The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1992

God's True Love, Life And Lineage In Today's World

Rev. Sun Myung Moon January 2, 1992 World Mission Center, New York, USA

"Excerpts from Rev. Moon's speech to Unification Church leaders."

Regardless of race, color, age or sex, the most important questions people ask are: Who am I? What am I doing? and What is important to me? Those questions are important to everyone. My self is very important. We have a built-in desire to become the center of attention and a central figure. We also have a built-in nature to make our family a central family. We want our tribe, clan and nation to become the center of the entire world. There is no one who doesn't think like that. We all have these concerns.

But even though everyone thinks in that fashion, has anyone fulfilled that desire? No one has. Has even a head of state, President Bush for example, fulfilled that totally central position in terms of the world, nation, society and family? Not quite. Human desire is based on an eternal timetable. The U.S. presidency lasts eight years at the most.

We must recognize the core reason for this innate desire of men and women. History did not start from you, so the origin did not come from you. There was a beginning a long time ago. This desire exists not only within yourself, but it will exist in the millions and millions of people who will come after you. It is an historical desire which also extends eternally into the future. This desire goes all the way back to the Creator. It originated in the Creator who started with that particular ambition and desire. It originated right at the top. Therefore every one of us must realize we are not just simply one individual. We are a representative of an incredible number of people who have lived throughout history. We represent our entire ancestral tree and the future generations as well. One man represents all men and one woman represents a multitude of women.

As a representative you must feel you represent God as well. People do not know that. You know you are a representative, however you are not just representing the United States of America. You are representing heaven and earth. You are representing all of humanity.

When you act truly as a representative of the entire world and heaven and earth and humanity, people in the world will look up to you and pay respect to you. A couple, husband and wife, are not just a simple horizontal husband and wife. A couple is like a pinnacle on the tree of families that came before you. That husband and wife center upon their clan and the clan represents the nation. That's how the different races, skin colors and creeds have prospered and engendered themselves.

It is like a big tree. A tree always has a central stem or trunk. At the same time there is a multitude of branches both big and small. There is a central love, central root, central trunk and a central bud. You need the bud. Everyone wants to be connected to the central line. Even if you are a branch, you want to be connected to that central trunk line. By doing so you are connecting to the source of life. When you are in the central line you are standing on a vertical line, but if you are a branch you have to make a horizontal move to reach the central point. In other words, you are in a horizontal position. That is the only difference. However where you are doesn't make a difference. Every branch, all the leaves and buds are all connected to the central trunk line where they receive life.

Each particular branch is connected to the central trunk line. Without it, the branch will die. The only difference is that the trunk has a strict vertical line. The central bud attached to the trunk disappeared so someone has to replace it. There is no longer a vertical bud, but the nearest branch would play the role of the central trunk line.

Wherever you are placed, let's say you place yourself in the South Pole, it doesn't make a difference. You are still connected to the central trunk line, therefore the central trunk line is "me". The central bud, all the surrounding branches and the central trunk line are all connected to me, therefore they are me. Nothing is foreign in this respect. Nothing is alienated, isolated or disconnected. The tree is engaged in one life. Everything on that tree shares the source of that one life.

If one branch is broken off, the entire tree feels pain. When Father pulls this brother's hair, where does he feel pain? Does only the hair say ouch? Your hair is pulled, but your mouth says ouch. Isn't that funny? It means there is some relation between your hair and your mouth. You share one life.

Where does life come from? It comes from love. Love is the source of life. You are the fruit of the love of your parents. Everything comes from love. When you go way down to the base of the root, you will find that love is the source of everything. All things germinate from love and are permeated by love. Here at the center, the center nerve is love. Everything else, such as your body and your life, surrounds that. Therefore you are also love because your axis penetrates down to the very bottom which is love.

Do you have life also? Life has circulating blood. There are three basic elements. First is life. When you say life, there is love on the right and blood on the left. When you say blood, love is on the right hand side and life is on the left. When you are centered upon love, on the right hand side there is life and the other side is blood. This is how those three come together.

When you are in love with someone, your blood heats up. That love stirs you to action centered on love. Man and woman come together in a head-on collision, but it isn't destructive. These three elements do not move separately, but harmoniously together. When the blood heats up, life is exciting and love is germinated.

How can life multiply and be extended? Your life has been handed down generation after generation, through what? By blood. You never say life lineage, you say blood lineage. Blood heating up, blood in action and blood handed down from generation to generation. New life comes from your blood. When parents are in love, the mother's blood, which is connected to her life, and the father's blood, which is connected to his life, come together to create new life. Do you think this man just came down from heaven? Where did he come from? The blood of his mother and the blood of his father. Life has been injected through the love of his parents. My self, my own being, could not have existed with my parents removed. If your parents are removed, you wouldn't be here. Your parents are the past and you are the present. Without that past there would be no future. The children are the future. Those three are one category. They cannot be separated.

You receive the source of life, love and lineage from your mother and father and you will hand it down to your children. But again, you cannot do it alone. You need your wife to do it. When yourself, your parents and your children are united, you are actually whole. Your body is completed. You are in the center of the past and the future. You are the representative of heaven and earth. You are the center of the universe as well. Not only are you the center between your parents and children, but you are the center of the universe.

What is the power to do this? It is the power of love, life and blood. Where does it come from? Originally, it comes from God. You can boldly say, "In my body, I have God's love. In my body, I have God's life. In my body, I have God's blood. Therefore I am a total representative of God." That is the true way of human rights. That is where true human value and dignity come from.

Our life comes from love and our life is handed down through the blood. The blood is separate in woman and man, but after that they come together, a connection leads to the expansion of humanity. You are the representative of the historical blood lineage of God. "I represent historical life. I am representing historical love. I represent God Almighty, the Creator. I am His child, His being and His representative. This is my pride and value and right. God is the center of love, life and blood and I have inherited those three things. Therefore I am representing God in this world and in eternity as well."

