. Do you understand? There is no problem, this is the easy way. Much too easy. All we have to do is just pick up Father's sermon and read it. So you have to learn Korean. How surprised they will be. "Wow, he is reading that original language." People will be impressed. Do you want the original one or a translated version? Which one? The original one is in Korean, so you have to learn Korean. Once you can speak Korean you can read those volumes one time and connect.

Your children bring friends to visit your homes, and we invite others at certain times. Many families have many children. They go to school, primary school, middle school, high school. They are connected to their families. Mother and father can say, "Do you have friends in your classroom?"

"Yes, yes."

"One time you can invite your friends and bring them here."

You can invite people on your son's or daughter's birthday. They can invite thirty friends and their family members. You can tell them about this wonderful book. "All people-parents, teachers-have to read this book." After that, you immediately become famous. "You read this book, then give it to your parents, your elder brothers. You can give it to all your relatives there. After they all read it, give it back to me." Everybody can take that kind of direction. High school, university, elder brother, sister, connecting that way to many people. You will introduce this contents and amazingly, they want to read that. It will spread automatically. That is the natural way. You can do anything. Use this book for connecting everywhere. Is that a problem or no problem? (No problem!) For American people, maybe a problem. (No!) For Korean people, no problem. Even American people no problem, isn't it? Problem guy, raise hand please. None, so no problem. I believe that.

This morning, Father has summarized all the things that have happened in history, like the dispensational responsibility centering on America, and how America and all these other nations failed. Father explained it clearly. Father had to restore that and make all of them as good as if they hadn't failed. That is what Father has done here in America. Also, we must do our own responsibility, which even then we could not do. Now, this morning, Father explained to us how we can quickly and without fail, succeed in witnessing to people. Father prepared all this and gave us the method how to do it. Witness to people and save America. We need to save America, no matter what. Otherwise, God's will cannot be realized because America is still the center place. If America listens, every country in the world will listen. It won't work the other way around. We must reach America, so Father has made the foundation and given us the material.

You know that America represents Christianity. Christians belong to Jesus Christ. Jesus wanted to build the ideal country and world. That was Jesus' hopeful point. Now America is the country with a Christian background and is leading all over the world. What Jesus exactly wanted is the last ideal point to appear in America; America to turn around and become God's place for saving the world value. So you have to work, thinking, how can you save American people. How can you save your nation? That is the patriarch's way. No matter how difficult your situation is, you have to do that. Taking that activity is the Moonie way. Can you do that? Anybody who follows Father's words can do that. You can save America, no problem. Is it true or not? (It's true!) I don't know. (Laughter) Can you do it or not?

American people like freedom. Do it or not, you are free to choose. It's up to you. Which way do you want: working hard or take a rest? (Working hard.) Is that true? Really? Americans can become like ants? You don't want to sing and dance like the grasshopper, but you want to work like ants.

This is a foundation to let you witness without persecution and without danger, what more can you expect? Those who say Father, "I understand your message and your instruction too. I am very confident now for the first time, as to how I can witness without fail. Thank you for that Father," those who feel that way, raise your hands.

"I will take that way confidently." Is that true? (Yes!) Raise both hands, don't put them down. Is that true or not? Those hands are beautiful to see.

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