Even the smallest cells multiply. They are productive all the time. By the same token our life should be that way. Each cell has the elements of the entire tree; the root, trunk, branches and buds. Everything exists within each individual cell. My pride comes from the fact that my blood is the same as God's blood. My life comes from God and my love comes from God. They are the same; I am not foreign to God. If I pull a hair from this lovely brown head, who is that hair? It is me. It represents me. In this respect the universe is a place of equality because every one of us has inherited from God the same qualities of love, life and blood lineage.

When God hears us saying, "I am a representative of God and representative of the universe and world and nation", He would not say, "What a blasphemer! That guy is talking too big!" God won't say that. He will call you His son or daughter.

One's life will multiply. Because of time and other factors involved, there will be some variation in how far it will go and how wide an area an individuals life will cover. However, in terms of value, all men and women will be absolutely equal. Your life pattern is one of two possibilities: you are either giving energy to the tree or taking energy away from the tree. When a person becomes sick, he becomes a burden to the neighbors and family. What kind of person would you like to become? Would you like to be a burden or a contributor to the family, neighbors and world?

Productive societies are made up of individuals who feel "I need to contribute to society. I don't want to become a burden to the tree. As much as God invested every ounce of energy for creation, I want to give to others." We are not going to be pushed down. In other words, this world of ours is not going to see us struggling with each other. We are going to receive universal blessing all together like sunshine coming upon every man. In the same way, the life of God, the love of God and the blood lineage of God will come down upon every man.

When you become a true representative of the universe and God, where will you go? Do you pluck the apple and eat it? That would be like committing a crime. If you represent the Creator, you are a co-creator, so everything in the creation belongs to you. It is your prerogative and right to enjoy the creation. The universe would not push down that kind of man. The universe will protect and admire that kind of person just as the universe has lifted up God. It is the same thing. You are a walking God.

Reverend Moon came to America, not with the ambition to take over the United States. On the contrary, when he came to America, he wanted to multiply true life, true value and true lineage among Americans and lift them up so that they could become co-creators. The saintly life is to commit yourself like God. God's life has been one of commitment. God is committing His love, life and lineage to the creation. By the same token, your life has been designed in such a way that every day you are committing your love, life and lineage to humanity. You can indeed become a true image of God. You shall be a representative no matter what, because the universe operates under that principle. God operates under that principle too, so you are a co-worker of God. Father visited North Korea and Kim Il Sung. Do you think Father went there to take something away from him? Or, was Father providing the way for the young American members of the Unification Church to give their life, love and energy to Kim Il Sung and the twenty million poor people in North Korea for their survival, re-creation and prosperity? Is Father's way of thinking a crime? What is communism? It is like a chunk of dirt. There is no soul, no love, no blood lineage in communism. In order to re-create people living under that system you have to give a lot of love, a lot of blood and lots of life. Where will Father get that? From you! Father is even thinking that for that purpose he would be willing to divert great resources from expenditure in America. How about that? That money can be invested in North Korea for the sake of life, love and blood lineage. The whole universe would welcome Reverend Moon, bow down and be thankful forever.

What a glory for the American members, to give life, the source of energy, love and blood as investment for the people of North Korea. Those twenty million people could spring out into new life and new prosperity and a new well being. It would be a new nation. What a great fulfillment that would be for our projects in America! You couldn't hope to do anything better than that in the United States. Kim Il Sung has an original mind and will see that Reverend Moon did not come to take anything away from him or exploit him. Instead Reverend Moon came to give him the source of life, love and blood. What will Kim Il Sung do? He will just bow down.

Concerning Father's Road To Danbury

The news of Father's indictment reached him just as he arrived in Korea from Germany. Just as he arrived, he received a telephone call from America telling him, "Your indictment has been issued." Reverend Moon was supposed to be in Korea for a prolonged period, but after hearing about that indictment and knowing the arraignment was coming up, Father said, "Let's go." Immediately, without even unpacking, he turned around and came back to the United States. There are many, many rich people who have tax evasion problems. They become tax dodgers and do whatever necessary to escape prosecution. They go away somewhere. But Reverend Moon's case is opposite. American lawyers recommended that Father stay in Korea, explaining that since America had no extradition treaty with Korea, he had no obligation to return and face trial. They told him to stay in Korea and be comfortable. Father asked, "Is that so?" and said, "I am not abandoning my mission in the U.S.A. God asked me to go to the United States. No lawyer can give me contrary guidance."

Father knew he was innocent, but Father also knew he was going to jail because of the media and public opinion. The American court today is almost like a kangaroo court. This is what the jury system is all about and Father knew he was going to jail. Knowing that, Father still came back to the United States.

Every day since Father came to the United States in 1971, Father has been in constant danger, with his life being threatened. He had to go beyond life, always sticking his neck out and risking his life. Furthermore, Father is not only risking his life, he is bringing his entire resources to the United States to do the mission. America is deeply indebted to Reverend Moon. How long will it take you to pay him back? Reverend Moon will not be here for a long period of time. Reverend Moon laid a foundation of tradition. The United States would not be faltering if it followed Reverend Moon's Principle and tradition. America has hope. Do you know why? Because of you. You are the hope of America. Like a farmer, you have to turn the field completely upside down. You can plough the field of America and make it so new life can germinate upon this beautiful land.

Again, if you listen to Father's message today and live up to it, America has hope. America will not decline. If you feel you are representing this great nation and its great heritage and especially if you represent the Creator God in America, America will not falter. e is honor or not, whether there is criticism or not, whether there is controversy or not, I shall go and do. That is the kind of commitment needed from men who will re-build America.

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